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(,AI9K," &C. &C. 


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The friendly intercourse ^hicb at present exists be- 
tween this country and France, and which is daily in- 
creasing with so much advantage to both nations, renders 
a pocket dictionary of the French language, which is 
portable, copious, and accurate, not only a very useful, 
but a very desirable work. This neat and compact little 
volume, which has been printed with the greatest care 
and attention, will, the editor trusts, not only be found 
useful on account of the modem spelling being introduced, 
but also on account of its containing more technical terms 
relating to the arts and sciences than are to be found in 
any of the larger French dictionaries published in this 

The Editor can lay but little claim to the matter of 
which this work is composed, it having been chiefly 
taken from a little dictionary already published in Paris, 
but of which he has corrected many errors, and has in 
addition represented, as far as possible, the pronunciation, 
not only of the most difficult words, but also of such 
words as are likely to assist the student in acquiring the 
pronunciation of others. He therefore trusts the work 
will not only be found one of the most correct, but he also 
ventures to hope that the public will find it one of the 
most useful. 

One means whereby this neat little dictionary has been 
rendered even more copious than the larger ones, and 
far more so than the abridgments generally used by 

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learners, is that of its being made a tingle dictionary in- 
stead of a double one. The English reader, who wishes 
only to understand French usefully, does not want that 
part of the double dictionary which has the English 
before the French, and therefore that part has been 
omitted, in order that the definitions might be as perfect 
as possible. 

The tables which the Editor has appended to the dic- 
tionary will, he hopes, not only be found useful to the 
man of business, but also to the students of the French 
language in general. 

Marlborough Place, fFalworlh. 
Jan. 1835. 


ju. law 

ag. agTieultoT*. 
mma. wa*tomj. 
arek. arehitecturt. 

to. boUny. 
e. eoojauetion. 

/. ftmiiiiiM. 

vU. luterjection. 

mat. iiiath«in*tica. 

m*. madicine. 
Mf. mUiUrjr. 
«m. ornithology, 
part, participle. 
fl. plural. 
pn. proper nunr. 
pr. prepotilion. 

pr4t. preteiite 

« oubstantivo. 

r. verb actiro and uutcr. 

va. Torb aetiva. 

V. (mp. Tcrb imperional. 

vfd. aM 

PM. Tcrb nctttar. 

vr. rerb rtfleeted 

a. loology. 

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TydofwOMnCrttOtf; at.l. . . .Tttmd moA /br m S^lMlt. mmd mn utd t» mmM 
a» tim tilim ^f tkam flUUm tit prutweltultm ^f wUdl wtmst U aiviomt mOkmt 
r^mamg lit mU« word, m AblwHal [. . Mc-klD. 

/n$M s If tm^kwiUhmf (K) M U to it frtmtmmetd Ukt * im twby ; imt ratitr titrttt 
mmd mtrm aevM; wAm not aMrAnf af att, « s in fat ; mitm wumiid timt (ft) « s te art. 
Ai, or mf, y to it promommetd Mm alto paid, or a.j Im pay. Km UU it pnmommotd 
raihar lofttr tiam %w im awt, «r wa ta war, tomtmiat tfffomtUmg to tit tttmd tf tii* 
loiter, ar or to «y«tor{ «/m g, wAm «#•/, I* to te jRMMHtiiMrf M « temrttfyto it itmrd, to 
Mirt tgltmm ma maag ^or meat). 

1, «/k«r (it Irwfato, ifoMtM riM tit W «■ Awol taw a lifidd oomnd. Sm rA* 


, [oi] rai. aa A, • opy o?tr 

A, ^. to, M, on, with, ia, into, wit 

aboat, aeewdlag to, for, of, againat, nt 

after, from, 
A (3d pcra. ting, of tho iadic. of 

p. wamtr, to Imti), Ihu m 

Attaiaeo, if. tM amUr eraat ia paatrr CKpodI> 

AbaisMmeat. \^bmt-tt.mmf^ tm. abi 

iBoat : &11 1 ImaiUiag ; dhaiautioa 
Abaiooer, [o-M-tJif m. to abaM; loi 

let down ; bring down : buinblo 
S'— , or. to fall s ciak j ertago ; 

\ abate; 

Ahaloordir, m. to ttapiff 

Abandon, C • • •'"ajT^ «■*. abandonli 

dettitatiott; nofiJigenoo; raoigBatioa 

Abaadoan^, e, a. a raka ; a proatltnte 
, a, m. abMidoaad; ahamelaaa; im] 

; Icara oIT; delirer ap ; bellj 

C. • . ai tm. to 
■iTa over; Icara df; d " 
kMaa ; daaart ; proatituU 

8'—, or. to giva one'* aaU up ; deaponi 
Abaqao, C- iodt'i «■>. abaeoa. top of a i 

AhaMardir, no. to atna ; w atnpifV 
AbAiardir, aa. to eorrapt ; to apoil 
S' — , pr. to dagaacraU, grow worae 
AlilliiJIaaawent. aai. dcgenaraey 
Abat-Joor, am- a aby-Ught i a ihada 

Abat-Tont, [. te-aoi^] rai. pant-hooat 

a atoapla ; faaea afdntt th- -*-' 

It tha wind 

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ABO : 

AMmc, mm. abyt* ; dipptng-mould 
AbtiiMT, w. to whcba ; to dolroy 
S'— , vr. to rula one'i talf 
A)HlntMt«t, ml. •UntMtoto 
AUJMI, •, a. •bjeet, bmu. Imm 
Abjection, «/.— tion ; buenest 
Abjantion, </.— tion ; renouncing 
AMvr*r, M. to abjur*, rsnouiiee 
Ablactation, #/. the weaning an infant 
Alilaic, (at. com cut down and still Iring 

in Iht field 
AUatir, $m. ablatirt, or ablatiTt OM 
AbUgat, *•>. envoj of the pope 
Ablumr, vm. to revive old wriougt 
Ablution, «/.— tlon, or washing 
Aba^gaUon, 4^.— tion, salf-denUd 
Aboi, Aboiement, [• io»-am-m»>ig] baying 
Abois, pL point of death ; at bar 
AboUr, M. to abolish: annul 
S'— . !«■. to b« abolished, annulled 
Abolisscnent, *a». abolishment • 
Abolition, */.-4ion; •opprassion' 
Abominablo, 3.-abU, aawiabto 
Abominableaiant, ml — ^blv 
AbominaiMn. ^.— tion ; delestatiint 
Abradmnment, arf. abundantly 
Abondaueo, //. abundance i profusion 
**^ ' " •, a •^ -' • "• 

. I, (. suheeriber 
Abonnaiaent, ra. subscription 
S'abonner, w. to subscribe ; to lax, rate 
Abonntr, •. to nake good ; improve 
S'— , sr. to grow bettor 
Abonnisaemeat, *m. improvement 
Abord, la-bur} $m. access ; attaek ; re- 
sort ; approach; arrival 
D'Abotd, md. Unti at first; at first 


Abord, mI. sm. aboard ; on board 
AbordaUa, S. m. accessible ; aecostoUa 
Abordage. Mk «a. hoarding a sliip 
... i__ -- tn ^eojt; board; laud; at- 

, J, «■§. pt. — glnss; natives 

Abomament, im. the ftslng of bounds 
Aboner, m. m sat limiu : to bound 
Aboitif, re, a. abortive ; antimoly 
— , «M. abortive child 
Aboucheotant, tm. oooliNBCe, in 
Abonchar, m. to bring persons 

S'— , ar. to confer with ; to parley 
Abougri, a, a. stunted ; missnapen 
Abonqner, aa. to add fresh salt to old 
About. [•-Aea]iM. estremity of apices of 

wood cut square and shelving 
Aboutor, ne. to pla«e end to cud 
Aboutir, M. to Dorder on ; to end ; ehi. to 

Abouttesans, tm, ft. the ends and sides «f 

a thing 
Abautissaat, im. abutment, limits 
Abonlissant, e, a. bordering upon 
Aboutkesomant, tm. the drawing to a head , 

ehing-pieae Cing 


, , •■. ««. to hanl tight 

Klitigi, tm. abridgment, compendiuaa 
AbrAger, «a. to abridge, shorten 
Abrauver, na. to «rator, aive dilnk to 
H'—, 9T. to drinli plentifully 
Abreuvoir, [. .iwe-iva>0«M. wat«rlng-pla««, 

Alv^viatanr, tm. one who abridges 
Abr^viation, ^f. abbreviation 
Abreyer, ra. to shelter 
Abri, tm. shelur ; harbourage 
Abrieot, [• • «o] '■•• apricot 
Abricote, «m. candied apricot 
Abricotier, tm. an aprlrat-trea 
Abritor, m. to shade, to shelter, defend 
I. to be calm 

Abrogation, t/. - 

Abrager, va. to abrogate, repeal 
Abrauti, c, a. nipped, browsed 
Abmutiasemcnt, «at. browsing 
Abrupto (ex), md. extempore, off-hand 
Abraiir, sis. to baaot, to siuplfy 
S'Abmtir, »r. to grow stupid 
Abruiiasoatant, tm. brutiahuess 
Abscissa, ^. part of the axis of a cusra 
AlMonce, 4^. absence ; wandaring 
Absent, a, c. absent 
S'Absanter, or. to absent one's self 
Absinthe— saints, tf. wormwood 
Absolu, e, a. absolute ; arbitrary 
Absolument, ad. absolutely 
Absolution, y. —tlon ; aoqulttol 
Absolutoira, f. • ■ tM>-,a>ar] 'i. m. absalttWry 
Absorbant, a. t. absorbent 
Absorber, M. to absorb ; swallow up 
Absorption, tf. —tion ; swallowina up 
Absoudra, c. *•-*■] wi. to a?—'- ' 

Abstime, L 

S'AUteuir, or. to abataia, refrain 
Abatorgen^ «. (. — gant, cleansing 
Abstergcr, ra. to deanse, abaterga 
Abstersif. re, a. — siva 
Abstersion, «/. — sion 
Abstinence, if. — nenee, fasting 
Abstinent, s, a. absMmioaa 
AIntraction, */. — lion 
Abstractivament, ad. abstractedly 
Abstraire, a«. to abstract 
Abstrait, [0k-»tTm{\ t 

Abstras, e, a. abstruse ; abaeura 

Absurds, S. a. absurd 

Absurdamcnt, od. absurdly 

Absuidit<, (/. -dity : fiction 

Alius, Im. abuse i error ; fraud 

Abuser, vs. to abuse ; to deceive 

S— , w. to mistake 

Abuseur, tm. deceiver ; cheat 

Abusif. Tc, — sive, a. abusiva; sevf 

Abusivement, md. abusively 
Abuter, na. to thraw who shall play fltst 
Abutillon, tat. a sort of marshmallow 
Aboyant.Ca-4eo-<HM-««a] a. barking, yelp- ' Aeabit, «ai. the good or bad quality gf 
Aboyer, aa. to bark, to bay, to yelp fruite 

Abeyour, m. claaioraus person ; a dun ! Acacia, >«. tba tcaela tn« 

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Aosd<aid«n. m. meaabar ofaa tesdanr 
And^otU, »f. ackdamx; gaming-Mbl« or 

Aead^miqne, 8. a. — micml 
Aead^tnlqiument, *d. — call/ 
Aalidiinlaer, p«. to work afur s mod* 
AeadttmitU, (m. acBdemUt 
H'Aeagiiarder, or. to grow clothfol 
Ackjou, [. . /*o] *M. mahogany 
Aeaaae<, e, a. M. thorny [foot 

Aeantho, [. amit'i if. bniiik-ur«in« ; bta ' 
Aearc, ««, — ru* ; handworm 
Aeariitre, 3. n. poerith, cuUes 
AcMtilaat, e, a. grisroat ; troublewtin* 
Aecahlamaat, m. o|*prasiioa; faintuM 

Aoeabltr, rm. to orvrwhelm; eruih; op- 

prMi; tire; ovtrpowar 
Aceapamntnt, *m. monopoly 
Aceapanr, va. forestall : anonopolit- 
Aeeapareur, <m. moBopoliat, one who fore- 

adapt; 1 

maun \ COOK ; BM ui 

'Accommoder, vr. trim, «r to make 
mneh of one't aelf; to conform to; agr«« 
with ; eeise upon ; bo arranged 

coompagpatenr, C- • ptMgnatmir\ im. one 
who aacompaaiet (<ii mmsie) 
Acp". — - -=- 

Aoeaatillage, m. mo. oppcr-wotln; quagr- 

Acc<der, •». to aceede 
Aeo<Mrateur, $m. — rator 





AeeiUnt, va. to aeeelerata ; batten 
Accent, [■«•••>•] «n. accent ; tone ; etreii 

of theveioe 
Aooentttation, »/. —tien ; proeody 
Aocentuar, r«. to aoeentnau 
AeecptabU, 3. «. —Me ; worth accepting 
Aeeepttnt, e, $. aoeepler 
Aeeeptaiion, t/. —tien; aeeeatanee 
Aoeepter, va. to accept; tMeire 
Aeeepteur, *m. aocepter j teceiycr 
Aeecptlon, «/. veapeet j fr. acan>tion' 
Accte, [ak-i9fi\ »m. aooeet ; s fit 
Aeoeesible, 3. a. aceetaible 
\coeeaion, </". i 
leeenut, [. . t 

fieaUgiTen I 

■re a ch ncan 

for a priee 
AeoeMMrc, tm, 


. [..•«] *". premium er eerti. 

fieaM given ia school i to those who ap- 

', 3. a. accessary : centribnting 
Accident. *»• accident ; ohance 
Accidenul. le, ». —dental ; fortultoua 
AecidentrUement, td. — aUy 
Aeeiee, [. ei%t\ tf. ezciea 
Aeclnmateur, *m. commender 
Acclamation, tf. —lien ; shout, husM 
Acelamper, ea. n«. to damp 
Acelimater, e«. to aocustom to s m 

>. */. familiarity 

Accolade, tf. embrace, hug 
AccoM. [. . /tt] e, a. joined 
Arooler, m. to clip and coU; to hugi 

ambraca; put t<^ther In one dish; 

add into one sum ; Join 
Aceommodabla, 3. a. that may be accom- 

madatad er settled 
Aocommodage, tm. dressing of meal, er of 

hair ; fitting up 
Aeaommodant, c,a. acooouBodatiug; eom- 

plying; ceasplaiaaBt ; easy 


_„„ — ,^, ., _. well prorided for; drea< 
out; fitted 

Aecommodement, $m. agreamcatj expa> 
dicnt; accommodation 

Accommoder, aa. to accommodate, to ad- 
just, to adapt ; to dress; '=- - " - 

mpany; be attended by 

ecomplish; fulfil 


tm. acoomplishment ; 


agreement; concord 


tunable, agreeing ia 



Aecorde, (/. ata. word of command to row 

all together 
Accord^ [. . HH-i $m. bridegroom 
A«eord<e, tf. bride [menta 

Aecordeur, tm, tuner of musical instru- 
Aceordsr, aa. to grant ; rsconcile 
S'— , vr. to agree ; to concur 
Accordoir, C< ■ Ae-war] tm. a tuning key 
Accorer, mi. to prop, to ster 
Accome, e, C . aft.] horocd 
Aceort, e, a. complaisant; cunning 
Aceortiae, tf. complaisance 
Accostable, 3. a. aifable ; eourteoas 
Aceoster, r». to accost, come »p U 
8'—, vr. to keep company with 
Aocoter, v«. to prop up ; to lean 
S' — , vr. to lean against 
Aecotoir, [• • las-war] «ai. a prop; leaa- 

iug- stock 
Accouehje, tf. woman in childbed 
Accouchement, tm. deliTery 
Aecoueher, ra. to deliver a woman 
— , DM. to be brought to bed 
Accoucheur, tm. man-midwiflt 
Aceouehsuse, tf. midwife 
S'Aecouder, ins. to lean on oaa's elbow 
Aeeoudoir, [. . ite r«r] im. a leaning. 
Aecouer, tm. to etrike a stag tplaca 

Accouple, tf. a leash 
Accouplement,. eat. copulation; eon]«ao> 

tion; eonpliug 
Accoupler, va. to eoupla 

'r, to shorten, abridge 
a — , nr. to grow short 
Aeeourdssement, tm. shortening 
Accourir, ra. to run to 
Aecoutrement, tm. garb, dreaa 
Accoutrer, ra. to accoutre 
Aceotttumanee, «/, habit, use 
Aceoutum^, e, a. accustomed ; oanal 
A rAecoutam^c, »d. as usual 
Aacotttumer, vm. to 

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8'—, vr. to liaUuiM* one's tolf C 
AecT^ditOT, M. to glTe withority or 
8' — , i>r. to gat a nam* 
AoeitftioB, 1/. me. kccrotion 
Accroe, L- oc-cro] tm. a Nut ; • sto 

Aeeroeht, i/. hindnutoo 

Acerochtr, va. m hook; mteh ; to1i« 

doUy; gnppU 
Accroire Z. crso-iMr] (fiOro), to mal 

bcUcTc «a uatruth 
AccToissement, tM. inereaMS growtt 
Accroitre, [. croo matrl »m. to augi 

S'Accroupir, vr. to m 

Aeeru, «, a. ioeraaied 
Aecoeil, [. kmaU] tm. reeapcUm 
Aeeaeillir, no. to raceiTa ; orertaka 
8'—, vr. to hire ona'a self 
Accul, [. ktU] tm. a blind aUer; a 
Acculotnent, $m. mm. rising of tha 

Acenler, m. to dri«« into a oonta 
put one hatd to it [• 

B'—, rr. to bouka ono'a lalf to a < 
Accamulation, tf. .-tion 
Aeeumnlor, m. to aeenMulate 
S' — , or. to increaaa 
Aectuabla, S. a. Uamable 
Aceuiateur, triea, ». acciuar 
Aoeasatif, mi. aceutatifo 
Accusation, tf. —tion, cbaiye 
Accuse, 0, t. partf accused 
Aoeusor, tw. to aocust ; indict 
Aeensement, *st. letting on laasa 
Acsnser, m. to lease, let out 
Acorbe, 3. «. acerb, sour 
Adti, e, A. sharp ; keen ; acute 
Acirer, cm. to steel, temper 
A.tit&, e, aoetous. soar 
Ae<teuse, tf. sorre* 
Ac^teuz, se, a. sharp, tart 
Ae<tuin, alcalis<, <a». distilled rincgi 
Aehalander, e«. to get eustom 
Achamemeat, tm. rage, furjr 
Achamer, ra. to enrage, provoVo 
8'—, vr to &11 furiously upon 
Achat, r«-«^] Mt* puTshaae 
Ache, tf. bo. smallage 
Ach«e. *M. bait-wonn 
Aeheminement, tm. meana to bring a 

Aeheminement, tm, mea 
about; introductian 

8'—, vr. to set off s go one's way 
Aebeter, m. to purchase, buy 

AefaeuoT, so, t. pnrchaa 
* ' ' \m. perfect ; fi 

Achev^, 0. e. perfect ; finished 

Ach^vement^ tm. finishing 

Achever, ra. to finish ; end ; , 

pat to death [bling- 
Aehoppement, tm. obstacle ; nib ; i 
Achores, tm. pi. bm. the thrush, ach 
Aelde, 2. m. aeid. sharp, aour 
Acidit^, tf. acidity, sourness 
Aeidulcr, oa. to make sour, acidulate 
Aeier, rai. steel ; a sword 
Aeelyte, mm. aealyte 
*l,m. aooniie; i 

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I, •*. gr. —^tAj 

Aoiat, im. Msiauat, adjaiiot 

Honedon, if. sdJanetloB 
_i}ttdaBt, $m. adjutant 
A^jadicataire. m. hlghMt bidder: Umm 
* ^udieatio*, tf. — tton. adjudgiiig 

^urtr, ra. to adjodf*, award 

duration. If. — tioa, a^Jarinc 

dnurar, m. to adjan 
..dSaMtra, [. . tr] vm. to admtt; alloir of 
Admlulctt]*. «ai. tUght proof or aid 
AdaluirtratatiT, urn. —*ot, aunager 
Adntinbtratioo, «/. — tioo 
Adainlatratrlee. ^. — tratrix 
Adaainiatior, mi. adadniator 
Admlrablt, 3. m. adafiiraU* 
AdmiiaUaaMnt, «w. — rabl^ 
Adatlrataur, Mi. adnim 
Adadratif, m. adanirlng ( of adarfiadoB 
Adiiiration, tf. — tioa, woador 
Adaaratrieo. ^. a ftmalo ad«b«r 
AdBiirar, m. to admiia ; to wonder at 
AdmiaaibU, 3. a. — bla; aUowabk 
AdBiiaaioa, tf. — alon ; admittaaeo 
AAmmaiU, *m. th« admonUUng 
Admonil«r, va. to warn, a** ' ' 
AdnBonitour, «ai. monitor 
Admonition, «/. —Hon ; w« 
AdolooomiM, tf. adolMconco 
Adolaaotat, tm. a roatk 

a, a. adoaio [Adoola 

. «<•! am. a boM, a aparli; 
««. to makt fine 

— . to triek one'* mU oat 


Adonnwr. va. aid. to rcer af^ torward 

8'—. vr. to addict oaa'a aeU; laica to 

Adopur, va. to a«topt 

Adopiif, TC, a. adoptive 

Adoption, rf. — tlon 

AdorabU, i. a. adoraU* ; ehafviaf 

Adorateur. tm. adortr, worahippor 

Adoration, rf. — tion, woralkip 

Adortr, va. to adort, worahip 

Adoa, am. ag. ahtlTlnc bod 

AdoaMmont, aat. backing 

Adoaaer. va. to p»t bedt ; to b«i 

atrengtban baekwarda 
f -Adomar, vr. loan ona*8 b«sk agalaat 
Adouel. [, dm-c^ «•. toftaning^ poUak- 

-^ : a aofk griadiag-atono 
Adoucir, [. <&o-elr-] lo oefian; 
; mitigau ; f — -*- '- 


Adragant, am. gnm uwmgum 
Adiaaae. ^f. direction of a letlar ; add« 

indoatrr. tUU Caaark 

Ad^r7;.toadd,e..^jdh^; Wt th. 
••— , vr. to apply ; bo dlraatcd 
Adroit, [a-<fn.v-»<! * •• *n*mma; Ur 
-.,««. aabarpiaUew 

S'— , vr. to link dew* 
Affair, a, «. VM. fallan lo leeward 
A«aler, va. aM. to lower 
S'— , vr. aM. to be embayed 
Aflfamer, v«. te famieb, ttai^ 
Affam«, e. a. lamiabed, treedy , uaatt 
AffiSageaMot. eat. im. leolfmeot 
Affeager, v«. to gWe in leaaehold 
AAetaiiea. af. afbctation 
Affect^, e. a. aSreted 
AiTccter. va. to affect; mortgago 
Affeotif. re, •. tbat more* tbe anetlou 
Afferdoa, af. affeotien ; love 
AfFecdonni. e. a. aActionate 
Affecdonner, va. to lore, be fimd of 
S'-, vr. to deligbt in 
AffMtaeaaement, ad. aaiMtUnataly 
Affeeteax. C. ./»-«nl ae, a. alTeetionate 
Atfem — - - ' •» '"* 

mir, ra. to otrennnoH 
S'— , vr. to be .trengtbened C«nlot 

Aihnniacewnnt. ««. aupport, ttrmigtk* 
AflM. e, a. affected, full of afftetatioo 
AffSterie. rf. aSectatiea 
AOebe. It^JUciO rf. bUl poated up 

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AlBelitr, «a. to pMtnp; pabliih 
AflUliaar, •«. • )iUl-«tieker 
Amii, ; a. tnut/, wmfidaBt 
Affiler, va. Ut sharpen 
AaUftUoD, ^. «fltU»tion, •doptioa 
AfflUcr. va. to adopt ; iniUM* 

AfBnemMt, ««i. : 
AtRncr, va. to refina 
Aflnaria, »/. rainaiy 
AAuaur, Mi. rafioer 
AAnitt. 4f. affinity, vaUliMi 
Afflnoir. I. . mo»-matJ am. hatehal 
Affiquat, C' • ^^1 •*• Wnitting-ahaath 
Affiqucu, aai. p/. patty oniamanta 
Affinnatii; Te. «.— ti«a ; poaiti«« 
Aflrmation. ^. — tlon 
AArmativa, «/*.— tifa 
AArmatiTamant, ad. — If, f 
AAnoar, va. ta aAm, aaaart 
Aa*i, 3. a. gr. attachad to tha eod 
Aflaurcr, va. ta laval ; bhmmiIi ; to Hj 
Afflictif. ra. C . . Hf, Mm] o. attieUva 
AAietian. •/. aAktloa [e 

Afflinaot, C. .jaal ;». aflieting; gri« 
AAiga*'' ■*«• to affliot; rtx; griera 
S'— , vr. to grieTa Caoai 

AAuenea, C. . am-cC »f- afflaanca; ea 
Affluent, «, a. flowing; numlng 
Affluar, DM. to mort; abound; flow 
AflolbUr, va. to weaken; allay 
8' — , vr. to grow weak Ctl 

AffaibliMeaiant, $m. waalconlag; dabiUt 
Affoler, va. to infataatc 
AfloUe, a. wta. (aaidof theaaagneticnaad 

when it bai leat iu Tirtna) erring 
Affolir, va. to grow fooliab 
Afforage, *m. aaalaed price 
Afforer, va. to aatiie or aat the price 
AiTourcbe. «.. aaa. that which aerraa 

•BOOr aerosi 
Affourragar, aflbarrer, «>«. to fodder 
Affiaurraaement. »m. foddering, food 
AITranehT, e,«. a. set free, eulrmnebiaed 
Affranchir, va. to aflraaebiae 

— unc lettre, to franli « P*y ■ J^*" 
Airranehisaement, am. deUrsry. anfra; 

ekitea«ent ; eaeinption 
Affrea, rf. pi. giaat fright, terror 
Affr^ieinent, tai. freight, hire of a ship 
Affr^ter, va. to freight, to hire a ahlp 
Affr4uar, aai. freighter 
Affreuaenent. ad. horribly, frightfally 
Affraux, sa, a. dreadful, hideoa* 
Affriaader, va. lo uta to dainiias ; allar 
AITrioUr, va. to allurv, entice ; decoy 
Affront, [./'»»] *"•• affront ; reproach 
AffrontailUa, •/. bonndariaa 
Affront<, e, a. U. facing 
Affronter, va. to fae^; to braTa ; cheat 
Affronterie, ^f. cheat 
Affronuur, sc, #. a cheat, impostor 
Affuhlement. tm. a aiufile, a eorariag 
Affublar, ra. to muffle up 
S'— , da queli|u'un, to be wrapped up 

with one [hlding-pla 

Affat. ta-/«l aa*. a gnn-carriaaa ; ek 

— (ttrc i 1'—). to be on the catch 
Affatage, *m. let of tools ; the draaaiag 

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AgT^I , 

muaie Kud daaeing in » plav 
Agris. Ca-^U] «»». ^. ■•«. ngging 
Agretaenr, «>». aggnMor 
AgTeasioa, tf. aggrMtion ; utaull 
Agrestt, 3. a. agraitici rutlio ; «lowm«k 
Africttltare, »/, — tare 
Agriin, */. groand-rent paid in Viad 
S^griffer. vr. ta «1iDg fMt 
Agrippar, oa. to anatch ; pilfar 
Agronome, «a». writar oa agriealtnt*; 

Agroamtia, »/. tba thaory of ■crienltura 
Agraoper, va.ta group fignraa mi apaiDlin 
Agiietrir, C. ^tt-Wr] va. to train op ta wai 
S' — , vr. to inura ona'a lelf to war 
Agnata (Stra aNt), to lia ia wkil 
Ab ! te/. ah I oh S alaa 1 
Ahaa, *m. troablc ; affort 
Ahaurt^, a. «. obatinata, atnVbora 
Ahaanement, *m. obatinaejr 
S'Ahaartar, t;r. to bo abitinato 
Ahl! i»t. oh dear I 
Ahurir, va. to aaiooiah, amaaa 
Aide. <A Bid. help: chapel of eaaa 
Aide, am. helper, aisiMant 

— cUrurgiea, «ai. aurgaon'a state 

— aiajor, eat. adjutant 

— pilote. «M. DM. pilot's mate 

— eharpentieT, sm. ma. carpeaUr'a crew 

— eanoanier, eat. au. qoarter-guaaer 
Aider, va. to aid, help 

Aidea, #/. subsidiee ; esebe 
Aleul, eat. grandCathei 

Alenx, tm. pi. 

Aigail or Alg<iall, eat. dm. laorniugdew 
Aigayar or Alguayar, v*. to bathe ; wash ; 

aoalc. rinse 
Aigle, *m. eagle; aaperior genius 
Aigloa, esi. eaglet, young «agle 
Aigre. i. a. soar; shrill; sharp; serere, 

Aigra, sat. aoamses ; (stifiness in paiuting) 
Aigre de ritriol, eai. oil of ritri^ 
Aigie-doux, onae, a. aoaiish; qaaintly 

Aigrsfin, eat. a sharper 
Aiirefliia. «». pt. haddocVs 
Aigrelat, e. a. tart, aoariah 
Aigrcment, ad. severely 
Aigremoine, «/. agrimony, liverwort 
Aigret, te. a. aoarish 
Aigreti^. e. a. bo. tnfked 
Aigrette, »f. egret; tuft of fcatheit 
Aigrear, ^f. aoamess ; sharpness j spite 
Aigreara, «/. pi. heartbarninc 
Aigrir, v«. t« mAt sour i irritate 
•' — , vr. to tnm tour ; to be angry 
Aiga, S. a. sharp ; acute ; shriU 
Aiguade, rf. MM. fresh-water; watering 

AigttC-iMriae. rf. sort of precious stone 


Airiitre, eat. owar, haeia 
Aigttl^rJe, 4/. a baeinful. awerful 
Aiguille. Ca;-jr«-«3 1. «/ needle; spite; 

hand of a wateh 
Aiguille de t*te, bodkin 

— jl emballcr, paeking-naedle 

— k tricoter, knitting-needle 

AiguilMe, «/. needleful Chaot ; alieo 

Ai^ttUlette, ^. taggwl point; riuwlder- 
Aiguilleur, va. to tie with poiute 

— In eanaua, ata. to lash the guns 
Aiguillier, eai. needle-case 
Aiguilloa, eai. goad ; sting ; motira 
Aiguillonaer, va. to sting; drive with 

a coad ; to incite 
Ainttillata, set. pt. ma. pintlee 
Aigiiiaement, ««i. sharpening, whettinf 
Aigaieer, wa. i* ihaTpen ; whet 
Ail, [«-</«] eat. garlio 
Aile, «/. wing ; aisle of a ehureb 

the sweeps of a windmill 
Aile* d'ammage, 

— de dMvc, 
Ail4, e. a. winged 
Aileroa, eas. fia ; small wing , pinion 

i; ale: 

Ailleurs, ad. elsewhere; besides 
O'Ailleurs, moreover, besidee; \ 

other place or eansa 

Aimable, 2. o. M . .„ 

Aimant, ««. loadstone, magnet 
Aimanter, va to touoh with loadatone 
Aimandn, a. a. ma^ietic 
Aimer, va. to love: fancy; bt fond of; 

admire; delight in 
Aine, ^f. the grain 
Atn«, e. a. eldest ; elder, senior 
— , en. eldest son or brother 
— t */• eldrst daughter or sister 
Atneiss. *f. eldenliip. primogcBitare 
Ainsi, ocf . so ; thus , just so 
Ainsi que, as ; even as ; so as 
Air, Ca/r] eat. air; veat, wind; tuna 

In. «ai. bmt 

Aire, ^. area ; bftm-floor ; aerie 
— de veni, tf. wuk. point of the " 
Airje, »f. a bam-Boor 

ready to thrash 
Airar, va. to make an aeris 
Aia, CM*] ew. boai-d; plank ; shell 
Aieanee, »f. ease ; competaney 
Aisaaces, ^f. pi. privy 
Aise, 3. a glad ; Jovful 
, *f. ease ; conveDiency ; Insure 
raise, aif. easily, comfortably 
Aistf, e. a. $. eaaUy ; rich 
Alaement, est. a privy ; leisure 
Aisfaient, ad, easily ; freely 
Aissells, ^f. the arm-pit 
Aissetu, ^f. a cooper's adao 
Ajourtf, e, a. N. pierced 

i>f sheaves 

i^ onrner, va. to summon ; adjouxu 
A, outer, »o. to add, suljirfn 
Ajnattf, e, a. adjusted ; adapted 
Ajnstament, *ai. adjusting; attire 
AJuatemens, cm. pt- conveniences 

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Ajutar, •«. to adjvat; trini 

cvneiM ; UIm aiai mt 
8'—, vr. to pNpare ona'a m 

•grM, to b« luiubU 
AJuitoir, [. . to9-wmrJ $m. rol 
iQMnbio. «m. •lemMc. a ttii: 
S'AUmblquer, vr. to punla ( 
Alan, Ml. a kind of hound 
Alarguor, v«. ata. to atand « 
Alannaat, a, a. dreadful, all 
Alanaa, */. alarm ; fear 

aiout, 3. . 

alf. Ml. albaU 
Alealin, a, a. a 
Aloalisation, •/. — tion 
Alealiaar, »a. to alkalin 
Aleblmia, [. Jb-mtt] rf. aMi 

Alcohol, Ml. alcohol ; apirita 
Alcoran, mi. tbe aleona 
AlcoTt, qf. an aleora 
Alma. Ml. a Un«-fi*her (a ' 
Ala«naan, am, an aldanaaa 
AKatoira, 9. a. ooatinifent 
AUgra, 3. a. Mak reSaorfkil 
AUgramant, ad. efaeerfnllr ; 
AMna, «/. aa awl; a priokar 
Altnlar, «m. an awl-makar 
AUnoia, a. mi. gardan-craaaa 
Alcntour, ad, round aboat 
Alantoata, mi. pi. naichboail 
AUrion, m. bl. an ea^t 
AlarU, 3. a, alert ; brlak ; pa 
AUrtr, rf. alarm/ waralag 

— , hU, ba upon your gnard I 
AloTin, Ml. yonng fiah to atoi 
AlcTlnor, va. to atock a pond 
Alaxandrin, a, a. alexandrliia 
Alaxipharmaqua, 3. a. aatido 
Alaaan, «. a aorral horaa 
Alasaa, «, a. of a aorral calm 
Algarade, »f. inanlt ; praak 
A]g<brique, 3. a. algabraieal 
Alg<bre, «/. algebra 
Algtbrlaer, v«. to apeak, M 
Algtfbriate, mi. algebraiat 
Alguaail. C. . aU] mi. — «U, 

t. j«. alibi, I 
Alibiforain, mi. eraaien ; Idli 
Aliboron, mi. a eonaeited felh 
Alidade. •/. craaa-ataT, trana 
Aliioablf, 3. m. •Ucnable 
Alifoation, «/. —tion ; arartl 
Ali^ne, a. «. Inaane ; aUanata 
AlUnar, va. to alienate 
Alignement, «ai. a equaring < 
Aligner, va. to lay out by Hi 
Alimena, mi. pt, alimony, mt 

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AlMMi, rf. pi. wM. fanoehi 

— <U f«««n, ma. tap- UmW w 

— d* porquM, MM. fnttoek-riden 

— dn <cabi«n, mm. hawM-plMU 

— da poup^, MA. ■tam-timbcn 
Alon, C«-ter] ad. at that iiiM ; thi 
Aloaa. *f. tha ahad-fisH 
Alonette, •/. a lark 

Aloardir, va. to ataplfy ; itan 
Alojraga, •«. mixtura ; anaWag 
Alopu, ««. (de bottf). lola, atolaia 
Alphabat, mm. alphabet 
AlphabMqu. 3. «. -hatieal 
AlphabJtfqMOMiit, ad. —eiXiy 
AlpUti; Ml. oaaarr-Mod 
Alt<rahla, 9. «. — bU. ehaagaaUa 
Altfaaat, a, a. that oavMa thint 
Alt<rattf, Ta, «, — tiv* 

Altereation, rf. — tion, dUpate 
AltM. e, a. thinty ; dttatlwratad 

Altfcar. va. to canaa thirtt ; 

altar; adnltarata 
Altai BiiiU', Ta« a. nata 
AltaraatiTa, »f. — tira ; ehoioe 
AltamatiraiMnt. ad. — tlTaljr 
Alttna, 9. a. altemata 
Altaaaa, •/. htfhaeaa 
Alllar, «, a. haughtr, pftmd 
AltUraiMiit, wf. hanghtnr 
AltimtftrU. ^. — try. laaaaarinf altfttidw 
Aloda, rf. dcaaMd ■ham-tklM 
Alodal. am. e*. lublimuic raaaal 
Alvmalla. if.Uadt of a knifo 

Aloa, [«-/«•] «ai. alum 
Alonar, »a. to ttaep in aloa-watar 
AlasUra, if. alua-intiM 
Alveola, af. call ; tooth-aoehat 

a, rf. aluai-intiM 
, »f. call ; tooth-i 
Ittf, ^f. — Uty. aw 

IS. wbaadla 

Amalgri, «, a. aaadatcd, lean 
Aauigrlr, va. to BBaht Imii 
— , V*. grow laan, hXi away 
Amalgrbaamcat. «a». fallinf sway 
. *f- ■' 

Amalgaaer. va. to amalgaaata 
AMaade^ rf. almond ; kamal ; oryatil 
— , tm. aUaend-nitlk 

Amarinor, va. ata. to t 

ianra a errw to aaa 
Anarqoo, sf. aw. aaarir, buoy 

— do boat, head-faat 

— da travon, breaat><k 

— do poapo, atem fiul 

Aaunaa, ^. pi. tUa paota aT a crwo 
Amaa, fai. hoiwi pilo 
Amaaaar, va. tmnp «p { gathor i board 
S'— , or. to pihor togothor 

•/.palntar^ knUli or pallet 

AnuMBO, «/. aiwaa on, warlike womaa 
Amb^M, «/• Pf- Mlo elNBMlooatkm 
* —ibaaaada, if. oatbaaay 

Aabaaaa, [. . •«(] m. imiba.ace, t«« m 
AmMaat, a, *. ambUnt, eurrouadlng 
Ambidostro, 9. a. — destar 

AmbigaM, i/. ami 

igamo a 


Ambitlanaaaant, at. -'tieoilr 
AnbitiMx. onae. o. ambitioM 
AmMtioii. CM-«K«ar-«wl $f. — tioa 
AmMtlomwr, va. to aooE greodUy 
*-iblo, «m. ambla. oaay paeo 

iblor, vm. to aatalo, to pooo oaay 
Ambloor, am. oflcor of tho king't atablaa 
Ambro, m. aabor 

[vt-ir-gr*] tm. ambor 
u porftimo with aab* 

Ambrolito, tf. ambroaU; dalieioiu oattaw 
or drinking ; oak Of Jaraaalon 

Ambttlaneo, tf. a military hospital 
Ambulant, a, a. ambulatory; ttrolUng 

Ambttlatotro, 9. a. —iory, Maorant 
Amo, «^. aoul ; ralrit 
— , adddlo part of a faggot 
Am<, a, a. well-baloyed 

Am4Iiorer, va. to ameliorate, impioTO 
Amoa, ad. amea ; m bo It 
Amenaga. em. carrian. portaraao 
Amendable. 3. a. SnMe ; mandabia 
Amende, [. ma»-d^ *f. fine, penalty 
Amendmont, em. — mont, betteffng 
Amrader, va. to fine ; mend 
— , vm. to grow better; fall ia prioo 
Ameaor, ra.l ' " ' " 

— , t>«. to bring to; to 
Amfoirf, {f.-4ty,ploa 

r, a, a. bitter ; arieToas Cmalo 

Amrr, Co-m<r] *f. MtteraeBa ; gall of anl- 
Amera, em. pi. ma. •es-marki, laad- 

Amertume, ^f. bitteraaaa ; grief; hatrad 
AaMBurer, va. to appraiao 
Am^thyite, [. . #!•/<} tf. amethytt 
Amooblemaat, em. fiimltoro 
Amoubler, va. vM. Mevbler 
Ameublir, va. to otake moraablo 

»m. maklag mowablo 

mob; eoupllng doga 

Ameuter, va. to cenpla dop ; to atir up 
S' — , vr. to aaaomblo riotooal- 
AoiOgoari* mm. s bailoaqiao d 

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Ami, «M. friand ; aeqwrinUw ; 1 
— , «, a. friendly, councout 
Ansiabl*. 3. a. friendly, amicable 
A I'aiBiable, ad. amicably 
Amiablemeat, ad, kindly; amkal 
Amianu, sf. amiaothue 
Amical, a, a. courteoue, amicable 
Amicalement, ad, in a friendly w 
Amict, «M. amice, uied by priest 
Amidou, »m. itarcb 
Amidouner, ra. to etareh 
Amidonnier, im. atarch'malMr 
Amie, [-mm] «/. friend : mietren 
Amiguarder, va, to fondle ; caret 
Amiguoter, va. to fondle ; ceckei 
Amiucir, va. to make thinner 

Amiral, ia-im»-ratj »m. adminl 
Amirale, t/. admiral's ehip ; hit 
Amirante, »m. Spanish admiral 
Amiraut^, rf, admiralty 

Amissibilit/, «/. — billty 
Ami,elble, 2 " ^- 

Amiti^, C- . 

Ami>Bible, 2. a. — ble : that may 1 
* — ' - — ' ' ■ Isbip 

Amities, t/. pi. caresses ; complin 
Amman, tut. a Swiss title of none 
Ammoniac, «m. ammoniac 
Amuistie, rf. amnesty ; pejrdon 
Amodiattur, »m. a lessee ; land-te 
Amodler. va, to let an estate 
Amoindrir, va, to lessen ; abate 
Amoiudristement, *m. decrease 
A moins dc, c. under ; except 
— que, unless 

Amollir, va. to soften ; mollify 
S'-~, vr. to soften ; grow efiemina 
Amdiissement, *m. softening; eff 
Amonceler, va. to heap up 
Amont, ad. up the riTer 
Amoroe, rf. bait ; prime : allnremei 
Amorerr, va. to bait ; (arime ; allui 
Amor^ir, «». an auger [deaden ; 
Amortir, va. quench ; redeem ; 
S' — , vr. to grow weak ; abate 
Amortissable, 2. a. redeemable 
Amortissement, *m. mortmain ; ext 

upper part of a building 
Amour, ia-moorl am. lore; paasio 
Amour-proTire. self-loTS 
Amours, t/. pi. one's lover or mist 
S'Amouracher, vr. to fall in lore wi 
Amourette, rf. an amour, Intrigue 
Amoureusement, ad. amorously 
Amoureax, se, a. amorous, foud 
— , em. loTsr; woer 
Amorabilit^, */. unfixedness 
AmoTible, 2. a. remoTable 
Amphibie, 2. a. — bious 
Amphibologle, rf. — ^logy, double m 
Amphibologiqoe, 2. a. — ^cal 
Amphibologiquement, ad. — gieally 
Amphisciens, sm. inhabitanu «f tb( 

Amphith<itre, I. fu-tai-&-tri mi. 
Amphore, rf. a measure of liquids 
Ample, loH-pl-} 2. m. ample ; large ; 
Amplement, ad. fully ; amply 
Amplenr, rf. amplitude ; fulncM 
* "ipliatif, TC, a. ampUating 

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ABCra aa i>n«f ■■•iv ■aaamw 

— de uOaMemi; ■kMtMMluw 

— d'aCbnrehA, rawll lM«r«r 

— dc nehanga, mfn snckor 

— d« t*iii«, nnam aaclMt 

— i poiovufln, kcdg* aacfcor 
^ de bMSoir. bowm •nchoi 
Aner^, •, m. anchorad 
Aaenr, m to anchor 

S'— , vr. to octtl* i to gM footiag 
Aaenit*. •/• • UmU pUlt in eJoiS 
AadaotA, ad. aadaau, modtraUlr 
AMUntlDO. md. — tiM{ m UitU mm 

lively ihmm andante 
ADdeailla. •/. ohittorliBg 

— dr tatMT, ToU of tobaoeo 
AadoaiUcra. «a». dacr'a aadcn 
Aadonilletta, «/. i»rcod-4Ma« tatlB 
AndroorM. C • ir-w] '». — gynoe 
AadroUa, *■». auteaaioo 

Am. m. OM ; idiot. bloeklMad 

Aaientir, »a. to ansihaau 

S«— , or. t* be annihllatad ; to ooaie I 

Bodiiiic; to httmbU oko'i self 
AntaDrieeemeot, «at. ■imiWUtfai K 
Anecdote, «/. anecdote 
Anfe. «/. »•>'• ^Md; tliNe bnaheU 
Aateovrayhie. ^T- •«*««• "^ »»»• **«4» 
Aateernktre, «m. -Hnetar 
Aa^nonitrie, t/. the art ef measnTiag th 

force of the wind 
AiiiBMHM.4^* --one, wind-flower 
Aaeri, «/. Rwim tgMranee 
Anoae. */• ahe-aaa 
Ane,, (a--* •»•»•• «»".*in 
AiOurisme. «». anauriMn 

AlS^^mTMsil; (-.-.) ehain-diat 

An«Cliq«eiMi>t. orf. angclieally 
Aoeelue, t- • '■«] '«■• (• — 

iuB« with thia word) an| 
Aagiae. ^. *•. •«• t»w»« 
Ancle. M. angle, opmer 
Angleos. eo. a. thidt-ehelled 
Angiiean. C • *«*3 «. •• ^ *• 

Angniehure, •/. hantwnan't belt 
AagaiUeae. «/. laeh, laahing 
Aagnille, [. *t-e)l. f. an eel 
AagnflMt*. V- «•, eel-pond 
AngeilMraa. twi.fl. aM. limber* 
Aagaille*. #A ^. mm. WIge-waye 
Anguldf*. 2. •• aafular, ooniar^ 
Aagnlcaz. oe,«. angvloaei hooked 
Ancoetik.e, a. narrow 
Anieroebe, •/. hindrance; rabtcHuga 
Anier. nt. an aa^^riTer 
Aail, «Bi. arflj the indigo plant 
AabnadTerelon. #/. — elon i ttf^ 
Aaimal, **. an aninal ; bmte 
-, e, a. antaaal j aoner-' • "' 

- -.1> a^, _«a]i| 



-, or. to be atKiyi to be 
to cheer up 
Aniaaell<, if. ■niBMieitr 
Anil, Mm. aniia, aniuad 
AnkrloM. »f. a iwelUng in tbe JoinM 
Anal. e. «. of a year ; laating a year 
Annalae. *f. fU. annalt 
Annaliiu, •». a writer of anaala 
Annate, tf. fiiat-fruiu paid to the 
Anaoaii, tm. ring; enfbd lock of 
—. aio. ring, gronunet, cringle, hank 
Aniwe, ^. a year 
— biiMSlilc, leap-year 
Anacler, twi. to curl 
Anuclct, Mk little ring; aimnlet 
Anoeluie, «/ curling 
Anneae. »f. annex ; ehapel of eaao 
Anneaer, va. to annex i anite 
Aunexion, ^f. — ncnt, — ation 
Annihilation, if. — tion ; daatmction 
Annlhiler. va. to annihilate 
AuutTeieatrc, na. «. — aary ; yearly 

' ' t notice giran of aay 

Annondation. «/. — tion ; Lady-day 
Annotaieur. tm. — ter. eonintenuter 
AnnoMilon. ef,— lion: Inrantory 
Annoter, •» to note down (ealendat 

Anouaire. [a-nM-«<ril m. yearly book) 
Annoel. 1e. a. ui&aal: yrarly 
Annuellcment, ml. annually 
Annuity, rf. an annuity 
Annalaire, 3. a. (doigt), rin«-€n|^ 
Annnlation, rf. the act of annalling 
Anauler, va. to annul; i'- 

AaobUieeBMnt, tm. ennobling; 
Anodin. e, a. anodyne, paregoric 
Anomal. e, «. anomalou*, IrroftuUr 
Anomalle, rf. anontelr, irragvlatity 
Anon. tm. an aaa'a colt 
Anonner, ••.. to eteauner or heiitete ia 

Anoayaic. 3. « 

»i * 

Anao. *f. handle of a pot ; eraaa j oi 
Anaette. */. anaU handle; oriagle 
Anepeet, tm. mm. haad-apiha ar Ian 
Anepeaaadc. tm. imdw eorponl 
Antagoniate, «h. —niat. advena 
Antaret<<}ae, C. <a»»-l«*l »■ •• ai 
It, ad. — dantly 

_ ofelTillaw 

Anil^hriit, tm. aAtiehriat 
Antenne. f. ma. aaU-yard [tetfliea, at 
Antannee. tf. pi. homa or feeler* of hu 
Anrfp^nnlt&ne, m. t. the laet but two 
Anidtienr, e, «. anterior} going befim 
AntMcurcBMnt. a<f before 

ioriti. */. 

I, tm. ft. L 

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AMhin, I. tare ^. ho. tadl 
Aatkolo^. '/. -Ufj 
Anthivpolosic, if. — ugT 
AnthropopaUkie, *f. — patky 
Anthropophagci, mi. pi. — fi, 

..V- - 

AntiehriM, (/ uiUchretit, a 
Antiohratieo, a*, a. — ehritili 
Antlchrittianiune, tm. — niii 
Anticipation, $f. — tlon ; foral 

— tar, to uturp, invado 
Antidate, if. autedata 
Antldatar, va. to antadato 

Antldotar, va. to ^hra an ant! 
Antlcnna, »/. an anthem 
Antiffbrile. 3. a. remedy a«aj 
AntiloRie, i/. antilogy 
Aniinonie, *m. antimonjr 
Antiuonarehiqac, 3. a. — ehi 
Antimonlal, le, a. — nial 
Antinomit, (/. antinomr, eon 
Antinomicn, no, «. — mian 
Aniipape, im. andpop* 
Antipuvlytiqae. 9. a. «. — «i( 
Antipathic, Z. . . Ntt rf- —9 
Antipathiquc. C- • • (M»] 9. 1 

Antip«ri«taM, qf. — tada 
Antipeatilcniiel, I«, a. — tial 
AoHphonier, «>i. book of anil 
Antiphraae, •/. — phraala 
Antipodal, «, a. antipodal 
Antlpodaa. am. th« antlpodoa 
AntiptoM, tf-gr. antiptoala 
Antlquatn*. */. an antique 
Antiquaillaa. pi. old n^biab 
Antiqaaire, am. — qaarr 
Antiqnatiaf, am. the mMimo 
Antique, a. a. antique, 1 

1, af. -qulty 
ImHqne, 3. a. — tJ 
iBodfque, [....d 

Antiitrophe, af. antlttropHe 
Antithiee, [. . tahuj af. anth 
Aniltrinitairee, am. unltaiiaM 
Aoiitype, am. antitype, lymb 
Antir<B4rien, a. am. —real 
Andvirolique, 3. a. good aga4i 

Anui, CA-«*a«] «>"• I 
AnxMt<, •/. anxietj, anguiah 
Aoriate, •■•. rr. aoriet 
Aoftt, [00] am. Augaat; 
AoAler, ra. to ripan 

Apaiecr, m. to appaate, qai< 
8-_, vr. to be appaaaed 
Apanage, «ai. appanage { apf 
Apanager, v. toaettle on, la 
Apanaglttc, am. a prinoo «rt 

Apanthropie, •/■ avaralon for 

of men ariatnf ttvm aiabMi 

Apathie, C- • tm] ^f. Sfwd 

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AppmtMf •«. fccDwl ptmantlaaa t • na- 
pmdiM* dletliNwy [of •■kip 

Appaimax, $m. pi. m*. all fpamwiiwi 

i^pavril, C. . r«tfl Ml. pnpamtion; m- 
lumattf ; drwtioft for a wvuad ; haight 
•r tUekuMi of a •ton* in th* qwurrf 

AppawUIage, Ma. Ma. th« wtt t4 getting 

AppaicUlCT, 9m, t* ameh. fit s gM nady 
— , Mi. aM. to Mt ■■O 

ApparaaoMi't.'lrf. —nrntly ) UMy 
ApparatM, {^. appcannea; atfii 
Apparant, «, a. — «*iit ; tntlaant ; A»wj 
Apparcnttf, «, a. laUiad 

13 APU 

AppatetWy «t. to glva a Muarjr i ta lafcr « 
aaaaa ia law (■ nttii ■itai 

Appoiaiaar, m. a Jadfi wka MHia a — tr i 
Appan. [.far] m. aaarhtl, aaarbatrplaca 
Apportaga, *m. eamaga, portaraga 
Apponar, m. la bring ; la oanvtjr 
Appaaar, m, ta pat to, ar ia ; aai 
Appealtiaii ; $/. — tion; pmiixtg 
Appreciable, V. «. appnctabla 
Appt4ciatcttr, tm. appiaiaaa 
ApptMatiaa. ^f. appralaiag, aadmailaa 
Apprieier, aa. to appnuae { to ralaa 

Appariar, •■. to palri natdi, 
B'—, vr. t» eaupla, to pair 
Apparftattr. am. —tor, bcadlo 
Apparitiaa, tf. — tian, viaioB( appaanaee 
Appamir, »a. ta appaar ; bo artAmt 
Appanitra, [• • ai-tr] a*, la appaar 
8'^m: to ^ow oaa'a aelf 
Appartrment, »ai. apartaaaat ; a flaar 
Apparianaaea, ^. appurtanaaaa 
Appartanant, a, a. babrnglBg, appenaiaiBg 
Appartanir, o«. to appartaia, bafong 
Appoa, Ml. ebarma ; allaiaoMMS 
AppAt, aai. bait ; allttramaBt 
Appftter. ea. to bait a boak ar wuat j ti 

Vad infanta. Urda, ate. 
Appaarrir, aa. to inporarfab 
8 — , vr. to grow poor 
ApBaaTrlaaemant, tm. impovariabaaeat 
Aw^. C. ;»] «. Wrd^ dacor-bt.* 
i^pal, »m. i^peal; eall; ahallanga 

AppaUr. aa. to call ; appeal 
S^Cw-. to be called "^ 

AppaUaUon, if. appMl; act of tpalliag 
Appandiaa. m. appendix ; wpar^— 
Appendra. aa. to append ; bang 
Appandia, aai. a abed ; ontbeuai 

A 1_ __ 10 rnalia beavr, i 

IT baaTT and daU 

„„ J, •/. -taace, appataiiey 

ApMicr, aa. to aoret ; to daaire 

App*tibilirf,<r.-Utr; iwt"^, 
AppMbla, 3. a. — bb ; daairabla 
App<liaauit, a. a. raUthing 
Ap^t, t- • '«] •!»?•«»«• i d*^" 
App<titif, re, a. appaUtiw 
AppdUta, am. pl- mAll •niont 
S'lMtdtrir, vr. to loae itt lastra ' 
Ap^dk. V. to applaad 

AvMaadiaaaar, *M. coa 

AwUe^>«> 3- «• — ^; *o ^ •FPU'A 
»r£i._^ — ./ _tion; itttdjr 

»a, 4^. — tian; atudy 

^. inlayiaf , aetdng 

AppUqiMr.M.toapidr{ aet; pat; Ufj 

Appatat, [. pato] m. odd .waay 
AppabMaMot, m. ialary ; daaraa 

Appr4hanaif. re, a. Ctaifal 
Apprfhaaalen, ^. — aion { faar 
Appraadra, ae. to laam ; to taaab ; b 

Inrem; diaearar 
Appranti, a. f . appeeotiae ; noriaa 
ApptanUtaafa, «ai. appreatieaablp 

Zaeaing of faod { atiAnLag ; gleaa 
* *' « prepare; draaa 

one wbaptepi ~ 

t,«ak taaaing 

Apprabataur, tiiee, a. apprerer 

— , p. ad. near ; about 
Approebe, ^f. approaab [draw near 

Appraebar, vm. ta approaab: to bring or 
Apprefendir, vo. to make deep reeeaieh 

Into j axamioa thoraugbljr 
ApproAndiaaMMBt, am. aaaidi^{ deeper; 

UTeatlgaiion, atfriag 
Appioprianaa, ^f. taking pooeeeaion 
Apprapriatian. rf. — tloa 
Appraprier, va. ta apprapnata ; to adapt; 

to fit up ; to make neat 

Approviaionneaient, am. tba aapplying tok 
arm§, tba TietaaUing a «l^. ale. 
kpproTlaioanar, va. to auppljr witb pn>«i« 
MOM, ate. i ta yiataal 
ppiii V laionnau r, am. provider 
jpproxiflaation. aA ■ txan 
Appal, C.jwi-a] am. aapport: atoa; pro^ 

teciian; balp : preteetor; dateidar 
— (bauteurd'}, braaat-haigkt 
Appoi-maln, am. maul-atieb 

Appajrar, vn. to piaaa or dwell npoa 
8*—, vr. to eaaflda la ; to lean, recline 
Apt*, 9. a. tart ; rongk ; eager ; hard 
» ^ baialJr; abarplf 

Apria, lA'prag-^ pr. md. after ; next to 
Apria-dcauin, ad. the day after to-nior> 

Apr)e-dta4a, «^. aftemoon 
Apr«a.midi, tf. aftemoon 
Apria qua, e. when, after 
— qaoT, md. after tbat; afterwarda 
Aprei^, »f. roagbnaaa; acidity i aararity ) 

Apta, 3. a. apt, fit. proper 

AptUuda. a/. -*aA; aptnaea, dlapoaltloa 

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Apttm, M. to purifr ; to Mtfl« 
A<tattU«, C«-»"«-/««0 2. a. muMU 
AqaatUiM, 2. a. aquatto ; mttery 
AqiiMae, ca-ittt-^ii*] «m. aqaeduet; w«< 

Aquaux, M, «. Mii«ovt ; wat«ri«h 
AquiUn, e. «. — Iio«, hawked or hooVad 
Aqailon, C«-*««-/oii^] «n. the north wind 
Aqailonalra, 3. a. nonhnlj 
Arabe, ««. griping sinrer 
Ambetiqan, ,/ ^. arabatqwos; whimal- 

eal ornamanto (te pahiting) 
Arabia, 9. «. arable, tillabU 
Araolc, «m. arraeic ar rack 
Araignia, */. epidar; ipidar'a wall 
Aramber, vs. mm. to grapple 
Arancr. va. ma. to roll «p 
Araaement, «m. aroA. making l«v«l 
Araaer, m. arvA. to make level 
Aratoire, 3. a. — tory, lerTiag to husbaadnr 
Arbalito, «/. erois-b«w ; Jacob'a ataiT 
— i jalet, atoiie-bow 
ArbaUtor, va. to ahore ap ; to atoy 
ArbaUtrier, ««. eroai-bownaa 
ArhaMtricra, tat. pi. principal raftora 
Arbitrage, »m. arbitrage •, rafarence 
ArUtraire, 3. a. arbitrarjr , abaolato 
Arhitrairemmt, ad. arbitrarily 
Arbitral, e, a. («fN/ano»} «/. award 
Arbitralrment, ad. bjr arbitratlea 
Arbilratear, »m. arbitrator 
Arbitration, «/. —don ; estimation C«fU 
Arbitre, C 6M-trj am. — ter ; (Hbrt) frae- 
Arbitrer, im. to arbitrate; decree 
Arltorer, ««. to hoitt ; act up 
Arboriee, e, a. leayad, tufted Ciag 

Arbouae, [■ *o»-sO «/. arbnto-beny, wild- 
Arbottiier, »m. arbato or atrawbarrjr-trea 
Arbre, car-»r] *m. a tree; beam 

— da Diane, ehemieal tree 

— de hauto fiitaie, loftjr trea 

— de hauto tiga, a tree of high growth 

— an aapaller, an eapaUar 

— fruitier, a fruit-trae 

— naia, a dwarf-tiM 
Arbrisaaao, «ai. ahnih ; small tree 
Arbutto, aai, shrub, bush 
Are, lartj am. a bow ; arch ; section 
Areade, ^f. Tanlt, arch ; arcade 

Arcane, am nam, eeeret aparatioa 

AreanJe, */. v*A ehalk; ruddle 
Areaase, •/. sm. stem-frama 
Arc-boutant, am. buttress, ringleader 
— , ma. a boom 

— des bittas. me. spar of the Mtis 
Are-boutor, oa. to prop ; snpport [dew 
Arceau, [aivsa] tm. areh ; Venetian win- 
Arc-cn-eiel, am. ralabow 
Arehal, am. brass wire 
Arehange, am. arehangal 
Arehe, •/. arch ; ark 
Archie, MS. areheus ; vital 
Arehelet. tm. drill-bow 
Archfologio, rf. treatise on antlquitiw 

4 ARC 

Acchtdw, am. anhdake 
ArehidiMhJ, «m. archdukedom 
ArehidiMhcaae, ^. arehduchesa 

Archiepjscopa., am. dignity of aj^ wch- 
Arohip«l. tm. — pelaco 
AreUpratra, am. arenprieat 
AreUpr«tr<, tm. arehpriesthood 
Arehiuoto, am. an archluct Cballding 
Architoctttre, [. a4#-/#t.«ar»] */. — t«,n 
ArehitraTC, am. — trave * 

ArchjTat, a/, pi. arehirea ; records 
Archiriste. tm. keeper of the records 
Archlvolta, tm. arehirault 
Archonto, am. archon 
Ar^a, C«r-ao»] am. aaddU-bow 
AreUque, 2. a. arctic, north 
Arctium, tm. sort of petty muUeia 
Areture, tm. ast. Charles's wain 
Ardemment, a<f . ardently; eagerly 
Ardent, Zar-daM,2 e, a. arcbnt; 

: red 


Arehet. Cer-«Mi am. fiddle-atick; h 
Archetype, tm. archetype : model 


[ne, am . archbishop 

Will with a wisp 
Ardeur, rf. ardour; heat: seal 
Ardlllon, tm. tongue of a hackle 
Ardoise, Car-tioe-iMisa] a/, a slate 
ArdoisJ, e, «. of a slato colour 
Ardoisler, am. a workman in a slate iinarrT 
Ardoiskre, ^. slato-quarry 
Ardrs OH Arder, va. to bum 
Ardu, s, a. arduoua ; dilBcolt 
Are, tm, a French euperfioial raeaaaro 
Arinadon, a/, a bath of hot sand 
Arine, ^. arena ; sand, gfarel 
Artfner, vn. arci. to sink under 
Arlneux, se, a. sandy [etc. 

Areola, */. circle of a nipple, of the eyes, 
Ariavaknt, tm. areometor 
Areope^. am. Areopagus 
Ar^opagito, am. — giie 
Arer, va. ma. to drag the anchor 
ArAto, ^f. fish-bone ; edge ; ridge 
Arttes, rf. pi, mangy tumours upon the 

hind legs of a horse 
Ar&tier, am. arcA. hip comer 
Argaiieau, am. ma. nng-lMit, anchoring 
Argemon, am. a disease of the eye 
Argemeae, ^. thorny poppy [argent 

Argent, [ar-joM.'] am.ulTer; money ; (A/.) 

— hlanc, silver coin 

— comptant, ready money 

— ntonnoyi, coin 

Argent^, e. a. of a silver colour; sUvered 
Argentor, va. to silver over 
Argentorie, ^. plate, silver-plate 
Arganteux, ee, a. moneyed, rich 
Argeatier, am. silversmith ; steward 
Argentin, e. a. sUver-ooIoared ; of a dear 

Argentine, tf. io. wild tansy 
Argils, tf. clay; potttr's sartl. 
Argileuz, se, «. clayay « full of clay 

Argot, Cor-zroj am. eaut language; the stab 

of a branch 
Argoter, va. to cut oflf dead branches 
Argoulet* am. paltry fsllow 
Argonsin, sm. galley-setfgeant 

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ilitpw, «/. wira>irawiag MacMM 
ArgtMT, va. to v«ptOT«; to wtn^draw 
Argument, mi. •rgumont 
Argnrntauat, «m. diiputant 
AtgnmeotMcttr, «m. arguer 
Argomontation. «/. Hguing 
Atgam«nt«r, vn. to argue ; to inftr 

Aigutie. »/. a qnirk, eavit 

And*. 3. a. arid, withered 
Aridht, 9/. aridity, bamni 
Arien, no, «. «. an Arian 
Arioa, nt. Mf. Ariee, the ram 
Ariettc, Mf. arietta ; tane 
Aristai>)ae, *m. a Jadictoue critic 
Ariemcrata, eat. arietocrat 
Aristfoor«tie, »f. arietocraey 
AriatoeratMiue, 3. a. arittoeratieal 
Ariaioeratiqaement, ad. — ^^ally 
AriatodimocTatic, s/. —cntej 
Ariatod^mocratlque, 9. a. — cratioal 
Arithmtfticien, *m. arithmetician Caaetie 
Arithm^tiqiu, [. rU-mH-Utit] *f. arith- 
— . 3. a. arithmetical 
Arithmatiquement, ad. — taoallf 
Arlcqnin, eat. harleania 
Arleqninade, •/. harlequin 'e trick or danoi 
Aimatoar, »m. owner of a privateer 
Annatara, «/. iron ban of timber-worli 
Ame, •/. arm ; weapon ; armour 
Araaea, ff. ft. araia, woapooa ; war, mill- 
tarr exploits ; coat of aims 

— \ feu, fire-arms, guns 

— blanches, bajronrts, sworda 

— de trait, bows, eroes-itows 
Amte, »f. armys troops; host 
Amelijie, *f. ermine, fine far 
Armeasant, mi. iitting out a ship 
ArmiaieD, ne, a. t. Armenian 
Arm^nienne, if. blueish precious stone 
* , va. to arm ; to sttengihon 

AipMMr, va. to tmrftj land ; to nut 
A«p«Dtaar, *m. laad-sarraror 
Arqu<, [. f «<i] e, a. arched ; bent 
Arquebasade, »/. atquebuaada 
Arquebiiee, »/. arqueboee 
Arquebutar, va. to shoot 
Arquebaserie. '/. trade of a gunsmith 

■, vr. to arm or d 


Aimilfadre, 9. a. (sphere) hollow sphere 
Armiilea, if. pi. annnleu 
Armialon, ne, ». — nian 

>, Ml. cupboard ; presa 

Afinoiae, «X to' mogwori ; mothwort 
Armoieiii, eai. sarcenet 
Armorial, C- • «-«rf] •"•• booli of hcraldrir 
Armorier, va. to paint coats of arms 
Armoriqne, 3. a. maritime ; armorio 
Armoriete ; em. herald; blasone* 
Armarc, rf. 

Aromatca, mi. pi. —tics; perfume 

• , 3. a. a ■' '— 



ArpaUtenr, ««. gold-sew»het 
Arpcatage, «• laad-turwying 

Arquer, vn. to bend ; to crook 
Arrachement, hi. pttUlog out 
Arraeher, va. to pull, pick, pluck out or 

up; to wrest from 
Arrachaur de denu, eai. tooth-drawer 

— da cora, eom-cuttcr 
Arraisonner, v«. to argue the ease 
Arrangement, eia. — meiit, order; plan 
Arranger, va. to sot in order 
Arrentemcnt, am. rentiag out 
Arrcater va. to let oat ; rent 
Arr^rages, eai. pi. arrears 
Arr<rager, tm. to be in arrears 
Arreau^a, »/. arrest 

Arrit, Cor-rdf] «m. decree ; arrest ; dia- 

training; rest; stay; set; stop 
Arrtte, est. a. agreement ; acrecd upon 

— de eempte, account agreed upon 
Arriter, va. to stop ; balance ; determine ; 

S' — , vr, to stop : be at a stand ; forbear 
Arritisto, cm. compiler of decreee 
Arrhement, em. ifiring security 
Arrher, va. to give earnest 
Arrhes, */. pi, earnest-monsy 
Ani&re, Int. away, avannt 
— , Ml. ma. the stern ; abaft 

— de, pr. far from [hind-band 
En ariUre, ad. backward ; behind, tie- 
Arriire-baa, em. arriere-ban 
Arriirc-boutique, »/. back-shop 
Arriirc-change, mi. compound interest 
Arridre-corpe, [. . . cerl em. a recess 
Arridre-cour, •/. bsek-yard 
Arriire-faix, tm. after-birth 
Arriire-fermier, Ml. under-tenant 
Arriire-ficf. C. • ■/»*•€/} tm. mesne-fee 
Arriire-garde, tf. the rear-guard 
Arridrc-main, ««. |>ack-stroke 
Arriire-DCTeu, »m. son of a nephew 
Arriire-pensje, rf. after-thought, men- 
tal reservation [daughter 

Arriira-potlte-fille, tf. a great h-raud- 

Arriire-petlt-fils, est. great grtuiiisoii 

Arriire-point, cm. wristband stitches 

Arriire-saison, tf. latter end of autumn 

Arriire-Tassal, mi. under-tenant 

Arri<r£, e, a. in arrears 

Arrijrer, va. to throw behind-hand 

S* — , vr. to bo in arrears 

Arrimage, tm. ma. stowage 

Arrimer, va. sia. to stow 

Arrimeur, ««. ma- a stowcr 

Arriser, va. aui. to itrike or lower ' 

Arrivnge, mi. arrival of goods 

Arrives, tf. arrival ; coming 

— , aia. bearing awav ; falling off 

Atriver, va. to atrWe; come; come to 

pMS ; happen, befall, fall out 

-, aia. to bear away or up 

», ad. — gantly, proudly 

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ArrogwiM, ^f. amfaaea ; frida 
Arrogantt [• \gt»t g^nt*! «> a. a 
S'Arrofar, vr. ta wrrofmta ; claim 
Arrol, *m. aqatpaige, ratiaaa 
Arroodir, va. to roiutd, maka rou 

— , ata. to waaiharor ac" " 

8' — , w. to grow round 
Arroadiaaanant, »m. th 

•aiarginf ; a dlatricl 
ArroMfa, aai. watartaf 
Arraaanant, aat. beaprinklfaif ; 
Arrosar, m. to watar { baata 
Arroaoir, (ai. a watering-pot 
Aracnal •■ Areanal, [. . mtij tm. 
Araanie, C- . aauN] n». araanie 

Ananieal, a, a. araanteni 

Art, [ar.] »a». art, akill.daztarfty j 

Artira, if. arterj 

Art^rirl, la, a. artatial 

Art^riola, */. amall artarf 

ArtMotomia, »f. apmlnf of an artorjr 

Artkritiqua, 3. a. ralattaf to tiM Joinia 

Artlekant. am. mrtiohoka 

Artickaot, «m. arttonoaa 
Article, tm. article ; elauaa ; Joint 
Artieulaira, S. «. mta. artimilar 
Artfeulation. (/. artlcalatiaB 
Artieoler, v«. to artienlata 
Artifice, tm. akill; oraft; artifina 
ArHficiel, Ic, a. artificial ; fletidoni 
Artificicllenieat, ad. —elalljr ; b]r art 
Artifleicr, m. maker of fira-worka 
Artifieicitaament, ad. oraftQir 
ArtifieieuXk tc, a. crafty; fdladaaa 
Artill^, a, A. ma. famiahed, aimed 
ArtiUerie, ^f, vdllerj ; orduanea 
Artillenr, «r. artillery man 
Artimon, am. mm. misaen-aana* 
Artiaaa, e, a. artifieer ; tradaamaa 
Artiaon, mm. wood-looaa 
Artiaoniii, e, a. worm-eataa 
Artiate, tm. artiat ; artifieer 
Artiatement. ad. aUlfully, artfolly 
Aruapice, *m. divinaf : aoothasrar 
ArraUe, i. a. mral 
Aa, COa] am. ace 


Aaplc. laa-pUj tm. aas: alanderet 
Aapiraat, a, a. t. candidau, taitor 
Aapimtion, ^. —don f ajaeulation 
Aapirer. v. to aapirata ; attract 
Aepre, lat-frj »m. a imall Tarkiah eeia 
Aaaabler, va. to choke up with aaad 
S' — , vr. ma. to run aground 
Aeaaillantf tm. aniailantf aggreaaor 
Aeaaillir, va. to aaiault ; attack 
Aataiuir, va. to maka wholeaoma 
Aaaaiaonnement, tm. «^iwing 
Aaaaiioniur. oa. tA ■•uAn. tn anlAs 

Aeaaiaonneur, eat. aeaaoner 
Aiaaaein, aai. aaaaaain ; murderer 
Aeeaeainant, a, a. Tcrv tadiotu 
Aaaaaainat, tm. — nation; rillanj 
'aaaaaiuer, wi. to murder; to outrage; 

Aaeaut, [oe-eo] em. aaiault ; atorm : onaet 
Ataichemeot, tm, aet of drying up 
Aaafcher, ». to dry np; to be dry 
Aaa^eutioa, e/. obtaining a benefiea 
Aatiianr, eat. an asaeaaor of taaea 
Aaaamblage, eat. auemblage ; union 
— * ai*. waiting piecea of timber 
AeaembUe, V^aaaembly; meeting; ball ; 

randanatm • mllitsnp <>al1 

raaoaarmia ; military call 
AaaemUemeut, «ai. eoUectingy; uniting 
AaaemUer, va. to aaaembla i meet 
Aat4ner, va. to atrike hard 

*aaemir, tm. to ataent, i 
Aaaaeir. aw. to aet ; Uy 
*' — •— to ait down 

Aaeendant, tm. — daat : 
Aaeendant, e, a. aaceuding 
Aecenslon, tf. aaeenaion 
Aaoeuiiouuei, le, a. att. aaeanaional 
Aacite, t. aacetie ; andioret 
Aeo^ue, 3. a. aaeetie 
Aecite, t/. aaeitea, dropar 
Aacitiqnr, 9. a. aaeitie, droprfeal 
Aaelle, em. aaellaa, wood-lonae 
Aeile, em. aeylum ; ahelter 
Aaiae ibtia). aaa ; Uoekhead 
Aepeet, C* f>»1 na. aapeet ; look ; view 
Aaperge, ef. aaparagua 
Aaperger, va. to beaprinklo 
Aaperrit, tm. holywater iprinkli 
AeperiW, tf. — <y, roughneee ; kai 
Aeprraiaa, tf. beaprinklliig 
Aeperaoir, em. hoiT-watar bmeh 
Aaphalta, em. Jew'e pitch 
Aephalttque, 3. a. bltumiwme 
Aapkyxie, i/. anapenaloa of viul action 
AaphysU, a, a. in m atatt of Mpkyvf 

Aaaerteur, tm. aaecrtor ; defeuder 
Aeeartioa, tf. — lion ; propoaitiou 
AeaartiTement, ad. affirmatiTely 
AaaerWr, va. t» aubdue ; cnalare 
Am.»m^.mMm,M.,t .- , bondago, alarery 



tf. pi. mttim 
Aeaiatance, »/. — am^. ^ _ . 

Aeaiatans, tm. pt. a aaam b ly, t , , 

Aaeiatant. a, a. e. aaaiataat ; helper 
Aaaiatante. qf. aa aaaiataiit nun 
Aaaiater. v. to aaaiat, help ; be preient 
Aaeoeiation, ^. ^-tion ; partnenihin 
AaaoeM, e, e. partner, eompanion 
Aaaoeier, vm. to Miaoaiali { admit 

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, I. . t»1 VN. to AoM oa; 1m in- 

AMoupiTf va. t» BMk« inwtj ; to alUy 
8'—, w. to grow dall or Bloopy 
AnoHpiMmnt, «« a. aomuiforaiM 
AiwHiplMMBMiit, m. drowiliMM 
AMovyUr, va. to Mador Boppla 
AMottrdir, tw. to doafcn 
AsMUTir, va. to glati mtiaff 
AMouvloaoBMnt, *«. glutting MUii 
Aaanjottlr, v«. to rabdiM ; mbjMt 
S*— . vr. M sab^t ono't mU 
Avatetltanm, o. a. aUviak 
AasnjottlaaoHOBt, ««. •uMoedon 
AMaraaco, ^. — ABM ; MHty ; oo 

; ImUimm; inanrmaeo 

Atmatt, »m. ono who U ioanrod 

— , «, m. aura ; eaofldant ; bold 

Aaaai^oaont, md. wauradljr 

AMsrar, 9a- to uatira ) liuttra ; ancourafc, 

aticngthan, piop 
—, or. to aatnra ooa'a aaU; to aoeara 
Aaaaraor, Mi. inanrar, ttndarwritar 
Aatella, «/. eki. apUnt, bolstar 


Aathaatiqve, 9. a. aathmaUa 

Aithmo, CoK-at] $m. aithna 

Attleoiar, M. to vex about triflaa 

Aitnl, e, m. aatnl, atarrjr 

Am*. Mk. a atar 

Astfoindra, vm, to Csrec : raatraln 

8° — , vr. to confiaa ona's aalf or stick to 

Astriogcnt, a, «. aatriogant, roatlra 

Astrolabo. tm. — Ubc, erost-atafft noetamal 

Aatrologlo, •/. aatrologj 

Aatrolo^aa, <■ a. asUologieal 

AatTologiqiMmoat, ad. aitrologleaUr 

• • '. .%*] aai. ' - 

Jqoo. r«. 

AairoaomiquasMnt, nd. — calljr 
Aatacc, tf. wUe, eraft, eanaing 
AatueUox, a«, a. crafty 
Atabala, aat. kattla-drun 
Aiansio, tf. — xia ; tranqaillltf of aoul 
AtcUor, »m. woHcakop, aaanofaclofy 
AMtaa^onMot, (at. dalay of paymant 
Atanaoyor, »«. to dafer paymant 
S' — , «r. to aoaapoiUMl wltk creditors 
Atkea, Ca-()U] 3- «. ». atkaiat; atkaiatieal 

Adilto, am. ckaaiplon { wrcatlav 
AtkUtiqM, 9. «. atklatie 
AdDtar, ««. to trick up ; act ovt 
Adaatcs, «. pA «rdl. atlaaaaa (statoM vn 

Adaa, CW^Ila] «ai. atlu ; book of mapo 

Ataoapkira, [. ./an*] rf. ataaoapkcra 

AtBBoapbMqaa* 9. •■ ataaoapkarical 

AtoaM, «ai. atom ; moU 

Atooiista, tm. atomitt 

Atonla, *f. aU. atooy, faiatnaai 

Atonmor, va. to attlra, draaa 

AtouTB, »m. wonan'i attire 

Atout, »«». tnimp (or canf«) 

AtrabUaira. 8. a. mtlancholio ; aplonatlc 

Atraliile, */. black ckoler 

Atmmentaira, tf. sulpbata of iron 

Atre, tm. tka hearth 

Atroce, C. iro-u] 3. a. —eioua, bdnoas ; 

Atroelt^, «/. — city ; heinouancaa 

Atropkia. »/. eonanmption, ea«adw 

S'Attablar, trr. to ait doim at table 
Attackant, e, a. engaging ; endaariag 
Attaeka, «/. tie ; atring; affection 
Attaekoment, tm. atuclimeut ; tie 
Attacker, m. to tie ; faaten ; apply ; an- 

dear; allnre ; attach 
S'— , vr. to apply ane'i iclf ; to itick to 
Attaqiaable, 1. a. that may be attacked 
Attaqnant, [. . km/f] t, a «. aggrateor 
Attaque, «/. attack j insult ; At 
Attaquar, va. to atuek ; insult 
Attoindrc, »». to reach ; attain lor by 
Attaint, [■ /nia] e, a. alBictad ; kit witk 
Atteinte. ^f. blow ; hurt ; fit 
Attelage, «as. set of harness ; a taaM 
Atieler, va. to pat to or into 
Attalle, »/. tplint ; haum 
Attaloirc, •/. a peg or pin 
Attanant, ad. pr. neit to; naw 
Attendant, e, a. that waits 
En attendant, ad. in the mean tina 
Attandre. la-tan-drj va. to wait; azpoet 
8'—, vr. to rely upon ; to expect 
Atteodrir, va. to sofun ; affect 
8'—, pr. to grew tender ; to ba affected 
Attendtiaaaat, e, a. aorlng 
Attendrtasomont, tm. relenting 
Atteodn, pr. for. on account of 
— qna. e. aeaing that 
Attenut. tm. ontrafe ; wicked aMenpl 
Attenutoire, 3. a. illegal ; outragaeua 
Atteute, la-tantti ^f. expectation ; kopa 
Attentcr, im. to attempt 
Attentif, ve, a. attantlre ; intcntj 
Attention, tf. attention ; eare 
AttentiTenant, ad. attentiraly 
Atiinuaut, e, a. weakening _ 
Attinuatlf, TO, a. attenuating 
Attenuation, t/. —lion ; weakenieg 
Att^nuer, va. to attenuate ; weaken 
Att<rage, tm. aia. landing-plaea 
Att«rir, vn. ma. to land 
Attener, va. to tkrow down \ deairoy 
itn. ma. tn make tke land 

. rriaaament, tm. allurioa. accretion 
Attestation, tf. — tiou ; oortlfieato 

aoua sorvaent, afldavit 

taatar, va. to attest ; call to wttneaa 
Atticiame, «si. attioism 
AttiMir, va. to cool ; 
8'—, vr. to grow eool 
Attiddiaaaatant, aoi. rooloasa 
AttUiir, va. to eet off witk too muah e 

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AUG M * A^'T 


Attifet, «■». trlnk«u ; head-drei« 

Attiau*. 3. «• «■■ »«lc ; sttic ttorjr {^. 

mlwt. fbaggag* i train ; equipage ; dr« «, 

Attirant, e, «. attractiTe, cntlcuig 
Attirer, va. to attract : draw ^ 

S» , vr. to bring upon one'a •««i to » 

Attiaer le feu, va. to itlr the fire 

AttiMur, ae, •. one who »dw the Hre 

Attiti^, e, a. accuitomad 

Atritrer, »a. to suborn, to appoint 

Attitude. «/. attitude, poetufe 

Attonchement. •■». touch ; feeling 

Attouoher, vn. to be related 

Attractlf, TC, o. attraoU^ 

Attraction, tf. — tion ; drawing to 

Attracttiee, a. attrastiTe 

Attraire, va. to enuce ; allure 

Attralt. C. trati «•». allurement 5 bait 

A&. L-/-«r<v3 «•• P/- •harm..bea« 

Attrape.V- gin» •'»»'J 

— motiehe, »m. catchfljr , , * 

Attrapea, pi. ma. reUerlng tacHe 

Attraperl la. to catth ; hit; get ; chei 

reMh ; overtake j aurprlie 
Attrapeur, »e, «. turpriaerj cheat 

Attwpolre, •/. trap ; a tnck 
Attrayant, e, a. attracUTO i.>< 

Attremper, C. tran-pH)va. «« «;«r"i 

Attrlbuar, va. to attribute ; ascnue 

S'— , vr. to aaaunie ; to claim 

Attribut, ejii. attribute ; emblem 

Attriburtf, re. a. •tt'lbuting 

Attribution, ^f. — tiou ; giving 

Attriitant. e. c. ead, gn«««« 

Attrister, va. to griere; atnict 

Attrition, f/. attrition, rubbing 

Attroupement, «». tumult, not 

Attrouper, pa. to get together ;f 

S'— , vr. to iock in crowd* » 

Aa, C6l ar<. m. to the; iu; with; for uy. mm 

Aubade, */. morning eerenade 

Attbain, im. alien, foreigner 

Aiibainage, «m. eecheatage r« «» 

Aubatae.V- wln*-^". ««*••* u- t 
AubJr^r.dky-breakjalb Cwhitetl 

Auberge, «/. inn ; ibo.) alberge 

AubergUte. «m. i«/»-V*P," u 

Auberon, *m. oatch of a lock 

Aubier, em. haael-tree ; aap 

Aubifoin, am. corn-flower mmiy 

Aubin, •«». white of an egg ; aubin 

Aucnn, e, a. pr. no ; none ; any w «i» 

Aucunement, ad. not at aU 

Audace, #/. boldnoae; audaeltj; a oaaler; 

for a hat ^^, , 

Audadeoeement, ad. -donely ; bold 
Andaeieux, m, a. audacious 

An-deci. vr. on thl» eide ''^'^ 

Att-del^, pr. on the other tide cted ot 

Audience, •/. audience ; hearing y 

Audlencier. «m. erier of » e»"y». .^^ «•« 

Audlteur, »m. —tor j diedpUj Judg< 
AuditU. ve. «. auditory 

Audition. V'- Mdlt ; hearing [h., 

Anditoire, m. teatlon-houee j audita al wni- 

Aage, •/. trough I tray ; 1 

Vttg««. a, m trayful 

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Autopne, »f. aaCofwy, nedit 
AueriMtiMi, 9f. MthwiMtii 
Aatoviaer, va Mwnowwr; antkoriM 
8'—, *r. to gat «rMR ar autliarllx 
Antoriti, 4^. aathoritf ; pawar 
Aataar, pr. *- -* 

ATaat-aoate, «ak iNV-kand atnka : 

part of a kataa 
ATaat-aat. «*. oMtracd wali 

Aa laai a a ite. ff. Ii«inii« af goakairha 
Aatre, C»-<r1 a. fr. Mher, ■nodwi 
AatraMa, t. ./bJ-M] «<. fbmMrly. I 

Aatra-part, md. viaawHaN 
D'Aatra-part, a. baaWaa { martovar 

Aararnat, aai. aart af haady tad wiaa 
Aax, C4] «rf. ^. ta tha 
AaxOiaira. i. a. aaxiliarjr 
8'ATacUr, vr. t« flag ; graw ialiit 
Avaca, am. haayman'i faaa 
Aval, «ai. aaratjr tvt i 

*^t orf. daimwardi, dovni tha rl«ar 
Avails, «ai. tattiflf dowa wiaa, oil. ale., 

into a eallax 
AyalaboB, [. . . aaa] ^. flood, tama 
ATalaoeha tm AraUngo, «/. bU of i 

ATalant, a. tkat goao dowi 
A n l a aa B , ^f. tortaat 
Aralar, va. to awallow 


, vn. to CO down iha river; how off 
'Anlar, «r. ta flaci ^ ~ "■ 
Avalcar, ae, •. giaodir* 

ha river; how ( 
i banc down 

-- dc eouleoTrea, 
ATaloba, «/. Urfle toraat 
Avaacc, rf. advaMO } projcctioa 
D'ATaace, ad. before-hand 
ATaoeenient, am. peefarmcat ; 
Bwat; pnigNaa; ferwardaeea 
ATiacer, ««. to adrance ; Mt fa 
— , VM. to ad*aaeo ; la pro)eet 
8'—, vr. to move forwaid ; gat praler> 


ATaat, Ca- 

aha progrcaa 

>a«] «a». 8M. 


before; iarward; deep 


— dtt Tea.. _ „ 

Avaalager, va. to Cavoar; gMify 
ATaatageaeaoieat, mi. advaalageoaalr 
ATSBtagenx, ao, a. adTaataaaoua 
ATutt^Ece. C. .«dt]«a». etailagof abridga 
Arant-«orp«> C. • oor] eat. orri ' 
Araat-eoar, «/. ibi«-«o«n 
Avant-oooreur, MR. waning 
A*aiit-Mariire, *f. harbiagar 

Arant-garde, »f. Taagnard 
4*aat-K6at, C. .#oo] 
Avant-kiar, ad. day 
Araat-toar. «ai. doM befaa aaad 
A«airt-lo^a, «*t. oral, ftra-kauaa 

ATBDt>-BcAae, ^. front of tke ataga 
ATant-toit, Ma. kouao-oaTO 
Avant-trala, eat. fote-wkeela 
Arant.TaiUe, 4/. forO-vigU 
Avaiw, S. a. avarleioua. eovetoaa 
— , «. * Bilaer, niggard 
ATareaeal, md. aTarieioaily 
Avarice, ^f. — rica, uuiiiniiiaeM 

A«ari4, ( 

4/. average; anchorage 
I. ft. «a. average, loaa 

A-van-l'eaa, md. down tke river [by ; ia 
Avoe, [A-«*d(] ar. witk; for; agaiuit. 
Avalndia. Lo-peim-^ «a. to taha. fitck 

Awliae. ^. «bart 
Avelinier, ««. filbert-tree 
Aveaaga, •«. rent paid in eate 
Avenant, e, a. heeoniing ; eniubla 
Av^nement, eat. areeeeion; coming 
Arcalr, tfa. to happea ; ehaaee 

A i'Avauir, a<f . honoaforth, la fatara 
Avont, Ca-foa] «■>. advent 
Awnture, tf. advaatare ; latrigae 

Av«atur<, », a. prw — ' — "' 

A venturer, v*. te v 
Aventttraus, to, a. ' 
Aventurtf n a, a. a. advtatarar 
Avenue, ^f. atoaae ; walk 
Av^rar, «a. to prove; aver 
Avame, tm. hell (te^ecfiy) 
Averae, «/. heavy akower 
Averaioa, af. averaioa ; katred 
Avertin, cm. whim, caprice ; franay 
Avortineana, le, a. vcrtl^noua, fraati 
Avertir. va. to warn : iittona 
Avartiaiement, cm. advertiaeaieat ; w 

ing; cauiioa 

v«, «- 

Aveu, < 

AvengU-n<. I 

Avooglnaeat, cm. bUndaeae ; errav 
Aveuglioteut, ed. blindly ; raikly 
Aveugler, «o. to blind ; davU 
Aveuglette. (i T), ad. groping ia ibe dark 
Avidc, 3. a. greedy ; eager 
Avideaeeai, md. eageriy 
A vidlti, a/. cagemeM ; neediacoa 
Avillr, va. to abaae; diaparafa 
S' — , ar. la grow eeatanptible 

Aviner, ae. to acaaeu with wlae 

Aviron, CM. an oar 

Avironer, v. to row 

Avia, [a-o«i] CM. adviee; opinion; project 

Avia4, c, 0. prudent : areumaoeet 

Aviaeoteat, cm. opiatoa. thoadit 

Aviaer, «. to conHder epy; decry 

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AviTwr, va. to britk up; ^._ . 
AtItm. tf. pi. th€ rWei iimfwrfitrp) 
Avivoir, •». » poUiher, buraiahar 
ATOvuMr, va. tob« a pattifogger 
ATOcaraerif, ^f. pcttiii>gaiii« 
ATO««t, [«-w-ta] •m.adfocaU} Mwfir 

— plaidant, barrittar 

— ooaaultaat, chanbar twaaA 
Avooata, «/. adroeate, anadlatiix 
Avoiue •■ Aratae, ^f. oats 

Avoinaa. p/. ttaadbiK oaia CM be 

AToir. Ca-ira«-arar]vr. telMva; karagotj 

— beaa, in vain 

— cUaud, to ba warm or bot 

— . {aim> :—/«'«] to ba huoagiy 

— frotd, to ba eold 

— ndaoB, to ba In tba right 

— aoif [— ••//] to be dry 

— tort, C— (orj to ba in tba wraag 
.^, 4». tubatanoa 

Aroiaincr, ra. to bordar on 
Arertemaat, •m. miteaniaga 
Arortar, vn. to nlicarrj' 
AvonoB, aai. abortira ebild 
Arotti, m. atternajr; protMlor 

AToaaria. «/. i 

ATril, [ai.-Wf] »m. April 

— (poiiMm d), April C90I 

Axe, ••*• axia ; azlc-trao 

AxiUalra. 3. a. aziUaiy 

Axlmna, aiN. axiam, maxbn 

Axonga, ,/. the fat ot»aimai» 

Ay, kj*< imt. ayt oht ah I 

Aae, aai. an aaa 

Acabnt, •«. an Ethiopian haraa 

Aalmot, [a-«i-MtrO •«•. oH. aatannth 

Aaimutal, c, a. asiaiuthal 

Aaotc. nt. aaotc 

Aaur, «M. lapla laauli; amtra 

A«urf, a. a. ahy-ooloarad 

Aiyma. 3. «. uolaareaed 

J>» phabat 

. aacand lettar af the al- 


Babal (tour da), tf. confoaad plaoa mr 
- ■ —I. buttar-milk; whay 

Babll, «m. ahat, tailtadvanaaa 

BablUard, [• • Mar] c, a. ehattaror, prattler 

Mabillar, t>n. to chat, prattla, praia 

Babiiia, ^f. tha lip of aoaM anlauda 

BaMoU, «/. baubia ; toy 

Babord, tm. ma. larboard 

Baboneha, «/. Aaiatie alippar 

Babouin, an. baboon ; auaplaton 

Baa, \bah\ urn. farry-boat 

Baealtau, «m. driad aalt cod-fish 

BaeealaoT^at, am. a bachalor'i daeraa 

. «n. to raral noiaily 
Baoehanta, ^f. bacchant ; Mmagaat 

Bache. ^f. a waggon or cart-tQt 

BaeheletM, a/", a dimsal, young girl 

Bachaliar. aat. bachelor A on> ; knight 

Bachar, vm. to cover with a tilt ar awning 

Baehlqua. 3. a. baechia ; drankan 

Bachot, fat. a wharry 

Bachotaga, am. wharcynan'a bnalnaia 

Baahoianr, m. wharrpnan 

Ba«ho«w, C. *hMl «/. a aart of pail 

Baclaga, aai. a tiar of boau 

Baelar, v*. to naha faat; oonduca 

Baauler, m. to cudgel 

Badand, C. d»t\ a, J. a booby; aocknay 

Badaadaga, tm. aillinasa 

Badaudar, vn. to gapa about 

Badaudcrie. a/. aiUybohariour 

Badigeon, aat. a pale yellow plaalar 

Badigaonncr, ira to nlasiar 

Badia, e, m. *. plnyuil, waatnn 

Badinage, i». eport, play ; trifling 

Badiaant, e, a. none of reaerra 

Badine, a/, a switch 

Badiuament, ad. waggishly Cirifle 

Badlnar, C. <fo-ntt] va. to Jastf play; 

Badineria, »f. Jcat; sUly trifle 

Badlnrs.a/Vn/. nnall pinaan 

Badoeha, «/. a haddock 

Bafetas, aai. a sort of oetto» 

BafoHor, we. to ridicule | abuaa 

^f, V- f^r aatina; glatlittg 

Burer, vm. to aat greedily 

BAfrrur, sa, a. a greedy-gut, a gluMm 

Bagage. m. baggage, »«f UH« 

Bagarre, »f. brawl ; etrile ; aifray 

Bagatelle, «/. trifle ; toy ; bauble 

Bagatellier, «m. ttifler 

Bagatellisu, am. toy-man 

Baguc, aM. prison of the galley-slawM 

Bagnolet, aw. woman'a head-diaas 

Bague, »/. ring 

— , ata. hrtik, grommct 

Baguenaude, «/. bladdaivnnt 

Bsgttcnauder, vn. to trifle tlma away 

Bagueaaudier, m. tiifler 

Bagnar. CM-jr«l «" to baata 
Baguette, «/. wand ; rod ; switch 
Baguier, aat, -' *^ ' 
Bahut, tm. \ 
Bahurier, «■ 
«•». C»«y] s, 
bran, br 

Baauler, aat. cask »r box far rings 
Bahut, •■».!■ 

_ . trunk eoTeredwith leather 

Bahurier, Mt. trunk-maker 
" ■ "■ bay coloured 

-chftiain, of a chaetnut colour 

— -alair. bricht bay 

— -doi4, yellow dun 

— -miioitj. bright dappled bey 
Bale, 9f. a berry j gulf ; gap ; trick 
B«iette, $f. baiM 

Bsignar, v«. to bMhe ; soak ; to water 
Baignenr, aa. a. bather s baih-kaepet 
Baignoir. CM-noo-wnr] am. bathiag-ploca 
Baianolre, •/. Uthlng-wb 
Bail, aat. leaaa 
Bailie, ^.ntn. a half tab 
Biillomeni, am. yawning 
■iiller, »n, to g'- 
-, »a. to giT«, < 

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Baffler k ItrBM, m Imat, I«t oot 

IttUlcar, M. «. a Trnwnar 

— , r«M«. •■ grantor of a Uase 

Banii, •». bailiff; Judge; MnMcha4 

BaiUlag*. »m. baniwiek 

BailUr*. »f. bailiff's wib 

BiillM, •». a gag 

BtUloncr. va. to gag 

Bate, C&ate] ««. baA; batUac-vlaM 

BaJoaette, rf. bayoott [ratf . . 

Baiaomains, ^. pi. Mrriet ; compliments, 

Bainomant, rat. klaaing 

Baiwr, MM. Viae, bate, ealuta 

— , VA. to Uee, to ealule 

JBaioanr, aa. «. a kiseer 

BaiaM* if. diminntioB in value 
_ . -, to let down j bow ; 

re» »/. 

eedimcnt of wine 

Baioa, ««. mta. a eort of tiller 

- r- .. , . . ^y 

, a dance 
!. «. dancer ; buffoon ; fop 
Balafra, «/. a ga«H on the face 
Balafrcr, va. to ilath ; to gasb 
Balai, *m. broom ; beoom 
Balais Iba-liil (mbii), a balaw ruhjr 
Balance, rf. balance; librn; ecalet 
Balance, am. a balance «m danehun 
Bilancement, m. — eing ; Tibradon 
Balancar, «. to balance, polie ; beaitata, 

8« — , f waddia , awing ; borer 
Balaaetar, mm. balance- maker ; balance of 

a wntck ; fly of a Jack 
Balnnoolat, rf. ace-aaw, a swing 
Balaaaran, — -dras, »m. sort of clock 
Balaut, •«■• ata. slack cord 
Bslaoo, em. a small Bsb ; a beat 
Balajrar, va. to sweep 
BaUyowr. ee. «. s sweeper; ma.) swabboi 
BalaTOurs, •/. pi. sweepiagi ; seum 
Balbattoment, ain. stammering 
BabatiOT. •■. to stammer, lisp 
Balcon. C- *M] sm. baleesr 
Baldaqnln, rat. eanopr 
Baleine, rf. whale; wfiale-bona 
Baleinon, rai. jrouni; wbale 
Baleston. */. ma. spirit 
Balirra. tf. the nnder lip 
Balise, qf^ma. baoy or beacon 
Ballaer, va. ma. to set bttnys 
Balbu, «/. ballsta. a wariike enatna 
Balltage, «m. the making of pollardr 
Balivenu, eat. pollard ; standd 
Balltrcmer, vn. to trifle 
Bali^mes, ribaldry i tnflea 
Ballade, •/. Wlad 
BalU. ^. bttllet; ball ; bate 
_. ram*>, a eroso-bar shot 
Biller, vm. to dance ; to skip 
Ballet, C*«-«3 «•• interlude; bjllet 
Ballou, t»a-/«»] •*. foot-ball; baUoon 

— a4roatatiqne. air-brilomi 
Ballmiar, •». foot-ball maker 
Ballot, am. a vtOc or bale of gwJe 
BallotMle, ^. bounding of a boiaa 
BaUatage, $m. ballottiiif 


Ballotla. tf. «Min(r-baU 

Ballotter, va. to ballot ; dtsevaa ; toaa 

Ballotin, m. a small ball 

Ba1n««h|e, 3. a. fit (or the baths 

Balourd, [• ^r] a, «. a blockhead, aim. 

Balourdise, «/. absurditjr 
Babamiiie, »f. balsam 
Balsamloac. '9. a. balsamie 
Balustrade, »f. balustrada; rails 
Balustre, eat. rail, baluster 
Balastr<, s, a. adomad with balastera 
a. to put ap balastrades 
a black or bay harsa with 
rhile spettsd fcet 

Bambochade, »f. grotaaqae pictnra 
Bamboehe, ^. a dwarf; pnppat ; Care* 
Bambeu, •■•. bamboo, Indian cane 
Ban, em. ban ; outlawry ; exile 
Banal, e, a. of a manor s eommon 
Baoalitt, «/. die right » 

— da glacei, 

— de polaeon, shoal af fish 

— de rameura, thwan of a boat 

— da raehers, reef 

— do ni, court of king's-beneh 
Bancal, la, a. bandylegged 
Baiicelle, «/. long form w seat 
Baneroohe, a. bandy-lagged 
" •- - -- ^- i - . ,j„,. 

Bnnda, »f. bead, fillet, thang ; gang 
Bandeau, [««i»-^o] fillet ; reil ; wreath 
Bandage, tm. a sort of small table 
Bandellete «^ a litUe band or fillet 
Bander, va. to bind ; stir up ; bend ; to 

cock; to hoodwink 
— , •!». to be tight 

Se — , trr. to league; to withsUnd [pet 
Bnndereaa, t. , ro] »m. string for a tmin- 
Bandarole, af. streamer, bannerol 
Bandiira, •/. anaigu« eoloara 
Bandit, ew. bandit, robber ; ~ 

Baodoulitrt, rf. large sbeuldsr-bcU 
Banliene, «/. precinct 
Banne, «/. tilt Cor a boat, etc. 
Banneaux, «M. a dung cart 
Banner, va. ta oorer with a tilt 
Banneret, «r. banneret 
Bannaton, eat. a cauf ; a flsh-baskat 
Bannette, */. sort of basket 
Baaoihre, tf. banner, standard 
Bannir, iw. to banish : outlaw 
So Bannir, or. to withdraw from 
Bamisaable, 3. a. haniskable 
Bannissement, «ai. baniihnent, exile 
Banque, C»«NJt] ^. a bank 
Banquerouto, rf. baukrupicy 
Baaqaeiouttar, a, «. bankrupt 
Banquet, tat. a banquet, feast 
Banqueter, v». to feast, to banquet 
Buquetu, rf. lone seat; raisad way 
Banqoier, m. banker 

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BumlM. «r- ialaodM- Bmldal iM 
BaiMimt, OM-MteM] m. 1 

— da trapi<|(M, M«.'duckiii( 
B«ptiser, [M-<Mi] iw. to baptiM 
lUptiimal. C*ap-Ma-M/] «. a. baptbouU 
Baptistire. [i<^fl»-(arr] «. a bnitiattrjr 
Baquet, «»i. buclMt; tnjr ; traagii 
Baqaetar, va. to ■ooop out wuor 
BaqueturM, •/. pi. drappiaga 
Bar •■ BaM, »m. a haad-banMr 
Baracottia, — ««•, na. gibboriah ; caa« 
BaragDiiiaar, vn. ta apaab gibberUh 
Bafaaottiaaof, ae. «. om who apwOta gib- 

Baraqa*. ^r. banaeb ; hoval, abad 
Baraqner, na. to malia banaeka 
Baratta. rf. a ahum 

Barbacaaa, «/. loop-h«l« ; a barUcaa 
Barbara, 3. «. «. barbaroat ; barhariaa 
Barbaranaat, ad. harfaMraaaly 
Barbaria. tf. bwbarltjr, radaaaa 
Barbariima, »m. bai^ariam 
Barb*. Ctep-M} ^. beard ; lappet ; flappai 

Bariolafa, tm. madlav 
BarioM. a. a. tpasklai, 
Bariqna, «/. hofahnd 

B«rb«, a, a. baardad 

Barbeau, •«. a barbal 

BarbeK, a. «. baai^ad. bai4<ad 

Barbca, a/, af. wMahaio of a oat, «*«.{ 

fcathen of a qaill ; barUaa i fina 
Barbat, CAar-«Ji] m. aapanlal; tellt^ 
Barbatto, ^. a atomachar for nuae 
Barbieha. «/. a imall water-apanial 
Barbiehon, mi. imall waiar>ap«iilal 

BarbUloB. M. a Uttlo bai«al 
Barbon, «•». dotard ; proviah old ma» 
Barbooaaga, m. pooViahDaaf 
Barbota, mT. art-pout 
Barbaier, «. to dabble, noddla 
Barbolaur, rat. a taima daok 
Barbotlne, af. worm-aead 
BariMHillaga, «m daaUng ; nanaaaaa 
Barboailler, va. to daub, baamaar; ictih* 

Ua; parplax, eonfoand 
Sa — , er. to daub ona'a faoa ; loaa 0M*a 

character ; to atwnuer 
BarbonUlear, aa, «. daabar ; aoibMar 
Baibu, *, a. bearded 
Barbua. V- « dab (a /*<)•. qulebaet ^M 
Barbuqurt, [. . Jl«] »m. chap in Aa Upa 
Barearolla, «/. Venetiaii ballad 
Bardaae. ^.Vurdoch 
Barde, m. bard, poet 
— , af . aliec ot bacon ; horae, annovr 
Bardeaa* *m. ahlo^ ; old atarea 
Barder. va. to lard ; ta barb a hone 
Baidaur, aai. da^-laboarer 
Baxdia, «ai. om. watar-boaida 
Bardot, aat. tmallmola ; dndga 
Barm, »/. a barge : aort f * 

ahay-ataek; pQedfiurget 
]largiibi»ce. m. hag^g 
Bargulgncr. w. to haggle ; v.^r 
Bargulgnour, ae. ». haggler 
BarU, Ci«-rfl] ««•. barrel, mndlet 

ja, <ai. the bottling of wloe 

Barilkt, «M. beg; barrel of a watch 

riong, ue. m. longer er eherler on eaa 
■Ide than another 

Bamaehe, rf. bamacle-gooae 

Baromitre, [. . laX-rr] eaa. baronoler 

Baromitriqua, 3. a. barometrical 

Baton, «ai. a baron 

Baroaaage, *m. baronage 

Baronne, ^f. baroneaa 

Baronnet, eat. a baronet 

Baronaio, </. a baron^r 

Baroque, 3. a. rough ; odd 

Baroeeope, eat. barometer 

Barque, tf. bark, larae boat 

Barqaarolle, a/, eaiall boat or craft 

Barquette, »/. a tray 

Barrage, eai. tall 

Barragar, m. toll-gathacar 

Bam, «/. a beer ; tpar ; wUp-ataff 

— . ata. bar; tfttiiaom, tiller 

~arr«a, ^. part of a horae'a natbar jaw 5 
priaoubara; liarrlen Cyan 

arrcau, Ci«-r«] aat. a bar ; the bar, bw- 

Barrar, m. to bar ; atop ; eraaa 
— , ma. to aive too SMieh halm 
Barratta. >/. bonnet, cap 
Barrieadr, 4^. barricade, banieada 
Barricader, va. to barricade 
BarrUre, »f. harrier ; toll -hoi 

Barrat, aat. a 

Barrotj, a. wu. full to the iMana 
Bantttin, aat. aic. ledge 
Baraaa, tf. pi. tea-eaniaMr 
** ' 1ta, q^ large ted partridge 

CM, MeH] a. low ; ahallow ; baaa 



— > eat. atecUnge, haaaj bottom; 

' )war part 

. ad. down, law 
Baa-fond, eat. aM. a J 

- -peiiple. I 

- -relief, am. oaa-ieun 
A bat, €ui. down, upon th 
Bn baa, mi. down, downa 
Lh-baa, ad. below ; jvaii 
Par baa, «f. downwarda 

flT- ehaap'o leather 

Baaan4, a, a. tawajr, awarthy 

Baaeule, ^. awipe of a drawbridga, awlaf- 

Baaaic, eat. baaaliak; aweet baaO 
- -" aat. baaaioon 

«/. eUtaljr eh«««h; aoart vt 
the haailie vein 
. . Ma] *m. a aort of ataff: dlmltr 
Baao^a, e/. the eompaajr of lawjer'a 
elerka la the parliament of Parle 

poultrT-yard { 

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't */. daanoa 
ft. •»«. l«w-water 

ill*, V- ewintar^enoL 
-■ -TolU, •/. tlw nutin »r fora-aaQ 
■ Tnt,ad.ti ' ■ - 

mt, ad. niMnlv, lowly 
»/. ahofili, ahiJlows, Batt 
>• f^. baM action; Immum 

I. terriCT dog of low itatura 

Banfai. [ia-tilnl «m. fiaaia : paa ; aea 

a wet dock ' 

BaMfaw, «r- B iwa 

. nn«ll baabi: pan of a ran ; 
(te.) battcr-flowar [paa 

Baaaiaoiia, C. M»-noo^at2 V- wanaiu- 
Baaaea, tm. basaooa 
Baatant, e, a. aaadant 
Baate ! md. int. ba it to I [ttaaa 

— , f/'. a aort af atuff nadc oT tfia 1»ai* af 
— , Ml. baato, aca of duba 
Baater, v». to aaffioa ; to go oa waU 
Baatida, V'- <>«•* eouatry acat 
Baatille. af. the baatUa 
BaaiilU. a. a. U. fbrtUed «it1i town* 
Baadagaafe. •«. aic. aetdag 
Baatiagae, ^. ata. nettiag 
Baadagocr, va. ma. to barrieade a ahip 
Baadoa, «a«. bulwaric. baadon 
Baatiaaa^, a, a. towar>Bk« 
Baatoaaade, *f. baatiaada 

) BEA 

Batlencat, aai. beadagt daniiag 
Batiaria, ^. batterr; aqaabO; 
-■ da eai>ine. Uiehaa aiaaails 
Battaur, i«» a. beater, boxer 
-- da pari, m. Idle fellow 

— aa gTaaae, a. threabar 

Batteura d'batrada, m. a/. cAa. aoovta 

Batto{r.[6«-»ee-«wr]«a».T»atUedoia; beeda 

Battologie, ^. Uutologr 

BattM, v«. to beat, atnkei batter 

Se — , vr. to fight 

Se faiw — , to get oae'a aalf beaten 

Battre 1 eatrade, to acour, aeoai 

— aaz ehampa. to aound a eltaae 

— de Tailc, to flap, flatter 

— la eampagne, to apeak at random 

— la chamade, to boat a parley 

— le beurre, to eliam 
la bU, to thiaah eora 

lea eartea, to ahuffle the tarda 

— lea maiaa, to clap oae'a haada 

— monaoic, Caw-wari to coin 
Battarea, «/. pi. *«. breakera; ahelraa 
Bau, rte] tm. ma. beam 

Baubl, tm. a harrier; Urge bound 
Baudct, aaa. an aaa ; traatle 
Baudriar, tm. ahoiildar-bdt 
Baudraehe, */. goldbeatera' akin 
Baage, «/. aoll of a wild boar ; aort of 
mortar ; aort <rf dragget 

e, Cfoax] rai. bJm, baliam 

Bit. fftai aat. padt-aaddle : taU of a 

BataUle, af. a batde, fight 

Batailler, vu. to battle, atraggle hard 

Bataillon, «ai. battalioa 

Bfttaid. e, «. a. baatard : wild ; aaongrel 

Batardeaa* Ma. a dam or dike 

BatardMra, «/. naraery-gioand 

nteantiao, 4/.\>aatardj 

Batayolaa, if. wta. iroa atanchlona 

*— I, LM-ro] Ml. boat ; bodyof a ooach 

BateMe, a/, a boat'a load ; crowd 

Batalot. «aa. little boat 

Batelear, am. Jagglor. moantobanh 

BMer. va. to aaddla with a paak-eaddle 

Bfttier, eaa. aaahar of pack-aaddle* 

Batifblcr, ra. to romp ; to tor 

Bltiaeat, mi. baildtng ; ahip 

Bitir. 9a. to bnild ; to baate 

BItlaao, af. the bufldiag of a hooM, etc. 

Hdaaeur, Ma. great bnildar 

Batiato, if. eambrie. lawn 

BAtoa, CMWoM^ eai. adek. ataflT, cudgel 

—, tm. ma. Matt, boom, apindle 

Tour da bdton, perqniaitaa 

. va. to cndgal ; aooie ; cancel 
t. Ml. a dMat 

er. Ml. Bta&nan 

Battage, Mt. threahlag of com 

Baitant. iba-ta»] Ma. a clapper of a bell ; 

fcld of a door ; beatfaig ; oonnter-clap 
— • d'an pavilion, mi. sia. fly of aa enaign 
^. a. lieatiB* : aoina. at work 

beetle; sloping 

Batta. of. rammer; paTing 
beneh; ohnm-ataff 

Banmier, eai. balm-treo 

BaaqnUrea, •/. pi. ma. damps 

Bavard, e, CM-var, M-varde] t. babbler ; 

Bavarder, 01a. to babble; to boast 

Bavaroiae, e/Tteaaud 

ajrup of eapillalra 
BaTS, ^f. slaver ; drlrel 
Baver, tm. to slaTsr : dabber 
Bavette, «/. a dabberiag-bib 
BaTeoa. ae, t. alabber-dtope 
Bavetue (chdr), tf. prond flesh 
BaTctchJ, Oj 0. roogh ; dim ; dumvy 
Bavdet, [. . /tt] «ai. head-dresa 
BaTolette, tf. country laaa 
Bayer, va. to gape, to gase 
Bayette, ^f. a kind of Mise 
Bayaar, se, «. a gaper 
B<tmt, e, a. gaplags open 
tUtt, e, a. saaetloMnioas 
B^adflosdon. «f. beadfieadon 
B^atifier, va. to beatifr 
B^tifiqus, 3. a. beatifie 
B^adlles, tf. titbits; giblets 
B^atltnde, «f. bMtitade. bliaa 
Beau, CM] «m. exedlenec; fineness; beauty 
— , ad. in vdn 

Tout beaa I faf . aofdy t hdd ! 
Beau, bel, belle, a. flne; haadsom^ 

bcaudful ; fdr, graoofal, charming 
Bean-flla, eai. son-ia-law 

frire, eai. brod»er-i«-law 

pire, «ai. father-la-law 

Baaneoup. CM-coo] ad. roach ; many 
Beaapre, ni. ma. bowsprit 
BeaaU, tf. beauty; " 

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Bee. lUk^ sm. h»A. biU; nilii 

— d'kignUre, gullet or snout 

— dc lampe, aochtt of k lamp 

— d« plumr, uib of a pen 

— de terre, point of laud 
Bao-de-eorbui, uincera; halK 

with a curved bead 
de-eigogue, Bec-de-grue. 

bill, crane'a bill ; snrBical ini 
de-liirre, hare-lip 

— -figue, «■>. becafico, figpeckc 
B^evre, B-tharp On w«*fci 
B4eaa8c, «/. woodcock 
Bieaaseau, «ai. a young woodco 
Bicaasine, «/. a suipa 
Beche. «/. a ipade 

Btcher, va. to dig 
B«chique, LbH-aheekl 3. a. pec 
Becquie, */. a bill-full 
Bccqueter, va. to peck, nibble 
Bedaine, paunch, gitu 
Bedeau, tm. beadle ; ▼ergrr 
Bedon, m. a fat man ; labour 
Bi-fa-ai, B (ta mii«fc) 
B«ffroi, «M. belfrv ; alarm-bell 
B^gault, tm. a ninny, stupid fe 
Bigaiement, «m. stammering 
Bigayer, v. to summer; atutle 
Bigae, 'i. a. : stammerer 
Btgueule, ef. a prude ; silly wo 
B^guln, iM. biggin, aehild\ ca 
B4guinage, «m. a convent of Be 
B4guine, »/, a nun ; bigoted old 
Balgnet, «m. an apple-fritter 
B<|aane, «ai. young bird ; a bo( 
B«l, IM} a. fine, handaome. V 
Bdlani, e, a. bleating 
Bilement, *m. bleating of sheep 
Btler, «M. vn. to bleat 
Belette, «/. weasel 
B^lier. «w. rwn; Aries ; batter! 
BclitraUle, «^. a set of blackgui 
Belitre, a. scoundrel, rascal ; a 
B«lle-de-jour, tf. day-lily 

— -de-nuit, if. i^ghtshaae 

— -flUe, rf. daughur-ln-law 

— -mfere, »f. mother-in-law 

— -sosnr, •/. sister-in-law 
Bellemeut, ad. softly ; cleverly 
Belligtrant, a, a. belligerent, s 
Belliqueiix, ae, martial, warllk« 
Bellisaime, »f. sort of pear ; soi 
Bellot, tc, a. pretty ; nice ; del 
Belreder, «m. a turret ; terrac« 
B4mol, [M.Mo/1 B-fiat «« asii 
Biuarde, tf. a rim lock 
B4n<dicit<, tm. grace before mi 
MnMiclte, «m. an electuary 
MnMiciiou, «/. — tion ; a lileai 
Btu^fice, «ai. — fioe, living ; pn 

— simple, sinecure 

^ il charge d'ftmes, a parish 
Binefieence, •/. beneficence ; b 
B<n<ficia], c, a. of a benefice 
B4u<ficiar, «m. incumbent 
— , v%. to profit by 
— , va. to work a mine 
B«iet. [bH-md] a. «. silly : a i 
BtfatToU. 3. a. kind, friendly 

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BMIl*, ^. am af miulia 
BMae, C. (Im] ^. stnpidltr, ibUy 

BettormTC. tf. iMet-root 
BMiglenMnt, m. baUowing, lowias 
BMgUr, «i». to bellow, low 
Btwn, m. buttar 
B«Brr<, «ai. butter-pear 
Baarafe, •/. a slica of bmd and buttar 
Baoirar, vu. ta buttar 
Baorrier, a. «. balter-Mllei 
Uroe. «/. blunder, oretaight, nilttaka 
'• ] tm. a bay, a Turkiah 

ement. >at. slo^g dtraction ;'a'Mft 
•r, tw. to alopa ; aqulvoeata 

aat. borel, alaM, i 
aient, >at. sloiriag 

Biaasa. if. rav 

Bibaron, aat. a tiplar ; a aocUaK bottla 
Bibla. tf. the BttSa ^ 

Bibliagraphe, tm. Mbllograiiher 
J»blioci»phia, «/. bibliocrapbr 
BiblfaMBaiia, aat. ona mad after baoha 
BibUoBMiua, «/. — nta, booldahnaaa 
BibUapoUaie, aa.. — U.t, dealer in booha 
Biblioth«calre. «m. librarian 
Bibliotb^ua, «/. library 
Bibjia, Cft/-«Ml «ai. a paltry or aorry thing 
Biehe. •/. a hind, doe ; UfildoK 
Blehat. «M. aneaaure of about twoboahala 
Biehon, na, a. a lap-dog 

■' M, ^. a paltry town or koase 

am. a pony ; a joinar'a baaeh 

Bun, #at. ffood 
-. a»f . ««0 ; n 


much; very 

— qna, e. although 

qua, o. far fr«m 

— -itae, aat. well-being 

— -Cmda, aa*. landa 

— ▼aBtt, e, a. weleama 

— -vcBua, »f. antraaea- money 
■*—*-* ,, ^f_ bw>a6canca 

, a, a. bai.a6eant, liberal, kind 
. /«<] aat. farour, " 

Biaa, aai. a miU-pool 
Biifar, vc. to araae, eancel 
BigaiUa. ^. the two>wiuga«l tribe 
BigaiBC, 3. a. twloa married 
Bigmnia,4r- bigamy 

5!«^*' *^- • ""T ?•"«• 

Bigand, a, a. atrealiad ; 
flad, api 

BlMrraautier, aai. red and wUta-heaH 

Bigvrer, aa. to atraak ; ta vmriegata 
Bigarrura, tf. bad aaaortment of coloun j 

motley plaoe 
Bigle. tai. a baagla-hoond 
— , %. a. 4. iquiut-ayad 
Bigler, V*. to wjuiut 
Bjgne, ^. a tumour on the forehead 
KIgome, »/. an auril 
Bigorueau, aai. liitla anvil ; periwinlila 
Bigot, a, a. #. bigot; kypoerica 
—, da raaage, mm. pantf-rib 
Btgoterie, «/. bigotry 
Bigotiimc, tm. bigotr- 

Biguer, m. to truolc; 

Biguaa, •/•. jrf. M«. thaara 

Bijou, [60.JOO] aai. Jewel ; trinket 

Byootene, ,/. tewaUary, toya 

Bfiouner, .m.jewaUerj Tirtuoao 

M ou Bill, ,m. a bill in pwUamant 

Bilan, tm. account-book [ball 

Bilboquet, C. . /ta] aat. a emteh j eup and 

Bile.t/.eholerj bile, gall 

Biliaira, a. a. biliary 

BlUeur, ae. a. biUooe; choleric . [atiok 

SJJJ'IJ. C*«-«y«r] 1. ,m. bilUard-Mble w 

Blllarder, m. to ittriUe a baU twice 

Bille, *^. biUiard-ball; taw; paeker'a 

atick; rolling-pio 
Billebaudr, »/. confusion ; huriyburiy 
Biller, va. to pack with a paok-atiek 
BiUet, [4,-.«] 1, ^. nouiVucket. hiU ; 

label ' 

— da loterie, lottery ticket 

— doux, loTe-letter 

— de baiique, bank-note 
BilleMr, va. to Uckat, label 
BilleTaaie, ^. idle traah 
Billion, «ai. thouaand nailliona 
Billon, ««i. braaa-money, bad eoln 
Bjllonage, «... dabaaiog the coin 
BillonnameDi, «ai. putting off bad coin 
BlUonner, im. to pot off bad coin [coin 
BilUonneur, lai. ooiner or uttarar ot baaa 
Bjllot. •«». block ; wedge ; cudgel 
Bimbelot. *».. a child's playihiSg 
Bimbeloterie, »/. toy-trade 
Bimbelotter, tm. a toy-man 

Binaire, a. «. eompoaed of two uniu 
Binaid, tm. a large w 

Biner,W. to dig a^'' to'hJS' 
Binet, tm. a aare-all 
Biographe, aat. biographer 
B o»aph,e, ./.biography (( 

BjpSde. r, pakfi a. i. tipad ; with I 
Bique, «/. a ihe-goat 
Bjquat, aat. a kid ; money-aeala 
Biqueiar, vit. to kid 
^' ??•*•''••«*» "wwe* 
Btriu, aat. a game of haaard 
Birrette, •/. a kind of eup 
BU, [«««] a, a. brown 
— , Imt, encore I again t 
Biaalaiil, aat. great-grandfather 
"'"'""'" "' — at-gtandm " 

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laiM, m. Um 

. e, a. m-ih4«i{ odd 

Biamiin, am. M«Kr-e«ke 

Biwuit. [. tmm-i am. UMt^t 

BiM, «/. Bonh-Mat wind 

Biama, nt. cut of » dioMOiid 

BUor, vn. to grow brawa ; doMMMrto 

Bitot, m. itookdovc ; oort oC Biat 

Biaotto, m/. auTOw Uoo 

Biaottiero, ^f. narrow loea-maker 

Biamnth, {. mmtaj am. blamuth 

Bison, «m. blaon, a aort of wild ox torn 

Biaquaia, am, akaop'a akia with tho wool 

Biaqw, V'. tort of aovp; odda (.at /«MNte) 

Biaaac, jai. a wallot 

"• sxUl, • • 

Biatoiimor, va. to twitt a hono'a gaailala 
Biatra, «/. biatra: propand aoot 
Biauloue, 3. a. elovoa-ioond 
Bitord, am. m*. opaa-ram 
Bittor. va. ma. to bit 
BitMo, ^f. pi. ma. Uta 
Biltoaa, oat. atn. alfht-hcada 
Bittnrc, tf. ma. Uttar of tho oabli 

BlTalra, a. a. bivalvo; btvalTiilar 
BiviaiM, r a. that loada two wajra 

BiToie, if. 


If of a road 

BiTooao OMi BiToot am. biTonae 
BiTouaquor, ««. to paaa tho night ia tho 

opan air 
Biaam, [. aorfl 3. a. fantaatical ; odd 
rnt,«i. - 

Blaftrd. o. a. mm, paU ; duU 
Blairaud, [M«^«l «m. a hadget 
BllnabU, 3. a. blanabU 
BUoM, am. bUaaa t faaltt raprwif 
BIAowr, vm. to blaaM, raprtataod 
Blaac. ho, a. whlto ; olaaa ; bUak 
—, am. a atarii to ahoot at; a U 

whllo: whiting 
Blaae-ba«, am. a aovieo 

do-halolat, am. aMmiaeaa 

— - -d'Btoagno, am. whitaaiug 
^ oat. a daiatr diah 

'. frr. aaaaU flah 

»,y. < 

Blanehttrt, 3. a. 

Blaaeha, ^. a minim (ia muah) 
Blanohoaaont, ad. oleanly 
BlanehorU. ^. whiittao'a field 
, [. oUl am. ' 



to grow forvf I to pro*o I 

— an oolofl. to Uoaoh 

— go, Ml. waahlagt whittaing 
Bt. o, a. whitiah. wUiooiag 

16 BOH 

BUadlcoa, ^f. ft. M^JoHag, flatlary 
Blanquo. «/. aott of lottoir ; blank 
Blaaquctto, »f. aort of whitt wiao : 

of poar ; whlto frieaaOao 
Blaacr, va. to eoaaaoio; bara 
8e — , vr. impair tho hoalth bv onoM 
Blaton. [Ma-aoa] «ai. honldiy ; ooi 

, — to blaaon; tradoco 

BUaonnaur, am, heraldiepaintor 
am. blaaphamor 

^ 3. «. Uaaphomovo 

Blaaphimc, [. /imO •■»• olaaphemy 
BUaphtaMr« V. to UatpKomo 
Blatitr, aat. eom-Caetor 
BM ON Blod. [hU\ am. eora ; whoat 
BUcho, 3. a. a. woak : iiUjr poraoa 
BlCme, 3. a. wan, palo 
BUmir, im. to grow palo 
BlimiBBomeat, t«. paloaoaa 
Bleaaar, va. to hart ; woaadj ofSiad 
So — , vr. hurt oao'a aolf ; to aiaoairy 

" if. «»aad; iajury 

-. J. haU rotiaa Capinaga 

BlotlB. mat] V- *•• Uito, atrawWRy^ 

BUttfttfo, 3. a. blaiah 

Bloair, vm. to maka bloo 

Bliada, «/. ma. bllad.eovoring 

BUndcr. >«. wM. to corar with bUada 

Bloc, [blokZ tm.Uaek; lamp 

Bloeaga, am. am BloeaiUo, rf. rabUah 

Bloeua. om. blackado 

Blond, o, «. a. fair ; fiaxon 

— ardant, rad aa ft oanrot Cealoar 

doT<, flaxon,. of a Ught jrdlawiah 

da Toau, am. Toal gtavjr 
Blonde, if. bload laao ; a &ir womaa 
Blondin, am. a fair Touag ataa : a bona 
Bloodiao, «/. a lair girl 

Bloadi8aaa^ o, o. yollowiah, goldta 
Bloqner, va. to Uock ap ; fill ap 
Blot. [Ue] m. ma. log-liuo 
"- llottir, or. to Uo aaaat 

lao, ^. haaaid («l llfflwiit) throw a ball into tho haaard 
So — « or. ta aUataho, miacarrjr 

Bluotta, nf. oiMob of fire ar of wte 


Bhitaria^ ^. btdtTag room 
"' ■ "^ *- ir; a" — 

, -» BOB 

Bobiner. va. to wiad ailk, oM. 
Bobo, »m. a email ailment or haft 
Booage, am. a groTO, thiokot 
Booacor, o. a. rural 
BocaT. [. oal] «m. a awt of glam jar 
—'-- V^baalofaohip 

. J^f\ na. aa ox i af oan; beef 
Boguo.V- tho ptteUr ahaU of ' 
— >» eai. ant of aoa-fiah 
BohimlaB, no, «. a gipay 

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3 r. 

— fat. d<teV, driaking [horne 
BoU. [«a»-a«J ••. wood; B (MMti dMr'i 
^ de ebarpcnta, timber 

— d« oDMtruetum, •hip-bailding dmfaw 

— d« Uv a iMdMcad 

— do tafllia. » cooM 

— dc Minure, djlng waod 

Boteiffc, [<o«-»a-sajr«] f m. wafauwtiiig 

BoM. •> c. wood* t wainaeolad 

Boiaer, va. to wainMot 

BoiMti*. »/. wtittaeot, wriMMotiag 

Boiaottz, M, a. wood/ 

BoialUor. na. ma. hewer «>f wood 

BoisMKtt. [bw-ma-tol *m. % bushel 

JMMelfe. «/. buhelfuli m much lud u 

« baehol of eorn nn eow 
BoisaolUer, m. one who iiMket er 

bushola, eievec, amlt-ljoxee, pails 
BoUeoa. */. drink, drinking 
Boite, •/. mataiityofwine 
Bottc, s/. kbox: a till 

— de montrc, watch-css« 

— k fusil, tinder-box 

— i poudre, powder-bae 
Bolter, vm. to go lame, liaap 
Baiteiuc, ac, a. «. lame, cripple 
Bottler, sm. snrReon's ea 
Bel. [tof] m. a bowl 

— d'AraMaie, boleArmenien 
—, Ml Bolus, sai. a bolus 
BeaBbanee. if. eating ; riot 
Boaabarde, */. a booabard 
Bombardeoient, sai. bonbardmaat 
Boasbardar, pa. to bombard 
Bombardier, tm. bombardier 

Mt Boime-fMuw.^.l«olryadf«at«faiUd7% 

Bonneau, <ai. buojr 

Bonnemcnt, ad. inganuooalf ; aineenly 

«/. capping, criagiAg 

a. to 

Bonneurle, t/. h 

Bombe. CBeafc] «/. a bomb 
Bombe, e, a. arched ; incurrated 
BombemoBt, tat. swelling, eooTealtf 
Bomber, [ion-Mi] v. to nuke eoaru ; 

bolge, to become cootox 
BMaerle, i/. mm. bottomrjr 
Bon, no, a- good; kind; simple 
-.M. pshfw! welll 
— , ad. well ; right 
— , «M. good ; profit ; written ordsr 

— air, good look ; grace 
Bon-frala, sat. aia. steady breeie 

— -mot, aa*. witticiam, jest 
lUiH«e, ^f. ma. calm weather 

■e, 9. a. easy ; crodulous 

sharper, swindler 
Bounetler, eat. cap-maker, hosier 
Bonnettaa. «/. pi. sm. sluddiag-aatla 
BentJ, «/. goodasas s kindaeee 
Bonne, «■». bonae ; Chinese priest 
B<yiaeteau, fM. a small wood 
Borax, [fte-roaQ aat. boiax 
Borboryicme, sm. rumbliag in t^ bowela 
Bord, CSor] eai. border, odgk ; brim ; 
brink ; shore 

Bordage, «a. side plaaks of a ship 
Bordaycr, va. ma. to pljr to windward 
Bord<, eat. hem ; edat ; laeo 
Bordee, if. ma. broadside : taeli 
Bordel, [. dtti tm. brathal 
Border, w. to edge, to harder 
— , ma. to plaak, ully { haul 
Bordereau, eat. note, aoeouat, bill 
Bordier, a. ma. lap- sided 
Bordure, «/. frame; odce: border 
-, ata. breadth of the foot of a sail 

BeaboanUre, sm. aweaimeat-bex 
Bond, [teajm. rebound; gambol; skip 
Beads, af. sluice, flood-gate ; bung 
Beodir, SM. to skip; rebound 

Bor^, am. aorth-wind 

Borgaa, 9. a. oae-oyed 

BorgacMa, rf. oao-ajrod waasaa 

Borlns, tm. pi, digger* of eoal 

Boraage, tm. aettb^ bounda 

Borne, (/. laad-mark. UmU ; poet 

Bomd, e, a. ehmllaw ; amall ; aanaw 

Boruer, aa. to bouad ; linUt ; end 

Sc — vr. to keep within boaads ; to coa- 

fiuc or limit oao's salf 
Bomojrer, va. to look at with one eye 
Boaphora, cm. — ras, aarrow ehuanel 
Boeqnat, lle-M] em. thicket; groTO 
Boesage, eai. ar«k. emboeaaMnt 
Basse, AT.baasli ; lump ; lellovo ; bralso; 

knot, Knob; <ma.) stopper 

ea. aia. to stopper, belay 
I, tf. boas ; Btad ia a bridle 


lar, a rising of the atonuek 
m. bung, Ming-hole 

, bung; stop 

Bondoanikrc, rf.jeooptp» auger 
Boadi^, V * ^ bird of prey 
Beohaar, tm. happiness; good luck 
Bonboada, Cto-ao-M««] tf. good nataro 
BoolBar, •■. to improve 
BoHW, ^. aaiac-mald 

Boaeu. e, a. t. 1 

Bossoir, tm. ma. ea«>haad 
Boosuar, a«. to beniae; to emboes 


Bot. em. a Datoh tiaat. ladlaa aesasl 
Pied bot, olab-Csotad 
otaolqua. of. batsaiT 
•, 3. a "^ ■ 

. £*•»] V. bootj^nnch; 

Bottas, If, ft. elods of dfart or suo 
Battal8«t. M. hottUag of hay 
- - • - to bottkkay 

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BcNdMr, M. bottler of har 

Bott«r, M. to make boot* 

Se — , vr. to put ono"« boou on 

Bottier, «n. a bootmaker 

Bottioc, af. email boot, baaUn [poaeh 

Bouc, [»••*•] im. hc-goat : goat-ikin 

Bonean, mi. a hut where fleah b amoke- 

dricd ; bouee of ill fWme 
Boueaner, »m. to imoVe-dryt to boat wild 

bcaau for tbeir ekin* 

Boueaaiin, tm. a kind of faedan 
Boueant, [»(»-eo] fin. a dry cask 
Bonche, ^f. the mouth 
Bouoh^e, «/. mouthful, moreel 

■ 1.-^^ ^ ,^ jj^p ^^, ^y^^^ 


f hurdles 
lurl; ring! 

ght fit (of 
ilh anfor 

Kiddie of a 

BwugniB, rj. won ot waiiec [boogie 

Boimie. Hoo-Jm:i •/. a wax-URbts (eS.) 
Boogler, Ml. to aoar with a wax-candl 
Bougonner, ««. to mutter ; bo curljr 
Bougran, im. baokram 

i BOU 

Boulllant, «, a. btrfling ; impetuoae 

BonlUard, CAao-«-ar] 1, am. tma. a »qa«U 

BottUIi, *m. boiled meat 

Boaillia, »f. pan, thick milk 

BouilHr, 00. to boil ; to ferment 

BooUIoira. •/. boiUr ; kettle 

Bouillon, sm. broth j puff; bubble, froth { 

guat of passion 
— -btano. mulleia (a plimt) 
Bouilloanement, tm. bnbl>liug np 
Bouillonnar. vm. to bubble up ; ferment 
Boulanger, C> •j»'i >'•. to bake 
— , ire, «. baker, baker's wife 
Buulaagerle, ff. bakini( ; bakebooao 
Boule. //. a Itall : bowl 
Bnulrau, am. a birch-tree 
Bottler, vm. to pout laa ptgtona <fa): awoll 
Boulei, tm. ballet ; fetlock of a horse 
Boolette, af. a little ball [dradge 

BoaleuT, «ai. a abort thick horse ; m 
Boulevard, Ctee/-««r] «m. bulwark, nun- 
Boulerersement, «ai. total orerthrow 
Boulerarser, va. to overthrow 
Bnuli, «M. a tea-pot 
Boulter, am. a fishing-net 
Boulln, •«.. a pigeon's core; pudo*; 

Bonline, */. ma. % bowtiae ; a tack 
Bouliner, v. to haul to the windward 
Bonlinette, tf. wui. foreiop-bowliaie 
Bouliiieur, «ai. a camp- thief 
BouUngrin, am. bowling green 
Bottlon, tm. iron pin ; tteel-yard treight 
— , Md. bolt, aquiireholt 
Bonlonner, va. to fatten ; to pin down 
Boo^uo, tf. MM. a simit passage 
Booqner, vm. to truckle ; submit 
Bouquet. [»oo-*a] tm. » nosegar 
Bouquetier, «■*. a flower-pot 
— , 4re, af. a flower-dil 
Bouqnrtin, tm. a wild goat Cote. 

Bouquets, am. ma. foresheeH of a boat, 
Bouquin, «M. old he-goat; lecher 
Bouquiner. t>a. to hunt after old booka ; 

to couple (M iaree do) 
Bouquinerie, tf. a heap of old books 
Bouqnincur, eai. boob-worm 
Bouquloiite, tm dealer in old booke 
Bouracan, am. barracan 
Boaracanier, am. barracan -maker 
Bouraaqoe. •/. a squall, sudden atorm ; 

misfortune ; caprice, whim 
Bourhe, iboor-it] tf. mud ; mira 
Bourbeux, se, «. muddr ; mir^ 
Bearbler, •»!. slough ; lurch, torapo 
Bourceite, tf. corn-salad 
Bourdaloue, tf. a hatband 
— , tm an oblong chamber-pot 
Bourde, tf. sham ; fib ; humbug 
Bourder, tm. to fib, to tell Ilea 
Bonrdeur, se, a. a fibbor 
Bourdillon, «ai. sures for eaakt 
Bourdon, am. drone; stiiff 
Bonrdonnant, e, o. bussing 
Boardoniii, e, a. N. pomettjr crosses 
Bourdonnement, tm. humming; buaaiagi 

Bourdoonor. m. to vntUr; to boar 

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Booif, ittrg) m. bOTOOfh, ft matliM. 

Bosrg-^piM. ^f. budrthorn 

BtmrgmiU, a/. * UttU town 

BourcH«> •"*■ ^Tf8« [muMr 

Boargaei*,^ »m. 

—, «, a. fit tor » citiwn 

Booraaoiic, //. eitlseu's wil 

BouriMiaom^t. «<. eitiMa-Uk« 

B^mrgMlaic, «/. freedom of a city 

BoargaoD, aai. e bad ; pimpl* 
" — . tobad, ikoot 

BoargalfDOCa. f/. kind of heloMt 
Booriqact, *m. aert of windlaa* 
Bounaebe, */. to. barn 
Boarrada, •/. euff; blow 
~ I, ^. eow'a hair, etc. ; 
C»o»-n»] t 

Boarrit, */• braahwood; « faggot 
— (dame,) »/. a bare* 

BoarrtUr, va i 
BoorreUeric. a/, hameaa-making 
BoarreUt. *m. a pad; Korae'a collar 
Boorralicr, mm. hameaa-aiaker 
Boorrer. va. to pad ; ran ; abate 
Baarrieke, «/. a. baaket f»r or of gane 
Boarriqne, of. aaa, aaa'a eolt ; donkey 

Boorru, e, a. caprieiona ; peeri 
Bsoiae, *f. a puree ; a pod ; 


TMiele ; hag 

. . poree 

', »f. amall parte 

Bomsier, am. . . 

maker or aeller 
Boorailler, tm. to mtito a gathering 
Booraon, am. a fob, leathern pocket 
Boaraonfflage, am. iwelUng 
Booraouflkr, vn. to bloat. paV 
Boeiard, am. deer'a duug 
Bonac, »/. eow'a dung 

Booaillage, am. ^ 

Bousillrr, ' 

mod wall 


tpoQ a piece of work 
BottstUear, am. mnd-waller, dabbler 

Booaaolc, [»oo-««/fl */. coeapaaa 5 gnide 
Boat, IAm] «a». end; tlp| nipple 

— d'aile, am. pinion 

— da beaapr^, ma. bompkin 

— dc eablea, sia. Junk 

— de rergue. 

~ da garant d'un palan, 
Boatt-iim^a, eat. ft. bout- 

d'un polan. 


Bootadeox, ee, a. wl 
Bouu, af. mta. ca«k, tub 

e«-train, em. decoy-l 

Ctu. •■■. gamier ; UnM 

firebrand of aediaon 
Boute-bora, fat. ma. benrn [bubble 

Beateine.C«eo-<Ji-«]l.<!^. a bottle; water- 
— , ^. ma. the quarter galleiieo 

BoulaUit, Mi. mta. bumpUa, oat-UdMr 
BouteroU, af. chape of aacabbaid; jewel- 
lar'a puneheon [itall 

Bouti<]ue, I. Utkfiaf. ehop ; ' ' " 

, ja». button; bud; , ,- 

— , mn. knot, button 
Bputoauar, va. to button ; bud 
Boutonnerie, 4^. buttaa-ware 
Boutonuier. aat. button-maker 

«^. buttonhole 

Bouture, af. alip of a tree, eucker 

BouTcau, [. ee] am. young bull 

Bonveriet ^- a cow houae 

R >uret, «■. a plane 

Bonrier, e, a. cowherd ; clown ; Taaras 

BouTillon, am. bullock 

Bourreuil, aat, bull-finch 

Boyard, «ai. a Rueeiau nobleoaaa 

Boyan, eai. a gut, bowrl; braadi •( a 

trench ; narrow houie 
Boyaudier, am. gnt-apinncr 
Bracelet, (»raor-/M] *m. a braedet 
Braeher, va. to brawl 
Umchet, am. kind of hunting dog 
Btachlal, e, a. belonging to the arm 
Braehygraphe, em. ahortnand-wriiar 
Brachygraphie, af. ahorthaad 

Braconner, va. to poach 
Braeonnier, am. a poacher 
Braipie, af. taa. «pan 

— de canon, breaching of a g«a 

— de KOUTcmail, ruddcr-itopper 
Brai, af. pitch and tar atlMd, etc. 
Biair, «ai. aia. eeat at the ntaat 

Braica, ^. p/. childten'a aloau ; trowaera; 

breech ee ; alopa 
Braillard, e. a. t. brawling ikeitr peraou 
Brailler, vm. to brawl ; to bowl 
Brailleur, ee, t. brawler, ecold 
Bratment, eat. braying Co/ aa aaa) 
Braire, va. to bray (m <m ««<) 
Braise, ^f. lire eeal ; fmall coal 
Braieier, «m. troufh Car email coal 
Braiaire, af. eamp-keitle 
Bran, <m. coaiae bran; dual 

Bra Mch; 

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idoiner, va. to MtU wIsm et itrBir t 
...c do«r of » Mised iahariuiaoo 

Branlantt c, a. Bh«kiiuc, tottoriag 

Brmnlo, tm. » modoo'to wad fro; vaeer 
tainty ; (ma.) hammook 

Branlement, fM. jogging; w»ggtog 

Bntnler, e. to Jog ; ckako ; wavor ; gin 
ground ; totter ; mora 

Branleur, n, «. akakar 

Brmnlolre, t/- awing; lao- 

Braque. am. a ••ttbg-do( 

Braquemart, [»rail-«inr] m. a eutbas 

Braqaament, wn. pointing 

Braqaer, mt. to point ; to 

Bru, [irA] •■!. arm ; elm 

— , M«. brace, arm, loom 

Braaar, va, to aolder [pan for eoala 

Braalar, «■«. eoal Art ; a groat d — '" ~ 

Brasiller, ». to broil ; to iparkla 

Braaaage, if, eolnlnit-fcoa 

Braaaanlt aai. hraeeiot 

Braaae, •/. a fathom 

Branca, */. an armful 

Braaaor, m. to brew ; mix ; darii 

BraaKjrace, tm. mm. l\ 

jrard ; bradng 
Braaaiage, «m. nut. depth of tbe 
Braaaiirea, «/. pi. ehild'a aigbt-waiit-ooat 
Braaiin, *m. Iirewar'a copper 
Braaure, *f. soldering 
Bravache, ta». a awa«tgertr, bully 
Brarade, »/. boaat, threat 
BntTC, *J. a. ; bnrre ; epm««, fine 
BraTemeat, art. atoullj ; flneljr 
Braver, va. to brave ; t» balljr 
BraTsric, »f. finery; bra vary 
Braro ( tmt. bra*o f well 
BraTOure, •/. valour, eeuram 
Bravourea, rf, pt. noble oxploita 
Brmyer, va. ma. to pitdi the aeana 

Brfont, [6rtt-M»l fat. a greenfinok 
Brsbiaga, am. a tax on aheep 
Brebls, C«r»-V] ^, a theep, ewa 
Brtche, •/. breaeu; gap; netck 
Br^ehedent, 3. a. «. toothleaa 
Breehet, tm, Maket 
Bradottllle, «m. two hita at ttictrao 
Bredouillement, «m. atammoiiag 
Bredouiller, vn. to etammer 
' Bredouilleur, ae, «. •tamnercr 
Bref, [«r«ri ve, a. brief, ihort 
-—, 9it. in abort ; ehortly 
— , «ai. a brief ; calendar 
Bre^n, eat. Mtf. a sort of fiahhig-net 
Br^haigne, S. «. b«rr«n 
Brelan, eai. ' '- "^ 

Brelander, vn. to game evntiaually 
Brelaiidier. am. a gianeatar 
Brelandinier. c, t. a atall-kaapor 
Brelique-breloqae, id. kaadlaasly 
Brelle. tf. a raft ; float of wood 

Breloqne, if, — 

--•-*., ./. 
I, «f. bi 

BiMl, [irX-M] MM. bns»-' 

Bnfailler. va. to eat small ; 

dye with braail-wood 

. vn. ta 6Ui to dn 

sword for a trifla 
Br<tailleur« eai. a tiltor, bully 
Britauder, va. to crop er out 
Bretelle, «/. a etrap ; handle 
Brstelles, ^f, pi. bracea 
Brette, ^. a rapier, long awoid 
Brett<, e, a. toothed, notehed 
Bretteur. eat. a bully, a heetor 
Brettnre, a/, teeth ec tools 
Brenil, em. a thick Coreat 
Breuvaga, »m, drink : potaoa 
Brive, </. a short ayUabla 

dM : indwkt»e*r bUrJf lading 

Breveter, v«. to give a w« 

Br^Tlaira, am. a bravlaiy 

', ^. ma. the unaaay tolling of a ship 
Brieoler, Mt. to deal with targiToraation ; 

to brieol* («( MIHartUi 
Bricolea, ^f. pt. a ekaiman's atiaps 
Bride, fl^ bridle; stay: loop 
Bridar. va. to bridle; curb ; tie fast 
— , pa. ma. to atow, aelte, span in 
Bridoir, «a>. ribmid tied nndor the ohia 
Bridon, «n». a anaSa, a hit 
Brief, (Are.)/} va, a, qnidc, short 
Briivament, ad. briefly ; in short 
Briirat^, »f. brevity ; shortaMs 
BriCer, va. to eat greedily 
Brilear, se, «. a greedy eatsr 
Brigade, «/. a brigade : troop 
Brigadier, m. brigadier 
Brigand, C. f «] «■». robber ; extortioner 
Brigandage, *a«. plnndering 
Brigandor, C. gan-tOkJ va. to rob on the 

Brigandina, «/. coat of maU 
Brigantin, m. brigaatina 

Brigue, •/. s 

Briguer, va. to solicit, sua 

Brigueur, mm, candidate 

Brillant, e. a. shining, bright 

— , aas. a brilliant ; aplandoar, flitter 

it sparkle 

vn, to shii . 

Bitmbale, ^f. handle o 

BriUar, tm.'to shlna, sparkle, glitter 
~ ■ ■ ■ * ■ "e of a pump 

Brimborioas, <m. pi. bawbles ; toys 
Brin, ass. bit ; sprig ; slip ; stiok 
— k brin, ad. bit by bit 
Briade, •/. a Wast; a health 
BriodM, ^f. a sort of cake 
Brion, mn, mosa ea treea 
Brique, ibrmk^ •/. a brick 
Briquet, »m, a atcal to strike a light 
Btiquetaga, m. btieka ; tarick-w<ffk 
Briqueter, «. to nudia brick-like 
Briquatoria, a/. brick-UIn w field 

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Brto, IMn «M. wrwk ; bmliln|[ own 
BriMua, Mi. aw. brealian ^ low rocbl 
BriM, [iIwmI $f. ma. bnM* 
~ -«wi, m. brMbnMk-iiUea 

fcr, MM. a very stroDC Cdlotp 

SUn, Ml. cHrUni or « tnUgo 

niaoa, «in. » uoiay chattonr 

«MK, Mt. alMlMr 

Bria<OT, ^. jrf. bong^ ant la tke datr'a 

wiqr; oxampb; daaig* 
Briaaaoat, m*. randiaa ; dashing 
Briaor, v, to btwtk ; apUt; duh { 

raad; daMrort fcll oat 
St BrfMT, ffr. to 1>raak ; fold ap 

Briaafa-, «M. a bnba «w flax 



Briaqaa, i/. briaqua (^aaw «f tar 
BrlattTV, if. bl. rshaMiaent 
Brae, Cto-o, aad ftmfo] «ai. a jug, 

▼caaal ; aplt 
Bioeantar, «. to 1w a brokar 
Btocaataar, a«, «. a broker 
Bracaid, «at. taaut; yonac loabaek 
B . .^ 

la, «/. lilMT- , 

Bioeha, »f. spit; kaitiiag-neadlc ; ahetUa ; 

fiwMt ; atidt, pe«, naaehar : atam 
BnwMa. «/. aph-fttU 
Broekar, va. to knit; atlteh ; do ia a 

hanjr: work with gold ar allk 
Brocket, $m. a pika 
Bioehetoa, »m. a inuJI ptka 
Brochatta. tf. a akawar 
"" "^ war, va. to aplt aiaat 

IT, a«, t. a kaltMr ; ctitehar 

ir, aaa. itaitb'i ahoeing-haanBar 

Broahnr*, tf. a pamphlet 
Bioeolit aai. broaoU 

Bradaqaia, *^ ' 

Bndaria, a/, ambr 
af a atorr 

, a. aiabroldnar 

Biato. if. a brake for flax 
Broiemant, am. pounding 

, ttambling 

Braaehvr, e«. to atumble, trip 
■ *-'-*, a, a. of the lungs 

Branaar, aa. to paint ia bronaa 
Breqaart, tm. «*. a broekat 
Broqaatta, rf. a tack, imall nail 
BraaaaiUas, Broaaaaillaa. rf. pi. bashaa | 
hrtara; fara 

tf. a brnsli ; pandl 

, ««. to bmah 

to brash alonf 

tf. fog. mist, antall 
[Arao-X} m. boil< 
liad or thin broth 
tf. wlieelharrow 
■, «a. to tmrrf ia a 

BraaitlaMifil, aai. eanfuaed ailair 
Breaillard, C*raa-a-jrw} 1, «ai. mist ; waata. 

Braailla, tf. quarral, &IIIng ont 
BrouiUeDMai, tm. ntslng togathar 
BronaUr, ««. arix together; ambidl, 

til ont ; be e< 

BroaiUarie, tf. braU, quarrel 
Broalllerlaa, tf. pi. amall triaketo 
BrouUlon, am. fool aepjr i dajr4ioak j 

Brouir, a*, to blaai ; to blight 

Braaiaaate. »f. bliaht, bliuil 

Broat, {broo] tm. Vowaa-wevd ; ahells of 

Broutar, r. to browaa ; to albbla 
Broutillca. */. bniehwood ; trifles 
Biajer, va. to grind, pound, braf 
Brojrenr, «ai. grinder, pounder 
Brayemaot, aai. grindii^ of coloara 
BroyoB, «ai. • brarer 
Bra, tf. daughter-ia-law 

. jellow-hanimar 

Brusnt, _. 


nrnine, tf. lime ; driisUag rata 
Bruinar, an. to drissle 
Bruira, ««. to ruatle, rattle 

Bruit, Zbrtt-tf) tm. anidae; runwnr; i«- 
port, haataaxi clamour, dispute ; Csaae 
Braiant. a, a. burning, hot ; anger 
BrftU, tm. burning 
BrAleiaant, aai. burning ; flr« 
Brttlar, m. to bum, scorch { blaat 
BrAlanr, tm. iaeendiai^ 
Br&iol, «M. a fire-ship 
BrAlare, tf. bum ; bamlng 

™ aai, t. a, winterly 

M, tf. a fog at lea 
Bnuaauz, e, a. foggy, atiaty 
Bran, e, a. «. broam ; daaky ; dan 
Brunat, to, a. t. brownish 
Branir, a. to bamish ; to turn brown 
Bronlaasga, aai. burnishing 

Branissoir, «st. burnishing atiek 
Brunissure, tf, polishing 
Brusque, 9. a. blunt ; over-haaty 
BrusqueBMut, ad. bluntly ; haMily 
Braaqoer, [trmt-Hk] m. to affront 
Brnaqnarie. tf. radvtess ; affront 
Brat, a, a. anpoliihed ; eoarae 
Bratal. a, a. t. ehurlisk ; bratal 

Brat*leneut, ad tally; elowalshly 

Brutaliaer, ra. to use roughly 
Bratallltf. tf. brutality; ehurliahaeae 
Brato, tf. brute, an animal 
BrayaiawuBt, md. blustaringly 
Brayant, e, a. noisy, roaring 
Bruyira, tf. heath ; broom 
Buaadaria, tf. a wrash-hoaaa 
Buaadiire, tf. a waahcr-woaMB 
Babe, tf. piaapla; blister 
Bubon, r ' * - "— •- 

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BUT i 

BuediM, */. ft traaip*! 

Baemuun, «m. VeMdaa atftto-lwTca 

BlUhe, ^f. log or wood : otspiil faUow, 
kcrriof-bttM or mudl il]r>boU 

Ba«ber, «M. wood-hooM; fanoral {lOo 

— , pa. to fell wood 

Bdcheron, «m. woodcttttor 

BiichetU. «/• omall atiek 

Biicollqne, [• • teit] 3. a. pietoral, runl 

BueoUqiMB, ^. pi. pMtonl poooii 

BuflFet. C»«./X] ««. bu&t; aidobMud ,• 

— d'orgnos, «ai. organ -oom 

Baffotar, m. to auolc out of a pag-lialo 

Buffaiour. •«. ono wko aueln wiiia oat of 
a neg-hola 

Buffdtior, Ml. paraaita ; who ataoda attha 
aide talda 

ButHe, «ai. buffalo; baff-laMhar ; buff- 
coat ; a blockhaad 

Buffletla, aat. a ymutf buffala 

•, ^. hogahe_ .^._ 

Biiisaon, »m. buab ; thiokot 
BuUionnot, aai. littla boah 
Boiaaonneux, aa, «. fall of buhaa 

Balbc, •/. bulhoaa root or plant 

Balbaux, aa, «■ bulboot 

Bullaira, *m. oollacUon of bulla 

Bulla, 9/, maadau fnna tba popat bubble 

Bttlletln, «M. bnllelin : oartificata «f 

health : billet ; ballot 
Bunetta, tf. a hedgo-aparrow 
Buraliata. t, a raeairar of dutiaa 
Burkt, «a». a eearaa woollen atuff 
Bur«, ^f. a eearao kind of cloth 
Buraau, C> ro] «ai. office; factory: caaa- 

mittea; writlng-daak , ft coaraa 

Burette, ^f. cruet for ail 
BurgruTc, aai. Qeraian magiatrftta 
Burgraviftt, *m. burgruriata 
Burin, ««. a graver 
Buriner, va. to engruTa 
Borlraque, 3. a. •m.burlaaqM ; ftludiarotta 

wajr of writing ; doggral 
Bnrleaquoiaent. ad. comicallf 
Buraal, a, «. pocuniarf 
Buaart, ««. a busaard 
Suae, Hiu-tti *m. butk 
Buae. «/. buaaard ; a blookhaad [•luT* 

" -1. to puraue j to put ft liuak in 

^. the hole fol> the buaki ft 

Buaquiira, 4/1 

i a a( . 
Buata« BM. ft buat 

But, [»«] m. a but. anrk ( tbm, daatgn 
— k but, ad. on eren uma 
BuMr, «a. to hit the mark ; ftbi «( 
Sa — , vr. to elaah ; be fixed 
Butin, Ml. bootjr, apoil ; uriaa 
Butinar, va. lo (dUaga, pIuBda» 
Butireux, aa, a. buttrary 
Butor. «ai. a bittam ; blockhtftd 
ardt, af. a atunid woman 
M.^^.hiUMkiaurk. point 


Buttiira. «/ ft aort of rlflo-gftB 

BuTftbU, 3. c. drinkftbU, fit to driiJi 

BuTetaar, *ai. ft pulilieun 

BuTelto, tf. ft tftTera ; a ditnldug-teut 

Buveur, aa, a. ^pler, toper 

BuTotar. oit. to lip, tipple 

Bjraae, C»<«-M] «ai. apaciaa of flax 

f>i am. third 
yjf Ca, Ut. 

latter of the alphabet 

. <r«. 

. an ftbbrarifttion of eafa* tl 

that wiU do 
Ci ct Ik, ad. here ftnd th»ra ; up and down | 

thia wny and that way 
CaabU •• CabU. a. wind-fhilen wood 
Cabalant, e. a. intriguing, aaballing 
Cabala. ^. a. eubal ; an IntTlgua 
Cabaler, m. to cabal, to plot 
Cabaleur, aat. a caballar 
CaballaM. «. ft cftbftliit 
Cabaliatiquo, S. a. myaterloaa 
Cabaue, *m. cot, cottaoa { oabia 
Cabanon. aai. amall cell ar hut 
Cabftret, ikm-ba-rH] am. publia-hoaao ; taft<- 

Cftbaratlar, e. «. UTara-kaoitar 
Cabaa, $m. a frail ; an 
" itioatan. tm. taa. a cftpatef 
_ jbillftud, JJH. ft eod, e&ub 
Cabillot, aat. aM. toggel ; weodan pm 
Cabinet, iai. eloaet, < " 

hottie, priTT; atiidy 
CAUcm. aio. atabfe 

C&bler, M. twiat threada into ft cord 
Caboehe, ^. large-headod nail ; old nail- 
head ; a aort of fiih 
Caboehoo, tm. praeioua atone poliahcd but 

not cut ; aort of nail 
Cabotage, ««. ma. eoaadng 
Cftboter, tm. ma. to eoaat 
Caboteur, aai. ma. ft coaater 
Cabotier, ««. a coaating reaeal 
Cftbrar, >. to pranoe ; irritate 

-, trr. to be refractory i fall Into ft paa- 

Mi ; to i««r up 
Cftbrl, am. young kid 
Cftbriola, «/. capriole, cftpor 

, -. to caper 

Cabriolet [. . . «] aai. one hone chaii 
Cabrioleur, ae, (. a eaperer 
Cabrion, mi. awi. quoin 
Cftbron, mi. a Vid'a akin 
Cabfti. ika-bai (chou), «ai. eabbftge-he 
Gacade, «/. eTaeuationi bad aucoaaa, I1 
Cacao, am. cocoa-nut 
Gacaoyer, «ai. cocoa-tret 
Cacaoyfcre, «/. cocoa planUdoa 
Caearaer, tm. to eaeUe (oa geaat) 
Cachalot, Mi. aort of amall whale 
Cftcho, a/, luridng-hole 
Cftoheaaant, «ai. the ftct of hiding 
Cachor, va. to hide; aoncoali eorw 
Oftchct, am. aaal, algaet 
Cacheter, m. to aaal, aaal vp 

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CmthfM9, ^. hiainrrUw l IslWafkolt 
Kn cMhMW, mt. ••endy, utdnuod 
CacliMi*, ^. mti. CMhaxx 
CMkot li»-M] *m. % duapon 
Carhotieri*, ^/\ aCNttdeii ; myitcrjr 
Caehou, «m. emakot, ■ kind of nat 
Cacla, nt. tha blaeh aairant ; a ratafia 
Caeachyaaa, 8. «. iU-aaturid, erOM 
Cacockymia, sf. mU. caeaohyaay 
Ci«o|ibooia, ^. meopkonj, hanluins o( 

Cadartn, fat. raxlstar of landa 
Cadaviraua, aa, a. eadarcroaa 
Vadavra, wn. aarpaa ; oareaaa 
Cadaaa. iU-tU} ma. a gift; a Cnat 
Cttlcaaa, am. a padlacb 

Cadaaatta, ^. a caa, twiatad hair 
Cadet, ta, «. a. cadat ; tha YattAc*' 
Cadi. Jaa. cadi, a Turkiah Jndaa 
Cadia Ika ibl, m. a kiad of aarga 
Calola. «/. a lalab. aaiaU bait 
CadraB, am. a dial 
— aolafaa. aua-dial 
I Cadia, aaa. a fraiM bt a pietaia, ate. 
Cadrcr, aa. ta qaadmta ; suit 
Cadact eadaeaac, a. decajrwd ; fiail 
Cadaete. «at. Hereurjr'a wand 
Cadueita, ^. dacajr ; d<erapitud« 
Cabrd, a, a. «. kjrpocrita 
Caludcria, a/, hxpoariajr 
Call, aaa. eoifM ; coffev-hoaM 
Catfirla, »/. a eolTee plantation 
Cafctan, aai. eafhtaa, Turkiah rcot 
Cafctlcr, a, *. coVaa-haaaa kaapor 
CafMiAre, •/. a eoAa-pot 

Cage, ^. a oaga, jail ^, 

CagMtd, [MM-aar] 0, a. «. laar; idla 
Cagnardar, «». to la«l a laar Ufa 

Cagot, a, t. kypaerita ; Ufot 
Cagocorla, rf. hjpocriair 
Cagotiaaaa, aat. affacMd darotiaa 
CagoB, aai. laiaaathropa 

" », sf. Datek flahinf 

. r.*a-fr] 

Cakia-oalM, tut. 

Cakat, aai. B Jolt af a eoaek 

Cakatvr, aa. ta Jalt, akaba 
Caktttw, ^f. a hat, eatiuo ; karcl 
Caba, aaa. a aackar ; off-aot 
Caillo, ^. a qaail 
CaiUe-lait. m. «o. galliuia 
CallW, «M. cuidlod-«iilk 
Caillabatta, «/. curda aint wkor 
Caillcbottd, a, a. eardlad 
Caillabattia, am. mm. gratiuga 
CalllaaaaDt. aat. curdlbm af adil* 
Caillar, ««. to eurdla ; coagalata 
CaUlataga. am. gaaalping < Idlo talk 
"-'" —I. jroaag qoail 

CaUlaMa, tf. taaact i aOlj gaoaip 


Odlal. M. a elot af blood 

Caillat faoat, roaa-walar poor 

CaiUatia, m. kelp 

CaiUau, [ita-«-ao] /, tm. a fiint. flint- itoao 

Cailloutage, «at. fliiitt ; rock -work 

Calmaoan, gm. Turkiah olHcar 

Calaaan, an. an alligator 

Cafaaaadcr, va. ta beg ; go a bagglof 

Ca im a i idaur, la, «. a beggar 

Calaaa, ^f. eh»»X ; oaak, treaiurjr ; dram 

— d'una pottle, •/. aaa. ahall of\ Lloak 

— flottaata, bm. aiooriua Imojr 
Caiaaatin, aaa. aaaall daiU boa 
Caiaaier, am. a eaahier 
Calaaon, *m. coTcred waggon 
— , SBi. ma. looker 

Cajoler, va. to eafolc ; wkeedla 
Cajoleric, a/. eajoUug, coaxing 
Cajolaar, »c, «. whecdler, coaaar 
CiJate, «/. bod-placc ia a aklp 

CaiaiaoD, [. . saa] if. depth of a ahtp 
Calaatina, «/. lapia ealininaria 
Calnsiite, </. dry atoras ; loadstone 
Calamity, */. —Xj ; vkisaij, diattaaa 
" ' ■ a, calamiioua 


Calandrer, tw. to e , 

Calandreur, am. a ealeudrer 
Calcaira, 3. «. ealcareooa ; limy 
CalcMoina, «/. chalcedony, a mineral 
Calcination, af. ealeioatiou, calcining 
Calcincr, va. to calcine 
Calcia, na. the night-hawk 

in the bladder ; raleulu* 
Calculable, 3. a. computaMa 
Caleulataur, «ai. —tor, accoaat 
Caleuler, va. to calculate, sum up 
Calculeuz, aa, a. — lous : gravelly 
Cala, */. ma. leo-shora, coto ; ship'a hold : 

daeUng ; wooden wedgo 
Calehakae, 4^. a gourd 
Caliche, *f. ealaah, chariot ; cap 
CalcQoa, aat. drawera 
Cala^onniar, «ai. drawara-makera 
CaKfaction, tf. calrfaction, heating 
Calcmar, ««i. cuttle-fish ; pen-eaia 
Calemhourg, (. . beorl tm. a puu, qnibUa 
Calenoar, Mt. printed calico 
Calaudea, tf. pi. calenda ; eoBTocatioa 
-- gra^ea, never 
Calaudiiar, fas. a ealaadar 
Calaatnra, ^. burning fever 
Calapin, m. back of eatracta 
Calar, va. to lower ; to wedgo [aalkOT 

Calfat, Ikal-fa^ am. calking { oakum; a 
Calbtago. fM. calking 
Callatar, va. to catV, to pitch 
Calfateur, am. a calkar 
Calfatln, aat. calkcr'a boy 

Calih4, 0. a. chalybeate 

Calibre, tm. caliber, bore, site, aorl 

CaUbrer, va. to diapart. to meaaura 

Calica, am. chalice, ealice ; eap 

Calloo. o. a. to. aurrouadod by a ckaltaa 

Callft, cat. a caliph 

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CaUlMreboa, k osUlourchen, ad. Mtrld* 

CallfiBCttz, M, a. gloomy 

Calin, e, «. «• iMjr, iadoUat ; a ho*b7 

CftHacr. vn. to livo an indolmt lifo 

S« — , i>r. to b« iu a laajr poatur* 

CaUoriM, gm. mm. wiodinf taekU 

Calleaz, ce, a. oallotu, hard 

Callifrauhic, «/. the art of fair writing 

Callo*it«, //. caUoalty, karduesi 

Callot, ik»-lo^ (M. a block of unbawn 

Camp, itam-i tm. »eampi m^umjr 
"ka^pagiuird, itoH-pa-itarl a. a. luatic, 

CampafM, ika»-pagm^ «/. ooaatry; 

, MM. craiM. Toyan rmouM 

CampaciMil*. «a(. the |Tcat-h«adod field 

Calmuide, «/. ealimaaea 

Calanc, a. a. calm, quiat, itill 

— , «JM. calmncat, atilloesa ; tranquillity 

of mind ; calm eU tea 
Calmer, va. to calm ; ^ipaaaa ; pacify 
— , vn. ata. to fall calm 
Calmie, ^f. mm. lull 
Calomniateiir, «■». calumniator 
Calomulatrica, */. calumniatrix 
Calomni*, [. om-m] «/. calumny, tlaadcr 
Calomnior, ph. to calumniate 
CalomnleuMment, «if. calumniottaly, tlan- 

deroualy Cotia 

CalomoiCMX, a«, a. ealuianiou*, alaadar- 
Caloriroitre, tm. calorimetar 
Calorique, am. ealorie; heat 
Calotia, tm. a foppish clcrKyman 
Calotte, */. leather cap ; blow on the head 

with the open hand 
Calotiier, «ai. leathar cap-maker 
Calquer, va. to trace an outline 
Calumet, eat. — met, Indian pipe 
Calua, tm. hard knob in tha ikin ; hard- 

neas of heart, obduracy 
Calvalra, tm. Calvary 
Calvaniar, aai. hind, boor, labourer 
Calvinieme {. . »fsaM3, tm. Calvinism 
CalTiniau, 9. a. «. Calnniit 
CalTitia, «/. baldnesa [one coloar 

Camaleo, tm. precious stone; picture ' 
Camail, «m. a cloak, a capuchin 
Camaldule, tm. a kind of friar 
Camarade, tm. comrade j fellow 
Camard, e, «. «. ilat-nosed 
Cambage, tm. tax on beer : brewbousc 
Cambiste, tm. chauge-broker 
Ciunbouis, [i(aa-Aoo-«] tm. cart-grease 
Cambrer, va. to vault ; bend 

,._, c great-head« 

Campaue, «/. arek. a tuft, fringe 
Campanella, ^. the bell-flawer 
Campan* tu, «/. blue-bell Bower 
Oampanille. »/. steepU, belfry (wood 

Campiche Um-pXfalt] (boia de). tm. log- 
Campement, eat. encampment 
Camper, ». to encamp ; place 
Campkre, Mi. camphor 

Cambrure, tf. bending, warping 
~ ' M,tf. ma. a store-room 

Cambuse, 4 

^■oMe, «ai. vwaimo 

Cam^lion, tm. a camcleon 

Camelot, eat. eamlei 

Camclote, tf. paltry woiV or goodi 

Camalot^, e, n. woven like camlet 

Camclodne, tf. a aort of camlet 

Cam<rler, tm. chamberlain of a pope or 
oardlnal [eellor at Rome 

Camerllngat, tm. tha oiBce of great chan- 

Camerliugue, tm. the cardinid p 

_ at tha eonrt of Rome 

»M. a small pin ; little dray 
, tf. assault by night 
, tm, fanatic, enthusiast 

Camisole, tf. under-walstooat 

Camomllla, tf. camamilc 

CaM««eat, aat. p«ff of MaAkt ; affront 

1 president 

Camphr<, e, a. campkorata 
Cam^ne, if, fine fat nuUet 
Campoe, tm. a play day 
Camua, a, a. flat-notsd ; balked 
CanaUle, */. the rabble, mob Cter 

Canal, [ka-natl tm. eaioal; channel { gn»- 
— dune poulie, «m. Ma. sheave-hole of a 

Canap^, «*i. a wach ; eaa«py-bad 
Canapsa, «m. a knapsack [dog 

Canard, [ia-aor] em. drake, dock ;wateT- 
CananUr, ««. to palt ; ahoot I 

Canarditrc. tf. a decoy < loop-hole 
Canaatrc, f M. a eauisler 
Cancan, tm. pother ; noisy eempbriat 
Cancel, «ai. ehaacvl 
Canoellation, tf.JM. reseissioa 
Canceller, va. to cancel ; efface 
Cancer, [, »tr} tm. cancer : sign in the 

Caner^ C cr] Ms. ft crab-fish ; stingy lellow 
Candelabra, eat. a chandelier 
Candclette, ^. wut. fora-taeklc 
Candrur, tf. candour, franknaaa 
Candi (Sucre), eat. sugar-oaudy 
Candidat. nt. a candidate 
Candida, 8. a. candid, aineere 
Candidement, ad. einoardy, candidly 
Cane. Itan^ tf. a daok ; coward 
Canepiu, tm. fine she«p*skin 
Caneter, tnt. to waddle like a dnok 
Caiietille, ^. gold or eilver twist 
Caneton, tat. dnckliag 
Canctte, tf, a young duck ; a can 
Canevaa, I. . imAj mi. eauvaa ; rough 

Caniehe, tf. svaoid bitch 
Canloulairee (jours), 3. a. dog-day « 
Canicole, tf. dog-star < do«-dafs 
Canif, C< mV'] *"•' * pnltBife 
Canine, «. a. canina 
Canne, tf. cane, stick ; meaanra 
Cannelas, *ai. eugar cinnamon 
Canaelar, t«i. to channel, chamfrr 
Caanelle, tf. oimiaman ,- a tap. eook 

Cannelure,' ^f, nrek. fiuting 
Canner, pa. to meaaare with a Mitk 
Cannibalo, am. cannibal, a man-eatar 
Canon, tm. cannon; gnn-barrel ; quill* 

barrel ; canon ; a ealoh in music 
Canonial, e, «. a 

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CaBoniqa*, 3. a. canonical 
CaMmfaiiMaient, ad. canonic 

n». * canoniit 

I, f-^— .— _, jJT. embraaare, loop-hole 

df«iB-hol«; pop-gua 
Cuot, [ita-MO] «m. sm. a msll boat 

CMM : barge, pinoaco 
Ouioderi tm. mta. a rower 
CibntaUbrt, tm. a door-«aaa 
Castaw, •/. cantata 
CaatatiUc, ^f. » Utile cantata 
GMitanics. «/. • elnger . . - ^*'j' 

Canthmiida^ £. ta-rted] «/. — «a«, Spaauta 
Cantiaa, 4/. » bottl«-«aM ; a oauteeu 
CaBtinicT, Mi. » auttler 
CaatkiiM, *m. a canticle 
" ^ - . oanton, dietriet 

int. Ml- cantoning 

ni , *«. to canton 

_ ^ w. to fortify one'i lolf [bad 

Cantouniire, •/• additional carlain to a 
Canule, »/. elyatw-pipe S '"be 

Cap. [cop] »•. • «*• ; J"***! "f • 'Wp 

Cnwlda. 3. a. capable; able, apt 
Carablemant. «d. aWUfully 
Capacity, ^. — oitjr ; ability ; akill ; ciao 
-, »/. a»a. barden, tonnage 

Gaaai«eanii«r» «n. to ospanioa 
Capt. tf. cloric-cape, riding-hood 

— (So* k la), ma. to bo lr»"» »» . . 
Capelaae. »m. ma. aliroadi and other rig- 

^ngnt tha »aat->Mad Cmaat-head 

Capalar, va. tma. to fix the ropes over tho 
Canillaira, Mt. te. maiden hatr 
-., a. a. capiUary. capiUaceoua 
Capilotado, f/. a haah } alander 
Capitaiae, m*. captain 

— Id'armca, aea. maater at arm* 

— de p*rillon, ma. capuin of a flag-ahlp 
-. da port, kartjonr-maater 

_ de Taiaaoan. ata. poet-captain 
Capitainerie, ^. goveraanent of a TOfal 
£„■. ; cnptainahip . [point 

Capital. C . tal] «m. oapital. itoclc ; main 

'. capital, chief 
I, ^^ chief city 


Cytale, «r. chief city 
Capitaloaent. ad. capi 

ital lettcra 

t;asitaiciaeni. on. G>pu»<7 
Caaitaliato. Me.— 4et, moaeyed man 
Capitaa^Mi. boaater, ewaifgerer 
— pacha. T««tiih ad«>iral 
Capitane. en*, ma admiral- wUey 
CaniUtiMi. tf. oapitation, poll tax 
Capitel. M». Uy. wwp-lws* 

Capon. «M. nriumt; akarpert 
— , Ml. aia. oat-tachle 
Capoaner, wt. to trick, play « 

act in a cowardly mai 

— , w. aM. tn eat 

Caponniir«, ^. mi. eevk..^ ,. — . . 

Caporal, eat. corporal Lp'ftl) 

coiapaaiak of tha mf 

ttaaoa to the oaMn 
Demeurer eapot, to be balked 
Etjre capot, to be capotad, er dli 
Capote, if. ridiag*hood, cloak 
Cftpre, ^. eapmr, an and piekla 
— , «ai. MM. privateer 
Capriet, Ml. whim, caprice, freak 
CaiMicioasaaMBt, ad. caaridoaaly 
Capriceox. ae, a. capricioua 

c3«^ M a haadV Caracole. ^T- *heeUng about 

C^dwOaiM, «. a. eapitular C^S^riwr'Ti 'to cha,act.ri.a 

Capitolairanaat, «i. by the chapter S!J!S«ritS«!r a?* characteristic . 

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»|,««..^ ftiu er nan 
k rldieuloaa aoiniOB 

Cfcpricr, «ai. a eapar-trao 
Capripkde, t. a, baviug goat'a feet 
Caprisaat (poula), tai. irrogalar pula* 
Capeule, «/. eapaule, pod, ease 
Captateiir, eai. iaTeicie* 
Cauution, af. invaifffing 
Capuioira. 3. a. fraudulent, decaitfal 
CaptieuMment. ad, Inaidioualy 
Capliaox, aa, a. inaidloua, deceitful 
Captif. ft, a. I. captive ; prisonor 
Captirer, va. to citrate ; aiialave 
CaparitA, tf. captivity, alatery 
Gaptare, ^. capture : aeiaara ; bootr 
Capuce, «M. a eowl 
Capuckon, tm. riding cloak ( cowl 

— , ma. hood j r ' — 

Capociu, e. t. a 

Capucinada, e^> 

Capucine. «/. eapooinc, uaatartiu 

Caqaage, *m. barreUiag up 

Caque, ]*«-*•] ./. a keg. barrel 

Caque-deoier, ea*. piack-fifnthing 

Caquer, va. to barrel up 

Caquerolle, j<. a aort of stew-pan 

CsHuet. Ika^flt] tm. babbling, talk 

Caquetage, «ai. pratlHag, chatting 

Caquater, vn. to prattle, to babble 

Camatarie, if. tittle-tattle 

Caqueteur, a«, «. prattUr. peat talker 

Caquetoire, t/. a ebair of reat 

Caquawr, eat. one who carae kcmusa 

Car, [atr] e. for; becaaae ; forasmuch aa 

Carab^, mi. yellow aatber 

Carabin. tm. earabiaer; a rook (.at flayy, 

a surgeon's apprentice 
Carabine, tf. a carahtne. carbine 
Carabincr. ins. to fire and then retr«a« i 

to play the rook 
CaraUalfr, eat. a earabineer 
Caracal (eicaller en), tm. spiral sUlrs 
Caracole, ^f. wheeling about 
Caraooler, vn. to wheal about 


mbol It UMards) 

.0 euwnbol 
Canmcl, mt, burat sugar 
C«niqa«, if. PortugeM nMrcbaatmm ; di 

BrmsilUn fox 
Cvat, m. carat, w*igbt of four grakw 
CarawM, «/. a earavaa 
CaniTuiier, »m. leader of a caravan 
Carayaaaerall, «m. oararaasarj 
CaravcUe, $f. -r^fti, FortagueM galley 
Carbatinc, ^T. a raw or creeu hide 
Carboucle, «m. rubj { blotch 
Carbeitc, n*. earhon 
Carboniiade, »f. a rasher, a ctoak 
Carcan, im. iron collar j careaaet 
Caroaaee, ^. oareaae, ekaleton 

Garde, «/. etalk of an artichoke i wool- 
comber's card 

Card<e, «/. two oards full of wool 

Carder, va. to oard ; to eomb 

Caidear, te, «. a wool-comber 

Cardial^, rf. heart-bum 

CardiaquJ, 9. a. «. cordial 

Cardier, mi. a card-maker 

Cardinal, e, a. cardinal, chief 

— , $m. a eardiaal 

Cardinalat, •«». cardlnalship 

Catdiualiier, va. to make a cardinal: 
paint red 

Cairdou, «m. catdon-thbtle 

Carlmc, *m. lent; leat-sermons 

Carlme-prenant, »m. oaruiTal-iime ; one 
who runs about in a mask 

Carinagc, mm. ma. caraening-place 

Carinc. »/ sm. careen, ship's bottom 

Car^oer, va. ma, to eareen 

Caressant, e, a. Und, flattering 

Caresse, tf. caress ; fondling 

Careescr, va. to caress ; ^ootho 

Caret, Cco-rii] «m. bm. rope-yan 

( CAR 

CanMi af. angle ; comer 

Canfi, e, a. of a earnatloD eoloor 

Carneaux, [. no] «m. pi. Tent-holes 

Camet, sm. a debt-bceb ; memoiBiuiuna 

CamiTors, 3. a. caniirorous 

Caruoutt, tf. fleshy excrescence 

Carogne, «/. a Jade 

Caron, «m. alice of bacon fat 

Caroneule, •/. caruncule 

Garrotte, Coa-ro/f«] ^f. a earret 

rarotter, vn. to TCnturo little at plajr 

Carpe, ^. a carp 

— , *m. the wrist 

Carpean, [. no] tm. a little carp 

Garpettes, •/. packing-cloth 

Carpillon, am. a verj yonug carp . 

Carquois, am. a quiver 

Carre, ^. crown of a hat; shape of • 
coat i toe of a shos 

Carri, am. a square ; garden-bed ; land- 
ing-place (o/ ttairt) 

— de moutoa, breast of mutton 

— , a, a. square 

Carreau, Co«-ro] eat. a square tile or 
hrick; the parement. the ground; a 
sonars pane ; garden-bed , cushion ; 
diamond (of carda) j thundar-bols ; 
Uylor's gooee 


Oargaison, a/, ma. a cargo 
Cargue-ii-Tue, a/, ma. sUb „ 
— -bas, at*, down-haul tackle 


Carguer, va. aia. to brail up, eloe «p 
Carpes, •/. pi. ma. brails 
Caricature, af. eariesture 
Caric, Ica-rta'i a/, caries, rotlennsst 
Carter, va. to rot ; taint 
Carillon, am. chime ; scolding 
CsriUonnement, am, ehiming 
Carillouuer, vn, to chime 
Carillonnenr, em. ehimer 
iCaristade, a/, alms, charity 
Carline, ^. earline-thietle 
Carlingue, ^, ma, the kelson ; stap 
Carme. sat, a Caraielite 
Cannilita, ^. Carmelite nun 
Carmin, af. carmine i red 
Carailnatff, ve, a. caiminatiTO 
" [cj carrion 

Carnassiire, ^f. sportsman's poooh 

Carrslage, eat. paring with tiles, etc. 
Carrsler, va. to para with squars tilea, 

ate. ; to sole shoes 
Carrelet, «ai. a flounder ; an awl 
CarrsletM, «/. a flne file 
Carreleur, am. one that pares with squnra 

stones, tilei, etc. Cihoes and boots 

Carreliire, ^f. soliug and heel-piecing at 
I md. squarely 

. — squarely 

Carrer, va. to square 
Se— , vr. to stmt, walk proudly 
Carret, Ce«-rJi] im. ma. rope-yara 
Carrier, am. a quarry-msn 
CarriAre, ^f. quarry i career 
Carriole, ^f. n kind of Cidaah 
Carrosse, «m. a coach 

— bris<, a landau 

— coup^i a chariot 

— de louage, a hackney-coach 
Carroasier, «m. a coach-maker 
Carrousel, «m. carousal 
Carrottsse, »/. carousing 

Carrure, eat. breadth of the shonldass 
Cartaheu, eat. ma. ^rt-Mita 
CarUyer. i»o. to avoid the ruts 
Carta, ^. card; map; pasteboard 

— marine, a sea chart 

Cartel, ZeoT'tatJ am. cartel ; ehallenca 
Cartelade, a/, measure for surreyiug 
Carulat, Mt. a woollen stuff 
Cartero, rat. pocket-book Cpbr 

Cart^slaaisme, eat. the Cartesian philo**- 
CartJsien, ne, «. «. Cartesian 
Cartier, em. a card-maker 
CarUlage, am. cartilage, gristle 
Cartilagineux, se, a. — noui, gristly 
Csrton, eat. pasteboard ; bead-box 
Cartonner, r«. to cancel, to add a laaf ta 
book ; to board (a book} 

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Cattoachc, tf. otrtridg* ; telough 

Ckrvi, MM. Uic canwajr aced 

Caa, «ai. » mm ; fact ; ehaaec ; vmln* 

Caaantor, 9, a. «■ Udolcnt ; domettlo pcraon 

Caaaqiit, if. a greal coat 

Caaaqain, «n. « ahort gown 

Caaeaa*, «/. eaacadt, wituriUl 

Caw, Kf. point at bf-*- 

in ft dtmugbtF-board 

Ja, */. a 

Caaanar, m. to b« ia bartaaka 
CaaiUaox, ae. a. britda 
Caaqna, lp«*k\ am. a balmat, a haad-plaea 
Caiaada, a/, a ilam, sham 
CwaaiUa, •/. llrat digging of a field 
Ciaaant. a, a. brittle, apt to brealc 
Caasaiion, if, rapeal, abrogating 
Caaaava, »f, easaava or caaaada 
Caaaa, «/. eaatia \. pen-eaaa ; eaaa 
Caaatfl i. ----"=--— 

I t^waraqaa. a. «. eataanM 

CathMiala, c. ttntnt^ ^. a aatlMdial 
I CaibMiaat, aai. a laetaiw 

CathMrar, tw. to be in iha abair 

I. aut-eradiar 
— t>t«, «ai. puaala-brain ; ha 

(■M.) over-bead aattiiig 
Caaaar, vm. to biaak ; broiaa} 1 
Caaaarolle, if. a aaucanan 
Caaaattc, mf. casl^et, prtTXpnra 

Caaiia, \,c»-m*\ if. « 
Caaaiar, at. eaaiia-tr 
CaaaoUtta, pcrfamlag pan 
Caaaooada. if. brown aagar 
Caaauia, ^. brokan place; bnal 
CaatagnaHa, if. a aort of ataff 
Ciatagnrttca. aA fi. eaatanata 
Caate. if. a triba, caaU 
Castelaiie, if. aort of grcaa alun 
Caatille, if. Melcering; eoni 
Caatar, aM. a castor, faaaT* 
CastraaaAtatian, ^. eastnuMCatlea 
Caatrmt, (. /ral caatrato, eauaah 
Caatratiaa, if. castration 
Caaaalili, «/• caaualtjr, eaaualaeaa 
Caanal, la, «. caaaali prcearioua 
— , aai. piafita, parqnisitaa 
Caauallcaacnt, mi. —ally; b/ ebaaea 
Caauiata. aa*. easoiat 
Catacbrtoa, if. cataehrcaia 
Catacaanbaa, if- pi. enaconha 
Caiadaupas, if. fi. watarbUa 

Catfebiata, 1. a catacUat 
Cat^gorte, «/. category s claaa, laaV 
CaUgariqaa, S. a. eategoriaal 
Cat<f«riq«aa«M, arf. eaiagoriaally 

Catholicity, If. aathoiMum 
Catholiaon, aat. a unlraraal maadT 
Catholi<iae, [. U,-U»kt\ 3. a. catboUci 

— . 3. I. Raman Caibolie 
Catholiquament, md. like a CalhaUo 
CaU, am. praaaing oT cloth; ^«aa 
Calimini, (ca), li. aatfotly 
Catin, if. an immodaat wamaa 
— , aat. a fonndar'a baaia 
Catir, va. to prcaa nr gleaa doth 
Catisaeur, aat. a eloth-praaaar 
Cauebenar, tai. nlghmare 
Caudataira, tm. tndn-baaiar 
Cattd«, e. a. bearded, mr -'•'■ - "" 
Causality, if. causality. <» 
Caiiaatif, ve, a. eansaiiva 
Caoac, if. aansa ; maon, atotl«a 
— d'appU, action upon appeal 
Cauaer, r. to eauaa ; ta babbU, talh 
Cauaanr. ae, a. a babbler [lag 

Caaaarie, [co^-rr] aA babbUng, goaiip. 
Canatieii^, ^. canaononenaaa, aaauipulj ; 

Cauatique, 3. «. caaatle ; canaeriou 
Cautelenaameat, ad. alUy, warily 
Cautelenx, ae, a. wily, aly, oiafty 
Caatire, a*i. an iaaua, cautery 
Caat^riaatioa, if, cauteriwtlaB 
Caatfriser, »m. to eaaleriae ; bom 
Cantlon, if. bail ; security, surety 
d security 

Catalapaie, it. eataiapajr 
Cataleptlque, 3. a. esitalaptic 
Caialogae, «a». catalogue, list, roll 
Cataplasme, «/. eataplaam, poultiaa 
Cataraeta, if. a eataract 
Catarrhe, as*, a caurrh 
Caxarrkeux, so, «. eatarrbooa 
Cataetrophe, C* • *^f*\ if' cataatraphe 
"-'■■- " 10 eateehiaa; toaabert 

Cavalcade, «/. —cade ; a lalaHa lidiaf 

Cavalcadonr, aat. an aaeetty 

rande, rf. a mare 

Cavalcrie, ^f, eaTalir, horse 

Cavalier, am. eavaUar; traopat; ganda- 

maa; horseman; spark 
— , e, a.— lier; easy; blunt; hangbly 
Cavaliirement, ad. cavalierly ; haughtily ; 

geatlaman-Iike ; bluntly 
Cave, «/. oelUr, vault; case of bottles; 

pool (.at pi^} 
Caveau, C«b-«w] (m. little vault M- eellar 
CavAc, ij. a hollow way 
Cavar, va. ta hollow ; to stack {at plag) 
Caveme, if. a eavem, vault 
Cavemeiix, se, «. carenous ; hallow 
Cuvernoeii<, if. hollownesa 

Cavillation, ^. sMhistleal reai 
Cavin, im. a(<. a defile, eavity 
Cavit^, if. hollowncss ; cavity 
Ce, cet, cetta, }>ro. this, that; it 
Ce qui, oe que, what, which 
C'eet pourquei, therefore 
Ce n'eat paa qua, not that 
C'cst-^dire, that ia to say ; via. 
Cians, ad. within ; at hoBM i hare 

Cad, C»«- -"'- 


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CUaat, a, «. g*a»Mr 

Cadar, *. to e««U i gtra vp ; yUld 

CMUla, ^r- eadiUa (c) 

C<dnt. M. a kind vT dma 

CMre, •». oadar, cadai^traa 

CMttla, V'- <>U1> not*, aMaiursadani 

Caindra, va. to aneldaa; fut on ; gird 

Caiiitraca, *m. ma. tka oarda which aithar 

aaalrala w tia a ahlp 
Celiitura, •/. girdla ; tha w«ia«: 4 

elotttra ; dnetura ; (ata.) a. awifter 
Cainturlar, »m. a airdla-aiaiiav 
CalotuTou, n». a halt, ciidla 
Cala, pro. that, thb) it 
(Xladoii, Ml. aaa-gNan 
CtUbraat, *m. oflaatinK wlaat 
CMMbratloa, af. caUbration 
C<UbM, C««-M-*r] 3. «. faiMU. aHin 
C<Ubrar, «a. to ealalmua ; oonnnaBd 
CiUMti, •/. ealoMtr ; aolai 
C<lar. M. to CMieaat, hida 
C^lail, «ai. aalarr 
(Alalia, m. • tort af vOahaid 
C<Mrit4, ^. oekrity i mad, wpiditr 
C«Uate, 3. a. oalaatial, lia^vaf* 
C«laoaaa, *ai. pi. BauadfetiM friara 
Olibat, «ai. eaUbacT ; alngla lifc 
la, 3. «. o/calihMy 

Cntanain, a. «. oaManury 

— , »/. unmarried wanao, aatu*** 
CoUa, pro./, ah*, har ; that 
CtlUriar, a, t. eaterar ; purvwrar 
Calllcr, ,m. atoro-room, Mllar 
CaUule, */. a cell ; bos-ewe ; twky 
Caltti, pro. be, him ; that 
Celol-el, cella-el, thia 
Calul-U. cella-U, that 
Cement, [. aura] tm. ccnatt 
Cfaaantatron, tf. oamentarion, jaiBing 
Candrc. tf. aahea ; einder 
CaadrA, t, a. aah -coloured 
CandrM, «/. lead droat ; anoU •)>«* 
Caadrcax, ta, a. full of aahaa 
Caodrier, m. aih-pan, aah-hola ; oaa « 

cttllaau or aellt aahea 
Cine, of. tha Lord'a auppar 
Uuelle, of. holyheck'a bairy 
CfooMte, «m. a monk 
Cfoobitiqua, 3. «. eenoUtleal 
C4nataj>he, »m. cenotaph 
Cani, CjAhm] «m. quit-reol 
Canaal, «m. a broker, afaut 
Caoae, ^f. a fee- farm 
Ccna<, a, m. accounted ; npatad 
Canaerle, of. hrekerafe 
Ceneenr, «iN. oenaor ; a critie 
Caoaiar, «ai. lord of a manor 
— , a, «. a fee-fknaer 
Centltaire, »m. a copyholder 
CeniiTe, «/. a manor ; quit-rent 
Cenaivemeat, ad. in a feudal maanar 
Canauel, la, a. feudal 
Ceniurabla, 3. a. — able ; blamaMa 
Cenaure, «/. ceoaorahip ; cenaura 
Cenaurar, va. to canaura } ehlda 
Cent, «. «ai. a hundred 
Oentalna, •/. a 

Centaurr, «8i. 

Cantaurte, ^f. to. i 

hundredth part of a fraoa 
Centimetre, »m. caAtlmatar 
Ceuion, jat. rhapaody 
Central. Zomm-trai] a, a. eantna 
Centra, tai. oantra 
Caiitrifttge, 3. a. centrifagal 
Ccntripite, 3. a. centripetal 
Centumrir, en. oeatitmvir 
Centumrirat, aai. oantiuavirata 
Ccatupla. 3. a. eat. hundrad-bld 
Centurie, «/. century; hoadrad 
Centurion, aai. aaniaiioB 
Cep, Letp] an. a riaa Cthalaw; y»» 

C'epaadaat, »d. la die aatantiaMi Mv«r- 
Cepbalique. 3. a. oaphalic 
Cepa, «a. pi. atoeka{ fettm 
Carat, na. aarate 
Cerceao, om. a hoop ; aati ri«g 
Cercelle, •/. a taal 
Cercia, «ai. a eii«la( aaaaatbly 
Cercler. va. to hoop; anaiicla 
Cerelier, aa». hw>p-makar 
Cercueil, eat. a eoOa 
C^r^ale, a. /. fariaaeeooa 
C^r<hral, e, a. bolangiag M tha brain 
C<r«m«Bial, am. camMolal, rttital 

— > «, i». csraiuiBia* 

C^renionie, «/. earemony , rlia 

C^r^monieuz, aa, a. — nioua ; l»rmal 

Cerf, iter/} tm. a aiac ; a hart 

Toluit, «ai. hom-baatla, paaar-kii* 

Cerfeuil, tm. charrU 

C«ri*aie, »f. cherry orchard 

Ceriae, IM-riu] ^f. a chanry 

rentier, »m. a eherry-Uaa 

Cerne, tm. a rinit, eirela 

Cemeau, eat. kernel of a graan walnat 

Ceraar, va. to aairaund i up a trae { cut 
round [Una 

Yeux, cemja, ayea that loak Uaak and 

CerquemanMBeat, aat. turvtying 

^••<io"-wn>ni(t •». »urTey 
t^erquemanar, va. to aurray 
Cerquemanaur, om. a aarrayar 
Ccrtala. am. a oertalaty 
—I e, a. aartaia ; aura 
Une nouvelle oertalae, aura aawa 
Unc cartaine uouvalle, a ropart 
Certainement, ad. certainly 
Certea, [otr-u] ad. truly, indaad 
Ceriificat, om. a eertifieaia 
Certificateur, tm. a Tonehar 
Certifleation, «/. coHificaUoa 
Certifier, va. to oerttfy. aaaura 
Certitude, «/. eonaiatyi atabiUty 
Cerumen, om. caruman. ear-wax 

■•^i uHiuwits, ae, a. eernauooaa 
C<ruae, if. oaruae, white Uad 
Cerraiaon, ^f. Tenlaon aaaaon 
Cerreau, [wr-«i] em. tbo bvaia 
Cervalaa, am. kind of aauaaga 
Cerrdet, m. hlad part tdSa braia 
Cerrelle, <^. braina 
Cervical, a. a. corrical 
Cerrier (loup), eat. a lynx 
CatToiaa,*/. a«rtofhair 
C«a, Cai^r} pro. pU thaM. Ihaoo 

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i grantt* 


C^mtmh, Be« a. nsarien 

CMMtioa, »J. ccsMtion, intenninioa 

Ctaae, rf. ceMMg ; iotemisiioa 

Ccner, v. ta ocu«, leare off 

CMsible, 3. «. trantforrabla 

Cnaion, */. cmtioo. m yielding np 

Cmsionnwrc, a. i. ccssuMiarj ; grw 

Cnu, «M. cestttft ; girdle 

ensure, ^f. caauTa ; pauM, mt 

Cct, ItfXt pro. this, that 

Ciu»k, e, A. cctareout 

Ccaz, ccUm* fro. theie, tboaa 

CbaUage, «ai. the Uliour and faci of a 

ChaUea, n». a toir-lisa 
Qi«bl«r, va. to (astcB to a cabia 
ChabUur, CfAa-A/cvr] «i>i. a water- ofliur 
ChaUU, «m. sriad-CalUn wood 
CkacMUic, ^f. a aort of tiu>a or dasM 
Cbacmi, «t ^0. arerj one, aach 
Chalouin, a, a. : palirjr, inaaa-loolciag 
Chagrin, •■». chagrin i grief, TaxatioB 
— > c, a. ead ; moroae, pecTith 
Chagriasnt, a, a. vesatiout 
Chacrincr, va. to vex ; to frat 
CfaaiBa, mf. chain ; warp ; bondaga 
Chutwaaw, «a*. wooden or leadan pipa 
Chalncticr, «m. a chain- Btalicr 
ChaiuMU. •/. little ehtiiu 
Cbaiaoa, eat. a link {of frmit) 

Ghair, [siairl •/. fleaK ; altlaj jncat{ p«lp 
— viva, tke qaiek 
Chain, «/. a pulpit ! prolieiaorahif 
Ckaiac, wf. a chair ; ««at ; sedan 

parcM, «/^ doae-ttool Lbargt 

Chalaad, Icia-lam] tm. a aort of lighter. 

Chalandisa. j/. euatom; good-will 
CkUet, vat. • Swias eheeae-hmua 
Chalcw, sf. heat, warmth ; aeal 
ChUit, «ai. a paltry bedstead 


Chamd*. if. a parley 
Chsmafller, vn. to fight; wrangle 
Chamalllis, *m. a fray, wrangUag 
Chanamr, va. to danb or lace over 
CkamarmTe, «/. daubing or lacing orer 
Chanbcllaa* «ai. chamberlain 
Cbamhm>l«, «ai. jambs or mantle-piece 
Chambra, C«Uii-6r3 chamber, room 
Chambra k coucher. bedchamber 
— garni*, fnrniahed room [houseful 

Cbambric, a/, persona living in on* room ; 
Chambrelan, sm. a lodger 
Cbambrer, vw. to lodge togetli«r 
ChasArctt*, ^. littl* room 
ChamVri^re. ^, chambcimaid ; sort of 

Chambriires, mf. pi. ma. beckeu 
CkambfiUon, tf. chUd's maid 
Chamaaa, {.. mo] em. a camel 
~" '■ il-drirer 

I, cockles 
s leather ; wild goat 

Champ, C«ian]nB. afield; matter, subject 
— doe, enap list 

) CHA 

Champagne, ^. champaign 
Cbampon, en. ma. sampan* 
Champart, em. field-rent 
Champartrr, va. to collect field- rants 
Champarteur, em. fiald-rrnt collector 
Champeaux, em. pi. meadowa 
ChampSire, 1. a. rural 
Champignon, ««. mushroom ; a thief in a 

caudle; proud flesh 
CbampigBouniirc, s/. mushro«m-bcd 
ChHmplou, «M. a champion 
Chance, «/. chance, hasard 
Chancel en Chanceau, «m. ehsncel 
Chancelsnt, e, a. tattering ; unsteady 
Chauceler, vn. to totter ; to waTsr 
Ckancclier, «m. chancellor 
Chanecliire, tf. chancellvr's wife 
Chancellement, eat. tottoing 
Chaneellerie, ^. chancery 
Chanceuz, se, a. lucky ; apt 
Chaucit, va. to grow mouldy 
Chaneiisure, «/. mould iness 
Chancre, [. crj eat. cancer ; aor«i canlcar 
Chancreux, se, a. cancerous 
Chandeleur, «/. Candlemas-day 
Chandelier, eai. candlestick; chandelier, 

a tallow-chandler 
— , «». ma. aianchion, crotch 
Chandelle, «/. a candle 
— mouUe, mould- candle Chorsa 

Chanfrein, [. /reU] «m. forehead of a 
Chanfreinar, va. to chamfer 
Change, «m. exchange ; change 
Changeant, e, a. changeable ; fickle 
Changement, tm. change ; alteration 
Changeotter, va. to change often 
Changer, v. to change; alter; barter 
C'hanueur, eat. money-changer 
Chanlatte, */. lath to eupport tilaa 
Chnnoine, em. canon, prebendary 
Chanoinesse, «/. a canonsss 
Chanoinle, if. canonry, canonship 
Chanson, tf. a song ; idle story 
Chausouncr, va. to liunpoon 
Chansonnette, 4/. little song 
Chansonnier, em. ballad-maker 
Chant, «m. ainging, tune, aong, canto 
Chant du coq, [. . ooit] the crowing of 

Chantant, e, «. ainging ; tuaabla 
Chanteaa, tm. lunch of bread; quarter- 
piece , csatle 
ChauHpleurc, tm. a sort of fuanal ; water- 
ing-vessel ; a gully-hole 
Chanter, va. to sing ; crow ; prirfa* 
Chanterelle, a/, treble atring ; dceoy-bird ; 

sonorous phial 
Chantanr, se, «. a. singer 
Chantier, em. timber-yard ; ganntre* ; th* 

stocks whereon a ship is built 
Chnitignolc, ^f. a bracket 
Chantourn^, tm. head-piece of a bed 
Chautre, tm, a eiianter ; a choiistar 
Chanirerie, tf chantry 
Chanrre, em. hemp 

Chanrriar, «m. hemp-dresser Cfasioa 

Chaos, [tae, and tOox] tm. chaos ; con- 
Chape, tf. cope ; a dish-corer 
«t [aAp.^j tm. a halj head-piece 

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Chapaan, ma. prliaa|{« 

Chspelain, m. chaplain 

Chapaler, va. to nun braad 

Chapclet, «n. ehaplet, licadi; ttirrnp- 

leather ; a chain-pump 
Chapaliar, «, «. a hatter 
ChapelU, *f. chapel ; banefica 
GhapellvDie, *f. ehaplainiMp 
Chapalura, ;/. rasping* of bread 
Chaperon, am. hood ; coping af a wall ; 

haUter-eap ; top ; companion 
Chapcronner, va. to hoodwink » hawk ; 

to eopa a wall 
Chapter, am. eup-bear«r 
Chapitean, am. chapiter, capital 
Chapitra, «m. chapter ; ehapHr-hm«a 
Chapitrer, va. to reprimand [in broth 

Chapon, tm, capon ; crust of biaad boiled 
Chaponnaau, am. Touug capon 
Chapoaner, va. to capon [capon 

Chaponniire, tf. stew-pan for stewing a 
Chaque, pro. each, erery 
Char, r»farl em. chariot ; car 
Charade, «/. charade, riddle, enigma 
Charan^n, a weevil, mite 
CharbOQ, am. coal ; ulcer ; mildew 

— da bois, charcoal 

— de terrc, pit coal 

— d'usine, coals for a forge 
CharboB»<c, tf. m short rib of beef; a 

broiling piece of pork 
Charbonner, va. to daub with m coal 
Charbonneox, ae, «. carbuncled, pestilen- 
tial [coal-holo 
Charbonaier, am. coal-merchant ; collier ; 
CharbounifeTa, •/. coUierV , coal-pit 
Charbottiller, va. to mildew, to blight 
Charcuter, va. to hack, mangle 
Chareuterie, «/. hog's flesh, laHsagas, ete. 

pqrk-buteher's trade 
Charoutier, e, «. pork-shop keeper 
Chardon, am. thistle; spikehead 
Chardonncr, va. to nap cloth 
Cbardenaerst, mi. goldfinch 
Chardounette, */. wild prteUjr artichoke 
Chardonaiire, ^. a plot of thistlea 
Charge, »f load ; charge; cargo ; cmplojr- 

taent; place; office 
Chargeant, e, a. cloitging : tedtoua , 
Chargtment, am. bill of' lading 
Chargeoir, <m. charger (fm gunnerjO 
Charger, va. to charge ; load ; burden 
Se — , to take upon one's self; to Iw an- 
swerable for ; to undertake ; to load 
ODas self 
Chargaur, tm. a loader [the bear 

Chanot, C' »*>1 «m. waagoa ; cart; («r.) 
Charitable, S. a. charitable, merciful 
Charitablement, ad. eharitablj 
Charit£, */, charity; alms 
Charivari, am. paltry music; a datter, 

rout, dreadful noise 
Charlatan, e, «. a quaek, t moustabank ; 

a coMMr ; a hypocrite 
Charlataaer, va. to gull, to cajole 
Otarlatanarie, ff. quackery, juggling, 

cheating ; fair worda 
Charlaiaalsme, «m. qnaekerj 
rbamaat, Cw«. ehanniiig ; dolightflil 

Charme, [«kw»] am. chaim ; apcU j 

Charmer, va. to charm ; allajr 
Charmeur, se, «. channer; anchantar 
Charmille, «/. yoke-elm- tree hedge 
Chamagc, «m. Catholics' flesh-tima 
Chamaigre, am. a harrier 
Chamal, le, a. carnal ; sensual 
Chamellement, ad. carnally 

a bundle of vine-props ; gallery round ■ 

— , «m. ma. a water-cask 
Charniire, tf. a hinge ; m rivet 
Chamu, e, «. fleshy, plump 
Chamure, •/. flesh ; skin 
Charogne, tf, carrion, careaae 
Ch%rpente, */. timber-work 
.Cftarpenter, va. to prepare timber 

apiSl, haggle 
Charpenterie, tf. carpentry 
Charpentier, tm. carpenter 
Charpie. «/. lint ; rags 
CharrJe, tf. buck-aahes 
Charvette, tf. a cart-load 
ChaneticT, am. carman, carter 
Charrette, «/. a cart 
Charriage, am. oarrlaga 
Charrier, va. to carry in a cart ; to carry 

along with it 
—, VH. tA bear flakes of ice 

— droit, to mind one's hits 

— de la voile, va. aui. to crowd sail 
— , *m. bucking-cloth 

Cbarrei, am. carriage 

Charron, [aAa-ron] tm. m eanwticht 

Charraaage, tm. eartwri^t's work 

Charruage,«m.jM. plough geara 

Charrue, »/. a plough 

Charte-partie, tf. charter-party 

Chartil, [. tU] tm. a pcnt-hovae for carta ; 

Chartre, Charte. tf. a charter 
Chartreuse, tf. Carthusian menaatery 
Chartreux, se, ChrthuaiaB friar or nun 
Chartrier, #m. keeper of charter* 
Chartulalre, am. a book of chartcra 
Chaa, [tka] tm. needle-eye 
ChAsse, if. shrine ; scale ; frame 
Chaaee, tf. banting; chase ; game 
~- i^ tircr on au fusil, shooting 

— au Icvrier, coursing 

— anx oiaeoz, fowling 
«<M. fcrei 

couain, tm. bad wine ; a stilt foil 

mar<e, tm. a fish-cart ; shallop 

— -merte, tf. a random shot 

mulet, tm. a miller's man 

Chasselas, em. aort of white grape 
Chaseer, va. to hunt; drive away; chase, 


— au fusil, to go a shooting 
Chaaseresse, •/. a huntrese 

Chassarct, «m. am Taserctte, •/. m littl* 

Chaaeew, tm. hunter, fowler 

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^ a hoi 

OnM^. ,/. ehMdtr ; pnritr 
^nbl*. ^. ohMuGU, m Una of mm* 

— -hoant. «». MTMch-owl 
Ckatt. Mt. p/. e«t-«kiM ; britU* tlM** 
CkU«i«n«, •/. a ohMtnnt 
Chtta«B«raU, «/. eh< 

■a. C. '•] •». a eaatl* ar Mat 

)^wMMK aa Bai^agn*. aaatlaa in tka air 

OtelaiB, aat. loi^ «f a aMwar; (avanic 

HitHM, a, a. U. tamna 

Chiialat. *m. anall eaatic 

ChlulUnia, ^. aaatlo-ward 

CliaMr, vn. to kUtea 

CMiiaUa. 3. a. paaiiHaUe 

^Itiw, »m. toeiiaatlM: ta • 

CbatUre^^jT. a eat'* hole 

ChmtiaMBt, C. . aM»] #«. ciiaas 

OaioM, M. aUttan; baaal of a Ho> 

CkatMH, aa>. pi. ea&iaa, Uoaaama tt 

walavt-traaa, ate. 
Ckataumanaat. •■•. tIeVIiaa 
QtatooUIar. «a. to tiekU ; pleaaa 
Chaummenji, m. «. tiakUah ; del 

vnawHuuenji, M, «. tiahuah ; OaUcau 
Ckatorer, vm. to amlt njt, to nMrUa 
O^. m. tm. aaatiateiT; a eaimeh 
ChUrar. m. to eaatrata; ta lop 
CUtrear, mm. a gcldar 
9«na. «^ aha-eat, daintjr weaua 
Ckatte»rte, ^f. da«aM hypoerita (flma 
Cliaad, [««•»] a. a. hot. wam; huir ; 
-, •■. heat, wamtk 
--, atf. hat, wanaU 
^aade. [$i»md] if. haat 
(^aadaae, aai. eandla 
(^aadcsMat, mi. warmly,- aa|otlr 
Chaadiira. ^f. ealdron ; eopMr ' 
jModtea, •«. a kettle ; ealdroa 

d'«o»ra, • maaier-piaea 

— d'oaTTaae, ««. quarter aaaa 

— de pattf. a ringleader 

— de pi«ee, aia. eapiaia oT a gva 

— .Itau. principal plMW 
Chalin, m. a ehiUlrf 

Sa Chemer, ar. to ft«w leaa 
Chatnln. eat. way, read, eaorae 

— convert, covered way ,• aoitidor 
~ da hala«a. iowinf-patli 
Chea>in«e. ^f. a ehiiinliy 

uianarannAe, •/. kettle-full 
Chandronnaife, rf. bnaler'a ware 


a a ehip 

— uE> uoraagest mm. lo oena puuil 
CkaalTaratU, ^f. a feot-itora 
"-—•We, ^. a kind a( fern 

•nr, *Bi. wanner of a urfo 


vBaaiMni, a, «. eaay ta pat on 
Chanaaa, «/. •tralain« baa 

— -piod, m. eboeia«>lHlhi 

— trape, ef. a caltrop ; a trap 
Chaaaa^an. eat. a toll 
n>aaae<«, »/ eaneaway; hank 
Cbanaaer, ro. ta pat on ahoaa w 

make akoee; ta fit 

— Ic eothane, to tutti dn 
Chaaeeee, •/. ft. kreeehea 
Clianaeetiar, aei. a hoaiar 
Chauteette, af. under-ttoeUag 
Chaauon, »m, look { pninpe 
ChauMare, «/. any eorarfaiK fcr the lag 

ChauTa, Cafaw] S. «. haU, bald-pafad 

aoaris, if. a bat 

ChaaTet<. t 

Chaovir, an. «. 

Chaaz, [•*■} «/. 

CkaTiror, m. aia. la oraraoc 

Ch<hee. na. aia. a mbaak 

Chef, [««^ M. head j chief, leader 

— d'eau, nia. high-water . 


re] •/ ehlrt, eMft 
v^„.;«,«, „. iidla«matiea ef the eye 
Chanaie. ^f. a grota of aaka 
Chanal, ea*. aea. aarrow ehanaal 

Chenapan, eai. a vagabond 
Chdae, C««a«N«] eat. m eak 

U»an cloth 

«al. a limekiln 

^/nBiuar, pa. io BimnsM ceni WIIB 

OtaMBe, [tteae] eai. ttabble 
Chanmer, a«. to cut ttubbla ; to thi 
Chaamiire, tf. « thatched cottage 
ChaaaiiMt V. • •»"-" — ^— 

Chfiocau, na. young oak 

Ch£neau, ««. a gutter, • rfpa 

Chenet, «m. andiron, flre-dog 

Chaneriire, if. hamp-flehl 

Cheaerie, em. henm-aeed 

~' nevotte, if. •talha of hemp paeled 

— ^nerotter, »a. to peal haam-aialka 

Chfan, [a«a4.n«] em. a dog-Eemial 

Chenille, if. « caterpillar 

Chenu, e, a. hoary ; grey-headed 

Char, e, a. dear; caeUy; beloved 

Cherehe, if, •earch 

Charehar, va. to aeek, aoareh 

nhrrehaar, aa, a. aeekar, acareher 

Ch&re, Xfkatfi »f. ehcar, entertaiameat 

rhircmant, ad. dear; tendcriy 

Ch^rir, vm. to eheriah, leva 

Ch«rUaable. «. that deaervaa •abeehariabcd 

Chcraoniae, if. paninaula 

CharK. 4^. dearnea* ; dearth 

ChdruUii. m. a chcrab 

Chjfub^pie, 3. a. eherih'e 

Chorvia, aai. chervil, akirret 

CkMf. va» m. maaa. aarty. pififnl 

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Ch£tiTnnent» »d. vittfuUr 
Cheval, ltki-val2 «m. a hone 

— de bAt, pack-horM ; s drudge 
'— dc coarse, a race-hoTM 

— fondu, leap-frog 
Chevalcmeiit, ««i. prop, stay, 
Cheralar, va. to prop, bear tt)i 
Chevalerenque, 'i. a, adventurout 
Chevaleiia, »/. knichthood ; chiralrf 
Cheralet, «m. wooden bore* ; bridge el 

mueical instroiMiiti eaael; treetl 
buttteet; prop; torture raok 
Cheralier, tm. a knight 

— d'boiiDeur, firet getttleman ueher 

— d'induBtrie, a nharper 

^ du ouet, captain of the hone watdi 
Cherafiire, «/. knight's lady 
Cheraline (htte), horM er mare 
Chevance, ^. one'* whole utbt 
Cherauch^e, «/. judgn'e circuit 
Cherauehrr, t<a. to ride 

A chevauchons, md. a-itraddle 
Gberau-Icgers, light-hnree 
Cherecier,«m. Tentrr-keeper 
Cherelu, t, a. loim-hairea 
Cherelure, heed of hair ; beame ; fibre 
Cheret, r. f.^] sm. a bolttar 
Chcretre, «a(. a hflter ; binding joiet 
Chereu, «ai. a hair] fibre; thread 
Chenille, #/. a peg; ankle-bone; bote 

broach of a deer's head ; Im*.) boll 
CheTilU, r, a. U. branched 
ChevilUr, va. to peg, pin: (ma.) to bol< 
Chevillrue, 4/'. Lookbinder'e peg 
Cherillear, tm, m». mooter 
Cherillon, em. tiimer't peg 
CheriDure, ^f. branches of a deer'e head 
Chevir, n». to masur j oTer-rule 
Chivre, [«MU-t>r] «/. a she-goat; crab 
— , V'- »»«• gin «r triangle with pullsjrs 

— saura^, antelope 

— -fenille, CM. honejr-eueUe 

pied, a. m. goat-footed 

Chevreau [eAw-ra] «». a kid, a young m 
Cherrette, ^. a doe ; syrup-pot ; a m 

andiron ; shrimp 
Chevreuil, sat. a roe-buck 
Cherrier, «m. a goatherd 
Cherrillard, tm. fawn of a ree 
Chrrron, tm. a rafter ; chevron 
Cherroun^, e, «. U. ehevrony 
ChfTrotament, tm. a tremor la singing 
Che»roMr, tm. to kid ; skip ; to fret ; 

have a tremor in one's singing 
Cherrotia, tm. a kid s skin 
Cherrotine.t/. deer-shot ; small ball 
Ches, C**»] pr. at, in. er to one's houa 

among; with 

— nous, in our country ; at our house 
Chiasse, ^. scum, dross ; dung 
Chibout, eat. ehibou, a sort of resia 
Chicane, ^f. chioaoery ; eayil 
Chioaner. v. te eavU, quibble { rex 

— le vent, ma. lie too near the wind 
Chieaneric, ^. chicanery, oavil 
Chieaueur, se, a. chicaner; wranaler 
Chicanier, e, a. t. wrangler ; caTUler 
Chiehe, 3. a. stingy, sparing 
CUehemcat. «f . atiugUy, ojfgardly 

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ClMix, t»too-mMli $m. choim ; optloa 
Cbdmalile, 9. ». kept m a hoUday 
Chdma^, «w. reifita, rett 
Cfataacr, r. w keep holiday ; to want w«rl 

to rMt from work ; to lie fallow 
Ckopine, a/, an English pint 
— da pampa, ^. ma. lower nuaip-tex 
Chopiner, t>Jt. to dpplc, to alp 
Ckoppaaaent, ««•• •tunhlinc 
Chopper, «m. to stumble, Mundar 
Ckoquant, a, «. tbockliig; offeni^va 
Choquer, v. to shock ; offend ; dash ; daal 

touch -glsaaas ; (aia.) tosnrga 
Sc — , trr. to talcs offmee ; aboM • 

anothar : daah ; strike ; engage 
Cborjgrapnia, ^. choregrapby 
Chorianbe, •«. —bus, a poetical foot 
Choriata. lJto-ri*-t*^ *m. choristar 
Cherographia, Lt»'n-gn/m2 •/• charo- 

Chorncrapbique, 3. a. ehorocraphical 
Chorofde, ^ a nMmbrana az the cjra 
Chorus iho-riWi, (fair*—), to atng 

f ether, make a choros 
Choaa, $/. thing ; natter, affair 
Chou, L«Ao(], «M. cabbage ; col«worti tort 

of pnH-paaU 

— blaac, whlta-haart saUiago 

— ci^pii, curled colewert 
Hear, cauliflower 

— aaTct, tariiip cabbage 

— rare, radiah cabbage 

— rouge, tad cabbaaa [I 
Chou 1 Chou-la ! Cbott'pilla I <a(. cJU. at 
Cbottca«,«as. a jackdaw 

Ckeuctta. «/. screseh-owl ; laughi4^g> slock; 

play of ona person againat two («r ftftul] 
Cbouquct. «ai. ma. cap of tha asast-haad 
CUorcr, va. to cocker; to lalia great cars 

oi; to maka nuch of 
ChrCne, [jfrra^au] »m. chtisa 
Chrtasea*, aas. chrism*cloth 
Chretien, oc, a. «. christian 
ChiAtiennaaiant, ad. ehristian-lih« 
Chr4tieiinci<, »/. Christcndoas 

Christ. Utrm, trtun »m. Chriat; a 

Chrwtiaiilaata, asi. ChrUtianty 

Chramatiqne, i.a.^. ehraasaUa 

Chroniqoc. rf. chronicle 
— , 3. «. enronic, inrelerata 

varoooaruBunc, •». vDraiM 

Chronologia, ^f. chronology 

CbrooologiqiM, 3. a. ahronolagioal 

Chroaoloslsta, — logue, f«. -Jogiat 

Chranansitra, am. ehnmoinalar 

Chryaalide, if. chrysalis 

Chrysocolle, *f. chrysocol ; bontx 

Chryaoltte, •/ chrysolite 

Cha, parr. d€ Choir, fallen down 

Cknefaeter, »■. to chirp (ea m 

Chnchoter, an. to whiapar 

Chue^Urie, tf. whispering 

Chaehotenr, so, a. wbiaperer 

CkntI tmt. hnshi hold^our 

Chute, 4^. fall! diaastari 

Chyle, aai. tha chyla 

Chyvie, C«l»>aMf3 aU. AU. CUattic, ala. 

Ci, aif . hm 


Ci-git, here Ilaa 

Cit>e, Ciblc, «/. a mark (re firt at) 

Ciboirc, aat. a piz, box ; ranepy 

Ciboule, «/. eeaUtoB, given omoa 

CibouletU. mf. chiTee 

Cicatiiac, ff. a scar, a aaam 

Cicatrteule, '/. little ecar 

Cicstriser, fa. to eicatrisa, ta aear 

Se — , er. to heal, skin over 

CicJro. am. pica {frhuimg Impt) 

Ciceivle, ^f. chickling Teiek 

Cirl, ietd«2 am. an Arabian chief 

Cidro, em. cidar [canapy 

Ci«l, re«-«0 iBi. tha akyi heafaa; a 

— da fit, teeter, tap of a bed 
Dos cisis do litt, bed-tastera 

Cicrgr, «M. a wax-Uper rt*P*'a 

Ciergier, am. a aiakar er aeller of wax- 
Cirux, [•«■€«] aai. (0/.da Cial) the heavena 
Cigsle. tf. cicada, a kind of graaa-hopper 

— de mcr, a kind of aea crawfish 
Cigsre, ^f. a cigar 

Cigogne, I/, a stork 

Cigogueau, «ai. a yaung atark 

Cigue. «/. hemlock 

Cil, lea] am. en eye-lash 

Cilice, m. hair- cloth 

Cillemant. aai. twinkling of the eyaa 

Ciller, DO. to twinkle, wink 

Cimbale am Cymhalc, ^. crmbal 

Ciine, e^l top; ridgsj haight 

Ciment, est. ooment : anion 

Cimenter, va. to ecasant ; bind 

Cimentier, am. cement-maker 

Clmetsrre, em. a scimitar 

Cimeiiire, aai. a churchvaed 

Cimier, «ai. buttock ; it/.) ■ ereat 

— de eerf, hanneh af renisosi 
Clmolie CM CimoUe, tf. pipe-elar 
Cinabre, am. cinnabar ; rod lead 
Cin^rsire (umo). urn containing die ashes 

of a dead peraon 
Cia^ration, ^. daaration, redndng to 

ashes by meens of firs 
Cinglage, eat. ana. run of a ship for 34 

hours i seaman's wagaa 
Ciuglsr, vs. SM. to sail baforo the wind 
— , pa. to lash, seoarge, switch 
Ciniqus ew Cynique, 8. a. cynical 
Ciuuamoiie, em. ciiwamon 
Cinq, [emit] lai. five 
CiDquanHoa, af. fifty 
Ciiiquaaia, a. fifty 

Cinquantcnier, eat. captain of 60 maa 
Cinquanliime, 3. a. fiftieth 

r,.. .»_- - - -, fift,, 

igt in the pound 


Cintre, eat. an arch ; centra 
Cintrer, va. to malra archwise 
Cippc, aai. cippus, littls low column 
Cipres, OM CypiAs, «m. eyprasa-traa 
Ciraga, «m. blacking; waxing 
Circoncirc,v. to eircumdse 

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CIV 4 

CireAneUion, tf. eiieameiiioB 
CirconMrme*. ^f. eireainf«t«m!« 
Cireounasa, 1. «. circumfUx 
Qreonlocutioo, tf. dreamloeatioii 
ClKOBMriptioo, tf. circnmacriprion 
GreooMnn, m. to eiKumMnba 
CireonspMt, [. . tftk-\ ,, «. circum«p«jt 
CiivoaapMttoii, tf. circumaMctioll 
Cir«oiuMuic«, tf. cireumstaaee 
Ciremttaiice* et d«p«nduee*. jm. mpmt- 

tCMBCt.; eM«,ju»ctuT«, thn. 
CliMMtmiieUr. vm. to nlmM a tUng with 

ito eireumsuncaa 
CtreonraUatkHi, tf. drmwiTriUtkm 
CUeonvamr. wa. to eircumTFiit : ehaat 
CitcoBTantiou, tf. d«ecit, ebaat 
CirconTouin, a, m. iteighboariiiff 
areoaTolHtion, •/. eir«amT«ladon 
arouU, [. *«-«] ,«. ciraalt; eoi 
Cireulalra, 3. m. eiraular ; round 
CtranlalmDaiit, ad. dreularlr 
Cireulaat. a, a dreulatiiif 
Clrcolateur, «m. —tor ; mr 
areulatian, tf. etrouUtion 
Cireulatoira, 3, «. eirealatory 
Circular, v. to dreolata 
Ciroua. C. mm] tm. aoor-buaaard 
^•^'.y* "•«!•»»; •hoa-hlMklag 
— d'Bap«gn«, aaaUog-wu 
C lar, va. to wax j to Mack (beott, etc.) 
Cirlar, am. waic^handlar 
CIrou. «at. a hand-worm j littla blittar 
Cirque, «ai. clraua 

S'"."^' ••^- *• •'•'••y'ng with mx 

CiaaUlar, vm. to aUp, thaar 

Ciaaillaa, tf. ahaara ; cUppinn 

C aaau, [tt-nt^ •". chiaeT, gravar 

Ciiaaus, tm. pi. adaaoro 

Oaalar, va. to ehaaa ; cut 

Ciialet, am. a m^rar , a pnaekar 

ClrelauT, stu. ehaaar 

Ciaelure, tf. chaaiag : earring 

Ciaoir. n..chi.ali .kcara ' 

ClaoJra, ./. mrer ; a litda ekiaal ' 

CitadeUa, rf. a dtadal, Cortraaa 

Citadin. a, a. t. a dUien, bttrvaaa 

Otaiioa, tf. dtation. auslnoail 

Gilaloira, a. ju. aoaunoning 

CiU, VadtT ' 

Citar, vm. to dto, quota ; aamaa. 

Citrriaar, a, m. dterior; hithar 

Ouma, tf. a datam 

Citamaau, C- . -aj •«. a a»all dttani 

CWae, tm. crtiiaua. baaa traToil 

CItola. aai. a duldmar 

Citoraa, [. Uo-maytn] »e, «. a dtiaaa 

Cltrin, a. a. eitrinc, lemon-oolouiad 

Citron, tm. dtroa, lemon 

Citronnai, aai. candied lamon-ncal 

Citronnj. a, a. tliat kaa tha Uita or flavooi 

or lemon 
Citronella, tf. balm .mint ; aort of pundi 
ntronaier. tm. a lemon- tree 
CitrmiUle, tf dtrul, pumpion ; gourd 
C^«. tf' ■ Wind ottaarS-firi, ' 
Ciradikra, tf. mm. tprit-aail 
ClTa tm Civette, tf. eklTaa 
Ci»at, ./. hare-ragout 
Civetia, tf. eirat-cat j drat 


; («*.) a 

n opanln|[ 

Clan, am. a dan, tribe ' 

Clandeatin, e, a. dandaatina 
Claiidaatine, tf. mother-wort 
Clandestinement. ad. elandaitiiiely 
Clandeatiait<. tf. privaer 
Clapet, [Wa-j^jf] tm. tha aadcer of a iranp 
CUfiier, am. eony-bumw; rabbit-hutch; 

a tame rabbit 
Clapir, m. to aqaeak («• raMt$ <le} 
Se— , vr. toliaaquat 
Clapotage, am. rough turbalant aaa 
Clapoteuaa (mer), aea running in heapa 
Claque, y. a e1u>, flap i dogi folding hat 

ordlle, *m. flapt hat 

Claqueboia, #s». a rebec 

Claquedeat, am. a halT-atarrad wroteh ; 

la»y rogue ; ehaturar [urlag of teeth 
Claquement, tm. eUpping ; eradring j ehat- 
Claquemnrer, vm. to ahut up in a priaon 
Claquer, vn. ta clap ; alap ; diatter 
Claquet, tm. mill- clapper i chat 
riarifieatian, tf. — tion, clariMng 
CUrifier. va. to darify ; become Slaar 
Se — , »r. to grow dear 
Clarinc, tf. a bell for aheap and eattia 
Clarinatte, tf. darinet 
Clart^. tf. light ; eleamaaa ; traaaparener ; 

parapicuitT ; aplendoor 
;iaa, tm. Iiaell, paaaing-bell 
71aaee, tf. daaa ; order ; form 
."^aaaemcnt, am. diapotiiion, order 
aasaer, v. to elaaa ; diapoea, arraaga 
Claadfication. tf. daatificatioii 
Claaaiqoa, [. aw**] 3. «. elaaak 
Claude, m. tm. Coollah ; a simplatoa 
(Oaodication. •/. lameneaa, limping 
Claaaa, [«/•-■«] tf. daaaa, prvriao 
aanatnl, a, a. cUnal " 

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*■§. turn wm, 1IM KBO 
j/. tlt4 rat, the Kkb 

CUvvtu, ^. a Uttl* key ; atf 
GUTieal*, »f. — «l«, A« ooUM'-bMW 
CUvicr, *». a key ehain ; tbe keys of an 
mnia, hMrpalekord, etc. 

CUy«M, Mt. \iul« katdk 
Oayonsan, «». WMtliui 

wHk kmdlM and tart 
CM. Claf. C«a] «/. a k«y ; ckf 
CUaenca, V. elmaeaay, mercy 
CliMMii. «• «. clemaot, nMrattttl 
ClMcka. ^. butt; iran-ptn ; Uuh 
Ciepaydre, af. a watar-clock, kear-glaM 
Clare, «■§. elarlt | clargynaa 
Clei«<, Mi. alargy ; ebaiobaaaB 
OM^ a. «. elarkal 
Clerfcat* eaft. wavkahip 
CUricalanaBt. »d. alergyman-lOn 
CUricatMa, ^T. ekikab^; atala ar aoadi- 

tiaii af m ekrgrmaa 
Cliaat. a, «. m diaat 
CUevUla, */. pvoaactioa, patrMM^ 


ClaatH', Ml. ta atiid 
CUmtaria, (/. naa-traae or fiMrge 
Clottlier, tm. a nailer 
Cloadirt, </. aaU-noald 
Clab, [eU] «M. a elub. lacietr 
Clubine, eat. attembcr a( a dub 
Clyetira, im. 

Cli g aa iMaatM, «/. hide aad laak 
Oi^Bar lea yaiu« va. ta wink 
Cli«MleaaaBt, «*. wliikiii( 
CH^atar, im. ta wink fraquantly 
CliMt, Ottm'mM} »m cluaaM, dbaa i 

CUBatMqya. 3. «. ^f. eliaaetaiia 
Clin d'aiil. Mi. tbe twinkling of aa a' 
Cliaiqae, 3. a. ellaie. clialej 
CUaqaant. <a». tinsel; falsa glitter 
Cliqaa, ^. gang; p»rty ; elan 
""' ; vn. to daek: to clans 

. , «a». cUsbing of swards 
tias. «/*. snappers ; dappera 
•/. little httKlle; (dkoVnllnt 
- — protect with bardies 

Claebc, ^f. % bell ; blister; stew-pan 
CladMinant, «m. bopping, ba)tini( 

Qacher, «a*. steeple ; parish-church 
— , tqs. ta limp ; ta hooble 

a little heU 

Clochetta, •/. hand-beU ; bell-flower 
Cloisan. ^f. a partition 
CUaannage. Mi. pardlian-work 
Clottre. t». a clabtsr, « 

Cloitriar, Ms. danstral monk 
Clepto-doyant, ad. hobbling along 
ClopSocr, M(. to bahhle aloag 
Clopoete, «as. a wood-louse 
Clone, vm. to andose, close [fl« 

Cloa, \M\ mm. a close, a small ondoa 
->,°e. a. cloaad, doae ; sbnt 
C lasean, am. sindl doae er garden 
CT oe e e m e n t, em. ducking («/ a Im) 
Claasar, »«. to clock «u knu do) 
CMturs, ^f. an anelosure ; flnii«hing 
CUturer, *a. iu. to close an aecoant 
Clott, teiitj} m. nail ; stud ; boil 

— da girafle, a dove 

— k eraehat, tanler-kaok 

Ctaoer, w. la mdl ; iaaiaa witb ndls 

w._^.^, ._. .ue aacused with anothar 
Coactlf, TO, a. ooacAwm, eoercire 
Coaetioa, «/. coercion, oompultion 
l^Mdiuiear, triea, «. a coadjutor 
CoaiQtttororie, «/. coadjaiorship 
Caaffttladon, ^/^ — tiou, eougaaling 
Coa«ttler, va to coagulate, curdle 
fU Coaliser, vr. to coalesce : uaiia 
Coalition, ^. coalition : league 
Coaaaement, m. eroakiof 
Coasaar, a*, ta croak (Mt a frog) 
Cobalt, C Mn *m cobalt (o mMmi) 
" , if. wood-cake, paaial 

de), a greased pole at the top M 
_ . are prises for sucecaaful dimbsia 
— (para do), a land of mUk and bona/ 
Coaarda, tf. aeokade 
" 3. «. odd, comical 

v'oaaeas, s. a. oao, eomieat 
Coeatria, tm. coekalriee. basilisk 
Coehe, im. earaTan ; large coach 
— d'eau, a passacs-boat 
-. V'- BM'b; dd fat sow ; fat woi 
Coakenillaga. m. searUt die 
CocbenUle. «/. cochineal 
Coohcnillar, aa. to die scarlet 
CoeheaiUler, am. oochinod.traa 

— , va. to tread (as birds) 
CMhat, r. M,] tm. a eockarel, youati eoch 
Codileana, tm. — ria, scurry- graaa 
Cocboir, <«». I • • - 

Coehon, tm. a hog, {Hg, porker 

— do lait, tm. sneking-pi 

— d'Inda, eat. Ouinea-pig 
Cochonnfe, $/. litter of plga 
Cochonner, tm. to furrow 
Cochonucrie, </. flltMiies*. fUth 
Coehonnet, tm. Jack (a< iowlt) 
Ceoo, tat. coooa tree, cocoa-nut 
Cocon, tm. cocoon, the cod of a sUk-wona 
Coeoiier, eat. a cocoa-trse 
Coction, V'- coctlon : digestion 
Coca, ««. cuckold ; cur-fisb 
Coeuage. ««». aackoldom 
Cocafler, va. to cuckold, horaify 
Code, C£o-<f«3 tm. code, index 
Codedmateur, eat. fellow tithins-man 
Codleillalra, 3. «. in a codioU 
CodicUle, tm. codicil 
Coemdent, e, ■. coefficient 
Co^gal, e, A coequd, equal with 
Coraption. V. redprocd buying 
Coareidf. to. a. eocrciTC 
Coerdtion. ^f coerdon, restrdoing 
Coitat, tm. divided soTordgnty 
Coeternd. le, a oooternd [rotlty 

Cteur, [i«*ar] tm. heart; courage; gena- 
Coesistcneo, ^f. coesistenee 
Coeaistar, ra. to coexist 
Coaa, tm. a round high basket 
Coffre, <ai. chest, trunk, coffer ; bally af a 
lute, etc. { coach-seat 

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Coffrer, ta. to put In jtXi ; thnt up in a 

Coffret, «ai. a littl* ekMt or traiilc 
Coffrrtkcr, «ai. a traak-iiiBker 
CognaaM, ^. wild qaine* 
Cocnaiiier, «m. qaiiicc-trce 
Co(oat, [cofk-na] «m. kinsman 
Cognation, ^f. coifiiation, kindred 
Cogne-f^lu, •M. a trifler ; Imcj-bodf 
Cognac, qf. a hatchet ; az« 
Cognar, va. to drire in ; knock 
Cosnoir, am. printer'* ihooting-atick 
Cohabitatipn, »/. cohabitation 
Cohabiter. va. to cohabit 
Coh^reuee, tf, cohcranca, coherency 
Coh^ritier, e, t. coheir ; eohaireta 
Cohesion, «/. cohesion 
Cflhorle, »/. cohort ; a oompany 
Cohue, 0f. mob, clamorous multituda 
Coi, te, a. still, quiet 
Coiffa, tf. ooif ; hood ; caul 

— d'nne pemique, caul of a wig 

— de chapeau, lining of a hat 
Coiffer, va. to dress the head ; to stop a 

bottle ; to make drunk ; cuckold 
— , va m» to back, lay aback 
8e Coiffar, vr. to be fond of; 1 

to ; to get drunk 
Coiffieur, se, «. milliner; hair-d raster 
Cuiffare, »f. a head-dress 
Coin, Cco-Ma] «ai. comer ; wedge ; qoinec ; 

die ; lock of a wig ; clock of a atoeUng 
Coing, «ai. a quince 
Coincidence, tf. coincidence 
Cotneident. e, a. colnddeni 
Colneidrr, rm. to coincide, to agree 
Colt, im. coition, copulation 
Coittes, if. pi. mta the ways on which a 

ahip descends when launched 
Col, [eof] **• Cou, (cool ""• occk ; aack- 

stock ; ooUar ; drfils ; strait 
Colatare, «/. fihrmrion ; filtered liquor 
Col^taira, 9. a. — gatary ; cuIUaatee 
Colera-morboa, tm. cholera-morUut 
CoUre, [. talr*] gf. angrr, pastlou, cholar 
— , i. a, paaaionate. Irascible 
Coleret, aiii. sort of drag-net 

CoUrique. 3. a choleric, passionate 

ri, aia. hunu ' •• ^ " ' * 


Colihri, CM. huntming-Ui 

ird ; a 

little fi 

Colifiehet, am. gewgaw, toy 

Colin-maillard, «at. blindmau's buff 

Colique, tf. the chollo 

Celis<e, tim. Colyaeum 

Collaborateur, aai. fcllow-labonrar 

Collateral, e, a. collateral 

Collatenr, «ai. eoUat>r, patron 

Collatif, ve, a. collativa 

Collation, t/. collation ; advowsen ; lun< 

cheon, light repast 
CoUatiminer, p. to collate, compare; u 

make a light repast 
CoUe, Itoll »f. paste ; glue ; aise ; a fib 
— de poisson, Uinglasa 
CoUecte, tf. collect ; gathering 
Collcctenr, ra. a collector 
Callectif. va, a. collactWa 
Collection. «/. collection, oompilation 
CallactlT«B«iit, ad. oolIoetiTely 

i COM 

College, um. callege ; great school 

ColUgial, e, a. eoUegiata 

ColUgwe, aai. aollaague, fellow 

CoUer, va. to pasta; glue 

— du Tin, to olarify wina 

Se Coller, vr. ta cake ; to lie eloaa 

eape ; neck of meat : gia, snare 

— d^<tai, «a*. aia. eye of a stay 

— d'une ancrr, •■•. ma. crown of an anchor 
d'une courbe, am. ma. throat of a ki>«a 
-mont£, «. ancient; affcctad 

CoUeter, «. to collar ; act snares 
Se CoUeter, vr. to wrestle ; strugjgla 
Colletcnr, am. a goed ghi-setter 
CoUetier, «m. a collar or jerkin-naaaker 
CoUetin, «m. Jarkin, under-waisteaai 
Colleur, im. pasteboard -maker; starvhar 
Collier, «m. necklace : collar 
Colliger, va. to collect! infer 
C-olliue, «/. a hiU, an eminanea 
Collision, «as. — sion, dashing togMher 
Collocation, «/. — tion, setting in order 
CaHoque, ««. colloqay, conCrreoce 
Cniloauer, v«. to place in order 
CoUuaer, va. to eollade, joggle 
Collusion, tf. — tion. Juggling, deceit 
Collusoire, 2. a. collutory, cdlluaira 
Collusoiremcnt, md. calluslrely 
Collyre, am. eollyrium ; eye-salre 
Colombagc. «m. upright Joists 
Colombe. {jao-totK-htl «/. a dore ; scantling 
" ' " '. Coe-/»n-Aea] «m. doTe-hoiise 

ri, an. pi. WM. hlooklug up of a 


• loo-loik-halnl e, a. dove-colour 


I. a planter ; settler 

>. *na. colon 
. arf] »m. a colonel 
^f. the colonel's company 

Coionir, »f. a colony, plantation 
~ " ■ Ltion, ^f. settling a colony 

Coloniser, va. to establish a colony 
Colonnade, af. colonnade, pti 
"' - • " ,, plllai 

Colonae, « '*. a columa, | 

Colonuea d'un lit, tf. bed-poets 

Colophane,. [, .fitt'ltf. reiin, hard rerfn 

Coloquiute, [. .ktnte] tf. ho. coloqulmida 

Colorant, e, a. colouring 

Colorer, imi. to colour ; die ; dtf S<i>*< 

Colorier, va. to raruisl) , " , 

Coloria, [. . r(3 am. colouring ^^oniplexioa 

Coloriite, am. a rolourist 

Colossal, a, n. colossal, gigantic 

Colosse, aat. colossus 

Coloatre, am. colostrum ; he««t!ngs 

Colportaga, <m. hawker'* trade 

Colporter, na. to hawk about 

Colporteur, am. a hawker 

Coltis, am. asa. beak-head, bulk-head 

Colure, tf. 04*. colura 

Colxa, am. rape-aced 

Coma, am. comma; the a.ecpy diaeaae 

Oimauox, *a, a. soporiferous [fiict 

Combat, [o««»-M] am. a fi^cht, battle, cun> 

Combattaai, [oaii-&tf -fan] tn. a combatant 

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Combattn, CeMi-4a-<r] v. to i 

hat ; omufu ; coniaud wiih 

ComMm, t<mi-<«-Mj ad. ', 

— ^a«, althonch 

ConUnaaaon, \eoM^i4-nai-t«if] if. ci 
C«mUaer, Lcon-6(-«Uj m. to Mmbina 
Combl*. l60«-M] 3. «. hwped, full, o 

— , MM. tka top ; halfkt ; fulnati ; timlMr- 

wovk o(a ro«>f 

Poar conible, to complete 
ComUaau, ««. cordaga of a cmnnoa C611 
C«abl«r. CaM»-»/&J v«. to k«ai> up : load ; 
CaBbloiU, rf. clc(t in a atag'* foot 
Cob>I>tUi«, »f. a larn ftshing-nat 
CoBbugw doa fuuiues, to loak oaska 
Combaatibla, tom-»M-t«-M3 'I. a. eom- 

Cominire, »f. a godmattter ; goialp 
Conimattaut, m. eoaatituaut 
Commattra, ««. to eomnil \ to par|ialraM( 

euuoati appoint j espoao 
S« — , rr. to expoaa or vantara om's aalf 

liuatoir , 
Commia, L<»-m*] 
— aus vivrca, «m. aM. puraar 
Commiaa, if. forfriture; forfeit 
Commia^ratiou, if. — tion ; pit/ 

«, tf. comboation i tumult 

ComAdic, [e«-at4-<2«r3 •/. comedy ; play j 
plajhooMi -'- ' - J'--'- ' -« - 

plajrar; diaaemblcr, hypocrite 
CwBiaaaation, ^. raTeiling, junltetlug 
CoaMotiUc. S. a. eauble 
CoDieatiblca, ««. ■pi. aatablea [carda 

Comte, [co-M«q ^f. a oonct ; a gama at 
" — '— cat. p/, eomitia 

'. Mi. bomb-ahcll 

— dc police, juatice of the peace 
Commlatiou, tf. — aion ; perpetration { 

mandate ; warrant \ charge ; meaaage 
Commiaaiouaaire. ««. an agentt faaior ( ■» 

Commlaioiro, 3. a. }*• binding 
Commodat, {fi»-mi»-dilk\ am. gratuilooa 

Conaiquement, ad. comieallv 
Comltc, am. oBeer of a galley 
Camit^, «M. a committee 


Commtide, 3. a. commodioua> couvenieDt ; 

comfortable ; good-natured 
— , ^/'. a commode, cheat of dm* 
Commod^mcnt, ad. conveiiiautly 
Commodity, ^f. eonreniency 
Commoditia, tf. pi. the ueceaaary 

• (oavnga de), tf. work that ia 

- (mlaladia de^, feigned aiekneaa 
— (louaagea de>, foreed praiaea 
Commandement, *m. eominiuid 
Command or, w. to eommand ; order ; bid { 

baepeali; to rule 
Commanderie, #/. eommandery 
Commandanr, am. commander of an o 

of kaighta 
CaauBandltaire, «. paaaire partner 
Coanmandito (aoai^t^ en), tf. partnerahip 

whateia one laya out his Aoney without 

peeCorming any fanctioni 
Cammc, ieam^ ad. aa ; like ; almoal ; how 

Commeneer, va. to begin, commence 

Ceaamendattire, a. tm. commendatory 

' I, »f. < '"" 

comment, to expound 

to nuke eompariaona 

Common, e 

3. «. conunuuble 
a. to ropunuta, mitigaia 
a. common ; uaual ; meaa 

i, qf. — ui'yi eeiporaiion 

Commune, rf. corporation 

I, if. pi. inhabitanta of Tillage*; 

vwwiuKu pasture : the houae of eommnna 
Commun^ment, aa. commoiUy ; generally 
Communivnt, e, i. communicant 
Commuuicithlr, 2. «. — ble ', aoeiable 
Commnnieatif, re, «. communicative 
Communication, tf, — tion ; iuiercuurae 
Communier, va. to receire or admiuieter 

the aaerament 
Communion, tf. — 4iian : fellowahip 
Communiquer, [. . . kH] va. to oommunl- 

eaie ; to haTO eorreapoudence ; to produce 
Se — , vr. to bo auciable 
Commutatif, to, a. commutative 
Commniatiun, tf, — tion, mitigatiaa 
Cump4Citi, tf. eloaeneaa, dauaity 
CompMt, [. pai] im. compact, agreement 
Compacte, 3. a. compact ; cloae 
Compagne, £co»-}M-/im] tf. a female com^ ' 

Compagnie, tf. company ; fellowahip 

Compagnonnase, em. Journermanabip 
Comparable, 3. a. comparable ; like 
Comporaiaoo, leom-pa-rai-tom] tf. com- 
pariaon Lappearanea lu ciiort 

Comparaltre, «m. to appear, make ouaa 

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Cooeeptfam. ^(. eooceptioo 
Conevptiaiinaan, 3. a. eonea 
CoDwrnant, pr. eoncerniac 
Coneeraer. va. to cone«rn j belpBg to 
Cobcwt, C, jefQ «M. concert; niiion 
ConeettaDt. •. «. p^fonaor Jn » oonwrt 
CoDoerU, «, «. affected, studied 
"-—"' -• •- concert, to plot { to mLe 
a< tise nutie 
coaceHion ; (r^t 

Concetti. •». falM wit "^ 
Cooeevable, 9. a. eoneeWabio 
Coneevmr. v. to coaoeive ; inaone : _ 
pr^Mrf ; to word or exwreee " 

Coaehyliaotie, •/. concboTog. 
Cond«ge. l. .tr-pl 3. ;!'ko,p„ rf . 

Conderigene, ^jT. a beeper's fodgiai 

ebarge ; a'priaon 
CoDcile, nt. an aaseablr of anloiM 
Concilirfail., m. conreniicU '^^ 
Coociliaat, e, a. eoneOiating 
CoBcQiateaT, trice, #. reconciler 
CendKatioD, «/. ~tion, Rcandlia* 
Condliar, «a. to eoncOiate 5 recondle 
Coucia, e. a. coneiie, short, brio£ 
Concision, ^f. conciseness, brsTitv 
Coiieitojen, «ai. fellow citiicn 
Condaauttion, ^f. eoudamatioB 
CoodaTo, «ai. conclave 
Cooeiuant, a, a. — alTe, conriaeinc 
Cooelute, V. to eonclndc ; inier 
Coadnaif, ^w, a. concluaire 
Coadaeion, af. eoaclasionj iasae 
— , ad. in diort 

Coodasiona, tf. pi. demands : opiaions 
Coaroetion, */. concoctiou ; dlgestioa 
Coneooibre, [. coa-Jr] m. cucumber 
(.oac«naitanc*, tf. concomitaacr 
ConcoButaat, a, a. — unt, concurrent 
Coneordaace, ^. —dance, agreemeat 
Concordaaetei, le. «• implying eoncordaaee 

or agrecnent 
Coneordaat. <as. twor ibi mutie) 
Coaeordat, Mi. —date ; compact 
Concorde, ^. concord ; uaion 
Coneoarir, «a. to concar ; to coatribule; 

to itaad ia competition for 
Cooeoors, tm. concjursc; coaenrrence ; 

competition Ideased 

Coacret, C. crUj e. a. oonerete; con- 
Concretion, m/. — tion, coagulation 
ConcnUnaae. «M. — nage. Ismicadon 
toocuMnaira, m. one who keep* a miatrais 

CononMn. »/■ _hln. «,<..~£. -*"-"•" 

>;«ncaaiae, ^. —bine, mistresa 
Coocapiacenoe, »f. eonc«nisceDce : lust 
Coneopbdble, 1. a. ooncopbdble 
Coiiean«iBm«iit, ad. ia competitioo 

JdnUy, in eonenrrenee 
Coocnrrenee, if. — ^rence ; competition 
Concurrent, e, «. competitor, rival 
Coueasaloa, af. exaction, extorUon 
Conensdoimata«, am. extortioner fable 
r-.j ^,,^ J rf«-n«J/<l 2. a. 


, tf. -^i«i . d,„rity 

C oodeoser, va. to eoudeaae 
Condescendaaoa, a^. ooadeaeaadeaca 

Coodesceodra, tim. m eonaesoead 
Condlgna, a. condign ; suitable 
Condlgnment, ad. coadignly, deawradlr 
Condignit*, ,/. iwDaiganess, suiiaMeness 
Condisaple, am. — pU, icImwI-MIow 
Condition, jf. -.tiea; serHce ; proffer 
Conditional, e, «. msrkataMo. saleabk 
Conditionnd, le. a. — tional 
Conditionaeliamont, ad. — UondU 
Conditioaacr, va. to article ; to quaUfV t 
• >-- wdl 

doB. jf. condemnation 
r, I. A-ftlS) va. to COD 

ij to 

«'<««wMUKc, qf. OOI „ 

Se Condouloir, vr. to eondolo with 
Condueuttr, aat. ooaductor; gaide 
Conductneo, ^. eoadaotreaa 
Conduiro, va. to conduot ; lead; ateert 

dri»»} (Mavejr; eacort, aeeeanpaiiT 
S« — , yr. to beharc 5 deasean one's self 
Conduit, [. dm-t2 am. eoiiduit, p^ 
— de la rasairatlan, wind-pipe 
Conduits, e/. conduct, behaTiour 
Coadyle, «a». M. coadvlua 
Cone. «••. a cons 
Ccafsbulatonr, «m. tde-telkr 
Confabulatian, ^f. confabulation 
Coufabuler, na. to con&bnIaM 
CoMfection, af. confection, elcctuarr 
Conf<d<raUf, ve, a. — Uvr. iedcral 
ConfM^ration, a/, coafrderaey 
Se Coufidarcr, vr. to confederate 
CoMfiid<i<t, oat. pi. —rates, alliea 
Coattreaoe, </". — renee ; aompariaan 
CoaCirer, va. to confer ; oompai* 
Coafessc, f^. confession 
Coufesser, iia. to confess ; own 
Se — , tir. to coafes* to a prieat 
Confessenr, eni. confessor 
Confession. «/. — sioa ; aMwal 
Coafetsioaaal, am. ooafessicaial 
ConfessioaisU, Lutheran of Augabnrg 
Confiaaec, a/, confideaee, trust 
Coafiaut, e, a. saaguine ; oonBdeat 
Confideauaent, [. . «fa-sMM] ad. ronfl- 

Confidence, 4/: iatimaer, pririty, trust 
Confident, e. a. a confidant 
Confidentiaire, em. who holds in ttast 
Cniifidentiel, le. a. — tial. trusty 
ConfidentiellcDieat, ad. ooafideiitlally 
Confier, va. to entruat; to ooneiga 
Se — . vr. to confide in 
Configuration, af. configaration 
Confincr, v. to confine ; hordor «a 
Cuiifins, «M. pt confines ; boundary 
Coiifire, va. to eonroet; preserre ; piekla 
— one peau, to dicaa a skin 
Confirmaiif, vs. «. confirmatorjr 
Coiiflrmation, «/. — tlnn ; affirmation 
Confirmer, va. to confirm ; oonoborate 
Se — , vr. to grow itrouger ; w be 00a- 

finaed, put past doubt 
Confiscable, 2. a. liaUe to forfeitura 
Confiscation, ^. — tion, fi>rfeitare 
Confiseur, em. soni^tionor 
Cenfiaqucr, va. to ooaflacaM 

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CoDBtniter, tm. « 

CON ^ 

UoDatniter, tm. eonfMiioan 
CoDflagTMiAii, «/. MnflagritliM) 
Conflit. SM. eonttntion ; conSict 
Confluent. «m. eonfla*, eonfluanc* 
Coafendra. [. /M-i/r] m. to eonfeaad 
C»nr«rmauan, •/. ennfemiation 
Conronn*. a. a. eonformkbla 
ConfonBcmcnt, md. conlbrmablr 
Conformar. v«. to eonfann ; to auit 
Sa -, vr. to conform to, aonplT with 
ConfonnUta, 3. «. eonfermlat 
Confonmt«, «/. —mlty ; eomplMBOO 
Confort. m. eomfert ; aid 
CoDfertabla, S. a. comforubla 
Conforutlf, Ta, a eomforting, ttruigthoD- 

in«; eomboratinc 
Confortuloo, «/. MNrroboratiM 
Conforter. rm. to invigonta j to confort. 

itrangthra, anlWan 
CoDfra(emit<. #/. — nitjr, hnrthwrliood 
Confr^, am. brathar; teUow 
Confriria, •/. fntiaraity, •ocieir 
CofifronutioD, rf. — Inf ; eomiwring 
Confrantor, va. to aonftont; cotnpafe 
ConfiM, a, «. confoaMl j p«rpU>ad 
Confu«<mant, ad. oonfuaedly^ 
Confution. »/, eonfualon, tumult 
Confotation, ^f. — tion. rafvmtioa 
Confntar, m. to coafnu. to roAita 
Conf<, [.r»)#«. la««e; diaehargt j wnrn- 

tng ; plajr-dhj : iuuhuMb* 


ConloiMll4 T*> «. oonJuaetiT* 
Coinonetton, a^. mmjiuictlon 
Cenjenetlre, */. mcmbrana of Ui« ty« 
Conlonciure, «/. conjanetiire 
ConWiaaance, ^. congrataladen 
ConlupUaoa. tf. eoujufaUon 
Coiifugal, a, A. eoiijiifal. eonnuUml 
Coiijiigalaaient, nd. conjuf ally 
Coninguar. m. to conjugate 
Can)unt*«r, «m. conaplntnr. plotter ; 

magician, conjurer 
Coniuration, a/. — tlon ; eonapinwr 
Conturatlont, if. ft. entraatioa 
Conjurn, ««. to tvntpin ; to eoajur* 
CouiuT^a, am. pi. conapiratora 
Conlaa, t. mm] tf. bot. conyaa, flM^baoi* 
Connaiaaabla. t. «. «aaily known 
Connaiaaanee. ^. knowladge } c«fnlsnac« 

aoquaiatance ; Judgment 
- daa iam|w, am. m<t. nautical almanaa 

• mmt. -trnm. IMBa vr «tBaDOrt 

Cong<able. t. m. }m. ^aii^le 
CongMirr, m. to diamiaa, dia< 
— , va. ma. to pay off 
Congelation, «/. —tion. eanMaUn« 
Congalcr, v». to eooganl ; fraaaa 
Congeation, rf. congestion, maaa 
Congiaire, am. eongiarjr 
Conglobation, «/. conglobation 
Congtatinadoa. »f. —lion ; fining 
Conglutinar, «w. to eooglatinala 
f>>D|TMulMien, a/. cangratiiUtimk 

im. bill of lading 

_ •— — f ■•*. a. eouuoiticur, critic 

Cennaitra, mt. to know ; be ncqunintod 

with, take co^niaance of 
Comi4tnMa, tm. conaialilc 
?'!!.**?I'!i'' ••^; ««»t«blaalilp, erart and 

Juriadiction of a conitabla 
Conueae, 3. a. oonncctad. Viin«d 
Connnion.y. connection, dependouM 
Cannexita, tf. eontieetioa. affinitT 
Connivance, »/. — ance, couniTlng 
ConuiTwr. vn. to conntTa or wlalTnt 

iwiyimwiar, vs. m oongTutuiata 
Congrc, am. a conger, coagar-oel 
CoDgr^aga, am. am. worming, kaekllng 
Congr<cr, va. ma. to worm, to kackla 
Congidganista, «. member of m todoty of 

ConniguioM, tf. —tion { meeting 
—. dec fid»laa, the nnivecaal church 
Congr^, t. ginfi am. eonmaa 
Congru, a, a. cnngmoui, it 
Congruent, a, a. eengrueiit. suitable 
Coagrutsme. am. congniiam 
Congniisles, »m. pt. cougniMt 
CengTuitl. ^. eongroity 
ConnrAment, md. — oatlT, pertiaanilr 
Conlftre. 3. a. oonifenrae 
Couiquc. £. tutit 3. a. eonie. eonieal 
Contectonl. e, a. -.-ral, uncertain 
Coniecturalemant. ad. eonjaetnrally 
ConicctHrc, tf. — tura. auppoaition 
Conjecturer, va ' " 

CeiiSoindre, va. to conjoin 
Conwintement. ad, CMifointlT 
Cmjoiaf, m.^ t-^' '• 

wiuiinira, tna. ^ennaitm 

Conolde, 9. mat. conoid, eonoid-Ubn 

Conque. tf. a conch. aMi-iHall 

Conquirant, am. a conqnetor 

ConquMr, va. to conquer, eubdun rnitv 

CoiMjult, [. nan •». scquast in eoiJLma . 

Conqutia. tf. conquest 

Conqnctte, tf. fte. a sort «f pix ' 

Conracrant, a. tm. a eonaeorai 

a priett who says mass 
Conaacrer, va. to consecrate ; devoU 
5* — » «■• to dcTote ona'i self 
"?•?■»"'"• •• •■ k»l'-»»nHhw . 

lather's side 
ConsangniniK, tf Coacangnlatty 
Conaeiaaea, a/, conscience 
Caasciencieuscment. ad. — tlonaly 
Conseleiicienx, se, a. conecicntiona 
Conscription, tf. coaacripUon 

^••nwcrawuT, am. conseerator 
ConsfcrstioB, tf. —tion, eaacdflcntioik 
Cons<cutif, ve, a. —tire, sueeesairo 
Cone^eutiTement, oif . conaacudrelv 
l^oaaall, am. eounaal ; council : ndTim 
ConsaUlar, a, a. counsellor, adriaer 
—-, va. to counsel, adviae 

— -, $m. ma to epring ; break 
ConsCquemment, orf. coaaw|n4 

Cons^uent, «m. eoneequeat 
— -, e, tt. Just, consistent 
Conserritttor. ttice, 

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CoBMrvatoira, a. «. eoaserratory 
CooMrre, «^. conacrTa, eomfiu 
— , f^. at*, eoaaort, taiul«T 
C<HMarrar, v«. to coui , , 

S« — , vr. to beep; to wear well 
Conaerrea. «f. pi. preacrrera, a Idnii of 

CoaikMrabU, S. a. — 1>Ia ; haportaat 
Conaiderablamaiit, ad. — •blj' 
CooMd&rant. a, a. eenaidarate, eanthma 

Con*id4r»tioa, ^f. — t 
ComiiUriiiicnt, atf. c 

, f. considaratalf 

Considirar, v«. to eonvidar ; to eataam 
Conrifiiatalra, am. truataa, depoaltary 
Conaignation, $f. eonslgnmanl ; dapoalt 
Conii^na. ^f' watchword 
Cooai^nar, va. to dapodt ; to eoaalgn ; X 

giva ordara for the axdaaiau or adaoii 

ainn at aooia one 

> giva an order to a 
ie«, •/. — aara ; ati 
Coaaiatant, a, «. eouaisring 
CoBsicter, va. to eonalat 
Coo^toire, «ai. conaittorjr . , 

Connatorlal, a, a. cooiiatorial [form 

ConsialOfUlaoiant, ad. in m eonaialorial 
Cansolable, 3. a. eonaolahla 
CoDielant, m, «. eoaaolatorf, eonaollng 
ConsoUteur, triea. «. —tor, eoinlbrtar 
Coinolatioa, a/. — tion, eonfert 
Cooaalataira, 3. «. coniolatorjr 
Contolc, »/. a braeVat : coibal 
Conaoler, vm. to eonaolc, comfbrt 
Consolidation, 9f. eonsolidation 
CoBMlidar, va. to eonaolidata; heal np 
Sa — , vr. to grow firm 
CaBaomaMtear, nm. eonsomar ; ffnisher 
Cooaommadon, [. »o-ma-*ttimf] ^f. eoi 
mmatioD ; conaamption : and 
', «M. Jelly-broth 
r, tHi. to couaai 

. o end 5 boil to raga 

Coniomptif, va, a. «. coniumptiTa 

" '— , ^f. eoniamption 

• a. agreeing in lonnd 
. a^. — ^nanca ; harmony 
Cooeonna. *f. a oonaonaat 
Coosort. a, •■ assoeiate, partner 
Conapirataar, *m. eontpirator 
Cooepiration. •/. eoaiplracy, plot 
Canapirer, va. to conipire, plot 
Cenapnar, va. to apit upon ; deipiae 
Conatammeiit, ad. conauntljr 

Conatrietlon,' ^f. — ttau ; ......^..^ 

Conatringcnt, e, m. —gent, bindlug 

Conatruction, if. oenttmotioa 

— , »f ata. ship-building 

Constmire, va. to eonstraat ; VnIM ; co*« 

atrne ; frame, make 
Cooaabatantiallt4, ^. — litr 
Conauhatantiel, le, a. — tial 
ConaubataniielleBMnt, ad. — tlallf 
Consul, [. •«/] aai. eonsul 
ConauMra, 3. a. consular 
Cousulairement, ad. conealarly 
Cousalat, [• 'a-Zaj tm. — laM, the oBct 

of consul 
Coaaultant, a. tm. who girea adriea 
Conanlution, tf, —tion, dalibaratloa 
Consulter, v. to consult ; to adTisa 
Conaulur aen ckevet, to daliberaio 
Conaumaat, a, a. — ing ; deronriag 

awajr, to decaf 

1. MBtm«t, toneh 


Coaatant, e, a. constant ; certain 
Constator, va. to rerlf jr : prore 
roastellation, •/ coiisullation 
Consternation, a'*. — lion ; dread 
Constemer, va. to dispirit ; dismaj 
Constipation, »f. — tion; costiTeneaa 
Constiper, ra. to eonetipate, to bind 
Coostitaant, a, a. «. eonstitaent 
Consiituer, va. to constitute, attabllsh ; 

appoint ; place | raise ; put 
— une pension, to eettle a pension 
Conntitntion, ^. — tion ; compoaltioB 
Coustitntionnaira, 3- a. annaitant 
Coostimtiomicl, fo, 



mant. ad. - 

a. — gious, catchi: 
mtagion; pestilea 
. pi. refuse, floss- 
if. —tion, poUtttiou 
to contaminata, defile 
, tale; fiction 
iriea. «. eontemplator 

, a. contemplative 
/. —tion, meditation 



itaining, container 

.. -. itniding; rhral 

Cnntanir, va. to eonuin, to rrpreaa 
*e — , vr. to refrain, forbear 
Content, e, a. contented ; pleased 
Contentament, ««. content; pleasure 
Contcnter, va. to content ; satisfy 
Se — , vr. to be contented, aatisfiad 
Contentieux, se, a. contentious 
Contentieuscment, ud. litigiuusly 
Contention, ^f, —tion ; strife ; great ap> 

plication, Inteoseness of thought 
Contenu, «m. contents 
Conter, va. to relate. Mil 

En eonter, to romance, to cajole 
Contestable, 3. a. — ble, disputable 
Contestant, s, a contending 
Contesution, t/ —tion, diapnta 
<-ontester, va. to contest, to dispute 
Contour, s», «. astory-uller 
— de fieurettea, «as. one who cajoles or 

wheedles a woman [idle stories 

■ de fagots, ou somettes. aas. a teller of 
Contntture, «/. texture, contexture 
Contigu, e, a. eoatlcuous, adjoining 
Conli([ttlt<, «/. contiguity, proximity 
Continence, if. continency, chastity 
Continent, C. ■ nan] «as. eontiaont, mala 

-, e, a. eoBtineol, cbttte 

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— , •, «. eaaval, ooadAMnt 
Cantiaa* •*. a ol«M bodjr 
— , a, a. coUlniMl; ooaOaaoiM 
CoatiaaaWur, «m. eonUaaBtar 
CMttlaiutiMi. ^. — <ioBi coMtinuuM 
Coatlnue, »r. — nuanM, length of tint 
OmtiuMl, U, «. coatlniuit InetMaat 
CoaUau«U«iB«ntt «d. aontiniMilIjr 
ContioMr, tM. to ooptiaM i go on 
CoDtiuulU, ^f. eontinuMiAe t eohmioa 
ConUnaMMOt, «l. — «dljr, itteenantly 
CMitoni«B» tf. CMtortioB, <li«tarti«w 
GMt«»ar» f. <«w] ««. ogntaari •■(U> 

circiunCarwiM ; circuit, compMa 
"oDtMnMr, v«. to |iv« tJM prapar 

t« a ptaaa ot work ; to dittort 

Contractar, va. to eoatnag haxgaia 
Se — . vr. to akfink ap 
ContrMtiMi, ^f. — tioa ; •brinUog 
Contractual, la, a. atipalatad 
Contractuza, ^. dlmlBitlios 
('■ODttadietaur, «ai. —ter, oppotar 
C««tradietioa, «^. —tioa ; hmdranaa 
Caatfadiotoire, 3. a. coDtradletory 
CoatradictoiraKeBt, nd. -^torilr 
CoiitialgaaUa, 3. m. eonipallable 
Contraladra. *«. locouitraia) to atxaitaa, 

inooa u aad* ; ta campal 
Conuminu, rf. coaatraint, torit 
— par corpa, a writ of arraat 
Contraira, 3. a. eeotrarjr, kartfal 
— , §m, tba Qootrar/ 

Au caatraira, ad. an tha eoatrarr 
Coatrarlaat, a, «. apt to contradict ; tcx- 

tag. proraWag £to oppoaa 

Coatraricr, m. to eaatradict ; coaaMract ; 
OoauarUtJ, t/. coatiariatjr 

CoatrasUr, ua. to oootiaat 
Coatrat, tm. contract; oovaaant 

— da nariafa, manriaga satdnaent 

— da donatioa, dacd of gift 
ContraTcndoB, a^. eontiavantioa 
Contra, [caa-fr] ^. againati aaar 
alUe. ^f. lida-wallc 

amiriJ, ««. raar-admiral 

— -baa, ad. mrd. downward! 

— 'baliinear, p. to countarbalaaca 

— -bande, •/. amuggUug ; amuggled «r 
eontraband gooda 

bandiar, a, «in. aauggltr 

baiaa. «/. oountar-baa* 

_ -brasiar, va. ma. to brasa about 

— -carrer, va. to thwart, to croai 

— -chaaat*, tm. blind ( double caaemant 
ciTadiira, qf. ma. bow-aprit topaail 

A Coatra-e<aar» «d. against tba grain 

— M»ap, [- coo] " "• 

daaaa, tf. country danea 

— -<tala, *m. pi. mut. aftar baeV-ate/a 
4tambot, «M. aM. atarn-poat 

— -dtravo, (/. a(«. apron 

— -fcnttra. tf. laaide ahntlar 
Casta, if. eM.i * 


Coato«<<Mrt.L— /ar] a*. areL ipar. ynp 

garda, 4f. cowatar-gnard 

— -bachcr, v«. to eouatar-bateh 
hatiera, «at. pi, kiuhaa rack 

— -bant, ad. oral, downwarda 

biloiraa, tf. W. ata. atiakaa tt pUnka 

an tba daeka 

— -iour, am. falaa light 
latta, f^. couatar-latli 

— -latter, va. to eouator-latk 

lattre, i— Ial-ir2 tf. coantar-da«4 

— -maitra, aai. boatawain'a aaata 

— -marclMt tf. counteraMrnh 

— -BMric, if. ma. * 

— -atarqua, ^. c 

— -mine, tf, eou 

— -miaar, va. to eouatciaiiaa 

A CoBtre-iaobt, ad. spwaida ; 

wroag and upward* 

mar, am. a prop- wall 

nurar, va. to prop with a wall 

ordra, <a». eoaatar-ordai 

— -partla, tf. eouotarpart 


. , ^ laaaa 

r . CM. countarpoiaa i 

■ -poil, tm. wrong couraa 
A C«atra-poil, againat tHa gnia 

■ -poiut, tm. counterpoint 

pointer, va. to quilt on both aidaa ; to 

thwart, to oontradiet Cconntarpolaoa 

poiaon, C— ^oo-oma-aoa] tm. aaUdova 

porta, aai. a double door 

portaur, «■». a hawker, padlar 

— -quilla, if. ma. kaalaon, ■temaoo 

— -aanglon, #ai. a gbth-laathar 

— -aeel, eat. eoantar-aaal 
aceller, va. to countcr-iaal 

— -aaing, tm. conntaraign 

— -aana, tai. aeuaa, aaeaulaf, or way 
contrary to the right one 

— -aigner, a. to eoanurslga ; fiaak 

tern*, tm. tni'^haiioa ; diaappotnt- 

Biaut; unaeaaoKable tina 

A Contra-teiaB, a<f. unaeaaonaU/ 

— -tirar, va. to counter-draw 

— -vlriti, ^. ntaaning oontrarj to tho 
worda ; Irony 

viaite, ^. accood leareh 

Contr'Acbaaga, «ai. countar-chaaga 
Contrcdire, va. to contradict 
ContTodiaaat, a, a. ountradicting 
Contredit, «m. reply ; contradietian 

Sana contradlt, ad. aaauredly 
Coatr<e, tf. country ; region 
Coattafaoon, ^f. eountarfirtt, eonittarfatt- 

ing, falaifieatioa 
Contrafactaur, aai. a countarfcltar 
Controfalre, v. to counMr&tt ; pliata i to 

ioaitata ; to ap« i diagnita 
Sa — , vr. to ielgn ; to diaaemhla 
CootTcfaisaur, mi a mimia 
Coatrafait, e, a laiiuted ; dcfomod 
Coatremantlement, tm. eouatonaand 
Coatremander, va. to conutcmaud 
CoBtr'<preare, ^f. eouater-proof 
Contraacaipe, ^. couniaracarp 
CoBtroacarper, va. to couateracaip 

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ContrevmUation, «/. MmtraralUt 

Coatrevenir, va. e(Mitr*T«iM 

C<mu«T«nt, L- • v«n] tm. aa«DUid« thaM 
CootribubU, 3. , 

CoDtriboant, «m. eontribntor 
Contriboer, «w. to coutribuia 
CourJbutisn, rf. eouiribiUiou ; ) 
CoiUriMcr. pa. to f ri««e «r t«z 
Connit, e. a. contriM, Mirowful 
Contritiaa, ^. ooutritioa, aomw 
r< — _.!- 1. coulTol r»»*»k on pUto 
». to control 

{uasn; CD «ausiir« or MHi 
Contrdleur, »m. comptroUai 

eriiie^ ianlt-fiudor 
CoatrouTcr, va. to forge^ biTmt 
CoDtravnM, #/. — T«njr, diaputotioa 
ConuqTcn4, «, a, «ontrov««aitl 
CoDtrov«r«UM, •». — tiat, <liapatant 
ContuniMe, sf. — oy ; aoa-appeiinnco 
— , «. ». one who itSmtm to mMar in a 

court of JMtioo "^ 

CoBiuiDMcr, *a. to outlkw { aonauit 
ContnaiiUe, rf. eoBtumely ; abue 

Coutu3B<Ue«x,u,a.eoaCttinalioaa, abutTt 
Cdntuo, o, a. braiaod, eontuaed 
ContoaioD, «f. comuaion, br«Ue. hurt 
Cunraincant, e, a. oonvincinfl, clear 
Coaraiaere* im. to conWiico ; to conviet 
CosvaleacooM. ^. —letccnro 
CoanlMcoBt, e, «. eonvalaaetnr 
CooTaaable, 2. m. convenioM j 

fit ; becomiag : advquato 
CoBTeoablemaat, ad. auUaUy 
ConTcnanM, t/: oonvaiiiaDoc j 

•oitaUaaoM i doooa^j 
CoBTniaat, o, «. aailaUoi wmem 
Convcnir, ana. to agree ; f^raut 

piopar, coDTanieat, eapediout 
ConTaotieulo, na. eonrenticio 
CantantioB, V'* coavoution ; 

treaty, agroemtat ; aaaamblr 
Cenrentianaol. 1«, a. ooAMadonal 
CaaveatioBuellaBtont, ad. — tiouaUv 
Coareataalii^, «/• * Mciety of monlta or 

aanaliTiaa togetkor 
CoBvantaol, la, a, coarontual 
CeaToatuaUe wiea t, ad. eoBrentionallr 
ConTeao, a, a. agreed on, granted 
ConrergcBco, i/. coarerging 
Conrergcat, e, a. — gaui^ eonrefgiag 
Conrerger, vn. to ooarerge 
CiDTei*, e, a. ». lay-brother or aiater 
Conraraablo, 3. a. coareraabla, aoeiablo 
CoDTeraadAD, </. eonraraation, talk 
Cooreisov, va. to eouTemo, to talk 
Caareraiao, »/. eonveraioa ; ehaaga 
Convcrd, e, a. t. eonrerwd j a oaoTtH 
CoBTertibU, 3. a. coavarUbla 
Conrartir, va. to ooarert or change 
ConvartiaamMat, hn. change 
CoBT M li— e ar , «jn. a eonvettar 
CenTcxa, 3. «. aoavrx 
ConvaxitA, a/, eonvaaity 

>a, aomar t<mTul*«, a, a. coa* 

-mark on plate Coavulatf, re, a. eon 

ol ; to rarily ; aiavk CoaTolalon, ^f. coar 

blaao Convalaiouaaiia, «ai. 

voUar ; oveneer : a eoamlaira to 

voDTexiw, mr. e 
Coi>*ietioa,4^. - 
CwM, MM. a « 

CoaTUr, VA. to fatvita; toiaeita 
ConnTO, 3. a. a gaeat 
OoBTocation, «/. — tioa, eonraiua|r 
CoDToi, [. voo-«ae] *m. oosToy } funeral 
CooToitabU. 3. a. coTetable 
CoQvoiter, va. to covet, deaii* 
ConToiteuz, ao, a. coretoua 
CoaToitiae, ^. eoretaaancaa 
CaaroUr, «m. to marry again 
CouToquer. va. to cearoh* ; aaaCmM* 
ConTovcr, va. to conroy. eaoort 
ConruM, e, a. coavubcd 
Coavttlatf. TC, a. eoBTuUiTe 

k poraon aubjeet to 

Cooblig^, e, a. party in a bond 
Coop^ratoar, am, eo-oparator, helper 
Coopt^ratioa, «/. eo-oporatioa - 
Coop^ratTiee, ^. eo-«paratrtx 
Coop<r«r, va. to co-operata 
Cooptatiaa. rf. eo-optaiiaa 
Coopter, va. to admit, Baaociato 
Copahu, aat. copaiba-balaam 
Copal, l.pal2 tm. eopal, a eort of gam 
Copartagcant, e, a. copartner 
Copaau, r.po] «a». ehtpa i shaTinga 
Copie, VV copy ; traaacript ; imibiti(m 
Copter, va. to copy ; to imiMta 
CupiauMment, att. copiously 
Copicux, le, a. copious, plcaiifol 
Copiau, ana. copter ; prompter 
Copreaear, aai. co-lasaea 
CopropfMtain " '' ' 
Copter ujte cU.. 

a boll strike on one aida only 
Copiilaiif, ra, a. oopnlatiTa ; Joining 
Copulation, jjr. eepulation, coition 
Coinula, ^. oopula, a rarb that coo^ieGv 

any two tarma in a proposition 
Coo, ica-tn am. a coah ; (m«.) sbip'b oook 

— da bois, a pheasant 

— de bruT^re, a kealh-r^*- 

— da cloeher, ateepla, « 
d'lade, turkay-ooclt 

•ai. co-lasaea 
lire, 3. #. Joint-proprietor 

cloche, to make the eiapper «^ 
ike ou one aida only 
f«, a. oopnlatiTa ; Joining 

Coq-i-l'lu>e, «m. aeasease 
CoquaUin, aat. the striped atiioi 
Coqaard, aai. a fool, a ninny 
CoquAtra. «m. a half-oaatraied coek 
Coqoe, «/. abell itf aa ^g, ttalmut, «fB.) j 

Coquelieot, «as. wild red poppy 
Coqueliner, vn. to ai«w (« a cseA) 
Coquelourde, ^A aaaqae-flower 
Coqaelnche. «/. tha hooplag-aeagh | a fa- 

Coqueluchon, «m. cowl of a aioak 
Coquemar, «ai. a boiler, braamt pot 
Coqueret, am. winter-cherry 
Coqiiarloo, tm. crowing of the coek 
Coqaorlquer, «m. to crow ita a eaei) 
Coquaaigrao, if. idle talk j a stork 
Coquet, C ird] cat. wa. a coek-boat 
— , to, a. •« a coquette, beau 
Coqueter, va. to ooquot, to jilt 
Coqactier, «st. a higgler i au egg-«ny 
Coquetlcria, «/. coqaatry 
Coquillage, tm, AAUi ahaU-flah 

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Onqnillt. ^f. s iheU ; finak 
CoqiOlliar, m. ooUaetiou of ahalU 
Coqut Ilir*. C. •onuining AM* 
Co^ttltl, e* «. k rogv*, kn»T* ; Jitd* 
Coquiuaille, ^. » pack of rogvM 



CoquiMr, tnt. to toiler. Mle 
Coqnineri*, «/. kaavcrr ; rofoerjr 
Cor, Ccor] «w. French horfe ; • com 
A Cor ct k eri, ad. with » ha* and erj 

m^ k liKht •mil ImhU 
r. whito eorU-Mod 

with might and 
Cormi), »m. oorU 
CorailUur. m. » oorml^Ttr 
Coralliii, •, «. eamlliiM ; rod •• ooral 
Cormlliiio, af. «- - "-•-- " • 

Coralloldo, V ' 
CorboilU. ff. brood or frttit-batket 
CorboilMo, ^f. booketfttl 
CorbiUkra, tm. » booroo ; huspor 

Corbillu, «m. younc 

Corbilloo. am. cull 
Corbiu, *m. ravou 
Cordage*, am, pi. ev>i>«(v, auiiv 
Cordo, if. cordi ropo; luiug 

— & iMvaa, oatgut 

— do dMniao, «m. Juak fondera 

— da boil, a moaauro of wood 

— da drap, tkraad of clatk 

— da ratouua, ma. guy 

— ongagte, MM. fottfiopo 
Cord«, a, a. twiaiad ; ■tringy 
Cordaatt, [eor-<ic>] am. a lino, a ootd 
Cordolar, •«. to twist, twlno, warp 
Cordolotia, ^f. oord or Um 
Cordolier. mm. Fraaciaoan friar 
r*..^.iiA -.# V 1 

, Coma — d'artltBOB, mm. gaC 

— do gai, MM. eruteh 

— dajorgM. ma. >w. of a gaff 
Corata, af. comoa of tho oyo 
CornaUU. •/. a i^k, a orow 
':orllomol>^ am. tlnglUg of tho oars 
vomoinuM, af. a bagpipo 
CutiMr, vm. to Uow a horn: to tntaipat 

'i forth i to tinglo ; to amall muoti*- 
Coroat, C MJt] mo. horn, inkhom, < 

— k rauiouaor, a eupplng-glaaa 

— do mU, ma. oaao of a mMC 
Comotior, am. a h«niHlro>acr 
CocMtto, af. woman a aadrcoa cap 

— am. a aoraat of horao ; r — — ■ 

Cornieha, ^. a eomioo ; a hoy'o top 
Coruichou, am. littlo horn ; girkin 
Coniiiro, af. a drain an tho houao-tep 
Corniiroa, «/. fl. ma. faahioa-pioeoa 
CornUlas. am. young rook 
Comouilla, «/. aomA-borry 

Corau, o, a. avraoa ; eorauti 
Corouaa. am. a kind of ahad 
Comae, ^f. cueurblta, a ralot 
CornupAda, aai. a hornatf *-- 
CoroUliqua, 3. a. ant. c 
CoroUaln, am. oorollary 
CoroUo, af. to. comT' 
Coronal, o, «. dU. e 
CoaoaMo, 3. 8.dW. 

Cordali^, «/. I 

— , ooidalior% g.._„ , .... ..^...^ 

CordoUa, rf. a littlo cord ; party. | 
r, va. to twiat, to eora 



lia — , »r. to grow atriDgy 
Corderia, ^. a rope-walk 

Cordial, a, 

kind, aiocora 

; of a houae 
traaaporting ba«ya 

— , am. a eoroiaji 

Cordialemaat, oif. ootdially 

Co>dialit<. if. — ty • aioGcr* 

Conllor, am. a ropo-malwr 

Cordon, am. twiat: attiag ; band ; girdle i 

a lace ; atono plinth , tho nag-cdge or 

milllag of a pioco of coin — moria, lmotj ^. mm. traaapomni 

CotdoaiMjr, va. to twUt, braid A corpa pardu, a<f . headlong 

Cordoanerla, ^. ahoe-makiag ; a plaee Corpiilenco. ^.— Iniey, eorpnlcDco 

firhcre ihooa are oxpoaed lo aalo Corpuaeulalre, 3. a. — lar, atomical 

CordoniMt. am. edging or laeo " '* — — ~"'* — "* — 

Cordoaaler. «m. a ahoemahor 

Cordouan. am. — «aa, a Spauiah leather ^»nwcw~>«~.. ... < 

Cordouanicr, am. Icather-draaaer Correolour, trice, «. a corroetor 

Coriace, 3. a. tough, atiff Correctif, am. corroetiTe ; leiiitiTa 

Coriambo, am. a poetical foot Correetiou. af. — tion ; puniahmoat 

Coriandre» ^f. ooriander Corrootionnoi. la, a. of eoi 

Coriathion, C- • t*-«n] m. «. Corinthian Corrtgent. am. co-rcgeat 

Coime, ff. the iarriee or aorb-appie Corr<gidoi, am. corrogldor 

Covmior. tm. tho aei^ee or aorb-treo Corr^Uiif, to. a. a. eorrolad 

Correlation, ^. eorrelatiTon.. 

" -" ; tf. eorroapondenca 

a, a. euitabla 

«ywro««i. •••.. M» ••■ •••>' •«■ aorb-treo 

Cormoraa. <m. a eormoraat 

Cotnae. [. nak\ am. aa eUphaat-dtiTar 

Cocnaline, tf. comcliaa 

Coino, af. horn, hoof ; comat 

— d'ahondaaoe. eocnucopia 

— d'amoraa, at*, powdar-hom 

Uaiaaatdi. 3. a. cm. erowa-like 

Corporal, [• • *«'] «>•• » aquara ptoM of 

liaea, on which tho ehalico aud hoat are 

placed at maaa 
Corporalicr, am. ohaliea-box 
Corporation, «/. eorporatloa 
Coipoidia, ^r^—caity, materiality 
Corporal, lo. a. eorporaal, oocporal 
CorporaUamant. a£. eerpoially 
CoiporiSeatiou, ^. eorporificatioD 
Corporifier, taa. to ««rporify; anppono a 

bidy J to form into alwd/ "^ 

Corpa, [cor] am. a bodv ; company { ah^po 
— , «M. M«u aholi I hull 

de fer, {.dafar\ ateol faaek-boatd 

J- —J- guard-houao or rooaa 


— . am. oorroaponaani 
Corraapoadia, v*. to oormpood 
Corridor, C. . dwrl •«. gaUMT i conldw 

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COTrifw. w. t» cwrarti t* Mnpar 
!i«— wr. to m«Ml ; rtfoim 
Cerrl«ibl«. 3. «. — «n>l«; r«eI«im«bU 
C«niTtl, *m. corriTal, eompatitor 

>, •/. < 

Conobonr. v«. to a«mibormlo 
CoiTodaat. •, m. eon«diiif> corrwlT* 
Corroder, v». to e«ira<i« ; wum; gn»w 
Comrf, Mi. d r iM J Bg of Icothor 
Conunpro, «•. to eomipt t to taint 

•p«a i bribo ; olior t d«fiU 
CoiTompu, o. a. a. eorruptod ; debt 
Conosi/, T«, a. oornMiw, eorrodiag 

ConOTor, vm. to carry ; 


Corrodo, «/. wild aoporafua 
Cotrntoar, trieo. «. « corrwpMr 
C«mipdbUil<. rf. eorroplibtbly 
CmniptibU.a. oarrupablo 
Corrvptteo, »f. eomiption i bribtry 
Cmo, «m. coru ; (ate.) bom* 
Conoaa, «m. ohope, fom ; (aiM.) cheat 
Imaain, aa. cot«alr, pirata , priraiaar 

Coract. [aL . 

Cartdcc. aat. latiiina. train : praaraaion 
Canteal. a, «. aarti-al. barky 
CwvaaUc, 3. a. liaoia ta alatuta labour 
Carr^a. rf. atatala labour ; druditary, oi 

Garvatia, rf. eirttar, aloop ; aaaat 
Corrvymr, nk atatula-Ubouror 
Cocyaiba, am. — bua, a lufi of flowara 

— , , I. eonraibifi 

Caryphia. «8». abiaf ; laadar 
Co-aBcasta, *f. aacaat af aa arcb 
Ca-a«Biw»F. aat. Jaint lord oT a manor 
ra-tiawa, C- aa-Mio*] m* ew-aliia of an at 
CaamMqaa, aai. 'i. a. aoamotla{ baaa 

[ea-taol am. haiack, a Utda UU 
Cotclatia, a/, chop ; outlet ; littla rib 
Cotar, vo. to quota { aodoraa ; eita 
Cotaiic, «/. a club, aociaty ; aanf 
Cothama, aai. eothursua ; a MMia 
COtiar, a. im. eoaatloc ; a eoaatar 
CAtiira. tf. a ranga of coaat ; border 
Cotlgnae, [. /arj^-xait] am.«|niuce mar* 

Cotilloii, am. eodllioa ; uadar-patlieea* 
Cotlr, ra. to bruise 
Cotliation, ^f. aaMeament { alabbinf 
Cotiaar, »a. to aaeeaa; ta ainb 
Catiaaure, tf. bruleing of fruiia 
Cotan, [. tong] am. cottoa ; downi na 
Cotooa4, a, «. woolW, frlaaUd : ikappy 
Cotoanar, ra. to atuff with rotton 
Sa — , (IT. to be corercd with aet*on 
Cotonnoux, oa. s. epongy, aofti doway 
CoM&niar, tm. a eotion-traa 
Cotonnine. a/, ooaraa oallM Iby aid* 

Cdtoyer, va. to coaat along; to walk aide 
Cotrot. am. a amall feggot 

Hulla da eotrel, a aouMd drubbing 
Cotta, a/, pottieoat 

— d'armea, a/, coal af arma 

— da malllaa. a/, coat of mail 
Cottaroa, am. abort petticoat 
Cotutaur, fm. Joioi guardiaa 
Con, Com] *m. the aack 
Couard, a, a. a. eoward 
Coaardiic, «/. eowardica 
Couohaati a. m. am. aettlag ; the weat 
Concha, tf. a had. badataad ; deUrery ; 

lying in ; awkc at play ; hot-bed ; butt- 
end t atratnm ; coat ^tf ptinfi 
Couahfe, tf. an inn where one Ilea on a 

Jouraay ; ni|ht'a lodging 
Coiieher. cm. canahaa, bed time ^ baddla« ; 
-• ■^'* lodging [lay doara; to pram 
) put to bed } to lay or ataka ; 
led. auMct 

Coa awg r a pha. am. coamegraphe 
" '^- '. coamography 


^ , . a^. «^ 

CoomoM^, */. aoimoloi 
Coaamloaiqaa, 3. a. < 
Caamopditain, a, a. c 
CMmopoUu.S. a. coamopollta 
Coaaa. V^ ahaU. huak. or pod 

- da boia. a/, ma. bnU'a eyo 

- da for. «/. mm. tblmbla 

- da haobaaa. tf. ma. ■alalag tiueh 
Caaarr. m. to butt like a tarn 

Cooao, a, «. abally, buaky ; rich 
Caatuaaa, am. eoatnaM s maanar 
Co-taa«Bte, *r. co-tangant of an arah 
Cote. tf. nujnbar, letMr ; quota 
C«ie. a>. a rib ; eoaat : daeUrity 

— da Ur. tm». a bold abore 

— da Tant, aM. wa«ther-ahore 

- par terit, to write down 

> Couebar, vr. to llo dowa ; la go to tied ; 

to lat ; to crow flat 
Cottchatu, tf. a couch 
Couehaar, lO. (. bad-fclIow 
Couchb, am. layer, atratum of aaad, cie. 

nndar the pavement of a bridge 
Coaeholr, amrbookUnder'a iliea 
Couel couci, ad. *o ao, Indiffiereatly 
Coueou, C'oo-coo] am. a coekoo 
Conde, am. the dhow ; aay angle 

pied, am. the Inniap 

Cottd4e, a/, albow room ; cubit 

Coudcr, va. to bend 

Coodoyer. ra. to elbow, to paab 

Cottdraie, tf. baael wood 

Coudra, va. to aaw ; etlteh 

— , Coudriar, am. a kaacl-trac 

Coadraaaant, am. aoakiiu; 

Coudrar, v». to aoak hidea 

Cottcone, tf. bacon rind or awara 

Coaannena, ae, a. award-liha 

Coaattc. tf. feather-bed 

CouUIarda, am. ftl. aia. bunt alab>1inM 

Couladoox, am. aia. the laaUida of the 

ahronda of a gslUy 

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CcttlaauiMDt, ad. fluandy ; (reeljr 
Coolant, «, m. flaent, flowing 
— . «M. tlidtr ; diunand Deeblaeo 
CooUmeai, «ai. maning. leaking; flux 
CouUr. •. to flow ; run ; nelt ; iitoiia 
— k fond, to linV, to founder 
«• — or. tA alln or tTttf along 
; auit tat mmU) 

» or adder 
iBg adder 
I. culTorin 
. culUfl. grary, jclljr 
that coaaes through a 
s plajr-hoosc 

; ain ; miadecd 

ow ; woand ; thro 
aftOTO ; aim ; hit 
n-ahot, a ahot 


— d'<clat, rwoiarkaUo action 

— d« dent, biting, a bite ; a hoanethn 

— d« d^iaapolr, dcaperate attanpt 

— da fouet, laah, laahing 

— do hatard, mere chance 

— da aaattre. vaater-itroko 

— d'4p<c, thniat with a eword 

— da pied, a kick 

— da pineaau, alTOke with a pencil 

— da plume, daah of a pen 

— da poing. a blow with the fist 

— da alfllM. a whiiilr, whiatliag 

— d'caaai, trial, first tttty 

— da thUtre, atriklng event 

— da tonuerre, thunder-bolt 

— de Tent, aia. gale, guit of wind 

— da Tent iorti, •tree* of weather 

— d'oril, a glance 

— du del, great praridenee 

— lmpr<Ta, nne^Mcted eTeat 

— tCu, (i), ad. Mrtaialjr 

— -anr-coBp, ad. erar and anan; at ererjr 


S« — , »r. to c«t ar oMrtradict om'b mIC i 
to fret (tout afatmff) 
Fvmr cooper court, ad. la ahort 

Couperet. «m. a cleaTer 

Couperoee, if. eooMraa 

Couperos^, a, m. nill of red ptmplee 

Coupeur, ae, «. a. cotter; a gamester 

— de boarae, cot-parae 
Conpic, rf. eoople ; brace ; joke 
— , (M. coopIc (of ptraaat) 

— dc lof, «M. at*, loof-frama [bera 
Couples, k I'^qoerre, eai. ma. aqnare Um- 

— de balanceaaeat, aui. balance tramea 
de coltia, ata. bnookle timbera 

de rarriire, ma. after-bodr 
de Taraat, p/. bm. fore-bodjr 
de 1«T^, 8M fraaiea of a ship 
de rempUtsage, ma. fllUng timbara 
deroytea, ma. cant timbers 

Coupler, we. to couple piinite 

Couplet. Cea*-|i/Jii mi. a couplet ; aort of 

Conplcts, «M. pi. ma. hingea 

CoupMMr, --- - * 

Pour la eoap, ad. now, for once 
CoopaUe, 3. a. colpaUe ; gnaty 
Coupe, «/. catting, cot ; eop ; eopol 
~, -tworgeon, »m. a Tine-grub 

tita, «m. leap-frog 

Coap<, Ml. a aoupae Urn damdmgi 
— , e, a. cut i ahort, brief 
Coopeao, «M. the anaunit of a hill 
CoupoUe, ^f. eappel, eracible ; teat 
CoopoUer. aa. to aaaay gold 
Cooper, iM. to eat; eat olTar out 
— chamin, lo stop the wajr 

- la bouroa, to rob 

^ la parole, to Isierrapt 


Coupole, rf. a cupola^ 
Coupon, am. remnant ; dlTidend ; acrip 
Coupure, tf. a cut, gaah ; separation 
Conr, [eoor] «/. eoort ; coort-jrard 
Courage, «m. courage ; aeal ; mettle; an- 
ger, reaeatment ; pride ; cruelty 
— I int. cheer up I braTo I 
Coarageusement. ad. courageooaly 
Courageux, ae, a. eourageous 
Couramment, ad. onrrently 
Courant, e, a. current ; runnhif 
Coarant, Ml. eorrent; atream, tide 
Cout couraat, ad. readily, easily 
Courante, ^f. eouraat ; looaaaesa 
Coorbant, eai. ma. compass-limber 
Coorbatens, tm. pi. taa. small knees 
Coorbatu, e, a. founiand i§ald a/ taraeaj ; 

aore with fatigue 
Courbature, 4^. fooadering (•/ a liorae-i ; 

painful waaiiaeas 
Coorbe. «. a. crooked, corrad 
— , 4^. a eurre, a enticed jdeea of timber ; 

rib of a ship ; eurba 
Courbes d'aroaaae, ata, traiiaom knees 
de boaaair, ma. supporter of the eat-hend 
dejottereox, ma. {•^•cheeks 

- do premier ^nt, wta. the hangtng Inteea 
of the lower deck 

- do second poat, ma. hanging knees of 
the opper deck 

- horiaontales, ma. lodging knees 
-Tertieales du pont. sia. ataudarda 

Courhement, am. bending 

Couiber, *a. to bend, to bow 

Se —,•»-. to bend, to stoop 

Courbet, sm. aaddle-bow 

Courbette, «/. earrat ; cringing 

Courbettea (falre des), to crings 

CourbetMr, pn. to corret 

Conrbure. $/. curTity ; Bendiag 

Coureaillet, am. noise of qnaile 

Courcier, am. ma. the gang-way between 

.* the baaka of a row gaUoy 

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CooraMi, tm. a null y«wl 

Ceaiwor, sm. * runaiug footanaa ; ramUar ; 

laecr, rttnaar ; roTcr 
Coaraor*, »m. pi. leouta 
Ceanusa* «/. gaidar ; pronlltuta 
Coana, {f. a gourd ; a corbel 
Cooitr, vn. to run ; ramble 

— la posta, to ride poat 

— la pr^tantaine, t« gad about 

— la oarf, to hunt a atag 

— laa aaars, to infaat tha a«aa 
Coarlia aai Coarliea, aai. a eurlaw 

I, 4^. arown ; corooet 

Caorrlar. «jh. Muriar, maaaeager 
— da caUnat, atata naaaangcr 
Coorraia, ^f. a atrap, leatKar atrfng 
Caoroaeaur, va. to proToka, irriuta 
So — . vr. to be iaeanaad -, to raga 
Coarraojr, mm. wrath t raging 
Coura, Zootf} nt. eouraa; tana; 
— , mm. ma. airakaa of plaaka 


Areir Coara, to ba In wgna 
Coarar, [eaor-M] rf. courae ; raaniog, 

raaa s ernlaa ; inauTaion ; joamay : jaaat 
Coarriar, aaa. eouracr, ehargar, atead 
Coaraon, «aa. a ahaot of a rtae 
Cmirt, a. Icomr, oaHrfO <• abort 1 

-. ad. abort 
Courtaga, tm. brokaraga, fkctarablp 
Coartaad, tat. a thick-aat maa ; eroppad 

horsa ar dog ; abort bataoon 

— da boatiqne, a ahopkaapar'a <ni 
Courtandar, p«. to crop a iioraaa w> 
Court iKtaUIoii, «ai. a araj of draaaiag fltb 

with wioa, ate. 
Ceerta-botte, tm. a dwarf 
boola. */. abort bowla 

— -halai na. af. aatbaa 

— .pointe. tf. eountarpana 
Coanamaut, ad. briafly; abort 
Courliar, flat, a broker, ftetor 

— da cbanga, axcbaiiga-brokar, atoak- 

— da cha^M, a Jockey 
CoortiUlra. tf. mola-criekat 
Courtlne. #/. mtl. a c— '-'- 
Coartiaaa, tm. a eoun . 
Caortlaana, tf. a aoarteaan 


C«urtoia. e, a. ooartaoua, cira 
Courtoiaamant, ad. eourtaoaaly 
Coartolda, tf. courtaouanaaa 
CoortOB, aai. eoaraa hemp 
Coaaia, a, [eoo-rala. cae-camf] «. covaiA 
— , «ai. a gnat ; a r)^ cake 
Cwidnaga, aai. eoaainahlp ; kindred 
Coualner. vc. to eall one ooaain ; to 

CeaainiAra, tf. * Tail againat gnata 

Canaaia, ai«. bolater, ptitoar 

— dea Mttaa, at«. daabliag of tha 

— da mire, ata. bad of a » 
CouaalDat, «a».bag i pad s qailtad aiaaaaalitt ; 

pillion --»•—'• 

Couau, a. a. aawad, atiwhad 
CoAt, C<»el aaa. coat prica 
Coatcaa. (at. a knife 

— 4 dacouper, carrini 

Cooialaa, t _ 

CoaiaU, a, a. alaughierad 
Couteliar, aaa. a eutlar ; a ahril-fiab 
CotitaUira, »/. a raaa of kni*ea 
CotiuUae, tf.mnml printed aalie* 
CaAtav, ««. aa coat, ataad la ; to be pa 

fel or troablaaoma 
CaAieax, aa. a. opeaaiva, dear 
Coutier, (at. tioklng-naker or aallar 
Contil, Contia, aat. tick. ticUng 
Coutillade, tf. a podiard eat ar gaah 
CoutUle, tf. Wwri, dagger, pomtard 
Coatia, aaa. eaaltiar, plougb-ehara 
Cautuma,^. aaaiom.liabii; toil 

— , aat. aommon-law book 
Coatara, tf. oaam ; aawing ; 
Ca«tar6, a, m. having a 
Coutnrikra. tf. aaani 

Ca««aiB, aai. agga of baea, ate. 
CoiiT^, e, a. faatjr, Moaldf 
CouT<e, tf. a covay ; naat of agga 
Cottvent, [. van] am, a eoBvent, moaaatery 
Coover, v. to Ifraod « ait oa < breed in- 

eabaaa ; «a lie hid 
Coaaarele. tm. a aaaar : lid 
CoaTcralea dea <caatillaa, ain. hatehaa 
Convert, (. avl aaa. tabla<aleth ; plntea. 

— , e, a. covered ; elad ; hid ; cloaa ; re* 

aervad, diaacanbUac 

A Convert, ad. uDdar ahalur 
Couvarta, tf. a deck ; aaaaaal of elaiua 

iware ; glaaing of aartheawara 
Couvartaaaem, ad. aaeratijr 
Couvertnre, tf. aavar ; aavaring, eavarlet ; 

blanket, rag ; roof ; ureieaaa 
Coavartarlar, tm. beddin^eallar 
Couvet, aai, a aort of aandl alova 
Coaveoaa, tf. a attting ban 
Cauvl. a. at. addle ; rattan 
Convoir, (at. ata. a narrew paaaaoa in the 

Couvia-ahef, aat. aort of bead-dma 

fan, aat. eatfew } Ara-acrean 

^«d, tm. oovarlet for the teat 

^plat, aat. diah-covar 

Canvrear, aat. a 

— an ahaave, a thatcher 

Convrir, va. to eovar; hide ; daftM 

Se — , «r. to ba avereaat; pat am 

on ; put elothca on 
Crabe, «ai. a crab 
Crahier, aat. a arab<aatar (a Urd) 
Ctma, iarmtij aat. aracb ; anakliag a 

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Ctme, M. that's » fib w atorjr 
Craehkt, «m. apittU or •sptcwn 
Cruhaacut, mm. ipitting 
Cneher, n. to spit, la spit out 
Craehsur, ■«, «. s ipittsr 
Crsehoir, tm. a spitttug pot or Itox 
Craekotemsnt, saa. spitilng oftea 
Crsohotsr, vn. lo spit oftaa 
CraU, reroyj rf. chalk 
Craiar. tm. mtm, mall SwaAitk ship 
Oraiudrs, va. to fear, to draad 
Crainta, ^f, fear ; aws 
— , dc, ar. (or fear of ; last 
Craiuti^ TO, a. fsarful, tioM 
Grain tiTsnsoat, md. with lea 
Cramoisi, «, a. «. erimsou 
Craoipc. «/. (hsocamp; (sm.) « 
Craaspou, sm. eramp-iraa 
CranpoDnsr, as. faaiea with araasps 
S« — , «r. to cliaa to aajr thing 
Cramponnat, am. little craaip-iiaa 
Crao, am. notch, alek { lidae 
Crftiie, «ai. the skull ; amad-eap 
Crapaud. C- fl *». a toad, a 
Crapaudailla, ^. gausa araaa 
Crapaudilrs, ^. swanspjr plasa 
Crapaudine, if. toadstoooi a sort of pear; 
(io.) iroa-wort; Bsalt-warm (ttdtk far- 
Hart) ; soekai sr sole tftkt fUM ofm gmlt. 
A la Crapaadlna (flg*t»t), broiled pi- 
gaoas ' [wo«aa 

Crapoussia, a, «. litda ill-shaped aun or 
Crapuls, »/. grass iatemperauce 
Crapuler, va, to live Intamperataljr 
Crapuleas, so, a, iatamparats 
Craqaslla, asi. eraeboal, a sort af eaka 
Craqualot, «ai. a fresh red horring 
Craqueaseat, tm. cracking aoise 
Cnmaar, wa. to craek ; snap ; boast 
Craqacria, tf. lie, fletion, story, fib 
Craaa^meiit, tm. chattarlag •r ga 


or tha laatA 
Craqueter, ra. to etackls ; crspitata 
Craqueur, se, s. a fibber, a baaatsv 
Craoaaiie, tf. a sort af pear 
Crasse, [erase] ^. dirt, aaatiaess ; droas ; 

rttsticltjr, rudoaeas ; niggaidliaaaa 
—, a. gross : tkisk ; eaarse 
Crasseux, se, a. filthjr, sardid 
Cratira, ess. crater s roaad cup 
Cratleular, va. ta raduca by •^aares 
Craraa, eat. 
Cravata. ^f. 

— , ^f. SM. ... 

Crajroo. eai. crajron, penetl ; 

draaght, sksteh: descnptiao 
Crajronnsr, tia. to draw ; skeloh 
Crayoaaaar, «s». drawer with crayoas 
Crianee, «/. trust, canfidenoe; h«liaf{ 

debt; credentials; secret iastrwetions 
Cr<aneicr, e, «. creditor 
Crist, «si. a riding-school ashcr 
Cr^tonr, trice, «. m. araator, makarj 

creative, laTcntiTa 
Griattoa, «/. creation ; fetnoatiaa 
Criatare, •/. creature 
Crfcelle. «/. a ratdr 
Cracarslle, tf. keaterel. hawk 
CUeba. ^f.\ aMagsr, crib, enteh 

CrMeaae, rf. low ._, 

which church nlate Is put 
C>Mibilit<,y. mdibUity Cpowai 

Crtfdit, [er*-iU] tm. credit; iaSucuce , 
Cr<ditar, va. to credit ; to give credit 
Credo, im. the apostolical creed 
Cr<dttle, 3. a, ciadul<>as; saiigulna 
CrtiuUii, ^f. — lity, eredulousiiess 
Crier, va. to create ; to form ; invent 
Crimaillira, t/. pot-hanger, pot-hook 
Crimsillon, tm. a small pot- hanger 
"rtne, «/. cream ; the best of a thins 

- fouettie, whipt cream, whlpt syllabub; 

empty, frothy di»courae 
Crimeni, tm. climax ; allttvioa 
Crimer, »a. to gather cream 
Ciiaaan. tm. battlement, piimacla 
Crioelsge, tm. the milling on a eoia 
CrineU, e, a. embattled ; indaated 
Criueler, va. to iadent, notch 
Crinelure, t/. the being indeiitod 
Creole, 3. «. Ciaele, Creoliaa 
Crfpage, ess. the glassing of crapa 
Crtpe, sat. crape 
— , tf. pancake 

CrAper, va. to frisalt ; ta etiap 
Cripi, «M. ranch- east; parget 
Cripine, ^f. fringe 
Ciipir, ra. to parget 
Cripisstire, rf. rough-easting 
Crepitation, </. crackling, erepi 
Cripao, «ai. a stuff resembling crapa 
Cripu, e, a. erispsd. frissled 
Cripuscule, <ss. twilight 
Cr<quiar, eat. the wild plum-tr«a 
CrsMsn, «ai. bereoy, a sort of stuff 

CressonuUra, tf. plot of cresses 
Critaei, e, a. eretaoeous, chalky, marly 
CrCte, larai-U} if. crast ; cock's camb ; 

— de bid, pyramidal pile 

— marine, samphire 
Cr(t<, e, a. tufted, crested 
Criteler, va. to chuckle (as « laN) 
Cretan, eat. residuum of tallow, ata. 
Creioaae, tf. sort of whiu Uasa 
Creusemeat, am. digging 
Creuaar, a. to dig, to hollo 

to search iato 
Ccaueet, sai. crueiUle, melting-pot 
Crena. terra] em. hollow ; pu ; aaonld 

— d'un Taiasean, aia. depth of a ship 
— , se, a. hollow ; deep ; chimerical 
CraTaille, ^. gutliag, gormaadisina 
Creresae, if. creTiee, chink, scmtchea 
Creraasss aua mains, chaps ia the handa 
CrvTSsser, va. to chap ; crsck ; spilt 
Crire-ccrur, tm. heart-breaking, grief 
CrcTor, v. burst ; break ; tear out 
Crerette, (/. prawn, shrimp 

Cri, Ccrse] tm. err, shriek ; (ft;.) oiotta 
Crlailler, «n. to bawl ; scold 
CrialUerle, (/■ bawlhig ; aeoldiug 
CriaJllear, at, a. a bawler 
Criaiit, e. a. crying, glaring, shameful 
Criard, a, a. t. clamorous 
Cribls, «s». a sisre. bolter, riddle 
Ctiblor, va. ts sift { to picrae ; to aean 

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CtiUwi*, If. riftiDg*, duM 
Cribntlmt, «/. feribraUoo, lifting 
Crie, am. engine for lifting; * JMk 

eraCt.nM. crick 

Ciii», tf. proelaantion of ■»!« 

Crier. VN. to ery out ; tu •kont; nrccUim ; 

iBTaigh ; clmmour 
Ciierie, »f, (raterj ; clamour 
Crienr, ae, #. %. biiwler ; crier 
Criaae, «M. crime : aio ; faalt 
- de Mee aMJeei/, bigh treaaon 
CriaiiMliMr one aifaire, to make • eaae 

criMiiMi •#■ capital Cmauer. 

Cnmnkliste. »m. » writer unon cii ' 
Crimind, le, a. e. criminal, guilty} • 

, oif . criminallr 

Crin, tm. h«rae-b«ir / 

Crinier, «m. warker in hotae-liair 
Criniin, >/. the mane ; ■ paltry wig 

Ciiqoe, rf. eieek, a cove 

Criquet. «■•. a rit, pony. litUe hone 

Criic. Ccrc»*l e^. eriaia 

Criapation, «/. — tion, contraction 

Criaper, ««. to cnuae a contraction 

Criaaor, v». to gnash, to grind 

CrUtal, \crU-tiC\ tm. crystal 

Cristallia, e, a. cryitalliue 

CristalUaMlon. if. eryaullintion 

CriatalliMr, va. to ciVstalliaa 

CcMqnUa, 3. a. censurable 

Criiiqnc, \,er*-tttlu\ 3. e. critical ; captious 

— , tm. n critae, ccnsurcr 


._«r, v«. to criticise ; 

Creaaisemenl, tm. croaking 

Croc, [orwitj m, 
Croco, eat. 0I. 

CNdM, 3. 

. kook ; steelyard ; picklock ; 

1 (CD) 

Crochets. MS. !>/. fangs; tasks; braces 
Croehcter, »a. to pick a lock 
Croeketcur, «m. a porter ; picklock 
Cradictons, n». pi. small hooks 
Creohn, o. «. crooked ; hooked 
Ckodiiier, v«. to bend, crook 
Cracodile, tm. a crocodile [flower 

Crocus, [era- CMC] «m. eiticus, sa&on 
Croire, *. to beliere, think 
•• — , vr. to rely on one'a own judgment 
Crmaade, •/. cmaado ; holy war 
Cnii«4. «m. a crusadrr; a dupe 
CiuWe, if. caesmeut. window 
— d'nne aacro, (/. ma. the crown 
~- ' — T«). */'■ kersey 

cruise ; 

Cfoisar, va. to lay cross- wise ; 

cross ; to cancel «r cross out 
as — , «r. to lie athwart ; take 

the cross of the holy war ; to 


1, ^, SM. a rrulss 

CroisiUau, mi. cross-bar 
Croissance, <f. 
Croissant, " 

Croit, Cer.«w] eat. iacreaae 
Croilre, ms. to grow ; incrcSM 
Croix, Cer-nar] tf. a cross 
Cromotns, eai. organ-uumpvt 

Croquant. e. «. scranching ; crackling 
— ^, ««. a pitiful wretch 

I, aiL. with sslt alone 


Croqualacdon, eai. a liciT-spit, sponger "^ 
Croquv, »■ to sat gtvedily ; spsnd ; con- 
sume: oiackle; piUsr 
— le marmot, dance attendance 
Croquet, C ^hA] «m. thin gingerbread 
Cro^eur, tm. a devourer, greedy-gut 
Crsquignole, */. a fljlip on the face 
Croiiuignolcr, tm. to ftlQp 
Cioquis. tm. sketch, rough draught 
Crosse, tf. eroaier; butt-sud of a musket; 

bat; dramstiok «r pestls 
CrossS, a. who carries a crosier 
Ciosser. tr. to play at cricksti to treat 

with great sontempt 
Crocaette, ^f. ag, sprig, a layer 
Crosssur, tm. a cricket playe« 
Crotoa. eat. lump of sugar 
Crotts. if. dirt: mud; animal dung 
Crotter, v«. u dirt, to dirty, bespatter 
Crottin. «m. dung of aaimds 
Croulant, e. a. sinking 
Crottlemeut, tm. sinMof. shaking 
Crouler. v/i. to sink ; shako } fall 
Craulicr, s. a. boggy, sinking 
Cruttpsdc, tf. Issping of a horse 
C»oupe, tf. eropper ; top of a hill 
Croapetons, ad. squatting 
ipi. e, «. stagnated, stagnant 
Croupier, eat. banker at a gaming Uble 
"rottpiire, [ereo-|M-air(] ^■, crupper uf a 
horse, etc. 
, if. SM. stem-fast 
f'roupios, «•». rump, buttock, tail 
Croupir, va. to stsnd still ; abide 
Croupissant, e, e. standing, stagnant 
Crottstille, if. piece of crust 
Croustiller, vff. to eat a crust 
Crottstilleuscment, ai. comically 
Croustilleux, so, a. droll ; humoroue 
CroAu. «/. crust ; rind j scab; scurf; a 

paltry pioture, a daub 
Croatelette, •/. a little eraat 
CroAtou, «M. crusty piaee of broad 
Croyable, 3. a. credible, likely 
Croyaace, if. belief ; confidence 
Croyaut, e, t. a believer 
Cru, tm. growth ; soil ; invention 
— t e, a. raw ; blunt: imperfect 
Cruautt, ^. cruelty ; grierous thing 
Ouche, 4/. a piukcrt blookhcsd 
Cruchie, ./. a pitcher full 
Craeheris, «/. stupidity. silUasss 

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Cnidfire, 3. a. erueiiitroiu, crucifbrai 
Craeifleaient, «ai. erue^fizioa 
Cracifier, ixi. to crucify 
Cnicifiz, •••. a enteinz 
Gniait<, ^. rkwnmt ; eradity 
Cm*, tf. incrauc, growth 
Cruel, lea. cruel, onhtad ; grierovi 
Croelleaent, tut. cruellr 
Crument. ad. Uoatlr, boldlr 
Crural, le. a. crttraf, of the thigh 
CrustaoJ, e, «. ehutaceout 
Cruade, ef. a Vonug«tf» coia 
Crj^te, #/ bttryiag vault 
Cnptographie, •/. writing in cypher* 

CuUbe, if. eubeba er eubeb-peppcr 
OaWque, «. a. euMeal, cuWc ^ 

Cubital, e. a. cubital, of the elbow 
Cublanc, im, orm. white tail 
CttboTde, tm. a bone of the foot 
Cu«urfaitae<, e, a. — eeoua, gourd like 
CacurbitdM, «m. pi. «at wonnt 
CueurMte, «/. a ehemieal Teeeel 
Ciielll., [em-O} ^. a breadth of 8*il-doth 
CoeUleret, •«. manorfal tvnt-roU 
OtieiUette, ^. karveat ; gathering 
CuclUeiir. te, «. a gatherer 
Coeillir, IM. to gather, to nlok 
CuetUoir, «ai. fruit-baeket 
Caider, m. to think ; to intend 
— , em. a fruit-baeket 
Corner, C««»-«o] /, if. a noon ; ladU 

— k pot, a pot-ladle 

— fc ragoftt. a gra*r-spoon 

— i aoupe, a aoap-Iadle 
Cniller«e, ./. a epoonful, ladlefol 
Cttillcron, na. bowl of a tpooii 
Caillier.aM. ora. the spooBbiU 
Coiae, «/. dieiilUag Toeiel, retort 
Cnif, «ai. leather; hide, eUu 

— wrt, raw hide 

Cuiraaee, »f. a euirase, coat of man 
Cuiraee<, e. «. araied, mailed 
Cuiimeeer, m. to arm with a ctdrase 

%'uiraeeiar, tm. a eulrastlcr. 

Cttire, •. to cook, to drew ; to digeet. 

coct ; to emart ; to ripen 
Coi«aat,e, a. eherpi martiag; violent 
Culseur, am. brick-burner 
Cuiiine, Ikmt'imnti af. kitchen ; eookeiy 
— , •/. MA. gallejr, cook-room 
Cuielner, t>a. to eook, dreie victuale 
Cttlsiniar, e, •. a cook 
CuiMart. «M. armour for the thighe 
Ca CM, »/. thigh ; leg of a fcwl 
Cuiwoii, af. draeeing of victualt: emart 
Cttieaot, am. haunch of a deer, etc. 
Cuistee, eM.Mrrant in a coUege ; iB-bred 

college etudent ; pedant 
Cuit,e, «. boiled; baked; i 
Cuiu, af. baking, bunting 
Cuivre, em. copper 

— laune, braei 

Cnl, CcKlj am. arae, poaterion: bottom 

— d'artichant, m. the bottom of an artl- 

il-de-lampe, a tail- 
-de-plomb, Cp/ow] 
-de-aae. a bUnd al 

— -de-., 


'-«] a aedentafT a 

jj— _„j, af. tbe breech of a gun 
Culbute. af. oyenhrow ; fall. tumUa 
Culbuter, t;. to overthrow : tuiabla : •• 

rujn, doatroy, undo 
CuMe, af. butcment of a bridge 
— , */. MS. (tern-way 
Culer, VM. at*, to go a-stem 
Culeron, am. man. crupper 
Cullire. af. a gutter-atone 
Culminauon, af. — tlon, paataga of ■»▼ 

heavenly body over the meridiaa 

Cuimincr, va. to eulmiuate r— i 

OBlot.[o«-/ol»m ncaUiug; droaa ; 7&; , 
Calotte. */. breechei ; b«^k part of » pi. 
^geon; rump of beef ^ 

Culottin, am. a ehUd newly braeched 
Culte, am. worahip 
CttltellaHon, y. -tion, meaauring «f 

helghta and dlaUneea by piecemeal 
Cultivable, 2. a. capable of cultura 
Cultivateur, mi. huabaudmaa 
Culdver. wi. to cultivate; improve 
Culture, rf. culture. huabandiV 
Cumin, am. the herb cumine 
Cumulaaf. ve, a. accumulative 
Cumulativement, ad. accumulatlTelr 
Cumuler, va. to accumulate, heap 
Cunirforme, a. cuneiform, wedge-Ilka 
Cupide, a. o. eovetoo., avarJeioua 

Unrable, «. a. curable 

Garage, am, cleanaing. clearing 

Curanderie, ^f. bUaching-grouSd 

Curaudlar, am. bleachar *^ 

Curatelie, ^f. guardianahip 

Curatenr, trice, a. guardian 

Curatif, ve, a. curative, curing 

Curadon, ,f. curing, cure 

J^nr*, am. a parson, rector 

l--ure, if. a cure; paraonage ; living 

-moU, rf. a boat used for cleaiiaiuv 
^ -Oreille, ««. ear picker * 

Onree, if. hound'a-fee, camaee 
Cufer, ra. to cleanse ; to pick 
Curette, ./. elf. apoon, aa^p 
Careur, sm. a night-mui ; el«M«er 
Curitl, e, a. belonging to a paraon 
Curie, lc«-rw] ^. part of a Homaa triba 
Curleuaement, ad. curioiialy 

Cnrioait<, af. cnnoelty ; raree-ahow 
Curie, tf. rope-makera whirl 
Cdroir, eai. plough-itaff 
Curaeur, m. mat. alider 
Curaive, a. a. current 
Curviligne, 1. a. curtllinaal 
Cnrvit^ ff. carvity, cnrvaiara 
Carule (chaiae), af. curule chair 
Curure., «/.pA cleatising, of a well 
«^assoon«, e, a. worm-eaten 
Cuatode, •/. holater-cap ; nix 
— , am. a warden 
Cnitodial, e, a. cnatodial 
S"?^' •• •• etttMwwia 
Cutieh, af. cntiele, thin akin 

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Cmmv, cm. mm. MHev, Mrt of alup 
C«T«, tf. • 1m9* Mb, K «M 

C««4t, •/. a tub-faU 

61 DBB 

OaiM-jewmi, «/. • largt bMd* 

. . t. plaaldag o( k ahmft 
C^wlOT, m. toUMor ]ilaak » alMft «r pii 

Cavtr, v». to work, frot («aM •/ ■<••) 
CMfMM, ^. • ctoMm } » wMh'hAiid bMla; 

» Uttlo dish 
CaTWr, «a. »aak>tab ; badiiAg-t«b 
C]rel«( «•§. •yeU 

IwiaiM, Ofalo of Um aooa 

mImio, «y«U of Um mu 

Cyclop*, cat. » «7olopa { » anlth 

C^UadriqM. a. o. oylindricd 

CxmbMlo. ^. tnmibd 

Cjndno, Mi. ^uiM or tho epika ; te- 

— 1« pioo, to outdo or oupploat o«« 
DaaMTot, •■•. • bo««, » ■mHc, a fop 
DmbIct, «m. drought or eiiOM boors 

1, «M. ■ (op, 
I. »f. jm- it 

iaiuol, tbo donghiar 

Daiiek«, o. a. W. iad«m*d 
Dandin, «m. • tAaoy, nodky 
DandiaooMM, Mi. Jo«ing, rooUng, Motlng 

tho bood or bodyfili* • nlooy 
Dandiiur, oa. to b«bo«« Uk* a ' 


• of tbo bloddtr 
\r, ompcror of BuMia 

Cnxowii^ Ml. (bo OHr'a Ma 

Dm. fi»«t(h lotlnr of tb« alphabot 
» Di, l«<. tMlj (MOtr HMf fllMM) 

Oai-dJk, oj* marry { *m indood 
NonaUdi, no iadMd [tarmt 

IVacMtd, [tTa-eor] mi. iatuu; on otnal 
•~, ku. abroad 

DactrU, aoi. dactyl*, a pootloal foot 
Dada, «M. bobby-bom | a plarthisg 
DadaU. n». a boobjr. blookbrad. nlnoT 
DafonU. ^f. an old waoaaa, btldaoi 
Dacoa, #/ d*«gw, M»ia*d 
— dc pi«vOt, «•! o'aiM tails 
Da(BOT, wo. to alab ; ts fly : eoapl* 
DagM^ »f. pi. tults of a wild boar ; bood 

of a brockol w pricbot 
DaeMt, *a». brochat, a r*"M ■**! 
DaffDor, »«. to doign, Tonobaolo [dMr 
Daim, idmlnZ M». a bach ; don'; fallow. 
DaiM.C^MM] nf. adoo, faaalo of a brnk 
Daindcra. «o. pi. taatlcka of a atag 
Daia, oat. m oaaop* 
Dalle, ^. flac.*toM. maifalo-alab 
— , 4^. ai«. aialo, troafb 
■^' '-JOO. •/. a doaoan'* tnaio 

Dalet, m. ato. aeupoar-l 

Dmm, MM. cost; daMago . 

DaiBM, am. daniMh ; damaoa 
Danwo^ttoM, 4^. gold and Mm ataff 
Danaaqalnor. v«. to daaaab ; to Uay 
•taol with gold 

Damaaquinur*, af. dunaaboenlag 
Damatat, oat. danatkad llnan 
Daaiataer, m. to work damaob-Uk* 
Daoaaaato, of. damuking 
Oaaao. ^. lady ; draughu 
— , *nt. nay, marry, foraootb 
— do trMc, 4M«a of elnba 

uamcr, •«. to dart; shoot; 

Dardmr, aat. dart-flinnr 

Dardill*. «/. «o. apiadU of a pink 

DatdUler. o. bo. to shoot spiodlos 

Dariole, */. a sort of custard 

Darn*, ^ aUeo of fish 

Dars*t V*. a wot dMk, a bMia 

Dtftr*, «/. tetter \ riagwona 

— CstincHM, aMrphcw [tb« tettrr 

Dartraux, so, a. toabby, of th* ualurc of 

Dau, «/. a dots, point of time 

Dat*r, M. to dst« ; to not* th* tlmo 

Datif, ««i. dativo, daitr* cm* 

Dattc, •/. dau, a kind of fratt 

Dattiar, cm. th* da»-trM 

Datar*. a/, tho thorn- applo 

Dauba. V^. a kind of mum 

Dauber, ca. to bang, drubi tojacr 

Dauphin, CM. dauphin, 
Dauphin*, •/. daupklm 

— plus, ad. th* mors m 

— micttz, the mof* so ; rather 
DaTsntag*, md. moro ; asorooTOr 
DsTied, ««. OM davit in a Ung>boat 
Darier, cm. a dentist's ploMts 

D<, «m. die, db* ; thiaibU 
De, pr. of; from; out of; oa; aliar ; 
some ; to ; by ; at 

— la sorta. so, thus ; m that 

— Buit, in th* night 

— par, in the name of 

— plus, moraorer 
D<aIbalioa, 4(r. — tioa, wbitndnff 
D<b«c1agc, cm. eleartng a haren 
D<falele, if. broaktng of Im ; oloariaff a 

haven ; shook ; saplosioa 

'"* ■ brsaking of th* If- 

D<baclemcnt. cm. brsaking 

DebAeUr, o. to bnsak, m ' 

dean a barboar *r dew 

br*ak, m ie* ia a rivor ; 

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IMIiiclnir, m. muer 
DOmrmlar, v». to tt 
IMbaUar, pa. to unpa.^ 
IMbMdad«a!a), cinfuMCUjr; dlMrdtrijr; 

IMliaodnnMit. «n. dUbmnding 
D<b«nder, m. to uubend; to ralkx; to 

diabftnd ; to ttaitc ; to loosen 
8e —, vr. to slacken ; to disperse ; to 

take relaxation [gaming-table 

Dtbanquer, va. to ruin the bank at a 
D^baptisar, va. to renouuee baptism 
D«barboiiilUr, m. to irash the face 
Se — , vr. to wash one's face 
IMbaroadovr, tin. ma. a whaif 
Oihardage, tM. anlading, diaohaiging 
D^barder, r0.<to unlade wood 
D^bardeur, am. a lighterman 
D4h«rquement, eai. disembarking 
Debnrquar, i>. to disembark ; oaUda 
— , «m. landing, disembarking 
IXbarras, *m. diaencumbranee 
U^barrassement, tm. clearing 
IMbarrasser, ea. to clear or get clear { to 

D<barr«r, ma. to nnbar 
D<bat, f^. debate, strife, altercation 
Dibiter, twi. to take off a pack-saddle 
IMbattre, va. to debate, nrgne, contend 
Se — , vr. to struggle ; stride 
Dfbaaehe, tf. dehaaeheiT 
Djhauehe. «m. a debauchee 
D<baaehie, tf. a lewd woman 
D<baueher, va. to debauch ; to bribe { to 

entice away ; to sand away 
Se — , vr. to follow ill eouraea 
Debentar, «m. debenture, receipt 
JMbet, «m. balance of an accouut 
Dihitti, e, a. disordered, sarfeited. wan 
D«biffer, va. to disorder, debilitato 
D4hile, 3. a. feebU. faint, wank 
Dehilement, ad. feebly, weakljr 
IMbilitation, *f. — tir- - — '— 
D<hiliti, Mf. debUitT, 
Dibiliter, va. to enfi 
Se — , vr. to grow feeble 
D4biller, to unbridle, unhkmeas 
D<b.t, tm. sale ; retail ; attara»M 
Debitant, e, «. retailer 
Debitor, M. to vend ; utter 

— en d<uil, to sell by retail 

— en gros, to sell by wholessls 
Dahiteur, se, «. enreader of news 
— , trice, «. a debtor 
Debitier, m. ma. to unbit 
D«hlai, tm. riddance, delivery 
D^bUyer, i>«. to rid ; to clear 
IMboire, *m. twang, ill taate; grief 
IMbottenent, «m. disjointing 
D<botur, IMI. to put out ef Joint ; to dis- 
locate ; to warp 

D<boiider, ra. to unbung: open a dam 
— , vm. Se D<bonder, vr. to ran out; ti 

break forth ; to spread 
DJkondonner, va. to unhttsf 
DilMHinaire, S. a. meek ; gradoas 
D^bonnairement. ai. Mndly 
IMbMinairel<. iff. 


rdCM-torlMs. ( 
rii, e, a. dissolu 

D^bordement, sm. orerflowing ; irraptloR ; 

defluzion ; profligacy 
Dtborder, Mt. to take off the h«n 

Se — , or. to overflow 

simwir, v». aw. IV tain •W tJu atopport 

of a caMe, etc. 
Dihouar, va. to pull off one's boota 
Dibottch^, IXbouehement, tm. 

unstooping ; espedient ; means 
D^boucher, va. to uncork : opaa 
— , vn. to go out of a deflle 
Djboueler, va, to unbuckle; aneurl 
D^bouilli, tm. the trying of colours 
D<bouilliT. vm. try colours ImltJk Uyfrt^ 
DAhouquement, tm. narrow channel 
D^bonquer, C 6oo-k)t2 va. to sail out o( a 

D^bourber, mt. to cleanse 

— un jeune homme, to fashion or polish 

Djboiirs^ tm. moner dlstmrsed 
Debouraement, ««. disbnrsei 
Dibourser, ra. to disburse 
t)ebout, ad. op, standing, upright 

— au Teat> ma. head to the wind 
D<bouter, va. ju. to dismiss, reject 
Diboutouner, m. to unbutton 

Se IMbrailler, vr. to open one'a brsMt 
Debredouiller. va. to saTe the larch, t 

bacK gammon and tric-trac 
D^brkler, ra. to unbridle ; deapateh 

Sans Dibrider, without intarmieaion 
Debris, [dH-irtt] tm. wreck ; rnina : mai 
Debrouillement, tm. unravelling 
Dibrouiller, mi. to eU 
DJbrutir, v». to peliib 
D«hiicher, vm. cka. d 

wild beasts and gaac. 
Dtbusquement, tm. driving out 
D^busqncr, va. drive out j supplant 
IMbut. tm. the lead ; the begioniag at an 

enterprise s first appaaianee 
Debater, v. to beam ; to play first; to 

knock away a ball 
De-^, ad. ea this side 
IMeaeheter. va. to unseal i to open 
D<cade, tf. decade ; number of ten 
D<padeace, t/. decay ; daeline ; fall 
D^oagone, «m. mat. decagon 
D^caiaser, va. to take oat of a caaa 
Decalitre, tm. decalitre, a measure nwailjr 

equal to a bushel 
Decalogue, tm. decalogue 
DtcamJEron, im. decitmeron (ten daya) 
Dicamiua, est. measure of tea metres 
IMcampement. «m. decampment i;n»«v« off 
D<oamper, Idlt-cam-plk-} va. to dromnp 5 
D<eanat, [. . ■«] «m. deanery, daanebip 
D<eaniser, va. to be a dean 
Dfcantation. tf. — tion, decantiag 
Dfeaater, wn. to decant rflra. 

D<capa1er, v«. tM. to take off the riggtoy, 
D<eaper, va. to aepamte the vardlgria 

from the oopper 
— , M. aM. to siiil heyend a cape 

. to start or diaodg* 

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Dieanller, v«. to unp»T« 
DtcMqaar, m. to take off one' 
DeaUcf, v«. to dee«M« { to di« 
IMeeindre, va. to unglrd, to looM 

IMcdcr, va. to diadoM, diMorer 


IMenamaiu, ad. decMtl/ 

IMcem^rat, «a». daMmviimW 
D4c*aea, af. daacnej, decorum 
"' ' ^, «. decennial 

DtopdoB, if. deception. 
DdccriMr, va. to deeree, to ordain 
IMeia. Idik-aam-^ »m. deoeaae, death 
DfcerabU. 9. «. deeeivabW 
IMcevaut, «, «. deeeiiliil, fallaeioaa 
Diiaroir, vm. to deeeiTe, beguile 
IMeha^nner, *«. to drive away grief 
IMck^Dcment, «w. outrageous words, 

railing; outrage 
Dechatiier, «■. w unekala ; to iaoeoaa 
S« — , pr. to break looee ; rail at 
IXehalander, vm. to prsjudiee a ahop's 

Delator, vm. to ehaage one's note 
Diehaperonner, va. to uahood 
Dfeharife, 4/. discharge, aoqulttanee; 

storehouae: unloading; eaaament 
IMckargcment, «ai. unloading 
IMchargeoir, «m. a wcarer'a beam 
*^' ' c. to dtacharge ; unload ; to 

Daekarmer, va, to unbewiich 
IWehanie, e, a. aeraggy, lean, lank 

Style iiehainl, a meitne atyle 
IMehaner, va. to pick off the flesh - 

make lean, thin, latik 
IMekanmer. va. to till fallow land 
Djchauaaement, tm. the pulling off shoes 

or stockings ; hoeing up 
IMchauaaer, va. to pull off one's shoes 

and stockings ; lay bare the rooU of 

trees ; clear a tooth of the gum 
Diehauaaoir, «ai. flaam, a gum-knife 
Dich<ao^, 0/. forWture, loss 
IMcket, C. «M] est. drenjr, waste, lost 
D>^heTeler, va. to dtsheTel 
OeeheritTWr, «■. to unhalter 
IMcMffrable, 3. «. that can be mi. 
Dechiffremeut, em. deciphering 
DMtiffrer. va. to decipher ; unfold 
IXchiffreur, «aa. a decipherer 
Dfehiqueter, va. to pink; slaah; cut 
Dsehiqnetour, em. a piukar 
D^chiqaeturo, «/. rinking ; slashing 
D<ehiragr, «m. breaking or ripping up old 

Ukhirore, «/. a nnt, a «lit 



Dichonar, vn. to gel a ship a 

Dieidfaient, ad. dseidadlj, positlrcly 
04eider, va. to decide ; resolve ; define ; 

make an end of ; t 
Decigramme, «ot. de _ 
Decilitre, t». decilitre 
Dieimable. i. «. titheable 
Decimal, e, a. decimal ; titheable 
Di^imatear, «m. tithing-m«n 
Decimation, tf. decimation 
Dieime, »•». the tcuth part of a franc 
D<cimer, va. to decimau 
D^cimcs, «/. pi. the Matlis 
Deeimitre, «ai. decimetre 
Deeintrer, vm. arch, to uke off the eentrea 

of an arch after it ie bnilt 
D^cintroir, eat. a maaoa'a hammer 
Deeirer, va. to take off the wax 
Deeiaif, re. m. decinire ; clear 
Decision, ^f. decision, detormination 
Deeisionuaire, «. a positiTO speaker 
Dteisivement, ad. — Ijr, poiitiveljr 
D<eieoire, 3. a. decisory. deciding 

Declamation, «/. — tion ; bombast ; abuse, 

iavoetire, raiUeiy 
Dedamatoire, 3. m. dedamatory 
Dedamer, va. to dselaim : inveigh 
Dedaratif, v«, a. — tiva, declaratory 
Declaration, tf. declaration 
Dedaratoire, 'i. a. declaratory 
Declarer, va. to dedare ; to manifest 
Se — , vr. to dedare for ; to appear 
DeelnT«r> va. to take off the key 
Dedcncher, va. to unlock 
Dedie, ««*. beetle, battering-ram 
Dediii, «"»• decline, decay; trigger 
DedinaMe, 3. a. declinable Lelensioa 

Dediuaison, (. . Mf-ssn] ^. — aU« 
Dediuatoire, a. em. — tory ; exe— ' 
Dedluer, ». to decline ; decay 
Dealinquer, va. to undinoh 
Dedivite, «/. deellvity, descent 
Dadottre, e, a. uodoietored 
Dedore, we. to unclose; open 
Dedoa, e, a. diadosad ; opened 
nedouer, an, w take oat the nails 
Decochment, sm. shooting; letting fly 
Deeoeher, va. to shoot aa arrow, tie. 
Decoction, of. decoction 
Decogndr, «M. a driver 
Decoiffer, va. to unodf ; nneork [of 

Decoincer, va. mn. to knock up the wedges 
Decollation, »/. beheading 
DecoUemcni, »m, unduiug, opening 
DecoUer, im. to ttn4;lue ; behead 
Deeolletj, a, a. whose breait is bare 
Decelleter. va. to bare the breast 
Decoloner, ra. to discolour, tarni«h 
Decombrer, va. w dear from ruW»ish 
Djcombres, ZM-am-irl sm. pi- rubbish, 

Decomposer, va. to disoompote ; to dia- 

aolva; resolve; disconcert ^ 

Decompoailion, ^. —tion, disaolution 
Deoompte, I. eont*^ *m. discount, allow- 
ance . Cduct 
IMcomptor, [. con/Xl »•■ to diieonnt ; de- 

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D^eoneerMr, h. to diMOBoart: eanfouad; D^eMiMMWat, m. d«erMM 
to iMitt* ; defMt ' iv(L-_,._. ... .. J 

Sa — , vr. to b« dUeoaontoA 

IXooafire, na. to discomfit, roat 

D<oontitura, «/. diaeomfitarc,' rant, d«- 
fe«t, overthrow 

Dtconfort, [. ./or} •«. dcopondenej, griof 

D<eanfart«r, vs. to dUeourag* 

Se — , vr. to bo dUeomfort^ 

DfcontoUlcr, va. to diinade 

D^oonieuaneor, va. to eoafottiid ; put out 
of eounicaaaco ; aKaoh 

D<eonT«nu«, if. • ditMter 

DAcoratoor, ««. dacorator 

DfeorstioD, •/. — tion, ornamcat 

D^cordor, va. to untwist, to uatwine 

Dteorar, »«. < ' 

D^cortieatioa, ^f. —lion, ttripping 

Dieorum, i». doeoraia, dec 

Dfeouchor, V, " ' 

Dtcoudre, ra. . . 

S« — , vr. to rip, to eome vnaowed, take a 

bad turn, dedioe, fall off 

£a Djeoodre. v». to havo a bout or 

, D<erolt«, ra. to diabtli«vo, daajr 
D^(«iaaoBWBt, «ai. daoMaac 
IMerottro, w«. to dceraaaa 

I Divtwau, »a. to rub off tke dirt 

I DicTOtteur, «a». a ahooboy, aiioo-blMlc 
Dtcrottoit*. »/. a ahae-bruaU 
D^eraer, w. to propara raw thread 
Dtcruraent, «ai. aeouiiac raw thread 

I Dferuieoiaat, •at. aeouing silk 

{ D^ruacr, tw. to aeour allk 

' DecapUr, va. to dooaat 
Decuple, 3. a. «m. daeupla. tenfaU 
D<cup)«r, va. to iaweaaao taafold 
D<enric, «/. a eoauaittao at tm Judgoa 

band of ten trooiporB 
D^curion, saa. a daoaxioa 
DMainier, v. to diadaU ; acem 
DMaignooaemant, mI. diadalafuUy 
DMaigaaaz, ae, a. diadaiaful 
Dvdain, «ai. diadaia. eoMompt 
DMale, m. a labfiinth; a vaaa 
D^damtr, (. da-wMi va. to put a aaaa oat 
of tho fiiM row imt draagtU} Cward 

' ' ~ o^. j»r. la i wilUa j ia> 

Dtooulemeut, «bi. ilowtag, dropping ; 

flnzlon of liuBMnra 
D<eoulcr, «n. to trickle ; to flow 
Dicoupor, va. to eat into flowen or 

D^oupear, ae, «. a pinker 
D<conpU, e, a. well aet or made 
Decoupler, va. to let loose, unleash 
D^cottpure. »f. plnUng ; cat eloth-work ; 

cut paper-work 
DJcouragament, «n. diacoorageiaeat 
DJcouragar, re. to diseouraae 
Se — , va. to be disheartened ; despond 
Dieoan, C- eoorj «m. decrease ; wane 
D^consu, c, a. unsewed ; out of order 
OJeousure, »/. a seam -reat 
U^coavart, e, a. open ; dIseoTered 

A d^courert, in the op«n air ; openly 

A risAee d^courert, ad. barefaoed ; 
downrtgHt, fairljr. Ingeniously 
D^UTCite, »/. discoTerjr 
Oicourrir, ra. to aneorer ; diaeoTSr ; per- 

eeire, rereal, disclose 
Se — . vr. to pull off one's hat ; make 

one's self known " -~ 

D^raster, va. to clean ; polish 
D4sr<ditenirnt, Mt, discredit 
D<erMitar, M. to discredit 
Se _, rr. to lose one's reputation 
' Decrepit, e, a. decrepit, infirm 
D^er^pitation, rf. decrepttHdou 
IMcr^ter, va. to drjr salt by the flre till 

it crackles no more 
Decrepitude, sf. — tude, deerepitaesa 
D4cret, [. cr/k'} tm. decree; warrant 
D^r«tale8, */. pi. decretols, decrees 
DicT^tar, tpo. to decree, ordain 
IMcreuser. va. to seour sr eleanaa ailk 
D«cri, ««. crying down j diagraee 
D<erier, va. to cry down ; discredit 
■IMoTire. vm. to doaoei . . 
IMcrochement. tm. unhooking 
D<cro«her, v«. w unhook 

lane. [. dam} ad. pr. in 
eat. the inaide, inteiier p 

DMieaee. if.- 

D^dioatoue, <at. a dedicator 
Didieatolre, 3. a. dedieatory 
Dedier, v«. to dadieau 
Se — , vr. to apply er eonaaerata < 
self to a tUne 
va. tod 


to diaowa; i 

indemnity, to i 
IF tke fildina 
e off the Unuig 

to make 

Se — , t»r. t. 

D<dit, «M. nnsaying ; a forfeit or penalty 

for breakiag an agreement 
DMonnaagemeat, ««t. iudenutification, 

amends, compenaatioa 
D^dommager, va. to indemnify, 

Dedorer, tia. to rub off tl " ■ 

D^doubler, va. 

Deduction,*/.- . 

UMuire, va. to deduet: deduce 
D^esse, C<f X-ea<] •/. (toddeaa 
Se Diflcher, t>r. to be pacified 
D'»faillaiice, if. fainting ; awoon 
Bifaillant, e. «. he er ahe that does not 

appear in court after aommooe 
— , a. decaying, declining 
DiOJllir, »f». to fail; decay; £aiat 
IMfaire, va. to undo ; defeat 
Sa — , f^. to be dismayed, paaaled ; to 
It rid of, leave off; kill one'a aelf 
ne machine qui ae defait, a maeUae 
that falla to pieces, that may be takea 
to pieces 
Defaite, if' defeat ; eTaaion 
U^alcation. «/. —tion ; dedeetloB 
Dtfalquer, va. to abato ; deduet 
Drfaut, rrfa-/>l eat. defeat ; want ; default 

Mettre en dWaut, to baffle ; foil 
D<faTeuT, tf. diagraee, diafaTour 
IMfaTorable, 3. a. unfoTourable 
D^faTorablenMnt, ad. unfaTooraUy 
DAactif, «, a. defeciire, imperfect 
Defection, ^f. —tion, revolt ; apoetaer 


D^fectueuseBMat, a 

IWfectueua. aa, a. defective ; faslty 

IMfeetttosit^. «/. defect, ImpeifcetiMi 

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dicsM i to AwbM. prohibit 
S« — , vr. iatmnd or exeaa* om's aelf 
IMfenM. ^. deCsticti prokiUtioo 

■■"• -■* -' -*w or rtpljr In la« 

; <iM.) sUds 

efMCti pM 
I, CMgt ; <i 

IM<naiU«, 3. «■ vMful m s daTeiHM 

IMteiaiT*, ^. — dve, M»to of defenei 
IMfeqwr. M. M dcfcMle, eUrifr 
B^fBraat, •, a. eomplyiDg, jfelding 
IMfiTMMt, of, — MiM ; condHMasioi 
IMf«r«Dt« •. «m. dafercBt 

loafoondadj vntl 
^ ftflttMrfactwot 
ft; daflaiK* 

«. to pKf deCcrane*: dcfirj da- 
inpoMh ; itdiiiiniaMr 

, _- je; BOnpln 

Sc — , vr. to ba ooafooiidod : vnthod 
Dtfct, tm. wMto, iat ^ -' 

IMfiaaet, rf. diatniot, __. 

IMflrat. •. a. diitmirnl ; dlAdrot 
IMfieit. Mi. dafidt. what U wntiof 
D«l«r. M. to defy ; to diaUangi 
— , «o. aM. to ba«r off or away 
Sa —, vr. to nUtraat, aaapeet 
JUAfaror, pa. to dlaflfara, dafona 
ntSU, om. m daflla, a namw pMa 
IMlilcr, «. to nnatriagi daflla, fila off 
DMolr. fw. to daffnc ; datermlna 

DMaittf. ^, «. daflnldTa. final 
DMnidoB. if. defliiitioa ; daciiioa 
SMnfdTamant. od. -^vaiv, deeiairal^ 
. ^. — 4an, aimrninc 

n, *f. — doa, pnrlficmtion 

^ar, va. to dapblMmate 
DMcwfr. ««. to ahcd ita bloaaoma 
-, va, to bli«bt*r alp off tk ' * 

to taba off tba bloom 
IKflontfoB, ^. dafloworfaif 

j«t, aai. ataviog a eaak 

hitauMt, vm. to atara a cask 
Dtforntor, va. to daCom ; apod tba foraa 
IMiMinMr« va. to take oat of tba oraa 
IMfrtti. aa. defrajliic 
DtfTtLYor, va. to dafrkT 
DjM&oMent, «a. (rabbiBg up 
IXMchar, va. to grab «p: to dear 
IMfriahour. «a». ba tbat grnba up or cleara 

antill«d gvouad Ceurl 

D«Haar. C- A»-»»l •»• Bnenrl, put out oT 
DtfroMMr, t»a. to nnwrlnkle, amooth 
IMfroqaa, sf. money and movablci of a 

daeaaaed moab ; that whkb a peraoa b 

piMtaaieil of at bU death 
Pf fi oyaor, tw. ta unfrock ; etrlD 
U—, vr. throw off the man) 
Mimor, «B. ma. to unrig 
IXfant. a, a. defunct, deeaaaad, dead 
IM^I. e,«. free, eaay ] dlicngaged Cdoor 

h habit 

a bully, a h 

O poll off OM 

one'a finvee 
' *^ atrip ; Imt 
to nmhip, unrif 
0<gftt, idir-fH-i «M. ha««o ; waate ; pillag 
D^gauchir, va. ta plaM. level, poliah 
IMfaacki«B«Bcot. eat. plauiaR 
IM(ol, tm. thaw, diawlnff weather 
D<gcler, a. to thaw ; ta diaeolTO 
~' ' ' i,»/.{ 

_ . a. ewlDflaa In ene'a gi 
. itterlag; tall | awkward 
Dtfgluar, aa. to unglae ; get rid of 
IMgluUtioa. •/. ^tloo, awallowing 
IMgoUUar, va. to apow up. to eoanlt 
IMgolaer, va. to babble ; ohirp 
IMgonawgc, *m. waehlng out the gum 

IMgorgar, p. to clear ; pnrge 
Me — , vr. to overflow, diif a*fa 
D fa or g e e ir, «m. engiaa te dear a gun 
IMgouidl, a. a. aharp. nlmblo ; rarived 
Digourdir, oa. to qiiinbaa, toeivo ; tc 

wana (water] i to poiUh (a pereea; , 
Se IMgourdtr, vr. to grow auppio 
D<goardleeement, eat. «|ttidieaiiig ; 

Dt^t. V*iS»} «• *tagi 
D<godtaat. e, a. dlegneting, mkueeoni 
■"' "-' e, a. aquaomuh j weary of 

D^gonttant, a, •. dropping, triokling 
Dtaotttter, VM. to drop *r ttieble 
IMgrodatioa, tf. -tioo i a degrading 
IMgrader. va. to degrade, debaae 
D<grafl)nr, va. ta unelaap 

IMgraiaeer, *■. to aeour; to dean ; talie 

away (he fat ; insporeriab 
IMgraiaieur, m. a aoonfar 
Digrapplner, •». ««. to Mft the grapple 
D<graa, nt. traln-dl ; ■eouring 
D^graroiement, am. waabing away 
D<graToyer, va. to waab awar 
D<gT4. ««. atalreaae; atep; degree 
D<gr4eaMOt, tm. ma. unrigging 
Digrier, va. ma. to unria, dtamantle 
IMgriagoler, va. to tumble down 
D<groeeage, *m. drawfag of gold wire 
Dtgroaaer, ua. to draw gold wire 
IMgroedr, va. to chip ; to dear up 
D^guenllM, e, a. tattered ; rugged 
IMguemlr, vn. to quit In a hurry 
—, va. J*, to quit, yield up ' 
0<gaer«ltaament, m. quitting 
D^euler, tm. te caat ap ; ▼omit 
D4gnignouncr, tw. to ehange ill luck 
D^gaiaeuMnt, <m. diiguiae ; — " — ' 

Degttiaement, tm. diiguiae : pretence 
IMgolaer. ««. to dbguleo, iiaaemble 
D^guatateur. mi. taater 
Mguetatioa, (/. degnatatloa, ta 
iXguater, va. to taau 
DAUer. ««. to remore aun-bui 
IMhaschI, e, a. bip-ahot 
DAkarder, va. eha. to unleaah 
, $m. unharaaei 

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Ddi0f*. [rftf*tor] md. vr Mt, witkoui ; lMHatf«dm, 4/^. — tl«a ; iheteb 
Mt of JMtm. •bR»d ; exMraallj IMUnquaat, C. . Am] « 

Otiti, «f. Mtr. rflvinltr, Oed 
D«ji. «(. BlrcMlj: then 4 Ufore 
D^Jactloo. 4/'. « atool ; deptwukm 

o diajoiii, Ioomo 
.... vm. to hafle, diwrnrt In 

J, Ml. IfaDC whMi the hird« Uftn t 
•^nekcr, w. t« !•»▼• th* roMt ; to 
roMI ; to driT« »wmjr 
De-Ifc.Ml. from thence 
Doek et deU. uy and dow« 
IMk, pr. kejrond, on the other tide 
iXlabranMBt, ««. dilapidation 

_ .to unlace ; 

PAai, eat. a dolajr ; adjoumment 
Ddlaisiemcnt, «m. deaertion 
IMIaiaeer, «■. to fenake ; abandon 
D<laider, tae. to cbanfor 

. reCteehoient ( omo 
in ; relaxation 
„r, wa. to rcfreeh ( relax 
Se — , i>r. to relax one'* mind 
D<latour, trice, : an Informer 
IMlation, 4^. an information 
]MIat«er, va. to unlath 
IMIa*4i o, a. wealc in colour 
IMIayant. em. dOutor, diluent 
IMlayement, em. diluting, allajring 
IMlaycr, «■ to daute ; to temper 

IMlectaUe, 3. a aUe ; pleaaing 

Delectation, ^f. delight, pleaaore 
IMIaeter, twi. to delight, to pleeee 

DCigatlon, e/. - 

IMUgatoln. 3. «. ddegatory 
nSUgii*, »m. a deputjr, delegate 
IMMfuer, ««. to delegate, appoint 
Dalcctaga. «m. ma. unballasting 
IMlaator, pa. ma. te unbalUit 
Daeeteur, «m. baUaal-llghtir 
D<Mttre, 3. «. deleterioui 
DJliMration, «/. deliberation, tasting 
IMlib^rant, e, a. irreioluto, wavering 
IMIib<ratif, Tt, a. deliberative 
IMlib«mtian. ^. delilwration ; resolre 
IMlibtfr<. e, a. -fated, leeolved : bold 
IMlib4r4ment. ad. boldly, reeolntely 
D<Ub4re*, p. to deliberate ; determine 
IMIieat, e, a. delieaie, weak ; daintjr 
D<Ucatement, ad. -Ay, daintily 
Dtlicatar, mi. to pamper ; to cocker 
DAieateiM, ef. delicacy; deintineii 
De'lioe. em. delight, pleaeure, luxury 
IMlieieneement. ad. delicioualy 
Dclicioaz. ae, a. — «us ; Toluptuoiu 
So IMUcoter, vr. to unbalter 
IMIM. e, a. thin, fine ; «lender ; acuta i 
looM, uttod i eraf^ 

IMlinqner, ot». to offend, tra^mse 
IMiinqneeoeneo. tf. delinqueacouce 
IMlire. em. deUrium ; ravLag 
DAiseer, va. to sort rage 
Dtiit, C- Im] em. crime. olTenee. fault 
IMliTrance, ^f. delirerance ; dcliTorr 
DMivre. em. the afler-fairtb 
IMUrrer, iw. to doUver •, leleaaa 
IMUvreur, em. deliTorer, Ubotstor 

IMloger. e«. to dialod«a: 

Dtioyal, e, a. dieleyer, periid:o_. 
D<loyalement, ad. treacMtoualr 
Otioyani^, </. disloyalty, petfidr 
Deluge, em. deluge; flood, oTorftMr 
Demagogue, em. demagogue 
Demaigrir. va. arck. to eut off 
Demaicriaaement, em. areA. cuttiBg off 
MmaiQotter, pa. to nnawmthe 
Demala, em. ad. to-morrow 
Demaneher, tae. to uuhaft 
So — . »r. to be off the hingee 
Domende. qf. demand, cla& ; qaeetion ; 

petition; anit; pootulation 
Demander, na. to demand ; bag ; nak ; 

deaire j require ; to aue for 
Demandeur, ae, «. an aakor ; « dun 
— , deresae, «. a plaintiff 
Demangcaisoa, 4f. itehing, Itch 
Dtoanger, tm. to itch ; to desire 
Demantolement. em. dismantling 
Demanteler, va. to dismantle 
Demantibuli, e. a. broken ; out of order 
Demarcation, *f, demareatioa 

; to atlr 

Demsac^uer, va. to nnmaak ; diacloae 
DemaatMjaer, va, to undo a thing fastened 

with mastic 
Demfttcr. pa. ma. to dismast, unmaat 
Dtatlie, em. debate ; quarrel ; dispute 
DemSIor, va. to disentangle ; diaeuTer } 

debate ; unravel : decide 
Se — , vr. to extricate one't mlf 
Demeioir. «m. a winding-reel ; eo<nb 
Demembmnent, »m. diemsmberiiig 
Dfroemhrer, ve. te dismember ; eantle 
Ddmenagement, em. removing 
D^menager, v. to remove; go awaj 
Demenee. [. man m] *f. madness, folly 
8e Deroener, vr. to stir ; to struggle 
Dementi, em. a Up ; a disaopoiMment 
Dementir, va. to give one the lie ; to con* 

tradict. to disgrmoe 
Se — , v . to bo inconsistent ; to fall, w 

degenerates to warp 
DenrfTiie, em. demerit ; deaert 
Demertter, v*. to merit blame 
Demesure, e, a. immoderate ; esreaeivn 
DfmeaureiBCBt, «d. immoderately 

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S« — , wr. to rMi«n « 

CM*; «• put out if )oiat 
«v< •-. ^ ^^_ unfcmUhfaf 

-. «. a. dwwlUac mbidlng 

Ad dwnaurMit, md. u far tha raat 
I>«Bimu«, «/'. dtrsUinf , afaoda, alajr 
Damanwr, vm. to lira, dwall ; ata* CMBii 
Daaii. c, Cd»-aw, ^tf-aM*} «. half ; dami, 
— . ad. half; jl dani. hf halraa 

1«M, 4f. half-mooa 

~- -aetal, «at. aanai-Kaial 
— -aatWr, «■§. ha)/ a niat 
Dnda. ^. half an hoar 

DtoMlir, *«. M damoUah; pull down 
"^ " T. da»il ; goblTn 

if, va, a. d< 

IMaonatraliTRBcnt, ad .,, 

IMmontar, t>a to uuhoraa ; taka to 

-Ij, clearlr 

1, demonatrabla 

Dteootrar, ««. to damoaatrata 
Dteoraliaatioa. «^. deaMrallaatioa 
IMmiwaliacr, wa. to wrtiipt the norala 

n< j__^ J awr-dr] vm to let go ona't 

lo daaiat ; to abandon ona'a 

IMmiirar, IM. to uuw^l, la^ apan 
I>*Battvr, p«. to antwiat, diaantauKla 
Oenatvfir, a, a. untiatwral, enial 
IMnatarar, «a. parrert ; miaaonttraa 
Mo^gadMi, ^f. danial. denyug 
Mn^ral, «m. eoinar'a adjusting waight 
IMni, M». danlal, rcfuaal, danjins 
~' " 1, C . «/»« m. ounning fellow 
■it,«ai. aharping trick 
«M. to teaah wit; to dnpa 
am — , vr. to laam wit ; grow aliarp 
D<ni«i«aar, *m. aharpar, aharp fellow 
D<nieh«r. va. to unnaatla ; to ditludga 
— , an. to braah off, march away 
D<iiiehaar,«aai. ana who goaa a bird -Mating 

— d« fauTattaa, a fortuna-huntar 

— da aaarlfa, a aharpar 

Dtaier, tm. monajr i iateraat ; imrthing 
•>- i diau, aantaat-panny 

— d» poida, pannywalfht 

— viBft* flva par oant. 

— Ttngt-dnq, four par cant. 

Oaalafi dn roi, tm. pi. ktaffVtraaaurr 

va. to aUnder, aapa 

wMu^tvr, va. to aianaer, aaparaa 
Dtoombrcmcnt, «»>. eaniat,- a roll, anuaa- 

baring; anumoration : aarraj 
Danomlnnteur, tm. danonlaaiar 
IMnoaiiaatif, tc, a. dannToinaitva 
IMuemination, ^f. daiiomiiiatlon 
D^oommer, va. to nama, to call 
D«n«ncar, va. to proclaiin ; denoojiea j I0 

iafona against, impaaoh 
D4nonoi»uur, an. an infonncr 
Dtfnoneiatioa, ^f. danunciatioa ; pre«laiii»- 

don; accusation; delation 
D4aoiatian, tf. denoution, danatlag 

inotteaieat, C«n«o-mm] tm. discorarri 
entaatropha or unraralUng of a play, 
ate. 9 r , 

D^nouar. C. noo-X] va. to untie ; to tufold 
0ani<a, «/. nMrehandisa ; proTtsioni 
Deuae, 9. a. danae. thick, eonpaet 
Denait4. ^f. density, thieknass, eloacaaaa 
Dent. ldan-\ if a tooth ; notch 
Denta d* devant, fora tealh 
-- d« Uif , young teeth 

— den baa, tha lower lacth 

— d'ca haut, tha upper teath 

— ineisivea, Incisors, entiara 

— aaHHirea, eye-taath 

— Boiehsliiras, Jaw-taeth ; grindari 
Deat-de-Uon, «/. dandelion 
Dentaire, a. dental, coneerulng teath 
Dental, e, a. dental 

Dcnt<, e. m. notched, drntlculaicd 
Dant^e. ff. bite a/ a dag, He. 
DenteM, a, a. Jagged, iiotchad 
Dentcler, va. to indent, lac. noloh 
Dentella. »/. larc 
Dentelura, ^. notching 
Denter, t>a. to indent or dent 
Denticule, tm. arch, deorlls, dendeulaa 
Deutier, tm. act of artificial teeth 
Dentifrice, tm. dentifriea ; tooth powder 
Deatisie. aat. dentist 

[Wnadation, tf. denudation, azColiation 

FMnaement, sm. depriration 

tMnu<, e, a. destitute, stripped, void 

Denner, va. to berea»e ; strip 

IMpaqueter, va. to unpack, m open 

— nna roile, ma. to open out a sail 

D^para^er, va. to marry a girl below her 

MpareilK, a, a. Incomplete, unmatched 
IMpnreiUer, va. to unmateh, to spoil 
D«parer, va. to strip ; disflgura 
D4parier, va. to unmateh, to spoil 
Mpnrler, vn. to oeaae talking 
Depart, [dS-por] «8«. daparlnro ; golnf 

Dtpartager, t'«. to ^ira a enstlng vota 
IMpartoment, tm. department ; office 
D4partir, va. to impart ; to distribute 
Sa — , t>r. to dealst ; recede from 
IMpasaar, va. to go faster ; lo orartaht 
to gat bayond ; to pvU oat 

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IMp«f«r, M. to r«mv« th« )HiTciiMat 
HifmfMr, va. to Miry oim Into wotliar 

coantrj ptopat on • wrronc teent 
IMpieeoMat, «ai. cutting in pleeea 
Dfp^car, va. to «ut up ; to carva 
IMpfahe, V'- daipateh : ezpren 
IMpMier, va. to desp«tali; •zpcditt 
8« iMpkohar, or. to maka huta, haataa 
IMpaiiKira, v«. to daplct, daaerlba 
IMpanailU, e. «. Ill clad, Uttorad [antly 
IMpandamment. C- • da-mang-imi. dapWMl- 
Dipandanca, ^f. daModenea ; relation 
Dnandaat, a, a. depending ; dapandont; 

alaviah ; held of another 
IMpaadra, 0. to dapcnd vn ; to toka 

dawn ; hold ; to reialt, follow 
IMpwM, Idi-pMI «M. p/. 'espanBe ; coat 
IMpanaa, •/. aspanac. eharKaa ; bill, raek- 

oniag ; battary, pantry, Urdar 
iMpaaaar, va. to apand ; to waato 
D4panilar, a, a. «. ezpeniilve, prodigal; 

a prodigal ; a aaterer, eateraaa 
DIpardlttoa, «/. — tion ; dixipatioa ' 
IMp4rir, Mt. to daear, eoiuuma sway 
D6p4riBB0nient, «m. decaying 
Djp4trar, va. t« disengage ; get off 
8e — , vr. to rid one'* a«U 
IMpauplatneat, «m. depopulatloii 
IMpeuplar, va. to depopulato 
IMpilatif. y%, a. daiAatory 
Dfoilatioa, ^f. dapilation 
Dfoilatoire, *ae. depilatory 
IMpilar, va. to ploek the hidr off 
IMpiquer, va. to allay reaeatmaat 
DJjpit, IM-fUt-^im. Mti » -■ 

Bn d<pit de, in epita of, 
IMpiter, va. to voz i to provol , 
a« — , vr. to fret ; to be frrtful, rexed 
Depiteuz, ae, a. (retf«l. teity, eroaa 
Deplaceoieat. *m. dieplacing 
DMm"' *^- tA diaplaca ; remoTO 
Mplaire, vn. to diepleaae 
8a --, vr. to 1m diipUaaed with 
DAplaiaaaee, ^f. dUUke, repagiianee 
IMpl^iaat, e, a. diaagr«ea(>Ie 
IMplaiair, «m. diapleaaure ; grief 
IMplaator, va. to tranipUnt ; plucV up 
IMplantoir, fai. tool for diiplanting 
IMpUtrer, va. to unplatter 
Drplier. va. to uafold j open ; dlepiay 
IMplitaer, va. to unpUit 
IMplorahle, 2. a. deplorable, doleful 
DJplorablemeat, «cf . -ably, pitifully 
IMplorer, v<i. to deplore, lament 
IMployer, va. to display, exhibit 

— lea voUea, Ma. to set the sails 

— une Totle, mm. to loosen a sail 
IMplunMr, va. to plume ; to strip 
Sa — , vr. to aaonlt, to mae 
ZMvoiator, va. to cat off the edge 
IMpolir, va. to take off the polish 
IMpoaaat, «■». dawment 

DfeooibU, 3. a. i". that may be deposai 
IMpvpnlariaar, va. to render unpopular 
Depopulation, *f. depepulauoB 
IMport. Id^pon «"• ^el»r J 
IMpottaOan, f^ Ira 
Dtfpvrtcnoat, tm. i 

', agaia< 
ovoka ; 

D<potar, Mi. to tah* OM of a pot 
D<p»iidrar, imi. to eomb oat no powder 
IMpoaUk,*/. SBoilatbaaty; erap; aorpsai 

aliia «r sloagh «< a oorpaat 
MpoviUaMBt, «as. ealMaaial } all 

on* ; axaouamiun 
IMpvoUlar, va. to stripi got in thv erop; 

to plaadar, baraava i anaaina 
Sa — , vr. to paU off anaa etalliaa: to 

east OM'e aliin ; to gat rid of 
IMpoavroir, va. to laava anaroaidad 
IMaottrra, a, «. OBprwidadt dcfeiecd 

Att dfpaurvn, ad. auawano 
Dtpravatian, ^. Ito a , earcuptioa 
D<p(a«vr, va. to dapra*e» eanupt 
D<pr<eatif, va, a. —tire, depreeatary 
IMpf4eation, >/. d a p i aaadoo 

DforMatoar, ias dator; robber 

D«prMatlaa, rf. -^tioa. robber* 
DCprMar, v<i. to eaaiaik dapradadoiia 
Dtpraadrs, vo. to part, to dieaagag* 
8c — , r- — -»• •- —" 

Sa — , vr, to daaiat frooa 
IMaoaant, a, a.a. ' 
D^poser. vo. toA 

IMpoaMoa, tf, — 4ion | dapoolag 
D^poasjdar, va. to di^paaaaaa, deprive 
D4poaaeaalan, «/. dis pea e eas ing 
IMpoator, va. to drive freos a poat 
IMpAt, iM-fti MS. dapoait. truat, dapAl. 

BC — , vr. ia UBongai* «n* ■ avti 
IMpreaoar, M. take oat of the praae ; to 

take 1h« glaaa off eloth 
Ddpmaian, •/. -atost. humiliation 

— de I'horisoa, asa. dip «( tha horioan 
' anir, va. ta anpiapaataaa 

uepnvr, va. ta dialsnrlta, to dlaangaga 
IMprlmer, va. to depress, diaparaoc 
04priser, va. to daoplaas aadervaloa 
Se — , vr. to aadarralaa osm's self 
D«pacelloBMBl, aai. daffaararlag 
D^uoeler, va. to deflower 
Oepale. C<ia-p#e>«1 ad. ft. aiaeat fraos ; 

— long'tams, thU great whila 

— pen, not long air»ae{ latoly 

— quand T how long t 

— que, e. eiace 

0<paratif. re, a. purtfylafc alaaaalng 
Depuration, #/. —don s puHfyina 
IMporatoire, 1. a. — tory, fit to dapurato 
D^purer, va. to dapurato ; eleanea 
IMpnutioa, «/. —tion. delogaiioa 
IMput<, tm. a deputy, delegato 
IMputer, vo. to depute \ delegato 
D4r«eiaement. •••• rooting ap 
D<raeiner, va. to root up 5 eradiaato 
IMrader, va. aia. to be drivaa from the 
anchors and forced out to aaa 
■ aois] «/. want af reason ; 

D<raIsonnaUe, 9. a. anTaaaonahle 
iMralsonaablenstot. ad. aniaaaooa 

D<raisonner, vm. to tolk n 

IMralinra^ (^1«) osa a Mtt blown fi 
the b«(-ropa 

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DBS fl 

IMnltefDOT (aa« rwOm), •«. tM. to wrr* 
•v«7 tiM bAlt-rep« «C a nil 

S« — , vr. t» uJco to 
IMrafcr, vn. to loc 

nod* ; diwrdar 

IMr»r«r«. ^. Mr> tha lut ridga 

D4TMH-, va. to Uk« the 

"" " .th« 1m „. 

/] ml. acsin, mmw, orcr 

TtMgU, 9, a. diMrdcrly, iiTCcuUr 
DMyl«ai«nt,«M. iricgufaultji acbancliarT} 

diBOrdcr. confusion 
~,ml. disorderly; looMly 
lUfMmr, v€. to pat oat of ordot 
& — . rr. to follow lU count* 
IMriOo*, M. to •mootli ; iwwrinhU 
So — , vr. to f row tBcrrr 
IHtiAon, [. . sioo} ff. dnidoB ; ridicnlo 
DfriMiro, 3. m. dtriaarj, aeokiitg 
IMrivotif. y% m. mi. — tiv*. dirortij« 
IMriTadon, q/, — lion, origin 
IMrivo, «^. mm. the loo-ww : ■tnL*-lioe 
Dtriyi, am. a dorivaHTO adrift 
Aroir boUo dtriv^. to fcava good Ma-room 
D<fiTcr, va. to derive, to be deiivod 
-. vn. MM. to fall to leeward 
Deiaiot, o, a. laat ; the loweat ; greatest ; 

Mgkett; ntaoet 
SemDren^t, ad. lateljr ; not long ago 
DeroUc, (i la) md. bj attalth, prWatelr 
Oirobcr, £. »»-M] va. to rob. ateal. take 

away ; oeprire : dlrcet ; hide 
>« — , «r. to etaal awajr 
IMrocltor, va. to ctMt down fiton « rock i 

to ecour metal 

BcTogation, </. di 
IMrogatelro, 3. a. 


, , _. a. — tory, riei 

Oifogeoact, ^. dsgradiiijg ai 
Mrogaaat. c, a. devegaliag, dc.^^ 
Wnocor, va. to derogate ; deRrado 
MieUcr. m. to uast&en : uabend 
0<raacir, ma. to lake oif the redooea 
OtrotuIleiMat, eat. rubbing off the nwt 
Dfrooiller, va. to rub off the root 
>a —, M>. M leoo ite ruat i leam wit 
B^TOTdemciit. eat. uarolling 
Mreulor, va. to anroU, ayrcad out 
Mroa|r, ^. rout ; defeat i overthrow 
Wrouior, va. to bewilder ; ouaalo 
J>tnikn. pr. ad. behind ; after ; bMsk 
— , aau the back nart ; the bockaido 

Far dorriAro. bookwaid. beUad 
Derria on Derriche, em. a derrlee 
Dta. ld^2 art. of; of the} fron the; 

Die, pr. from, aiiico, at 

— k pnecnt, from thie time forward 

— anjourd'hul, from thia Tcry day 

— lora, from that lioM 

— qo«, e. when ; ainee t a* ioob aa 
D<Mbntement, «m. und*eei*tag 
Diiabuaor, va. to undccoiTe, Wiabuao 
Jiitaemd. rat. dieoofd. dUiini 

I. to f«t eat of turn 


IMsaceoutumer. va. w woaa froa 
Se — , vr. to learo off a euatom 
D<aachalaadct, va. make a chop tr a 

tradoimaa loao Ita or kia eiutam 
O^aflcaner, va. ardk. to b* n 

out, shoot out 
DCasffourchcr, va. to unmooi 
Disagencer, v«. w dleordor, disadjaat 
D<»agr«ab)o, 3. «. dieagrseaUo 
DaagrJablcmoDt. ad. dia^rfoably 
Desacrter, C. . grai-Ai vm. to d 

■ {MjlU 

IMeagrCment. em. liaagneaUeneae 
IKsaJusMr, oo. dieoompoee, dieordor 
Se D<aalli«r, vr. to marn bolow one's tiidr ; 

to disparage oae'e self 
IMaaltirer, va. to quaack the thiiai 
IMoanercr, va. ma. to wcigk anek<w 
Maoppaiaaior, v. to nnmatok 
Deaappliqner, va. to divert from 

Iteapprcndto, [. . prmm-dr^ va. to forget, 
DtaappTobatoar, im. a die a pmov e i 
IMsapprobatioa, «/. disapproballoa 
D<savpropilation, rf. diveotingoae's oelf oT 

Se D^mpmrprierj vr. to divest oao'e self 
of one's property : to revouneo it 

r, va. 10 unhorse, dismoant 
O^sargenter, va, to wear off the tilvar 

to drikia Ono of cosh 
IMoarmenMntt em. radaotiea of fenea 
IMaaimert v. to disarm ; to ajmeaeo 

— la eale, ma. to uastow the bold 

— lea aviTOiia t mm, best yoar oars S 

— un Talsaean. aui. to lay up a ship 
D^sartiaser, ra. ma. to snift or alter the 

stowayo in the hold | to unsww 
Dfaaiml, [. . rso-a»] eat. diaoidor ; eosk- 

Dteaasembler, vs. to take to oteeea 
D^sassoder, va. dissolve a 

-, va. dissolve a partaorshlp 
, vo. to lU-maich, mismai^ 

IMsaatrowa, eo, a. diaastroaa 
D^vantage, em. disadvaalage; loaa 

ooaly, with disodvantsgo 
IMsavantagaox, ao, a. disadvaatageoaa 
D<sav«a* am. diaavowment ; deaial 
D<oavouglor, vo. to aadoeeivo ono 
O^eavoner, [. . ooo-X] va. W disown; i 

DcaecUer, ea. to unseal 
Dcacendaaoe, »f, deeeeut, podigroo 
Desccndans, ea*. pi, dasoendants 
Deaocndaai, e, a. dcsceading 
Deocendro» [. caa-dr] ««. to descoad ; ee 

D, va. to tako or lot down 
DeaeesiaioB. «/. art. deeccaalan 
— cocoBto, if. deeeeat | f *— 

daliaxioa i lail-vtpa 

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OMcripifam, jp/. — f 

IMMBi^altage, •». _ , , 

IMMai*)«U«r, M. to luipaek 
IMMMtMrqoMiHiit, ••. laiuUac 
IMMmbvqttcr. tw. to AiMmbark. lud 
IM — ■ bo ml wf, M. to Uka out of «io4 
IMMmpwer, va. to quit a. nU«« | Ur tr 

dMtroy. «r dinblo • ihip^ 
D<MaipMar, va. to unatvdi 
D«MinpUr, tw. to omptj in put 
--fvn. to bo mpUod in pan 
MaaaapriMuiMr, vm. to aat ft«a 
IMicncliaSBar, va. to u 

IMMndonitl, a, a. half awaka 
Dfcanfilar, va. to unthrMd 
D<MnA«r, w«. to rtaiOTO a awelUng 
->, VM. to abata, to loM ita aweUlaff 
J>tmn>aim. «/. aaaaagMwBt or oamw 

•f a awaUUf 
D4Ma««r, tw. to daatior the aaad, ate. 
Maaamnar, v«. to (Uaencafa 
DHaahrwr, va. to mab* tobcr agmin 
P^Mulaetnant, $m. diMnta&gUag 

•a — , wr. to diaanungla om'c aalf 
Dtaananjrer, m. to dUpal melaaeholT 
WMUrmftr, m. to uutrig a whaal 
D^MoihoMor, M. to euro a eold 
D<i«arMer, v*. to diainim, dlaehana 

IMMOMTalir. va. to atrip th« dead 

IT, va. to atrip the i 
\rr, va. to uuWwltel 

^, 1. anbewltchfaig 

IManitCin', tw. to briaf to rcaaon 
DfaantonUlar, vs. ta nntwiat, nntwina 
0<*«DlisT«r, va, to imfettar, unlock 

Dtuunrgiur, va. to anbnid a tall 
DMqnippor, tw. ma. to oBrig a ihlp 
D<Mrt, a, t. ttr, . r — - - ^ - 

Djaartioa, ^f. — tion. withdrawing 
D4a«ap<rade (4 la), ad. doaporataljr 
Pfa ta p< raat, a, a. eavaimg d«ap«lr 

. rar, wt. to oaapa 
— , t>«. to driva to daapaL . .. 
Se — . «r. to ba tnade 
IMaeapoir, «at. daapalr, griaf 
Ddaha^ilM. ««•. aa^odi^, i 

IMahafaUlar, va. ta vndnaa, dlaNba 
D4ah«bil£. a. «. oniahahitad 
D^ahabituar, va. to diaaccuatom 
■a — , »r. to diasae, diaaaeuatoaa 
D4ahtfrciiee, •/. dUhcrision 

ViAaamm, am. dlakouoori afaswJlt 
IMahoBorablo, 3. a. diagraeafnl 
pfahaaonblemaat. ad. uhtmatvllj 
Diahonorant, a, a. diagraeeful 

M^^-lf] va. to daaign, 
appoint, aaaign, n> 

to dliineotpanla 

IXtiicMr. t. Megn-HZ •■• to daaign, da- 
aeriba i denote ; appoint, aaaigik, mmi- 

, to. to rant ^..._ 

DfcinCMtioB. «/. elearing of Infcatiaa 
IX8iot<reM<. a. «. dialutareated 
DMut^roaaemcot, mi. impanialitr 
— , ad. diaiatareatadly ' 

Daaint<rc«aer, va. Jm. to iademBiiy 
Sa — , 9r. to iadcmnifY one'* aalf 
Dtfainvitar, va. to racu an iuTitnttoa 
Dtfair, «M. deaira, wiah, longing 
DMiablo. 3. a. daaifabla ; eoii«rtaUa 
D^airar, •«. to daairo, wiab, town 
Dvairaux, ac, a. daeitoaa ; eager 
IMatnamant, aai. deaiatiug ; eaaaloA 
Se D4aister, »r. to daeiat, gire orar 

teobclr, im. diaoUv; be diaobediaM 
D««obatannca, if. diaobedienoe 

DiaobUgeamnent, ad. diiobUginglr 
D4MbMgeaat, e, a. dUabliging: uklBd 
D«aobliger. «a. to diaobUgeTdiaplanae 

8e Deaoceaper, vr. to 

D^iauTri, a, «. «. out of 

wnk ; an idler 


Deaolar, va. to afltiet ; to lay waata 
Ha — , vr, to ravai to take on 
IMiopilatif, Te, a. »U. deaobetraeat 
D^iopilation, tf. fcmoving obatmetlaaa 
IXaopiler, va. to open, to dear 
Diiordonni, a, a. inordinate 
n<(ordona4nient, nd. Itninoderatal^ 

Diiordre, i 

Maorganlaatear, cm. a diatarber 
rXiorganiaation, »/. dlaorganiaatiaM 
D^aorgaaiaer, va, to diaorganiao 
IXaoriaoter, va. to pat out - -"=- 
~ AMtnaia, [• • mafi ad. h 

Deaoutdir, va. to anrarel; 
Heaponaation, »/. daepoDaaiian 
Deipotat, m. a deapotic atata 
I)«ipoM, «M. a deipot ; a tTtaat 
Daipot^ue, 9. a. deapotic, abaoluta 
Daipotiqnement, aif . daepotleallj 
Deipotltme, «ai. dotpotiaa. tjrrannv 
IMapumor, va. to take aff the aeinB 
DaaqauMdMi, ^. wiUng 

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Sa Deuidalr, vr. M dlMeis* ; to rIv* up 

■ out M MMon 

DmmU, •> a. BiwalMd ; ennniug 

DesMayUr, P«. to un«ird, unglnh 
IMufchMkt, e. •. drying, witherins 
DmwUknamat, ««. • diTiiig, dndiilng 
DcM4«h«r, »a. to dnla, to dry up 
DeMcia, [. vote] «». dMign ; IntantioB 

A dMMln, «f. on purpoM, dMigiiedly 
— qiM, e. that, to th« and tkM 
DesMllor, pa. 

DMMft, I. «rl «M. dMaert 
I>cn«rt«. rf. paroehial di 

DcMcrHr, M. to elm* tfao tabU ; to do ma 

Ul oflM, diMbUM 

DM«ice»tif, ▼•. a. daMUmtivt, drytag 
" , ./. -tioa. dryiag «p 

1. •■§. divwiag; plma; pMtona 
■tMir, n». a dMlgaw; mod«ll«r 
Dcaataar, •«. to draw, to daliaoau 

— , rr. to be naaoldond 

, [. «w1 ««. tho audcrpart, bottom 
— , aa. pr. wodor ; boaoath 
Au-dooMuo. od. ^. below; uadtr 
Ka-daaoou, haronndor 

Daaaos, md. pr. abeva ; npoa 

An-deasos, pr. ad. abovo ; boyond 

Ci-dewm, ad. ahoro 
Dassiu. ««. the top ; niparioritr 

Lo doaoua da mt, ma. wiadwafd 
Dcatia, oai. daotiajr ; faU ; fatality 
Aastlaatloa, «/. ->iioB ; appointawat 
Deatintf, o, a. dostlnod, datoted 
Dcaiia^c, ^f. dovtior ; &ta ; doom 
Ontinor, «■. to daugn; to daariae, d«i 
—, »«. to doaign, propoao 
Dntitaablo, 3. a. that nay ba 
Dc«tIto4, a, a. dJamiaaad ; daprivad 
Deitiiuar, va. to diuaiM ; daptlva 
DeatituUoa, af. diamliMl. dapilTing 
]>a*tnictMar, triea, «. dcatroyar 
Oattruotibait^, </. daatraetiUUty 
Daatruetif, va. a. —tin, niiaooa 
Oatuuction, «/. daetraetion ; ruin 
IMsiUtttdo, «/. — tude, diaaotttiaHano 
I»teaaion. ajT- diaualoa; Taiiaaca 
IMaaair, va. to dUonito; dlHda 
ffe — , vr. to &U out; oobm aaai 
Dtoebomani. sm. diMngagaaiaBt j im- 

partiatity; dataokaiaat 
IMtachor, a«. to detach ; talia off ; vado, 

natio ; to take oat a atain 
— uua roade, aun. to kick ua 
So — . »r. to dlaoagaga or Irao 

from ; to coma or; grow looao 

•'■ aaU 

IMtail, IdH-tiU] tm. rataUi partieulani 

AtailUr. va. la oat la placaa ; to r 
to detail j aarrata particiilaia 

Detalar, a. to shut up akop i 
Denliuguer, va, ma, to uubend 
Ditapar, m. aM. take oat the tomaiiMi 
D^tetadre, tw. to diaaoleur, taralak 
Se — , vr. to loae ito eoloar, to fado 
Djtalar, oa. to nayoko ; to uiiMam 
Oataadn, va. to uabaad ; take down 
n<tenir, M. to dataia; to withkoU 
D<tanu, af, a trigger; a detent, a atop 
DaUntonr, trioc, «. aaa that kaapa wrong* 

fuUy another man* aatata 
D^teatioa, a/, — tioa ; dataiaiag "" 
D^toau, a, a. a. detained ; a pciaaaar 
DCtergae, va. to dcMtge, purge 
D^tMoratloa, «/. — lioa, waaM 
0<t4rlar«r, va. to waaM ; apoU S impair 
IMtenaUatif. ra. a, — tira 
Diterailnant, e, a, detonninatiTe 

D<tenain<maat, ad. datonalnataly 
n^iermiaer, va. to datormine, raaolra 
Sa —, vr. to ba loaoWed «a 
Ditarrer, »a. dig out of the grouad; 

Diterrenr, eat. ho who unburlee 
D«teratf, va, a, dctoraiva, claanaiag 
MtoaiabU. 3. a, detaatafale, hatcfi^ 
DeteataUaaunt, ad. dateatably 
DrtMtadon, </. — tion, abhomoM 

D<t>rer, ««. to draw ont. to extend 
Detiaer, va. to rake out the fire 
Ditonatloa, »f. detoaatioa C'atoniae 

D^toaaer, va. to jar ( be out of tana; to 
IMtordre, C* tar-drl va. to uatwiat { to 

DiStorae, tf. a aprain 
DjtortiUer, ««. to untwiat, eeparato 
Ditouper, va. to naatop, unoork 
U^UttpiUonaar, va. to lop a trao 
Ditour, C. toorl aai. a tomiag, wiadiug { 

by-way t OTaaioa, aubterfuge 
DcStoarni, e, a. taraad away vr aside 
D^toaraeaieat, eai. turning away 
IMiouroer, v. to turn aaide ; ' 

diaauade ; dawr ; dlrart 
S« — , vr. to go out of ouc'a way 
D^traetar, va. to slander, detraet 
IXtraetattr, «as. alandarar, traduoar 
Detraction, •/. detraction ; slaadar 
D«tranehar, va, to dlseeot 

Ditraqaar, va. to put out of order ; land 

astray; distract 
Ditrempe, IdiL-troi^-fC tf- waUr-colouta 
IMtiamper, va. to dilun; to temper 
IMtreaea. [. frsaf] ^f. distreas ; sorrow 
Ditrimant. «8». — mant; loss; damage 
IMtrott, [. <r»o-«»] f- — i- - 

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IMtrtoement, m. dethroaing 
D<tr&iMr, va. to dcthrona, denote 
IMtrouaior, va. to untuek ; rifle, rob 

DatrouSMur, «ai. • robber, foot-pkd 
' , va. to deatror ; demolltk 
'. fmll to ruio ; Mil o ' " 

Dette, «/■ debt ; duty, obligatloa 

— MtiTe, » debt due to u* 

— paseira, debt owing to othere [drese 
Deuil, ido-tul'i sm. mouniiug; mourning 

Grand deuil, deep mourning 

Petit denil, Mcond mourning 

Deux, a. eat. two ; a two, deuce 

— k deux, ad. two by two, two and two 
Deuxiime, a. aecond 
Deuxiimement, ad. lecondlj 
IMraler, v. to let down ; come down 
IMraliaer, va. to rob, rifle, atrip 
D<nuiccr, tw. to go before, out-run, out- 
walk, out-aail; to turpaaa 

D^Taneier, e, «. predeceeaor 
Derant, «w. the forepart, tKe outside 
— , ad. pr. before ; oTer-againat 

— q<ii», o. before ; before that 
Ci-deraut, oc^. formerly, before 

DoTantUre, tf. riding petticoat 
Devanture, */. arch, tbo fere-work 
IMraateteur, trice, «. a deftroyer 
Dimatation, »f. — tlon, desolation 
Divaater, va. to lay waate, destroy 
IMveloppement, rat. development 
IMrelopper, va. to dcTolop ; iinraTel 
DeTenir, v*. to become ; to grow 
IMTenMr une roilc, to braoe a aail 
D<Tergond<, e, 0. ahamcleaa, impudent 
JMrerroniller. va. to anb<dt, unhasp 
~ 1. bending, leaning 

— , pr. (owaras , siiout 

Par derers, by, before, to 
Diveraer, vn. to bend ; lean 
D<versoir, rai. ag. drain ; overfUl 
Se D^7ttir, vr. to diveat oae'a aelf 
IMvCtiaaemcnt, eat. fa. fbregoiug 
Deviation, tf. deriation, waitdering 

D<Tidoir, «m. a reel, apindle, windle 
IMTier, vn. miilcad, pat out of the way 
Se — , vr. to deriate, awerre 
DeTin, *m. conjuror ; cunning man 
DoTiner, va. to dirinc ; gneaa 
Derinereaae, tf. divinereaa 
Derinenr, «e, t. gueaaer, conjectorer 
IMriier. v. me. to recoil ; heare back 
Devia, idH-vecfi tm. eatimate of the ex- 

penaea of a building ; dialogue, talk 
^eriaager, va. to disfigure the face 
Deriae, ldii-vi%t'\ tf. deTicc, motto, poay 
Deriaer, m. to diacourse together 
IMroiement, tm. looaenesa, lax 
— . Mui. flaring 
DJToilement, «at. unretlinK 
IMvoilcr, va. to anveil ; diacover 
Oeroir, «M. duty ; obligation ; task 
— , va. to owe, be indebted i muat ; mnat 

needs; ought 
D<Tole, tf. having no trick ■ 
D<Tola, c, a. derolTed ; each 

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DiatiflM, ^. ndrical fltwnrtiriiMi 

Metwn«, «M. Ao. dieUniDiH. dittaojr 
Mctaaen, <m. dictate of tk« eonscMon 
Dicuwar, •••. dictmtsr 
Dictaturc, «/. dieMtanUp, dktatnm 
IKetf«, mf. dictation ; what a »aat«r die- 

tam and tli* acholat* writa 
Dicier, va. to dlctau ; prompt 
Diction, af . dicdon ; atyla 
DietionAaira, [. M«-a-a«tr(] •«. , 
Dietiunaariate, aai. Icjdeographai 
DietoB, M. MmmoD m^fkum; proTcrb 
P>da«tiqwe, ». a. —tie, didactical 
DiMw, I/: di«rcsia j dirUioa 
Diiw, »m. dlMii, iHaip (in muric) 
Dt4t«, •/. diet; raElmcni an aaaemUy 
Dierfiiqna, 9. a. diatatio, diatatical 
DUSU, •■•. GOD 
Kfioaaat, e, «. dafamatoiy 
DiAsmteur, urn. de&iMr, ■laadanr 
Diftaiaiion, »f. dafamatian. ealiunajr 
Diilamatalre, 3. a. dafamatorir 
Diffuncr, VA. to de&me, flandar 
DiflcTCBimant, ad. diffncDtljr 
Diffireitce, mf. difference, diverdt/ 
DiSifrenciar, va. to dittiuguiah 
Diff<rcnd, [. . reut^tm. varianea, diibranea 
Different, a, a. diffctiag, oallka ; djatinct ; 

diverst TBrioua 
Difirentlal. la. a. aiofi. diffmntial 
DifTirer, v. to defer ; delay ; poituone 
Difflcila, 3. a. dlfflcult, haid ; pcarith 
DiffleilemaBt, nd. with diacultr 
Diffiealt<, 1/. difficvltT i obatacle 
IKfficnltuoux, Be. a. that raiset diSealtiea 

in ererjr tUag 
Difforaaa, 3. «. mlaiKapen, deformed 
Difforaner, (m. to defonn, tpnil 
IHffemlti, »f. defomlty, uglines* 
Dtffaa, a, a. diffuM; prolix ; co^ouo 
ttffmteant, ad. diffueelj, eoplouely 
IMftuioB, a/, diifuiion, •praadlof 
Dig<ier, «a. to digest, eoucoer 
Digaata, UN. digeat. pandect* 
Digafttenr, aat. digester, Irou bollai 
Digeetif, re. a. (m. digeitiea 
DigeetioB, «/. digattion, eonooctlon 
Digitala, rf. ho. digiuUa ; fox-gloTo 


^i»-»] (liquid) 3. «. worthy ; 

DigBemant, td. worthily, daacrredly 
Dignitaire, «m. dignitary 
IKgaiti, */. dignity, honoar 
Digreasion, tf. digreaaion ; deviation 
Digue, rf. ■ dyke, hank { piar 
Signer, vm. man. to spur 
Otnon, «M. ata. atooV, ataff 
DilacAration, •/. — tion, tearing 
Dilacfcar, va. to dilacarate, tear 
DOapidadoa, »f. dilapidation, waate 
Dilapidar, M to dOapidate, to waato 
DilatahUit<, tf. dilatabllity 
Dilatable, 3. a. dUatabla, alaatie 
Dilatatlan. tf. widening, dilaring 
DQatatolr*, a. m. dilatory; dilator 
DUater, va. to ^lata, tatand, widen 

DilaetioB, a/. la*e ; charity , affeeboM 



Diligeminant, md. diligently. vigUanUy 
Diligonea. tf. dUigenec, aaaidi2ty) oire 

speed i a stam-oaach 
I>i]lB..t. a, «raiU«a.t.- aataAilt quick 
Dlbgantar, im. aaLa haaic. daapMalk 
Dimanehe, aai. a«uiday. the flaMiMli 

Diaaer. va. to raiaa ar pay Utha 
tf. a ttthaaUa tarritary 
Olsatattr. aat. liae-«|atharor 

Diasiaaar, va. to 

Dimiautif, va, •. 

DiaaiButitNS, tf. diaainuilan, daeraaaa 
Disiacoire, am. latMra diadaamry 

Diaiaaarial. a, r '—' 

Dlnandarie, //. \ 

Dfaide. tf. a turkar-baa 

biadoa, aat. a turkey, tt 

Caat an diadon, ha ia 

_ tniiey 

. tiukcy-driTer 

Diadonniire, tf. a country dowdy 

DtD<, Diner, m. dinner 

Dla^, tf. the inn where one diaei 

Journey ; dinner ona take* there 
Dinar, vn. to diaa 
Dtnanr, aai. a great dinnar-catac 

Diociaa, «m. diocasa 
DioBtrique, «/. dioptriea 
Dipbthaaaua, tf. a diphthong 
DlploaaatTquc, 3. a. dTploiaatSe 
Diplome, aM. diploma, charter 
Dipaaa, Oipae, aat. dipaas. a serpent 
Dira, Idifi »m. what one aaya ; a aayin« 
— , va. to tell, aar ; speak : relaM ; mean, 

ainify ; bid. offer 
Se Dire. tr. be said : call one's self 
Direct, e, a, direct, atralght 
Directo. tf. teaata ia capite \ freehold 
Direeteoiant, ad diraetly ; atralgktly 
Directaur, trice, «. director, manager 
Direction, •/. —tion, conduct; mana(|a* 

ment ; aim ; director's house or offlca 
— d'un eouraat, aettlng of a current 
Direeioira, tm. directory, rubric 
Diriger, v«. to direct ; rule; manage 
Dirimaat, a, a. hinderiag, aaauUing 
Diacale, «a». tret i waate 
Discepution, tf. — lian, disputation 
Dieccmemant, «ai. diaeemmeni ; diatlac- 

Diaeenei, m. to discern ; to judge 
Disciple, aat. diaciple ; aeholar 
Diaeipliaable. 3. m. docile, tractable 
DiacipUae. tf. discipline, instruetlftn ( 

good order ; a scourge, a whinpiaa 
Dladpllner, m. to dtadpliue ; enasirae 
Diaoontinuatloa, tf. — ance, eesaation 
Dlsoondnuer, v. to discontinue 
Diaconyenanee, tf disagreement, inequal- 
ity ; inconTcnIence 
••, «i. tod' 

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MtlMI Altj 
J pTMlnct 

pophthagm j 

DitkrouBb*. «■§. dithTTOBtM* 
WArrwmMvM, 3. a. dithjrramUo 
Dtton, •■». Mooad (m miMto) 
Ditti^tiqar, «. » diuretic, ■{McttiTe 

. . iMif] «M. coouMa pnjar-bMk I>agmmtii 

I Doda, •, •. plump, Ht, la good cm* 
Dogirt, Ml. £f«itf M- •fflM or dog* 

I l>agC, MB. • dog* 

audai ' DogmAtlqac, ««. dogmatical ot/lo 
I — , S. «■ dogmaHoAi, podantle 
Dogmatiqitomont, ad. docmatieolly 
UogmMimr. tm. to tOMh inagiaMrial)]r; 
to dorcmoiiM, wMrt potidveljr 

I. diursml 
Diracaor, »a. to ramU* ; to 

to kaTo raring tkoughta 
Diwa, ««• dlT*»; ooancil 
DiTorgoaeo, */. diTergoner 
IKvorgoat, o, «. —gent, depaning 
Diran, o, m. dlvono ; maiw, Tarioa 
Di*efMnMBt, md. — ^l/, diftrantlj 
Di««nifi*r, «a. to divaniljr, Taiy 
IKvenMn, ^. — aloa ; a tarniag aah 
Dironitd, «f. — aity, Tmriot^ 
OiTenir, vm. lo dlTorti miaappljr 

I Docmatiite, •■». — tist. dogmAtiser 
Dogmo, *m. dogma ; tauat ; prtnciplo 
Dugre, aa. aM. Ouuh dogMr-bj«t 
Dogue, »m. a maaiir or bull- dog 
Uagttc* d'amura, wta. holai of the ebaalram 

; delightful 

diveitittg; plcaaant 

int altar ■ play; 

St, raiasppljring 
DlTtdende, m. diridond, ahara 
Divin, a, m. divine ; god-Hke ; exeencut 
DiviuadoD, rf. diTination, prediction 
DiHMaawit, md. diTiMljr; escaUandy 
IMvialaer, m. to daifT 
DMaM. I/, divinity : deity; Mgel 
DtTia, tm. dlTtaion : ehare 
DiTiaav, «a. to divide; part; diaimite 
DiriaMr, m». divider, dlvla( 
DiviafUUti, If. — Uty, dJ ' ' 
IMviaiU*, 3. «. divi^Ue 

Dlacnler, tm. a titliiflg-man 
Docile, «. ■. docile ; tractable 
Deeilemxw^ md. troeUbly, wiUi docility 

OaciUtd, if. docUity, troetaMe t 

Daeto, 9, «. ». learned ; a good 
Deetamoat, md. learnedly, erudit 

Divoree, tm. divorce; variance 
Divoreer, tm. to divorce, aead away 
Divalfcotioa, t/. divulging, revealing 
Divnignar, v«. to divulm, to reveal 
Dix, c a. tan (when a anal, or when fel 

lowed by a nnmeral, dhu, beCnre m conso 

nant dt} 
Dbdteia, 3. «. tm. tenth ; a tenth part 
-- deniar. two BhilHog* in the pouaa 
DijUmament, md. teothly 
Diaain. am. ■ atanaa of tan Tcraea 
Diaaine, ^f. ten; tithing 

Dectonl, e, a. doctoral, of a doclot 
Deeiomt, tm. a doetor'a degree 
Doctoraria, qT. diapuUtien for th* dagrao 

of a doctor of divinity 
Doctrinal, *, m. doctrinal 
Doetitao, tf. doctrine ; teneta 

Se Dodiner, vr. to pampor one'a ad 

Doguln, e, t. whelp of a maatilT 

Doi«t, idoo-mm] at. a finger ; daw; digit 

— du pied, a lae 

Doigter, vm. to linger (te aiatfe) 

Dolgtiir, aai. cover for the finsera 

Dol, idolj tm. fraud ; deceit, cheat, a 

Daleau, em. a alawr'i edging tool 
Dolamment, md. mottriifuily, wofully 
Dolcnt, e, a. doleful, queruloae 
Dolar, vm. to plane ; to chip 
Dolimon, m. a Turkish drem 
Doloire, tf. plana ; ada* ; tntaa 
Dom, tm don ; lord 
Domain, «ai. domaia ; doaacin* 
Domanial, a, a. balooginc to a 
Ddma, «m. a dome, cnpola 
Domcsticitf, •/. a amta of aervitnde 
Domeetiqoe, 3. m. domattie ; tame 
— , am a domeitic ; aervont 

St Domicitier, t^. to ae'ttle in a plae* 
Dominant, *, m. ntling ; predommanl 
Domiuateur, trioe, a. ralar ; lord 
Dumination, «/. domination, domin 
Oominer, vm. to rule; predominate 
Dominienin, e, t. m. Dominican 
Dnmioo, tm. domino ; a abort cloak 
Dominoteria, tf. paper-atainiag 

Dommage, ««. t 

Dommageable, V 

Domptable, C<f«n-<aM} 3. a 

Uompter, ZdvU'titJ vm. to aubdue, to tamo 

Domptaur, tm. conqueror ; tamer 

Don, m. a gift, donodon ; faiaek 

Donataire, «. donee, receiver 

Donateur, trice, t. a donor, giver 

Donatir, va, a. donative 

Donation, tf. donation ; deed of gifl 

Done, o. Idom. at the b^tgianius of a phnM 

dmnJk) tharafore, then, aeeoraingly 
Dondon, tf. plump Jolly woman 
Doacrii, am. an lodian cotton atoV 
Donjon, tm. a turret 
Donnant, «, e. generoua 
Donna, tf. dealing at earda 
Doan^ea, qf. pi. mat. dam 
"^ nner, vm. to give, baatew ; aaoribo 

, tm. to deal {mt emrdt) ', to engage 
Donneur, ae, a. a giver 
Dont, pro. whoee ; wher»of ; of whom 
DeoMllc, if. domaal (burloaqiw) 

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0d. hM 



Dorar, va. to gUd : to makm jrtUow 

Donor, M, •. a |iUUr 

Doriquc, a. Mm. Doric, tho Dorit order 

DorloMr, vo. to fondU, to pampor 

So — , vr. to mako mBak at oao'a aek 

Donnuit, a, a alMpiug ; atagnaat 

— , «a». fiiB>Ugtk| 

Dormeat, a«, j. a aleapar 

Donalr, vn. to alMp 

— , *m. alMplog i alaap ; raat 

Donaitif, T«, a. aoperifia, aoporiforoHt 

Doraal, a, «. donal, of tko ba«k 

Dortolr, aai. dormitorr 

Dorurc, t/. glldiiu ; waaUac ovw 

Doa. Ida] tm. xht back: a lidga 

— d'too. ahalWng on both aidoa 

Doae. C^osaj »/. a dooa ; a oartaia quantity 

Doaae, [<ioMl ^f. plaak, alab of timbor 

DoMoret, aai. a amall jattiuc pUaater 

Doaaiot, Ml. back of a aaat ; hoadboatd of 

a bed ; fila of law papois 
Doaaiira. </. ridgo-baoi 
Dot, [daU] tf. a portioa ; dowi7, dower 
Dotal, c, «. pcrtakiilog to a dowrjr 
Dotatiott, tf. dotation, endowment 
Doter, 04. to portion { to endow 
Douaiio, «M. Jeintnre, aottUsMnt, dower 
DoaarUre, ^f. a dowafor 
Douana, ^. ouatom-liouaa ; duty 
Douaaicr, •«». a cuatom-hooae oOlear 
Doublage, am. om. aheatbiiig 
~ du go^vemail. back of tbo mddar 
Double, 3. «. double; doceitfal 
— . am. two-«Bld i dupUeate 
eroohe, «/. a aomi^qaarer 

vouDioB, ata. a oouMoon; a aoup 
Doublure, ^. % lining ; eubetiuito 
Douee-amira, ^f. tho nigbt-abado 
Douealtra, 3. •. twaetiaA, loacioni 

Douealtra, . 

DottoeoMat, ad. aoftljr ; qoiotljr 

Dottcerotto, tf. an innocent Abigau 

Doueeceux, ao, m. aweetiak ; preeiie 

Doueet, to, a. a. affected { damare 

Doueetu. »/. eom-aallad 

Douecur, ^. aweeineaa ; mildoeaa i profit 

Donceura, ^f. pi. eoaxlng exprooaiona 

Douche, t/. a shower-bath 

Douoher, wa. to pump one 

Doudne, •/. waved moulding 

Douer, va. to endow ; beatow 

Douillaga, am. ataff badly woran 

Do«iilIe, ^. a aoeket 

DottlUct. to, a. aoft, itica, tender 

— , «M. a aelf-loTW 

Dontenx. ae. m. doubtfnU WMeifln 
Doavain, «aa. wood fit Car Btama of caaks 
Douve, $f. BtaTO, rib, nlank 
Doux, Donoe. {.dao, efcof] m. awm 

lodloua ; eaay i 

gentl*i nnooih 
Don t a in e, q^. a daaen 
Dooac, a. a. twelve 
Donaii^ma, 3. a. twalfih 
— , am. the twclftk part 
Douaiimemant, ad.twMOilj 
Doaologie, •/. donologv 
Doyen, am. dean ; aanlor, the oldnr 
DoyennA, am. » deauerr, danaahip 
Oraohme, Dragme, ^. onMbm 
Dracuuottlo, am. — Ina, a toet of w«r« 
Dragaaa, «m. ate. wing.taanaon 
Dragie, «/. atigar-plum ; anaall aka» 
Dragaoir, em. a eomfit-brnt 

. q^. dragoowng 

Drague, af. giaiaa i a drag 

Draguer, va. to drag , to aoarah Car SMnc^ 

thing that Uea unoer water 
DrailU, q^. aiA. aujr 
Dramatiqne, 3. a. «m. — «io , tha drama 
Drama, am. a drama [ahoet 

Drap, IdrAl am. cloth. waoUen oloth ; a 
— mortuaire, a pall 
Drapean, em. eoloun ; a rag; a.eIoat 
Draper, vm. to hang with moumiag ; to 

-ilU stocklnp; Jeer; r'- -' -^* 
I, •/. dotV — ^' 

, . -, - lotk-trada ; drapery 
Drapier, «m. a draper, a wooUau- 

Mrayer, tw. to pare a ikW 
Drayoire, «/. a euniex'a head-knife 
Driehe. «^. aaalt 

Drige, af. a drag, a dredaa, sort of act 
Drelin. am. tingle; tinkUng of a beU 
Dieaae, q^. leather to underlay a shoe 

Douleur, i/. pain; grM; aOlietion 
So Doaloir, vr. to gnoTe, complain 
Donlonreaaement, md. giiermulr 
Douloureux, ae, a. painful; woiiU 
Doato, am. donbt. nncartaioty 
Dottttr, M. to doubt, qvMtion 

.-. make atraight; aetnp; eraet. 
sataa ; draw up; train up 
Se '>— , M*. to riae : auud up 
Drmsoir, «m. a dreaaar, a ude-taUe 
Drillo, am. a raUah-fellow ; hard oak 
— , af. a drill; a borer, (deieer 
DriUar, •«. to aeour ar marah away 
Drilleux, m, a. ragged, Uturad 
DrilUer, am. rag-man, rag-gathei«r 
Driaaea, •/. ■•«. kaliarda or geara 

— doa baaaea verguae, aiA. geara 

— dcB Toilea, aie. throat-haliarda 
i— d'un Bio, ata. gaff-haliarda 

(graudaa), a 

Drogmaa, «m. a dragoman Cmodlty 

Drogue, [(fre-j'O ^' ^t*t i * *ony com- 
Droguer, pa. to phyaic too much 
Se — , vr. to toke a deal of phyaic 
Drogoarie, q^. draga, ingradlanta 
Droguet, q^. drugget, a woollen atuff 
Droguier* em. a box (or drop 
Droguiata, em. a diug^t 
Droit, e. a. atraight. tlfiili JMt j upright 

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Droit. $m. Jaadce, •qnltjri Imw; elidn 
fee ; tax ; pri«ii«g«, pNrogaUv* 

— de bourgvoiate, eorporstlon fnadom 
— , md. •tralKht; directly; honMtljr 
DroiU, tf. the right hand 
DroitemMit, ad. rightcQudf , rightlf 
Droitier, a, a. «. right-handed 
Droiture, ^f. uprightnts* i lni«grit]r 

En droituit, ad. dir«ctl7 ; ittaightlx 
DrOIe, «m. a merry fellow ; eharper 
— , 3. a. droU; ueetioue; comical 
DrAlamcat, ad. coaiieally; facetiouiljr 
Drdleria, ^. drenurff merry trick 
UrUeaM. tf. a merry woman ; wench 
Dromadaire, «■». dromedary 
Drome, *m. DM. a float or raft 
DroMc, •/. ma. a truM 

— de raeagc, ma. mitsen parrel'tnns 

— de gouTcmail, ma. tiller- rope 
DroeM de eanoil, ma. cun'taekle 
Drouine, «/. a tlnher'i budget or bag 
Drouiueur, »m. tinker 
Dm, e. < " ' ■ " * 
Drulde. < 

Dryade, tf. a dryad ; a plant 
Da, e, part, of Dtvoir, ought 

— , art. Mm* ; of the ; from ; frcn the 

— moins, at laoet 

D&, «a». what ia owing ; dnty 
— , e, a. due, owing 
Dubitatloa, tf. — tlon (f» rhUpnti 
Dubitatif, ve. a. dubitative 
Due, eat. duke ; horn-owl, hom-coot 
Ducal, e, a- ducal, of a dti&e 
Ducat, ld*-ktn $m. doeat 
Ducaton, tm. ducaioou, half a dacat 
Daoh<, «■. duchy, dukedom 
Du'-beiM, tf. duchcH ; tort of couch 
Oncalc,3. <x. malleable, doctUe 
Ductility, tf. ductility, malleablencee 
Daigna, V' * duenna ; goTemeee 
Duel, tm. duel ; Urr.) dual numbar 
Duellieu, eat. a duelllet, dueller 
Duire, vm. to be liked ; t« fit ; pIciM 
Dulcifler, va. to duloify, dulcorato 
Dnlcin<e, tf. eweetheart, a miatreaa 
Dttlie, «M. worship of the taliita 
DiXmeat, ad. duly, rightly . 
Donee, tf. fl. downe, heighte 
Duaetu, »i. ma. poop of a ship of war 
Duo, am. duet, duo 
Dupe, «/. a dnpa ; ninny ; a gall 
Dvper, va. to dupe ; to gull ; deetive 
Dnperle, tf. fraud, cheat; triok 
Dupaur, tm. cheater, dcfrauder 
Diiplicata. tm. a dnplieate, a copy 
Duplieatioo, tf. duplicadon 
Duplieatare, tf. eU. duplicature, a f»ld 
DupUdtA. tf. — aity ; donbla AmiUog 
Dupliquc, tf. answer to a rtply 
Dupllauar, «■. to put in a rejmnder 
Doaaei, de laquelle, pre. of whom, o 

which ; whereof 
Dur, e, Idmr, dure] a. hard ; firm, tongk 

rough ( Itanh { stale ; aad ; emel ; aui' 

DuiaUe, 3. «. duraUe, Isttlng ; etrong 
Durenl, pr. daring ; for, in 
Dureir, va. to haraen : make ftrm 


Dureir, wi. 8a ~-, vr. to gnw hard 
Dttreiasemont, em. induration 
Dure, tf, the bare groaad : the floor 

mire, tf. eU. dura maUr 

Durie, tf. duration i oontinoanoe 
Duremeut, ad. hard ; rudely, harably 
Durar, «». to laet; lM>ld out; endure 
Durat, ta, a. aomowhat bard or touah 
Duret^, tf. hardneae, firmneaai hanhneii 

rooghnefls ; obduracy ; cruelty 
DoreMt, pi. hard or aeToca word* 
Durillon, «a». oaUoaity. hard akin 
Se Durillonner, vr. to grew hard 
Dariuacule, 3. «. aomewhat hard 
Duail, Duail, tm. a pegs' i^ apigot 
Duvat, idu-vHy tm. down, soft feather* 
DuTataux, ae, a. downy 
DunmTirat, tm. duumvirate 
Duamvlra, tm. pi, duumrii* 
Dynamiqne, tf. dynamics 

Dynastie. tf. dynasty, a line of king* 
Dyapopaie. tf. diigBstUty of digeation 
Dyaaantario, tf. bloody flux 
DytaantirtoiM, % a. dyaantarlo 
Dyauria, tf. dysary 


» Bau, C^j tf. water; rain ; gloas, luvira 

Ebauehoir, , 

— d* mar, salt water 

— de pttits M d* pomM. pump water 
de-ria, aqua vltaa. brandy 

— douce, freah water 

— forte, aqua fortla 

S'Bbahir, vr. be amased ; to wonder 
Sbahisaamant, «m. wondering 
Ebarber, pa. lo atrip ; acrape ; ahara 
Ebarboir, tm. a acraper, a ehiscl 
Ebaroul, a, a. ma. desiccaied 
Kbat, Kbattemeatt em. pastime, sport 
S'Ebattra. va. ta make er be merry 
■banbi, •, a. amaied ; astonished 
Kbauche, tf. a eketeh, rough draugnt 
~" * - - ■» sketch ; rough-haw 
groat chlacl ; hatchet 
ebeer, oahiUrata 

. em. making aserry 

Bbbe. tf. ma. ebb. low water 
Ebina, tf. ebony, ebou 
Bbtoar, va. to atain wood like ebony 
Eb^nler, em. an tbony-troe 
Eb^niste, em. a eaUnet-makct 
Eb<nisteila. tf. oabloet-maher's work 
Bbertaudor, va. to shear cloth 
Eblonlr, va. to doasl* ; beguile, seduce 
Bblouiesaat. e, a. daasling; sedudug 
Eblouisaement, em. daaaUng, dimness 
Eborgner, va. to put out an eya 
S'Eboulbr da rira, to laugh exe««*lrely 
EbottiUir, va. to boil down 
Khonlement, em. Cslllng, shrinking 
Ebonler, vn. to fall down, tnmbla 
Ebonlia. C boo-itj tm. mbMsh. rubble 

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EbminHoaaew, *m. a pruDcr 
SboufEU, e. a. di*k««Ji«d. d 

Ebousiocr, »«. t* i«ii(li-h«w 
Bbra»ch«Bi«nt, am. loppln, pruainf 
Bbnineher, v«. to lop off the branch*! 
EbrwUcment, am. tkakiAg, 

ter, trouble, pcrtarbation 
Ebranlor, »«. to Blimlie ; diitvrb 
8' — , »r, to moT* 5 glr* wajr 
Kbruor, tw. are*, to •pl«7> to wldm 
Ebi^chor, vm. to aoich ; to dotnincktc 
Bbr«ier. ««• to cImb • diild 
EbrilUde, ^.Ktk with th« bridle 
S'BbroiMT, or. to anort (/il« a li^M^ 
Ebruiur. va. to divnlM ; beeoiM pvblle 
"' -, pr. to bo talked of 
rd, C. 

. or] am. hi 
a/, bletohi 

Eeacher, m. to enuh | to ■quaeh 
Eeaebeur d'or. m. gold-beater 
Eoater. mi. to split eaiere 
EoaOle, ^. eeale or ehell ; •bell-flih 
SeailK. o, a. eovered with ocale* 

8' — , «r. to pool off ; to icalo 
BoaiUer, e, «. oyetor man or woman 
B«aille«, »/. pi. Malai ; flakea of metal 
Eeailleaz, ec, a. tcaljr, flaky 
Boalo. ^. walnut-thell, pea-pod. ete. 

8* — , or. ( 

e off ; looe i< 

EearbottiUer, va. looruah, aquaah 
Eoarlato, 4/. aearlet, deep f«d colour 
— cramolate, acarlat dyed la grain 
" -'—"n* iflivre), *-^ ' 

Bear4|ttillemeot, eat. spreading wida 
Bcai«|i^l«r, V. to tproad open *r wide 
Bcart, l»'C€nr-i am. ramble, digression 
cards laid oat; rmA.) scarf 
A I'KcBit, ad. aaida; In a bjr-plaea 
BcaftaM, e, «. <|Bartn«d 

oa. ta onarter _ 

jtcanemBnt, e«. the patting asunuvi^ 

Beartar, vm. to diapene j ta rameve ; n 

lend ; discard ; avort s scatter 
8' — , vr. to deviate ; to ramble 
BeehTmoee, rf. mi. aeebymoaU 
BcelMaate, «m. Bcclealastaa 
BccMsIaadqwe, 1. «. esf. eoeleaiaiiieal ; a 

ecclesiastic, a ebufciiman 

BcerveM. •• « bars-l>rainod , btainlcss 
Behafaud, am. a. aeaffold ; n s**— 
Bchafaudage, em. acaffoldin« 

BCnaiB«a«r, vm. vm vrwvt ■Bmi»w™» 

Bchalas, [. . Is] eat. a Tino-piop ; a polo 
BchalassemcDt, eai. nroinmig a «lua 

Bebalicr, eat. aienco 
Bchaleta. ^. shslel, sealUan 
Bchampir, va. to shade or eet off 
Bcbaaerrr, »«. cot sloping; to hallow 
" * -'a slop* ; a hollow out 

I, tf. a slop* ; a hoi 
^. shiai^e ; wood- 
m. •Bckang* ; bar- 
', vm. «• aaetangaj 

; baienioK 

m. nens-baam 
«ric, «/. a kl>«'s wi 


Ecbaatillon, siar samnle~{ pactara 
— , am. aM. the soentTing of tlinbor 
Eehautillonner, ns. to examin* bjr the 

BUndard ; cut ont patterns 
Echanrrer, tw. to hatchel, to droaa flax 
EehanTioir, am. bauhel 
Echappada, rf. m misuke ; slip 
Eohappatoire, a/, a shift, oration 
Echapp<, e, m. tm. young and incoaaidania; 

a horse of a mongrel brnd 
Echapp^e, «/. a prank, frolic 

— dr Tue, a vista [*"*•> 
Echappcmeai, eat. eecapement {o/ m mtuc^ 
Echapper, v. to escape ; to flip, to drop 
8' — , vr. toeaeapc; forget ono's solf 
lieharda, •/. spIimMr ; pnck of a thiatla 
EcbardoDuar, va. to pluck up thistles 
Echardonnoir, tai. weediag-booli 
Echarnar, va. to pare off the Scab 
Echamoir, eat. paring kniiis 

Eeharpa. af. scarf { sling for the arm; 

(aia.) shell of a pulley or block 
Echarper, M. to slash, to cut 
Eehars, e, a. niagardly, stingy 

— (vents), aub shifting wind 
Bchaase, ^. long-Wg«d plover 
~ ' see, a/, pi. stiltt , poles, props 

ibouU, e, a. full of pimples 


8' — , vr. to bani ona's fingers by ID aas- 

oess in some affair ; to tniart 
Bchaudoir, am. scalding housa 
Echaoffaisen, qf. overheating ; pimplea 
fCchauffement, eat. heating ; overhaatiny 
Echauffor, vs. to boat, to warm ; to aai- 

mate, enliven : to escite, itir up 
— , va. to grow hot, get warm 
»' — , to overheat one's self ; grow aagrj ; 

to get warm 

Beis fehauEi, dry rottaa wood 
Echauffoui4e, mf. a rash enicrprias ; ■». 

foreieen accident ; distuibanrc 
Eehauffure. ^f. pimpla, red pustulo 
Eehauguette, »/. watch tower 
Ech<an«e. a/. expiraUm (Mow 

Bchee, [Ji-eUt] eat. check ; loss ; fatal 
— et mat, okeck-maM 
Eehees, eat. pi. chess ; chew -men 
BchaletM, rT a UtUe ladder 
Bchelle. tf. s ladder ; sosle ; aca-poct 

town in the Levant 
Behelon, em. round or step of a ladder 
Bchanal, «■». a wooden gutter 
Eeheniller, va. to rid of caurpniars 
Reheveao. eat. a skain. knot of thread 
EchcveM, o, m, dUhevalled 
Echevin. mi. a sheriff, alderman 
Bchovinage, tm. sheriffalty 
Echif, ve, a. voracious, gr*«dy 
Bchillon, am. sue. wa«er-.oout 
Echine, «/. chine ; spine ; back-bons 
Bchin<e, tf. a chine of pork 
BaUaor, va. to break the back-boM : Is 

kaodc aa the bead ; to maul 
Bddqnsilt *. «. cbeckered 

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Bchiqntor, i 


Eeho. zi-ko: 

ECO 7 

•M. ft draft «r dMW-bMwd. 

Eeho. li-ko-i »m. u tchA 

Eekolr, C*-jAo»-»ar] m. to axplra, la| 

fall due ; to ohanM, to h>|ip«B 
Echoppo, qf. tan ; flat ararer 
Eohonaca, mm. mm. a plaoa whor* lUpa 

aaaf m nrandad 
BekoumMDt, $m. ma. atnutdiaa 
BehoiMr, VM, to miceany, to Mil ; (t 

to run a-gwund 
Saba, «, a. axpirad ; fiiUan out 
Ecimar, va. to aat tli« top of a tna 
Xelabooaaar, va. to iplaah, W daak 
EelahottMuro. </. tka dirt ar iraMv om la 

•plaakcd with Ukktainc 

Eehir, C«-«/«fr(] nt. U«htnio8, iaaii of 
Bclalreir, m. to elaac, alarifj ; to aulw 

thin ; to alttcidata ; to lattraet 
8' — , vr. to bccoma dear { to lirigktaB ; 

KelalreiaMRMnt, aai. axplieation ; hint 

Eolalrr, a, a. Uchuoioa ; tiill||ktan«d 

Eclalrar, im. toli|ht ; aaliKktan 

— , vn. to KUtter, ahine 

Bolaneha, a^. a lag of aautton 

Eclat, L4-c/a] $m. poaap, brightaaaa ; 

w — .^^^ batatinf ; apUnter 

, «. bright ; gUttariog : tna- 
-to tmnt, eraob; to ahina, 

alltior { to blaaa oat, Waak out 
BalcetiaBBo, «ai. tha aetaetie pMloaopbf 
Bcllpoa, ^. aclipaa ; obaearitjr 
BoUpaar, va. to oelipaa ; to ontaUna 
S' — , vr. to ha aolipaad ; diaappaar 
EeUptiqnc, a. </. aelipiic 
Ealiaaa, ^. a apUat ; cbaaoa hurdla or n» t 

alda^^f a lata, ate. 
Boliaaar, va. to aacura by ■pUnta 
Kclopp<, a, a. lama ; Unping 
Edora, va. to bo hatchMl ; to blow or 

opou i to dawn; coma to light 
Seluaa. tf. a alaioa ; dam, walr, lock 
Kelaaia, ^f. alaieo-foU of waur 
Bcluaiar, am. a sluice or looli-kaaper 
Eoobaa, ^. a broad apada. a tHrf>kiiMli 
Eoofna, aai. a eatting board 
Baoliirc, aai. profeaaor of divinitjr 
Beoia, lH-eoll tf. a arbool | eolloga 
Beollar, a, «. a achool-lioy, a pupil 
Xconduiro, va. to rafuao \ rtj«- '— ' — 
Ecooooiat, tm. atawardabip 
Baoaoma, 3. a. «. laTiagi a al 
Ecenomia, tf. aconemy ; oidar 
Beononniqac, 3. «. eeono»ieal 
BeooomiqaanMnt, ad. frugally 
Econonlaar, va. to ua« aparingly 
Ecopo, tf. a largo ladla, a acoop 
EcoTCO, tf. barb ; ahall : peal ; ontoido 
Eeorear, m. to paal ; taka off tha rind 
Bcorehar, eo. to flay, akiit ; to paal; 

gall i to grata ; to cxaei upon 
■.to tear off one'* akiu 

aria, tf. alaaghter-houaa ; i 
wnera one fa impoaed upoa 
Boorckear, «». a flayer ; graal *xm 
Ecorchuro, tf. exeoifation 
Beoreler, tm. a ahed far oak bark 

Bcomiflerie. tf. apoogiug, aharkiug 
Eooraiflaur, aa, a. a apougar 
Eoorsure, tf. euTtailiiig 
Eeoaaar, v*. to take out of the ahall 
Keoaaenr, a«, a. one that ahalU 
Beat. \Jk-kv\ aai. ahot, reokouiug ; company 
Bcotard, aai. at«. ehain-wala 
Kaot<, a, a. U. lopnad 
Eeoaaae, tf. miat-Blakl 
Bcouanar, m. to fi 
to the 

ilah pUncV-*** 

I off gold or rilvoT cola 

Beouot, aat. ma. taok of a a 
BeouBa, aai. a pattoek ; kite 
EeottleMaat, »m. flowing, running 
Ecoular, va. to run er flow out 
8' — , »r. to flow i to alide awny 
Beourg<e,«/. a aeourge, a hori.e-wlilp 
Boourtar, va. to crop or cut ahortar 
Bcoutant. e, a. «. Uataning ; a bearer 
Beouu, tf. priraM placa for li«tenin| 

(aM.) ahaot of a aail 
Bcoutar. va. to hear i Iwtea i hearken 

Ecootooa, a. ekittiah 
BaontiUa, aa*. aui. hatoh-way 
EcoaiiUon, «aa. «m. aouttle 
Ecottvetto, tf. a bruah, a broom 
BoouTillon, aai. analkia; drag : mop 
KoonTillonnar, va. to awaep wUh a drag; 

Berau, «m. a aortan ; a fira-tan 
Beranchor, va. take eat crcaara 
BaraaeoMnt, am. cmahing 
~ ta eruahj to oTcrwhcIm 

«/, oraw-flah } («»«.) Cancer 
»'Koriar, vr. to err .out ; exclaim 
Bcrin. «ai. a Jawel-lM» ; a eaakvt 
Borire, va. to writa ; to regiaUr 
Bcrit, lA-orafl tm, a writing; work 
Berita, aat. W. the worka of an author 
Bcritaau, tm. bUl ; aign ; label 
Boritoire, tf. an iukatand 
Beriture, tf. writing ; hand-writing 
Berirallleur, tm. a bad writer 
Bcrivain, aai. a writer, author; paraar 

of aahip i anpareargo 
Beron, aaa. tha nut, box, tr worm of a 
. aeraw ; a gaolar'a hook 
Beroualloa, tf. pi. tha kiag'a evil 
Berouer, va to enter into the gioler'a 

book; to dellTer by acrolla 
Bcrauir, aa. to harden a aatal by boaUng 

it when cold l!»( 

Eoroulaaamant, <ai. hardening, eold-baat^ 
Bcroulenent, «aa. falling, tumbling 
Eerouler, va. to ahake down 
S' — , vr. to fall down, to glre way 
Borofitar, va. to cut off the eruat 
Boca, a, a. raw, uublcaehad 
Ben. aaa. ahlald, buckler ; crown -piece 
Benblera, tm,9l. ma. haarae-holea 
Beueil, {Ji-kaaUltm. rock i ahoal ; obstada 

5d by Google 

I. ag. to split 

ta tnad down at th« heel 

, a. ttwhj, feaiajr 
acuxne, 4^. Mtm ; frolh ; fMn ; drou 
Bcwa^nique, 3. «. gauetal 
S«uaier, v. to fOMB, to froth ; to ikim 

— 1m mero, to lofMt the MU 
Beumear do mor, cai. a pirou, rortr 

— da mannito, » i poagor, sh*rk 
Benneux, m, «. frothjr. Ibaminf 
Eonmeii*, e/. •Umtaor, a ImUo 
Benror, va. to Mo«r, olouiat 
Bcttrouil, m. a aquirrol 

Beurouo, »/. a char-woman 
■earic, 4^ atahle ; eqnipafO 

-, tw. to oamft, to h 
jt, AM. frafdnf-kniio 
SeuTor, [• • f-X] «M. otqalre ^ 

uahcr: cqaoirj; (room 
— traachant, oarror to a prine* 
Sdimo, m. cM. a tuanoar or iwdUag 

KdaniA, a, «. toodiloM 
■dantar, va. break a tooth 
Xdiflast. •, «. edHyiiic, cMmplarf 
Bdificauar. M».aW{dor 
BdifieatiM.!/. edification: boUdlDg 
Sdiiieo. f». odlfiee ; VnUdlaf 
Bdifier, t>«. loodify: toplaaoe; bolU 
Bdila. m. odUo. a Ram^ ma«ietrato 
SdiUt<, *f. offloe of an odlle 
Bdlt, MM. odiet, preclaaation 
Bdltoar.m. an editor, OttUtoher 

Bditiaa, ^. edition, ' '— 

«j a^ _ ^j . 

..._—, •«. elder or odder «ovii 

lacation, •/. —tlon ; luitnMtiea 
■doleoration, ^f. — tion, •wcotealkg 
Bdnlcorar, va. to ewoeu n 
Bdnoaer. tw. to edwaio, to M»|t np 
SiMdUor. M. to p«U o«t thieada at lfc< 

•ad of a riUen, eto. 
II' —, rr. to naravel 
SbfaUo, 9. a. that m*r W effaced 
EilBMr, va. to efiMO ; aeCkeo ; Met ont 
Bffa^rc, if. blotting out ; daah, eroee 
EAtaer, va. W p«U off the leaves 
B&r«, e, a. soared; bowUdered 
S'Effarer, «r. to be seand ; loob wiU 
Bffaroucher, va. ta startle, torrifys «r 

affright ; to disgvet, to sot against 
II* — , vr. to grow wild ; to atattle 
XffiMiif. Te, m. —tiro. eflMMal ; rsal 
Bffeeilvement, ad. roally ; la offtct 

1. ft. ofloaciove, eAeisnt 
seat. ad. — etonsly. eReetnalljr 
Bfleaoit^. «/. efllcaey.fcree; Tiitao 
■•cioat. o, a. oAcieBl, aetteg 
■■gto, ^. aagri llh i nm ; Image 


Mgier, M. to axcOTlo la *Bhrr 

BOB, om. fctage, a Mod of ti&»lit« 

•—, o, a. alendor ; anwovon 

Saior, va. to oawaave ; nnmral 

BflUares, ^. pi. fvaaliigs 

EnoUr. va. to atrip off leavoa 

Elllanqnor, va. ta aiaito lean 

Effleurer, va. to glaaoe or gaao «poai ; u 

graae er toaeh but lightly 
BAoreeceaee, 4^. offloMscanoo 
EOotar, va. ««. to part eoBpaay 
Bflbndreaaent, am. digging and BaaaMTiaf 

Effoadrer, va. to break oipoo ; ta away 

dawn; draw aCswl; ainit down 
BMriUae. ^f. jrf. «o«.da. d.a«» 
•'Effsmer, vr. to fctiiva, eadeavoar 
BffHt, Vk-fvt^ UN. effort; cnd«a««ar, 

BOraeiloa. ^. bMbing; baivUrT- 
Bffrajrant, e. •. frightiiil ; dr*adfiil 
Bffrajpor, va. to Mghten, tarrlfj 
S' — >, sw. to startle % to be aeand 
Effrio^, e, a. unruly, Uoeotlotta 
Bffriter, va. ag. to oahaaat laad 
BUrai, am.filghtt fear; terror 
Blhentt, o, a. ahameleoe ; impodaiit 
BCroatfatoM. ad. ImpadeMlf 
Bfteuerio, mf. aBtantsry ; Imnadanea 
BIfrojrable, 3. a. frighlfal ; hi£eua 
BAorafalement, ad. Mghtfullr 
BffiuiaB. ^f. efltasioa; oeaiffowing 
BfoofBoan, C«./eersce] •«. a tmolr 
Egal, e, a. t. aqoal; even; indiffciant 

X I'Bgal de, aa maeh as. liJw 
BgalamMi, ad, tqaalty ; allho 
— , «M. ja. equaliaatiaa 
Bgaler, «•. too^Ml ; make eqttal ; ta make 

ovan ! to mmnara 1 ^siok 

B' — , vr. to oomparc one's ean 

Egaliaaiiou. ^. e4|inUatog 

kgaUaer, va. to eonallae, malm aoaal 

BgaUa. ^. eqaaUtr ; auUMmlty 

Bgalarm. of. pi. A wMtr epoia 

Egard, C«-for] m. regard; rMpect; ac- 
A I'Bgard de, with retp«;t to ; aa fer 

Bgari, e, a. wandering ; wild 

Bgarement, am. etraylBg oat of the way ; 
ill coadaet ; orror, mittahe 

Egarer, vm. to mlalaad; to mislay 

8* — , vr. to waadar ; to fo aeiray 

Bgarot«, e, a. mam. hart la the withon 

Kgayor, va. to ealivra ; i«)«lee 

S — , rr. to asake one's aeU mocrv 

Eglde. «/. agia, Pallaas shield 

Eglander, ««. e^antine, sweathriar 

Bglanduo, •/. a wild roae 

BgUsa, C^te«l «/. chmnh: laligiMi 

Eglagna, •/. eelogoe. pastoral poom 

Egohine, if. a kand-eaw 

Egalser, m. to egotise, praiae ono's sol 

Bgaiser, m. to egotise, praiae ono's self 
Bgolsme, em. egotitm ; edfaknMa 
Bgelsto. 3. «. an egotiat ; ealflah person 
BgoTfrr, w. to eat the throat, to a)a«gk«or t 
to mia 

BgoMller, vr. to asahe •M'b throat aota 
with i|»llag load 

Digitized by Google 

C>-«M] MB. ntaalit« o< wtMn; 

— , vr. to aniB, w iwakt 
(outtoir. Mm. a dniaar 
[rappar, va. (a atrip off tk« fc^M 
the bancb, t* pick than off 
{raticnwr, va. to Mralck ; t* tUw 
{ratlgxMur, m, (. •entdtor ; pfalnr 
pratiaaore, ^. a Mraleh 
{raTulonncT, va. to uagraTal 
Mun, va. to shake oat tho (rain 

— . vr. to ahod iu graia or Mtd 
gr«iiotn« rf. Mirt e< Urd-cags 
grillaid* •, a. tprighiljr ; pOTt ; wa 
grilloir, CM. fiBA-poiid 
• • ' ■ U,rf. diwnoad-duat 

griaar, va. to griud dianonda 
grisoir, «m. box to grind ^' — 
grugaoir, <M. a mortar 
grttgar, va. to pound; grata ; aerapa 
grugeure, ^f. grating, raapiog 
gueular, va. to Iwaak iko guUat ffr i 

of a pot or glaaa vasial 
:ii ! (af . alaa I ok I ah • 
Ihancho, a, a. hipshot 
Iharbar, va. to waad ; to h«o 
honti, a, a. akaaalaaa. braae 
Ihouper, wa. to cut tka top of a ttaa 
Cjaculataur, «m. cM. ajaeiilator 
^aculalian, ^. — tion j abort prafcr 
naboratioa, ^f. elabatatioB 
ilahorcr, va. to alaborata 
ilagaer, va. to lop, pranai to rartail 
Elan. «a». an elk j Jark ; auddaa aaaotk 
'"lauo<, a, a. shot ; long, lauk, tbia 
ilancemant, *m. ponganey { ahootlag aC a 

pain ; ejaculation, derout raptura 
- do rttrare, aM. raka U tha aum 
Uaiiccr, tm. to akoot (m a pmm) 
I' — , vr. to ihoot forward ; ruah upon 
liana, [2i-/aji3«ai. tranaporta; ajacaiaiiona 
Slargir, va. to widen ; laleaM ; aztand 
.to give ehaaa ; to Ay tnm 


El^aaana, «a. pi. aUmanU, rudinMita 
BUMoatoira, 8. a. — tarjr, iimplt 
EMoil (gODma), qf. elami gum 
EUphaat, m. aa alepkant 
Elaphantiaaia, af. mj. — aia ; lapretf 
Elevation, af . —tion ; pratermant 
KUratoifo, ««. dU. elarawr 
EUto, «. a pupil ; diaciple ; ai 
KloTt, a, «. brid, adnaatad. aU 
EI«Tar, va. to raiaa { exalt, prefai 

up, aduoaia ; eatol 
S* — , vr. lo rioo ; ariia , grow proud , to 

oppoaa i to bear off 
Blavaar, «/. ptaipla; bllatari paatala 
EUder, va. to make an eUaioa 
BUgihUit4, a/. — litf, eligibleneaa 
Blialbla, 3. «. aligibla, fit to b« choaoa 
S'EUmar, vr. to wear out. to rub oat. 
Elingua, af- aia. aling 
— 4 paitoa, ata. •aa-book 
Elinguar, va. ma. to aling a oaak, ate. 
EUnguaia, *«. ma. palla of a eapataa 
Elire, tra. to elect : eboosa ■, prefer 
Eliaion, (. . wm-om ^. elialon. auttlng off 
Eliu, «/. cbotee, prima* beet part 
Elixation. «/. a aeathing er boiling 
Elixir, am. elixir; qaintaecenee 
EUe, prv./. ahe, kar;it 
Ellee, p/. tiMT, them 
BUiboTC, am. hellebore 
Blleboriae, ^. baatard bdlebora 
EUipoo, a^. aa elllpeia 
EUiptiqua, >. a. --tieal, elUpria 
Blocher, va. ag. to ahake, to looien 
Bloeutian. qf. — 4iou, detiMrr 
Elogo, Ijk-lagt] ««. oommcndation, a«1o(j 
Elogista, am. paaevjrriat, eulogiat 
Elo{gB4,e,a. removed; distant 
Eloignement, iat. removal ; abtanee ; dU- 

llargiaaure, tf. widening or ekiag-piaaa 
ClaatieiU, $f. alaaticitr, tone 
ilastiquar, 9. a. elaatic, aleatioal 
ilecteur, trice, «. aa elector* chaoeov 
Slectif, TO, a. electiTC 
Election, qf. eUotlou, ehoiea 
Slectoral, e, a. electoral 
Jlaetorat, ma. dectorate, elaetorabip 
Slectrieit<, if. electricity 
Slectrique, 3. a. electric, cloetrioal 
'.IcctrisaMe, a. that can be electrified 
ilertriiatioa, qf. eloctrifjriag 
vlactritar, ao. to electrify 
^loctuaire, aai. aa elactuarjr 
{UgammcBt, ad. elegandy ; fiaelf 
Sl^ganca, »/. elegance ; n 

BtouKor, va. ma. to lie aloagalda 
~* mt, ad. eloqaentljr 

qf. eloquence ; oratory 

SMgaiit, e, a. elennt ; polita, t 

Uigiaque. 3. a. elegiac ; mournful 
Oigie, a/, aa elegy, mournful poam 
llMiopApiM, (at. a wriur of cbt iaa 
fXMr, va. are*, to alida • Booldipgi 
cnop, to amooth 

Elueabratien, qf. locubratu 
Blttdor, va. to eluda ; ' 
Klya<a, am. elyaiam 

Champa Blyetfoa, dyaian flelda 
Email, aaa. eaamel, enamdUng 
Bmalller, tw. to enamol ; to eheeker 

Emailluro, qf. the enanelUng 
BmanaiioB, tf. eaaanatloa 

Emaaetpatiou, tf. —tion t etttlng free 

S' — , vr. to tako too muck liberty 
Bmaaar, an. to ei 

liner, va. Iv iaTdgle, allaro 
p, am. pMkbif { padwr'a be 
r, va. to pack u»; » baaler 

by Google 

Embiai«HT, «». pack 

8'Emb«>4U«r, vr. km. to eoma 


Emlwreaidin, $m, ma. ft ludinc plaoe 
£mbftreati«n, ^f. ma. amaU wran 
Sinbardie, if. wM. jaw ; )m larch 
Kmbaider, m. m«. to faw, to ahaar 
Emliaf go, Ml. anlMrga ; pi«Ublti«m 
EmbarrilUr. M. to Imml 
BmbarquaoMnw «m> cishatlntiOB 
Embarqnar, M. to embark | to an(B«« 
S' — , «r. to amhark, go on ohiybMird 
Snbarraa, [aa-M-rft] m. «aibanM«B«nt 

I, »f. atuflac 
j!iiiii»«n«.iant, aai. poebotfiac 
KmbouiMT, OB. to puno or podtat np 
Embraqnar, na. aM. to aUng ■ cash, etc^ 

in ordar to holat it into tha ahip 
Eoabnaawaat, «ai. eonflagratieii, boming; 

eonfuaioai diaoidar 
Eabraaar, vs. to i«t «b fira ; Jnflama 
~' -, *r. to taka ilM ; to bam 

traaaadc, «/. aa ombraeo ; a b«g 
»_jiaafeBtant, («i. anbiaea 
Embraaaar, (4N-6ra«-«A3 •«• ta caalw a ftf ; 

babarraaaaot, o, a. owbanaaalng 

ancaaahar i diatrcaa ; parplax 
&' — , vr. to anttagla oaa'a aalf ; 

eoaeofncd ; to ba paaaiad 

iBDawr, Ml. to pat oa a 
aaaiu a paok-aaddla 
babatira. »•. to liai a wl 

».— ....^^^ a windowj ew. 
Embranar, aa. to foul ; to aoil j fa ataia 
Embmcatfoa. «/. anbroeadou 
Embroebfr, oa. wapit ; pat an • apit 

Embranar, aa. ata. to a ' 

Embn " 

BoiDaiiTv, vs. «■ ma » w— » 
Enbaaakagt, «m. bitiag { dacajiog 
Bmbauebar, va. to Ura ; daeaj 
Eakbaucbaar, tm. a racraitor 

la up 

d witb 

Bmbella, «/. aM. tka gaag wap 
EmbeUir. va. to enboUiab. adarn 

Bmbiriaa, if. buating, 7aUa«r>kt.„.»„r 
ffEnbarlucoqaar, vr. to ba takoa ap with 

to ha ptapoaaaaaad with 
BmbaMgoi, a, •■ bnajr ; arar-amplojpad 
SaUaTcr, pa. to aaw with oarn 
EmblaTura, af. laad aowa with oom 
D'Eaiblia, atf. at tha firat aaact 

Bmbreuillar, aa. to parplax { aaabraU 
k. a. a. blaauJ, bliahtad 
(, a, a. cararad with a Cac 

Biabaacada, «/. , 

qnar, ar. to lia in aaibaaK 

r. [li-wutn-dX\ aa. ta a»aad . 

dhia tiM 

aaliqua, 'i. a. aaablaaii 

— aa, Caa-MaaMl am. aa -..■■■— 

Emblar, aa. to ataal. parlala 
Emboifa, *a. to aoak bi ; to i»biba 
Biabalaar, aa. to ooaa ; iavoigle ; deeajr 
BmbaiMur, aa, a. a coaxar, whMdla* 

Eai^raadiaa, ^f. tha graaa-boatlo 
Elmergaat, a. aoMrgaut 
EaMTi, aai. anterr 
EaiMlloa. aai. the merlin 
Bm<rillenB<, a, a. aprightlx ; gar 
EmdTito. a. at. who haa ■araadhii 
Emonioifi, rf. aat. enoraiaa 
EmorTatller, aa. to aatoalih, annciaa 
S' — , vr. to waadar, to marval 
EmMqac, a. a. ametlcal ; enatie 

'"-mt-tr] V. to pradaaa; 

I am. tha 

■batumant, «m. Joiating ; aatting in 
ibaltor, t>a. to jMBt; Mt «r pat in, 
iz ; to damp ; to pat in a baa 

» daapi 
are, ^f, a 

•—«......, v -ioial, Juaotaia, hinge 

Bmboapoint, $m. good oaao ar ^bt 
Emberaurar, va. to put ia a frame 
EmbeaMr, pa. mm. to bciag tha biaadaide 

of a ahip to bear upoa a fart 
Embeaaure, «/. aia. apriaa 
Embouchemani, am. moathiag 
Emhoaekar, aa. put iato the moath ; to 

bit a harm : to give oue kia - ' 
S' — , or. to difcbarga itself 
Emboucholr, am. « beot-tl«e 
Embouchure, «/. mouth of a riTcr ; bridle- 
bit i mouth-piece; aoebet Canehor 
Eiobottdinare. tf. ata. puddanina «f an 
Embouer, Laa-^-iil »«. todiity with mad 
Emboaquer, an to entor a ilrait 
Bmbonrbi, e, a. miiad ; aaak ia the mud 
Biabeurber, va. to put iato 
8*-, IT. to bamfiad; to 

Emeutir, aa. to mato, to daag 
Emeutllioa, af. mallng, duagtag 
Emiar, Emletter. va. to enimUa. nam 
" ' . a, a. «. emigratiag ; «Hi(raut 

. n, ^f. emieratioa ; wtmwn^ 

iimigri, e, a. a, emigraud ; aaiigtaat 
Kinigrer, an. to emigrate 
Emiacar, va. to cat thinner ; «a miace 
„_. '--mto-a-ata.] md. <mt- 

Kminent, a, a. eminent ; high, I0A7 
EmineniiaaiaM, 3. a. moft emiaeak 
Emir, am. aaiir, Turkiah digaitp 

"-'--•, «■». cnuaaarx, leciat 

tf. emiioion : ejectiaa 
laer, aa. ta lay ia a m 

toawathe, awaddia 
_^., am. 3aiM 
r, if. to eet ia a haadla 

5d by Google 

t'EmnsarquUer, «r. to Mt th« nwqais 
Emm/oagMavnt, *m, tk« famiahiiif of » 

housf ; ^ttinf of koiuoliokl good* 
SmiDeiiagaaMnM, «m. p/. ma. mmbubo- 

datiunt, e«B««iii«neM of m aUp 
i'KvamioMgtr, vr. to {trovidc ont'a mU 

with KottMlMld (ooda 
emmcuor, pa. to cwrry ftwmir ; to load 
SmmcnoMor, tw. to handeoif, manada 
SminicllfT, «c. to awaatan witb koaay 
Smmiallara, ^. oi&tmant ibr koraaa 
Smmitoufiar, «a. to nrnflla up 
£m»itrer, v€. to doeorata with a mitra 
Smmortaisar, ««. to tat into a aortiaa 
BmmuMlar, va. to musala CuucWtf 

Smoi. Cft-aMO-mil «m. troabia ; aoMlion: 
Smullieat, a, a. a. aoMlliaai 
SmoluBiaat, tm, aawlumaut, profit 
Smolumentcr, mt. to (ain 
^:monetolra. «M. emnactATy 
F.moiider, ra. to pruaa, to lop 
Smondaa, (/. ftl. loppad branahca ; allpa 
Bmotion, «/. einolioa ; inaufvaetion 
Sroottor, m. t^ braab elada of aatth 
JCmoaehar, vm- to drivo Aiaa away 
emoachat, «m. tha mMiiat^hawk 
gmouebatta, aat. a lM)«o>clolh or act to 

kaap off the fliao 
Bmouchaur, mi. a tj-itirtT 
Rmouehoir, aai. a flf-Aap 
Bmondra, ««. to grind, to abarpan 
" • iiT, tm. a linifa-grio^-- 


f.mouaaar, va. to blunt ) to rapraaa 
}' — , PT. to grow blunt or dull 
ImouToir, a*, to omto ; affect ; azoita ; 

■tir up ; to proToka ; to akaka 
•^mpaillar, tw. eovar tr atnff with atraw 
impaillaur, im. akalr-bottomar 
Smpiilenianl, »m. aoapaling 
impaler, [aM-fa-M] vm. to eMpale 
impalaur, *m. ampalar, axaaationar 
£inpan, «m. a apan, a kand-hraadtk 
SmpanacHar, va. to adorn with fcathara 
Zaipaanar, va. ma. to Uo-io 
Smpaquetar, mi. aaaka into a bsndto 
fEinparer, vr. to aatao upon 

impaaulcr, pa. to blua, to djro Mm 
Smpitcmant, «ai. baaa of a wall 
SinpAter, Mi. to aaaka elammy ; aiaaa 
SmpAtora, ^. ata. aearf 
impaumar, im. to graap ; to wheadlo 
JmpauBiaia, ^. aatlara of a atag 
<mpeaa, *m. graft in tha rind 

Zmpalcna, if. appar laatltar (a/ a afaf) 
Smpallanont. m. aluiaa or dam 
£mp«nnalU , $/. ata. a kad^a anchor 

'.mpennallar, a*, wta. to biaak (an m 
"mpennar, M. to featkarCan arrtm) 
— ^, 

[, fltiflaning 

to atanh, to atiffon ' 

toantanglo; ancumbtr 
a. barrj-beariag kaatk 
amphaaiai anargy 
I. •. ampkatiaal, atronc 
RM. mi. e^phatiaaUy 
M. aU.— aoHM, awalling 
r/. a long laaao 
r. wko anjora a lang laaio 
to ancroaoh 

, to guttk . 

to pila up ; to kaap upon 

'. daficiancy ; waato 

larrS ««. am»lra ; dominion 

Empiriama, am. amp^rieiaaa, quMckcnr 

Emplaaaaaont, ma. aeat ; ground ; pfaeo 

Empl&taa, «/. a plaatar 

Emplatta, «/. a iiarECAin t pnrekaaa 

EmpUr, vn. to fill ; fill np 

Emploit Cnn-pfeo-wa] aai. aae; tmplof- 

mant; offloa 
Employar, «a. to uia ; to employ 
S' — , *r. to apply ona'a aelf 
Emplnmer, va. to feather ; to uill 
S' — , vr. to enriak oao'a aalf 
Kmpockar, vo. to pocket 

Empeigaor, oo. to gripe ; graap 
Empoia, CM-fWO-wa] «m. atareh dOulad 

Bmpoiaonuaur, aa, a. apoiaonar 
Empoiaaarr va. to do OTer with pitch 
EmpoiaaaaMmaat, am. atoaklag a pond 

with fiak 
Empoiaaonnar, ,v*. to atock with flak 
EropoTt4, a, a. M. haaty, paaaionata 

punak i keen aatiriat 



Emportar, [oa-por-M] va. to carry ai 
cat off ; accal ; prrrail ; obtain 

— da kaate Intta, to oatry ona'a point 
a kigh kand 

— la telanoa, to prarail, turn tha acale 

— nn« plaoa, to take a towu 
S' », vr. to fly into a paaaion 
Empoter, va. to pot ; aneloaa in pott 
RmpoiiiUo, rf. ja. atanding crop 
EmpoarprI, a, a. red, parple, parplad 

Empriaoanar, [an-prt-ao-iUi] va. 

Emprunt, aai. borrowingt a loan 
Kmpnintcr, va. to borrow ; to darivt 
Empmntcur, ea, a. a borrower 
Empaantir, va. to atink, iniect 

Empuaathacmaai* tm. ataach 

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Smu, e, c. cnnigM ; mfllMtod, mortd 
XotulaMBr, wt. enulatttr, rind 
BnalsiiMi, »f. nBoUiiMi ; ciTBUMy 
BmsU, Ml. rival, eanpatUar 
Xaaalgut, •, a. emBlgim 
Smulaion, i/. «iBultiou, Mftenlag 
Ba, C«afl pr. in, into { for { bj j of Ui 

— avant, m. Cnrward 

— bns, od. bolow, down 

— hant, «rf. nbevo; ap •!•» 

— tant que, m ; •• far ma ; boe 
prw. of bi», 1 

; at it, to it; < 

En«MHii4, e, «. w 

BnarrheBMM, «••■ plodgo, camaot 
Baafrhor, tM. to aivo oarnaot 
Buaa, Ml. stock-doTO, waoA-iitgcoa 
Bne*blar»i •/. aM. eahlo't leuf tk 
BueadrMMnt, *■§. patiliif in « Inmn 
Kiwadtor, ««. to fut In « fraMO 
Baeacor, tw. to eagt i to inptiaoM 
Bneauaemtnt, mb. putting in eaaoa 
]>ack up in ta 

S'BBeaoailtor, «r. kaop low ooaapany 
Baetpor, va. au. to oiaba^ 
S'BncapottohwiBor, «r. to eovw oM'a ha 

with a bood ; to turn aMmli 
Bneaqnor, aa. to banal up 
Baeaaulaia, tf. tho b«ia« ho«<-bo«nd 

obifca B i malt mi. aieapam ia tka itoao 
tuflUg ia tbo haad'" 
" inar, v«. to atuff ono'a kaad c 
- Miao a cold ia tbo Kaad. 

Eacla««, ^f. a bouadary : 

BnclavoBant, mi. oadooiu.. 

UoolaTor, t>a. to cacloM, mortiaa 
EueUlan*, ««. dock and apiiits wack 
Baclia, a, a. iaelined ; prana 
Endottror, va. to aloister up ; «««»-* .rt 
BiMiion, «a. to oaeloaa a Add, ate. 
Eneloo, Coa-cMl •■*. an vneloaura 
" BaelAtir. «a. ab 

tbc abooiag | to spike a goa 

'■ -' •. */• pmWaa a kotMa foot 

a kub; a difliealtx 

— , ^f. aa aanl 

Eacl nm aaa. cat. a aaMll anva 
Bncocbor, ma. to put lata a notek 
Euoofint, M. to lay up in u tntak 
Eaaocnura, tf. oonior, aa«la 
Eneolurt, »f, tka ebaat or alM 

Bueaatrar, «a. to fit ; Mt ia a groore 
Eaeaotrlqaa, 3, a. prtpwad with wa> 
BneaTcmant, mi. Uykag la a eoUar 
BneaTar, pa. ta put into a cailar 

Baoeiata, Caa-Mlnl]*/. 
1./. with ahild, - 

Baoanaoir, om. a oeaaa 

Kncbataar. , 

Bachalnnra, rf. chain ; linha 

Bachantar, ra. to afiohaat ; dallg ht 
BnekanietaaM, tf, aoreareia, a boauty 

r, aai. a niaaleiaa 
a. anehaaifaig, Aanalag 
incr, «B. to hood a hawk 

Baehisiura, tf. cnakaaing 

Baebtn.a^. auetioa: oatbiddlng 
Bnchlrir, va. to outbid ; cacal, aurpaao ; 

to onhaae*, raiac tha priea of - 
— , t>a. to risa In price 
Bncb«rin«nient, an. riaiaa ia priea 
BnchlriMeur, aai. oatMdder 
BaebvTauchora, 4/. rahotliag 
Eneheritrer, vo. to put on a halter 
S' — , «r. to eatanglo eae'a aalf 
Bneherttnirc, ^. eaeariatian ia the pa»- 

tcni of a hanei ehinMy Jaiat 

Encombrar, va. to encumber, (o'elM 
BucoBuaaia, tat. paaagjriat, axtaUar 
Kneaatia, tf, oaeettMer ; lock ; rhamna 

A 1—, agaiaati ta tha eaatraiy 
Bueequer, aa. aM. to iaatea a blaek-aoap 
Bneoqare. if. aM. faatauiag a atiap 
Encore, Caa-A»HV] ad. vet; aniat ctm; 

baaideoi atill. at thia tioM ; aUa{ aan 

Hi i cara etar, tw- ta put ia a paper caae 

»' — . w. to gtaw aaatj vr raatjr 
Baera. Cai».fa«] «/. iak ' 

taaaar, vr. ta grew ruatjr 

Beat, aai. patUng into a teb 

Eneavar, aa. to put into a tub 
Encya l apdd i a, rf. aacTolapadift 

V -^ ar. to laa lata del 
~ "l«d. a. a. «. mad, at 
niMiiTcr, aa. (0 b« aiad 
EadiabM. e, m. dcrtUaht and 

Badive, if. endive, aaaaa r y 
Badeatriaer, aa. to iaatract wau 
Bade iaai a f ar, *m. ta daaiaca ; hurt 
Endamaaar, aat. a wbacdlar, eaUlar 
Badav«la. ^. tha thara-appla 

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•at. •lc«piii«n, dtomi- 

y gftg, aa •ndovMr 

Bodralt. C«M-ilro*HMl M». pl»M, pMt. 

pMM«a { bit; tho ri||ht lid* of « itair 
Kadnlra, r«. m do wrar ; I»)p on witK 
Kndnit. Mi. plMMiteg, •tncoe 
■adaraat, e. «. p*ticnt t pMsWo 
Bndnrdr, m. to lutdmi ; iani* 
BaduKiaMMoot, mi. ohdunoy 
Bndurar, wa. lo andnra ; auffar 
S»»K*«, #/. aaargr. «»««•, a«lM«y 
KBMiiqiM. «. •. •noryetleal 
Kaergiqaamaat, md. enarsadeallr 
XnorgMiBioa, cm. » damoniae, (analle 
Boarror, Mt. to anenraia, waakoa 
BaCatta*a, aat. ta-ei. ■uttar-tlle 
Bafattaaaont, am. load •orariag 
Bafattar, •■. to oorar a Koaaa 
BnCaaea. Imtrfatt-efi tf. iafanor i 
Bafaat, \.<tm-fmC\ «. diUd, iafaai 
— d« ehflMir, ain^ag bojr 
1, a fDundllac 
la Fraaee, tha 

— pordna, mil, forlom hoito 
Bn/autmant, tm. ehiUMrtli ; daUvwy 
Bnfiutar, va. to hrina forth 
BnfaBtiUasa, m. ohildUlioMa 
Bnfantla, a, a. ehildiab, miarila 
Rn/arinf, a, who hu imbuiad an oplnioi 
Balarinar, m. to maka wbita with ma 

•r with powdar 
Eafar, Cmm-/*^! *>*• ^^U S • dModckl rau 

to aalaiaata aMreury 
Bafenaar, tM. to abut in : «a look «p ; to 

aaelooa; to eomprabaad 
Bafenor, «a. to ran thiougb 
8' — , «r. to bun ona's aclf ineaaaldor* 

ftwU ; ta run oaa'a a^ thiaogh 
Enfara, pT. ball, tka infarnal t««ioaa 
Rnflealar, va. to tta eloaa with a airing 
Bnfilada, 4/. a rang* o( ekaathera ; a bwf 

Inalpid apaaeb ; (aM.) raUng fira 
Bafllar, va. t« thraad 1 string ; 

through ; ran through ; antar on 

; aUia 

BniUehnraa, tf. fi. aM. rnttlinn 
Baflar, ««. to awcll ; to dlatana ; 
Bnilnra, tf. awelling, tnmoar ; prido 

— da atyu, torgid at^la. bombaat 
Knfon^aga, «*. bottoming of a eaak 

- - *^-" ' -, braiddag 

Eafinir, C«t-/] va. 10 bide la the 

EafoalaaaoMnt, tm. hiding In the gronnd 
Eafourchcr, va. to baatrida ; strida 
Enfourehura, tf. forked head 
Enfoarner, va. to put in tha oven 
Bnfreindre, va. to infrinKe, traapaaa 
S'Enfroquer, vr. to turn monk 
S'Bafulr, VT. to ma awaj ; leak oat 
EnfomaTa wa. to beamoke, to amokc 
Knfutailler. tw. to put into a eaak 
Bngagaaut, e, «. engaging; alluring 
Engagement, mi. — ment ; enlisting 
Bagapar, tw. to iudnce, prerail upon , 

mbat; to mortgage, pawn; engage 
S' — , vr to enliit ; hire one'a aelf ; ruu 

ia debt \ engage one'i self 
Bngagista, *m. a mortgagee 
Kagafner, va. to put into a aheeth 
Eiigallage, eat. driag with gall-nuU 
Engmller, va to die with gidl-nata 
Bngeanoe, «/. breed, raoe ; apawn 
Engelure, if. ehilMain 
Engendrer, va. to engender; beget 
Enger, Caa-jJl] va. to enoamber; em- 

Eagerber, va. to bind up in aheavea 
Engia, eat. an engine ; tool ; miMliine 
Englober, va. to unite ; mix. Join 
Bntrlontir, !••. to awallow n« ; aqnander 
Englner, vfl. to daub with bird-lime 
Enganeer, va. to eramp ; confine 
Engorgement, «w. Iielng choked up 
Eogorger, va. to choke up ; obstruct 
S' — , va. to be ehoked up, obatnicted 
Bngouemcnt, nt. choking i infatuntion 
Engotter, va. to obttraci the awaOnw 
S' — , vr. to atop or obstruct one'e swal- 
low; to be iatatuaied with 
S'Engoaffrer, vr. to be engulfed 
Ea^uler, va. to gobble, gobble an 
Eugwurdir, ff«. to bennmb ; to dull 
S' — , vr. tu grow stupid ; grow numb 
EngDnrdiieemeiit. m. nambneea 
Kngraia, [••-#'•'] 'ei. pasture ; maaar* 
EngTaisaement, ««i. ng. manuring 
Engraiasar, va. to fatten ; m«nare 
— , va. S" — , vr. to grow fat 
Engranger, va. to house com 
BngraTsr. va. via. to run a-groand 
BngrCM, e. «. N. engraHed 
Eugr^lar, va. to engrail, to pilrl 
Engr^lura. f/. purl ; edging of lade 
Engrenage, est. diepoaitloa of wheels which 

metf, e, a 

Enfonoer, v. to br 

to rout ; to aink 



_ ,- - ito; t 

bMcded bottom of a tied- 

, vr. to planga into; to sink 
Bafoaeofe, «^. beaidt' * 

eiead ; bettooi of a 
BnCsreir, v. to atnagihen ; graw strong 
BaCtnMr, M. to Mnteh npra ■ form 

Eagreaer, aa to catch, tooth. Indent 
— , va. to put the com la the mill hop- 
per ; to feed with com ; to benn 
. 'Bagrameler, vr. to clot ; eoagulate 
EngnenilM, e, a tattered, ragged 
Bahardir, va. to embolden, eneoaraga 

._. S* — , vr. to grow bold or eoura<eDua 

m; to thruat Itf Enhamachement, »m. hameseing 
Bnharnseher, va. to harness 
Enhuebd. a, a. «e. moon-shaped 
Enigmatiqae, [tt-ae-aia-Mit] a. -tical. 

Baigmatlqaement, mi. enigmatierflr 
Baigaw. LX-jMfM] e/ entgrna ; a riddle 

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■Tiw, PS. to makfl diiuik. intesieate 

n iMthtmm, to nuUce proud 
S' — , trr. to tntoxieatt on*'* u\t 
KnJaltT na* ancrc, ma. to fix the ttoek 
; npon aa anchor 

BntamM*. «/. m ttridt ; • long atop 
K^nnlMBant, am. th« nutuiug of on« 

rr«ncb Torae into another 
Knjamber, C-ion-AX] va. to etridc ; priject, 

Men, «i«. a etok* lot plag) 
Kaloindre, M. to enjoin; to preaeribt 
Bnjdlar, v«. to wheedle ; cajole 
Snjdleur, M, I. a wheedler, co4zar 
Ba^liTnaeat, ««. embeUikhineot 
Bnioliror, vm. embellieh ; eet off 
"njoliTour. •«. wtter oV, beautiflcr 
olirure, ^f. rmhclluhiaent «f trlflet 
"li, «, «. chteiful ; njr : merry 
tement, «m. cheetfuliieeB, piety 
». to make merry 
t, *m. eaumgling, twletiag 
•~»v-er, tM. to entanfle ; to twist 
Xnlaldir, «. to make «r grow ugly 
Bnlaidiaeement. am. the growing ugly 
Xolarmes, am. pt. sprig* ; meshes 
SnUremeat, am. the carrying off forcibly; 

abduction, rape 
Bnlover, Cws-ift-vX] va. to MTt ap, to rabe 
. earry off; toke away; engross 
8' — , vr. to eome off; rise in blisters 
Kulevure, f^. pustnle ; blister; pimple 
Bnlier, va, to connect; bind up 
Bnluminer, va. to colour. Illuminate 
Bnlumincor, am. eolourer of maps, etc. 
Bnluminure, a/, the art of oolouring 

» ENT 

Kanyar, vm. to f«t apobn «a • wlMal ta 

trig ; maka the fli*t larrow 
Enrayure, •/. the ilrat fartwr; a«r!(4«r( 

a platform 
Enr«gimenter, tw. to cas«I, ambody 
Enregistrcment, «M. regietcring 
Enregiairer, va. to registae; m raeord 
Bnrhttmer, •«. to caase colli 

• cmbelliah 

S' — , vr. I 

Snriehir, va. W enrich, 

S' — , vr. to grow rich, u thrtsa 

Enriehissamenl, $ a. earitUng 

EnrMement, am. enliattag s eBiaUiiic 

BnrOler, va. to eaUet, enrol ; to 

Buronemcnt. eat. hoareeneaa 

Enrouer, Cea-rM-Sl va. to maka 

S'Enrouer, vr. to grow hoana 

Enrouillar, V. to make raaty 

S' ^, mi. to grew rusty | graw < 

. Ca«-e*>-«] am. weariuest, duliipsa 
of apirit ; vexation ; lassitude, disgust 

Banuyant, e, n. tedious, tiresome 

Bnuuyer, va. to weary, to tire 

8' — , vr, to ha weary or tired j ftiel th« 
time lie heary on one's hand* 

-— jo express ; declare 

8* — , vr. to cxprcM one's sslf 
B n a nc ia t if, rt, a. ju. deelaratiT* 
Baoaciatlan, ^. eaunciatioa, declaiatioa 
BaorguaUIir, va. to make proud 
8' — , vr. to grow proud ; be proad of 
EnoTma, 3. a. enormous ; huge 
Kaonn4awnt, ad. anormonaly 
Baonaiti, ^f. enormity, Wi 

hugeneaa ; Tastaes* ; atroei 
Baouar, v«. to unknot 
BnquiranU a, a. inquisitive 
8'En^ttCrir, vr. to enquire, M a 

'. to enquir 
. inquisitor, 

Bnquita, •/. inquast, eaquliy ; search 

8'Biiqa(ter, *' '" 

KMulieur, a» 

8'Eiaradaar, i 

Bnrag<, a, «. aaiagad, mad ; ontra^aeaa 

Bangeaat. e, a. prwaktag, Texatiaoa 

Baragar, *» to ba oud ; to rage 

EaronWr, va. to wll a thhig ia aaathrr 
Enrue, a/, ag. large farrow ; a ridg* 
Ensabtoment, eas. kaap of saad ; aanda 

Snsacher, o«. u put ia a aaek 

Enaaisiuar, va. to «aat, iaveat wiih 
Bnsanglanter, va. to maka bloody 
Enseigne, [aa-eaiffN] af. aiga ; %al 

. an easlgp in the a 

Enseignar, ve. taaoh, instruct ; diraac 
■JiiselM, e, a. aaddla-baek«l 
Eniemblr, ad. togathar; all togetkar 
— , em. the whole 

KaaemenoemeHt, em. aowiag af laa4a 
Ensemeneer, ta. to eow 
Baeerrer, va. to ooniain, to aanlnae 
EnsaTeUr, ns. to bury ; pat ia a akmad 
Ensaveliaaemaat, am. buryin* 
Enaimage, «ai. the oUiaa af claih 
Easimer, f>o. to oil elo(k 
Enaoreelar, va. to bawiieh, ta chacmt 
Enaorcelear, em. earn wba bawitokaa 
Enaorcellement, em. bewilAbiag 
Enaoufror, va. to dia ia b ' 
Ensaufrair, am. a sulphafi 
Euaonpla, af. a seoaevr'a b 
Eaauite, ad. aflarwaeda i then 
— de cria, after that 
EnantTaat, foirt. foUawiag, noxt 
S'Eaauivre. vr. to fallow ; aaaaa 

Batacher, ra to talal ; iubct 
Entallle, BatatUara. */. aotek *r ia< 
Entaillear, aa. to natch, to jac , to mich 
Enumi (hoaame>, a. suaaaMad 

mer, va. to amke the Brat cut { to 
..jak; hagiat beeaattcr 
Entamure, tf. eat ; Srst cai 
EntaaaaaMBt, am. a heap, a 

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S'BatMidM, mr. to aadaramd, to b« Ml- 

tal in i to b»vt Mcr«t inteUigauco 
Entendrt Abmm, to poroiire wit 
— maliee, lo tabt in • bad ovna* 
ittMMla, t, «• hoard; uBdaraiaed 

nunta, Can-(aN>(«] tf. M«iutuig ; inior- 

^>v«tatioa s okiU ; dispoohlMt 
Bntor, It*, to gimft, eagrofi 
EntMncmont. «m. Jm. nttfjriait Mt act 
Bat^iinor, ra. to mm, pMi, ooafirta 
Batcncmont. »m. Tatemviit. bitri«l 
Bnttti, o, a. «. infatuated ; obMiaaio 
Batttoiaoni, tm. oboUaaaj, pr^odioo 
Bntdtor, pm. to eauM tho kaad-ooho; to 

diatarb tho kaad ; to propoMoa* 
8* — > vr. to bo oeacdtcd ; boprepoi 

be foad ; to yrow proad L^ 

Enthouaiaaao, latt'too-miMnuZ •<"• oa- 
BathooataoBMr, ««. to put in raptura 
Bothoatlaaio, «a». oathuoiaat 
Bathrmimo. <at. imporfaet ayllofiua 
KatieM, «, a. bigoud; woddod to 
Batieher, va. to taiat, to m»*, oorrupt 
Batior, o, «. oatiro, whola. fall ; com- 

{deta; obotiaata. aolf-wUlod 
— , «a». tba whoto 
Entiirontaut, ad. oatiraljr ; wholly 
Entity, t/. oeiitr, nal oaUtaaea 
Entoilaga, «ai. cloth MoaaabUag laao 
Entoiler, m. to paste wpoa canvas 
EntonaoBieat, «m. pnldnf ia a oath 
Bntonaar, va. to banol up ; to blow ; U 

to driak iraedUy 
ir, *m. a fuaaol, ■ 

Bntorga, •/. apcata, violsnt ostaaaiea 
BntortUlooMBt, $m, twlMlD0, wiadin< 
BntortUlar, M. «o Wfap or wind about | 
to twiat ; to porplax ; outaagle 
A rKatouT, ad. round j roiiad about 
Eotonrago, »m. a fraaaa 
Entourar. so. to snrrouad> oaoowpaao 
Entonraaro, $f. cuff; tarntag up 
Fatoura, im. ndjaooat partt 
S'Entr'aocuaar, or. aeonac oaa anolhar 
Eotr'aata. «at. aa iatorluda 
S'Kntr'aidar, vr. to halp oao aaothor 
Entnllloa, if. yt. oetiails ; bowala 
S'Entt'aiaiiar, «r. to lore ono aaothar 
Entraiuor, m. to drac i to hurty away 
Eatraat, «, a. Cerwaii ; on^aglng 
tt'Batt'appolor, «r. to call one anothor 
Kotraver, vm. to sbaekla ; to porplox 
S'Eatiavoner, or. aM. to aot athwart 
S'Sntr'aTortir, rr. giva mutual aotioo 
Entravoa, &f. pi shaolilaa ; impadimaata 
Entfo, Cna-rr] pr.botwoaa; amoag ; in 

EntrebailU, e, a. »-jar. haUopaa 
lI'Bntrc-baiaer, vr. to Uaa one aaetber 
S'Entra-hattra, or. to boat oao another 
S'Entta'blaaaor, vr. to wound oaoh other 
Entraohat, tm. a eapor, mos 

8'Eotfo^boqaar, or. to dMh agalnat o 
another ; to thwart one aaother 

Eatro-oolonao. e/. bit 

or Impart to ono another 

BatrMOttpor, m. to tnvone ; ialarrupt 

1 IWT 

S' — , or. to ooatradict one's aoU 
S'Entre-dtfikirOi vr, to ditfsat one another 
S'Eatn-dteaire, vr. to destroy each oth«r 
Eatro-doHX, eat. middle space ; partitiuu , 

a apaeo between two things 
S'Balro-dlre, vr to say to each other 
M'Bulre-donner, vr. to give to each other 
Katr<e, tf. entry, paaaage; admission { 

onttaneo-moaoy ; diehos of tho firkt 

eoarae : duty on goods Imporud 
S'Batr»4ftchor, vr. to quarrel together 
Entra&itos (sur ees), meanwhile 
S'Bntro-frapper, vr. to etrike each other 
Entrogont, (at. cunning way of pushing 

one's self forward in the world Cthroat 
S'Bntr'agorger. vr. to cut one another's 
S'Batre-grondor, vr. chide each othar 
S'Entre-BOttrtar, or. to knock er boat one 

a«ainet another 
Bairo hieenier, va. ag. to wiater-fallow 
Bnteolaoaasoitt, eot. interlacing; twisi 
Eatiolaoer, eo. to interlac«j intermix ; to 

InterwoaTo, intertwine [knot 

Entrelace. Co)t-(r-/4] rm. pi. knot within 
Bmrelarder, va, to interlard ; to insert 
Batroligue, «^. interlineation 
Entrolire, ra. to read cursorily 
S'Batn-looor, vr. to praise each ntV er 
S'Batto-manger, vr. to eat one aaother 
Bntremtlor, va. to intermingle 
S' — , vr. to mix together 
BntrometSt eat. second oourso 
~ntTometteiUt aa, «. a manager ; procurer ; 

a asediator ; a go-between 
S'Bntimaottro, vr. to intermeddle 

C. . aieae] «/. inurpositioa 
, to biu each other 

S'Batro-parlor, vr. to ulV together 
Bntrepoa. eat. a broken amble [through 
S'Entro-perQora vr. to run one another 
Batropoat. C- -^wnl •»■ "M- between deck* 
S'Entreportor, rr. to excite one aaother 
Entropoeor, o«. to store, to lay up 
Entropoeeur, em. storehouse m wager 
BntrepAt. eat. a mart, storehouse 
Bntreproaant, e, a. bold i enterprising 
Bntrepreodre, va. to undertake; to at- 
tempt, take in hand ; to encroach 
Entrepreneur, *e, e. undertaker 
Entreprie, o, a, undertakea ; impotent 
Eatreprito, »f. onterpriae ; attempt; aa- 

dortaking; encrosehment 
S'Bairo-quereller, vr. to quarrel together 
Entrer, im. to enter ; go in ; eutne in 
— on iige, to be of age 
S'Satro-regarder, v. to look at each other 
S'Batre-r^poadre, vr. to answer er reply 
to each other 

ntre-sabord, eai. aia. tho intereals bo- 
twooa the porU of a ship 
S'Batro-aaluer, vr. to salute one anothor 
S'Bntro-aeeourir, vr. to help ea«h other 
Bntreaol, em. a amall apartment betwaon 
two flooca [eye-brows 

_ntr«-aonrc{l, em. the opBoo between the 
S'Bntn-Mntenir, vr. to support each other 

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8'JBBtn-tuirr*, vr. to follow ■oecMtiTalr 
Bntntaille, «/. atop in dancing 
9'Kntra-tmillar, vr. atm. to intarfoi* 

■trtk« one leg ■(•inn th* other 
EntnlsUlarc, «/. Ma*, m out on tha log 
Eutmomi, C- • ti»1 •<■•• inmitimo 

Xntniteuir, Ml. to hold together; to keep; 

coaveree; preierre; mauntaia, to de- 

f rajr ; to «keritb ; keep up 
8' — , »r . to keep one's eelr | 

8B £PI 

XpaiMir, M. to tUekeii, (raw tUalt 

, #/. mc 

S'Bntre-tottcher, vr. to be eontinona 
S'Bntry-tuer, vr. to kill each other 
BntreToir, vm. to hare a glinipae of 
S* -^ vr. to meet, Tieit each other 
Kntrerue, »f. interriew ; eooilercnee 
S'entr'iDjarter, vr. to abuee each other 
S'entr'oMlgar, vr. to oblig* one ana ' 
S'eatr'ottir, trr. to hear impeTfcetljr 
Bntr'ounir, va. to open half waf 
8'Bntr'ourrir. vr. to open ; to gape 
Xnlnre, ^f. grafting 
BanmJration, qf. eottmeratioa 
Banm<rw, V9. to enumerate, number 
Snrahir, va. to Invade, to usurp 
■■▼ahiaeement, «ai. inTation 
KnTahiaaeur, »m. an IcTadcr 
EoTJlioter, i>a. to make hajr-coekt 
SnTeloppe, if. a corer, wrapper 
XoTeloppemeni, eat. wrapping up 
Bnrelepper, va. to wrap up ; hem in ; 

coTor ; lurround ; inTolre ; perplex 
8* — , vr. to muffle one't »elf up 
KnTenimer, va. to euTenom ; proroke 
KuTargner, va. to bend the laiU 
EnrarKure. •/• banding of eaite ; their 
breadth, length, ato. : extant between 
the two cxtiemitle* of birde' winge 

Enrere, Can-va'rr] pr. 
— , eat. the wrong ndi 

wrong nde 

toward*; to 


K I'KnTers , ad. the wrong aide ontwarda; 
Enrt rxer, va. to trim a etuff 
Enrl (i T), ad. with emnladon 
Eorie.«' • * 

EnTieilil. . 
Xnrier, v«. __ . . 
SuTiee, «/. pt. flaw* about the nail* ; Inoee 

eldn at the roots of one's nails 
KnTieux, ee, a. «. envioas ; Joalou 
Enrlron, pr, about, thersabont 
Enrlrons. «ai. pi. adjaeont parts 
Enrlronner, va. to enTiron ; surround 


BnToler, v«. S' — , vr. to fir away 
Bnroyl, «■*. an enroj ; a depntjr 
XnToyer, ve. to aandT; W emu 

iToyer, ve. to aand ; ' 
qiiCrir, to send fer 

_, CS-pajr] em. thicVneea; densitjr 

Spnls, se. a. thick ; dense ; doll, hesvy 

■~^. thick 

Bpabieur, ^. thicknes* ; densitx 

. , em. lopptng •( a ^ 

Epamprer, v*. to lop a eiaa 
Kpaachement, am. pouting o«t ; 

0Tm4o«ring ; 'discloaing 
Epaneher, vn. to pour out ; to dinelono 
S'^-, vr. to orerAiw ; diftiao itMlf ; net 
Epaneheir. «m. (utter*holo, Arafaa 
Epandre, va. to ponr out { to aaa t— i 
Epaaouir, va. to eheer np, atnlm ■s ai ii 
8'—, vr. to blew or opm; to bloom, 

bioesom ; spread ; to ohoer up 
BpanaviasoBMnl. em. the bUwtns or bleo. 

somiag of Bowers ; eheerfulaeoB 

— ov cveur, oe ram, laugaMr, aima 
S'Epmnsr, vr. to fling the Mad lafa 
Epargnant, e, m. aariag; >pwiB« 
Epargne, ^. earing; pmmsaajr 

Epars, e, a. scattered s , 

Epait, CM. ruahee fer making baakcu 

Epat4, «. (rerre), glaas 
— (nes), a bfoad flat w 

EpMer, va. to break the feat of a glaaa 
Bpaulavd, em. orfc, ore* 
Epaule, •/. ekeulder ; neek | flank 
Epa«14e. rf. a striving with iko aW«Uer 
fore-quarwr of a sheop 

Epanler, va. to slip ons'e abouldar 

countenanca ; to support, prop 
EpauletM, ^f. epaulet, sliouldwpiaea 
Bparf, 3. a. — ' 

Bpa«<, 3. a. ag. strajred 
Epares, «/. pL ma. wree« 
Epeautre, em. melt <a kind Y 
" ' tword; auwrd^flsb 

Ep<e,^. . 

Epcler, ve. to spell 

Bperdu, e. a. dismajpa , 

Eperdument, ad. dcepemttly 
Eperlen, em. a snselt, eparUa^ 
Eperon, «m. epnr ; but tr em, atarlia^ 
" Taiaaean, the hand of a sUp 

-^ iner, va. to epar; ta exalt 

Eperonnier, «m. a i^r-mafcer 
Eperoaaiire, ^. spar-leather 
"penrier, «m. eparraw-hawli ; 

a kind of bandage 
Ephibe, «. a yeath jast ceaae «a tha age «f 


-•^'"^ ef. ephrils, large ftaehU 

lee, if. fl. ephs mwt a 
Enhialtsa, eai. the night-maia 
Epi. em. an oarer spike •( ear. 
Epiale. a. (flina), cmitiaaal imwmw 
Epiee, •/. spies ; aay areaaatic drag 
— blanche, paaad gtager 
EpicMk, Epieta. em. the pitch traa 
EpieMc, ««. a faaeral saag ; alagp 

l^lcer. C. pe-eV] va. to splee, ta oaa 
Bpieorle, c^l apiesa ; giaeerjr-mai\« 
Epicicr, e, «. a gi ac t i 

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Bplearira, m, a. «. apieiircu, •pleat* 
BpieuriaaM, jm. •plewtem 
Bpiorel*, «M. Ml •picnl* 
Bpiinmlt, tf. ftB ,--^— '- 

Epid«ini.{a«, 3. •. apldwBicml 
Epidame, tm. tpid«nu>. euiirla 
Epier, m. to Mr, to tlioot into ear* 
— , vs. to w«i*h; to apr; olwom 
Epiorror, w. to daw of itonao 
F.pieo, «M. apoM- ; JoMlin 
Rpisaatra, tm. aidnstrim 
E^gnnmatliim. I. m. -HMtical 
Eplfnmaaatlai^ •«. apignamMtiat 
EpigramBM, «^. aa apignun 
Kpinapka, H. apigraph ; motto 
KpiUpaia. «/ apUSpay ; Mllag aiclniaaa 

Epilogvaur. an. Ckult-Aoder ; eritia 
Epinana, jm. axtrsvannt C»Ilo<ir 
Eplnarda, C- • ««-] if. p/. apioaga 
Epiaqoir, tm. a pavlar'a kaanncr 
Epina, •/. thorn \ thom-baak : prlekla : 
intriaaciaai diflleuliiaa 

— Mancha, haarthont, whitatlioin 

— aolr*, blaehthara 

Rptnetta, </. a aplniial, Tlrginal 
Epintus, M, «. thorny ; duBcult 
— , •. aM. raolrf abova wat»r 
Fpintfle, [. fminftj tf. a pin 
Epingles, ^. ■/. a prtnlttaa ; praaent 
EpinfcUtta, rf. aM. prlming-wirc 
KpiiifiHar, aat. a pin-makar or aellar 
Epiniirc, m.f. apfnal, of tha b,ick-hoiM 
Kpinlart, tm. pf, a grora of thorna 
Kpinocha, aai. priebla-baeh 
Epiphaola, •/. apipbiiijr ; tiralfth-day 
Epiquc, [. ftttj 9. a. «pla, haroie 
Episeopal, a, a. rpiacopal, aanarior 

Epi*e«plaar, «M. to aaplro to a 

aaattaaa tha aira of a biihop 
Rplaodo, am. aa apiio* 

Rpiaodiqna, a. aplaodical, nriaodi 
Rpiipaatiqua, S. a. apiapaatle. bU 
Bpiaaar, ra. ■«. ta apllea 
Epitaair, aai. •«. mariing-apllia 
Kpistara, ^. na. a aplica 
Epiatolalw, 9. a. apiaioUnr 
— , «ai. aathor of a Mllaetion af lettara 
Bpttapha, tf. aa apiuph 
Rplu, «■§. aM. a anall via or wadga 
Bplthalama, aat. apithalaatlaai 
Rpithita. ^f. aa apllhet, an adjaetiva 
Bpitbjrne, [. .tttml «ai. dodder, apithyaM 
Kpitoga, 4f. a Roman eloalc 
Kpitoma, tm. apitoma, abridgmant 
Kpitre, if. an aplatla, latter, nddma 
Rpfiootie, ^f'. aontagloaadlaraaa of aai 
Rplaicnar an drap, to eard cloth 
Epleri, a, m. all In taan, aorrowful 
Kploy^, a, c. U. diaplaytd, apraad 
Rpluchamaat, im. pIcHng 
Rplnehar, •«. to pIcV ; to tifl ; to lop 
col off i t» Maroh iato 



Eploehanr, to, «. a mekar 
'-luehoir, tm. baakat-makar'a knife 

lueliiiraa, tf. »/. ptekiaga, paringe 

ode, if. an ode, epoda 
. aintor, oa. to blunt, take off tha point 
Epoia. «M. tha trochbiga of dear 

^Sgiai.tier,^&ry roaa-gall 
Sponger, tia. to waah with a aponge 
Epootilla, tf. BM. etanchion, prop 

— daa fo>atllla«, ata. Samacn • poat 

— do la eala, aia. pillar of tho hold 
Epontillar, tw. ata. to prop 
Epopie, if. apopaa, an eptc poaa 
Epoqne, tf. epoieh, tm ; data, period 
** ludrer, va. to wipe or boat otf it ' 

Epoudrer, v 
S'Epoofftr, I 

a Btaal away 

Epoulla, tf. wui. apool 
Bpoallenr, tm. ata. apooler 
SnEponmoner, «r. to tire the luugt 
KpoaeaiUaa, if. pi. a wedding 


jkpoua«:c, tf, a orifla 

Bpooaer, o. to marry, toe.^ 

Epouaaatar, «a, to duet ; brush ; l>ang 
Bpoaaettea, tf. ft. a brush, dualcr 
EpoiiTanUble, 3. a. dreadful 
Epouvantablement, td. dreadfully 
Epouvantail, «m. bugbear, seareerow 
Sponvaate, tf. fright, terror, fear 
BpOOTantement, «si. terror, affright 
Epenvanter, t>«. to frighten, terrify 
Epoux, C^-pool tm. spouse, bridegroom 
"--'-*— ~a, to squeeaa out 

a tenesmus ; gripes 
to ba smitten 
. , i; proof; essar 

Bpria, a, a. amltten; eaptivatea 
Bprovrer, «a. to try, to proTO 
Brouvette, rf. a probe 
Bptagone, ««. heptagon 
Bpuear, va. to clean from Saaa 
Bpoiaable, 3. a. exhauatibla 
Bpniscmcnt, tm. faintneis, wasting 
Bpuiaer. va. to drain ; exhaust 
EpuisetU, *f. small net 
BpuUe, if. epulis, gum-boil 
Epore, 4/. largo plan of a building 

Eweinte, if. i 
S'Epreadro, vi 

Bpurar, va. 
8* — , vr. U 

renna ; purge ; clear 
to be purilted ; grow fire 

Bquarrisaoir, tm. insmunant 

aqnara holos 
Bqaatoar, lH-fua-tetttrym. —tor, , 
Bquaiioa, ^f. equation ; prouortion 
Equorrage, tm. ma. beTcI ; Dcrelling 
Kqnerre, tf. square rule 
Bqucstra, 3. a. equestrian 

Bquidiataot, «. a. t , 
EqnilM^ral, e, a. equilateral 
Eqailibrc, tm. equilibrium 
Equinose. [tt-kf-N«.i<] •■•• eqainax 

— da rantoama, autumnal e^ uinmc 

— iu ptiataBpa, tretnal eqaiaoa 

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ERY, a, «. MM. •quiaociicl ; tht «|ttl 
WDBnrf line or tqaator 
SqalpaM, *m. equipas* ; tUlv't artw 
iquipfo. ^f. fooVuk eliUtTriM 
VqalptnMDt, «M. •quipmant ; fitting o«t 
£quip«r, i>«. ta equip ; a«aaatf« ; fit Qut 
Bquipet, tm. M*. amall apan loakar 
Xquipollanca, tf. aqual raliia 
Bqalpollant, a, c. •quivvlant 
Bqnipoller, va. to ba aquiralmt 
Equitabia, 3. «. aquiubla ; jnat 
Bquitahlamcnt, ad. juithr : aquitaU^ 
Eqahailon, if. tka art of riding 
Bqait4. rf. aquit^, Juatiaa ; upricbtaaaa 
BquiTalaminaBt, a/. In as aqia«Jeal maa- 

■qalTalenea, rf. aquality of worth 
BqnlTalent, a, m. *m. aqninlant 
BqnlTiloir, vm. to ba aqalTaJcnt 
BquiToqua, «/. pvn ; aqaiToaatiaa 
— , 3. m. aquirocal, dubiaaa 
Equlvoqaer, vh. to aqulToeaU 
*' — , pr. to mUtaka a word 
Brahle, m. tka mapla-traa 
Bradieatif, ▼•, a. aradiantlva ; anring 
Bradiaatiou, (/. — tion, pulling out 
Braliar, vs. to acratek, to grai* 
Ermflura, «/. aliikt Iturt : acrateh 
EiaUlar, va to fray, to unwaaTa 
8' — , ar. aM. to nil, to chafe 
Erattlara, rf. frajing ; being fraywl 
Brat<, t, m. brisk, iulclligwit : aim- 
XratcT, »a. to cut out tka nilt »i i 

mal ; to aaaka ona manj 
Bra, Cafrr] qf. mm, apoch ; data o< tiaaa 
Bractaur, aai. eU. aractor 
Erection, $/. erection ; atanding 
Ereiatcr, va to break ona'a baek 
Ertfmitlatta, 3. a. — tical. aaUtary 
Brtfaypile. af. amipalaa 
Bfga, aai. tnaralorei whaiafcre 
Brgat, tm. a cock' a apar ; blialtt a( rjra 
Brget<, a, «. apnrrtd ; blighted 
Brgoiar, e«. to caWl, wraagU 
Brgalaria, •/. caTilliag. wrancUng 
Ergata«T, •«». eaTtller, wmaglar 
Brigar, ««. to erect, raiaa ; aatabliah 
S' — , vr. to aet up for 
XnnJoeita, */. plane ; adaa, addiee 
BreaioB, i/. eroiion, eating awa/ 
Brotique, 3. «. belonging to lo«e 
Xrotomanie, ^. deliriuin eroticnm 
Errant, a, «. «. wandering, Tagrant : ai 

rant ; naaattlad ; erronaoni 
Errata, *m. arrata ; U*t of faulla 
Emtiqua, 3. «. emtic ; irregular 
Brramant, tm. jm. proceeding 
Brrer, vs. to err ; wander, ramble > 
Errea, pi. the tracee of a alag 
Xrreur, tf. an error, miatalte ; Ibllf 
CrrenA, e, «. erreneoua, falia 
Errantetcnt, ad. erroaeoudy 
Era, ««. bitter vetck 
Braelation, ^f. eructation ; belching 
Xnidit, e, «.— dite. learned ; initrueiad 
BmdiHan. »f. erudition, learning 
Braginanx. aa, «. erugiuoaa 
Bi«ptlon. ^f. aruirtion ; breahfaig out 
Bryaga, «ai. fo. tna •eft' holly 

Ba, ar. In tka, a( 

Baeabaan, C- . ^3 ««. a aloal, lelm-ataol 

Baeafaalle, ^f. a atoal, toint-atool 

Bacabalaa, «m. atamd for a buat 

E«»cha. «/. a acateh, a bridle-bit 

Eacadi*. ^. a aqoadran of aUpa 

BacadriUe,i<-. alittle aquadrwT 

Becadroa, mi. a aqaadton of horac 

Xscadronner, tm ta form into aqtt»dr«na 

Bacafe, «/. a kick 

Bsoafrr, pa. to kick 

Eicalade, 4^. aoalade, ataraaing 

Btcaladar. va. to aeale, to elimb 

Eaeale (faire), ^f. nut into a port 

Btcalier, aai. a atanenaa I 

— k ria, winding itaira 

— digmgi, baek ataira 

— dfroM, priTaie ataira 

— en liaaaca, amral or winding ataira 
Brealin, «ai. a Duteh ahiUfaic 
Bacamota, tf. JuggUr'a cork-hall 
Bacamoter. va. to juRgla ; to pilfar 
BicamoUur, «ai. a jocglar ; pUCtivr 
Eaaampar, ««. C««-caia-|>Jt] to arampar nway 
Eveampette (prendra da la poadra d'>. i« 

run away 
Eaeapade, rf. a prank » fling of a haraa 
Eacapa. i/. arc*, ehaft of a eolaain (hw 
Bacarbot, [. . ftej eat. a Uadt-baad*. Ma*- 
Bacarboaere, ^. a earbanoU 
Bacarealle. V- * ^^f paraa 
Bacargot, aai. a aaail, the aliell.a»ail ; as 

ill-ahapcd aaaa 
Eaeannouehe, ff- akirmiah 
Eaearmoueher, va. to aldnniab 
•a». aWm" " 

Baearpe, •/. the acarp of a ditch 

- iteapdawa 
Baearpla, aa*. pmnp, tMn-aoIad aKoa 
Bacarpiaor. «n. to run swifUy 
Eaearpolatta, «/. a aaring 
Eoeatra, 4/. alough ; aeekar ; gap 
"""'"" (I ban), ad. in good 

Eaelavaca, aat slavery, Iioadaca 
BaclaTa, «. a slave ; a dependant 

Baeogriire, aas. a ahark | a aponarr ; alu 
by llMooUag fallow cda«i 

" ra«-«aa««3 »ai. dlacoant; « 

[ae.«Ba-<a] cw. ta d' 

. ,^ a Bort of carbine 

Baeapatteria, tf'. a voUay af aaall wma 

"" ^. an caeorti gnard 

, va- to escort, eoavoy 

e, if. a detachment, a aqnA4 

1, ^f. a acourge j a whip 

Baeoargeoa, ««i. the rath-ripa horlej 

a, j/. a leap. 1 

J, ^. feaciiig ; tilting 
Eaerlmar, v«. to fence, tilt ; 10 dlapnta 
S' — da, »r. to dabble in 

Baeroc. Im-ttoH} tm. a awindlei 
B a c re qn ar, m. to swindla 

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g— l aqntfa , rf. twiudliAg, iharpiitK 
KaeraJHvr, m, •. m sharpM-, iwiiHlUr 
EtpaM, m. • •pac*. diatanc* 
BspMaaMDt, m. diitanc* : simm 
BBJMMr, tw. to place, fix, or pn« at m 
eotiTonloat illataaee 

Espadar I« ehanTM, ma. to tow hemp 

B>padaur, <■§. a hcmp-boator 

Bapadon, »in. a two-handed cword ; . . 

■wortf fish Ciword 

EapadooMT, m. to fight with tho back* 
Bapaoolatto, «/. fine mttaen, a tort tf 

ituflT; aaah-door faatenlng 
Eapale, V. ma. sallay qoartar-dcek 
BaaaKer, nt. hadge-row of fruit traeai 

nrat rower in a gwlar 
Bapareot, »m. a tort of hajr 
Eapargoatte, •/. to. mothar-wert 
Rsp^ce, [. i»«e*l »/. tpaeies, bind ; caao 
Rapkcei, •/. pt. coin ; goodi ; forms 
Eip<ratiee, */. hop* ; truit 
Eip^rar, «a. to hope j to aspaet 
RipikKla, 3. a. «. waggiah ; a wag 
EKpKglarlr, «/. a frolle ; a prmb 
Rspkon, «ai. a %fj ; an infonBcr 
Espiounage, m. eaplonage 
Esplonoer, m. to be a apjr ; to apjr 
EipiotM, tf. a sort of nra 
Eaplanada, tf. etplanada ; glMia 
Bapoir, »m. aopa ; aiqiaetation 
Eiponton, »m. tpontooo ; half-rttka 
Biprit, [. pt«e] «m. spirit; miad{ wit 
Bsqaif. am. a sMff; a rawl 
BiqaiUe, <^. tpUoter of a brokm bona 
Baquinaiicia, «/, soninaney, qulnsay 
Baquipot, am. barber's money-box 
Esquiisa, tf. a skatoh ; roagh draught 
Eiquissar, fa. to sketeh 
Kiqairar, v». to aroid ; avado 
S' — *r. to steal away 
Basal, «m. assay, proof, tilal ; txpatiment; 

Esaaie, rf. a sort of madder 
Basaim, \. Mini na. swam ; crowd 
Essainer, C- aof-mX] Da. to swam (as datfj 
EsisjiKer, ra. to wet fool linen 
Bssarter, va, to grub ap ; to assart 
Essayer, [sf-^y'jrX] v. to try, attempt; to 

S' — , er. try one's strength or ftbiUly 

Essayeris, tf. assaying plaea 

Biaayeur, am. assayer 

K«M, tf. piece of iron liks an S 

Kiwau, C««-aiO hatchet ; shiagU 

EiMaee, »f. asssnre ; snbataaM 

Euential, le, a. essential ; material 

F.»rntiellemaot, ad. asscntiallr 

F.Meul«, c, *. lonesome ; left Slons 

Kisittt, «m. axle-tree 

— da poulie, ma. pin of a VIook 

Estimar, a«. to maVa lean 

Bssor. [f«-«or] am. flight; soaring ap 

Eiaorer, ea. to air, to dry 

S' — , IT. to soar ; soar up 

Essarillar, aa. to cut ana's ears olT 

Rttoafler, m. to put out of breath 

to draw tha^ttstlnasi.gaf 

Xaaayor, wa. tn wlpa : dry np ; bear ; e«- 

dnse ; tn be wt pne a d to 
Est, [asO •»• the Bast 
BeiMado, tf. om. boom of a harbour 
■stafa, tf. eontribation money 
Estaffette, tf. a courier, express 
Esuffier. «m. body footman 
Bstafilada, tf, slash ; ant ; rent 

Estaasa, tf. worsted ; 

It faaUon-pie 

Bstampe, C <««-p>] «• « print or eat; stamp 

Batamper, L.fais^] va. to stamp ; to emboss 

Bstaasinlle, tf. exeiae stamp 

Bstonpiller, •■, to stamp 

Bster, i*. to plead la one's own name 

BatilU, tf. a Vreaver'e loom 

Estarre, tf. me. small haven or ereeit 

Estimable, 9. «. estimable, valuable 

Bstimateur, am. an nppndaer 

, [«i W e aS] tf. eeteem ; ralne ; regard 
dead reehoning of a ship 

I. to estimate, appraise; to 

Estire, tf. SM. trimming [linean 

Bstoe, C> '«*} em. lon«{ sword ; stock, 
Estoeade, tf. a aort of aword \ thrnst 
Bstoeader, va. to till ; to impenone 
Estomac. C> . msiir, or wM\tan. the atomaoh 
S'Estomaqver, vr. to resent ; be angry 
Eslomper, ea. to paint with powder 
"""—''" tf. eotrade; » public load 

1'), to reconnoitre 

Estragon, «m. tarragon, herb-dragon 
*strama^on, C . . aea] am. the edge of a 

sword ; blow with the edxe of a swo«d 
Estrama^onnsr, vn. to strike with the edge 

of a sword 
Bstran, am. fl«t and aaady saa-eoaat 

"-■ -*- tf. atrapodo, rack 

. va. to give the strapado 

, , va. man. to erer-ride 

Eetraper le ehaome, to mow the stubble 
Eetrapoir, am. eort of slekle 

— de rame, grommet of an oar 
Bstroper, va. ma. to strop a Meek 
Bstropit, e, a. crippled, lame 

Estnrgeon, m 

Et, CM] e. and 

— emtera, am so on ; ara so lortn 

Btablagc, «m. stabling ; stana«e 

Etable, tf. cow-bouse; ox- stall, etc. 

Euhlar, va. to put in a stable, etc. 

Ettbleries, tf. ft. row of stable* 

Eubli. twi. shVp-bonrd ; jolaer'a beach ; 

shop counter or bulk 
Eubtir, va. to establish : appoint 
8' — , vr. to settle ; grew in nee 
Bublissemcnt, am. aatnMishmeat 
Etage, am. a story ; floor ; degree 
Etager, »a. to mt slantiiig 

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Btal. «■• m |>rop, animMt; a ttty 
Bikim. l».talnl »m. int nrdad wool 
Buin, It-tahfi «m. pewter, tSa 
Kul, «m. ntnU of » buteker, c«a. 
£tol« (mar£c>, mm. high watM- 
Ktalo||«, «M. diaplm^ ; auUnga ; fintrf 
Staler, ««. to hanit out bt eale ; to ma 

a parade of; to dUplajr 
Etalaur, eat. a atall- keeper 


KtanMllcoMM, nd. staroaUf 

Btealaer, va. to aiaraJaa, p«iv 

Btamitt, */. etamity ; fetura siaaa 

Etalincua. ^. m*. a elinek of a cable 

talon. Ml. etallloa ; alajadard for weighta 
and meaanrea 

Eialoanenent, mi. 
cure by tha ataadard 

, fM. an oflleer appoUted to Bfwik 

- -.. — Jnd aieaaurea 
Btamago, n>. tiaaiaf ; tinned work 
EtanhiM. Ml. MM. (tcrn-poat 
Xlunbrala, «m. the partneta «t a aaaal 
Ktamcr, va. to tin, to tin arer 
Slaaiettr, mi. a pewtarer, a tinman 
Btanine, «/. boldng-elntb ; aiere 

Paaaer par I'<taminc, to emniiae, tr be 
esaminad thoroafUjr 
Btamiaaa. W. etamlna of i 
Btanpe, [S-Zaa-pei mi. a aunp Ckoaa 
Eianpar, C»-(«i.pJi] m. toatamp ; taea 
Btamura, ^. dnalug; covering with tin 
Etanekj (vaiiioau), mm. a tight tmmI 
EtanekenMnt, «m. itaaehlng 
Blaneker, va. to •tanok i atop ; qaench 
Bunion, en. hm. etanehion ; pro|. 

Ktan^onnar, va. to prop, aunport 
Btang, C«./aN] m. a pond i fiibpond ; 

Etaiigae, */. large pinoert or nippen 
Btaoe, if. atorahaaae ; dailr allowaiioe te 
aoldiara on the narok ; place where that 
allowanea la given 
Biapier, aai. he who diatribatM to aol- 
diara thair allowanea on the march 
Btat. ca-M] Mt. 8taic< caaa; conditinn; 
Uat ; anoenat, eatlniata ; rank, e nndition 

Blatar, va.Jm. ta ^, 

Etaa, am. a vlea ; an iron preae 
Bl«rement, «». ataying, propping 

Bteignair, Mt. axtingtiiaber 
Buindn, v. to aztiiigttlah ; aboibb 
8' — , «r. to go out; ta abate 
Blaint. C»-tatt] e, 

Biandaga, «ai. drylng-Unae 
Standard, aai. atandard ; bannev 
Btendoir, «ai. a printer'* peel 
Btendre, tw. to apread, aatead, atretehi 

anlarga s to diffnae, dilata 
8'Btendre, vr. to atrcteh one** aalft to 

apread ; enlarge, expatiate on 
Btando, e. «. 8pra*d; larga.loag; prolix, 

ladiaua « aptawUng 

Btendae, ^, •aieali ape. , 

Enrael, la, m. tmmi, arcrlaatiag 

Ktemuenent, eai. inceaing 
Btemenr, ae, «. groat aneaaar 
Ktitiet, *m. regular winda ; mannoo^ 
Etttemant, CM. lopping the top off 
Btttrr, »«. to lop off the top 
Ktruf, m. a tennia-ball 
Eteula, tf. ttiibble ; atalka of cone 
Ether, li-tar*1 *a». ether t fluid 
EthM, *, a. ethereal ; refined, para 
Ethii)ue, Mf. ethic* ; moral phtlanophr 
Ethnfaiae, a. ethnic ; heatheoiaK 
Ethologia, tf. treatise en morala 
Bthopfe, »/. description of manaara 
Etier, «m. channel, ditch 
Etlneelant, e, c. apaililing. Vrlfbi 
Etineelle, «/. a apark ; partiela 
Etinecllement, »m. •parkUn|{ 
Etineeler, t>M. to ipartle ; to ^tter 
Btineelette, ^f. a little apitrk 
Etiologla. tf. — ^, t 
Etiqua, 9. «. beetle t conrampttv* 
Etiqucter, m. to put a label on 
Etiqnctte, af. label, ctioiietta, form 
Etire, i/. carrier'* •tretctiing irva 
Eiirer, ««. to itretch ; to lengthen 
Etiai*. tf. phthiiie : eononmption 
KlolTe, tf. atuff « cloth 
Ktoffer, M. to *tnff ; garat*b ; famish 
BtoiU, [Swea-a/J «/. a atar ( siw-fia] 

iirante, •booting star 
. , a. eUrrY j cracked 
EtnlMe.a/'. a aort of tulip 
Stole, tf. a atale ihUj 

Btonnammant, C. . M-bm«1 ad. wonder- 
Btonnaut, e, a. wonderful ; atranga 
Rtonnement, em. a*tonii>hment 
Etooner, na. to Mtonlih, eurpTlao 
tt' — , pr. to wonder ; be aatanUhad 
EtoaiTant, e, «. aaltrr, hot and eloaa 
BtoulTenMnt. «ai. •allocarian ; stilling 
Btonfer, Mt. to etifle, amother, diMa 
— , «a. to be eholiad or atiflcd 
Eto«ff<4r, «ai. eziingniahar lor ea«ls 
Btoupe, tf. taw, lint, oakum 
Etonper, o«. to slov with tow 
Etouperie, tf. paelang-doth 
Btaopine, •/. a qaick-match 
Etonpillons, m. pi. wa. toppinn 
Etourdcria, •/. hecdlrssneas ; bfnndar 
Etourdi, a, a. hair- brained ; giddr 
— , e, *. blunderer 

Eianrdlment, ad. rashly ; hacdlesafy 
Etoardlr, tw. to stun; allay ; narboil: 
take off the chill : benumb * 

— , cr. to shake off the thattahu of a 
thio« : to deceire one'* self * 
Btonrdlssant, e, a. stunning 
Biourdissament. «ai. gtddiaesa 
Btonmean, aai. a starling; eoxe«ml» 
.(range, 3. a. foreign ; strange ; ellly 
Jtrangement, ad. strangely 
Btranger, a, «. foreign, ■iranga 
- - aforeigr — 

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EtTMiglaC* M. t« itrangla ; to BtUU { I 

■nuke tM •cmnty 
Kirangvlflon, «m. Ui« •uanolM 
Btr«|M, ^f. * lUilt >ieU« 
Etrapar, »•. W eat down Um •liibbl* 
Straqnc, jf. wut. atrcak of pUnli* 
KtT«T«, «/; MM. the Item 
Btre. [(tZ-fr] vn. to b« ; e*t«t i 1ielan( 

iqnc, {^. aui 

, [«/-<r] »«. 
— . «M. being ; « 
BtrM. pi. th* WTi 

TtxtkAt, »«. to Mr 

S ■ — , W. to abiliik ; 
BtrMaMmant, «a». atraitneaa 
Etrfclaaura, ^f. •tniUiuaR 
KtroigDolni, aw. p/. cramp, hud-actaw 
Bmiiidrc, ira. to bind ; praaa cioaa 
Straiutc, rf. binding ; wrlaging alaaa 

^f. • CkiUta 

l-bos; I 


■•■•■t, ad. avMceliaally 
ir, vm. to praach uia goapal 

BTaDg^Uat*. mm. —Hit, a praachar 

Svan^, faar tba goapal 

Eranoiii, a, a, aaroouad vmf; Taalahad 

EvapoiA, o> «. giddy-brmiucd 
Kraporer, «•. to aT«por»ta ; t 

Brteb<, tm. a biahopa bou« »r palaca, 

binboprie ; aplaaopao^ 
Rreil, [ji>«>«tf] »m, kiat ; warning ; alarm 
RrellU, a, a. aprigbtlj ; watehfuf 
Erfillar. t«. to Mrakan : to rotiae 

, r-yaac-a 

gift; haudaal Ibwidaal 

Etrannar, wi. to give a naw-ytar'a gift 
EtrisiUon, tm. a prop, aupport 
BtrMllonoar, m. to prop, awpport 
Btrier, aat. a stirrup 
Kti ilia, 4^. Cttrrjr-oonib ; a daar bo«ia« 
Etrillcr, pa. to enrrji thraab ; baac 
Etripper, aw. to ambowd ; to unrip 
Etriqu<, a, a. narrow, aeanty 
Etririira, *f. atirrup-laathar 
Btriri)raa,4<'. ft. boracwbippiag 
Etroit, a, «. aarroar ; doaa ; atrict 
BiroiteBgcai, ad. aavrowljr ; atriatl^ 
Btroa, «fli. a turd, a air rararanoa 
BtroB^onnar, «a. to cat bcunabaa 
Etrouaia, «/ j». adjudicution 
Etrouaaar, v. to adjndga { dccn* 
Etude, »f. atudy, Irariiiag ; a atady 
Etiidiaut, «R. a itiidaat. a acbolar 
Etudiar, ua. ta ytudjr ; raad ; obaatM 
8' — , wr. to endeavour ; le atudy 
Etndiole, »f. a aamtoira 

Etui, fat. a ease, a box ; ti 

Etu*a. «/. a itore ; bot-houae 
Eturte, «/. itewfaig, stewed-iaeal 
Eturamant, «M famoating ; atewing 
EtuTOr. iM. to foment ; to atew 
EtuTiata, aai. bagnio-kcopar 
Etymologia, m/. ctfmologjr, origin 
StyoMtlogiquo, 9. a. etjrmological 
Btrmologiala, «■>. etynoiogial 
Suehaiiatia. itm-km-rUUi ^, —flat, L< 

E ttdktu^tique. «. eucbarialieal 

Eunuque, tm. eunuch 

Bttpathia, ^f. realgaatioa ia suffering 

Buphonia, ^. —ay. giaccftal aound 

Box, pro*- Act. tbcm 

Bvacuant, c, BTaeuatif. va, a. tm. cri 

ating : aa aracuating madieiao 
Bvaeuution, ^f. — don; dlaebarge 
BTaeuer, va. w cracuate s to void 
S' Evader, wr. to make one'a eseape 
Eragaiioa, ^. engation, waaderbig 
S'EraltoiiBer, vr. to make too greM aObrU ; 

to take aire 
Evaluation, tf. valuadon s oatiBat 
Rvaluar, im. to eatlaiau, w rata 
ETMigiaiflu*, 3. «. eraitgalioal 

Event, [&.i 

Eventail. «.„. . 

Rveutaililate, «ai. faa-makar or ieller 
Eventairo. em. a lort of flat baaket 
Erenta, rf. a tallow-chaadlar's box 
Km.l«, e, «. fligbty ; flat: voUtiie 
atoT, «i. to fan ; to air ; u " 
'eater, trr. grow flati take 
S'Eveatlllor, «r. to tkaka the winge 
Eventoire, «m. a flre-fen; bellowa 
Bvanltor, va. to embowel, to draw 
-- una voile, to iplit % tail 
Bvantuel, le, a. eventual 
EvaatualleaMnr, ad. eventually 
Eviqne. Vi-vakf\ tm. % biakop 
Everrer, •«. to worm a dog 
Bverrion, if. overthrow ; min 
8'Bvertuer, irr. to lahoor, to atrive 
Bveua, ae, a. iwanpy, boggy ; leaky 
Evietioa, ff. eviction, diapoataaaioa 
Bvidemmeat, ad. evideaily. eloariy 
Bvidcnea, tf. evidence ; praof 
Brident, a, a. evident, manifeat 
Bvidar, vm. to unatarch ; to eat slopiafj 

to gntur, to groove 
Evier, eat. a aink. a drain 
Eviaear, va. to evict, to diapoaeeaa 
EviuUe, 3. a. avoidable 
Bviter, m. to avoid, ekna ; eacapo 
— , ata. to awing «r tend 
EvocaUa, 3. «- that may be brought '<«- 

fore a higher eonrt 
Erocalioa, tf. evocatloii: aummooa 
Evoeaiotra, 3. a. auamoniag 
Evoluer. «M. BM. f« manaaviu 
Evolution, tf. evolution, movement 
Evoquer, va. to eoujuro up ; to bring bo- 
fore a kigkar eonrt 
BvuUon. rf. alt. evulaioa 
Exact, a, a. exact ; accurate ; atrlet 
Exaetemeat, ad. exactly, dulr 
Exocteur, e«. exaeter, oatortloaer 
Bxaeliou. tf. exaction, extortion 
Exactitude, ^f. exactaeaa ; aoeuraey 
Bxag<nuear, «m. aa amplifier 
Bxafliratlf, va, a. exaggerating 
Exagiration, tf. exaggeration 
Bxa«t<rer, va. to exaggerate ; amplify 
Exaltatioa. ^. — tioa ; advaaeameat 
Bxaltar, m. to «xalti «v m%ti 

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8'— , w - 

EzaathiiiM. C. . tmmi] «m. wU. •lllomcenc* 
ExarcltAt, tm. cxwrehaM ; oiM^y 

S>&ae«r, ««. to bMr fkTonnbl* 
ExAvmlisa, 4/*. — tlon; helUwiaf 
Kxcarer, «a. u» Wlvw 
KxcMant, •, «. («. axflMding; warptm 
EzcM*r, M«. to «zeMd i to amm 
EnellemiMDt. ad. MMibMly 
BxccUtoM, 1/. «xs*lbnc* ; cwalUncy 
BxceUent, •, m. txeMaat ( notaU* 
BzctUeodMioMt 3. «• noat •s«allcnl 
Exaaller, vn. to oseolt bo coiiiMBt 
BzomttWli. «/. — oitf i d«TiMioi> 
BzMBtriqu*. i. «. oeeeiitiio 
Bxeapt^, pr. OMcpi, nve, hut 
Kseeptar, oa. to oseeM ; to nelodo 
Exeoptioa, «/. oxoaptMB ; CBoluiioo 
AT — d«, fr. ezMpt ; Mto ; knt 
Exota, Cm--«0 ««. oxmh; riot« KbBM 
Bxe«a«if, tc, o. nan^v, innMdomu 

EzOOMi*«BMAt, m4. OXOM«i««lf 

^'- It, »«. to aOofO oa MvoMioii 

, [Mfc-ateO e/"* oxolac, tety ; as 

eit»tloD.«/- — thm: atinrinc 
Exeitor, rw. to oeito, iaolte, stir «p 
KxelAaatioo, ^. — tion; OMtorf 
Bxcliir*, •«. to wmIiuU, dabar 
Bxclutif, T«» a, axcluaira, debuting 
Exclunion, «/• axeliialoa: r^tcdam 
BxelaaivaBont, arf. aMloaiTelr 

KzenBcatMz, ae* a. — tMoaa, — «J 
Bxeraaoaaoa. i/. eKatoacaaao ; a wart 
Rseritiaa. ^. aieralieM. oiMdM 

»' —, «r. to azeiiM oaa'a ttiti daeUiw 
- Mian. rf. txcuoiioo. akako 

t, «M. a paai or laaTS to go oat 

rabla, 3. a. exacraUo. aani ^ 

BzJcnblaBcnt, ad. encrabljr 
Ex4cralio«, V'- -*W«; abhor- 
BxAentoiro. 1. «. aoou»aod 
Bx<ei«r, Ml. tooxoei«to. abhor, dosaat 


EsieiMt, TO, a. ezecutiTC 
Kx4aMloa. (f. — «ion ; parfenBaaa* 
BxfeutoiTO, •••. a writ of czaeutioa 
— , 3. a. exMntorj 
R«<entriee, ^. cxaentriz 
Ex<gfeM, rf. exageaU. axplaaatton 
Exeg<tiqao, a. — tical, explanstMT 
Exenplaira, 3. a. axemplarjr, peifcet 
— , «M. a cop7 ; a pattern 
EzeaipIairoaMni, ad. excmplMlIr 

Bxwplo, Cir-.ft.-fO •/. 

writo after 
— , tm. example ; model ; InataiMe 
A r— de, td. after the exampU ai 
Par — , ad. for inetanoe 
Bxempt, e, L^-aae, . ii-l«) m. 

— , em. a aort of pelioe offleer 

Ezempter, am. to exempt; to dt., 

Exemption, tf. exemption ; freedoea 
Exereer, va. to cxi>rciae ; to praetia« 
Bxereico, eai. exerehe; practice 
Exerclution, tf. critical comiBoat i c 

eUe ; eaUgue 
Exergue, eai. ezergtie 
BxfoUatir, TC, «. cM. exfoUattra 
BzfoUatlon, a/, ejrfonatian 
S'ExfoUer, vr. to exfoliate; acal* off 
I Bxfumer, va. to loften a ptetnre 
Bxkalalaoa, rf. exhalation; raposr 
UxhalatloJi, if. exhalation; Tapowr 
Exhaler, ra. to exhale ; to rraMvmto 
Exhaiweement, eai. raiting; height 
Exhauaeer, oa. to raim, raiae up 
BxhMdatien, tf. dltinkeriaDg 
lsh<rMer, »«. to dlaiaherit 
Bxhiher, ««. to exhtUt, to 
BxhibMon, ^. — tion; proc 
Bxhortation, tf. — tioa ; incii 
Exhevtor, vm. to exhort, rneovra^* 
BsbaaMrtieB, tf. —tion, unlmrTiac 
Exhumer, va. to anhnrjr ; dig aw 
Ecigeaait, e, a. exacting toe much 
Ezlgvnee. tf. — gcnee ; c xi ge my 
Bxlgar, va. to tequire 1 to exact 
Bxlgihle, 3. a. demaadable C«mel 

Exign, C<|r-«»-|r«) •. •• exignooas sloadct 
Exiffttil<, «/. exiguity, eeantinaea 
Exit, (t^aelq cat. exile, boniahaaMt 
RxiM, e, a, *m. exiled ; an exile, owtcwt 
Exiler, pa. to bunlah ; to exile 
B>klii«, tf. amallneee ; weakaaae 
Kxieiant, e, a. exiattng, existent 
Existence, tf oxittcnoe, being 
Rxiater, pa. to exist, to he 
Exodo, e«. Rxodae 
Exoloer, ra. ja. to easoine 
Bxorable, 3. «. exorahle, tcndor 
BawrMtamaaent, ad. exerhitantly 
Raorbitant, e, a. — tant ; extmvafnatt 
Raereiter, pa. to exoreiae; to adjniw 
Bxerrlame, «ai. exerelam; adJumtiMk 

-xjnaVuB. to diatrain 1 

Bxerde, em. oxotdium ; foraaal p tnlht. 'a 
BaooMae, //. eU. betiy protubeimMa 
Bxotique, (. . tmt] 3. «. a " 
Bxpanaible, 3. a -"^*' 

BxpanaloB, tf. aapwaloa; U ltt 

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ExpatrfKtiMi, ^. \ 

Expstricr, ««. to i , 

S' — , vr. to <]ult oni'« countiy 

Ezpeetaut. mm. aa axpectant 

ExpecMtioD, «/. npcctati4w> 

kj(p«ctotiT«, •/. •zpcctBtion, hi 

TcrauA, Mnrivonhip 
Bxpectorant, e, a. cxpecloimtlva 
ExyBctoratioB, 4^. aspMhimtioit 

Expedient, « 


. ^,_, _ . i;f 

ition, rf. exslemtion, dryfiif up 
Eziudmtion, if. •sBodatloB, «xiidAtian 
Kxiuder, vm. to exud«, •weat cut 
Extant, «, «. cztaat, that is in b«lnf 
EztaMi, (/. |>te-<a-s«] «/. antaoy ; ra^ara ; 

S'Bxtaaier, wr. to ba in raptnrca ; to AtU 


Exp^diar, va. m despatch; wpadito, t 

■and ; w draw ap «r writ* oat 
£sp4did4 Ta, a. axpadltiona, quielc 
Expedition, ^. — tion ; dcspatah \ copf 
Exp^rieoea, if. — rienca; a xp a rim awt 
Experimental, «, a. cxpariwantal 
Ezp<riiBent<, a. a. triad ; ikilful 
ExT<T)mcBtar, vo. to axparianoa ; try 
Expert, e, a. expert, ikuful 
Expertt, «m. p/. a jury of artlaia 
Expertise, •f. a viait ; a raport 
Expiation, y: expiation, atoneownt 
EzpiatotTs, 3. a. expiatory, atoninf for 
Fzpier, va. to explan ; to atono 
Expiration, ^f. expiration ; and 
Expirer, dm. to expire ; dia; and 
ExpUtif, TO, a. ai^lativa 
Explicable, %. a. expUoahlo 
Ezplieatif, t«, m. aiplieativa 
Kzplieation, rf, — tioo, axplanation 
Explicite, a. «. explicit, plain, clear 
Expliciteneiit, ad. explicitly, clearly 
Expliqoar, vm. to explain ; axptfiiMl 
Exploit, em. exploit, deed : writ 

— d'aariptation, a aubpama 

— do eaisie, execution on ■ jndgnent 
Exploitoble, 2. «. thai may be diatnlnod 

fit to be wotlcod. failed, ate. 
Explollant, a. aorrlng wamnta 
Exploitation, «. /. ianaroelnx Otmd*^ ; fel- 

linf (aieoii*) ; worlciny (inlnet), eu. 
Exploiter, oo. to coltl-rata ; woric ; fell 
— , vn. to do ieau ; lanra wartanta 
Exploitcnr, «m. a euliiTator, wotlce* 
Exploratoar, «nt. — rator ; examiner 
Rxplorar, va. bm. to explore 
Ezploaion, »f. exploeion ; diiohaTge 
Exportation, af. — tion ( oarryinf out 
Exporter, va. to export 
Expoaant, 0, a. a petitioner ; exponent 
Exnoee, «m. aanaetlon of a patltkwi re- 
cital, inb]ect, allegatiun 
ExpoMr, t>«. to expoea ; act ferth 
Bxpodieitr, trice. Tender of bad money 

jutposiuDu, tf. esponaen , ex 

cital ; ejqjioeHra ; exhibition 
Exprie, aa, m. axpreea ; elcar ; manUSist 
— , ad. purposely ; on purpoea 
— , tm. an expresa, despatch 
Expressement, ad. expressly : plainly 
Expreuif, v«, a. — eive ; deela*alery 

Exprinaltle, 3. a. expianible 
Expriaser, va. to express ; sqaeeae out 
Expulaer, va. to expel ; turn oat 
Expulaif, TC, a. — aivs, 6Ayiati out 
EspalaUm, qf axpultloo ; eipelltng 

Extensible, 3. i 

Extension, »/. * . 

Extenuation, if. —tion ; fallinf away 
Bxtenuer, aa. axtennato ; maico loan 
Bxterieur, e, a. exterior, extemal 
— , «a«. the ontaiAe; semblance 
KxteriaDremont, ad. ontwanlly 

Exterminatanr, a. m ^tor ; daatrayar 

Exterailaatioo, «/. —tion t aatirpaOon 
Extermiaer, va. to extorminaM 
Externa, 3. a. extemal ; outward 
— , em. day-scholar 
Extinctiaa, •/. aztioctioa ; deatraetion 
Extirpateur, am. a destroyer 
Extirpation, of. — tioo ; rooting out 
Extirjier, va. w extirpate ; root out 

Extorsioo, *f. extortion; exaction 
ExtraotioD, ^. extiaetlon ; deeeent 
Extredition, ^. ju. oxtTadttion Ca vaalt 
Extradoa, C*it«-rr«-flatrleni. the outside of 
Extratre, va. to extract ; abridge 
Extrait, en. axtraet, abstract; elixir 

Exirajndiaiaro, 3. a. extrajudicial 
Exte^udidairement, ad. — dieially 

Extraneiser, va. ., 

E xu ao r dtna to a, 3. — dinary; aingvlar; 

Eztmpasee, e. 

Extraordinaireaacnt, ad. -^inaril^r 

beyond natural hmia 
J ad. extravagantly 
Extravagance, ^. extniTaganoe : foUy 
Extravaganr, e, a. a. — gant( silly 
Extraragsntca, gf. decrees of the popea 
Extraragttor, tw. to axtravai^e 
KxtrsTaaatioB, </. extmvaaatien 
S'ExtiaraaeT, tw. to axtranaaw Caivr 

Extreme, C trabmaj 3. a. extrame ; exces- 
— , na. exttamtty; contrary 
Extttaiement. ad- cxtN»ely 
Extrfaiite, e^. — ty ; strait ; mieery 
RxtrtnaA«iae,3. a. axtrinaie, axttinsioal 
Bxaberanee, e/. axaberanea 
Bxuleeratian, of. axnleetwtiou 
Exuleerar, tw. to cmloerMe, eonoda 
Exultotion, »/. — tioti ; great joy 
Exultar, va. m exult ; to leap for jay 


Fern. «< f, aixth letter of the alphabet 
f Va, m. fh or f immakat iw(c> 

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Fabcr, »u Fontimt, sm. % Joka-dary 
F«M«. ^. bUa, ttorr. fiMioa 
F«bUaa. «m. • tmU fn T«rM 
Fabricant, «». a laanufaoturar 
Fabrieauar, tm. eoinar ; forger 
Fabrication, tf. coining ; iiabrieating 
Fabrieian, «at. churchwarden Ctura 

Fabriqua, [. irtitl tf. fabric ; OMnufM- 
Fabriquer. va. to make ; to coin 
FabttlauMuent, ad. (abiiloualr 
Fabnleax, ac, a. Cabaloaa, fiendona 
Fabuliau. »m. writer of faUea 
Fa«ade, tf. front of a large buildinf 
Faoe, «^. face ; front ; appearanc* 
Fair* fiicc. va, to face ; to oppoM 
Fae^iie, s/. pleaaantry ; a Jeat 
Fac^tianaenient, ad. Cacetionaly 
Faejtiaux, ae, «. faeetioaa ; witty 
Faceue, V^ fooet 
Facettar. va. to cat into CMata 
Vtehi, a, a. angrjr. diipleaaed, aarrj 
FIcher. m. to vex ; to taaae ; griera 
lie — , er. to be angry 
Fieherie, «/. Taxation { grief ; anger 
Ffteheux, m, a. grievooa ; peeriah 
Facial, e, a. belonging to the face 
Facile, 3. «. focile ; eaajr ; eoodeaecading 
Faeilement, ad. eaailT, with aaee 
FacUit4. «/. faaiUlx ; reading*; ekiU 
FaciUter. va. to faeilitatc ; ezpedita 
Fa^on, C/a-aMj V'. manner ; feroa ; ce- 

— d'agir, de fait*, conduct ; behavioar 
Fa^ouner, va. to form ; to polish 
— , va. to be oerenumioua ar formal 
Fa^ouuier, e, a. «. eeremonioua 
Factaor. •«. a factor; poitman 
Factice, 3. a. foetitioua; coined 
Faeticttx, ae, a. «. factiou* ; ringleader 
Faction, »/. faction ; cabal ; datjr 
Pactiouuatre, cat. aendnel 
Faatorarla, if. foctor ; liody of foctoia 
Faatotom, aat. faetotom, a do-all 
Factum, aai. a enae ; a plea 
Factare, af. inroice ; bill of lading 
Facale, af apot on the ann'a •ntfoiea 
Faculty,*/, faculty; power; ability 
Fadaiae, a/, foolerj ; trifleo 
Fade, 3. a. insipid; aqneamithi aiUy 
Fadeur. */. inaipidity ; silUnaaa 
Fagot, tm. foggot ; bundle of wood 
Fagotage, MM. maldng of fagau 
Fagotar, va. to make inw laggota ; t 

draaa »r trim ridieuloaslr 
F<gotear, tm. a faggot-maker 
Fagotin, ani. Jack-pudding ; sorry Jattar 
Fa^uenaa, tm. strong rank amell 
FsTance, qf. Faience, ^. dclf-wara 
Falaneerie, tf asanufoctory of cUnn 
Falanciar, e, t. ehlna-man ar woman 
Faille, «/. a faaU, error ; fishing-net 
FailU, «M. a bMkrupt 
FaillihUits, •/. foilttiv i fallibaity 
FallUbU, «. bllibU; liable to error 
FailUr, vn. to fail , misuke ; to ain ; come 

abort; be near; ba ready 
FailUte, •/. bankruptcy 
Faim, I/rin] */. husMr ; dailr* 

Arotr Um, tb ba huDgry 

Palot, «ai. taekanapaa ; aart of lanlm 
— , e. a. odd ; comical i grotaama 
Palotamant, ad. ridiculoualy 
Palodor, m, a Ump-Ughier 
Falourde, a^. large faggot 
Falquaa, tm. pi. mm. waah-bouda 
Falsificatenr, tm. folaifiar; liar 
Falsification, tf. falalfieation ; fiaen, 
Falsiier, V. to falsify ; aduliMa^ 
Falun, «as. marl { brokan ahalla 
Fame, C/ft-aiO ^f. ttm» i repvta 

nown [badl ripMiwiwi 

Fam<, o. m. bien on mal famA. ofV««A ar 
" idUque. 3. a. foaali' 

r, a, a. Caasillar: free, ••» 
ra. am. p<.lamiUMa{ btdfifc 

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famnttMMat. ad. faviUBrlr 
PamilU,^. family ; kindnd ; nc* 
pBinuM, a/. Cuaiu* ; d««nk ; •cMvitf 
Pkiimd*, CM. haf •■uJd — * ^'' 

hay-aaktr'a aalary 
7anaiBon, [. iMi-sca] «/. atwinc aMaan 
I'anal, *m. ahip'a laatoni ; bMcoo ; Uckt- 

hoosa, watch-Ufht Cmal 

^anatuiua, £. . tmkt] 3. a. «. iuutlit t fana- 
?»natitiiM, *m. iBn«tioiim 

«r PER 

' Paaa<, ; a. U, tmtf 
PaacM. a, a. atnakT (aoU 0/ «*«i!b) 
Paaelaa«c, »m. faadat-work 
FaaciaaUon, «f. —tiai 
>. •/. &Mina. 1 

^anar, rni. to arither ; to maka hay 
i* —, vr. to wlthar ; to tela 
I'anaur, m, «. kajr-aaakar 
I'aafan, 'i. «. daar chiU | henay 
F'anfarc. »f. floarUh of aaartlal laaalo 
f anfaroB, na, •. «. braMing ; boaatar 
l^anfaronaaile, if. braMUig 
I'an/aTOBiiaria. if. habit of bra««ijig 
?a>ifrclucka, 4/. gawMw. b^wblo 
1, wmA, "- "'"^ 

i, dirt, «lth 
r, m«ddy s d 

? aoge, tf. mira, i . , 

'luiiceuz, aa, •. miry, maiddy ; dirty 

?anioa, «m. « baaoar 

?anon, «M. daw^Upt fatlock ; pandaat of 
• mttra ; masipla, iaaiMl ; baard 
, aat. BM. tha iMlanoa of tba miaaan 
pi. draaaiaga of a liroban lag 

'nntaatiqua, 3. a. faalMtla, fanciful 

^aatOmaa, p/. imam of Mnaibla thSup 

I'aon, C/!m] am. a uwa 

^aonnar, •■. to bring fortk a fawn 

Tmqtiln, am. a leomdiali a fop 

-, a, a, baaa, vila, maa* 

''iw)nia«ria, •/. maaaaaaa ; laftpary 

■'araJUon, am. a li|Ht-houa«i wateh- 

towar ; •■■all aand-baok 
'araia, aai. a eonl-nat 
'arata, am. a bcap of aavaral thia;^ 
'area, rf. atufling i a farea 
'areer, »a. to >at. play tha iMiffaon 
'arveur, am. a bnl»M ; farea«player 
'arein. *m. fany (dfMMt •/ Wwa) 
'areloaux, a*, o, that haa tha faroy 
'areir, va. to atttff, eraa 
'areiiacar, rai. a atatfar, paatrr-coob 
'areiaasra, a/, atoffing, crmania« 
'ard, Zfar] *m. paint ; dlaaimolatlon 
'ardaga, am. ma, dunnage Cwaigkt 

'ardcao, {/ar-do] «m. bardan. load, 
'arder, m. to paint ; trim; amboiliah 
'arfadat. am. hobgoblin { aUly follow 
'arfoniUar, m. to rommaga ; ivmpla 
'krguaa, tf. pi. waaK<hoarda 
'ariboiaa. idle diaoouna 
■arina, «/. mlal, flour i griat 

PoUa-farina. miU-duat 
'arinvttz, aa, a. maaly { wUu with maal 
'iriniar, am. maalman 
'ariniira. a^. meal or flour warahouae; 

millar'a wife 
'arlouao, I. let 
'aroueha, 3. a. wild 
■aaea. rf. U. i 

Paacinar, v 

Faalar, va. mm. % 

Paata, am. pH>«>try ; pomp ; pride 

Faatai, pi. ealaodar ; raeoTd 

PaatidieuieBMnt, aif. Udiaualy 

Paaddiaax, la, a. tiraaoaaa; tadinua 

Faatuauaemont, mi. oitaatatloaaly 

Pat, (/a] m. eoseomb, fop 

Patal, a, a. iatal ; unlueky ; Inavitabla 

Patalemant, «f . fatally ; anluekily 

Pat«lit<. «^. fiataUty; i 

Patidique, 3. «. prephado 
Patigaat, a, «. fatiguing ; tiratoma 
Patigua, ^. fatigue 1 waarinem 
Patigoer, va. to 4ra, Ckdgua; team 

Patuit<, ^. fiuuity. alUfaMaa. foppery 
Pan, am. tha baaeh-trao 
Paubart, am. mut. awab 
Paubarlor, va. mM. to iwab 
Panchaga, am. mowing graae 
Pauehaiaoa. »f. mowing-timo 
Paaehard, am. a am^ aieUo 
Paueho, ^. mowwg ; naping 
Paoehar, va. to mow ; cat d«w« 
— la grand pr<, to bo a gallay-alara 
Pauehat, «m. a hay-raka 
Panchcnr, am. a mowor; aort of api4«r 
Pauaille, ^. a aiokle 
Panoilloa. am. a little aitkU 
Paueoo, C/a-ivii] am. a ialeon. hawk 
Panoomiaau, am. falconet iaga») 
Paaoonnaric, tf. faloaary 

. tf. hawkiBg.bag 
Pander, va. to fold or mark a atnff 
Pandet. am. a alothiar'e fridng frame 
Paafiler, va. to baata, to aaw slightly 
Sa — , *r. to keep eompaay with 
Paaldoa, aharroal orra* 
Panne. Mnw] am. Pauntia; ourang-oataug 
Pau-perdriau, am. a marlln 
Pauaaaira, aai. a forger of wrttinp 
Panaae -eouehe, tf, miaaaiviage 

— eargue-boulinoe, ma. quarter alab liaaa 

— laaeoa, aur. woodan guna 

— monaoio, falaa eoin 

— Toile d'tftai, aM. aiddU aUy-eaU 
" maaamaat, aif . lalaoiy ; orKenaoaaly 

loaacr, a«. to break ; bend { opoil 
aa parole, to baoak one 'a word 

Faaaaet. tm. fauoat ; peg ; treble 

Pauaaettf, a 

Panto, tf. fault ; *. 

— da, for want of 
Pautenil, am. aa elbow-ehair 
Pantaar, trioa,/. a faTOurer, abetter 
Pautif, f, a. faulty ; " 

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Fm««, 3. a. taXXow, pal* ml 
FutTCtM, CM. tma-titt h«ii-linn*t 
Fwtx, C/»l </• KTtk* ; ■ ng-kuifa 
-,««. iklMbood; arrar 
— , fauiM, a. falM ( aoonterfeit 
— , ad. wrong ; £»!•• ; faUslj 

— -b»a, «M. MM. orlop-baam 

— boardoa, ehurch muiie 
brM, ma. praraotar bracaa 

— brlllant. tinaal 
aoU. BM. Hat 

-- -colUar, a*a. apriof-afcijr collar 
<tai, iM. anria«-«tty 

— -foe. •!«. mUdla jib 
frala, fl. idla eapanaea 

— -furant, a ahUti arasion 
gakarita, at*, slab tiaben 

— -haubai 

- -maatalcts, aui. port-lida 

— -aaouarauT, falaa ealaar 

— -pU. wfoa( fold 

— -pom. M*. orloji or spare daek 

— -aaborda, ata. falta porn 

— -aaanaga, amugnUng of aalt 
aauniar, naitfyler of salt 

— -aamblant, tm. daecltful appearaaca 
Faaxbonrg. C/b-toor] an. »uburb 
Favaar, •/. larour ; klndnass 
FaTorabla, 3. a. faTouiabl* ; kind 
FaTorablamenk, »d. fovourablf ; kindly 
FaTorila, t/. fovouclu ; ntlnion 
Favoriser, va. to favour ; patroolsa 
FaaM, OM. feoiTiBant ; ftwbold 

FM (F<aas, pi.) a. m. truttr ; a rasta: 

F<aut<. V-fo^tr 

Ftbridtant, a. a. forarish 

F^brlfuae, «ai. fcbrUaaa 

F<brila, 3. a. mi. fabnla 

Fieala imittiira), kumau azerenant 

Ffccr, *w. to laava a aedinsent 

F<eos, »/. pi. faoaa, drags, leas 

Ftfeond, a, «. facund. fruitful, praUEe 

Faeoadatiaa, »f. fooiiBdation 

F<condar, va. to naka fhiitfal 

Ffeonditi, af. focuaditjr ; eopioin 

Fiottla, •/. has, aadiaaant, dra«[s 

Ffettlanea, $/. — lanof, aadia 

F4culaat, a, a. foeuloat, foul 

Fod<rsl, e, «. fiMleiml 

FMArallaar, va. to fsdaraia 

FM^raliama, tat. fodoraliaaa 

FM<raUaU. aat. fedaraUst 

FMAradf, va, a. fadaraUra 

FM<raiioD. (/. fadaratlon 

¥HtTi. 0. a. fadararjr, fodaratad 

F<«, C/sO V- » ^T : M anehai 

F^r, va. to anehant, bawltck, ebarm 

F<*rU, ^f. tba falrj art, aaeliantmaot 

Falndra, va. to falga ; dlssaabla 

—, v*. to aerupla ; to limp ; to go lama 

Feint, t/aim-Ut a. a. dlsaaoibUug. foignad 

Fainu, «/. feint, prstanea 

FMa, ^. glaas-mabar's pip* 

FAlar, va. to erack, to craaa, to split 

FMieitatloa, */. — «»on, conaratulaiiaii 

F<licii4, •/. folleitjr. bliss, happii 

FMMier, va. to eongratulau 

F<loo, no, a. folenious ; guilt 

Fflaaia, •/. ftUar i nbalUoa 

FMura. •/. a crMk. ehiak 
F«nMlota, aii. p/. ata. googiaga 
FaanUa. •/. famala; (orm.) ban 
F^minin, a, a. foaiaia* : woinaatali 
Ftettnisar, v«. to laaka faminlao 
Feama. [/aat-aa] ^f. a wonsaa ; wife 

— da eharga, housabeaper 
Famasletto, */. a silljr wotaan 
Fomcr, tm. fomur, tba tbigh-bon« 
Fanaison, C. . a«s] if. bajr-harveat 
Fendaiit, «ai. a cutting blo«r 

Faita la faadaat. to bnllr. to hactor 
Fandciia, «/. alittlngi a sUtUag-miU 
Fandaur, cm. a eleavar ; a alittar 

— da naaaaoz, a bullv, heetoriac Uade 
Fandoira, «a. a elaavtag tool | 
Faadra. va. to ela«Ta ; sfdit ; crack ; np 

PenAtrafs, la. wiiidoars ; light-koUa 

Faa^tra, a/, a window 

Fanil. C. Ntf] aa. a hajr-lofk 

Fanooil, tm. faoaal, fcaaal-aaad 

Penottillatto. »/. fonnal watar. fainel anpk 

Faate. «/. a cbft s cMak , erariea ' "^ 

Faatoir, ea. a sort of daa*ing-kidf 

Fanugrac, «a. b*. frau-graak 

Fiodal, a. «. feudal, faodal 

F<odaUt4. a/, feudaliir 

Far, C/ara] tm. iron ; a sworA 

— A frisar, aurliag-iroa 

— blaac, tin 

— da ohcral, horaa-shoa 

— da laeet, tag of a lac* 

— dune eanae, farrula of a «aac 
Pan, «a. pi. chains ; fettara ; alavc 
Farblantier, «a. a tiamaa 

F<iie, «/. Csria, working day 
Perlage, tm. ma. furling 
Farlar, va. ata. ta furl 
FanaaM, tm. raat of a form ; Ur» 
Fanull, aa. a elaap 
FaraalU<, tm. iron tiellis 
FaiaM, ^. a Catm ; raat of a Cama 
BaU k forme, aa 

Faratar, t>a. to abut : U 
~ k clef, to lock 
— an Tcrrou, to bolt 
Sa Farmer, vr. to skat« eloaa up 
Pecmets, tf. 6rmiMW ; eontage 
Fermetura, t/. abuttera ; fostoniitf 
Fermier, e, a, a farmer : farmer's wife 
Fermolr, tm. a daap of a book ; ehiael 
F<roee, 3. a. f*rot?iatts ; fleree, aavaga 
FAroeiU, »f. feroeitr; aaTagenem 
FerraUlc. */. old Ir^ 
Ferrailler, va. to fence ; to tilt 
FerraiUaur, aa. a dealer in old Iran : 
tilwr ; a flgkUag follow ; a b..Uy 


«r. fermadina (a M<i^) 
rfehal), am. bnfer 

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•rrcmant, Im. an iron initrnmrat 
•rT«r, va. to bind with iron- work 

- U mule, to ebant om 

- on ehcval, to ihoo a bono 

- una eai>iM> to tip • crim 

- un laeet, to tag a laco 

Emu Frni; chalybeat* wat«r 
erret, l/i-riki «m. a tag; a pia'a point 
erratier, tm. farrier't hamnwir 
erraur, tm. a taygw of lacaa 
erriirt, »/, farrie?* pouok 

'•rroDiiaria, rf. iron warcbeiiM 
crroiiaier, t, «. iroanonicar, brasicr 
errngiuoux, ta, a. femicinon* 
errurc, t/. iron- work; hofso-ihecliig 
ertila, 3. a. farUla ; fruitful 
Vrtilenent, od. fcrtilaly. fruitfully 
'crtiliMtion, ^. tha act of fartlUiing 
artiliaer, v». to fertilixa 
'artiliti, ^f. fartUiiy ; fruilfulneai 
'£ru, a, a. imitien with ( diiplaaaad 
'4rulc, ^. ferula ; hand-elappar 
'erreminent, ad. farranily, ardeutly 
'errant, c, a. ferrent ; full of ccal 
'erraur, ^. farrour ; la^ ; devotion 
'ease, ^. buttock, breach 

- cahicr, *m. a hacknay-writct 

- inatbian, «w. itingy fellow 
'aat<e, ^f, whipping, flogKiug 
'esser, va. to floe ; to whip 
'eaaeur, aa, «. a flog^ar, whipper 
Vaeier, •«. tba buttooka, the breech 
Vaan, e, «. that baa large buttock* 
'eatin, ««. afaaat; banquet 
'etiiner, «. to feaat aumptuomly 
'ctton. aai. faatoou, wreath ; acallop 

r, tM. to festoon ; scallop 


Dicu, Corpoa Cbristi-day 
'9tf rlu palals, vacation tliae 
'?ter, pa. to keep holiday ; wrleome 
'^tirhe. */. an African Mol 
•H\dm. 3. «. fetid ; atiakiag. rank 
etojrer, va. to feaat, to entertain 
'jtii, aai. straw, note, ruak. fig 
'VtuB, tm. tti. fatus; embryo 
'en, -t/Wa] «m. fire; beacon; family ] 

- d*artific«, fira-work 

- de joic, boufire 

- de paille, a auddan blaae 

- du rial, thunder and lightalnf 

- foUet, ignis faiuus 

- gr^geoia, Grecian fire 

- -aaint-Elme, ignis (atuue 

'audataire, em. faudatonr, tenant 
•'cuditte, tm. Teraed in feudal mattna 
■euillage, «a*. leaves, foliage 
'Viiillans, tm. at. Bemardine friars 
'euillanline, V- *">'> of puffed pastry 
'ruillantines, pi. Bamardiiia nuns 
'euiUe, »r- l««f: bladai sbeet of paper 
foil ; mbiato; bill; foliage 

- d'os, aa eafoliatlon of a Itmw 

- norto, a. daad leaf ooloured 

- Tvlaote, lo0M sheet of paper 

FeoilMe, tf. a bowtr ; shady place 
PeuiUer, vn. to draw the lefcvea 
Penillei. «m. leaf of a book 
Feuilletogc. tm. puff-paato 
Pevilletor, *•■ to turn over a booh 

— la p&ta, to make puff paaM 
FaoUlette, */. haU-boa[shead 
Fauillu, e, a. full of leaves, leafy 
Fenillure, «/. the groove of doors, etc. 
Feurre, cat. straw ; chaff 
Fentrafe, «as. felting ; stuffing with felt 
Psutre, eat. a felt : a aonrvy hat 
Pautrer, tM. to felt; to stuff with frit 
Feutriire, •/. a folt-doth 

Five, C/a<v«] «/. a beau 

— de eiU, coffee-berry 

— de haricot, French bean 

— de marais, a garden bean 
FAverole, tf. dried bean ; horse- .xan 
FAvrier, tm. February 

Fian^ailles, •/. pt. a bctrothlne 

FiaiiCM. e, t. bndegroom ; bride 

Fianear, ta. to betroth ; to affiance 

Fibre, tf. fibre; filament or stiiii« 

Flbrenx, *e, a. fibrous, having Kbtes 

Ftbrille, tf. a very slender fibre 

Fie, am. mi. fig; tumour: ezerescence 

Piceler, m. to tie ; to bind with thread 

Ficelle, tf. packthread, string 

Ficallier, em. a packthread -reel 

Piche, i/tttitl tf. hinge ; hook ; fish M 

eartU) ; (■•«.) rag-bolt 
Fieher, va. to atiek in ; to drive in 
Fieberon, em. an iron pin 
Piebet, «m. ivorj peg uaad at triek'traa 
FIcheur, tm. bricklayer 
Kiehn, am. a woaaan'a neckerchief 
— , e, a. pitiful ; silly ; sorry 
Fietif, ve, a. flciitiouB ; counterfeit 
Fletion, if. fiction ; lie, falsehood 
FiiKieommis, tm. feoffment of trust 
Pidiicommiaaaire, trustee ; fiduciary 
Fidile, 3. a. t. faithful ; loyal ; helievwr 
FidMement, ad. faithfully ; truly 
Fi4<lit«, t/. fidelity ; fallhfulncaa 
Fiduciaro, tM. fiduciary, a trustee 
Fief, C/«-<^t] am. fief; tenure; fee; 

Fief dominant, a fief held in chief 
Plaff<, e, a. arrant ; mere ; very 
Fieffcr, va. to enfooff, give in fief 
Fiel, r/e-«/] fm. gall ; hatred ; maica 

Piente, tf. dung; excrement; muck 
Fienter, vn. to dung; to mute 
Pier, e, a. proud, haughty ; noble 
— , f>a. to entrust, w trust one 
Se — . vr. to rely on ; trust to 
Fler-a-bras, tm. a hector ; Itully 
Fiirement, ad. haughtily, arrogautly 
Fiert<, tf. pride ; haughtiness 
Flerte, tf. shrine for relica 
Fiivre, tf. a fever ; an anue 

— atdeute, calenture, burning fevtt 

— chaude, a violent fever 
intermitting feva* 

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FikvN prarprfa, •potttd term 

— qumrt*, * qiutrtaa mfuc 

— MarlaUiM, scarlet ferer 

— ti«re«, atertian agua 
Fiinaux, •«, a. farerith : affiihh 
rUrrot*. a/. Uld« or •light faTar 

Fifn,«n. fife; fifar , 

Ftgemant, am. congealing ; eoagirtal 
Figer, pa. to congeal ; eoagnlata 

Sa — , vr. to thicken, conceal ■ 

Ftgve. 1/M'g9l if.mtif, fig-shell ; i 
Figneria, rf. orchard of fig-traes 
Figoiar, m. a fig-tree, fig 
Figurant, c, «. —rant, dancer in a 1 

Figuratif, tc, a. figurative : tjrpical ik 

FiguraliTcment, ad. figurattvcljr 
Figure, «/. face ; figure ; form, shaj 
Figur<, a, a. fiaared ; figuratlre 
Fignrfinent, oa. nctaphoiicalljr 
Fignrer, va. to figure ; represent 
— , PH. to match ; to cut a figure 
Se — , vr. to imaoine, fancy 
Figurines, */. pi, little figures in 

FII, l/etti CM. thread ; wire ; edge ; 

— de carrct, ma. rope-yaru „ 

— d'ar, gold wire 

— retora, twine 

PiladUre, •/. small flat-bottomed h r 

Fllaga, •at. spinning H 

Filament, an. filament, thread 
Filamenteux, a. bt. filaceous 
Filandiire, rf. a Sfinner, spinster 
Filandrce, a/, pi. s«a-wecda on a 

bottom ; metaa ; filanteia 
Filandreuz, se, « ■tringf. filscraut 

Filardaau. m. sapling I 

Filareu, m. pi. ma. rails ' 

Filasse, a/, flax ready to be spun • 

Filassier, tm. fiax er hemp-dresser 
Filairiccs, «/. pi. silk-winders 
Filature, </ spinning ; silk or cottoi | 

manufactory ^ 

File, ^. file ; row i rank '7 

A la file, ad. in a row 
Filer, i>a. to spin ; wire-draw 
— , va. te rope; file off; purr 

-don.,' — ^ j^ 

Filer 1. 1 the loc *** 

Filerie, , aing flue. 

Files de mn ranitrt 

Filet, rm lament ; fi ,„ I. 

Fileu de nettings *^ 

Filenr, spinstVi; 

drawci maker 

Filial, e, „, 

Filialem. ,„, fill;.lly ' 

FiliaUon .cent ' - . 

FiUire. I iron MP* 

FiUgiaiM filigree 

nUe, C/< Jd ; daitzf 

FllletM. »r girl 

FiUual, I L-daughtar 

Filoehe, ; web, texl 

Filon, ai i«) 


Filotier, e, a. dealer in thread 
Klou C./iw-lse] am. sharper; pickpoc 
*"— ' to pilfer I eheM 


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fl«un ( (HMO pendant, nnwa 
'lunmieha. «/. • tpark of fir* 

''Innc, [//««] «ai. flank ; •m 
'lanchct. «m. pwt of a sirMn of bMf 
'laueminada, «<. — nadt, a tbrutt 
'landrin, tm. long-baebcd ftUow 
'UiinalU, a/, flaaoal 
'lanqoer, va. to flank ; to fir* 
Haque. •/. plaah ; pood ; awaaap 
'Urjuoa, tf. m daah of watar 
''Uquer, ra. to daah ; t« alniea 
^aiqua, 2. a. faint { waak, flabby ; 1 
-. am. ma. wKalp, ebcek 
-, '/. flaak, a powd«r-b«m 
''lanr. f>a. to flatian, to aMka flat 
Matoir, VM. flatilag-baaraMr 
''Utrer, ni. to barn m the limbaad 

•«•«•«•, vw «w warn >m vnw ivi 

'lattar, ra. ta flatter; picaa* 
'e — , vr. to flatter one'a ael( 

'• «, i/. flaMarr ; &kwnlnf 

r, a*, a. M. flikltariaff ; llati 
waiant. arf. flattarinfly 
(, M, a. flatalaat, windr 


Matoorit<, ff 
•Wau. C/Ioj 


■^Idebe, ^f. arrow; fltek ; apba | bcwB 
•'Wehlr, wa - '—- ' - -*— 

I. plapia'i fiaU j 

lichlMabla, 2. a. that oiajr ba bant 
Mlcklaaemant, «m. bradinc 
'UehlMour. eai. bander, flasor 
'Uitmatiqna, 3. a. pblagmatie ( d«U 
'l<ri(ma, aai. pklecia; patience, teaip* 
■'Ufmon, eat. phfegoMn, a awalllaf 
^^trir, M. 8a -., vr. to faia; braad 
i'KtriMure, ^f. fading awajr, witbaring; 

blemiah ; brand ; diacraet 
Mette, «A flai-bMUnmed boat ; a wbarr/ 
'leur, «/. a flower; bloaaoaa 
'leuT de ierine, flaa floor 
- de la paasioB, paaaioB-flowar 

A floor, md. eren with, clooa to 
•"leuraiaou, «/, tdo*e«nin« Maaon 
•"leardellier, »a. to ect thick with flaora 

de-llt ; to brand C«rod, flowery 

near<, Flaoiat^, Flaanm<, e, a. " ' 
'Icurer, vm. to aoiell ; to ezhala 
'IriiTCt, «m. Crrreti CeneingMl 
'leuretia, «ai. fanciful Tocalae^ampaalmeat 
^leurette, tf. a little flower ; flattariet 

amoroos uaeooraea i email talk 
'leuri. e. a. hloeaomed ; roddjr ; florid 
'leurir, vn. la bloaaoa ; to flooriah 
irieuiiete, 3. a. of ar relattng t» flower* 
-, em. a florlat 

'leuron, tm. flower-work ; |em ; border 
'leura, e/.pl. aia. ruo) * — v„j- 


Vloraox (jeu), gaaw* of Horn , floral 
Florentine, */. a eort of aatin ; a tulip 
Florin, *a*. a florin ; a foreign coin 
Kloiiaaant, e, a. floarishlng 
Plot. (/To] *m. a ware; tide ; a vmltitode 
Plottage, aei. the floating down a rlrer 
Flottaiaon, t/. ma. water-line 
Flottant, e. a. floating ; waToriag 
Klotte, qf. a fleet 
Flatter, wm. to float ; fluetuato 
FlotiUe, ^. flotiUa. amall fleet 
Plottieta, MM. dealer in float-wood 
Floo, l/ta-l ad. aoft; lofttj ; light andiofk 
Plonettc, •/. a raoe, a weathorcoek 
Ploast, (papier), blotting-paper 
Pluetuationi */. — tion ; irraaolatioii 
Pluetoeua, ae, a. Baetuant 
Finer, vn. to flow; to r 

Fluidity, «/. fluidity ; -rolDbilitr 
fiate, sf. a flute ; pink, ttorc-ahip 

— traTersiire, a Germiui flute 
V\A\t, c, a. toft, aweet. kaTanonioaa 
FlOier, va. to play tke flute ; to tope 
FUteur, eai. bad player on the flui* 
FluTiatile. 3. a af freab water leanU) 
Flux, (//««] tm. tide; flax; fluih (at 

— de booehe, talivation, flow of worda 

— de aang, bloody flux 

— d'urine, diabetea 

'leslbU, 3. «.flaiibf8; pliahle Cing 

'le«ioo, l/(«ft^a»f-a«/) ^/. flasie ' - "" 

'hbot. sm. Bia. fly-beat 

'lilmntier, eat abnecana , 

■'lir-flae, td. tbwiek-thwaek 

'locoo, C. tvn *». flaka, flotk, tuft, lack 

Fluxion, j/. dcfluxion. cold 

— anx yeox, hiunooTa in the eye* 
FJux{oonalre,3. a. eutreet to fluxiona 
Foe, tm. wu. Jib 

Fncua, «■!. focae ; eentr* 

Foine, •/. ma. fleh-fig 

Foi, [formal tf. faith i proof, teetimony 

Foible or Palhjfa, 3. a. CmUo: weak 

-, ««. foible ; weak aide; defcct Cfaintly 

Foiblement or Faiblement, ad. weakly; 

Foibleaae or Faibleaae. ^. weakneaas awoou 

— de eoarace, faiat-heartedneea Cway 
FoibUrer FUblir, va. to alacken ; to give 
I'uie. «M. the liTcr 

Fuln, im. bay, dried graat ; fodder 
~ d'arriire-aaiaon. after-math 
-> d'un artichaut, the choke thereof 
Poia I ^mt. woe to I fie open I alaa ! 

Fuira, «^. fair, fairing : 
F<iia, tf. time ; boot 

, Q^ao-»a-io*] ^. pleaty, 

A Foiaon, ad. abundantly 

'oiaonner, pit. to abound ; increaaa 
Folfttra, 3. a. •• playful ; a r^p 
PuUtrement, ad. wanioaly, playfallr 
Folfttrar, vn. to play; to toy ; to dally 
FoUtrerie, «/. toying; wanton trick 
FoUehon, nc, a. a. aportiTe ; a wag 
Folia, tf. folly; madneta ; marry thing 
Foliforme, 3. a. ibaped like a leaf 
Folio, tm. Ibllo ; a ^lio book 
Foliole, «M. amaU leaf 
Folle. a. t. Vid. Foa 
Follemcnt, ad. madly ; feeUably 
Follet. l«, a. feoliah, wanton 

Kaprit Callet, hobgoblin 

PabfeUat. iMrnybanrd 

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PoUiealain, 3. •. CdIUcuIu 

— , »m. raviewer; wrlMr of aafuiBM 

FoUiculc. «iii. blMldcr of th« pll 

VoBfaaiei. 4/. pi. Ud-bMitl«or ■aeMng 
Fonej, •, a. deep ; rcned ; moBtjred 
Voneee, */. holt; eavitjr 
Foneer, ra. to bottom • cask 

Fonetion, (/. function , 
FoBCtionnkiN, «■§. fuoetionarf, ofleor 
Fond, (/m] •■•. bottom; doptb; na 

— ?• Ml*. M. hoU of • (hip 
Fondamaotal, *, «. faudanMntal 
FoBdamaatalamcot, ad. fiindnmantallr 
Fondant, •, a. $m. malting ; a diaMlvmi 
Fondattur, trie*, «. feunder, fovudi 

Fonder, va, to found, ground ; to laj the 

foundation : to andioir 
So — , «r. to b« grounded ; relr vpoa 

Fowieiio, a/, a ' -" ■— 

Fondour. *m, t 

Foadoir, *m. nielting-houM 

Fondre, •«. to melt ; diaaolTe ; to cam 

— , nt. to diaeolT* ; to link ; to fall away : 

to nuh upon, to pounae on 
Fendri^, */. a quagmira ; bag 
Foodrillaa, */. pi. arounds, leal 
Fands. [/oa] eat. land. mU; fuada; stock 
— d'amortiiaament, ainkini{ fund 
Fanger. v». to tiuk ; to blat 
Foogibie, *i. a. eonaumabla 
Foogueux, aa, m. fungous, apongy 
Foaiina, «m. apongy eseraseaaca 
Fontaine, ra». a fountain ; apriag 

Fontaine, «/. top-knot of a head-di 

Fonte, </". melting ; cast ; braaa guns 
Fontanier. *■" ■ 1— »» — i — 

bailiff o 


Font, $m. a gimlet ; a pi*rc«r 
Forfairc, ma. to traapaaa ; iocCait 
ForCut, wm. a crime ; mladoin^ 
Forfeitura, ^. fbrfeitnia, fin* 
Porfanlerla, a^. roauuwiug, hnatii^ 
Forge, af. a wrga 

r^^Mt'. 9 

•r; mvaut 

Forget, (for-j&j am. «rdi. jattias «<■* 
Forgaur, aar. fargar ; hammarar 
Porbuir, «H to laeal tba doM 
Porlaocer, aa. eim. to atart, dJalodge 
Porllgnar, vm. to deganorate 
Se Porlongar, «r. to run a laagtk 
Sa Formaliaer, or. to tal " 

Pormaliele. 3. a^». f«i«a_ . 

Pormali(<, a/. CaraMlit/; foam 

Poimal, fat. aiaa of a book 
Formatlaa, aA Canawtlan. fennii^ 

onae, ^. iorm ; manoar ; !«■«, bloA, 

farmaitr ; ataU in a ohoir 

— (poor daa baa), a log 

— do ehapaaa, crowa of a kat 
Pormol. k a. formal; predaa ; anlich 
Fomallemcnt, md. formally ; oxpHeiUr 

Mr, «Mi. to fona ; firaaao ; fiMbiaa; a 

inform! inatract; bring ap 
Sa — , vr. to b* mad* or ficamd { to ki 

brad ; to ariae : to improva 
FonaidaUe, 3. a. fonaidabi* ; 

ting ; cast ; Draaa gun 
. a eoaduit-makar ; i 

Foata, am. pi, the font ; baptialarj 
For, sm. j». Jariedietion, eourt 
Forage, aat. dutjr on wine 
Foram, a, «. traTalUng ; foraim 
Forana, aii. pi. at*, balke, yurer* 

Forban,am - -' *■*— 

Format, am. 
Force, a/, atrength; t 
— , a/, many; ^entr; t 
Foretmant, ad. forcibly ; by conatniiit 
Foreeue, e. a. a. mad, furioui 
Forcop*. aai. pi. aurgcon'i pinear* 
Forcer, va. to forao ; to break opea 
8a — , »r. lo strain ; to atraia one'a aalf 
Foccca, tf. pi. forces ; troops ; sbaars 
Foreattaa, a/, pi. small akeara 
Forelore, mi. to fdrecloae, preolud* 
Fcrelasioa, ^f. fofoclaaiag, debarring 
Fotcr, aa. to Iwra ; to drill ; to pien* 

F•rl^ [ft-rt^] if. aVmat 

■at aa ninnili 

Partaiaaaa. a/ a fornix ' "***' '^ 
Fortiflaai, a, a. atraagtbonlw 
Fortifiealanr, aas. alraagthaaar 
Fortification, a/. — ttaa; fortifyl^ 
Portiflar, aa. tb iMiIfy ; to atiiBgil— 
Sa — , er. to gather atraagtk 

ndra, vs. to eonTey awajr 
Fortraituta, »/. mam. feaadarh 
Fortttit, a, a. fertaitons ; «aaaa 
Fortaitamanu aif . fattoltoaalv 

anal, am. gaot of w(nd ; hi 

una, */. fcrtnna ; lack ; eb 

— da mar, aoeldent eauaad by _ . 

FartunA, a, a. fortnaaUi baapj 

~ ««ta. am. paltry CalWwUay 


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'mm, V' !<*▼•; pi*: ^^* 

- de I'MtomM, pit of iht ■tomaeh 
■on<, tm. ditck ; mo»t ; loug treaeh 
'oktetM, sf. diinpla ; chuck- bol« 
'omHc, i. «. «■". foi"l ^. ^ 

^oitofcr, vs. to enclose with ditchcc 
I'easoyeuT, «m. gnve-diggcr ; ditcher 
'an, \Jou\ am. • fool ; Wihop (rt c*««*) 
^ou, fol, lo, «. mkd ; foolieh ; very fond 
'oaaec, ^f. bun, a sort of cake 
'oneler, «m. bun-maker 
'ooaoei 9». hearth-money 
'ooille, ^. reward of the houndi 
'oaailler, v«. to flog ; to laeh 
•'oudie, if. thunder-bolt ; thunder 
-, am. a large tnn or vetsel 
•'oudroieoaent, am. the etriking with a 

thunder- bolt 
^oudroyant, •> «• thundering, dreadful 
'ottdroranu, a/, equlb ; rocket 
'oodroyer, va. to thunder ; itrike { bat- 
ter ; orerthrow ; declaim agaiuat 

?ouia', af. Cowlfaig by candle-light 
fouet, I/»c.»3 tm. whip; whip-cord 

Fontxti, ; m. whint ; blaeted 
Pouetur. i^o. to whip ; laah ; out 

Fo'oettear, 'e«, ». a flagnr. whipper 

Pongade, «/. mil. fougade, imall mine 

Fouger, vn. eh. to root; to dig 

Pougeraie,*^. ferny ground 

Pougiro, ^f. filix, fern 

PottgOB, tm. a cook-room in a Uiip 

Fougue. */. heat, Impetuoalty ; (a»aO the 

miscen top-maat 
FooRueux. s«, a. fiery ; hot. unruly 
FouiUe, */. trenching ; raking up 
— -au-pot, eai. a aculllon 
Pouiller, va. to dig up ; to trench : to 

rmke up ; rummage ; learch 
Fouine, if. a pol*-CBt : sort of weaaal 
Foulr la terre, va. to dig the ground 
Foolage, «a». the act of pressing 
Fonlant, e, a. prcsiing. forcing [ing 

Foulo, ifoota] af. crowd ; oppression, fnll- 
Fouler, va. to tread onon ; trample on ; 

Tress ; bruise, sprain 
drap, to full cloth 
Foulerie, af. hatter's or falUr's work. 

house ; wMO-press 
Fouleur, am. a grape-treader ; fuller 
Fouloir, af. a hatter's work-board ; wiae- 

pr«se trough ; fuIUng-tub 
Poulon, am. a fuller 
Foulqoe, tf. coot, moorhta 

Fooluro, •/. sprain ; strain ; ftiUing 
Fonpir, va. to rumple, crumple 
Four, (/ber] am. oren ; kiln i bakeh«uie 
Fonrbe, •/. cheat, impostor 

, 3. a. cheating ; deceitful 

FoTirbcr, va. to cheat ; to trick 
Fourberie, af. cheat, imposture, deceit 
Foorbir, va. to furbish, scour, clean 
Fourbisseur, am. a sword-cntlcr 
FonrUaanrc, rf, furbishing 
Fonrbu, e, a. m. foundered 


Fouiburo, ^. man. foundering 
Foureat, am. ma. crotchet 
Fourehe, •/. a fork, a pitchfork 
Kourches patibulalres. gibbet, gallows 
Fourcher, vn. to grow forked 
Fouicheret, ««i. a small goshawk 
Fourchette, «/• * iovV, lahlo fork 
Fourchon, em. fork with three prongs; 

prong of a fork 
Fourchu, e, a. forked ; cloven ; cios* 
Pourchurc, ^T 
Fourgon, am, 

to fumble about ; to rummage 
Fourmi, [/oor-mfl */. formica, ant; pis- 
Fourmilier, am. ant-eater 
Fourmillire, af, ant's nest: thnmg 
Fouimillant (pouls), a. very feeble, slow 
Fourmillement, em. pricking. i«ching 
Founniller, vn. to swarm ; t« lie full of j 

to feel a twitching or sdnging 
Foumage. tm. fee for baking bread 
Fournaise, [. i.o/»0 •/• • furnace, kUn 
Foumaliste, am. a fumace-niaVer 
Fourneau, am. stove ; kiln ; small mine 
Foum^, •/. hatch, an oven full 
Foumi. r, m. furnished, supplied ; thick 
Founiier, am. an oven tender 
Pournil, [. nefl em. a bakeliousa 
Fonrnimeut, tm. powder-flask 
Fournir, va. to furnish, to supply 
— , tfi». to eerve the turn ; lo sulfice 
Foumisscment, tm. the stock whidi every 

partner brings in partnership 
Fuuruisseur, am. contractor, provider 

Fourniture, •/. furnishing ; nrovlsion ; re- 
mittance ; trimming ; small oalad 

Fnurrage, em. fodder; forage 

Fourtager, v. to forage j ravage 

Fourrageur, am. forager ; plunderer 

Fourri. e, a. thrust in ; furred 

Fourreau, «in. a case; scabbard 

— de robe, a frock 

Pourrelier. «m. sheath-maker 

Fourrcr, va. to thrust in ; to hide in ; to 
stuff with ; to lino with fur • (»«.) lo 
serve the cables, etc. 

Se — , vr. to creep in ; to intrude one's 
self; to clothe one's self warmly 
Coups fourr<s, interchsaged blowa 

Fourrcur, «a*. furrier; skinner 

Fourrier, em. first corporal \ billet-master 

Founiire, tf. a wood-yard ; pound 

Fourrure, •/. a fur: fur lining; (Mfl.) Mr- 
vice; heckling; tnrring 

Fourvoyement, am. wandering; error 

Fonrvoyer, va. to mislead 

Se — , vr. to go astray ; to err 

Fouteau. Q^oo-«] am. abeceh-tre« 

Foutelaic, •/. beech-tree plantation 

Foyer, em. heaith; heat; tiring-room, 
green-room ; focus ; light-house 

Fracas, l/Vn-i«] am. crash ; datier j noKa 

Fracasser, va. to break in pieces 

Fraction, af. fraction ; breaking 

Fraetionnalre, 5. a. fractional 

Fracture, •/. fracture, rupture 

Fractal^, c. a. broken ; aplU 

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FngUc, 3. •. fndl ; <h«nt ; britde 
FngiUU. ^f. — Utv ; frailty ; britUeiMM 
FrmciBMitt m. a fnipiieot ; m wrap 
Fraf. «M. apawn, fry ; wearing «ut 
Fratchement, ad. oooUjr ; iitwljr ; freaMy 
Fratchaur, tf, oooloeaa ; frcaliuaaa ; (a(«.} 

light ain of wind, ateadjr braaaa 
Fratehir, vh. aM. to frcahan 

l«a droitt, to ananU 
Fraadaar, *m. dafrauder, ebaat 
FTandulottMmnit, ad. fraadalandjr 
PraadaUoz, a«, a. fraudulent ; vn/ltj 

- - - _,^^ ^Mt. AttMT 

irte, *f. a marry-inaking or boot 
Frail, FraSohe, a. cool; freah ; new, 

aewly; raeent; ruddy ; yigorona 
— , ««. cool ; eoolacaa ; freah air ; (Ka.) 

brecH, gala 
— • p/. chargei, czpraaaa : coat 
— , ad. freih ; nawW ; coolly [drill 

Fraiae, [/rata«] ^. a atrawbairy ; ruff. 
— da Toau, calf 'a pluck 
Fraiicnani, «»i. arch, pilaa, ttarlinga 
Fraiscr, va. to plait; inaad ; drill 
Fralactte, ^f. email ruff; crimpled cloth 
Fraiiier, nt. atrawborry plant 
Fraiiil, [. 8«i] aai. eindcra; eoal-daat 
Fraiaoir, gm. gimlet; braea, wimble 
Framboiae. tf.x 

leer, va. to give a taat 
by maaaa of lujuic* 
laier, aai. raapbarry bni 

. , •/. . 

Frayer, ». to open ; ^ ._w » w n 

agaiuat ; grsae ; apawn ; awraa 
Frayeur, »/. flight ; dread ; ia*r 
Fredeina, «/. a prauli; fndle 
FredoB, «a». trilliBg ; quTnrin^ ; glc« 
Fredanner, va. to trill ; quaT«r 
Fredounamcnt, am. triUiag, qaaT«riag 
Frtgatt. If. a frigate (btta: 

Fre», iyy«m] tm. Ut ; Mdl« ; euli. r 
Frelampier, ««. a inei« acrmb 
FrelftMr, va. to adulterate 
Frclaterie, rf. adulterated ll(M«n. etc. 
FrCle, 3. a. frail ; w«di ; btlttU 
Fiulon, «« a kornet ; drono 
Prolnebo, tf. a tuft ; a bunch 
Frela4)nct, eai. prig : ooxeomb 
Fnimir, wu. to ehudder ; to tUMlile ; 

Fiamlxtii . w—j 

Franc, im. Franck coin of^ twenty aoua 
— , Franchc, a. frea ; frank; ainecrei 

open ; true ; very, mere, arrant 
— , ad. plainly ; freely ; aincerely 
aleu, a freehold ; allodial lauda 

— bord, aii. planka of a ahip'a bultoaa 
maeon, mm. fracmaaon 

— -aalo, «M. allowance of aalt 

— -tenandcr, aat. a freeholder 

— -tillac, fat. aM. lowermoet daek 
Franckement, ad. plainly ; freely 
Franehir, va. to leap over ; orereomc 
FrancbiH, [• «Am(3 tf. tiucerity ; can- 
dour; franchiac; pririlcge; friodoan 

Fiauciacalo, «m. Franciacaa friar 
Franciaer, ««, to Frenchify 
Frange, if. fringa ; border ; tTimning 
FrangcoA, aai. lituc fringe 
" r, va. to fringe ; to trim 

I. fringe maker 
^.w&e, 9f. kii ' 
a almond caka 
Fruaque (la langua), a. a mixed lanfuaga 

need in the Levant 
Franquatu (4 la), ad. frankly ; freely 
Frappaat, a, a. atriking, eaaential 
Frappart (frire), aai. a lawd monk 
Frappe, ^f. atamping, the aiamp 

mala, nt. hot cochlea 

Frappament de maina, dapping of hand* 
Frapper, va. to itrike ; tmiu ; knock ; 

(■M.) ta laak ; aeiae, fix 

— de la monnaie, to atamp nMney 

— dea maina, to clap 
Frappeur, ac, «. atriLer; knocker 
Fraaquc. C^rae-fa] ^. a trick, prank ; joke 
Fruter, tf, a ynuiw aurgeon er barber 
Fraumel, la, a. mtcnial, brotherly 
Frmtemellement, ad. fraternally 
FrMerniiOT, va. to fratemiaa 
Fratemiii, »t. — oity, aociety ; nnioa 
Fratricide, m. fratricide 

Fvaaac, ^. fraud, daeelt* eheat 

unaw , w ivar ; lo nwimcT 
Fr^mlaacmeat, «m. a ehudderlaf | hmrori 

trembling; kuanuug; roariac 
Fitee, [/Mae] (m. an aak-traa 
Fi«o<aia. e/. a frcaar. madnoaa 
Fran^tlqaa, 3. «. a. frantic, mad 
Fr^qncmment, ad. frequcnUj 
Frequence, ^. frequency 

rraquani, a, a. rraquent ; nanal 
Frtqoenutif, tv, a. frcqueiitativ* 
Fr<qnoatttion, ^f. — tion. fr«qticatf«if 
Friqoeatcr, t>a. to fnquent ; mart to 
— , ma. to uae a place 
FrCre, Ifr^tr^ am. a brotbar 

— de lait, fdator^brotker 

— (religieuz}, friar, moak 
Pr*T«aJnmaanz, twiaa 
Fr<aaM, ^. •errcck-owl 
FraeqtM, «/*. freeoo 

FrcMvrc de Tanu, »f. ealCa plneb 

— da eoehon, ^. hM** kaalat 

Fret, (/rX] m. freight ; Mr* off a akia 
Fitftement, aat. freighting af a akip 
Fr4ter, im. to freight, to klra a akip 
Freteur, «m. a freighter j airmmt 
Fi^tillaat, a, a. fluttcrinv; &jalii|g« 
Fi^iaie, «/. atraw, a trifla 
KiMUement, »m, frisking ; atirriac 
Fr«iill«r, va. to friak, flatter 
Fritin, <ai. a fry, email flak ; trmah 
Frette, f^. ferrule ; Iran koop 
Freti4, e, a. U fretty 
Friability, tf. friaMlfty 
KriaUe. 3. «. friable, f>ilttU 
Friand, e, a. dainty ; nlc* ; dctfaaia 
— . e, «. dainty-montbed peraon 
Friandiee, «/. daintinMa 
Friaadiaei. C- . dixgjfl. dalatWa. tld-k>« 
Frieandean, L. . rfoj «a». Seetek callope 
I*rica»a4e. [. . tayl «/. fricaaora ' 

Fricaner, im. to fry: to equandcr 

r, IM. tofry: to tquBA 
rncmsacar, Mt. a paltrv eook 
Frioke, ^. &l1ow iLid 
Friction, tf fricUoa : rubbiaf 

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FRO ; 

F-rigidiy, if. Mciditr. OMloM* 
^rijtoriflqu«, 3. «. frigorifie, woUnc 
Prireiax,M, a. ehiUv, Mjiubl* to oold 
PriniM, «M. rime s homr-frmit 
Prime, *f. mian, look ; appenrane* 
Pringant, e, «. nniMoiiM ; airjr ; briak 
Pringucr, v. to trUk ; to rinu 
Prion, «in. th« Made of a plough 
P riper, va. lo fumble, ipoil ; wear out; 

»I>end riotously ; eat greedily 
Prlperie. •/. a tMond-band elothee'-abo 

old clothea 
Pripe-eauee, im. lick-epit; apeudtlirift 
Pripier, e, «. a laleemaa ; a broker 
PiipoD, ac, «. «. rogoinb; knare 
Priponneau, «at. little rogue 
P riponner, va. to cheat ; to pil&r 
■ ' tbe truant; to e" 
. kaariah triek 

_. — . aiharper; pickpoeket 
I- riquet, »m. a eliee ; a prig ; 
Prire, ra. to fry ; to eat ; %a 
Vt\»t. Urum,^ rf. frieie? , „„ 

cloth; (aa.) trail-board 
P riser, v«. to eurl, crisp, friaale: craM 

ruffle; nap 
Priioir, eai. bodkin for the hair 
FrisoB, C. •o/i) am. under petticoat 
Frisotlar, m. to frieale, crisp, earl 
Prlaque, 3. u. frisky, gay, airy ; « 
Prisqaette, </. a frfsket. a frtibie 
Prieson, tm. a shivering; a cold fit 
Prissonoement, «m. ehiTerli 
Prissooner, m. shirer ; " 


; epraee 

toement, «m. ehiTerlnc, quaking 
iner, M. shirer ; shudder 

Prieure, *f. frixsling, curling; enrl 
"-'-^'laire, «/. fritillaria (.//eiw) 
, •/. glaes-friti 

PritUlaire, «/. fritilTi 
Priite, •/. glaes-friti 
Priture, */. frying ; fried fish ; dripulna 
PriTole, 3. A. frlrolous ; insignificant 
PriTolit*. tf. _U,y, fri»olons»ees 
Proo. (/rO**] eat. monk's habit ; a cloak 
Proid, (/ ,«. oold ; ceUnoM 
— . e, a. cold ; friind ; grave 

Faire on hattre froid, to receiTe coldly 
to look cold on ' 

Proidement. ad. coldly ; frigidly 
Proideur, •/. coldness ; indiffarenee 
ProidcT, wt. Se — , vr. to crow oold 
Froidurc, */. ooldness ; cold wMtther 
Proidureus, M, a. ehiUy 
Froiaaement, aai. bruising; rumpling 
Frnleaer, vm. to bruise ; to rumple 
Froissure, */. a bruiae, centnaion 
Frdlement, «m. grating, alight tottrh 
Frfller, v. to graM. to to«ich lightly 
Fromage, Mt. eheese 
Fromager, e, i 

Fromaceux. se, «. eheesy 
Fromeiit, T /Vs-aun] nt. wheat 
— d'Inde, Indian corn 
' , e. e. f 

le aeureil, to fi 

Froncis, tm. gather, pucker, plait 
Fronoura. */. puehcr, plait, fold 
Fronde. »/. a sling, faction 
Fronder, v. to aliag; fling; Kl— 

- — —• , -, «. amokiug ° fuming 

Fum<e, C/a-mojf] */. smoke; iteua • 

Tapoiir ' 

Pum<es, pi. fumeu ; deer's dnng 
Fumer. v. to smoke j to use toWco ; to 

dung ; to fret, to fume 
Pnmeran, eai. burning coal 
Fumst, «M. flaTour; uste; imell 
rumetarre. am. to. fumitory 
F jmenr, m. one who imekea 
Fumen», se, «. amokr; fnmy ; heady 
Pumier, am. muck. dung. duughiU 
Fumigation, tm. fumigation 
Fmniger, va. to fumigate 
Pumlste, am. a chimney-doctor 
Funambnle, am. rope-dancer 
Fun4bre, 9. a. funereal ; dark ; dimal 
Funer, »a. aw. to rig 

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FotttotUlM, •/. pi. (hMnJ obMqviet 
Pun^raira. *i. «. funeral ; fanerarjr 
FuumU, 3. a. fatal ; unfbrtuoat* 
PaneiMiMnt, ad. faulljr ; iialuekilr 
FuiMur, «■§. a riggar 
FttnleuIatM, 3. «. conriatiag of ropn 
Faiiio, «». MM. rigging ; ropea 
Far. au far «t k nesurc. aa faat at 
Puret, CM. a (arret ; a farratar 
Foreur, iw. to catch with a fcrrat; to 
aaarch with eagemana, to farret 
'. alerreter i 

FuraMur, ^. a 

» 8 pry*' 

Furaur, if. fary ; rage i •agcmeaa 
Furiboqd, a, a. «. fiirioiM ; raging , oaaid 
Faria, «/. fury, paaaion; haat 
Furiauaancat, ad. — «ualr, aaMnTolT 
Pttriaux, aa, «. mad , funvui { aMasam 
Furin, fM. Ha. oiBag ; daap water 
Fttrolla, «/. fiery exhalation 
Fttioncla, tm. eU. large boil 
Furtif. «o, a. furtiva, dasdcatina 
FartiveoMnt. ad. fartiTeW, by aiaaltb 
- - - «».»•. Oia anindle-traa 

indla ; bobbin 

., _,_Mlle-loUj rocket, aaaib; 

fuaaa, barrel ; fillet Cbunneaa 

DAmtler uiie fua^e, to eUar an intricate 
Faaer, va. to elake. ran, epraad 
FuaibiUii, tf. fuailiiUty 
Fueible. 3. a. faaible 
Faail, [. M] »m. fuaU, firdock ; tinder- 

boa ; ateel ; a batchcr'a aleel 
Faailior, eat. fuaiUer 
Fuailledc, ^. dieeharga of naall gone 
Fusilier, va. to shoot 
Fuaien. «/. fuaion, melting 
Pasta, est. wia. foiat ; a kind of galley 
FosMt, Fustoc, *m. fustick, fustock 
Paatigalion. ,/. whipping, flog^ 
Fnstigar, va. to scourge, to lash 
Flit, eat. gan-atoek{ shaft of a pOlar 

dmas-banal ; eaak ; staff 
Futaie, ^. a forest of lofty trees 
FtttaiUe, «/. a cask ; wina-vasscl 
Futaine, */. fustian, dimity 
^ —'-'- — 1. fustiau- — 


er de la), to eltMt 
the tiase daring wtiick tk« 
in the pablie 
salt duty 

libaler, va. to dry aalt in a 
G«belaar, eat. a gahel-asan 
GAbellc, «/. excise ; duty on aalt 
Gsbet. tf a-M] (at. aM. Ta»n of na oca 
Uabler, <at. ma. top-man 

•M. a gabion U* /orti/lemtima} 
.adc, Mf. bulwark o^ gabioaia 

Galwid, [ga-t^rl em. aM. irnrbonrd an^ 
Gabnroa, ««. m«. fish of a'ntaat 
Gicha, i/. staple; waU-book 
GAehar, va. to mis ; to rinaa lioan 
GAehctto, »/. staple ; epring of a l«ck 
Oiehenr, eat. on* who aella tno low 
GAehenx, sa, a. plashy, slaMiy, aloopy 
Gftehis, «m. plaah; slabbetliig 

Gadouard, [• . *r] em. a aichnsna 
Oadoue, */. Wars, filth, nigkt-miil 
Galfe, </. ma gaff ; iron-hook 
Gage, em. pawn ; tokan ; pladga 
GNgar, va to hire : bet, lay • wngar 
Gageiie, ^. gooda taken in es«cntla« 

GAgenr, aa, e. one that lay* w ayis a 
(•agoara^ V- ^■'■ll*'* ^** 
Giigisia, cm. a saperauaMmrr 
Gagnable, a. tiiat may be Kniand 
Gagnaga, em. paatura-gnmud 
Uagnagaa, ««. pi, crap, ■taadinyoan 
Gagasat, a, a. «. winning ; a wtniacr 
Oagne-danier, tm. a labourer 
— -pain. «m. livelihood, tmaa 

Fttti, e, a, crafty, cunning, sly 

Ftttse. *f. JoinerS putty 

Futile. 3. a. fuUle; triBing; Tain 

Fatiliti, »f. futility ; want of solidity 

Patur. em. future tense ( futurity 

— , e, «. «. future ; to come, eoiaing 

persona on the point of marriage 
Patnrition, tm. — tlon, what ia to coma 
Parent, a, a. fiying 

Cottlenr fuyante. fading eolovr 

Faux fayant, shift; eraaion 
Fayard, C/K-«-jf«r] em. a runursy; coward 
— , e. •. apt to run away 


G«m. sercnth letter of the alphabet 
• OaUre. ^. ata. a Ughteri a hoy 

MS. to get to, icaoh, b| 
— , vr. to be catching 

Gagnear, em. a gainer, w 

Oaaui. «/. Jolly olump girl or 
Gel, e, a. gay, ehect/ul, m( 

Oalae, eat. gaiac 

Gabari, <m. taa. a model, draught 

>MTy. U«aly 

, li«nuaa ▼ioe 

Oaillud, o, a. wumrrr, brisk ; tipav; ga. 
lane, bold : fraeh, bcalthy j pf^Mn 

d'avant, *m. aia. faraeaatio 

d'anikio, ma. quarter-dock 
Gaillafde. ^. a sprightly daaoa 
Gllilhlrdemen^ ad. merrily ; boiaiy 
Gitillafdjes, ¥. froUe ; frollfaanHanam 
Galment. ad. aserrily. gail*. 
Gain. em. gain, laere, profit, 
Gain*. »/. a sheath, a eaoe 
Ganier, «m. a sheath or caa«-Makar 
Gslttf. y. gaiaty, a ' ' 

De Oaili de omu 
Oala, am. Cmet, re, 
Oalamment. tg*'*^ . „ 

gmeefiiUy ; patttaly ; gallnmlr 

OalaM, e. a. genteel { clavw : fllat 
— , «m. a galUat, spark ; soltor 
Oalantorla, ^f. noUteneee; gi " 
lilgue i eoartship } a trifio 

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GAU 107 

OaUadt, ^f. galaxy, the mOky wajr 
Qalbanom, fn. — num, kind of gum 
Oalb, «M. «rcA. » grseefal aweep 
Gala, */. th* iteh ; the mange 
OaiiMt, tf. m». K Venetian gallejp 
Cal^, «M. tweet willow. Dutcli myrtle 
GaUe, ^. • priiiur'i galley 
Balefreuer, *m. ecoundrel, a icrnb 
Galiue, if. galena, plambago 
»• Galer, vr. to aeratch, to rub 
BaUre. C- iaWf^ «/. ma. galley 

— i ramM. row-galley 
Balerie, »f. gallery ; lobby ; balcony 

— du faux pout. Ma. gaitg-way 
Balerien, ««. a plley-elar* 
Qalome, «/. north-weitcrly wind 
Oalet, ««. a ehuffla- board ; pebble 
Oaletai, em. a garret 
Oalette, */. a muffin, broad tkln eako 
Baleux, ■•, «. itehy, eeabby ; ecurry 

rabhy i 

ifrAr, *f. gallunaufry ; a medley 
Ualim«aaa, tm. bomhoat; nonMuae 
Gallon, en. a galleon 
Ualiote, rf. a galliot ; bark ; bent 
Galipot, em. resla from the pine-tree 
Galle (aoix de) «/. gall-nut 
Callican, a, o. Oalliean, Freneb 
GalliciiiM, em. — eiam, Prenek Idiom 
Daloeke, 4^. galoek, dog 
Galon, im. lace; galloon; grooar'a box 
Galouner, va. to adorn with lace 
Balannier, rai. laoe-maker 
Galop, FfWe] im. gallop 
Galopade, ^. galloping ; gallop ; a daim 
Galopcr, wn. to gallop ; to pureae 
Galopia, eai. an errand-boy ; a ecrub 
GalTaniqne, 3. «. galvanic 
GalTaniame, e«. gvvaniam 
Balraudrr, v. to reprimand, ab«a« 
Gamacko, tf. a eort of vpatlerdaih 
Gambade, ^. a gambol, wild piank 
3ambader, v». to (ambol, akip, fiiak 
3ambage, «n. malt-tax 
:>arabe de hune, ^. aie. futtoek 
:;ambiller, m. to wag ona'a lega 
Jamclle, ^. a wooden bowl 
3anime, Cf •"■] '/■ the gamut 

Chanter la ganune. to reprimand 
Sanachc, tf. thiKjc-teulIed fellow; nethi 

jaw of a horae ; an old wig 

^angrAne, tf. aU. gangn 
e dangrincr, *r. to gani 
rangr^nenx, ea, m. m4. { 

3aDgr4nenx, ea, m. mi. gangrenava 
Sanae, ^. a loop for a button 
jant, Ur«a3 <m. a gloro 
3anielfi, ^. fo. digitalb, throat-wvrt 
:jantelet, em. a gauntlet 
3aoter, va. to put on glorea 
Santerle, tf. glo«e-maklng vr ealllng 
" --'er, e, e. a glover ; dealer in glovaB 
ice, if. madder ; plant for dying 


Oarmit da eapon, ea»-r«pe. aal-im 

— do palan, taeUe-Call, ta«kl«-r«po 

— de eandelotu, fere-tackle Ml 
- dee palanquin* da aabord, Uniarda of 
the guu-poru 

. It, C> roit] em. Toucher i goarmntae; 

eeeurlty ; (m«.) fUl of a laekla 

Garaa, ««. a sort of muslin 
Carbon, am. eock-partridge 
Garee, */. a strumpet, a whore 
Oareetu, tf. ato. gaakat, knittle 

— da fond, ma. bunt-gasket 

— de ria, sm. point, reef -line 

Oaroon, igtr- eoaf ] em. a boy ; a bacholor; 
a Journeyman ; waiter, aenrant-man 

— oe bord, mm. yonnker, youngeter 
Garjonnot, m. a little boy 
GatMoniAre, rf. a ramp : a lembov 
Garde, eai. kscper, warden ; guain 
— > tf. guard, escort ; watcb ; nurae ; pro- 
tection i charge ; slate of caution 

Se donner dr garde, to uka care 

— d'<p«e, tf. hilt of a swoid 
bou, em. a forest-keeper 

— -boutique, em. a shopkeeper 
J — — ^ fender 

eorpe, em. bm 

— -cdie, em. a ei 

- -fou, em. rails along bridgeo, ete, 

- -magatin, tm. a storekeeper 

■ -manger, «m. larder ; buttery 

■ -marCie, tm. midshipman 

- -nsruble, am. a wanuobe | 
the wardrobe 

- -nappe, «m. a table-mat 

robe, «^. wardrobe ; pri*y 

Oarder, ra. to keep ; preeerre 

-n malade, to nurse 
> vr. to keep {.utfruH, alt.) 
St — de, to keep er abatain from 
Gardes d'une aerrare, tf. wards of a lock 
Gardeur, ae, t. herd-keeper 
Gardien, ne. «. guardian ; aeqaeetree 
Uardiennat, em. guardianahip 
Gardon, em. a roach 
Gare ! C|ror] bu. make way I tnka caie I 
— , ^. wet-dock ; email dock 
Oarenne, tf. a rabbit- %rarrea 
Garannier, «m. a «rarreanor 
Oarer, tw. ma. to aaoor a boat 
Se — , vr. to etond out of the w*y 
Sa Gargariser, vr. to gargle 
Gargartame, em. gargarism 

Gargotags, em. Uf-dreaaod 

Oargota, ^f. paltry eatiag-hoaaa 
Gargoter, va. haunt hedge -'- *■' 

eat and drink indecently 
GargOtier, e, «. paltry victualler 
Oargooillc, ^. a gutter-spout 
GargonilMe, ^. spout, epoutinc 
GargonUlamcnt, im. a rattUng, grambUiic 

in the bowale, ate. 
GatgouiUer, M. to dabble, to paddle 

" ■••■-, cm. mriee of a apoat 

^. caniMii-cMtriaffa 

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t, rf. flmrtrldgf -box [to v 

' M]«at.aproai(»t«fel- 

Oarniinent, m». »pp»nitu, gmraialuag 
Oamtr. va, to famlsli ; t« nora, to atoc 

to adeni, trim, puniah ; (aM.) to ri« , 

ship ; am [proriiU oo«'s aclf 

»• — , irr. to aaiie upo* ; to funiiah or 
0«n.iaon, [. ««.so»] ./. garriaon { tMiUffa 

put iu a houta on au azacutlon 
Oaniiaa«ur, («. habattlaaher ; trimoMr 
0*rnituT«, «/. furnitura. trimmblg: (aM.) 

ricgiaR ; the art of riggiag 

— da la bou<«, tlinga of tha Imoy 

— daa aaerct, ground taekla 
Oarrot. «ai. wltKera ; paoUng-adok 
Oarrottar, v«. to bind witK eorda 
Gara, «M. a lad. boy, atripUng 
Oaaoon, na, «. Oaaeoni a vaia boaatar 
OaaeonUina, iai. Gnaconiam 
Oaacoiuiada, ^f. gaacoaada, brmmdo 
Gaaeonnar. vm. M brag, to boaat 
GakpUlago, «a». apoiling ; waating 
OaapUler, va. to waata ; to apoU 
Osapilleur, aa, *. a. apaudthnft 
Oaali{loqaa,m. a rantriloquiat 
Otarriqaa, [. tnd»^ a. ^. gmatria 
OaatroUtn, am. a gtntton 
Oaatronaiiio, ^f. daiotiiiaaa ; glutlOBT 
Oaatronomia, «/. gaalNAomr 
C»t««u,c. te]«.ac.fca 

— da mial, hoaajr-eomb 
Oita-maiaoB. am. niaa* 
metier, aai. one who ,. . 

an nndar-prica 

— -papiar, am. a aeribblar 
Otiar. aw. la apoil ; waata ; oonapt 
Sa — , rr. to taint ; to ha speilod 
Ottenr, m waatar, apoUar, c«mptor 
Oatta. 4^. ata. tha maag«r 
Oaiaake, 9. «. left; awkward; elunar 
Ganehraiant. ad. awktraidlr 
Gauehar, o^ «. «. laft-bandod 
Oaufharie, a/, awkwardnaaa 
Oauobir. »». to ahriuk back ; ahift 
Oauehiaaemant, mi. ahrinking back 
Oaade. ^. woad; dyar'a weed 
Oandiamna, am. a marrj boot 
Oandar, va. to dja with woad 
8a Oandir, ar. to ba aaarry 
Oaaffra, «/. honer-coiab ; aort of jpaaUf 
Oauffrar daa ttoCaa, to figaro atuna 
Gasffreur, am. ha who figuraa atah 
Gauffrier, ««t. wabr-lraa 
Oanirrura, af. flgaring of cloth 
Oaaladv. af, tha atroka of a polo 

Oaala, CfMf ] if. • awitch ; a long pola 
Oaalcr, v». to haat down with a polo 
Oaalia, «M. Baall wood ; lai^ aprig 
0*upa, af. a aiut ; trollop 
8a Oaaaaer, nr. to iaar, to baatar 
Oauaaaria, (/. Jeering ; joet, banlar 
Qaaaaear, aa, a. a Jaoror, a iaatn 
OaTarbe, aai. a wretch ; pitiful fellow 
Gaaotio, «/. gaeot, aort of daaea 
Oaa, C#<M-8«] aat. gaa ; claaiie fluid 
Gaao. rf. nnae. a tUa kind of atuff 
Gaaalla, af, an antelopo 
Ouar, va. to voter wMi ganat i to vril 

GaMtior, tm. gaacttaer. ncwMMMa 
Gaaatin, aat. Uttla gaaattc ; lNdl««i» 

it, af. corenng wltk t«if 
Gaaoaner, Ml. to Una ar eorer with taif 
GaaottUlaniant, sat. warbliag ; parling 
Oaaouillar, *■. to warble ; cKtro ; pari 
Oa«»ttiUU. am. tha chirping of fiinla 
«c^, (j.n •«. • j«yj jMhSaw 
G4aat, a, a, past i gtaalMa 
Ooindra, v». to whine ; to hmmk 
(Klatineas, aa, m. galatinona 
OcKc, «/. froat, froitj weathor i tallv 

— blanaia. hoar-froat ' 

— da groaaiUa, currant Jelljr 

Galar, ma. Sa— , vr. tnama, ba fnwni 
— , va. to fiaeaa or congeal with eold 
Oclinotta, i/. a young fat pullM ; wood- 
hen; water-quail 
O^lirnro, af. fraeaing of trooa 
O^maaax. «ai. pi. oat. Ocmlni 
Oaaaalloa. ^. pi. ma. claaipa 
G<miT, tm. to groan, to aigh ; to «•• 
G^alaacmont, «ai. groan, groaafakc 
Gamma (acl), tat. minaral aalt 
OInaat, o. a. troubleaono, wacaay 
Oenciva, af. the gum 

apark of fire ; a flaw 
So Gondarmar, vr. to bluater 
Gendanaetia, af. tha gondaimii^ 
Gandra, [iM-df] tm. aon-in-laar 

G«nc, •/. rack; pain : *- 

0<n<alogla, a^l ganeali 

Gtuor, va. to 
Gte^cal, am. » goiiei 
— , a, a, gonaral, unireraal 
G4n4ralct.m.— ahip: ehiaf 
G«n«rala, rf. gCMrJ {heat af d 
G<u«rala»ont. ad. -rally, w g 
04nAraliaer, va. to generaUaa 
0<n4i«liatima, «ai. a ceueraliaa 
G<a<ralil4, rf. — ty, whole ; dli 
04n«ralil«a, tm. pi, gnwral diai. 
Gtndraieur, triee, «. generating 
G<a4ratif, rt, a- gcncratlva, genital 
Gvn^ration, af. — tion ; progeny ; r«e* 
Gin^uacmont, ad. generoualv 
6<n<reux, ae, a. gaaoroua ; n^o 
G<n«ri<}ua, 3. a. generic, mafariaal 
OitUnaitt, af. goneroaity ; boaaiy 
OMaa. I. natia]af. Oonoala 
OanCt. am. a Spaniah atoao-hoet ; i 

iittla horaa ; (io.) broom 
Gonotte. nf. u wild eat 

k la Oaaatta, oif . with ahoet aliaTapa 
..anarriar, cat. a Janipar-trao 
Ginia, aat. ganiua ; talent ; t — nai 
Ganiivra, «ai. a Jualpar-bary • (ia 
Oteiaaa, rf. a heifer 

a. af. genilala 

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Jenoper. va. ma. to mIm i» 

}«nou, [• MM} «M. knee ; (ma.) lower 

;enouillire, «/. the top of R hoot 

}enouUleax, te, a. fte. knotty 

ienra, «■. Renae, epeeiee; etyle; gender 

iene, C>ots«] ««. ]rf. ibUe ; people 

- de oooditlon, (entlefolln 

- d'<glite, ehnrehmen 

- de Ruerre, military men 

. ceded hy an 

aaj., ana m. wnen the adj. follows 
tent, C^'anl «^. nation, people, tribe, rare 
-> e, a. gentle, elegant, tpniec 
tentiane, if. bo. gentian, Mlivort 
(eiitil, «iH. a gentile, heathen, pagan 
-, le. a. genteel, pretty, fine 
rentilhomae, tm. one noUy deicended ; 

a gentleman, a nobleman 
(entilhoromerie, •/. gentility 
tentilhommiire, «/. email country hnuae 
(entilll^, *f. the genrtlee ; heatbeiiiim 
(entillltre, ««. petty country equire ; a 

poor DoUeman 
tentilleaee, m/. gentility ; graeefulnesa ; 

pretty aajrinc, toy, trinket, er trick 
lentineut, aa. genteelly, prettily 
(jnufleeteur, *m. one who boeeU 
l<nuflexion, «/'. genuflexion, kueeling 
(^oeentriqae, 9. a. geocentric 
l^ode, </. eagle-ttone ^.kind of pitUt} 
l^ographe, em. geographer 
l<ographlc, «/. geography 
l^ooraphique, 9. «. geographical 
^dfage, •■«. prison fees 
(e81e, 4/. a gaol ; prison 
leAlier, «ei. a gaoler, prison-keeper 
le«li»re, ^f. a gaoler's wifs 
laneie, »f. gcomaney 

109 GLA 

rtoek Oenne, •/. l)rUig-ia, delivery 

r fut- Oessa, tf. etueiding -vetch 
Gestation, tf. gestation 
Geste, •■(. gesture; actios 
— da tdte, a nod 

Gestae, en. pi. gesta, aehieTements 
Gesticttlauur, «jn. gesticulator 
Gestioulaiion, »/. gesticulation 
Gesticuler, va. to gestienlate 
Gestion, qT. jm. administration 
Gibbeux. ae, «. gibboae, buoching out 
Oibbosit^, •/'. gibbosity, gibbousnees 
Gibeeiire. «/. poach, bag, scrip 
Oibelet, $m. a gimlet, small borer 
Gibelotte, */. fricaaaee of chickens 
Giberna, •/. a cartridge box 
Gibet, eai. a gibbet, gallows 
Gibier, ia». game, Tenison 
Oiboulfc, ^. a cold shower 
Giboyer, ri«. to fowl, to go a shooting 
Giboyeur, *m. a fbwlar 
Giboyeux, se, «. abounding in game 
Gigantesque, 3. a. gigantic, enormcus 
Gigot, Cje-^o] $m. log of mutton 
Gigotti, e, a. aiais. well trussed 
Gicotter. tm. to kick atraut 
Oil {irl 

l<om^r«d, e, a, geometrical 
{eomitre, twt. a geometrician 
l^omitrie, 4^. geometry ; mensuration 
l^om^trique, 3. a. goometricnl 
[^om^triquement, ad. geometrically 

ierbe, i/. 

;«rb4e, t/- bundle of straw wherein some 

grains of corn remain 
Berber, va. to make up in sheavea 
lerbiUon, tm. a small aheaf 
force, •/. moth ; wood-louse 
iercer, va. to chap ; to chink ; crack 
^r<;ure, ^f. chap; chink, cleft, crack; 

(BM.) shake, flaw 
rtrer, va. to manage ; to conduct 
ierfaut, C/o] eai. a ger&lcon 
iermaln, ain<, a. (eoaete) first coosia 
iermanique, «. German 
Sermanisme, em. German idioir 
lerma, ess. bud ; shoot ; ntm 
rcrmer, va. to shoot ; bud 
termination, »/. — tion ; sprouting 
Sermoir, «m. steeping-trough 
l^rondif, m. gerund 
.ersean, tm. tare; false lentil 
'rosier, tm. a glward (e/ a Hrd} 

, :e, «. poor, sorry, small 
Giraffe, tf. the cameleopard, giraffe 
Girandole, e/. a girandole, a chaudrlier) 

a cluster of diamonds 
Girofle, tm. dores 
Oirofl^e, tf. stock-gillyflower 
CUrofiier, tm. a elore-tree 
Olron, tm. lap ; pale ; (A/.) giron 
Gironnor, va. to round, to emlMits 
Gironetu, tf. weathercock ; raue 
Gisant, a, a, lying ; felled, lopped 
Gisement, tm. ma. bearinx 
Gtte, «■>. form or seat of a hare ; where 

one lies at night : lodginit 
Gtter, vn. to He ; to lodge in the ulght 
Givre, tm. rime, hoar-frost 
— , «^. U. a snake or serpent 
Glabra, 9. a. ho. bare ; smooth 
Glace, fjrtatfi tf. ice ; looking-glass ; flaw 

ChaaMlle de glace, icicle 
Glacer, va. to f rrese ; to chill; cougealj 

to gUae ; to stitch down 
— , vn. Se — . *r. to freese : be frosen 
Glacial, o, a. froaeo, glacial ; nipping 
Glacier, eat. maker or seller of ice ; look- 

iitg-glass maker ; glacier 
Olaeiftrc, tf. an loe-house 
Glaeia, |>fe-et«] tta. glacis, sloping boiik 
Olacon, m. a piece or flake of ice 
GladintMr, tm. a gladintor 
Olairo, •/. slimy or ropy matter ; »hme 

glalra; whit* of an egg 
Olairer, va. to glaire 
Olaiiwx. ao, a. sUmy, ropy, mudd 
GUlM, iglmbuj tf. day } potter s ..irth 

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Olataw, M. la do vrm with tUy 
OlmiMux, M, a. cUtct, argUlaccAU* 

Ol^va, *m. • awoTd, glare 
OUnag«, «M. glacuisf , pioking Cglw 
OlMd, C^n] «m. M»n>, aiaat ; tasMt 
01mu1«, «/. • gUnd. k«ni«l ; tumour 

— Utt eou, muiB|M, tonsils 
01miid<, c, a. th»t hu tht flasdtn 
OUndAa, ^f. fer««t-Biut, Riait«g> 
OUwdule, ^f. null gland •r kcrael 
Olandnlaus, m. a. gTai>d«lou« 
Oiivtm, »f. haadful of aan of corn 

— d* poina, eluaitr of paan 

— d'ofgnoos, a rofto of onious 
Glaaar, «a. to glaan, to I«aM ; to pick 

Glaauro, //. gloaning ; giaan 
Olapir, v». to yalp ; to tquaak 
Olaplaaant, o, m. yalptng ; ■quoaMng 
OlaplMOBMiii, tm. Toliiing ; Maeakiag 
Olaa, ««. toUtag of a bell , ku«U 
Glarottl, •■>. eoni-fiag, tword-graM 
OUbo. «/. gtcbas aoir, or* 
Gftno. ^. aw. coil of ropM 
OMncr, m. bu. to eoU u« 
OliaMdo, •/. alip ; alipplng; aUdiag 
Olitaaat, a, a. •Upporjr 
OUasor, ra. to alip ; alide ; glanco 
•— , M. to tlip, to eooTay aaeratly 
8« — ( vr. to alip; eraop into 
Gliaiour, «m. a alldtr, akmiar 
OlUaolra, tf. a allda 
Olehc, »m. a globo j inhara ; orb 
Globaus, at, o, ho. ■pncrical, round 
Olobula, m. a globule. Uttla globo 
Ololiulaoa, so, «. globoJ—— • ->~««-i 
Gloire. tf. glory ; prida 
GIorlouMBMnt, mi. 
Oloricux, - - 

proud person 
ttlon, ^. gloria«alian 
r, M. to glorify ; to praire 
oe — , vr. to glorr in ; be proud of 
OlorioU, <r. ridiculoas vanity 
Oloae, UTMMl a^. glooa. camment 
Oloaer, m. to gloaa s expound, intrrpnt 

w«...epktras, eat. p/. petiiSad fish-teeth 

GUtu, nf. glottis 

Olooglou, «M. guggling of liquor, etc. 

Glottglottter, tw. err as a turkejr-cock 

Olottsatotent, esi clueking 

Olouaaer, tm. to eluek, cry like a hen 

Olouteren, tm. a bur, buidoek 

Oleuton, «ai sort of bad;rr 

— , ne, n. a. glutionous ; a i{lutton 

Oloutonncmcnt, ud. ip^edily 

Oloutonneria, •/. gluttony, grecdineaa 

Olo. •/. bird.linie 

Glannt. a, a. riMsid . 

Glnnn, am. a Haae-tu.. 

Olner, m. to ntake elaMwy or rlsdd 


OIniaa, am. tlnlsB, glm 
Olutiaenz, ae. «. glutinoua. viarld 
Gnooie, C>m"M] aat. Gnomide, ^f. m. mnamt 
Gnootiqua, 3. «. aanUntione 
Ononaon, •■«. gnonMU, atyle : index 
Gnoaaoniquo, ^. — aaoniaa, dlnlliug 
Go ( tout de), id. without oerewMajr 
Gobbe, tf. a poisoned gob for a dojc 
Oobelet, tm. goblet, drinUiur cup. ioa- 

gler'a box ; the king's buUnry '^ 

Oobelotter, «n. to guaale. to tipplo 
Oober, t*a. to gulp, to awallow dow ; is 

nab; tocaioh; to boUere (ooliahlj 
So Ooberger, rr. to bnntar ; to mil. n 

atake mueh of one's aelf 
GoberMa, tf. pi. boarded bottmn ef a bed- 

aiead ; veneering stlcha 

^ joinu of a watt 

Gobeur, so, «. a goniawad ; on* wkn be 

lieves fioolUhlys (om.) a haalar 
GoUa, eat. a hunoh-bnek, haatp-hMb 

GodaUle. tf. i 
Godailler, ni. to guasle ; to tippU 
Godolufean, am. a fop ; a benu 
Oodenet, tm. a Juggler*B pnppet 
Godot, tm. a little cup ; enlix ; bowl 
Godeta, eai. pi. buckets ; (unuela 
Godivtaa. est. a pie of fntoed isMat 
Godrou, m. a puffy plait in liuaa 
Oodronaor, *o. to plait linea 
Ooelatta, «/. om. — *- 

Ooffs, 7. a. ill-shaped ; awkward 
Gogaille, «/. agarrr-iaaldne 
Oogo (virre k), to Ura in cIo««r 
GoguclurtoH, ««. coseombs itpa«art 
Goguauard, e, a. est. ehaorful i banrorei 
Oogueaardar, vn. to Jeer, John, ln^a^t 
Oovuettoa. rf. pi. merry atMrioa 

Goiafro, ««. a lose- pot, greed y-««( 

a. a guU; a large deop bay 
. C^eme] ^. gum 

— Alaetiqne, India labbar 

-- gatu, gmnbonga 

Geaamar, tw. lo gnm, to ammu- witk m,m 

Gommenx, ae, a. gnmmy ; gcmaaad 

GomnOer, tm. the gnm-tiae 

Goad, Cf ON] «ai. a hinge 

Ooadole, if. gondola, drinklnc-awm 

OoadoU, e. a. m». rauwl-eheeiad 

Gondolier, tm. goadolier 

Gonda de aabord, aia. port-heahn 

Gonfidoa, «m. gonfalon, church Wiim«(. 

Oon&lonior, eat. the holy alandiwd haatnr 
at Homo 

Oonficment, cm. awrelUng ; naObiw 

Gonfier, m. to awell ; paff «p 

Gonorrhie, t/. genorrham 

Goret. tm. a pig. porker, ymmm^ fc«, , 
(■M.) hog. lar<B hrnah to acnatt a »kiB'« 
bottom an^er wnta* *^ 

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3&r«ter, M. aM. IB iMf • rmaA 
'ior^e, rf. mek ; thraM, gorga ; pil 

hrvaat ; ■ taelMr ; • d*til« 
— ohftuda, th« kkwk'a Cm , banwr 
3or^, if. a fitip, ■wallow 
3oTg«r, m*. to gorga ; to clut ; to crai 
\* —, vr, to glut one's mu 
3orger«tt«, ^f, woman '• tucker 
Sorgerln, «a». gorgat, mek-piaee 
3oster, am. throat, galUt, wtndpip* 
3othkqu«, 3. m. Ootliic 
SouMttc, •/. wattr-Mleur painting 
Soudron, «m. pitok and tar 
SoudroniMr, va. to tar 
Souffrc, «w. gulf, abTM, whirlpool 
Bougo, ^. goMgc. hollow ehiMl 

• bori 

^»u», y. gauge, not 

Boufat, cat. ■eldiar'i 

bn'oklajMr^ kod-a 

BouU. ^ 

Boulct, «at. a narrow antraac* of a 

bour ; holo In a boinb 
Bouliaira, o. «. a groodx-gvt, glutton 
Uoulot, aat. noek of a *- — '- " 
Uoulu, «, a. M. g' 

Gonjon, aa*. a gudgton ; an iron pin 
Bouionnor, vm. to faaton with piaa 
BouUe, »/, a largo mouthful 

Boulumoni, ad. glutlonousi] 

; (M 

Goapillon, sm. a holy-water lirush ; abot- 

Ua-br ^ 

o aleanet with a bnuh 

Gourd, •, «. nnmb: aiiir with cold, 

Gourde, n/. a gourd 

Gourdin, <a». a ondgtl, ilghting-atiek 

Gourdiner, m. to ondget 

Goure, «/. an adultermlod drag 


GounnaudiM, if. glattonjr 
Gounna, «/. tho atianglea 
Gonrmer, va. to carb ; m box 
Goormet, tm. connolaaear in II 
Ooarmatta, af. a enrb ; raatralat 
Goumable, 4^. aia. tiao-nail 
Gouaee, tf. cod. kuab, ahaU 
Gouaeot, «m. fob. amall podcot; gnaact 

bracket; ann-pti 
GoAt, [goal m. tMte; irnU ; relUk ; 

Goilter, m. to taata: approva; rcUah 
— , am. eoUatiau, a lunciiaon 
Goatte, «^. gout ; drop ; Jot 
— , ad. not at ail ; nothing 

— k gouite, ad. drop by drop 

— gxpMuee, obalby gout 

— ■elatliiuc, seiatiqna gout 

— •ereioe, gutta MNon 
Goattcleila, «/. a little drop 
Gouttcnx, ee, a. «. gouty ; gauty parson 
Gouttiire, if. gutter | groore 
Gouttiires, ^f. pi. wta. waMr-waya 
Gouvemall, cm. aM. rudder ; halm 
Gouvemante, 4^. 

GoyUTe, */. gnyuTa, bay-plam 
Goyariar, <m. guyaT»-traa 
Grabat, [. M] am. a trueUa bad 
Grabatniia. 7. a. eiebly ; bad-ridden 
Grabaau, C< io] «ai fragments; garbles 
Grabuge, im. a squabble, wrangling 
Griiee, «/. graoe ; virtue ; tuToar ; p«rdon 

thanks ; agreeabUnass 
Grieea, •/. pt. the graces 
Graciable, U. a. pardonable, exenaabla 
Gradausemcut, ad. gmoiously, kindly 
Graeiausar, vn. to treat kindly 
Oraeiauaat^. */. kindneaa ; gift 
Oraoianx, sa, a. kind ; gimeefol 
Oracilit<. af. shrUlnossi slandemaaa 
GradatSoo, 4/. gradation, dograa 
Grade, am. promotion ( dignity, dagraa 
O radar, va. to eonfor a dignity on one 
Gradin. am. a step 
Graduation, ^. -Hon ; d 
Gradui, am. a graduau 
Gradual, Ic, a. gradnal 
Graducllemant, orf. gradually 
Oraduer, vo. to confer dcgrsas 
gnUlement, *ai. hoarse Toico 
wtmiUer, tra. dta. to sound the horn 
Oraillon. am. a remnant; sarap 
Grain, «at. grain: berry; seed 

— de corail, bead of eoral 

— dc grCle, a bailstoaa 

— da moutarda, mnttardHMed 

— da petite T^rola, a spot or pimple of 
the smalI-po« 

— de raisin, a gmp* 

— ds ««at, sia. squall of wind 

— d'or, a bit of gold, gold-sand 
Graine, «/. seed ; kemal-atona, kemal 
Oraisae, af. fat ; grcaaa ; dripping 
Graisser, |reaaa 

— la patta, to bnba oat 
Graisaaax, sa, «. gnnsy 

Grammatical, e, «. grammatical 
Grimmatiolrment, ad. grammaiieaUy 
Grand, Igram'i am. grandee ; a great man 
— , e. a. tall ; great; large; noble 
— -maltre, am. lord high steward ; ehiaf 

Gnindelet, ta, a. nratty big. tall 
Oraadrment, ad. largely ; nobly 
Grandesse, ^f. quality of a grandea 
Grandeur, rf. uUnass; largeness; sisej 
graatneas; lordship, grace; power 
dignity ; grandeur, magnificence 
Grandir, tfn. to grow tall or big 
Giandissima, 3. a. Tary great 
Orange, «/. a bam, a mow 
Granger, Orangiar, am. a farmer 

I, •/. graaulat'on 
Gnmnlar, *« la graanlaM 

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CiMpUfM, 9.«. gnpbie, gnpUc»l 
OraphlquMMat, ad. witk mactaaM 

, jM, ^f. baaeh, oliwiar 
Onpp«i, «/. mam. mwugf xtmoan 
n it-_ — . 1 — . jj, leimpe up 

,^ , a bunch of gmpoa 

Onppia, «a». mm. gnppliitK iron 
Onppiut, M. auk U giappla 
Oiw, t#r«] «M. tax i fauiiM 
—, a*. •. fat, plnap; rieh, fertila; oily, 
graaaT; obacaM 
- dc U J«»tM, liM calf of the lag 

- dc U iaaatM, Iha calf of th« 
. -dottUa, «w. dottbla trip* 

!, ad. pUatifuUjr, ampljr 
-. pvauj fat, prauy p.oaap 
, cat. Uapiac U>p 
I. lo liap, lo apaak thick 
. w, a. a liapar 
Oraaaaaillel, te, a. plitaip. ptctty tat 
Orslieulcr, va. lo graticiualc 
Oraiificaliaa, ^, — tim ; gimiaity 
Orauflar, va. to nutba a preaaat 
OiMia. «ai. that which atiehs to the b«(- 
~ B of a diah, •aueepaa, aia. 

Oratiolc, af. aratar-iiTaaop 

Oratia, Cyra-iacar] ad.far BottunK i gntia 
OratitiMla. ^f. (imtiiuda, gruef^uaa* 
"Oratta, «/. ma. nonpar 

— -bosM, ^. a icratekinf-bnuh 

— -co, *■». Up (• «my) 
Gnttaaa, «ai. a gildar'a Mratchar 
OratteUa, «. . mah « iteh, tattar 
Oratialaux, m. a. iuhj, having the iteh 
OratUr, va. to icTaieh { acmpa; pilfer 
Graitoir, tm. m aeratching-ltnif* 
Oratuic, a, a. gratuitouai Toluutarjr 
Gratait<, ^. aoere/i free gift 
Gratniiencnt, ad. graiaitonal^ 
OraTa, *i. a.grava; ieriauai in 
— , «ai. gravity ; a heavy body 
Orav4 (viaage). pitted face 

Ua. ^f. tartar la* 

OravaUa. j 

bee : wine leea 
_ ^raveliy, trou" 
ebecene, emutty 

. 4^. tartar leea : w'. 

Oraveleiia, ae, a. gravelly , tronhlad with 

the gravel ; ebacene, emu 
O ravaOe. *f. the gravel m 
Gravelure, tf. oheeenitr 

OravenMnt, ad. gravaly. , 

Graver, va. to grave ; oteh j imprial 
Oraveur, «at. gravvr; engraver 
Oravier, eat. gravel, grit 
Oravlr, vm. te claaabar ap, to ciimh 
Ordvitatian, af. — tioa, attraeU'U 
OraviU, ^. gravity; lasportancc 
Gravitar, m». te graviialc 
Cravoir, «a». graver ; groover 
Oraveia, eat. gravel ; rabUah 
Otavare, ^f. engraving, a print 
0«d, (^rcp] aai. aceard; will : g 

Orac^ua, ^r. beolcbiader'a k 
Oreei|oea, ^. pi. mta. eky-aerapera 
Otedin, e. a. •. beggarly ,• - — —■* 
Grtdiaa. am. ft. eort ef u _ 
Otediaerie, ^f. bcggarlineae 

<M«r, «•. aui. to rig 

— , «. graft, graft, aefea 

GieSrr, *•. t« graft or gvaCt 

GraAer, am. a ragiater, laoorder 

GraiTair, cat. grafiiag hnila 

G^nta (lea). ••. wM.fli«. Oraah ftie 

GrAle, «/. haU 

— , 1. a. aliaa, lank ; ahrill 

Or«M, e. a. maoh pitied wi«h tW amC 

poK ; peer, lew la — atanfii 

GrUar, v. te bail ; te apoa bv had 
Gralin. m. H«.aMaU eahU 
Gr^lor, «ai. a laraa Ti-flaiawa 
Gr«lot, tm. a Unle beU 

Oraloaage, aau the paitfyiHc mi wax 
Oreloaer, va. te puiif* was 
Gr<nual, «m. a eort tl ■rient'n • 
Grfaail. «ai. ba. grayvil, eta— i 
Qreoade^ tf. pa n iagr 
Oreaadier, tai. a ( 

Greaadikre. ^f. grMade-peMk 
GreuadUle, af. ba. the Maatoo.fl ,w«r 
GraoaiUe, if. grain, amaU akot; mi 

Granailler, eia. to peaad ; •» ^tmm^mi 
Granaiaon, C nat-aee) ijf. aand-tarwM 
Gra a a a a a . ^. aw. ahowerp aqmU 
Grauat, «a». gainat. a BMaa i a bfa4 
Oceaaat, am. garnet, pallard* ar choh 

Greaer, *. m pound aeed i «e aaed 
Greneterie, ^f. oora trada 

'^reMdar, e, «. aaru-chwidl.. . . 

of the aalt magaainae Cpleee it u 

Orenetii, aM.tlic engrailed rlagniaad 
Graoier. eat. granary ; loft j (arret 
— ii Cain, a hay-loft 

. h icl. 


Kb mnier. aia. in hoik 
Oretiotr. am. aieva ; graiaiBc.pUce 
Graooullla, ^. atiai *^ 

Orauoutllar, *a. to Uppla ; ta nwaaU 
GrenooiUbra, ^. a alnae fall i>ifr»aa 
Grena, a, a. fall af aara; g-Vned 
(^ria, aai. a aartef bcawn Crea-B«eM 
OrfaU, «M. hoac-freet: rlnM 
Or«aUlanMDt, am. ahfivaUing 
GrdaUler, m. to ahrivol. ta wriaUa 
Gr^aillonaar. m*. to ehby 
Greeaerie, ^f. gnj aiene-wnra 
GrAvv, ^. attend ; the gallawa 
Gravw. va. to oppreaa i «a agsriave 
GrihUtto, ^. a park-aiaak or griatam 
Gribouiliaga, «ak a aanwl, a 2«afe 
GiibottUletM, r/. a aeiamUa 
Griiehe. 3. e. apecklad 
Grief, igrm-^^ tm. griaraaoaj iajary 
— , va, e. gricvona ( painAil 
GnAveatcat. ad. gilaveaely } pmiatMj 
Ori«vei<, ^. grieveaanaaa ' 

Griftadc, ^. dawiag j a aentak 
Grifte, ^f. a daw ; a datoh ; paw 
Griifea, am. a giifla ar giiJfa« 
Griftonaffe, ««•. aanwl, aerawUttg 
GtiCnnatoent, eai. raagh 4rawib«a 
GrifiMUMT, M. to eenwl. aartbbu 

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OrilToniuar, «w. k Mnwler, leribbl 
CSrignon, »m. • erustr pl«c« of brea 
Qni^aetar, va. to nibble ; to eat iloi 
Lirigou, tm. m beggarly lordid fellun 
Oril. C«rM] «M. a Rriairon 
arillade, «/. grilled or broiled meat 
Grillage, im. ma. a frame of timber 
Grille, */. a grate, grating 
Griller, v. to broil; to ehut up 
— , VM, to loDg, to dcaira earnestly 
Orillon, «a». a cricket 
Grimnee, */. grimace ; diMimoIation 
GrimHcer, vm. to make face* ; grin 
Grimacier, e, «. a grinuer ; a hypoer 
Grimaud, tm. a raw acbelar 
Grime, «ai. a brat, raw ichoUr 
Grimelin, «m. a mean boy , a gai 

that pUy* for a trifle 
Urimelinaie, «m. playing for a \ 

•mall trifling gainc 
Grimellner, vm. to plajr for a trifle 
— , va. to make a •mall sain 
Grimoire, tm. conjuring book ; a acr 
Grimpement, «a». elimbing up 
Grimper, vn. to climb, to clamber « 
Grimpereau, ««i. a woodpecker 
Grimpeur, ee, «. climber 
Grincement, tm. gnashing, grinding 
Grincer, oa. to gnash, to grate, grbi 
Gringotter, v. to warble; to hum a I 
Griuguenaode, «/. &rtle-bcrry 
GringuenotUr, tm. to ^ing or warbli 
Oriotte, »/. a black cherry 
Griottier, «ai. black cherry tree 
Grippe, •/. whim, eaprf " " 

eou, Ml, a petty agent 

Dripper, ra. to clutch ; to telaa 
S« — , vr. to shrirel, to shrink 
Gris, tgrttj *m. gray colour 
— , e, a. gray, brown ; tipsy 
— de lin. giidelin (a eolomr) 
CSrisjiille, if. a picture done in blac 

white only 
Qrisailler, m. to daub with gray 
Q risftire, 9. a. grayish, grisslv 
Q riser, va. to make tipsy, to fuddle 
— , vm. to turn gray 
Briset, «m. a young goldflnch 
Briiiette, tf. gray gown: a girl of 

QrisolUr, vn. to sing like a laiV 
Grrison, ne, a. $. gray-headed ; dot 

spy ; an ass ; purbeek-stone 
Orisonner, tm. to grow gray 
GriTC, tm. a thrush 
GrireU, e, a. dappled; speckled 
Orirel^. tf. embeuJemcni, cheating 
Grrireler, va. to extort ; to cheat 
Brirelerie, tf. plundering, robbing 
UriTeleur, tm. extortioner, robber 
BriTois, tm, ajorial fellow [< 

Griroise, tf. a soldier's trull ; to 
Grog, tm. am. grog 
Brognement, tm. grunting 
Qrogner, Igra-giMi tm. to grunt ; | 

ble, growl 
Sroj^neur, se, *. a arumblar 
riroiii, *»■ snout of a hog; chops 
Srommeler, vm. to grumble, mutter 

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G\Un, GuirM. ad. bat liltl* »•* mttA 

but few i uot Tarjr ; not lon( ; kardljr 
Ou«rct, caik fellow (reuod 
Uuiridon, «m. m itaiid i aort of UbU 
Gu4rir, vm. to our*; haid ; rtmedy 
— , v«. So — , vr. to ba ourod ; w«ov«t 
Ouirison, ^f. cur*, boslmi 
tiiUriMable, 3- a. cuntM* 
Gu<ri«»eur, mi. hauler, curar 
Guarile, '/. Mmtry-bint ; turrat 
Guarre, tf. war, wwtitra i ttiife 
Goarricr, r, a. «. martial, warlike, mili- 
tary j a warrior 
OuwTojrcr, WM. to make war 

Oni, «M.'iniBiatoa; "(■•>.) maio^beom 
— da bauma, aui. apauWar- boom 
Goibre, «/. awi. kii«e of tha head 
Gaicbat, *■. wlcliet ; ihotUr ; poatani 
Ooiebatiar, «m. a tumLry; dootkeaper 
Guida, ljt*-dfi *m. gulda ; leader ; tutor 

-, a guide 

— ,^. ar 

tae, *m. a diraei 

Guidar, v«. to guida , , 

Guidon, »m. itaitdard ; •tandard-bcarar ; 

mark, raferanea ; tight of a gun ; du.) 

broad pendant 
Guiguard, •*•. dotterel, kind of plover 
Oni|[aa, */. hUck-he^rt ebarrj 
OttigDcr, vm. larr ; haTe in ona'a eye 
Guignler, «m. hlack-haart cherry-tree 
Ouianoa, «m. ill-luck, bad chance 
OuiUa, »/. a ihower, tndden rain 
Guildive, •/. a kind of iidrit dUtiUed 

from molaates 
Gulllage, «M. fennentation of new beer 
OuUlaume, [. oaie] am. a rabUt-plaua 
Guilledin, rm. a geldiug, nag 
GuUledoo, (eourir lei, to gad about 
Oulllemeta, am. pi. Inverted ronunaa 
Guillemot, «M. kind of plorer 
Guiller, vm, to work, to ferment 
OnUlerel, U, a. tpHKhily : gay 
Ouilleri, *m. chirping of the luarrow 
GuiUoeher, mi. to ware 
GuiUoehU, «ai. waved- work 
Guilloiir, >/. brewer's feraftrnting vat 

Guioguetu, «/. a publia-hot 


GuiltedM, tf. goillMiae 
Guimauva, a/. marah-malUwa 
Guiaabarda, ^. andaat dauo* ; sbhm m 

catda ; a«rt of waggou ; Jdw'a karp 
Ottimpe, 4A ouii't stomacher 
Sa GukoBpar, vr. to turn uua 
Guindago, «m. mo. hoisting 
Guiudaut, *M. mu. hoiat el a flat* 
Guiud^, e, a. hoisted ; bomlMMUe ; atW 
Guindeau, tm. ma. windlaaa 
Guiuder, Igatn-imj va. aui. to h«iat an 
Se — , «/ . to soar, to ovaratrmin 
Guiiidereaae, 1/. aia. top rop* 
Guinderie, ^f. eouatraint; MMnbaat 
Guindre, aai. a silk reel 
Guinea. «/. a guinea 

OMl ti 

Guipoir, »m. fringing tool 
Guipoo, aai. am. mop 
Guipure, */. vellnm-la«a } gimp 
Guirlande, rf. a garland, a wremtli ; (aa. 
breast-hook, fore-hook 

— du fea> pant, orlop deck-h«*k 

— d'amarrage, anaking of a sciaiM 
Guise, V' war, fancy, bu«o«r ; kaUt 

En guU, md. like ; afwr tha w»jr af 
Guiure, */. a guitar 
Guiloo, «ai. aia. dog-watch 
Gurotue. «/. */. a cable 
Guatatiun,^. gustation, taatin^ 
Guttural, a, a. guttural ; kaar^ 
Gymuasa, [ jfai-aaa«l •/. | 
Gymiiaatiqua, t. •. cymnaane 
Gymnique, 3. a. gymnic ; atblaiie 
Gyuac^, «/. woman's apartmvul 
Oypsa, im. gypaum, plaater mi Pans 
Gyp«aux, se, a. chalky, gypoe 
Gyromancie, »/. gyromancy 
Gyrovague, im. wandering ar 


.V. B. Tha letter H, wht , 

Fraaeh, U thus markad *. 

Haat. the Sth letter of th« alphabet 
» Ha ! *»/. ha 1 ho • 
nabilo, [a »ar-tf ) i. a. able. 6t, dewr, 

ingenious, skilful ; knowing ; aapert 
nabTlrment. md. skilfully, elrvM^f 
Habiliie. </. abUiiy i skill ; canaJij 
Habiliasime, i. m. vary skilfal' 
Habiliuiion, «/. — tioo. <fuali6c«taan 
Habilitar. vm. Ju. to qualify, eimbk 
Habillage, gm. dressing ol fbwla 
HabiUemrni, am. attire; clotlwa 

— de Ult, a head-piece 

Uabiller, vm. to dreat, to cIotli«i •• jni- 
liau i to skin or &ay ; to draw 

S' — , vr. to dress one's s«U ; ta Vi» 
clothes ; to rig one's self out 

Jabillaur. am. a skiu-dreaser 14t*u 

lUWt, ta-Aa) fm. a coat; Mtb*, gark. 

— de chasse, a frock 

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HaMuMa. 3. a. kaUubla, taaantebU 
HaUtaole, cm. hmbiwtion ; poor abodo ; 

(jna.) UnnMle ; bittacle 
HaMtanl, a, «. «. inhabitiDg ; inbaUtaat 
Habiutloii, »f. — tlop ; aboda Ccohabit 

HaMier. [•-««-/«} mi. to inhabit ; live; 
Habitiida, tf. habit; aaqaainisoca 
Rabitui, a. «. — atcd, aecuttonad 
Habltnei, la, •• habitual, ouatomarr 
HabitucllcmaDt, mi. habitually 
Habitttar, v. to areuaum ; inara 
8' — , vr. to uaa aoa'a aalf 

— en an lian, to aattla is a placa 
'Hablar, via. to roaianea ; to braa 
'Hablotle, •/. nmaBciaK ; brampng 
'HaUavs, a«, «. romancar; liar 
'Haeha, ^. an aw i hatchat 

— d'annaa, battla-au 

'Hachar, m. to ka»h, minoai to hack. 

haigia, to ahattar; to hatch or ahada 
■Hachaiaan, *m. hatchat. littla axa 
'Haehatta, a/, hatchet, amall axa 
'Hachia, aat. haah, niacad aaaat 
'Haoholr, «ai. ahonplirg-board ur kaifa 
'Hachure, «/. hatchla« t ahadins 

<ii/. hair! 
'Hai, •/, a hadgt . 
•— rira, quiekaat hadija 
■Haillon, «M. a rag: Uttarad dotbaa 
•Haina, \iaitU\ i/. hatrad ; araraion : Ul- 

'Hainaaz, aa, a. full of hured 
•Hair, va. tohatat abhor; detaat 
'Haira, «/. hair-cloth ; aaekcloth 
'Halranx, aa, «• raw ; Ruaty ; haaf 
'Halaaabla, 3. a. hataful. odloua 
'Halafo, aHi. a»a. towing 
'Halbran, aai. a rouna wild duck 
•HaUirani, a. a. orar-tlrad, faUgnad 
'Hile, «M. aun-buming ; drying wind 

baa, «ai. mtm. down-haul 

'HU<, a, a. aun-bumti awarthy 
Balaina, la-Zcl-M] ^. braalh; breaaaj 

HiZnh, If. braalh. hiaatUng. whiff 
•Halanar, a«. ate. to gal aeaal of 
<Halar, ar«. wtm. to haul. tow. traok 
'HAlar, m. to aat a dog at ana j to tan, to 

aoorah, to bum ; naka dry 
Sa — , *r. to gat aan-bumt 
'Balatuit, a, a. aut of breath 
'Halaur, m. hanlar, one who towa 
'Halatar, ma. to pant ; breathe abort 
'IlaUaga. «a». aaarhat-duty ; hallaga 
'Halla.*/. a markat-hall; aaarkat 
•Hallahafda. ^f. an halbard 
'Mallabardiar. tm. halberdier 
'Hallabreda. «. a lobharlr peraon 
'Hallior, m. a ihiekci. thick buah 
•Halo. «ai. halo; circle 
'HaIoir,«ak place for drying hemp 
'Halot, tat. a rabbit a hole 
'Halta, ^f. hall: rafraahment 
'Halla-la ! hit. hold • atop ! ailaitce ! 
•Haltar, tw. ta halt; atop 


'Hanae, Ikamik-^ tm. mm. a .. 
■H amadryade, «/. hamadryad 
'Hamaaa, $m. a hamlet 
'Hamaqoo, aai. a fish-hook ; bait 
■Hampe, CAon-pe] «/. shaft af a weapon . 
■Han, aai. cararaoaera 

ID. tm. drlnking-onp, bowl, mug 
nmiehe, rf. hip, haaoch; (aw.) Quarter 
■Hangar, ««i. a cart-house ; ahea ; lio« 

Hanscrit, eat. I 

'Haasiire, «/. a halier, hawaar 
'Hantar, trn. to freqtieot ; haunt 
'Haniiaa, tf. fraqueDting ; fellowship 
'Happe, tf. a eramp iron ; pincata 

chair, «M. catcb|io1], bailiff 

— -ibie, «ai. a aea-blrd 
• Happ<e. ^f. aeiaare, dialreas 
'Haypalopin, «ai. a eatch-bit 
'Happalonrde, rf. falaa diamond; 

empty fop, ailly fallow 
'Happer, va. to anap; catch 

^f. nag ; pad ; ataff 
r-«a] tm. a dray 

Haquet, [Aa-l , 

Haquetler, aat. a drayman, eartar 
Harangue, tf. apaech, oration 
Haranguer, va. to haranxtte 
Harangueur, «i«. a speech-makar 
Hatas, [Aa-rn] tm. atud ; breed of horaea 
'Haraaaar, va. to haraaa, tire, fatigue 
Haraaaier, tm. the keeper of a stud 
Hareeler, va. to tease ; to rex ; harasa 
Harde, tf. a herd of fallow deer 
'Harder, pa. to leash bounds 
'Hardei, ^f. pi. clothes ; goods, elTecta 
'Hardi, e, a. bold ; daring ; impudent 
Hardiasae, rf, boldnats ; oourii<a 
Hardiment, ad. boldly; stoutly 
'Hareng, tm. a herring 

— blane, fresh herring 

— saure, red herring 
'Harengeaiaon, ^f. herring aaaaon 
'Hkreugire, tf. a ftsh-woman ; acold 
''Harongaria. ^. herring-market 
'Harenguiira, tf. net with amali mcshea 
'Har^HX, aa. a. morof e ; pcerish 
'Haricot, tm. kidner-haan ; haricot 
'Haridclla. rf. a jade ; a aorrr horaa 
flaraoonica. aai. — ca, mnsirai itlaasas 
larmooie, tf. harmony, concord 

Harmouieusameat, ad. hannouiously 
H armonieux, aa. a. — nioua ; melodloua 
Harmoniqua, 3. a. — oical, harmonic 
Haimoniquement, ad. harmonically 
HannonisM, aat harmoniat 
'Hamachement, tm. hameaa 
'Hamachcr. ra. to hameaa 
'Hamaeheur, aai. harnaea-maVer 
'Haraoia, tm. armour ; horsa-tiappinga 
'Haro, aat. a hue and cry 
'Harpagan, aai. a miaar 
Sa 'Harpaillar, vr. to acuflie. grappla 
'Harpe, a/, harp; («reA.) toothing 
'Harpeaa, tm. mta. grapple 
'Harper, ra. to grapple ; halt ; harp 
'Harpia, *f. barpy ; shrew, scold 
St 'Harpignar, vr. to quarral ; flghl 
*Harpiii, *ai. baat-hook 

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HAU ■ 1 

'Harplita, *m. m Ksrp-pbifar, harper 
'Harpon, »m. hmrpooa ; gnpfU 
<Hai|>onn»r, va. to haipoon 
'HarimniMur, «ai. a tiarpooner 
'Hart, TAarl *». band of a (afgot ; halur 
'Hasud, [Ao-sor] *m. haaaid ; ti*k ; dan- 

'Haaarder, va. to riaV ; Tcntura 
*IIaiard«aMiii«nt, nd. hasardonil/ 
'Haaardenx, euie, «. kaaardoua, bold 
■HaM, [Aaac] «/. a doe- hare oV eonay 
Haat (armei d'), long-hafted waapoaa 
•Htte, »/. kaate. apMd, hurry 
HAtelet, $m. email eUTcr ekawMr 
'niter, ra. to hatteo ; forward 
9* -— , vr. to make kaate 
'HAtaor. tm. oretMor of tb« roaet OMat in 

the king'i Mickan 
'Hfttier. «M. epit-rack 
'HAtif, re, a. forward; kaaty, tmtimdjr 
•Hitireau, *m. haetjr pear 
'lUdrernvnt, md. forwardlv, premature 
•HAriTet<, mr. forwardneea 
•Haubaaa.««».p/. ma. ekreada 
-• de ibc, jif-guyf 

— de fortune, preventer ahroada 

— de revere, futtock throuda 
'Haubereau, Hotioreau, em. hobbj, a a< 

of hawk ; boobjr ; a petty country aqulr 

tronbleiome neighbour 
'HHubergenier, «m. hawberk-naher 
*5«<»bergeon, *m. email coat of mall 
'Hanbert, ikt-itmrl am. large eeat of ma 

— (flef de), tenure by knight'i aerrieo 
'Haoaee, «/. a lift ; an underlay | rlae 


, depth of a iMttnUoa 

'Hanturier (pilote), •«. m«. om-bU** 
•Bftre. 3. •. pale, wan. jkaatly 
'Haveneau, eai. a cray-fiah bm 
'Hareron, mi. a kind of wild oats 
Havir, va. to aeorek l»atd t^ tmmatt 

I. raleinc, liMncvp 
rue of »• ekonMen 

— d'jpanlce, tbrue 
'Hauseer, ra. to raiae ; ehrug . 
— , «a. to be railed ; to cwcll ; riee 

Se — , vr. to itand a tip-tee ; to de W' 

dera ; to clear up 
'Raussiire, «/. ma. kawacr 

— k toiler, tow-rope 

'Haur, e. a. kigh ; ull ; nobU ; Itbj 
— , Ml. kelgkt, top, lidge 
— . ttd. kigh ; aloud ; big ; boldly 
k-baa, «ai. a pedlar 

— -i-la-maln, ad. with a kigk hand 

— -bord, «ai. large ckip ; man of war 
bout, «m. upper end 

— tiU, tm. brcaat of mutton 

— -de-ekauiaea, m*. bveeckee 

^le-corpt, Mi. bound er aldp 

mal, falling elekneea 

'Hautain, e, a. kangkty, proud 
'Hautainement, €id. proualy 
'Hautboi*, lM-hoo-ma1 *m. kautboy 

'Haute-contre, ^ counter- 

futale, »/. lofky treec 

— -lice, «/. tapeatoy, k«r- 
'Hauu-mar^e, «/. kigh-wamr 

— tallle, ^. alto ; counter-Unor 

■Hautcment, ad. kaugklily, boldly 

'Hautea-cartea, */.pl- conrt-catda 

, ,/. epr&g-Ud 

. /. kigkiieea, Utl« glvott to the 
Krand leignior 
•HMttur, ^. height] fall kagths cnl-, 

<H< ! Ut. ek I ho, ao, eho l-O ! bIm I 
— Men I well I [iflltr 

■Heaume, CfoaMl am. holaaat; (m«.) the 

H<borgo, »/. tke keight of a h 
H<bergcr, m. to batbour, to lodM 
H4ibtJ, e, a. e. atupid, dull ; n ama 
H<b<ter,iw. toatnpify: to bMoC 
H<Ucket, ma. a aoM V/elere 
H<bralsant. •< 

nrctogramme, t 
Hectolitre, ««. 

H<gire, «r- begira, Turkiak t 
H^ler, iw. to kaa a tUp 
Hjliaqae. 3. a. aar. keliacal 
HJliaaiee, em. pi. keUaaiea 
Hrlice, «/. apiral line of a cyliadar 
HAingtto, tf. atrop er itrap 
H«lioaeope. «ai. helioerapo 
Heliotrope, mm. eanflowor 
Hell'nieme. m. HeHeiriam 
Hemniate, «ai. Helleniit 
'Hem! int. hem I aohol 
Hrm^rocale, tf. a day-lfiy 
HiSmiercle, tm. hemieyde, e 
H<mipUgle. «/. mA. -gy, . 
ll^mbpAre^ «m. hemiapken 
H<miapk«riqae, 3. " ' 
H<mietleka, t. . « 

H<morrhaIdal, te. 


H^mortkoldea, tf pi. mt. tk« ptUa 

'Hcnnir, vn. to neigk 

'Henniaeemcat, «M. ncighiiif 

H^tique, */. Uver-wert 

— . 3. a. hepatic 

H^patologie, tf. i ' " "■ 

Ilcpiarckie, *f. keptarehy 
H^raldiqur, 1 m. heraldic, of kceaUr* 
•Hiraat. [M-rol •■>• > kM^d ' 

Herbac«, e, a. her) 

Reihetu, tf. graaa ; tender gn^a 
Herbeax, ee. a. grnaay, kerha«« 
ReiWor, tm. herbal 
RcftUre, tf. het^wwuM 

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HfriMri«ti<», ^f. hwtaUiiag 
HmrbovlMr, *n. to iMrbalia* 
Herboriite, «m. an liwrlMltet ; 

Hncakdi*. «m 
HesBgoiM, a 

Herbn, •, a. , 

'H4n, Lfart] •<•.» wrMcb, % •arrj r« 
HirMiulN, S. a. herMUnrr 
H<r4dinir«aMiit, «f. hmdiurilT 
H<ndit«, «/. heinUp ; inharitane* 

H<rMaM, S. •. « hmtinl ; hmtk 
H<riM<, e, «. briatling ; bniskv 
H<riM«*, */. piidcljr ckMrplUkr 

'HtirlaMU, aw. hadM-kuM: 
HMttga, »m. tahaAianoa ; 
HMtar, m». ta inharit 
HMtiar, a, «. hair, hairaaa 
— prCaamptU, hair appannt 
Hannaphtodlia, a«. harmaphradlta 
Haimittqna (adanee), ehanJaujr 
HanB^ttqaaoMnt. md. hamiaticidly 
Hanalaa, rf. anaina 
HarmbU. a, a. M. amfaiad 
Harminatta, »f. an adaa 
Hamiiaga, aai. harmitaga 
Harmiie, ««. hamit. aaeherat 
•HaroUirtf, «. «. MUting to harnU 
Hanimlrt, Harnlola, »/■ ruptura-trort 
'Harnia, ^. ruptura, harnia 
•Hamiaux, aa, «. bunt «r banten 
Harel-eomigue, 3. «. haroi-eooiicol 
H<roIda, «^ haroid. haraie apiatlc 
H4roIna, rf. haraiua 
Htrolqna, 9. a. kereio, haroical 
H^rolquamani, od. hanriodlr 
Htfrolama. «ai. haraittn 
H<nm, tm. » harn, haron 
*H4roiiiia*o, «ai. young ham 
'IMroiMiar, vm. ta bunt tha bam 
•lUroBnMra, «/. harnshaw 
«H«roa. CU-f«] «m. haro 

'Hataa, 4^. a 

*Ha t aa au , mm. wul erisgla in tha holt-rapa 

ofmaail ^^ 

'Haraar, aa. to harrow 1 braali aloda 
'HaraauT, «ai. m hatrawar 
UMlatlaa, rf. haaiiatUm; doubt 
HMlar, «it. tohaaltnta; wawr ; damur 
HMrooUta. 9. a. irngolar; add 
H^arodaia, S. «. -doc, diaaauting 
HMradoxia, af. hataradaxT ; haraay ' 
HMrogiaa. S. a. — naoaaf diaaimilar 
H«t«rogtfiiMi«, «/. — tv; dtaalasiUtada 
H^Ureadana, a^. •/. hataraaaUiia 
«H«tn. aat. tha baaeh-traa 
Han I int. Mod laek ! 
Hour, MR. Inak, good fartuaa 
Haura, if. hour ; tfauo 
Hanraa. rf. pi. primar ; pruyar-boob 
HaurauaooMat. »d. happily; luckily 
ffauraux, aa, «. happy ; lucky, bloaaad 
•Hourt, aa«. bnooli, bit; mlaohaaeo 
'Haurtor, va. ta hit ; knock ; offoud 
'Hourtoir, aat. a knoekar Utf « rfaor) 
Hanaa, V. lowar bos of » pump 

. kaxugonal; baxagon 

Haxanitn, o. «. hasamator 

Hiatna, aai. hiaiua; gap 

'Hibvn. Ikt-bt&y 9m. an owl; eroaa feUow 
Hie, ««t. a knot tr principal diffiruliy 

Hidalgua. «at. hldal«o, Spaniah aoblo 

^Hidauaament, ad. hideously 
Hid«u>, la, a. hidaoua ; gkaatly 
Hia. ^. rammar. pavior't boaila 

Htibla, rf. dana-wort ; dwarf-cldar 

Hiine, «/. hyana 

Hiar, ad. yaatarday 

— au soir, yaatarday aranliig 
"HiAiarchte. «/. hlarareky 
'Hi«rarehiqua, 3. a. hUrurehical 
HUratchiqucnMnt, ad. hiaraiohieally 

HUroglypha. tm. hlaroclyphic 
Hitfroglyphiqua, t. a. hiaroglrphical 
HUnwlyphkiuainant, ad. — phically 
HilariU. a/, hilarity; ehaarfUlnoaa fdcek 
HUoiiaa, ^f. pi. aM. binding atrdcaa af a 

— ranTarrfoa, far and aft earlingi under 
tha baaaa (.diaaaaoa of anlmalt 

Hlppiatriqoa, tf. tha art of curing tha 
HippodrouM, aai. — drama, raea-oouraa 
Hippogrilfe, aat. hippegriff 
Hippopotama, aai. tha hippon 
Hiroadelle, «/■ a • wallow 
Hlapaniaaaa, «m. Spanish idiom 
Hiasar, va. to hoiat ; to haara op 
Histiodromia, »f. — «la, «r aallmg 
Hiatoira, [to-foe-wor] •/. history j atory ; 

HUtorial, a. a. historic, historical 

iriatta, »f, a norel, littla story 
Historiographa, tm. hiatoriographar 
HbtOfl<iuc, S. a. hiatorie, historical 
Historiquamant, ad. hisloricnlly 
Hiatrion, aat. a buffoon ; slago-playcr 
Hirer. [«-twr] aas. winiar ; old ago 
Hiramage, «ai. bm. wlntar-tiae : go 

HjTomal. a, a. wlntarly ; brumal 

S' — , vr. to innro ona'a aalf 10 oold 
Ho! tel. hoi hipl 
'Hoe, sat. a aori of gaasa at eaida 
Hoea, am. a aartain game of ahanca 
ha, if. a notch, a nick, a hoUow 

'Hooho-pot. «BS. hoteh-poieh 
'Hoehe-quana, im, tha wagtail 
'Hochar, va. ta Jog ; shaka ; wag 
•Hookat. «a». a child's aoral; ruttia 
Hognar, mi. to murmur : to whino 
Hslrraai. i«. an hair 

Hoiric, if. im. inbaritanca. patrimony 
•HoU! od. holdl poacal h^tharal 
'Hollaodar, v«. to alaanaa or'"- 

Hom«lia, •/. homily. 


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»r. tw. to mrdrr, ta kill 
in, «». m. coUwdAii of tintUics 
HomUiaaM, tm. % writer of homiliM 

HonaMgar, mi- who halda by honaM 
Hoamnaaaa, a. waiily ; atronffcatiirad 
Bomma, [o-ato] aw. aanaiis aaaitkind 

— fuit, a (MWn man 

— da roba, a lawjrac 

RoBiacAna. 3. «. tuMnagMMOiia : aiviUr 

BomcftaMU, »/. * 

HovoraKatloii. »/.. 
Homolocaa, !.•.(. 
Honaologuvr, vm. jm. 
HaraonimM, 3. a. '~~ 
•Hone M. hum) 
Hoii«iMk«i, <^. a earrar'a oWaal 
'Hongra, »m. a galdiag 

"m, •/. anaant draaa (or 

HoDflrayaw, »m. carriar 
HannlM, [a-a«ft«] 3. m. I 

Honnttaaient, md. houaatlf; daaMidy ! 
obliclnglf; {irattjr wcllj^ Viudly 


eiTil; gontaal ; poUw; kind 


cradlt ; glory, rapoiaiiaa 
Hoonaara, aaiV ragalia, dignitica 
— faulbraa, Ainaral aolaauiltiaa 
'Honnl aolt qai aul y panaa, aril ba to 

him that a^il tkiolia 
'Honnir. •«. to ravila, entaa, autraga 
HooorabU, 9. m. haQoarablai aplantf' 
HonorablanMBt, ad. hoMMrablT 
HonoTaira, 3. a. haoortrr* *■*■•>>' 
— , «M. fca, aalary, atipaxd 
Hooorar, vm. to hoooar ; to aateeat 
IIouorifi<|tta, 3. baoorary, titulary 

•Hoota. tAwrfO »/• ""^ ^-^ 

- 1, ad. 

, . I. baal 

MApital. m. hoapltal ; al 

•H^act, C*»-*»l »m. tha . 

•Hoqaetoo, ««. a pattiealar aart of guards ; 

tha aaat warn by tkeaa 
Horaira, 3. a. borary, karal 
•Horda. if. tioida ; elan, triba 
•Horion, «m. mat blow or itrolia 
Hoiiion. •■!. horiaoa 

HaTiaoDialaMaM. md. botiaoiil»ny 

Hartaita. */. • clack 

— da aabla, hourtdaaa 

-« aolalta. aan*dial 

Rorlogtr, aai. • clock mr wmteh-aMkai 

HorloaOTia, ^r. clock-makiD« 

HmgnlpUa, ^ThoMgra'pltr I falling 

amar, «A ha«rar; 
glaoMi (rlfht^Miti 

I, pi. aboeUaa th! 
I, 3. m. horri£la( 

Hanibla, 3. m. horriiaai korrU ; katHaJ 

datcatable ; aafariona 
Horriblement, md. —\Aj ; aa.UaMal y 
•Hora, C4or] pr. oat j paat ; nc««t ; aa«a 
— da IiUhm, frca froat blam* '^ 

— da ntiaon, nnraaaonAla 

— -d team, »m. oatwarlc t digraaaioa 

— <i«Tre, md. mrek. in tha timmr 
Hortolaga, aat. Utelwn-gaidra ; harta 
Hoapic«, aat. a aort of koapital 
Hoq>italiar, a. a. a ^abla, lMapicBll«r 
Hoapiulil^, «/. kooiaiality 
Hinpodar, tin. lioapodar 

Hnallr, ^. boat; victim ar aaLMi&aa 
Hoitilc, 3. a. hoatUa ; warUka 
Hottilavtant, ad. in a hoatiU TimnnrT 
RosttUi«, tf. Itoatility ; opan war 
HOta, «ai. boat ; landlord ; ntca* 
Hfttal, «M. hotel; lodging ; Lmm* 

— Diaa. ••>. liaapital 

— da la — nn aia. the aatnt 

— da TlUe, the guildhall, tAWB-WMn* 
H6teliar, a, a. innkacper : 

HAtellaria, «/. an inn { l^i 

HAtaaae, »/. hoitan ; lai^ladv 

Hotte, tf. a -» •- 

Hott<a.«/. ad 

Hottewr, ac, «. whs e 

■Honaga, Houaaha, an. a aUp'n wnho 
'Houari, aaa. mm. wlterry 

Houblon. m. hepa 

Hottblonnar, vm. ta hop, to p 

vm. ta hop, to out h 

I, #/. hop-gronna 

>, a<. koa : a 
r. [4*-*3 « 

, dibhln 

HaaiUa,V- pt«-«aal 
HouUlaur, «ai. calUtr 
HonilUrc, </. a eeal-teiaa mr pit 
Houla. «/. HUow. wara ; akOlct. na* 
Hualatw, ^. a eraali; dibfala ; hoi 
Houlana, w, aM. bUlowy. awnllins 
«/. a taft i a knab ( • pmM 
■nda, */. a ifc" 

'Hoappar, va. to toft 


HonraUlia. aat. oLpaekof gowlfarn.t!Jn; 
' Houreo, ^. bm. a aaaall cabin 
■Hanrdagi, «». rough maaonry 
■Honrdar, vm. to rangh-work 
■Hourat, mf. » bad kannd 
'Moari. ^ konri 
■Hoarqaa. i/. giant koy or hnlk 
■Havrrarl, am. npMari atemny wind 
to call back banMila 

HMia4. a. a. dirty ; badng|d«d 
•HaMMUz, aai. jS. ■pMtordaallcn 

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' HottiM, «/. • horM-cloUi i a 

clotli ; • cuTer for m chair 
'llooaacr, va. to awrep; ta da«t 
'UuuraMtet, «/. pi. trank-UcIn 
— . *m. pi. DM. tidirsera 
'Houateur, m, «. « iwt«p«r 
'Houuiire, ^. a holly plantation 
■Houssina, ^. a awitch, a small twi> 
•Hoiissiner, i>a. to jariti to awitch 
'Hoimaoir, »m, hair broom ; whiak 
'Houx, [tooj tm. hoUjr, holly-oak ; holm 
'HoTau, (M. a mattock; pick-axa 
'HuMoti, am, pi. »«. MUttlei 
•Hucha, ^f. hutch, bin ; trough j knaadSna- 

trough ; mill-koppar ; meal-tub 
'Ilueher, vm. to halloo after one 
'Huchct, *m. hunisman'a horn 
•Hue, hua, ho! «ai. ho, «ec, (ce^ ho! 
•Hu«e, */. ihoutiuK. hootW. halloo 
' H uer, va, to hoot at ; to shoat 
'Huetta, ff. madge-owlet 
< Huguenot, am. — «ot. a protattant 
'Huv'uenotta, »/. a pipkin 
•Huguanotisma. am. huguanotiam 
Hui. md. to-day, thii day 
Huile. C«o-ft(] ^f.^M 
Huilar, t>«. to oil ; to anoint with oU 
Huileua, ae, a. oily; greaay, fu 
Huilier, iim. an oilman ; oil-cruet 
Huir, vn. to cry aa a Ula 
Huia, am. jm. a door 
Huiiterla, if. door-frama «r eaaa 
Huiaaier, «m. uiher ; tipstaff ; bailiff 
JHuit, «. tight 

'Huitain, am. atanxa of eight varaaa 
'Huitaine, ^. eight dayiT 
•Huitltoe, 3. a. »m. ef.hth; aighth part 
•Huitiiaaameot. td. eighthly 
H ultra, i/. an oysiar 
Hultricr, tm. an oyitarman 
'Halottr, »f. an owlat 
Humaiti, •, «. human ; humane ; kind 
HumaioB, [ra-main] am. pi. mortala ; man 
Huroaioemeut, ud. humanly ; humaarly 
liumaniaar, va. to hnmaniae ; to civiliaa 

Humanity, tf. human nature ; humanity 

Hiimanitis, «/. pi. clasaical learning 
Humble. 3. a. humble ; lowly ; modeat 
Hamhlement, ad. humbly ; tcspactfuUy 
Humectant, e, a moistanuig 
Humactatiou, a/. — tion , moislaning 
Hume«(cr, an. to moisten, make wet 
'Humer, i*a. to sup up; suck iu 
Humeral, e. a. of the ahoulder 
Humeur. tf. humour ; temper { moiatwra 
Humide, [. muadl 3. a. humid, damp, 
moist "^ 

— , «M. meistare 

Huraidemeut, ad. In a damp placa 
Humldit*. ,/. humlditri dampneaa 
HumUiant, r, a. huml.lin«, mortifying 
Humiliation, «/.— lion; mortification 
Humiliar, vo. to humble; to mortify 
5»" — , rr. to hamble ooa's self 
Humilit<, if. humility, humbleneks 
Humoral, t, a. humoral 

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Int. ths ninth latMr of the alphabet 
» Dnrft ooomta nn i, at straight aa ai 
lanba, c. *. ianhio; iaasbaa 
lambiqua, a. conaiatina of iambaaaa 
IM«. [t-biM^ «M. a kiBd of .lork 
loaUi, iwUa, pro. h«, him ; khe^ har; i 

Egjrpaan rat 
lekaofpraphto* ^f. a gaoinMiical plan 
lehBocnmhiqDa* 3. a. iehnographieal 
Ichor, (iter} Mt. m*. ichor 
lehormz, ac, «. mi. ichonnia 
Ichlhyologic. •/. Ichthyology 
bhihyoph*M, «. one who Uvea on Ibh 
Id, [«M] md. hoTO ; hither ; in this plaoa 
— baa, hMO bolow i In thia world ' 
pria, hard by 

l«niapa|iki«, «/. ioonography 
letfero. *m. wU. ietorua, jauudlM 
Id4al. e. «. Idral. inaifiaary 
Idialcmaut, ad. idMUy 
Id<«, ledHJ $f. idaa; notion ; hint ; o 
Idondfior, v». to identify 
Uantiqna, i. m. ideutieal, the came 
" - ont, Qd. identioally 

Identity, rf. 


Id4olo|ie, tf. id«docy, »t«>h: 
Id^lecoc, *m. — giat, meuphyi 
Idear*'. pi. idea^ *^ ' 

UioM. Ii-df»mt2 •»• dialect, idiom 
Idiot, a, a. ». ailly ; an idiot ; ninny 
Idleiiaaie, eat. idiom ; phraaeolooy 
Molfctre, 3. a. e. idolatrona ; idolater 
IdoIAtrar, vm. to worship idola ; idoliae 
Idolfttiie, rf. Molatrr ( Baaanitm 
Idolitrique, 3. «. tUoief 
Idola, Q. an idol ; aui 

inanimate peraoii ; atupid CaUew 
If, eat. yew, yew-tree 
Ignan, Hg*-mm--\ 3. m. ilUteratt, 
I«ni, e, a. flery : igneoue 
Ignieole, (. — eola. an adorer of fire 
Ignition, af. IgnitiMi 
IgnoUe, i. a. ignoble, baae, aaean 

Ign. ■ • 

Igneminevx, eo, «. ignomiidona 
Ignocamment, od. ignorantly 
Igneranea. rf- — ranee; nnaUllnlneaa 


Igneier, am. to be ignoraat ef 
If, are. be: it 
Ile,V- •> >Mend, iaU 
Dee, am. }>l. dk. ilia 
lies, em. the searlet oak 

- I. mt. iliac, iliaeal 
, »m. mt. the ea ilium 
L ««, «. illariTO. eondudlag 
J. e, •• Ulagnl, contrary to law 
lent, md. —gaily, unlawfully 

> IMM 

IlUgltimcS. •. niegal ; in««{timai 
nUgitimemcni. ad. lUegitim»icl» 
llMgitimit<, */. illegltimacx ^ 

IlUtT<, e, a. unlettered, unvaMalit 
imaic, 3. a. iUieit, unlawAtl 
Illicitemeut. ad. unlawfaUj 

Illimiti, a, e. unlimited, uab 

lUnminatU, to, a. illuninnti^ 
Illumination, tf. UluminatlMi 

UlomitiA, e, a.t noted; lishtnd ; clew 

' fanatic, one of the aiumlnati 

Illnaion, [. . ar-en] rf. Uluaioa; &UneT. 
lUuaoire, 3. «. illwaive ; dcMttfid 
Illuanirement, nrf. deceitfully 
ninattatimi, VI — tien ; illaatHomaeee 
lUnatre, 3. •. iUuatrious ; fnaBeaa, a«iUe 
illuatror, «a. to illuatnte ; Mlora 
illuanlaeime, 3. «. right revm«.,d 
Hot, [»-Aif I m. a amaU ialmnd 
lit. pn, pi. they 
Image, Ce-m^el^.imH 
Imager, e, $. prinlaeller 
Imaginable, 3. a. imaglnabl* 

. ■ -\r,, J. .. Imaginary ; 

«. imaginntiT* 

- — „ . tf- Imaelnation ; tli««chl 

Imaginative, ^, faculty of laangiBiag 

, vt. to imagine ; to tblab 

laretj aat. a Tnrhiah hoapitnl 

ibMlIe, 3. e. *. —die, wMkk { en laiM 

Imb<dllit4, (/. imheciUty i 
Imberbe, 3. «. bcardleaa 
Imbiber, va. to imbilie ; to drink In 
S' -, vr. to aoak ; be Imbibed 
Imbibition, ^f. imbtbiUon, aaeklaK In 
Imbric<e a. (tulle — ), eonenTe tfla 
ImbrogUo, [. . //«e]eai. conftasiait, iittrleMy 
Imba, e, e. imbued, full oi; filUd with 
Imitabie, 3. •. — ble ; fit to be Imitntrd 
ledtateur, trice, t. imitator ; follower 
Imitntif, ve, a. imltniiTe, tmiwmi..^-. 
Imitation, aA imiuiion ; copy 
Imlter, [e-au-l*] m. tolmltAte; fcllow 
ImmaeuM, e, •. immaculate, epotlen 
lannanent, e, m. Inherent ; eottnti-kt 
ImmanqukUe, 3. m. InliUibto : cenai» 
T w. -J Infallibly 

ImmalMaUl4, */. immateriality 

md. immatninlly 

laamatrlcnlatkm, ^. reglatering 
Immatrienle, af. matriculation 
Immatrlenler, ow. matrieulato 
• - V. -rtty ; 

Immemorial, e, «. — rial, out ofmi^ 
Immeaae. [An aii«ti-(«]3. m. lanBena*. n 
' ' ad. Immenaely, 

fe, 3. «. ii 

fmmereif, ve, e. {mm 

Immeraion, if. immertion; inraMikinc 
Immauble, «. em. immovable i bnm«v«Ua 
gooda : a real a«tate 

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numncBt, t. a. i 
t'lmmbeer, rr. to intermeddle 
mmia^rieordleuz, »t, a. uomerciful 
mmoblU, 3. a. imnorable 
mmobilitr, », «. inteparable 
iminobilM, t/. — litf ; stedrastneet 
mmoderatioD, «/. intemperaiice 
mmodiri, t, e. immoderau 
mmoderfoMDt, ad. iinnodcratrl/ 
mmodeata, 'i, a. immodest : Impura 
nunodntement, nd. immodeatljr 

— tor, eacrificer 

mmolatioii, $/. — tion, lacrifice 
mmoler, va. to inmolate, tacrific* 
mmonde, 3. a. anoleaot foul 
mmoiidioet, *f. pi. fllth, dirt 
mmoral, e, a. inmoral 
mmoralit^, «/. immorality 
mmortaliser, va. to immortallie 
mmortalit<, */. immortality ; eternity 
'il, le, a. — Ul ; ererlaating 
ille, r<M-aior-(e/J •/. bo. amr 

Ifieatien, <f, unmortificaiioii 

mmortifii, e, a. umnortiBed, leniual 
mmaable, 3. a. immutable 
luablement, ad. immataUv 

_^ J. odd; 

mpalpable, 3. a. impalpable 
mpanation, */. fanpanauon 
mpArdonnable, 3. a. nnpardonablt 
mpariait. lain-pmr-fafl • a, m. imperfect ; 

mpArfaitemcnt, «i. imperfactlr 
miwrtable, 3. a. ju. indiTieible 

Impereeptlblnnent, ad. impereeptibljr 
Imperdable, 3. a. that eaiiuot be loit 
Imperfection, «/ . imperfection ; defect 
Imperial, e, a. imperial 
Imp<riale, «/. the roof of a coach ; the in 

ptrial lily ; a game at cardi 
Impiriaux, «ai. pi. imperiali(U 
Imp^rieuaementi eui. imperiously 
Impjrieux, «e, a. imperloue, haughty 
Impjriaiable, 3. a. impcnihable 
Impiritie, */. ignorance ; nntkilfulness 
Impermialnlit^, tf. impermeability 
Impenn^able, 3.-<t< impermeable 

^ ' 'b. a. impereonal 

. impersonnlly 

^ i, le, a. imperil 

Imperaotinellement, ad. im^ 
ImpertiBamment, ad. impertinently ; 



fooltihly ; nneeaionably 

ipertinence, »/. — nence ; intrusion 

ipartaeeabla, 3. a. indirisible 
mparti^, a, a. impartial ; equiti 
inp«rtial«meot, ad. impartially 

mp»rtialit<, «/ impartiality ; Jostiea 
mpsMe, «/' a blind alley 
mpaaiibiQtt, ^. impaatibnitT 
mpaailble, 3. •. incapable ot •uflering 
mpatiemment, ad. impatiently 
mpatienee, ^. impatience ; eagetaa^ 
mpktient, e, a. impatient ; eager 
mpatienter, mi. to put out of patieuM ; to 

I' — . vr. to 1m impatient: to fret 
'Impatroniser, vr. to get authority 
mpsyable, 3. a. ineatiroable 
nip«co»bllit«, tf. impeccability 
mpeccable, 3. «. impeccable 
mpeccancf , ^f. exemption from ein 
tnv*a6a*HUU. tf. ImpenetrabUity 
mp^nitrable, 3. a. impenetrable 
mp^nttrablement, ad. Impenetrably 
mpenitence. rf. — tenoe ; obduracy 
mpAniunt, e, a. impenitent [charge 

mpense, lain-paiicel tf. ju. expenie ; 
mp^ratif. eat. the imperative mood 
_ , ■re, a. imperadTa ; peremptory 
mp^ratirament, ad.—ij; impenously 
nip^ratoira, rf. bo. maiter-wort 
mp^ratrice, ^. an empreei 
mparaaptible, 3. n ' 

Importunimeot, aa. importunaieiy 
Importuner, va. to kinportune ; to rex 
Importunity. «/. importunity ; dunning 
ImpoiaUe, 3. a. liable to be taxed 
Impoaant, a, a. Imposing : itriking 
Impoaer, va. to impose; lay on 

En — , to lie, tell an untruth ; to awe 
imposition. «/'. imposition ; tax, duty 
Impossibility. •/. impossibility 
ImpossibU, 3. «. — ilhle ; iropracticaMa 
Imposte, »f. arei. Impost 
Imposteur, «m. impoator, cheat 

Obi. /m before p is always pronounced as a'a ittfaimt. 

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laipostnM, «/. impectortt firMid 

ImpAt, Caii»-pfi} «M. iiupost ; tax ; cMton 

— tar chaqiM Xitm, poll-tax 

— sar chaqua feu, n«arth-money 
lauottat, c, a. impoMnt; lame 

A rlmpoumi. ad. unawares ; euddenly 
Impraticable, 3. a. iapraetieable 
Imprfaation, ^. impreeatioo ; curse 
Imprieatoire, 3. «. impreoKtonr 
Impregnable, 9. a. impregnable 
Impruguation, tf. impregnatioa 
Impr<gner, va. to impregnate 
Imprescriptibilite, ^. — e«iipdUlitT 
Imprescriptible, 3. a. impresoriptible 
Impression,*^, impression; persuasion 
Impr<TO]ranee, »/. want of foresight 
Irapr<Toyant, e, «. improrident 
ImprbTU, * ■" ..«r««— .- 

Imprimi, «ai any thins nriuted 
»---'-er, [«*.»-pr.-»jf| Btt. - 



[tng- office 

imerie, t/. the art of printing ; print- 
Amprimear, Mm. « printer 
Imprimure, s/. the {iriming or ground of 

a picture-cloth or canvas 
Improbable, 3. a. improbable ; unlikely 
Improbateur, trice, a. ». diaapproTiog, 

censuring ; a ceusurer 
Improbation, ^. — batioo, dit^proving 
Improbii<. tf. want of honesty 
Impromptu, »m. impromptu 
— , a. extempore, unexpected 
Impropre, 3. a. improper ; unfit 
Improprement, ad. — perly ; unsuitably 
Impropri<ti, if. — priety ; inaccuracy 
Improurer, va. to disapprore ; blame 
Improrisateur, trice, «. one who oomposee 

and recites exumpore 
Improriser, v. to extemporise 

ImproTiste, li I'lmproviste, ad. saddenlr, 

^tedly, unawares C^aotiy 

iment, [. . da-tMU'] ad. imoru- 
ee, *f. — denee j rsshi 

Imprudent, e, a. — dent ; unadrised 
— , «. an imprudent person 
Impubire, 3. a. i. not adult ; under age 
Impudemmeat, arf. impudeody 
Impudence, *f. -~denc« ; shsmelessnats 
Impudent, e, a. — dent; saucy 
Impudieite, *f. lewdness ; obscenity 
Impudique, 3. a, immodest ; lewd 
Impudiqnement, ad. lewdly ; wantonly 


I. a. inae- 

nbiUt«, «/. inaeeeaaibl«MM 

jible, 3. a. inaeeearibU Z%f 

Inaecmnodable, 3. a. that camMM be aua< 
Inaccosuble, a. uneoeiable ; iaaeeaasibtc 
Inaccoutumi, e, «. anaceustomad 
Inactif, TO, a. inaeiiTo ; indoleait 
Inaction, ^. inaoHen; iadolaBM 
Inadmissible, 3. «. inadmissibU 
InadTertanee, $f. — taney, oreraigbt 
InalifaabtUti, ^f. -ty; ioalUnaUaiie.s 
Inalienable, 3. •. iaalienable 

3. «. 

Inalterable, 3. «. unalterable 
InamissibiUte, »f. inamisaibUitv 
Inamisaible, 8. «. that eanaot b« li 
laawoTible, 3. a. unremoTabU 

[t-na-mt-^M-oag] tf. i 

Inapplicable, 3. «. InappUeabla 
In^pUeatioa, rf. —Hon ; hoodies 
laapplique, e, a. inattentive: aupi 
Inappreciable, 3. a. inTaliiabie 
Inaptitude, rf. inaptitude, unfitooaa 
Inartieuie, s, a. inarticulate 
laattaqnable, 3. a. tbatcauaot be attacked ; 

Insttendu, [«-«a-(a»-<fii] e, a. uaes- 

pected; sudden 
Inattentif, re, a. inattentive ; caraleaa 
Inattention, if. — tiou, heed! 
Inaagural, e, a. inaugural 

Inauguration, tf. — tion ; coi 

IwMgurer, [(-NO-^«-r&J oa. to iaaan- 

rau ; initiate 
Inoacuer, va. to defy ; ebaUang* 
InealcHlable, 3. a. inealeulabl* 
Ineamerer, [a/n-«a-M<i-rjl] va.. \» unite t 

domain to the dominion of tba pope 
Incantation, tf, incantation ; ebaraa 
Incapable, 3. — ble ; unfit, unable 
Ineapaeite, tf. incapacity ; inability 
Incarceration, [ain ) //. i 

. I, a. light flc«h-«oIoar 
Inearoat, e, «. carnation ; fl«ah-col»ar 
Incantation, tf. inearaatiau 
S'lneamar, vr, to assume hoasaa natan 

(jM.) to Uke a new fteah 
Ineartadc, tf. insult ; a quarrel ; freak 
Ineandialre, «a*. a. — ry ; inflaosaaatMy 
Ineendie, «m. a great fire, oonlUcr«tMe 

combustion; broils; sedition 
Ineendier, va. to bum, to set fira to 
Inceration, tf. mixture of wax 
lueertain. e, <i. uneertain ; irreaolate 
loeertainement, ad. uncertainly 
Incertitude, «/. incertitude ; auspaaao 
Inecaaamment, ad. incessantly ; coatiu- 

ally; forthwith. Immediately 
Incessible, 3. a. unalienable 
Ineeste,«M. Incest 
Ineestueusement, ad. incestwaoaly 
Ineestueux, se, a. inceetuoua 
luehoatif, TO, a. inchoative, ineaptiv* 
Incidemment, ad. incidenlly 

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ncidcDM, «/. incidence, ineid«ney 
ocident, «m. incident; cMiikltjr 
-, e, a. Incidental ; euual 
ncidenter, vn. to rmise new diflicnitiee 
Dcinirstion, ^f. ledueing to niliei 
ncircondt, e, a. «. uorireumcised 
neii concision, «/. obdurae/ 
nciter, va. to mklce an incision 
nciiif, ve, "• inoiiire; cutting 
nciiion,*/. incision, cat 
ncitation, if. incitement; motira 
nciter, va. to incite ; entice ; induce 
iiciTil, e, a. uncivil ; nnmanuerljr 
ncitrilement, ad. nncivilly ; rudely 
■icivilil^t */■ inciTilitjr ; rudenese 
Qclimeuce, ^f. inclemency, sharpneat 
iicl^ment, e, a. inclement, ecTere 
nclinaieon, ff. — tion [netic needle 

- de I'aigaiile aimant^c, dip of the mag- 
nclinant, e, a. inclining ; inclined 
ocliuation, [ai»-cU-na-M*t-ong] tf. incli- 
nation; tendency 
oclinar. va. to incline ; to bend 

,' , vr. to incline ; bend ; to itoop 

nclua, e, a. eudosed ; inclueive 
ncliieif, Te, a. inclutire 
ncluii*ement, ad. InclutiTely 
ncognito, ad, incognito ; unknown 
ncohirencc, »f. incoherence 
acoMrent, a, a. —rent, unconnecud 
ncombustibilitj, »f. incombuitihility 
ncombuatible, 1, a. incombuitible 
ncommenturabilitj, *f. — ability 
ncoromensutable, 3. a. — neninrable 
ncommodant, e, a. — ing ; troubleeome 
ncommode, X a. ineonTenient Cabled 
nconunodi, e,a.di»turbed; IndiipOeed; dit- 
ncomntodimcnt, ad. inconveniently 
ncommodcr, va. to incommode ; annoy 
ocommodit^, */. incoaveniency ; indispo- 
•idan ; want ; diatrese 

" I, 3. a. incommunicable 

ncommuubilitj. (/. incommutabiUty 
ncommutable, 3. a. incommutable 

ocongrtt, e, a. ioeougruoae ; untuitable 
DCongnuncDt, ad. inooogrnoualy 
Dcongmit^, «/. — groity; irregularity 
nconnu, [ain-ea-n»] e, «. #. unknown, 

nnditcovered ; ohacnre person 
ncousequoiMM, a/. — ««•»«• i ">"r 
uoona^quent, c, a. lueonaistent 

3 IND 

Inconeid^ration, if. — tion; iac prudence 
LwonaidM, e, a. —derate ; heedless 
Ineonaid<r6roent, ad. inconsiderately 
Inconaiatance, ^. inconsistency 
Inconsolable, 3. a. inoonaolable 
Incensolableaent, ad. ineonaolably 
Incoiistammeut, ad. inconstantU 
Inconatauce, «/. inconstancy ; fickleness 
Inconstant, e, a. inconstant; ficlile 
Ineonatitutionnel, le, a. illegal 
Incontestable, 3. a. —able ; indispntnble 
Inconteaublement, ad. unquestionably 

Incontiitemment, ad. incontinently 
Incontinence, of. ineontinency ; luat 
Incoatiaant, ad. immediately 
Incontinent, e, a. — -nent ; uuchaate 
InoonT^nient, «ai. inconvenience 
Inconvertible, ineonvertiasable, a. ineon- 

vertlhle; fixed 
Incorporaliti, «/. immateriality 
Incorporation, «/, — tion ; union 
Ineorporel, le, «. Inoorporeal ; apiritual 
Incorporer, va, to incorporate ; unite 
•" •, »r. to incorporate; be embodied 

Incorrectemeut, ad. Incorrectly 
Incorreetion, *f, —tion ; inaccuracy 
Incorrigibility, i/. ineorrtgibleuesa 
Incorrigible. 3. a. incorrigible 
Incorruptibility, «/. ineorruptibility 
Incorruptible, 3. a, ineormptible 
Incorruption, «/. Incorruption 
Incraasant, e, a. incraasating 
Inoniuer. va. to inoraaaate, thiriien 
Iner<dil>ilit<. «/. — Uty, incrediblenesa 
InerMule, 3. a, », -Ions ; unbeliever 
IncrMullt^, */, incredulity ; unbelief 
tnerit, e, a, uncreated : eternal 
Incroyable, 3. a. incredible 
Incroyablement, ad. Incredibly 
IncrusUtion, ^. — tion ; eovering 
Iiicruster, va. to incrust ; to inerustate 
Incubation, *f. — tion, sitting on eg^a 
Incube, ssi. night-mare ; inoubus 
Inculpation, «/. accusation ; charge 
Inculper, M. to accuse of a fault 
fiiculquer, va. to inculcate; to Impreas 
Inoulte, 3. a, nnculdvated; untiiled 
Incultnre, «/. aute of what is incult 
Inourabilili. »/. ineurableneaa 
Incurable, 3. a. : — ble, paat remedy 
Incurie, of. careleasness ; negligence 
Incuriosity, if. want of curiosity 
Incursion, tf. incunion. Inroad 
Inde, iMn-dil im. indigo blue 
Indioemment, ad. indecently 
Indicence, tf. — cy ; unbeoomingnesa 
Indicent, e, a. —cent; unbecoming 
liidJchiffirable, 3. a, obscure ; not legible 
IndMs, e, a. undecided ; irre«olnte 
Indecision, tf, indeeisinn 
Indeclinable; 3. a. —able: undeclined 
Ind<crottable, 3. a. whimsical ; sullen 
Ind<fcclibiUt4, »/. indefectibilltY 
Indefectible, 3. a. indefectible, fix»d 
Indefini, e. a. indefinite, unlimited 
IndMniment, ad. indefiniuly 
Ind<flnlssable, 3. a. awweonntaWe 

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. , I. imlifioiM ; indavoot 
■adtTotaoMnt, *d. m. itnliiioualjr 
ImKtdiIm, fT. indarotlon ; imligioQ 
Indax, laiM-Mr} m. iad« ; the fonfiagw 
ladicManr, am. —lor ; i)m foKfiagw 
ladieulf. T«, a. iadiemliTa; iliowiiig 

I, y. indicMion ; matk, tifn 
(. faid«s ; iiuUMtuHi. pnot' 

, 3. a. aiiap«*lialil« 

ladietiMi, Mf. iadieiloa ; ooaToeatiMi 
ladimu, «/. priuted ealieo 
ladUHtMUMut, M<. UdiAnntlr 

ladUlfrRiM. Mf. -1 •--- 

Ia4il«r«at, e 


• b«ing • DAtiTe 
IndigniM, 4<. indimaM ; wm» 
Indifkna, 3. «. indigasoot ; nativ* 
Indigant, a, a. — gant, ]>oot, naadjr 
ludigcata, 3. «. aiidigcaud ; r«w 
Indigaatloa, «/. lodi«wdon ; »utMt 
lodlgaation, ^. — tion ; diaplcMuM 
ladigaa, 3. •. unwortkjr i baaa ; 

iry Mtcry ; asaaperatad 
;, aa. MMJjr ; ahamafuHy 

. , W iirluta; to •saaperai* 

8' — , rr. to ba azaapantad 
Jadigalii, «/. indignltx, uawa 

ladifoMria, tf. iadigo bisb 

la dtquar , l«to^-;fc«] m. to iadiemtt; 

uS^/e, «. ladinet; uifiur; obliqu 
IniHim—iini, orf. ladiraMlv 
ladiiMraabla, 3. «. aadiieaniibto 
ladiwIpUttabla, 3. •. indocUa, unnily- 
ladiaatSiM. «^ wMt of diadpliae 
JadiaelpUBi. a. a. aot diaaipUocd 
laAiaerM. ta, •. «. w aa t ; imprudent 

, 1«. 3. a. /«. dut a* 

ma^Md ar dUpoa«l of 
Imdlapaa<. a, a. iadispoaad: ■ 
ladiapoaw. va. to diaaftct: t< 

to lat aMiaat: to aliaai 
ladiaaoaldaa. mT. Ulaaaa; 
■adlapMUc. i. «. ladiapi 
-^^^ wat, Ml. iadiopalaUy 

I, 4^. iadisaolulrfliir 

bilM, V 

bJo, 3. * 

iadlawdablcaMat, mi. iadiaaoUUr 
ladiatiMt, •» a. ladbtfawt; oba«ur« 

faantlT, wltbaat diotiaetiaak 
ladiTldtt, »m. aa ladlvidual 
ladivldual. U, a. inditridoal ; aia>U 
ladividaaUaaMat, md. iadivMaaUr 
ladiTia. a. a. undiTUad ; iaaoparahk 
lndlTi*lbilit<, I/. iadiTialMlity 
ladiTtaibla, 3. a. — albla ; ioa«- 
ladiTiaiblaaiaat. ad. iudiTvdbl, 
ladodlo, 3. a. untoacbahl* ; aanilr 
lndoaiit<, «^.— Utr; aatrmel*UcaM 
Indolaiaaiaat, ad. UMloleiitlr 
ladoleaca, ^.ir^' ' 

ladolaat, a, a. ladolaiit ; aumnt 
Iuda«aptable, 3. a. natamaaino 

ladamplf, a, a. aat tooiad ; praod 
la-doaaa, cat. a daadaciaio book 
ladu, a, a. uadaa, unaoaaoaaliU 
ladubitabU. 3. a. — Ua ; uaqaMtioaaV* 
t, arf. ~M/7do«Ma> 

. iadalcmUy 

Indulgaocc. */. — gmea ; forbaai 
liidolgaat, a, a — ^oat ; kind ; goulo 
ladolt, am. ladult ; an iadalta 
ladoltairc, am. oaa that haa aa Indalte 
IndAmaat, ad. nndulr ; vnlawftdly 
ladiutria, ^. ladaatry ; akUl 
laduatriouMBient, ad. tndaaatiawd^ 
indaatrieax, aa, a. induatrioaa : akOfiJ 
la^branUbla, [lr-iitt-4raa./aA0 1- a. «• 
movabU; ataadjr: uaahakcB ; raooira. 

In^braiiUbUmaDt. ad. anaaoTablr 

Iiiaffabilit4, •/. — ty, ui ' • * 

Inertabla. 3. a. laaffaHl 
lueffaeabla. 3. a. iadali _ 
Iuaffectir,,T«, a. ineifootiva. inoActaal 
Inefleacc, 3. a. — caciau*, inalkariTa 
Inoffleaclt<, «/. laaAcacy 
Inigal, a. a. uaaqnal ; uaaraat 
Injgalciaaat, U-uH-gal-mmmJ md. b» 

InSlaiti[ tf. laaauaUtT ; nwaiMaiw 
IiivMgamnMat, ad. iaelagantt|r 
la^Kgaaea, »f. iaalaganaa 
In^Mgaat, a, a. iaelagaat 

laMiglbU. 3. a. iaaliglklos aat oUmM, 
Ia«aarrahla. 3. a. laucaiaaaibla 
' B«t5 ffoaUak 


laapdo. «/-. I , 

la^paiaaUa. 3. a. iaaxhaaatihU 
laarta, C*-a«rr«l3.a.ia«t; 4«11 
Iacflio,«/. InartU; dalaaaa 

laaapM. •, a. a , 

lacapfcteaet, ad. aaaaaocMdW 
laaoSaiablo, 8. a. Iaaa£iiabla 
la<t»ada, a, a. voazteadad 
la^TidaBt, a. a. aot c^idaat, nat claar 
laMtabU, 3. a. —aVUi « 

Inoxactftudc, «/. iaaaaatary 

laexeuMUt. 3. a ^lU ; wriaatiliaiao 

laaafcauUe, 3. a I -—»-.- 

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naxorabic, 3. a. ln«ncmUa ; {nflwdliU 
nexorablemmt, ad. — biy ; Implacably 
nexp^riMiM, tr. — ri«nc« ; inaMlity 
nevp^rimeiiU, a, a. iiMxp«ri«iic««l 
iiexpiabU, '2. a. inaxpiaM* 
nezplicable, 3. a. liie*pUe«hl« 
n«Kpriniable, 3. a. inaxprcaaihla 
nexpugnablc, 3. n. impraf naliU 
a«ztiJ>«niMUt<, «/. quaUtjr of baiag nn 

qnenchabla or inaxttngaukabla 
ueatinguiblc, 3. a. inaxtiagaishabla 
nextlr|«^**> 3. a. not to ba axilrpatad 
nextricabU, 3. a. — aabla ; perplaxed 
ufaillibilit^, */. infallibUily 
nfaillibla, 3. a. iufalUbla ; eertain 
nfailUblanMnt, ad. iuUliblr 
nf«ia*bl«. 3. a. titat eaanot ba done 
nfamuit. a, a. defamatory ; Ignomlnioiia 
nfiunAtum, ^f. daft ' 
uflinia. C«te-/<H»] 

nfanai«> ^f. in&my ; ill languaM 
nfnot, Lalm-fant a, «. infant t infanta (ton 

or daugbtar of tba kinK of Sp«ln) 
nfantaric, ^. inCuttry ; foot •oldian 
nfanticida, am. infaalieida 
nfati«aMlil«. »f. indafaiigabOity 
nfati|(abla, 3. a. indafatinble 
nfatigablamant, ad. inda&tigably 
nfatuation, «/. infatuation 
iifntuer, va. to infatuata 
iir^oond. a, a unfruitful ; barraa 

nfecter, va. to infect, to taint 
nfectinn, */. infaeiion ; contagioa 
nf^licit^t '/• — oitr i unhappinaaa 
of^odation, «/. infaoffmant 
nf^ndcr, va. to infaoff 
n(6r*T, va. to infar ; daduea; Imply 
af^rieur, e, a. inftrior ; lower 
nf^rieumaent, ad. balow, uadar 
oferioritJ, rf. — rity ; lowar attW 
nfemal, a, a. infamij, halliah 
nfertile, 3. a. unfruitful ; barren 
nfertiliti, »/. — tility, barraanaaa 
nfester, i>«. to Infcit, haraaa ; baunt 
oBdiU, 3. a. faithleaa ; traacbarooa 
_, «. infidel; unbelierar 
iifiddlement, ad. unfaithfnlly 
iifid«lir<, ^. infidelity ; treachery 
nfiltradon, «/. infiltration 
nfiltrer, va. 8' — , it. to infiltraM 
nflnne, 3. a. inferior, lower 
xifini> a, a. inflnlta ; endlaaa 
_, am. that whieh ia infinite 

A I'lnfinl.atf without and, inflniuly 
nfix^mant, ad. Infinitaly, immenaaly 
n6oit^. *r'. infinity ; andleaa number 
iifinii^aimal, o, a. Infinluumal 
nfinitif, «m. InfinitiTe mood 
,i6m>atif, re, a. annulling telcVly 

,,finna. la/»-/rmJ 3. a. «. infirm, frail; 
nfinner, «■• to invalidate ; to annul 
nfimerie, rf. infirmary, hoepital 
nfimaier, e, «. orertear of aa infirmary 
,,f;nnit<, »/. infirmity ; eiekneee 
.,fl«nimatSil4, «/. inflammabiUty 
y.flairiMMe, 3. a. fatflamaMOle 

,«f. infl 
Infiammataira, 3. a. inflammatory 
f nfiexihilit<, »/. — litr J pertiaacitY 
luflexibla, 3. a. inflaxibte; unyielding 
Inflexiblemant, ad. — bU ; obatinauly 
Inflaxion. */. iaflexioii ; bendinc 
liiflindf, Te, a. inflictiTe ; puniehing 
Infliedoa, >/. infliction ; puniehment 
Infliger, e«. to inflict ; punish 
Influence, af. iufluenoa 
Influar, va. to influence; to away, bias 
In.folio, «m. a folio book 
Information, af. information ; inaueet 
Informe, 3. a, thapaleta ; imperfect 
■ * - - inform ; tell ; enquire 

S' — , vr. to enquire about er after 
lufortune, «/. miafortune ; misery 
lnfortiin<, e, a. ». unlucky, tinfortnnat 

an uabappy parion 
Infractonr, tm. iiifriagar, tranigreeaor 
Infraction, af. infraction, Tiolatioa 
Infmctueusement, ad. unprofitaMy 
Iiifruetueaz, ae, a. frnitlaos ; vain 
Iiifus, a, a. tifa-/".— A"] In'tued ; I 

lufuaar, va. X» iafuse, steep ; la instil 
InfnsiUa, 3. a. infusible 

lng<nianr, m. an anaineer 
— constmcteur, tm. ship-builder 
Ingtnieuaament, ad. Ingeniously 
Ing<nleux, le, a. inganious ; witty 
Ing4nn, e, a. ingenuous, candid 
Ing^nolt^, «/. inganuoasncss, candour 
Inic^nument, ad- frankly, candidly 
S'Ing<rer. vr. to intermeddle with { to ui 

dertake ; take upon oaa's self 
Ingonveroable, 3. a. ungovaniable 
Ingrat. e, a. *. nngrataful ; an ingnle 
Ingraiement, ad. ungratefully 
Ingratitude, af, ingratliude 
Ingredient, *». ingredient 
Ingutrissable, 3. a. incurable 
Inguinal, e, a. inguinal, of the groin 
Inbabile, 3. a. anskUfnl ; inapt 
Inhabilit^, «/. iaeaparity ; inability 
InhnbitaUe, 3. a. oninhaMtahle 
Inhahit4. e, a. uninhabited ; desert 

inherent, e 
Inhiher, va 

Inhumaine^ct, _,.. —....»., , ....... 

Inhumanity, ^f, inhumanity ; cruelty 
Inhumation, tf. — tion, interment 
Inhumar, va. to inter, to bury 
Inimaglnable, 3. a. inconcairable 
Inimitable, 3. a. —h\» ; Incomparable 
Iniaiitit, «/. enmity ; aTersion 
InialeIligibiUt<, af. unintellleibaity 
IniauUigibU, tt-ai»-ta-«-gM\ 3. a. m 

Inlqne, 3. a. iBifuiioMt anjnat 

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INS 126 INS 

InitiuMMnt, ad. unjuatlf ; wrttnyfnUj -atUr ; by degiM* 

laiquM, »f. iniqaity i injnstic* ; ain marabU 

Inidal, e, a. Initial ; first taacpkraUy 

Inidrntioa, «/. initiatiaa ; admlnton ; to add 

Initi«r, va. to initiate, admit n; iDoeaUtion 

Injoetor, va. to injoet, to caat in ntidiouslr 

InWetion, rf. InjMtlon ; the iii}*«ting la ; treaehorova 

Intonotion, «/. injunction ; order >«] 3. «. aotnliki 

Injnra, t/. Injury ; abuse; outrage ua ; extraordinary ■ 

Inmrier. va. to abuaa i rrrile ; taiuit 

Infuriauaaaient, md. injuriously My 

lujnrieuz, ae, a. injurioua ; aboelTa pilficaaoa 

Injuate, 3. «. unjmt ; unreasonable ignificant 

In ttsteoaent, md. unjustly ; unfairly iwtinf ; plcndof 

Injnatice, «/. in^nstiee ; iUc«ality i ; regislerin« 

InoaTigabU, 3.' «. nnn«Ti|^bW uaU ; to mgistcr 

Inat, a, n. innate, inborn, inbred one'a aelf 

Innocemment, ad. innocently ; fiat ; witleaa 

Innocence, Ce-No-«mc«] */. innooenee ; Iptdly 

simplicity want of spirit 

Innocent, e, • cent ; simple ; hannlasi ; urK* 

— , e, «. an idiot, a simpleuM Bi«hl«naas 

Innocenter, va to ncquit ciablai sullen 

Innombrable, 3. a. Innnmerable expoeuro to the aan 

Innombrahlemrnt, ad. innumerably olautly 

Contnt innomt, tacit agreement w i pride 

Innomin^, 3. a. namaleaa, not named it; proad 

InnoTaieor, •«. — tor ; TeConBier *^ 

Innoratian, ^. inaoration : ebanfe 
Innorer, •. to innoraM 
Inoboerranee, af. non-obsenraace 
Inabaerratian, ^f. the not obeerrinf 
Inoeevp<, e, a. unemployed 
Inoonlateor, trice, «. inoeoUtnr 
Inoeulatior., «/. inoculation 
Inoculer, vw. to inoculate 
inoculisie, «m. an inoculist 
Inodora, 3. «. inodorous 
Inoflcieus, »», nnkind 
Inondation, rf. inundation ; iloed 
luonder, vm. to inundate, orerflow 
S' — , vr. to drink much 
Inopin<, t, m. unforeseen ; suddsn 
Inopin<meut, ad. nneapeetedly 
Inoni, a, a. unheard oi; strange 
In-quarto, mi. a book in ipiarto 
laquiet, c, lal«-it«-K'! a. uneasy, restless 
InquMter, va. to disturb; Tex; harass 
S' — , rr. \a fret ; to be disquieted 
lM|uUtude, if. disquiet ; uneasincaa 
Inqnislteur, sai. an inquisitor 
Inquisition, rf. — tion ; Judicial enquiry 
Insaisissable, •. that cannot be seiwd 
Insalubre, 3. a. insalubrious 
Insalubrity, tf. intalubrity 
Insatiability, »f. insatiableneea 

Insatiable, 3. a ble, insatiate 

Insatiahlement, od. insatiably 
Insciemment, ad. unwittingly 
Inscription, «/. interiptioa ; title 
Inscrire, va. to inscribe; register 
9' — , vr. to Insoribe one's self 
Inscrutable, 3. a. Inscmtable 
Ina^u (i ason), without my knowledge 
Inaecte, est. an inseet 
In-seise, eat. a book in sixtsens 
Inseas<, e, a. ». mad. senseless ; a lool 
Insensibility, if. —lit* ; apathy 
InaensiUc, 3. «. iMaMibU ; not fslt 

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itructear dea procti, • Mlidtor 
■trnotif, Tt, a. lostructiv* 
■traction, tf. ^tion ; iuformfttlcm 
■tniire, «•. to Uiitraot ; M inlbm 
s iruiauit, •, «. inttrucllTe 
«truro«nt, *m. Inatruncnt ; tool 
•tnnncntal, •, a. iustruinenUl 

subordination, s/. intuhordination 
su(li«ainiBent, ad. intuffleiently 
sumiancc, »/. insuffideuejr 
surtlsuit, e, a. inaufficient ; unfit 
sulaire, 3. a. «. — lar ; an ialandar 
suitable, 9. n. mil. aaiailable 
sullxnt, c. a insulting; abtt*iT« 
Bu'ta, */. inault, abuaa , outraga 
■ulter, va. to abuia, Inault, outrage 
isupportable, 3. a. — able ; Intolerable 
isupportablement, ad. iueapportably 
laurgena, lata-tur-Jan^ *m. p/. laaur 
Kcnte, rebels 

Insurgar, vr. to ilae In incurreetloB 
iturmontable, 9. a. Insurmountabla 
isurrectlon, if. — tioii ; rebellion 
itabuler, va. to ragiater ; to isapannel 
itact, e, a. untoached ; whole ; pure 
■tactile, 3. a. inUetibla 
itaritaable, 3. a. inazKaastibla 
it^gral, a, a. faitagntl 
it^Krant, e, a. integral, whole, entire 
itii{ral«aaent, ad. entirely, wholljr 
ittf^ration, «/. malclng an iniegral 
itigra, 3. a. honeat ; upright ; ioat 
■ t^grer, va. to find the inUgral 
aiKi{rii4, «/. integrity ; honeaty 
iit^aiiment, eat. — ment, membrane 
utellect, *m. intelleet, underataading 
at«lleetif, rt, a. tntelleetira 
uMllection, if. — tion, conception 
utellcctiTe, */. intalligenca 
utellectual,le, «. — tual ; spiritual 
Qtelligemracnt, ad. knowingly 
ntelligenee, «/. — geiioe ; conoord 
iitelllgent, e, a. intelligent; knowing 
Dtelligible, 3. a. intelligible ; audible 
uielUgiblement, ad. — (ibly. plainly 
ntempilramiBent, ad. Intemperately 
atemp^ranee, */. — ranoe ; ezecas 
ntemp<rant, e, a. — perate ; diaorderly 
Mteinp<r<, e, a. immoderate 
oumpirie, qf. intemperatura 
iiuiMlance, */. tutendan - 

management, intendant'^ 

ntendaiit, «••. comptroller; steward 
iitendanie, sf. an iutetidant's lady 

iilenaion, Inunait4, ^. 

nienaivement, ad. Intanacly 

ntentar une action, va, to bring an action ; 
initituta a suit 

ntention, «/ intention ; Intent, purpose 
Bien OH mal uitentionn<, well »r ill 

iiieniionncl, le, a intentional 

otereadenee, rf. Irregular dasoltory mo- 
tion of the jNilse 

nletvaltlre, 3. •. intorealary, o^ 

nterealatton, «/. — Uoii ; insertion 

InMreaUr, va. to insert ; to add 

Iniarvdder, im. to interceda, mediate 
Intarcepur, va. to inieroent ; obstruct 
Inurcepdan, »/. — tlou ; iiiiidranea 
Interoeaaeur, mi. — ceaaor; mediator 
intsreakaion, «/, >— sion; mtdiation 
fntorcostal. e, m. eU. intercostal 
Intercurrent, e. a. wU. inlorcurrent 
Interentan4, a. a. intareutaneous 
Interdirtion, 4/. ->ttoii| suspension 
Intardira, va. to forbid, prohibit; Uke out 

an act of lunacy; amiwe, confound, 

shut up: suspend 
Interdit, «ai. interdiction ; censure 
— , e. a. aaaacd ; interdicted 
Int^reaaant, e. n. interesting: afectlug 
Int4resa<, tm. a purty eouccrued 
— , e, «. selfish ; interested 
Intiresaer, va. to interest; to aiFeet 
"' , vr to take an Intertat in ; to be con- 

Inteijection, f^. inteijeetiou 

InMiJeter an umcl, va. to app ea l 

Int^neur, «■». the interior 

— , 0, a. interior ; internal ; inner 

Int^rieurement, ad. inwardly [time 

Interim, laiH^^^it-r^m^ am. interim, mean- 

Interligne. tf. space between two lines 

Interliu^alre*, 3. a. interlined 

Interlocuteur, eai. — cutor, dialoglat 

Interlocution, »/. -^don ; dialogue 

Interloeutoire, 3. a. «. interlocutory 

luterlope, tm, smuigling reaael 

— , 3. a. contraband 

Interloquer, «<t. to grant an Imparlance or 

interlocutory order 
Intermide, em. an interlude ; medium 
IntermMiaire, 3. a. intermedial 
IntennMiat, e, «. — diate, intrrrening 
Interminable, 3. a. iatarminshlc 
Intermitsien, •/. intermission ; pause 
Inwrmittenee, »/. discontinuanca 
Intermittent, c^ a. intermitting 
Inurne, laln-fmt'i 3. «. internal ; inward 
Intemonee, em. a pnpal internuncio 
lutemonclstore, if. dignity of a papnl in- 
Interpellation. •/. —tion , aummoiia 
Interpeller, va. to snmmon ; rcqain 
luterpolatenr, Mm. interpolator 
interpolation, «/. — tion ; addition 
Interpuler. va. to interpolate ; insert 
Interposer, va. to inierpeae 
H' — , vr, to intermeddle, to meddle 
Interposition, »f. — tien ; agency 
Interpretatif, re, a. ioterprctatira 
Interpretation, »/. interpretation 
InterpretatiTemant, ad. — tirely 

Interprtftar, va. to interpret ; explain 
— msl, to misinterpret 
Intsrragne, «M. interregnum ttion 

laterrognnt (nn pointy n »"** <>' loterrogo- 
Interrogat, est. interrogation, ^nestlou 
Interrogatonr, »■«. —tor, eaamtner 
Interiogatif, ve, a. interrogative 
Inurrogatlon. •/. —tion j question 
Interrogatoire, «ai. interrogatory 
* - - - , to interrogata 

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Iniarruptattr, m. inurraplM 
Intetrnption, «/. — cl«ii ; e«« 
IntanccUoa, ^. interaecUon 
Iiiteratioe, ««. inientioe ; intarral 
latcTTmlle, *«. inMrral ; apaM 
InterTMiwtt, e, a. intarvntiag 
Intcrrenir, va. to IntermM ; oaediat* 
laterrvation, tf. — tion ; mediation 
latarrenioD, i^. diiwdrr, < ' 

Intarrertiascment, «■». ovorthtowing 
lataatat, «. iuMattla 
Intaitin, m. inteattna, boaral, aotiail 
— , a, a. intaatina ; internal 
lutaatioal, a, a. M. Intaatinal 
Intimation, a^. intimation : anusMMW 
latima, 3. «. familiar; iatimnU 
Intim«, a. ». % dafandant 
lutimament, sd . iatimateljr, eloaelj 


■w mnm gT, vn, sv SHlunauMa 2 taTnlf 

Intimiti. ^. inttmaer ; friaadahip 
Intitalatioii, •/. tha dda of » iMak 
Intitule, «■». tha tltla of an act 
Intitnler, va. to antiUa, gtva n titla to 
S' — , rr. to call ona'a telf 
Intnlamlila, S. a. — Atile, inaofTanbla 
IntoKnUamMit. •*. IntoianUr 
latoUraiwe. >/. - 

Intonion, •/. ho. bandin|r> cnrring 
Intradoa, lai. inaida of a vault 
latraduitiUe, 3. a. untranaUtaUa 
Intndtable, 'i. a. uatraetable ; hank 
Intranaitif, va, «. intrnnaitiTO 
Intrude, 3. a. intrepid ; {amrlaaa 
Iutr<pidement. ad. iittrepldlj, boldly^ 
Intr<pldit4, rf. ~-i\\y \ taarlcaaneaa 
Intrigant, e, a. «. intri«uing ; intriguar 
Intrigue, (a>M-tr(V«] ff. intrigue; aaaourj 

Inirifpier, im. to embroil ; pnaala 
— , en. to plat, to intriitna 
S'— , rr. tp buitle ; to put one'i taU for- 
ward ; to eolieit earacatly 
Intriniitque, 3. «. intrinaie, inttlnaical 
Intrini^acmeBt, ad. Intrinaienlly 
Introdueteur, trice, «. introducer 
Introdoctif, to, a. — tory; prarittoa 
Introduotion, «/. Intreduetioa 
lutroduire, ««. to introduce 
Introlt, «M. introit, beciuning 
Intrmnimon, 4^. r 
IntrooiaMloB, «/. 

Introiiiaer, ra. to entbi 

Intrott*mbl«, 3. a. not to be found 
Intrua, e, «. «. intruded i intruder 
Iniruaion, if. — aiou; eneraachment 
Intuitif, va. a. — ti*e i vialble, elaar 
Intuition, if. intnitiea 
ImuitiTPment, md. — tirely ; clearly 
lutumeaeeace, ^. a awcUing, riae 
Inuiiii, e, a. uuuiual, not uaed 
Inntik, C«-Mi-Mi4 >• •• aw>«a j frivolotta 


InotileiaeBt. U. needleaalv ; la vwa 
InaUUt*. «/. — llty, uaaleiai - 
luvaincu, a, a invannuialiM 
luTallde, \.»hi-v.fmi\ 3. 

diambled ; void 
laTulidcment, ad. without farce 
InTnlider, va. to inndidMo ; to «-~^T 
InTulidit«. rf. inTaliditr . Bullit* 
Inrariabilitf, •/. inrariableiteae 
luTariablc, 3. a. inTariabla : eouat^t 
InTwlalilement, ad. inTmrinbly ; fiimJv 
InTasion, rf. invnaion ; uanrpaiioa 
InToetiTC, if. inTcctive ; railing 
Inrectiver, iM. to inTeigb ; to c ie—1 % 
liiTCndu, e, a. nnaold 
luTcntaire, «ai. inventory ; kiictiam 
Inveoter, va. le inrcot, eontrivu 
iDTenteur, «a. —tor , autiior ; Cm|m 
In*enti(, tc, a. InTcntiTc; ingeaioos 
Invention, if. invention ; eontrivnMcu 
luventorier, •«. to draw up «a tniaailnii 

to place in an inventory 
Inveutriee, if. inrantreaa 
Inveranble, 3. a 

luvcrae, 3. «• «. inverted ; r 
luveraion, ^. inversion ; trmnapoeitiM 
Inveatigateur. eat. — tor; M«rcaer 
Invaitigution, ^- - ' 

InvMtiture, if. investiture, invuadiM 
Iuv<t<rtf, a, a. iuvetemte ; old 
8 Inv^t^rer, rr. to erow invoteimto 
Invincible, 'i. a. — bla ; insupetnbln 
Invineiblemant, ad. invincibly 
Inviolable, 3. a. inviaUble. brialate 
invioUblement, ad. inviolaUy 
luvisibiliij. «/. inviaibiUtv 
Invisible, 3 a. invisible ; umo^ 
Invisihlement, ad. invisibly 
Iitviutiou, tf. Invitation ; - *• 
Invitatoire, im. invitatory 
Invitcr, [oM-tie-lJll »«. to lavte: ts 

licit ; bid 
Invocation, if. —tion ; calling ««■ 
Involontaire, 3. a. involuntacy 
Involentairement, ad involtimnrily 
Involution, if. involution 
luvoquer, ve. to invoke ; call upOM 
liivraiacmblaUc, 3. a. unlikely 
Invniacmblance, rf. unlikeliltMA 
lnvttln«mbilit<, ^. — ty.— Mtmbl«M« 
Invuln^mble, 3. a. invulaambln 
lonique, 3. a. eat. loiiie 
lotn, C«-»-ra] «m. a jot, a ' 
Ipecacuanha, «■». ipc 

Ipraau, caa. sort of^b 

Iruaoibls, 3 a. — Ue ; enally provoked 

Ire, »/. ire, wrath, an — ' - 

Ilia, [«-r«c«] rf. iris ; vtm n 
Irenie, «/. Irony ; raillery 

Iraniqne, 3. a. ironical; sni 

Itooiauemcnt. ad. ironienUy [flirts 

Inrwtiation, Ce-ra-dr-«-4w«>aa «/-. ^gg^ 
ImiaooaabU. 3. a. imtlonJ 

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IrrCeoaciltaItU, «. a. IrrMMMOftblt 
[rr««oDeUiabl«nMiil, md. — nUably 
Iri^uMblc. S. •. umxw0do««fala 
IrrMactiUlM. «/. the mu m- quality of 

what is ImdacibU 
IrrMaetlbla. 3. «. irMdndbl* 
iri^fl^ki, •, a. ■nadTlMd , uawiM 
irr^flcziim, ^. want wf raflcctittn 
lrr<fonii»lil«, 3. •. not to ba Mfoniiad 
lrr«fra«abl*, 3. a. — ablai andaniabU 
Irr^catarM, ^f. imgalarity ; ditorder 
IrraiCttUM-, •, a. Imnular ; inooaauuil 
IrrteoIiiNamt, md. irrwalarlr 
Irr^figiaawmani, «d. lmll«lott*lr 
IrrAligiaox, m, a. Imligloat, profane ^ 
IrrilijpMi, af. imUcion ; ungodlineii 
IrrAmMUbb. A«. — diabla; helpleta 
lrr<in<diabl«ia«ii. ad. irreoiadialiV 
InAmiialbIt, 3. a. — b1«; uapardonabU 
Irr^viaalUamant. tut. ImaiaiiUr 
IrrAparabla, 3. «. — bit ; imtrlaraUa 
Irr^paraUamcat, »d. IrrcparablT 
IiT^prJheBBlbla, 3. a. imprahanaibla 

I^roebaUa, 3. a.'blaMlaaa ^ 
IiT«pniehable>Mni, 3. ad. —ably 
Irr«aUtibilit<, */. IrmlatlbUitT 
Irr^aiaiibk, 3. a. IrrcaistlbW; fowibla 
In<*istibl«Mnt, ad. irrasiatiblf 
Irr^aeltt, a. «. ItTMoluU ; uadaeidad 
In«s«lubl«. a. iOMilabla 
In^aolnvMBt, ad. irrMoliittly 
Inr^olatian, af. — tioa; uaMrtainly 
Irr<v<KBunent, ad. irrtrarantly 
Irr^T^reoM, •/. itreTtninec 
Irr<T<r«nt, a, a. irrorerant ; ruda 
In^ToeabilitA, tf. Irravooablaaaaa 
Irr«To«abU, 3. a. — ble ; Indafcaaibla 
lrr«ToeabIaiiicnti ad. irrarocabljr 
Irri^atioB, •/. inrifatlMi ; watonng 
Irriaion, Lt-n—a-aag'i »f. ooatampti acorn, 

IrritaUUti, ^. lrrilabllit]r 
Irritable. 3. a. — abla. aaaily pnmriiad 
Irritant, e, a, irritating; aaaolliiig 
Irritation, tf. — Hon ; txaaparation 
Irriter, va. to irrilata ; iaeanaa 

Irruptioa, tf. irruptioB ; iaroad 
Isaballe, C«-sa-At/Jli] a. fat. vallow dun 
laehion, na. iachiam ; the hip-boao 
Iaebar4tiqaa, [ia-te-rJl-Mitl 3. a. mi. 

lacharie, tU-ku-r^tJ *f. wU. the iaoharj 
lalamitme, tm. Mahometaniam 
laockla. 3. a. of two aqual aidaa Etioa 

Isochrona, il-ao-trmit'] 3. a. aaua) in dura* 
laoK, a, a. iaolatcd ; Inanlatad ; lonaljr 
Isolamcnt, «ai, iwilatlon; (ardt.) diatanee 
laoler, {t-»o-Hf\ ra. to laolata, datach 
luaat, a, a. U. laauinf , iHuanl 
laau, a, «. bom of; apmng from 
liiue, Cte^"! «/• iaaaa ; oatlat; paaaaga 
lathme. lUtt-wUi m. bthmaa 
Itagua, tm. out. tia or mnne* 
Itafiqac, 3. a. *. italic ; a mcaaarc 
Itam, C«-r«aWl ad. item; alto; moreover 
Iterattf, va* a. iterated ; rapeatad 
itaraiivcment, ad. TaymtaAf 


itfaMtanr; a gnide>bo 
iToira. la-vao-m^ am. Ivorj 
Iroiriar, aat. ivory-tamar ; tonaan 
Irra, 3. «. dranli ; iatoaicalad 
iTrcsae, (/. drunkeanaaa, rtvriety 
iTfogna, 3. a. «. drunkan ; drunliaid 
Irrofoar, va. to fuddle, to llppla 
Irrogncrie, »/. dninliennaia, abriety 

* 1, */. draakan woma 

iTraia, ^f, daraal ; 

Jaai. the tenth letter of the alphabet 
* ik, ad. already, ere now 
Jabatopita, «m. a tree of Braail 
Jabia, Cs/a-M] eat. croe or notch of a cask 
Jablar an tonneau, va to notch a eaak 
Jabloire, aai. a notehiof tool 
Jabot, am. bird 'a eron ; frill of a akirt 
Jabottar, on. to prattle ; to Jabl>er 
Jac<e, »/. to. jacea, kenrt'a 

Jackire, t/. faUinir groaad 

Jackfaar, va. to plouck for the firat time 

Jadatka, ^. to. byaciath 

Jaeoh^e, ^. Ao. rnf wort 

Jaeolnn. «a«. a white friar ; Jacobin 

Jaeoblae, »/. Dominican nun 

Jacobitaa, *m. p/- Jacobitae 

Jaetanee, »/, boaiting, bra^rging 

Jactataor, m. boaater, bramet 

Jaeulatoira, 'I. a. ejacnlatory ; fervent 

Jade, eat. Jade, a green prerioui moiie 

Jadii, l*ja-dee*1 ad. of eld, in old timea 

Jaillir, «n. to apoat out ; to apriug 

JidlliaBatit, a, a. ipoatlua 
Jailliaaement. cm. aponting 
Jaia, Ujaf] «•<■■ Jet, black ; 

ng out 

Jalage. «m. a duty o 

Jalap, aai. jalap, marvel of Perv 

Jalat, am. a pebble, a atone 

Jalon, tm. a pole, atake C^ound 

Jalonner, va. to atlek polea »r atakea in the 

Jalouaer, vn. to be Jealoua of 

Jaloaaia,[S7'a-lw-sar] (/. Jealouay; window- 

. jIoux, ae, a. Jealoai ; anepieioue 

Jamaia, i%ja-ataf2 ad. never ; at no time ; 

Jambage, aat. Jamb : atroke ; door-poat, 
■ida-poat ; pier, pillar [poat 

jmhe, lajaa-il/i tf. leg; baaing-itone; 

Jambotta, tf. elaap-knife 

Jambier, tm. ahlo-muide 

Jambon, [a^'att-toa] eai. kam, gammon 

Jambonkaan, aai. a amall ham 

paame, ^. gem ; Jewel 
H. a laaimary 
tm. Jaaaealam 

Jaate, af. Janni or faUy oT a wheal 
Jantillca, tf. at. water-boaida 
Janvier, am. Janaary 

nt, tm. yelping : barUng 
tm. to yelp ; bark ; to dai 

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Jmqm i» mmUlm, 

Mf. mmtUn 

• jack tlMt 

hour* ; pwt of s eoialng pi«w 
Jaquette, «/. cliiU'» com : jaetet 
Jardiii, [. dfli*] 'm. (Mdon 
iardiiiO|;«, ««. fmrdouiuf ; gMd«na 
Jardiner, va. to gardau 
iardinet* *m. a hula gardan 
iardineuM, </. flawy cinaraU 
Jardiniar, Mm. a gaidauar 
JardlaUra, t/, a gardcner'i wifa 
Jargon, tm. jargoo ; gibtMriah ; eaal 
Jargoaalla, «/. jargoodla, a poar 
Jargoaer, v. to jabbor, to mutter 
Jargonneur, as, «. Jabborar 
Jane, rf. a j«r ; a pitcher 
Jarret, sm. the haa, hough 
~ da bouf, ahio of baaT 
— de Tcau, kiiuekla of Toal 
Jarrat<, e, a. aaid of bona* whoaa hama 

ara too cloia 
Jarrcii^ra. «/. a garur : band 

Jaa oa Jat, aai. ma. aitahor-ataek ' 

jaamina, Jaaaaaaina 
Mpar i graan *ennilion 

wper, V*. ta aaarbla, to aprinUa with 

diTara eoloura 


— , J. »naler 

Jaux, »m. fi. gaaaaa, apevta 
Joaillarie. «/. JaweUara tnd 
JoaiUiar, a, «. « jawaller , 
Jobclin, im. « fool, a dupa 


Jaapure, «ai. marbling of a booli, ate. 
Jatte, «/. a woodan bowl or porriager 
Jatt4a. #/. a bowl-full Lganging 

Jauga, Ltjo-g«^ rf. gauga : atandaid; 
Jaugaaga, am. gauging 
Jaugar, va. to gauga ; to maaaura 
Jaogaur, 4m. a ganger 
Jauraiire, «/. bm. halm-port 
JauaAtn, 2. a. rallowUh 
Janna, 3. a. »m. ynllow ; yolk of an agg 
Jauiiet. aai. a butta--«Ar«r 
" ■ , .vm. to mak« or grow jallow 
■a, •/. tha Jwndica 

I. «ab Amariaan wild boar 

Javart, ««. awalling in a horaa'a foot 
JaTcler, va. to bind in ahaavaa 
iaTolenr, aat. gatherar of ahraraa 
JaTalinc, af. a JaTelini long dart 
- Ja, »/.---' ' 

JareUe, 1 
Javalot, (. 
Ja, oro. I 

Jfeuita. aai. 

Jet, CajS] am. caat, throw ; awarm ; ahoot, 
aprig ; jcaaea ; eaaling : Jet ; ba«k«t 

— d'aau, am. a watar-apout 
Jal^, aaa. Jetty, bank ; mola ; piar 
Jater, V. to throw; eaat; auppormta i 

awarm ; ihoot ; apottt ; ahed 
8a — , vr. to fall upon ; gat into 
Jeton, «ai. a counter 
Jra, am. gama. play i . 

— de baUtd, aWiard-tabla 

— dc eartaa, a pack of catda 

— d'feheea, eheaa-board 

— da main, rough play 

— da aaoia, quibble, pun 

!, rf. a aorroiwfiil campUint 

(port ijaati aetlog 

— da quiUaa. a aet e( piua 

— d'aamit, a witliciam ; witty 0— eaat 

— da tnMuia, utitada, gaator* 

— da Toilaa, complete auit of aaaa 

— d'orguea, row of pipoa in wum •rfw 
Javdi, «at. ThuradaV 

— aaint, Maunday-Tkaraday^ 
Jeuna, i. a. young ; yoougcr 

Jodalet, aai. an empty fallow j ia«l 

Joie, l*joo-^faa'y af. iey i delight ; g,lndnaM 

Joignant, pr. hard by, next t* 

— , r. •. adjoining ; next to 

Joiaare, vu. 10 join ; to fix ; 

Sa — , vr. to aaaat; ta anitc, »■..— 

Joint, im Joint i aaam ; articuUlian 

Joints, a, a. Man. lagged 

JotniM, ^. two haaSala 

Jotntif, Te, a. orcA. joined, j«bdaw 

Joinioyar, wa. to Joint, make joiuta 

Jointure, tf. Joint, juactura 

Joli,e, «. pretty i plaaaing. _ 

Joliat, tc, a. aooiawhat prettjr 

Jolimant, •*. piattily, plaaalngly 

Joll*ct4, if. pi. loya ; gewgawa 

Jone, Cv'o'*] ***• '***'' • <"*" • boop-riag 

Jonehia, ^f. atnwad ftowera, mc. cna«- 

cheaaa made in a raed- basket 
Jonehar, v«. to atraw, to aeattar 
Jonctioa, 4^. ioiniag , conjunetioa 
Joaglaria. «/. Juggliaa. alight at hand 
Jongleur, (at. a jngglar; a cheat 
Jooqae, mf. ma. Chiaaaa junk 
JonquOk,^. ajoaquil 
Joacph (papiar). am. aUwr-papa* 
Joicraaox, aa». pi. 8««. ahaaka of a aaat 
Jooailler, ra. to play for a trtSo 
Joubarbe. «/. houM-leek ; Jottbarb 
Jouc, V*- the rharic 

' >uar, V. to play, to act ; to rldienle ; la 
•port, frolic, to game, to gannhla 
I— ,«r. loj^T, laiport; todl««rt«B«'« 
aelf, to tidicaJe, make a jcat of 
Jouaraaa, aat. a bungler 
Jouat. «aa. plaything, toy ; aport 
Joaear, ae, a. gamaater; playar 

— da gobaleta. a juggler 1 
Jouflu, c, a. a. chubby ; buxom peraoa 
Joag. Csjeoay]«M. yoke ; alavaxy. aarvuada 
Joujou. ««. a plaything, toy ; til4a 
Jottir, va. to enjoy, poaaaaa 
Jouiaaanca, ^f. eujoymrat ; Cruitioa 
Jottieeant. e, a. enjoying, in paeaaaainn 
Jour. Ijaor] am. day; light. day-lt«ht; 

life; meana; war; Inaighti clear apaat 

— da cong<, pUy-da» 

— da lea, aaw-year'a day 

— dea cMidraa, Aah-Wadnasday 
•>4aamofta. AUwMla'day 

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Jonr Am rate. T»*Uth.4«r 

i ,d«y*« 

roath, Toang m* 
». a lad, atnpllnf 
^ • 1m*, jroung girl 

Jouinal, m. jottmal, sMrspUfr; day- 
book, diaty; aerts (ma.) log-book 
JoiirnaUer, «m. jourmrtnan 
— , t, a. daUjr, diumu ; ohangtabl* 
JournaUato, *m. — ualiat ; nvMwar 
Joumte, 4/^. day; day's Jooroty 

work ; a battla 
Joiimellomant, ad. daily; erary day 
Jodta, f^. juM ; tilt ; fighting | matoh 
— d« wMit, aock-Sghting 
Joater, VM. 10 Juat ; «e till; to fight 
Jodieur, »m. ooa who juata or tiln 
Jouxta, pr. naar; ai " 
JouTeneo, tf, youth, 
Joureaooau, tw. a * 

JouTonealle, y. a 1l^, , „ „ 

JoTial, •, a. jovial, marry, gay 
Joyaa,-CaJ<y-o] »m. a jewel 
Jojreaaemcut, ad. Joyfully ; gladly 
Joyauaat^, tf. Joke, jeet; ideaaautry 
Joyeux, ac, a. Joyful, atteiry ; glad 
J uii^. Ml. a lobby in a ahufch 
J uhilation, tf. fastiTity ; i«jricii>C 
Jubili, »m. aJubUea 
JuUler, va. to panaloD aa old ■arrai 
— , vm. to make marry ; to axult 
Juchar, vn. to reoat 
Jucheir, »m. a most for Urdt ' 
Judalqua. S. a. Jewith, Judaieal 
JudaUvr, wn. ' * ^" 

Judicataro, rf. jadleature ; li 
Judiclairt, a^ jadsmeui ; diM 
., -i. a. JitAciary ; Judicial 
Jiidiciairamrnt, ad. Judieially 
Judieleuaamant, ad. —elouily; wlaaly 
Jiidicieux, aa, a. —on* ; wlie ; prudattl 
luf^, aw. ajodge, Jnatiee; unpira 
— de pais, tm. Jaatiea of paaee 
Jtigcmtnt, eai. Judgment; aeDtanee 
Juger, V. to jiMae, try; award ; beliera 
Jueulaire, 3. a, Jttgolar 
luiU.t. tm. July 
luin, [x^N-atel tm. June 
lujuba, tf. Jujube, a aort of fruit 
Jujubier, «m. Julube-traa 
luirerie, ^. ibe Jews; Jewry, Jewi 

)31 KIK 

Ju»«, <a*. Javynan ; Jury 

quarter; a u 
lulep, «■>. Julep; deeoetion 
Julei, «M. Italian coin; lixpence 

. -, ; open, ^ 

JuremeDt, tm. an oath, awearing 
Jurar, v. to ewaaTj to curse; to Jar 
Jureur, se, «. a swearer 
Juridlction, </. JurisdicUon ; prorlnco 
Juridique, 2. ..juridical; lecsl 
Juridiquament, ad. Juridiealfy 

■-' 'e. tm. a lawyer, eirtlian 

r ee, ^.Jurisprudence; law 

Juriau, tm. ciTilian, Jurist, lawyer 
Juron, tm. aSeetMi kind of oath 
Jury, tm. jury 
Jua. [xju-} «M. Juice, gruTy 

^ ' " se, Spanish liquorica 
MA. reflux, ebb 
J usque, Jusques, pr. to; aa far as | uatU ; 

tili ; even to , crea, Tory 
Juaqoe* i quand f how long? 
Juaquici. to this plane; hitherto 
Juaqoe Ih, so iar ; hither ; to that pleca 
Jusqn'oA r how far f to what place t 
Juaqulame, tf. henbane 
Jusaiou. ^. eoasmaad, order; writ 
Juste, -J. a. Juat; fit, right; equitable 
— , em. a Just or righteous man 
— , aU. right t exactly ; proper 
Justaneorps, tm. a elosa coat, s jacket 
Juaiement, <k^. Justly; exactly; right 

Julienne, tf. Julian flower 
iamart, tm. a lumart 
Jameau, Jumell*. a.*, twin 
Jumcaux, Oemini, twins 
lumeler, va. to strengthen with cheeks or 

side-beains, etc. 
Jumelles, tm. pi. cheeks or tide-beacia 
— , ma. fishes of the masu, etc. 
- dc rechange, aui. spars fishes Cmoner Kazine, qf. Grand Seianor's treasury 
, [. BMa] ./."^a mare; mould for ' Kermis, - ^ ' 

Justice ; law; righuousnest 

Justiciable, i. a. justJeUble 
Justieier, m». to execute; tonnnish 
Juge, tm. a judge ; lorer of Juatiea 
Justifialile, *i. a. Jaattfiabla 
Juatlflant, e, a. Justifying 
Justifioateur, tm. —tor ; a Juitifier 
Jiutificatif, ve. a. — tive, justifying 
Juatiflcartee (pidce), a Toucher 
Justification, «/. — tion ; rindicatJou 
Justifier, va. tu Justify ; to prov« 
®- -, vr. to Justify one's ssH 

IX, ae, a. Juicy 

s-position, tf. Juxta-posltion 


1^ m. elerenth letter of the alphabet 
'■^* Kabak, tm. Russian alehouse 

Turklah marringe 
Kagne, tf. an Italian paste, rennioelU 
Kakatoes, tat. kakatoo, a wbiu parrot 
Kali, <». kali, a sea weed 
Kan, [tan'i tm. Taitar chief 
Kanaatire, tm. a ruth basket 
Karab^, on. yellow amber 
Karmesse, tf. a Dutch fair 

Juiite, </. Junto; council i cabal 
Jupe, tf. a petUcoat 
— niqu<e, quilled petticoat 
Jnidttr, tm. the planet Ju(dt«r 
Jupon, tm. under- petticoat 
Jurande, tf. wardenship ; the wardens 
Jurat, tm. alderman, sherUR 
Juratoire, 'J. a. — tory; to b* sworn 

Ketch, eat. ma. a ketch 
Kiosque, eia. kiosk, Turkish parihon 
Koff, sin. laa. a «ort of Dutch ship 
Kilugramme, i. . gram^ tm. kUogramme 
Kilolitre, tm. kilolltte 
Kilometre, tm. kllometro 
Kirch-wasser, i. vot-nry tm. a German 
liquor distilled from wild citerriea 

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— . •/. th« liuny 

*/•«•, Ml. a tuaioar ; ■wtllliw 

U, pro. her, it 

~» *■• * nota of matie 

l*. «*., y«MMUr, tbithw 

— -d«lM., orf wiiwu ; i„ thai pl« 

— -dMioM, und«r thU, that, «r ,h* 

— -de..u. flrf. upon that { up than 

— -haul, ad. abore ; ap ,L«e 

UMehe. «». ma. th« •oui-we.t wi, 
liabeur, rat. Ubour, work 
fAbeiirer, vn. to work ; to operau 

f»boratoifa, ««t. UboratorT 
l«bonaux, t«, a. Uboriou. : he»T» 

J^wr, tw. to lac« ; to tac 

L^rfrar.M. u,1acerata; tc 
J2«w. n». gtoUt, aagar 

''^^ »32 LAM 

J-wy, tw. to lac« ; to ta* 

■ ->nar«:gia: noose 
•l«!k: faint; ,loth 

'eooudrcl . 

itggUhlyj baeeW ri,» 

. to looeaw ; letj* j Uut 

"^ i to unbend 

d>ca ; .loth , baa«« fall, 

.lated, jagged «^ 

!- liconicall* 

difficulty *^ 

I; miiky 


art of fan 

I S atlDitjr ; bas« 

lasarttlo. a lu. 

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LiiiniiTOTMi. m. • «ii«ll lampnjr 
l.knpc, ^. a lanet, ipeu; Ian«cl 

— A f«a, R iqulb 

Laocar, va. ta dmrt ; fling ; rouM ; ( 

to iMiBcli, to j*w, to ihcwr 
5a — , vr. to roah upon ; to fly ftt 
I^ncetta, «/. a Inneot 
Laoeier, Ml. a lancor 
Landira, rf. tlulce of a mUl-dam 
Laneiaant, a, a. puncent ; thootiag 
Ixuicoir, »m. a initU-dam 
LanHe, ff. liaath, barren poand 
Landea da hnoa, m: futtoek-plaiai 
l.aiidifT«Ta, «M. landnaTa 
LandgraTiat, an. Iand|{raTlaU 
I^andgrarina, t/. Uermaa eonnl 
Landiar, »m. a kitehan andiron 
Laiiaret, *m. ha-Ianeret, aort of hawk 
I^nga«e, «m. lanfuaga ; apaaeh 
Langa, $m. a priniar'a blanki't 
Langaa, «m. pi, awaddling elothaa 
I^jingourcaaoment, ad. lanauiihiagljr 
I^ngoureuz, a«, a. languid ; pining 
Langooaw, •/. rery Urga lobatcr 
LangQuatiira, «/. a larga lebatar-net 
Langouatia, «ai. a prawn 
l^n^a; ilan-gej t/. tonviW; langnaga 

Coup da langut, backbiting, alandcr 

Prandra laugua, to gat Intalligcneo 
l^nguette, <^. a (mall toiicua 
Languanr. «/. languor ; faintnaat 
I^angaeyar, ta. to ezamina a hog'a ttnigQ 
Languejaur, «m. aaaretiar or axaaalner a 

hoga' tongnaa 
Languiar, «m. dried hog't tongue 
L«nguir, vn. to langniab ; pin* awajr 
Languiaaamnrat, otf. languialiingly 
Laoffuiaaant, a, m. langniahing ; languid 
I^nier, «ai. m«. a lanaiar, lannlard 
Lanilrc, if. (trap of leather-, laah 
Lanifira, 3. a. lanigaroua 
I^niqu«net, tm. lanaquanat 
I^iiter, Ml. to amboaa ; ta ekaae 
l^ntema, tf. laniem ; cupola 

— dc monhn, trundle ; baud of a uffl 

— maKfqua, ma|ric lantera 

— aourde, dark lantern - 
L«nt«meT, vn. to trifle ; bambeoale 
Lantamea, pi. foolariea ; nonacnaa 
l.«iitemaria, «/. nonaenaa : trifling 
Lantemler, a. «. Ian tarn- aaaker ; lamp' 

lighter; a triBer 

Lantiponner, vn. to talk nonaenM 
LAiiture, ^. chaainir, amlioaalnft 
I^anugiuenz, a«. a. hairy, woofly 
l^anaanl, «m. an animal «f Africa 
I ^par, vm. to lap ; lick up (m d«g») 
I ^pcrean, caa. yoang rabbit, eooey 
Tapidairc, ««t. iBpldary, Jeweller 
f<apldation, tf. lapidation, itoniag 
I^pkder, va. to atone to death 
Lapidifieation, «/. lapidlficatiaa 
l.apidifier, vm. to turn into atMOO 
Lapidifioue. 3. a. — 6o, foming atoaea 
I^npln, Zla-paimj eat. a rsbbit 
Lapine, «/. a doe-rabbit 
i^apia, «M. lapialaanll 
l^pa, Cfapee] tm. lapaa, piwwM of lime 

LMluala, C fa/] am. a laekey, footMaa 

Laque, •/. gum lae 

— , «M. China Tamiah ; laelcev 

LAquelle, pro. /, that ; which ; who 

Laqueton, am. a bad lackey 

Larcin, »m. ihutt, robbery : piraey 

Lard, liar"} *m. bmoa, lard 

Larder, pa. to lard i to adck, ran through ; 

(laa.) to thrum 
Lardoire, «/. a larding pin 
Lardon, «a*. a thin alico of bacon ; aaifiam 
Larenier, m. atcA. border ; waaher 
Large, 3. n. large; wide; broad; free 
Large, m. brtadth, widenoM ; (aM.) the 

ofilag, main aea 
Largament. ad. largely; abundantly 
Largeaae, tf. largeaa; gift; bounty 
Largenr, sf. largeneaa ; breadth 
Largo, aa. alow (te muuh) 
Largue, an. ofRiig, aea-room 
Larguar, vn. to let go, looaen 
Larigot, C. . go2 tm. kind of flute er ptpa 
Larix, «at. larlx, the lar«h-tree 
Larme, ^f. a tear, a drop ; grief 
Larmier, am. eavea ; coping of a wall 
Larmoyant, a, a. weeping, in tear* 
Laimoyer, vn. to weep, to ahed tears 
Larmoyaur, aa, a. weeper 
Larron, neaae, «. thief; rogue 
Larraieaa, «a. young thief; pllfcrer 
Lama, C- ruc«l •«. larua, the gull 
Larrea, am. pi. hobt(oblina 
Laryngotomie, r/. eU. laryagetomy 
Lanrnz, (. rteJta] am. larynx, the wlad- 

— , Laaae, a. weary, wearied, tired 
Laacif, va, a. laadrleua, lewd 
LaaeiTament, ad. -^riooaly, wantonly 
Laacivai^, t/, laaciviouaueM, lewdneaa 
Lamant, e, a. tireaome ; tadioua 
Laaaer, va. to Hre ; fatigue ; to weary 
Se — , er. to grow or be tired 
Laaiitode, of. laaaituda, woaiiaaas 

Latent, e, a. latent, hid, hidden 
Literal, e, a. lateral 
Lat^ralement, ad. laterally, aidewaya 
Latin, e, a. t. Ljriia i Latin tongue 

Voile latlne, ma. bitaen aaU 
Latiniaer, v. ta latiniae ; apeak Lalia 
Latlniame, am. Latiuiam, Latin idiom 
Latlniate, «m. Latiaiat, Latin achoiar 
LaiinitA, of. Latinity, Latin tongue 

Latiphreeimie. */. lorn 

Latitude, of. latitude 

Ladtudinidre, a. 1. 1 ' 

Latrinoa, ^f. priry 

Latte. if. a lath ; ahingle 

L«ttea de la dunctte, aM. the broad thin 

beama which aupport the poop 
— dea 4oontUlm, mo. the batten* of the 

Latter, va. ta la«k, to fit up with latha 
Lattia, [b-M] am. lathing, eorering of lath 

Laudanam, [le-ifa-Mm] am. }—' 

Laudaa, ^. pi. lauds 

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Lmut, a, ■. enwaad with Uurel 
Lauriola, qf. t^m-kuml 
Lasriar, «m. Uarci, bay-tM* { (lorjr 

"^ censvy cavTTy-imuivA 

— chine, kind af cork-tTM 

-. d'Aarfrique, d'lud*. Indian Unral 

— rote, roae-Iaural, rasa- bay 

— thyto, wild lauial, bmntatium 
Lauriet, «■». a baltar'a tab 
Lavabo, «m. a w«ah-hand atand 
I«vaga, an. waakiitg ; pnddla 
La*aiida« 4^. lavaadar 
Lavandiira, ^. a laundraaa 
Lavanf e. Lavancha, ^. ayalancha 
Lavarat, »m. whiiiak tiaat 
I«Taaaa, a/', vialeut ahowar of rain 
Lave, */. lava 

Lariga, •/. a aort of fiia-atona 
LavaaMnt, «ai. gliatar j waahing 
Larer, va. to waaht daan; to claar 
8* — , vr, ta waah or claaa ona'a aelf 

Ai«*aiaii, aat. ahari waol 

LaTotia, ^. a diah-cleut; Mwal, sloth 

Lavaur, sa. a. a waahari aoourar 

Lavanaa d'icaaUaa, sf. diah-waahar 

LarignoM, aai. aort ol eoekle 

Lavia. [la-M] tat. a waah (te pahttimgi 

Lavolr, «M. a waak-haoae , a aiuk 

Larura, ^. diah- water; hog- waah 

Laxaiif, r; a. lacatire ; opaning 

Layer, o«. to out a riding or lane through 

Layaiaria, qf. box making 

Layotiar, aw. anH^l box-makar 

Layatu, »/. a drawer ; tmall bos, ahalf ; 

ehildbad-Uoen and elothaa 
Layaur, aai. ha who aula a lane through a 

fbreat i foiaat attrTeyor 
Laiagnaa, 4^. yl. aort of paatry-w< 
liaanrat, ftn. laaaretto, poat-houta 

La, laa, an. w.. .^ 
—, am, htaa t it ; ao 
La. m. breadth af linan 
Liana, ad. tharvin, within, in thara 
Laard, am. a aort of ponlar 
U«ha. ^. n thin allce ; a eoUop 
Ltafcafiite, «/. a driMpfatg-vaa 
Uchar, ra. to^ek} ta Uak up 
Lc^on, [f-aaM] »/. laaaaa ; laetnre 
Laatasr, n>. a loader, laetarer 


Ligal, a, «. lagal, Uwfai 
LCgalcBMot, mi. legally ; 
L^galieation, «/. Icgaliaai 
Ldgaliaar. M. to lagaliaa 
L<gaUt4. «/. Icnlity ; hooaetyi 
Ligat, «ai, a l^pa't legate 
L<«ittalfa, «f. a legatee, legatary 
Ligatina, «/. a aort of stuif 

Ugar, a. •. Uifht: nimMc t fi«U« 
Ugiremant. «f . h^tly, afaaKlw 
L<gir«c£. ^. lightMoai •sUitj; 1 

naaa; larity; Impnidcitan 
— d'eaprlt, levity of mind, 
ligion, «/. la(ioa ( vaat aunabar 
Ligionnaira, m. laglonanr 
LAgialateur, trice, «. « legialnfr 
ligialatif, «•. a. U^l^W 
Ligiilatien, rf. legiaUtiaa 
Ligialature, •/. lagiaUtnr* 
L«giata, aau ciTiUao, la«ry« 

Ugitimatiwi, «/. lafitimmKl 
Ugirim^ 3. a. lagilLaaie, 
— , ^. JM. portion 
LigitioMnciu, aif. lagitiaaatnljr 
Ligitir- - - '---' 

Lega, C/ojr] aai !•> >cy i t 
Ugnar, tw. to baquaath 
L^fuma, «a». legume, p«la« 
L^guaaa, p/. Togetnblea, (reaaa 
Ligumineax, ae, a. lagumiikoaa 

t. «a«. tt/. ahumdri 

- r, tw. to lenify, eaCtfa_ 

Unillf, mm. lanitiTe. miUswti«a 
Lrni, a. a. alow ; dull ; dilntoiy 
Lenu, ^. nit, the a«g of a Iviiaa 
Lantement, md. alowly ; h«ATiIy 
Leniaur, t/. aUtwnaaa, dulnaan 
Leniicttlatra, a. m. lantieuj«i 
Lencillr, a/, a lentil ; fn«kla{ l^a 
Lentilleux, ta, a. fraoUad. 
Lentiaqua. aai. maatiek tr«a 
Lionii), a, a. leoniuat una^iial 
L«opard, *m. leopard 
L^pardi, a U. paaanni>g«ardaa 
LApre, t/. lepioay 

L<piaiix, ae, a. «. Uprona j n Upar 
L^proaerle, «/. a laaaretto ; paat-hMM 
Laqnal, pro. m. whiah, wh«, that 
Lea, C^] tt pro. tha ; tkna 
Uaard. Liaard, «•>■ luarA 
Uia-maJaot<, 4/ high-tia«Mn 
Liaar, tw. to wrong; ta awriova 
Ueina. tf. nigytnUinaas ; liinlw 
L<ainer, va. to be atiagy 
LMaeiia, of. aordid paraiskoaT 
L^aiou, mT. wrong, cricTanoa, Wary 
Uaquab, pre. at. pf. that, wrhick. wba 
LaaqaeUca. pra./. p/. that. whkh. wbe 
LeeaiTa. rf. lay to waah with 
LaaaiTCT, tw. te waah in lay 

Leat. Cfaa/«1 *m. ata. baiaat. 

Laataga, am laataga. ballaating 
Lealc. 3. a. nimble ; clerer ; uraaa 
Leatemant, acf . neatly ; elavarly 
Laatar, «m. aM. to ballaat a Taaaal 
Lcaioar, «a. nui- a lighter 
Lithar^, ^. lethargy, droa 
Uthargiqae. 3. m. lethargie 

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LIB ] 

LtClrC, t. «. leltend. Ulinta 

LMtriaa, •/. rapMlw latter, mark of nfar- 

•nc« (fa pHMti^) 
Laur, pro. thalr ; ta tlMm 

La Irar, U leur. la* laun, tkain 
Leurre, tm. ■ lur« ; dccojr 
Liaurrer, ro. to liura ; dvoo^ ; mtiae 
I^rain, tm. lao*aa ; old (radga ; ralieo 
LiCTaut, ««>. thaaaat, tha Ltrant 
Larantio, «. «ai. Lavantiaa 
Lire. «/. hoUoir maUrt 
Lrv^e, «^, crop, haireic } cmimh 

rising, ■<>>»■ kway ; raiaing : 

raen* ; triak at eafda 
Laver, <ai. laree, riling, getting ap 

— du aolail. ■UBfiaiag 

Larer, v. ta lift op ; to rata* ; larf s i 
move ; taWa ap or "" ' 

rise ; to grow up i ftratent 

Se — , vr. to rite ; brvak ap; a 

Lereur, tm. tax-'gatlieTar • 

Leriathan, Ml. leirUtkan 

L^viga'tioo, «/. leTigatbm 
I^e^iner, ra. to larigaU 
LevitF, tm. a Lerita 
L^vitiqoa, eai. Lavltie«8 
L«ri«, poiit IcTia, drawhrldga 
Larraut, tm a leraret, yowag kara 
Ijim. tf. tha lip 

— inMriaure. aader Up 

— sap^riaure, upper Im 
L«Treteau, aat. young ban atiU 
Imrntu, tf. greyhonad Utah 
LcTrett«r, v«. to hunt karea 

Larratteria, ^f. Iraininc grarba 
I^CTratttur, tm. a greyhoond kaapar 
Lierriche, tf. young grayhoand lAleh 
L<<Trier, tm. a greyhound, harritr 
I oTTon, tm. little greyhoond 
LcTure, tf. yeast 
Liaxiarqnc, •■*. leiiarehua 
I^zico((niphe, tm. lexicographer 
Laxicon, Lesique, tm. lexioon 
\jt%, ikaj pr. near, hard hy 
I>xarda, tf. a gnp ; a ereriea in a wall 
Liaia, «ai. vary hard freeetana 
L.iBi*on, C- aaaj tf. Cwleniag, Joining 

friaiidthip ; aliianec , etroba of a pen 
Liaisons, tf. pi. m*. atrengthaaing pia«aa 

01 9^wrf kind 
lialsonnar, aa. to hind atiNMi 
L.isnt, a. a. aSUila ; mild 
Lriard, llt-arj tm. a Freaoh farthing 
Liarder, vn. to club small soma 
Liaaee, tf. bundle of papcra, a fila; 

string ta tie papers together 
Librae, tm. large stone 
Libation, if. llhadoa ; oflning 
IJb«IIe, tm. libel, lampoon ; (/a.) bill 
Lihrller, va. Ju. to deelar* upon an action 

LiS^ral, e, a. liberal ; genarens : free 
1 Jb^rHlemant, ad. liberally, fraalr 
Uhiraiitt. tf. liberalitr; ganerooity 
lib^rstcur, trice. «. a aallrerer 
Lib- ration, tf. disoharga ; ralaaaa 
Libirar, va. ta free , to axnapt 

6 LIG 

tie LibArar, »r. la alaar or pay oaa's dabtai 

ta gat fraa fmn 
Ubert<, tf. liberty ; facility ; freedom 
Ubertieida, 3. a. deatraetiTe oC Ubert/ 
I, e, a. lieeatious ; lewd 
Uhartlna, a lewd person 

ago, aat. — iim; liaantiouBMsa 

Ubertiaer, vn. to be lihartaoa 
Se — , vr. to grow lawd 
Libldioaux. aa, a. UUdlnottij lawd 
Libidinaail^. $f. — nouauaea, lewdaais 
Lihraire, am. bookaaller, stationer 
Librairia, tf. book-trada, bookaelling 
Uhrstion, tf. Ubratian, poising 
Libre, [te-4r] 3. a. free ; easy ; bold : loose 
Libraaaant. «if . freely; eaaUy: boldly 
Lice, tf. lists for eombatt ; Upaatry hang- 
ings ; biteh heniid 
Ueenaa. 4^. licenaa; lleaMliauaBaaB 
UeeneU, tm. a lieentiaia 
LieaBoiameat, sat. mil. dislwading 

Se — , vr. to gi .„ 

Uoandeoaaaaaat, ad. Uoeniioiisly 
Liceaeienx, aa, a. Ucentiaua, lawd 
Lichen, tm. lichen, lirerwoi t 
Lialtatian, tf. it. aale by auetioB 
Licite, 3. a. lawful; ellowaUa 
Llcltament, ad. lawfully 
Ueitar, va. ta aaU hy auction 
Liconia, tf. a anieani 
Lieou, [. eool tm. a halter; a repa 
Lictanr, tm. a Uetor, Roman oSaer 
Lie, tf. laas ; dre^s, grenuds 
LMge, tm aork 1 eork-trea 
LUger utt filet, to oark a net 
Uan, am. band ; string ; tie ; bta«e 
Liens, «m. pi. bonds ; ehalna, irons 
Uamarla, tf. — ry, kind af diairhM 
Uar, va. to bind; tie; join; to faaton 

to thieken ; (ma.) ta laah 
8a —. rr. to Mnd tt eUiga OM'a aalf i t 

league ; to thicken 
Llerre, f m. Ivv 
Liarrt, e, a. lika Irf 
Lieaaa, •/. lay, galaly 
Lira, em. nlaae-, raom; eanse; CamUy 

An liaa de, pr. instead of, Car from 

An lion qua, 0. wharaaa 
Uau. tf. alaagna 
Ueur, am. he that biada ahaaraa 
Lieateaanea, tf. lientonaaoy 
Lieutaoant, em. Uautonant 
— dn ray, lord lieutenant 
Lientanante, tf. a liauianam'a wife 
Uenx, pi. |Niry, n ea e s a a t y-houaa 

LitTre. Ib-atvrtj tm. a hara 

__ .■,•.— tons; atringr 

Ugatare, tf. -t«i« ; band : binding 
Uga. 3. a. liaga, vaaaal, aatjact 
— , tf. allaglance ; liei(e duty 
Ligaritent, ad. Ut % liega aMuiner 

tf. Tasaal's duly to Ua lord 

^ „ . am. linaaca, offiprlnc 

Lignager, a. am. of tha aama fhmfly 
UgM, Cl»f»] qr- Um : laaa, kmily 

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— d'arriaaag*, ma. Iftahing stuff 

— (i'miimitte, m». •purliai Un« 

— noiN, aM. Mmd lin* 
Llipifc, «/■ Ui>«i«*» iMne, rM« 
Lignar, va. to trae* «r dnw m line 
LlgiMtM, «/. UiraU, twin* 
Ugneul, CM. ilioamakar's diTead 
Lignaux, M, a. woodjr, Ugncoa* 
Ligae. «f • iMgut ; fcctioD ; fwrty 
Ligaar, «•■ to laacua, coniMaiktt 
licaaiu, M, «. all 
LUm. C<*-/al m. li 
LiUaea, a. a. Ao. llliaoaoas 
liliua, •■». aii. a apiritnoat iiqaar 
Limaca, «/. Lima*, «m. a alug, anall 
—, ^f. a aiilnl punp 

Liina^«n, sm. a anaU ; a acraw 

— d« mar, pariwlakla 
LimaiUa. «/. filincs. Cla-dnat 
Llaaaade, </. hurt or bral^fiah 
Limba, [/teUy] mt. limb, adoa, border 
liimbas, ■/. Umbo 
lime, V^OIa; >(■ 

— i braa. rubber 

— aonrde, dead filo 
limcT, vm. to file, to file off; to poliah 

136 LIT 

Linet, LinetM. ^. liimt 

Uatasa, am. arol. liatal 

Lion, ae, «. a lion ; Lao ; » UMaara* a yoona lloo 

Llpothymie, r. . M-aM] ^. aa*. UpMkymr 

Lippa, ^. poutiag aiidcr-lip 

Liminaira, 3. «. praliasiaarjr 
Limiaargua, Mi. an officer • 
the defence of the frontlara 
Uialtatlf. re, a. reattietlTe 
Limitation, •/. ItmlUtion; restrietiod 
Limitar, va. to limit; oonfiuaj reitraia 
Limitea. (/. pi. limits, bounds 
Limitrophe, 2. a. bordering upon 
Limon, est. mud, slime; lemon; shaft 
Limonada, «/. lemonade 
LimonadUr, e, «. a sailer of lemonade 
Limoncux, te, a. muddy; slim/ 
Limoniar, im. thill-horse ; lamon-tne 
Limoniira, ^. a sort of cartiaga 
limouain, tm. a builder of rough walls 
limoustnaga, m. rough-walling 
Umpide, i. a. limpid, dear 
Limpidity, «/. elearaess. Umpidneea 
Limura. tf. iiUnf. the aet of^Ung 
Un, [Mto] «M. Unt; flax; linseed 
Linaire, ^f. toadflax 
Lioeeul, <M. a winding-skaat 
Lln4aii«. ». «.Unear, '"^ 

Lineament, «m. 
Unetta. ^. llni 

rr -^, J, a. blolibor-Upp( 

Li^tion. C. gaa aae aiyl ^. Jlytiaa 

[. JtS-A-JI] am. M 1 - 

Liqnour, V- Uauar ; diiak 
Uquwirs. pi. drams, evrdiala 
Li^uidauur, rm. one wb« ha* Hm • 

eettliag affaita 
Liquidatloa, mf. ^tioa. aatlllDB ; «d< 
Liquids. 3. a. HqaM. flaid; «W 
Uquidemant. ad. alearly 
Uquider. ««. to sMtla. to cUm-. pay 
Uquiditi. ^. Uquidaeaa. Uquidilv^^ 
liquorsu. se, a. lusoiMMi t4»o awMt 
Lire, va. to read ; M paiwa \ mumttg 
Lis. [«fj ... a lUr ' 

Lia^ragc, em. ambroidary 
Lis^rsr. va. to ambroidar 
Liseron. mi. «a. biad-waad 
Liseur, sa, «. a iwwUr, oaa wIm laads 
' ' -^de, S. a. legible, that aMsv faa nad 

jlemaut, ad. lagibly ; uUIkI* 

Lisiire, ^. list; aalvmga; leadiac-stilagt, 

border, ridga, oxtrandty 
Liaoir, «m. a part of a aarrlaaa 
Ussc, ^. leaah ; (am.) riband ; ndl 
— . 3. a. alaak ; smooth s floaay 
Lisser, va. to reader somoth ; — 'g)^ 
Litsoire, »f, a aleeUag slona ortaol 
Lieeora, ^. sleeking, smafuhaaaa 

Lists, if. a liat; a roU ; catalanm 
lisMal. [/<r«-Mf] MS. ciaetttre 1SU4 

^ da hune, SM. 1 

' \l rmtiaitea. trails-bed 

JO, SM. top-M 

Ut. liar] Ml. a bsd ; ehaaael of a 
^ la duehaasa, feur-poal bad 


d'aagc, bad under a 
da bonne, floeli-bed 

— de camp, ftald-bod 

— de duTot. dawn-bod 

— de Justice, jiidgMMnt-aaat 

— de maxHa, nM. tido-wmj 

., , , — de parada, stale-bod 

one who makaa or selU — da pluma, faather-bad 

J j — de repoa, a oouch 

— de sangla, horse-bed, etnmp-bad * 

— de «aUlc, bad for a nuraa 

— de Tent, ma. wind's eya 

— en CoraM d'aramire, a praaa-ttad 
Litaaiea, «A pi. litany 

Longue Utaaie, long-wlndod Mar* 
Utaau, \l*-f\ <m. the hawat af a wol 
Liteaux, em. ft. Una sttiMs ia : 
Liter, an. to lay salt flsh In Um 
Litkaige, [. Imys] •/. lithai^ 

linea ; a linen-drapar ; sss m i tm si 
Uncerie, tf. liaen trade ; the place 

liaea uVept; the laaadry 
Uogctu, »f. sort of flannel and serge 
Llagot. [/af»^] MS. iagat; a liar 

Lin«od»re. rf. aa lagot-aMuld 
Lingual, a, a. balaa^ag to the tsagua 
Ungue, rf. Hag, sort of oad-fish 
Linisr, Mi. dealer in flax 
Linikre, •/. flax-plot i flax-woman 
" ' int. am. a linimeat, ointmsut 

Uthagraphe, \.to-graf\a 


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<tthoMia«, m. cU. 
extracting of tha ataiia 
athotomia, ^f. ekt. lithotomj 

.itiire, ^. liHer, Ma< 
■itigwit, a, «. •. Ulifutt, aiiitor 
.itige, «at. a tult at law; Udgatiaa 
jiigieuz, w, <i, Utigioiu ; dkpotabl* 
iaapradanaa, ^. duration of a law-ault 
<itorn«, •/. tha fialdfara 
.itr«, lU-4r] ^. W a black girdlo 
-, «M. a maaaura of about a quart 
.itron, *m, a wooden aaaaaara 
,itt6raira, 3. ». literary 
.itc<ral, a, a. liiaral 
.itt^ralamant, a<<.UtaraUy 
.itteriUittf, a/, aerupulotta attaahmant to a 
literal traaalatiMk 
.ittcrataor, «ai. a leaned man 
itteratura, ^. Uleratiua; arudltioa 
.itt^romauie, «/. Uuraijr madaeaa 
aturgia. tf. liturgy : fonn of prarar 
.iuras, •/. p{. ma. laablaga, ■aiaiaga 

- do beaupri, ma. tha gammoning of I 

irarda, af. wta. aprit of a mU 
avardar, aa. aM. to apiit 
.ivida, «. m. livid, blaak and Una 
JTidit^, ^. lividity; dlafloloralioa 
lirraison, rf. delivery of good*: nuaal 

of a boob published In parte 
jTre, tm. a book ; voluma ; easlo 
-, tf. pound ; lirre (a coin) 
Arrit, «/. livery; tootm&n, 

board-wage* ; aort of enail 

- do la noca, wcddlng-favottr 
.irrer. va. to deliver up ; to give 

e — , vr. to confida iu on* ; to give one'* 
self up or over 
.ivret, ■■•. a liiile book 
.iziriatioa, ^. lixiriation, lixivium 
.izivial, la, a. lizivlal. lizivUta 
,obe, tai. lobe : («v.) cod ar ahall 
,oc om Locli, c/oi] «ai. Ma. log 
.o«al>C'o-c<ui «a*. place; aitnation ; bona* 
-, a, «• local, of a plaoo 
.ocalitt, •/. locality [laiaaa 

.oeataire, [. . tart] s. lodger; tcuaat; 
^ocatii, va, a. balongliig to a tenant 
vocation, #/. the aat of letting out 
.oche. [fc-«A(] ^. loaeh; groundling 
^ocher, VH. to be looa* 
^ochet, eat, a lort of apad* 
^cution, Mf. location, phraaa 
^odier, aai. quilted eounurpane 
voda et veatei, »m. pi. fine* du* to the 

lord of a manor for alienation 
»f, «m. aM. tha waather-»ida 
x>ffar, trn. to luff, put tli* helm a-l«a 
^jgarithma, [• • r«««-m] am. logarithm 
^.i^arithmique, 3. a. logarithmic 
^gr, ^. lodge, hut ; box ; cell ; booth 
.ojfeable, 2. a. ttnantabla, eoovenlant 
^,f,emeut,tm. apartment, lodging ; lodge- 
ment ; (MA.) accommodation 
^ger, V. to lodge ; taaUa ; to harbour 

I Ha LMtr, »r. to takn alodging 
' LogetM, if. littl* lodge or anUn 

Logrur, aat. one who lota lodging* 

Logician, am. a logieian 

Logiqno, r a. ^. logical ; logio 

Logiqunneat, ad. logically 

Logb Cio-f«] aat. dwelling, lodging, im 

LogegmpUa, ^f. atenography 
Logogrlphe, «ai. a rabua; riddle 
Logomachia, ^. diaputa on worda 
Loi. a/, law ; daeree ; dominion 
Loin, «f. far ; far off ; ramaiely 

— ik loin, at a great dietanca 

— da, loin qua, far off ; far from 

— d'iei, a great way off; bogon* ! 
lointain, am. th* deepening or remote 

part in a pioture 
— . e, ». remote ; far diattat 
Loir, aat. a d u i mu ai t 
Loisibla, 3. «. lawful ; parmltlad 
Loiair, am. laiaura ; apnra limo, time 
Lombaim. 3. a. of th* loina 
Lombaid, [/oa-Aar] aat. a pawnbroker 
Lombeo, Lbm-ia] m. pf. th* loiua, th* 

Leoibovar, ma. to anlt, to thlakan 

L«mbrte, *<*. earthworm ; naorpent 

Londrio, *a». broad cloth 

Long, eat. Unath, long 

— , Icogue, a. long, gieat ; todion* 

— -Joiat<, a. a. aMn. long-joluied 
— na, ad. long, a long white 

^ longue, euL iu tim* 
Le long, pr. along 

LoDganimitA, rf. forbearauea 
Longe, tf. loin of voal ; atrap 
Longer, vm. to go along; eoaat along 
Longe*, Uo»-gai ^. ft. jaaaa* of a Urd of 

Longt^tric, tf. longtmolry 

L«ogiiade, •/. longitude 
Longittidinaf, e, aT langitttdlnal 
Longitudinalomeot. arf. longlMdiaallr 
Louguanr, a/, length ; lon^tada ; detey 
l^pin, «*. gob ; lunah ; oallop 
Loqaaoit<, »/. loquacity; tr" -^ 

Loqoilo, af. easy aloeotum 
Loqaat, am. a latoh ; a eaieh 
Loqaeiaao, aat. a Itttte latch or eatth 
Loqueita, af. littte plaee, aoMOl Mt 
Lorgiier, va- to laor ; to ogle ; to look at 
Lorgueiia, tf. ogling, loanng 
Lorgnette, ^f. a apying-glaaa 
Lorgnavr, aa, a. an ogler 
Lonot, «ai. lorlot (a wri) 
Lore do, U«r dsj ad. at the time of ; whan 
LorMju*, f/ar«-Ml a. whan ; at the tlm« 
Loaanga, af. a loaaaga 
Lot, |le}aai. lot; portion; •hare; prii* 
Loteno, tf. a lottai^ i akanca, haaard 
Loti, a, u. provided far 
Lotier, aat. lotas, •woat-lrefeil 
Lotion. */. lotion; medlalnal wwah 
Lotto. «a. to divide Into ten 
Lodaaaga, «a». aecaying af aslnae 
.Lattoaam— 1, am. ^vMlaf Into loo 

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1m; am. N Mrt of gi 


l«a*U«, 3. «. lMia»Ua : •otaMadiihb 
LwiBbloment, ad. Uudkblr 
Itaatigt, tm. lattisg out ; nire ; rant 
Louange, •/. praiaa ; oommeadntion 
Loaaoger. tM. t» tnimpat ; to itndaa 
Loiwngaiir, «m. pralMr i flattwr 
louche, 3. a. ■qniDt-ojwd { ambigavas 
IiOiich«r, M». to Miuint. lo look tarry 
Loaar, tw. M hire ; to 1m; praiao 
Sa — ila, to ba pUaaad with 
Lonaitr, ••, «.«Ba who lattoat; aflatlaiar, 

Lnugra, »m. sm. lagg«> 
Louia d'or, a Praneh gold eain 
Lahp, (Im] mm. wolf i ulear ; bla«k maab 

— marin, a laa^wolf 

Loupa, »/. a wen ; a knob of a trea ; round 

magulfyliig glaaa 
Loapotts, aa, «. knobbjr (.hard 

Lourd, e. C/oor. loonU] m. haavy ; duli; 
Louidaud, a, a. an awkward paiaon 
Lourdcnaant, ad. awkwwdly ; hoaTily; 

uroatljr ; atttpldlr 
Loardaria. •/. - 

Lourdear, ^. haanoMaV dulnaaa 

Loorpidon, im. an iU>thaaad woomb 

Lotttra, qf. u ottw 

L«ovat, am. a yoang wolf 

Loura. •/. tho-welf ; alinga of a eraaa ; a 

Louvar, va. arek, to make • holo ia a 

■ton* to koava It up hy 
Loarat, am. middla-aiaad wolf 
Louretaau, am. a wolf'a cnb 
LaavataaMXt tm. pt. iron wadgoa 
LoDTaiar, am. to bring forth a wolf 
l.ou*ctaiia, •/. implenanufar woU-hvatlag 
Laa*atiar, am . an ofliaar appolatad Car w«lf- 


Louvojrcr, na. am. to plr to 

Louvco, itao-ar} am. pataea in Paris } amy 

m ag a i lif oirt honaa 
Lorar, va. mm. to aoil 
Loxodroaia, «/. mml. loaodraanj 

l^yalcnant, md. lorallr ; fcitMuilr 
Loyaaa, •/. Uyaltfi Mdity; indly 
Lorar. am. Teat; aalan ; raward 
LubatM. a/, m. iaopardaaa 
Labia, «/. maggot, erotakat, whim 
Labriaiti. f^riubriaity, laekary 
Lubrifiar. va. to lubricate [ctaioa 

Labi4qiie. C. Arar*] 3. a. laokaioaa; 1« 
Labiiquamant, ad. laaeiriiraaly 
I^Mama, a/, dormar-wibdow 
Laeida, 3. a. loeid. brigkt; clear 
Lacratif, ve, a. InaraUTa ; profitable 
Loera. «m. litera, gain, proat 
Lueahrer, vn.. (o work all sight 
Loette, •/. aeala, «r top of the palate 
Laanr. «/. light, alimmeriog lighV 
Lagubre, 3. a. — brioaa; aorrowfal 
Lueubrameat, ad. mOttnifoU* 
Lmi,pra.hat kirn; hat; tokim; to bar 

•. «. •I 

the gldaa of a ai 

\, af.a. ahiaiag 

imtire, C- aM-jwrire] mf. Ii«ht 

■naff of m. CMdl* 

_ J, 8. «. lunar. , 

af. 6a. laaarr, mooa-w«*t 
-'-- urL}a/.lr - 

S. m. a. mad 

Luua, a/, tkan 

Avoir doa lanaa, to b« fall ai mVtm 
LuoatM, «/. apyiagflataa ; 

marry-tkottght of a fowl 

— k faeottaa, maltiplyiny- glaaa 

— d'approeka, piriiintiia ^laaa 

— da nuit, itight-glaaa 
dt«, magi^fying-gUaa 
., pi. ' - 

Luni-eolaire, 3. a. liini airlar 
Lanula, a^. mmt. lanalar 
Lupin, y. InpiM, a kind mt p«laa 
Lupinain. ea*. deaUr la Innfma 
Luitral, a. «. laatral, holy ; p«rtf*ia| 

Luatro, aa». 

Inairum, i. a. «tri ^^an 
L«iatrar, f<a. to give a gloaa 
Luatrear, «ai. a •ilb-drasaar 
Luatrier, «ai. « aeoaM a* lii«lr».makr 
Luatrtna, «/. Inatriag, a ailk atatf 
Lut, [lutal am. lau or ckeiftist'a day 
Latation, a/. — tiea, Intlug of raaana 
Latter, va. to lata or elaa* witk «iay 

Lath4rian, ae, 
Luthlar, tai. a 
Lutia, aai. a I 

>bgabUn ; aoiay ehOd 

Latte, a/. wreitMag; ___ 

Lataar, tm. A wroatla ; atniagia 
Lattaar, «at. a wraatlar 
Lttxatiaa, at. " ' 
Luxe, am. lozacy. __^. 
Lanr, t>«. to put ont of joint 
So— , »r. 10 be out of joint 
L«uaro, if. — lioaaacoa: lewd 
Lumrianae, af. — «ace ; axi 
Luxnrieas, ee, a. laaeivioaa 
Luaorna, af. locame, Spaafa 
Luaaniiire, r/. a field oflae 
Luain, am. bm. honB»-H«e : 
Lyeaatkrope, (. . rrap*]«Mtki«^ 
Lycaathropie, e/. bm. lyeaattr«»« 
Lya4e, am. lyaaam ^' 

Ljrmphaii4]ae, 3. a. lyi 
Lympha.aai. lymph; — 
Lyaa, a». lyax. oaaoa 
Lyra, af. a lyre ar haia 
Lyriqa*. t. a. tyria. lytiarf 

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/r am thirtMnth letter of the alphabet 
'1 > Ma. pro. f. my, mine 

acaroni, cm, 

acaroiiique, 1. a. maearooie, nock 
acaronitme, *»». macaronic poetry 
ac^doiiie, c/. a mixture of rarioui kinds 
of regetablcs 
acer, va. to rub the skin 
ac^ration, if. — tion, mordfication 
acerer, va. to mortify ; to ateep 
&che, «/. eom-HtllMi 
^\checouIi*, «m. ancient fortl6eatiM) 
.\che1er, m. drosi of iron or tteel 
iclieliire (denw), the grfndera 
kdhemoure. if. biacnit-dutt 
ftcher, [«a-«lUt] va tochew ; tomaetlcate 
&cheur, ae, *. a ({reat eater ; a chewer 
arhiaviliime, tm. MacHiavelUm 
.^rhicot, «m. einger, a chanter 
achiiial, e, a. machinal ; inrolttntaty 
achiaalemeut, ad. mechanlcaUy 
achinateur, »■«. • plotter ; contrireT 
lachination, «/. — tion ; artiftce; plot 
lachine. [«wi-«*««««l «/. machine; arti- 
fice, plot 
lachiner, va. to derlse; to plan, plot 


Magasiser. m. to fill a wanhMM 
Magaainier, eat. warehouae-keepar 
MagdaMon^^am. a roU of plaster 
Mages, «M. the Persian magi 
Maficien, em. magician ; enchanter 
Magic, tf. magic : witchcraft, sorcery 
Magiqiie, 3. magic, eonjuriug 
Magisme, em. religion of the magi 
Magister, «m. country acbool-master 
Hagist^re, ««•■ magistery ; grand-master 

ship of an order 
Magistral, e, a. magisterial ; imperious 
MagUtralement, ad. imperiously 
MagUtrat, «m. a magistrate ; a Judge 
Magisiratiire, ^f. magistracy 
Hagnanime, 'i. a. magnanimaus 
Magnauimement, ad. magnanimously 
Magnanimity. «/. magnaalasity 
Maouisa on Magoisie, •/. magnesia 
Magn^tique, 3. a. mM/netic 
Magn^tiser. imi. to mai$ueriae 
Magnetisms, «a». magnetiam 
Magnlfieenee, t/. — ceiice, splendour 
nifior, va. to magnify; to praise 
_ „nifi4iue, 3. a. magnificent ; costly 
Hagniflquement, ad. magnificently 
Magnolie, «/. — nolia, the tulip-tree 
Magut, [Ma-f o] eai. baboon ; ugly fellow 
hidden treasure ; grotesque china figui 
Maheutre, «m. royaUat soldier in the tin 


lachurai, m. a bad printer 
I&churer, va. to daub, make dirty 
facis, em. msoe, a kind of spice 
lacle, »/ water-chestnut 
I agon, Caw-eonl em. a mason, brieklayer 
Taconnage, •■». masonry 
la^oiiner, va. to build ; wall up a door; 

to Jo in a bungling manner 
Ia(;onnerie, «/. masonry ; maaon'a work 

brick or stone work 
lacque, [■•«*] rf. tool to break hemp 
lacquer, va. to break hemp 
laorie, */. ma. tide-pU 
1 acreuse, tf. sea-duck 
lacrocosmc, «/. — eosm, the universe 
ffaculsture. if. • macule ; • waste sheet 

of printed paper 
Iseule, (/. a spot ; a stain ; a 
4 acular, va. to spot, to stain 
,f adame, «/. madam, mUtress ; lady 
iudemoiselle, [. . awo-iwi-seO {«/. miss, 

madam . . ' 

•f adr<. e, a. speckled, spotted ; sly 
tf adr^pore, «in. a sea-petrified plant 
kf adrier, eat. a thick plank or board 
Madrigal, [. . gat^ #in. madrigal 
Madrigalet, «ai. a little madrigal 
Vladrure, •/. speckle, spot; vela 
Vfaettral, *m. the north-west wind 
Vlam^, e, a. chub-cheeked 
tfagasln, [. . s*»] est. magarinet store- 
house ; warehouse ; eoaeh-basket 
Magasinage, mi. hire of a wanbowe 

Mai, «w. May ; may-pole 
Male, •/. kneading-trough 
Malgre, 3. a. lean ; thin; pitiful 
— , «w. lean ; abetinenee from fleeh 

Jour maigre, fish-day 
Maigrelei, te, a. somewhat lean 
Maigrement, ai. poorlj, slenderly 
Maigret, te, a. rather lean, thin 
Maigreur, •/. leanness ; meagrenesa 
Maigrir, m. to gntw lean or thin 
Mail, «m. a mallet ; a mall 
Maille, */. mesh; stitch ; web in the eye ; 

the eye of a link; iron ring for naail 

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Mairia, ^. maTonltr ; msjfot's 1 
Mab, «m. Indiaa ar rnriMr oon 
Maia,a. fc • ' • 

MaMiMta. 4^. laa»MM 
MalaAraaa*. tf. vnakiHUaan 
Maladmt, •, a. awkwaid. uahMdv 

MalaAraiiamant. «f. awkwardly 
MalalM, C. ah«1 en. «Maaln«M : 
Halait^, a. a. dilBculti 

— da plabat.., , 

— da aargcm, anoiiKiiig-lwaM 

— da Tilla, Mwn-kouaa; (uOdhi 
'a rol, klBg'a houaebold 

Maiaannie, gf. tha whoU Hmaij 
Maiaonoatta, »f. a mall hassa 
Mattra, $m. amaatar; ownar; rvlar 

— A rhantar, aingiag-inaatrr 

— aoMl, kigk altar. 

— cftbla, HM. ahaat-cabU 
— ' cUre, head dailr 

— «onpla, aia. midakip fr 

— dVcola, aokoolofiaatar 

— d'aqalpaia, bm. V 

— d'kAtal, itoward 

— fripon, anaut kawra 

— rarqon. kaad JoarnaTiMii 

Maltre pUota, aai. aM. kaad pilot 
— , a. mm, maatar, main 

Pelic-maltra, aat. a fop ; a baau 
UattraaM, «/. mlatraa* ; awaathaart 

— anara, m*. akaat-aoakof 
M. famnai a ffotiMa woman 

— pikea. ohiaf piaea «f a maekina 
Maltriae, «/. fraodom of a compaajr 
Maltriiar, v. to doaunaar ; •ahdoa 
Ma<«ar<, ■/. —(7 ; etataUncaa, diRnitr 
UajaaMauaamaiii, ad, — dealW, nobly 
MaWtuaux, aa, a. majesila ; loftjr 
Majaar, a, a. of a«e ; greatar ; aaaior 
MafcMTO, rf. major of a a^llogiam 
Major i.jor} 9m. a major 

Majorat, ,m. Urtbrifkt in Spain ; landad 

jnnaacuH, ^f• ciipuai wiwr 
Mai, CaMf] aa*. pain, aeha ; mm*, 
dlacaae ; liokMaa 1 arU, iU ; karm 

— eadnc, Uliac-aieiinaaa 

— aanta<ia«x, the plagna 

— d'aTentora, wkiilow 

— da danta, loptk-aeba 

MalaiaAaatnt. iwf. with diAcwltT 
Malandraa, «/. fl. malandran 
Malandranz, ae, a. roltan 
Mal-i-propoa, uaaeaaonablf 

arentttra, «/. miaehanoc. Ill-lad 

aTia4, a, a. ImpruAcni, Indlacnat 

— -b&d. a. a. Ul-ahaped ; U " 

.fa«on. «/. dafart ; fonl pUy 
— -fait, a. If. lU-made or doair « 
-iam<, a, m. dafamed ; of ill 6 
wt, «l. uneiviUr 

— daa ranx, wro ejroa 

— , •d.lMdlj ; iU, not waU ; wraa« 

Malaela, »/. ai«. aseaasi '" 

Malada, i. a. «. aieli. i1 
Maladla. tf. maladv ; d 
"•-•--r, «, m. aiaUj ; 

kabileti, ^. tuahliltj : 

- ^og<, «ai. lUagal dactw 

manar, »«. to usa ill or aeiirrilv 

M&U,«ai. mala; cook ' 

— , 3. A. mala; maair: Tlmrana 

Mar mUa, a roofk aaa 
Malabtto, a^. a danaarou man 
MaUdietloa, ^. maladletion. « e«n« 
HaUSea, m. aorcarr ; witehenft 
MaUflei^, a, «. aiaklv ; feaciaatad 
MaMfiqua, 3. «. malignant 
Malanort, «/. ill lata; arnal daatk 
Maleneontra, «/. Ill laok : miaaklaf 
"-' -M«tttraa>, aa, a. unluaky ; fetal 
rait, «/. ilaaptaaa nigbt 
.wata I M. plagoa I aound* 
MalentM, tf. taga ; Tiolant daaira 
Valarola, 'i. a. malarolant 
Matfaire. an. to do Ul ; da miaeUaf 
Malfaiaaat. a, «. malicioaa ; noxi««a 
Mal&itaur, m. malaiaetort arU iUm* 
Malgr<, lmml-gTajf'\fr. luaj 
tha will of ; notwitlutandiav 
albaur, am. aaiaiortana: iU lock 
— ! tat. woa tol 

MalkourauianMut. ad. aakappUjr 
Malkcnaaaa. aa, «• an Bafartnaaia iallaw , 

a wortklcM paraoa 
— , a. nnkappy ; unlucky ; pidfal ; vUa 
MalhonnAte. U. «. rada, uurtTUj ladaaaM, 

MaUn. t.^ . . 

Malina.f^. "-*■'"•' — i T — T|r-ii^ tida 

j.#.r'- '" 

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r©, ^- '"-tiiT*; mftnnfiictOTy 

HanulMturar, ««. to manufaetun 
Manufaetoriar, ««. manufaetorer 
Haaomiaalon, •/. — aion ; freedom 
ManuMrit. [. . forw} am. a maauseHpt 
Haautention. *f. mulnlainrac 
Mappemoiide, sf. a map of Uie world 
Ma^uc, «/. a brake to drcia hemp with 
Maquer, «m. to break hemp 
Maquerem, «ai. a maekerel ; a pimp 
Maqnerauz, [. . ro] pi. epota in the lep 

Maaed hj titting too uear the fitr 
Maqnorellaye, am. pimping 
Maqneralla, »f. a proenran, bawd 
MaqaigBoo, fm.joekajr; intricoer 
Mavuifnoimafa. *m. Joekejrahip, 

of a Jockey; latrigue 
Maqvifoaner, «m. to trim for aale 

drire a brokar't trada 
■■ouUleur, nn. a maekerel boat 
Marabovt. l- . too] ««.. a 

prieat ; naat/, ugljr fallow ; cofeo-pot 
Maraboatbi, am. a aail of a jailer 
Marala, [. rm] fm. marth ; a w am p ; bog 
— aalaaa, aalt-pana, aalt-pit 
Maraaaae, mi. — moa, coaiumptioo 
Mariire, •/. a atep mother ; mother-io- 

law ; a barbarous motbar 
Maraud, [. re] am. raacal ; rillatn ; knare 
Maraude, »f. jade, tint : marauding 
Marauder, n«. to go a marauding 
Maramlaur, •■•. marauder ; pluadcrrr 
Marartdia, m. — dit, Spaiuah coin 
Murbre, eai. marble 
Marbrer, ii«. to marble ; to vain 
Marhraur, eai. paprr-marhler 
"—'--'- - ■. marWe-cutter 

, »f. marblina 
Mare, [mmt] «M. aaarfc; an 

eight ouneoi; hiiaka, grou: 

Maraaige, am. duty on aaa-fiah 
Marpaisin, «ai. a young wild boar 
Maicaaalla, a/, mareaslte atone 
Mawhaad, e, «. marehantaUa; trading; 

na^gable; "- 

143 MAR 

Marehar, Ma. gait ; way of 
— , *a. to wnlki nmreh ; ta 

— da toila. Unen draper 

— d'harbaa, grven-groeer 

— dnirior, a woollen draper 

— an^toil, a retail dealer 

— libraln. bookieller 

Marehander, vm. to chaapen. hagijla 
Marahandenr, ae, «. a haggler 

larehe, ^/. march** way ; step 
laiaha, «a>. marbot ; bargain 

- Bu Mb, hay-market 

- BB pain, bread-market 

ana poulaa, poultry-market 

— d'asa e«eg«a, aM. 

ii Cm 

— droit, to be banest ; baK»T« a 
Marcheur, ae, a. a walkar 
MarcotM, V. layer; ahoM ; spi 
lUareottar, va. to lay « 
Mardi. «M. Tueeday 

— graa, ShreM-Tuaaday 

Mare, [aMr] i/. a po«d, pool ; rotnr lak> 
Mar4aga, «ak tba pay of b bbUm- 

t BKo««a 

Mareeageuz, ae, m. marahy ; tmAuw 
Marfahal. [. . aio/] am. fBrri«r ; MraVl 

— d* logta, a <)BBr( 

Marfchdaria, ^. ftniarr 
Mar«ehanaa<a, «/. jBtiadfMoa •« «l»o ■ 

shals; hona-poUea 
Maree, qf. m». tide, freah aM-Salk 

Baaaa atarfa, bm. low watBr 

Contra ynt ct auido, la apiw ^ li 

HauM mar4*, ma. hi(^t 

Morta-mar4«, aia. naap-tida 
Mai«l, Mariil, am. alephaiit'a laafa 
Margajat, aai. nrehio, brat 
Marge, •/. amrgln ( edge ; bo*4«r 
Margalle, «/. aurb-aiBna of a wall 
Margar, aa. to make the aaar^gia 
Marginal, a, a. OHWgtnBl [< 

Margot. [. g»] <r- M«pl«: ta 
Hwrgotter, va. to ary Uka • qaaU 
** '" " " waodaa I 


ilUe, aai. a 

pnddla; air«r plaah 

Margiariat, »m. margravlaiB [aei 

Marguerite, »f. dalay; poari; {aaa.) a 
'largttillene, if. eharehwavdaaBlkia 
larguUllar, aai. a ehurahwaidaa 
[art, am. a hoaband, tpaaa* 
[ariabk, 3. a. marriageaMo 
Manage, am. mairiagc i w«dl«ek 

the eyaa of the n , 

Mari<. •, f bridagiaom ; 
" iiie-graillaa, rf. a alut 

-aalopc, »/. awi. a aoct af bawt 
Mariar, v«. to aiarry; to autok,}dia 
8c — , vr. to get married, to macry 

Marin, mm. a aenmaa 

— , a, a. beloBgiag to the aaa 
Marinada, •/. pieklad meat fric4 
Marine, if. nary ; navigaJlioa ; . 

aaa aifblrs ; beach ; aaB-pie«e 
Mariner, pa. to marianwt u plahia 
Mariagaiuln, tm. a mvaqaito 
Mariniar, am. auriaar, aanmBa 

[. . a-aM] rf. a pappe*. litte 

Haijolct, em. B lap, aoa 
Marital, a, m. marital, n 
Maritalemant, md. iihaa hai 
Maritime, 3. «. mari^aie 
I Marttoina. ^. aa iU ahf* a 

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Inrla.cfc. VId. J/«nM 
f arli, »m. m MMrt o£ gaaaa 
if annailU, ^. Imu, «Miar«ii 
If BroMlade, a^. anmrnlad* 
4'anneiiteUiZ, tm'. ornMMBUil trrca 
ifarininotiMr, •■». a awn who matUn 

fannite, rf, porridf*-pr>t ; bettia 
lannitoas, ••• •. whiaing, pitifa) 
darmiton, cat. a aeuUioo 
dsrmUoBaav, •. to matter, to grunUe 
darmoQaar, «. to moaaUa, gruakhla 
danmrt [aMr-mo] *m. kind af asonliajr ; a 

puppat : a brat, ehUd ; ^ • 

dsnnotta, [. auxte] •/. 

naall "^ • *^ 

, tm. gnitaaqua fimro 
marl; loam; chalk; clay 

tfamar. v*. to manura with marl 

Ifantitre, ^r. a marl pit 

Waroqain, aai. Tnrkoy, Spanish, Haiaia, 

or Moroaeo leather [etc. 

If aroquiaer, va. to taaitate Moroeeo leather, 
tf aroquinerie, «/. the an aad work of i 

Moroeeo lemher-dreeaer 
Maroquinicr, «w. Moroeeo loathcr<dt««aev 
Marotiqoa, 9. a. — lio. Hodibraatie 
If arotte, ^. fuol'a bawble ; taxttj, whim | 

Marondr, mi. aeouadrol ; boobjr 
— , tf. a aort of glue 
Mafquo, [aiaritl •/. mark; token; print; 

mole ; epot; noto; pr"' ' - 
- do U ligae da loc, ■ 
M arqnar, vm. to mark 

acoro ; signif jp ; ihow 
M arqueMr, m. to ipot, apeokU ; inlar 
Marqueterie. •/. inlaid woiti ; mweale 
If arquctu, ^. eake of boee-wajc 
Marquenr, aa, «. a marker ; eeorer 
Marquis, C. kty] eat. a 

Harqoiae, t- itfl '/ marehiones* ; marquee 

Marraine, */, a godmother 

Marri, a, a. torrj ; eeneernsd 

Marron, sai. largo eheetnut ; large nmnd 
earls of hair ; a runawa* sla-re ; a work 
printed elandaatinelf ; tort of eiaeker 

— d'lnde, hortc eheetnut 
Maronaor, tw. to ear) la groat eurla 
Uaronnier, sm. large eheetnut tree; 

Alpine eledge 

— d'lnde, hone eheatnut tree 
Marrabe, <«. to. horvhniiad, madwort 
Hara, ZmarttJ «m. March ; Mors 

If ataoala, tm. a porpoise ; sea-hog 

— d'arriire, awi. false stempott 
MartagoB, ««. moantain>lily 
Msrtrau, sm. hammer; haoeker 

— h dents, m*. elaw hammer 
VI artel, (at. uneaaiaees 
Martelaga. m>. mark tot on t 

for shlp-bvilding 
M arteUes, «/. pi. dang of fallow-deer 
Hartelar, tw. to hamwsr; to res 
If artclot, em. Uttl* hmamtr 

Marialevr, em. foreman in a fi»rge 

Martalisa, ^f. a sculptor 'a piek 

Martial, a, a. martial ; warlika 

Martin, Martin prehear, «a». kingfisher 

— see, iat. stony hind of paar 

Martinet, »m. flat eandlasiick; a mil], 
hammer ; a cat o'nine-tails : mariiaat. a 
kind of swallow ' ' 

Maranets, am. pi. ma. peeb-haliarda 

Martingale, «/. martiagal 

Martre, */. martan ; mart«a-akia 

Martyr, e. e. a martjpr ; saftrror 
Martjrre, $m. martyrdom ; pain 
Martjrriser, wo. to torture, t»n- 
Martjrrologe, «as. martyrology 
MartyrologUU, em. a martyrologiat 
MascHrade, ^. masquerade ; diaguiae 
Maaearet, nt. addy of water 
Mascaron, «m. a groieequo haad 
Maiculin, e, a. masealfaie; mala 
Masculinity, </. maaoulinenaas 
Masouc, CaiaeAl eat. a asaak 

— , «/. aa ngly witah or jado 

Maaqa4, e, a. masked; dUsom „ 

Masquer, m. to maak; cloak; (aio.) to 

back, lay aback 
Se — , vr. to put a maak <m 
Massacre, «•». massacre j bungler 
Masaacrer, va. te massacre ; bun|<le 
Maaaacrear, $m. murderer ; bongly 
Masae. ^. mass : lump ; bulk ; otoek ; asa)- 

lei ; mace ; bullion ; elub 

— da hois, si«. commander 

— do fer, ata. large Iran maul 
aMta, am. Mscnit crumbs 

— -pain, MS. mareh-pano 
Maaselotta, tf. snperfluoua metal 
u ~- ^„ ,4,,,, ^^ card; oic) 

yellow eohxir 

. re, a. massy; heavy; bnlky; dull 
MaaaiTemont, md. heaeily; dully 
Maasne, ^f. a elub ; a maoa 
Mastic, im. mastich, a sort of gnm 
Mastication, *f. mastication, chewing 
Mastieatoire, eat. masticatorr 
Masti«adoi>r, tm. sort of bridie-hit 
Mastiqner, va. to join with mastich 
Masulipataa, tm. Indian handkercbisf 
Maaulit, eas. aa Indian boat 
Masura, ^f. the ruins of a bonis ; a paltry 

deeayci house 
MAt, fMo] «M. «M. a mast 

— ipihU. MO. poU 

— d'artimon, ata. i 

da payiliOL, „ 

Mat, te, Cmaf] ■• unwreught ; heavy; dead 

Maiadore, ««. a matadore 

Matafion, cm aia. gaaket 

'l&taae, MdlameB^ fas. ma. tho ftxtng of 

a ship's maat 

atamora, eat. bravado, bully 
Mataaie, rf, raw silk 

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MktmiMd*, (f. ftoUe, wuton titeV 
M UMMMT, mt. W tUnet xhm mMaehia 


I, im. pi. mtMhln dan 
[. . M] tm. mattraM; c 
ir, va. to qniU ; to wad 

M Mtalot. »m. MA. tailor ; consort ihip 

w — 1 -^ ^ toaman't pay 

mataloM, hotch-potch of 

■vTcrmi WHT* of floh 

Matfolocio, •/. m rain anqalrj 

Matar, vm. to ehaekmato : a»bd*« ; huw- 

Ua ; to nacarata, mcrtuj 
*"*-^, w«. aM. to aiaat 

MatirialisBM, na. natrrialUai 
Mat^rialtata. mi. matarialist 
Mal<rialit4, «/.— vialit/, eorporeitjr 
MatMauz, $m. ft. aMioriala 
llatirial, le, ». material ; aorporaal ; raal ; 

lumpiah; duU; hMvr 
Mal«i^lUaiaiit. md. " 

MatanioIlaaMnt. md. notharlr 
MatarniU, qf. naterolijr ; motherhood 
*"'iir, Mi. M«. a naat-makar 
•at. mathamallcta 
[. (tt-aM-r«Ht] S. «. I 


lfathteati<|iieaMBt. md. -callj 
Math4«atlqm». mathamatica 
Matikra, «/. natter: ■uliieei; cat* 
Hattai, Mt. md. Mralnv: fercuMm 
M^tiu, «Bi. a mastiff; an Ufty Mlow 
Matinal, », m. an eailT riser 
M&tine, ^. a maatUT Mteh 
MItiaeaa, ««. a little mastiil ; a cur 
Matinfc> qf. feranooa, mornla^ 
MAtlaar, vm. to abuse, to uaa luufhiy 
Matiaea, a^. ft. matins 
Maliiii«t« «teUe). laoniiBV atar 
Matineu, se, a. that rises betimes 
Matlr, vm. to make unpolished 
Matoir, em. chisel ; burnisher 
Matois, e, «. «. eanning ; a sharper 
Matoiaeria, V'- eunaing ; tricli 
Matoa, em. a he-«at 

Matnw, (. trm] •«. matnws, a sort of rial 
Matrieaira, $/. sort of mother. wort 
Malriee. «/. matrix; womb; asother 

Mutrieulaira, nu. —late; earegiatarad 
Vatrieule, ^. matricnia: register 
Matrimonial, c, at. — aial ; connubial 
Matron*, «/. matron, ladf 
Maturation, ^f. matuiation, digoatiea 
Mfttare, •/. maatin« ; maata of^a ship 
Hamrild, ^f. maturity; ripcaeea 
MatuHaal, •, a. of the momlag 
Maudire, tw. to curse ; devota to evU 

md. maaHOf ; ilairealy 

<r-"^.. i « 

-s«gr] atf. bad. Ul 

— . em.thatwhiehtsbad 
— , a, «. bad, evil, 01 ; ' 
MauTe, rf. mallows 
MauTiotta, tf. skyUrb. 
UauTia, «M. maris, thruah 

Hfehammeat. ad. wlaliedly 
Mfebaaeeti. •/. u-iekedaaaa. d«pra«itj 

0, m. wiehed; A««^t* ; mm- 
);bad;paltrT "^ ' * 
Mich*. ^. wick; match ; tiDder 

— dc mit, BU. main «r middle piece ef ■ 

— d'ua coidage, as*, heart at a rape 

— du gevaraail, maia piece of the niddat 

— da eaboaiaa, banel of the ea^tna 
M<ekef, ««. misehaaee; miaCartuiie 
M<eher. m. te rnpear a caak wUlt hmrumf 

, a medianal plant 

Mfaempte, {mA-omitl «m. misrc * 
Se MtaBOipter, vr. to mlsreckoti 
M<ceaiiim, em. Juice of a peppr 
M«connaissable, 3. a. ao alt^^ as 

Micoatent, c, «. diaaaiia«cd 

forget OBc'a eel( ar mc'i 


it, dieaatiaSed a 

M^cToirc, f». to disbelietre ; te eaaaeR 
MMaitla, if. » modal ; medalUoo 
MMalUier, «>•. euMnet of medala 
MMalilisu. tm. medalist. aatiq«atT 
MMallbm. em. a medalliea 
MMcrin, [BMd-ca<al ma. a phTaidwi 
MMccine, ^. amdicia* ; phyaie ; wum 
MMeeiner. vm. to phTsie 
MMlaae. rf. BMdian rein 
MMlanocbe. if. Ceah-BMal aaaaa a* mid- 

tiight after a flsh-day 
MMtante, «/. -te, a third {<« suaeio 
MMlaatIa, em. cM. medlaatiaam 
MMiat, a, «. mediate. iatnrvMUi^ 
MMlatemcat. md. mcdiatalT 

MMlatleti, tf. 

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[^dicaiBMlt, •«. — meet ; mMlleln* 
l^dlo«iaeiiwlia, 2. «. trMtlng on vr c 

[^dieaiiMater, va. to phydo 

, , I. naedtdnal ; kealiAg 

[ediocre, 3. a. middUng, modanu 
tediocrement, ad. indinrwatljr 
l^dioeriU. •/. mtdiocntj; audluD 
l^dioDDcr, va, to taka a modlum 
Udire, va. to ndl at ; rcvila ; klandar 
I^diiiaDct, t/. tlaiidar : drtraetion 
ledisant, a, a. «. tlandenuK; alandartr 
Kditatif, ▼«, a. — tiva ; tbuughrful 
luditatioB, •/. — tion, daap thought 
f <dltar, x>a, to nediuta ; think 
indium, «M. nadium ; middla ; naan 
I^dullaira, 3. a. madnlar, medullary 
fl^faira, va. to do wrong, to pra^odiet 
lefAit. [mii-/ai] an. bad aelioa'i inladMd 
rl< fiance, ff. laiatruat ; lutpiaioa 
tl^fiaal, a, a. aaiatruatfal 
• M^Bar, vr. to nUtrutt 
H^varde, •/. inadrrriancj 

Par m^orda, inadvartautljr 
degira, ff. Uttar Mold, ihraw 
il^gia, */. tha art of tawing 
degiasarie, tf. the tawiiig of aUna 
dagiaaiar. ««. awhltt laathar-drwaar 
tfrigle. «/. a ptck-axa 
MeilleuT, a, a. battar ia«jwrJa«v* o^ben) 
Vlalanagogua, 2. a. mi. nalaaBgogua 
tf^lancolia, §/. melanoholy. aadaeaa 
Vlilancoliqua, 3. a. *. nelancholf 
MAlaiicoUqannantj ad. tadW 
M^laiiga, «M. mSxtura; moaley 
M^Iangar, va. to mingla, to bSand 
M^laiaa, »/. molaaaaa ; traaela 
U<Ma, >/. the thick of a fight; tny; 

acuflla, debate, diipate 
II«ler, va. to nls ; ulend ; thoiae 
— UDe Mrrure, to apoU ■ ' 
Sa — de, vr. to mtiigla 

to be concerned in 
UiMte, *m. the lareh-trM 
Meliantha, em. — thua, honay- flower 
M«lic4rii, em. — ria, Ueruated toBMVr 
Mtlilot, sm. —lot, odorifaroM plant 
Miliset, »m. honoj-wort C«1otl 

ftKlii, [.Mlt-Uefi »m. aui. a aert of aall- 
M^liiee, ^. balm-mint, garden balm 
Milodie, «/. melody ; haimonjr 
MOodieaiemant, aU. melodiously 
M <lodiettx, ee, a. malodioua ; muileal 
Melodrama, am. nalodrama 
Melon, am. a melon 
Melonnier, im. one whoaalle Umona 
Melonniftrc, a/, a melon-bad 
MimarchufC, af. apraln in a horat 
Membrane,*/. " 

i tomaddUwith; 

Membrca dua Taiaseau, i 
Membra, a> •■ atont ; wal 
Membnira, •/. a paoal-aquara ( « 

for wood ; (aia.) rlba of a ehtp 
Mama, [maiaifl 3. «. aama ; aejf ; 
— , mt. oTen ; wiy , alao j aajr 

md. afur the aama 

Memorial, «». me 
MtetorlalisM, am. 
Menagaat, e, 

' tlireat, man 

M4nacaur, am. a thraaieDer,.menacar 
Meuada, a/, a baoehante, baoehaual 
Manage, em. houaekeapiug ; houaahold ; 

fiunilf ; gooda ; houaewliary 
M^Mgement, em. regard, eondaet, diacn- 

tion i attention, care 
Mfaagor, va. to hoaband, manage; be 
tender of ; to treat witli eauuvii ; pro- 
cure ; contrive ; eondaet 
Se — , *r. to taka eaxa of one'a »«lf ; to 

heap fair with 
Mfaager, e, a. thrifty ; prorident 
Minag^, f^. bouaowtfa ; hoiwekaeper 
Menagerie, «/. manage, collectiun of fo- 

Uen^. ^. widerhaad dealing ; plot 
Manor, im. to lead ; drive : eondiict ; head ; 

amuaa ; aarry ; bring 
MioAtrier, «m. a flddler 

em. a gentleman aahar ; a leader ; 
nan, drivwr 

M«nil, faUi-M} em. kaUtalion ; han»let 
M6nilJ«a, </. pi. ma. abaeklea 
M^nin, «m. i£iion ; ■ 
Miuiagea. */. pi. eU. 
Meuotta, tf. a UttU hand 
Menottea, pf. haadcafia, maaaelea 
M*na«. af. inaome; atook 

•, tf. kay-etona of a vanlt 

ga, am. lie « ilUalon, error 

Menaonger, a, a. daoeitfai \ Calaa 
MniaUua, «m. mcnatruum 
Mcnttruel, la, a. menatruoaa 
Menatniaa, tf. pi. manaaa 
Mental, a. a. aieatal, Intalleetual 
Mentalement, ad. mentally 
Menterie, ^. a fib ; lie; untnith 
Mentcur, ae, a. *. lying; liar 
Menthe. [ma^nfej ^. mint 

Hentir, VM. to lie ; to fib ; to n 
Menton, em. tha eUa 
Meatonniire, af. ahtn-doth 

— paupta, Tvlgar aaob 
Meaae moaaate, aepper aaoaay 
Manuidlla, af. amaU aaonoy ; ti 

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Mcuaiter, m. to d« joImt'c work 
ManuiMito, tf. jaiauTf 
IfeuniiUr, »m. • joiiMr 
Menus droiu, hAiuMb'-CeM 

— grmiua, oatti, hatimj, paasi Mc. 

— plaialri, priTT puna 
M«phitiqu«, 3. a. mapMliMl, pobonooa 
H<phitii, CM. sulphuraua cxhaUtion 
H«phitii«r, va. to Infect with maph.tism 
MMhitiwM, «M. ntmhiiiain 

S« M^prandre, vr. to miauko 

If 4prU, *m. eontampt, aeoni ; diadaiu 

MApriMbU, i. a. eootemptlbla 
M4priaalriamant, «uf. aouicmptibly 
M<priaant, e, a. diadiduCal, acaiiitul 

If <priaar, vm. 'to eouttoia, doapiM 
Mar. [mair] (/. tha aea 

Braa da mar, gulf, hmj 
MerauBtila, a. a. iMMButlla, trading 
Meroatialio, i. a. *. — «arf ; UreUag 
MerocnairaoMnt, md. nMreaiiaiilr 
Maicnria, »/. mcicory ; hkbarduhcrir 
Morei, */. mttcy ; pit/ ; eompuaiou 

M^aavMHiro, ff, mUchM — ; ill am cm 
HaodMnao, Im^-dmm^ pi. ImUm 
MoaaM^ra, aai. Biaaouterjr 
U4oaiat<ri<)ue, 3. •. maarutetic 
M<acotinwr, va. dapradate ; diavenid 
M^aiatciiisonco. af. miaiuMlentaiMLug 

■aivraai, •■». wocuioaasj 
Morcara, cat. Moreurr ; qoleksUvar 
Marcuriiklc, •/. k raprimami, vabitka 
Marcurioi, la, a. marourial 
Mareurifioation, tf. ■Mroarifiaatiou 
MardiUne, »-. htap ai brata 
Merda, ^f. turd, (lunf, oseraB 
Mardeua, ae, a. tardjr, baskii 

Mira. [auirc] «/. ........ . . 

Hiridian, ««. tha naridian 
— , na, «. maridlan (.dinner 

M^ridianna, (/. meridian line ; a nap aftar 
Mirldiooal, a. a. -dioual, aoutharijr 
U4riiio«, »m. marioo ahaap ; a fine wooUan 

MariM, ^. a tart kind of cbairy 
Maritiar, jai. anall eharry-trca 
MariM, «M. merit ; dcaart ; worth 
MMter, t>«. to deaarva; pnieura 
MMtoira, *i. a. maritorioua 
M^ritoirtmant, ad. maritariMuly 
Marian, aat. a wbilina 
Merle. ,m. blackbird 

Un fin merle, a canning fellow 
Merletu, tf. bl. a mailat or morlcti* 
Merlin, ,m. acoc^urer: (aia.) ma.Uoe 
Merllner une ▼olla, to marl a iati 
Marlueke, a/, atockflah. haddoek 
Merrain, »m. thin pianke of oak 
Merveilla, •/. wonder ; marral 

A merrelUe, ad. admirably wall 
MarToilleuienient, ad. wondctfuUy 
McrveiUaus, rai. tKe marrallotta 
— , ae, a. marTallous ; wonderful 
Me«, LauijfJ pro. pi. my 
Meaaiae, «m. dlsiraaa; tM«Ue 
Mesalliaaeo, e/"- "iliaoc* •^ aurriace m 

oa« of an iwhrior rank 
MeaalUar, ••. dispance, andarmalcli 
8e — , vr. to marry baiow oaa'a aalf 
Mfoanoe, «/. a tomUt, titmoiua 
M<aarri«vr, o. to coma to any harm 
MAaaule, fat. arck. a middle cuurt 

M^aoCrir, vm. to offer too Uttla 
Moaquin, a, a. niggardly i pitiful 
MeaqainemanW aU. aordMily 
Maaqulnarle, ^. aiingiueaa ; avniiee 
Meaaaga, •«!. mesaage, errand 
Mesaagar, e, «. maaaenfar ; carrier 
*' lagorie, ^f. pott-houa* ; oomck-cSet 

J», <^. thentaaa 

Meaa^anea, ^f. ladacaueyr ; imp roprictr 
Meiaeani, a, a. luibocominc; u^ecca: 
Meaaaicnoara, »/. pi. my locda 
Heaeemr, vn. not to suit 
Moeser, ««. eir 

Meaaie, ew. tba Measiah, Cltriat 
Messier, am. kacpar of rincyards 
Hraaiean, pi. gsutlamen i aira 
Meaaire, f ai. tiuc of Ikoaour i air 
— Jean (poira de), a wiatar prntf 
Meatra-do-camp, *m. a colon*! of kub 

</. first troop of a ragimaut of bonr 
MasuraMe, 3. a. meaaur»bla 

Meaurafcat'-sKr*] «/. maaaura , i: 


Uutremesure, aJ. innaodcrmtrij 

A ntasura que, ctsii as 
Mesur^, e, «. cireumapert 

irar, va. to maaaure ; to compaia 
avao, to conund *ith 
Meauranr, *m. a measurer, a aneter 
MesuMr, vn. to misuse - to ab«ac 
H4taearpa, aai. aaa. motaearpiia 
M^tackrauisma, •<•'■ metachmuik^ 
Metairia, «/°. • iMim-boaaa 
M<tal, CatA-io/l <M. metal, ore 
U<ialepM, 4^. matalapkia 
M^tiUlique. 3. a. meullia 
M<ialliaor, va. to melt iuto maial 
M«talinrgie, «/• notallurgy 
M^taUargiaie. m. — gUt. mctnlUat 
M^tamorpkoao. rf. matamorphoeta 
Mataaaorpkooer, aa. to matasaonlioM 
Se — , t>r. to transform one's aclf 
M^lapbora, ^f. metapkor ; ' "' 

Htepkoriquamaut, i 

M^iapkraae, ^. hieral tmnslntiao 

Motapkraate, »m. literal translator 

MiuphysidcD, «ai. matapbysiciaa 

Maiapkyaiqua, V. mataphyaica 

— , 3. a. metaphysical i abairactad 

, metaphysical i 

Mitapkyaiquemeiil, mJ. — aieadly 
H<iaphyaiquar, «ra. to treat a aataou «» 

- iti|eet BMtapkysicallT 

. jplaame, eai. maiaplaam 
Mtoataaa, ^f. mi. Bsaiaataaia 
Mitatarae, *m. — aaa, middle of tk« fu< 
M^ialkkae, [. . tai*€] if. metMHaai. 
Mitayor, e, a. a Canaer ; fannar'a wife 
Mtotl, aai. nieslin -r m«alin 
««lempayckosa. »/. matcmpajrckoste 

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MIA ] 

MiitrnfayckorigtM, «. 3. «. — kiit 
MetamptoM, ^. €ut. mctMnptoiit 
Mixion, «M. K meteor 
^\(^^tiom\o1^, tf. metitorologY 
M.'t^orologiqu*, 3. a. — gieu ; flerf 
Met^orolofua, «m. mn inttniinciit (or mak- 
ing meUoroloKioul obMrvatlouc 
Mithod*. \m.A-toad\ »f. * ' 

uer J wajr 
Methodiqua, 9. a. methodical 
Methoiliquemmt, ad. methodically 
M4thodiiiU, em. " *" 

Metlf. ' ... 

M<tiTC, tf. harreat, hatvest-time 

Mrtivier. e, «. a reaper 

Mitnnjrmie, •/. metonjrmjr 

hUtope, </. are*, metope 

M^topo«eope,««. —plat, phyaleinamiat 

Mpto|iokcopie, tf. mctopoMopx 

Miirr, «m. metre, timr, otdrnM ; Teraea 

Mbtrique, 3. a. metrical 

M^tromanle, •/ race tor i 

M^tropole, If. metropolia; mo 
motfier-elittTeh ; areliMakop'i 
Metropolitain, e, a. t. metr«politan 
Matt, [m«0 '«. dlah ; meata ; meaa 
Meiuble, 3. a. wearakla; paaaable 
Mettenr en oeavre, «k. ctone-aetter 
Mettre, va. to put; Mt ; lay; place 

— au jour, to make kuuwn, puoUih 

— baa, to bring forth 

— en gaga, to pawn 

— en aane, to make one bleed 

S« — eu devoir, prepare oiiea lelf 
Meable, am. houaehold good* 
— , a. movable ; light 
Meubier, va. to fumleh, to itteli 
" 'uglement, Vid. Beuglement 

ZV "'^ "-"•" 

of a 

— de foin, a Cock or riok of liajr 

— de paille, ataok of alraw 
Mculiire, «/. millilona quarry 
Alrulon, um. thatch-atack 
Mfunier, (m. miller; a kind of fiah 
Mruiii^ra, »f. miller'a wife 

Mrartrir, va. tobmCae; to kill 
Meurtrimare, */. a bruiie, contuaion 
Mi-utr, «/. a pack of hounda ; hunt 
M^vendre, va. to underaell 
M<=v«nt«, if. undetaalltng 
IMi^wlinr, «/. kind of linaejr-wooleey 
jMtTxsaiiine, tf. arek. meaaaoina 
Mrixu-tinto, eat. maaaotinlo 
M>, par. i»d. mid. middle, half 

— -AoAi, •/. middle of Auguat 
eai<>me, ^. mid-leat 

— -edte, •/.bending of a hill 

— -denier, «m. t'a. half the eapciiaaa 

Miaulemeiit, eat. mewing of a cat 
Miaulcr, VH. tomeir; «ry aa a oat 

Miohe, 4^! maiiehet ; amall ImT 
Miemae, <m. iatiigue ; plot 

Micographie, tf. micography 
Mieromatre, cm. micrometer 
Mieroacope. tm. microtcope 
Microacopique, 'i. a. micruaoopie 
Uidi, CaM-tfc': am. mid-day, noon ; aottth 
Uia, tf. a crumb ; none ; dear 
If iel, CsM-(/] «at. hooey 
HieUt, «at. honer-d 
Hielleux, ac, a. IniciouB -. umpio 
Micllauaemeat, ad. aweatly, honey-like 
Mien, ae, pro. miiie, mr own 
Mietto, sf. litUe crumb- little bit 
Hicua, orf. better ; rather ; beat 
Miirre, 3. a. unlucky ; roguiak 
MttTTcria, tf. pnmk ; waggary 
Uignard, e, a. pretty i mcci delicate 
Migoardameut, ad. dclicauly i nicely 
llignarder, va. to cocker ; to fondle 
Mignardiie, tf. delleacy of featuroa; 

be^utiea ; eareaaea ; ebiua pink 
Migoardiaea, •/. pi. aUuremeiita 
Utguon, Imt-gnioH'} ne, «. dalieate ; 

pretty i fine 
— , ne. e. a darling, a favourite 
HIgnonue, •/. a kind of printing typo 
— mt. ad. dalioutely. finely 

, „ pcpp*' 

Hignoter, va, to fondle, to dandle 
Uignotitc, ^f. fondling, oareiiing 
Migraine, tf. megrim ; keadac^ie 
Migration, ^. migration ; paaaage 
Mijauree, •/. afraetad woaun 
Mijoter, va. to train gently 
Mil, eai icillct, a aort of grain 
Milan, rat. a kite, gurnard 
Miliaire, 3. a. miliary 
Milice. ^f. militia, aoidiery 
Milicieii, em. militiaman 
Milieu, aw. middle ; medium ; aore 
.Militaire, a. t. military ; a loldier 
Militairement, ad. in a military way 
Militante, a. f. militant ; 6ghting 
Militer, vn. to militate ; to oppoae 
Mille, a. tm. thouaawd ; a mile 
— -feuille, tf. milfoil, yarrow 
MilUuaire, *i. a i. millenary 
Milleptde. «at. millepcda 
llilleiMfrtuia, tm. St. John 'a wort 
MilUuma, tm. date of a coin or medal 
Millet, eat. millet, a kind of grain 
Milliairc, 3. a. milliary 
MillUrd, C. . or] nt. a tkouaand millloM 
Millia8««, •/. tan hundred thouaaod mii- 
MUona : thoukaiida and thousanda 
MilUime, 3. a. thouaandth 
Millier, cat. a thouaand 
Milligramme, eat. milligramme 
Millimetre, «ai. millimeter 
Million, «M. a million 
Millionnaire, «at. a rerr rich man 
Milord C- lor] tm. my lord, lord 
Mime, «m. mime, mimic, buifoon 
Mimographe, tm. a writer of faroea 
Minafa, tm. fee, corn duty 

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WaaMi, tm. nimrat ; (haft of m nina 

Mhiaudar, vw. to ba prim or affacMd 

Mlnaudaria, »/. primnaaa 

Min udlar, a, t. a prim mnn or woman 

Mince, 3. a. thin ; alendar ; imaU 

Uiiia, ^f. mien, eounuuance, praeenaa; 

appaaranee, ahow ; mine ; ore ; a maa- 

■ura of els buthali 
— de plomb, black lead 
Miner, m. to uBdarmina ; «ra«te, impair 
Mineral, *••. a miaaral ; or* 
— , 0, a. mineral 
Mineralisation, «/. minaraliaadon 
Min<ndlaar, v. to mlucraUaa 
Miniralogla, «/. mlneralonr 
Min4ralogi»te, aat. minarologlit 
Min^ralofua, aai. a minaraliat 

Miacur, tm. a mil 

— > c, «. a. a minor ; ander aga . 
Mlnanra, rf. the minor prupaaltioB of a 

Miniature, $/. a miniature 
Mmiaturiau, cat. miniatara-oainter 
Mlniire. «/. a place or body whaaea tha 

•re ia drawn 
Minima, 3. «. «a. of a dark brawn, tnwa/ 

colour ; a aort of monk 

<, tm. ofHee ; afanej ; miaietry, 
minietera ; adminiatration 
Minitt^riel, le, a. miniatarial 
Mialat^fiellemcnt. ait. mlniatarlanf 

Miniitrc, aat. miniiter ; aaei 
Minium, tai. minium, red p 

>nt; p 

, , ..1 paint 

Minoia, cat, a prettjr faoa, look 
Minon. CM. a puai ; kitten 
Mlaoratif, »m. mt. a feutla p«r|a 
Miaorit^, af. minoritx ; non-afa 
Minot, aat. a meaiura of three buahcia 
Mianlt, aai. midiacht, noon of night 
Miauacala, *m. imall tna, miuion 
Miauu. 4^ Biinute; email writing 
Minuter, ea. to make a rough draught ; to 

daaign, pnruuea 
Miautie, «/. trifle, 
Miaaiiaus, ae, a. tnnmgi ieiu«u 
HipartI, e, a. dlnded into two 
Minartir, »a. to divide In the middle 
Mhi«al«t. aai. banditti thy^oerita 

Miqnalot, «m. a jroung begging pllgnm ; a 
Mirab, «/. mirab, a ITzcd itar 
MirabcUa, •/. a aort of T«llow plum 
Minek, am. mirach, a flzed atar 
Mlraala, «m. miraela: wonder 

A miracle, ad. eatremel^ wall 
Mlraaolauaement, ad. miraculoualjr 
Miraauleua, le, a. miraeulona 
Mirage, $m. mm. looming 
Mlraillet, tm. a kind of rajr-fleh 
Miraudar, vm. to gaie at 
Mire, •/. the aim »r tight of a gun 
Mirer, va, to aim at ; look at 
Be — , trr. to Tiew one'a self in a glaaa 
Mlrlidora, •■■•. a beau 
Mirmidon, (m. a coneeltad Uttle 
Mirair, [aM-ree-waJ m. mirror; 

MWti, e, «. dapple-baf 


Miroitaria, «A U 
Mlraltiar,a».nlL. ., 
Miroton. am. kind of S 
Mia, e, a. put. eet, eta. 

Btra bian aila, to be well d i aaa i i 
Mia^ne, ^f. m». Caremaat; fa nj a n O 
Miaanthrope, t. — thrope, mnn-lkaaeB 

Miaanthropie, «/. miaanthrapj 
Miaeellan<a, am. miacallany 
MitcibiliU. «/. auseeptiidlty 

mixed with other anb«taMC«a 

Uiteible, 3. a. 1 
MiM, [««a«] ^. I 

Mi^kwM,* . 

Uit^iicorde, ^. marey ; tcndein 
— . f •«. merer apaa ma I 
Miaeriaordie^aanMnt. cU. aMrci&Ur 
ma, aa, a. merciful 

._ tf. aversion to naatriM—y 

Missel, tm. miasal, masa-book 
Mission, ^f. mbaion: oomasiasla* 
Misaianaaire, *m. mUaionarv 
.ViBsiTa, a. (lettra.) t\ apiatla 
Mitaina, tf. a mitten 
Mite, tf. a mlu ; eheaaa aaita 
Mitigation, ff. mitigatioB ; abaiamaM 
Mitlger, va. to mitigala ; allaviata 
Uitaa, tm. a aort of fariad flora 
Mitonnar. v. to soak. aMw ; tn fbaidta 

— una affaire, to lot a biisAnaas ripoa 

— qualqa'ua, to humour on* 
Mitojan, nc, a. middU j lor 
MiiraiUa, a/, grapa-ahirt, 

ware ; caae-shoi ; (ma.) L 
Mitre. tBM-frl tf. mitre 
Mitre, e, a. mitred; waati«c aaitra 
Xitron, tm. ■ joumayaMai iMlma 
Miata. r tm. miaad, a attxad baAy 
Miztiligaa, S. a. aaiatilinaal 
Mixtion, rf. mixtion, aainara 
Mistionaar. i>«. la mix ; to ndulter«u 
MobiU, 1. a. ma*abl«, flrtda 
— , am. morabla body ; a aaavar 
.Vobilier, t, a. t. mMabU 
MoUUir, ^. moliUity; 
Maea, tm. Mocha eaffea 
Medala, a. /. t 

Mode, tf. mode ; fashion ; way 
— , tm. mode i aaodulatiaa; maoA 
Modtla, am a model ; a pnttani 
Modeler, va. to model, fashioa, -*-- 1- 
Modiratour, tilco, •. madarator 
Mod^raUon, tf. moderation ; -'-aiamr - 
:>lod«r<, e, «. moderate ; a b aaa d 
Modir^ment, a<f . modemtaly ; nvbeely 
Modfaer, na. to madafuta ; rastnsn, n 

praaa ; abuu ; leaaan ; W pacsfy 

Mod«rna,3. a. i ._ 

Madarnaa, am. ^ the modaiM 

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tf od«sta, 3. «. aiodMt ; mn } 

Modeitemaat, od. modMtlf 

klodeati*, «/. — ty ; dMM«7 ; diffldtnee 

Modidti, •/. Mnallneu ; litlla qaandtjr 

Modificftdf. ««. modifiaatlT* 

tf odifieaaoa, •/. —lion -, Uniutloii 

Modifier, vm. to modifiv, lo limit 

Modillon. M. arck. modUUon ; bndiM 

^IiKlique, 3. •. modtnta ; •mall 

Modi<iucm«Dt, ad. modantaly 

t'loduUtion, i/. ma4aUU«n 

tf oduU, tm. arek. » modal ; 

tloduUr, tw. to modulata 

iloelle, */. marrow ; pith 

Vloelleuaemaitt, ad. loftlr 

^loclleuz, M, a. full of mwrowj pithy; 

■abitantiAl, ttrong, rich 
Moellon. »m. nonaa for MldinK 
UiBurs, Caocur, and mottirfi •/. pi. morals ; 

mannart ; euatoms ; wajra 
VIofPtu, a/, maphitioal oahalation 
Mohatra, a. aauriotta 
Moi, pro. I, ma, to ma 
- -mima, jw. myaalf 
Hoignen, am. stamp of a ent limb 
\IoiiiaiIU, «/. monks (ttr«» */ eaaitmpt) 
VIoindra. 2. a. l.u, Last 
Maine, m. a monk; » friar; » sort of 

Moineau, tm. a inamw 
Moineria, »/. monks ; monkish Ufa 
Moinasaa, rf. nun (tarm </ e»Httmpf) 
\loinillon, tm. a lilda monk or friar 
Moins, iu/. loss; asc«p(| but 

A mains qua, e. unless, axcapt, if a 
— , «ai. tha leaat thing 
Uoire, »/. mohair, a Iciud of eloih 
Moir<, a, a. clouded ; watered 
Mois, [moo-ra] tm. a month 
— , t I. pi. mi. woman's coursos 
Moisi, am. mmild, monldiaets 
— , c, a. mouldy, boary, moulded 
Moisir, vn. to mould 
Sa, — , trr. to grow mouldy 

Moisissurt, a^. ■»'■"' 

Kluikon, •/. uim r 

Moi ■ ' • 

Moi . . 

Moistonnar, oa. to raap ; to gathai 

Moiuonnaur, sa, a. a rsapar 

Molta, 3. a. moiat, dampish 

Hoiteur, t/. moistnaas, dampness 

Moiri<, 4r. ad. hair, moiety; by half 

Moi, la, nfd.Mon, soft 

Mnlaire (dants); double taeth 

Mdlc, am. a mole, a pier ; mound 

—. tf.% mols ; kind of alMtrtioa 

MolAeole, a/, a small part or particla 

Mulesur, t>a. to molest, vsa, trouble 

Mulrtte, tf. a rowel of a spur; painter's 

mullsr ; wind-gsU 
Muletias, af. pi. mm. whirls 
i,UVAxt, if. qusgmlre, swampy grmind, 

\roift ; mlll-stans quarry 
MuUassa, t. a. flabby; flimsy 
MoHemant, ad. softly; alEamlnaifly 
Mullesse. *f. softness: aSaminacy 
MoUat, «M. the calf of tha leg ; short 

fring*: small pincara, nippers 

»t paid la kind 
a, ^f. branch full of grapes 
>, «/. harvest I hanrsst-time 

- J. swanskin, kind of stuff 

Mollification, $/. — tinn ; softening 

MoUifier. va. to mollify, soften 

HoUir, re. to soften; to grow soft; loflagi 

Moly, «m. moly (a ploHt) 
MomeDt, f. man] ar ^ 

Momentani, e, a. — i^ . 

MomentaoAmant, ad. momentarily 
Homane, ^'. mummery, hypocrisj 
Momie, a/, a mummy 
Momon, »m. bet-money 
Men, pro, my 

Monacal, e, a. monaehaJ, monkish 
Mouscalement, ad. like a monk 
Monathisme, am. monastic lift 
Monada, a/, monad, unity 
Monarchia, */. a moiiarvay 
Monarchique, 3. a. monarchical 
Honarchiquement, ad. monarchieally 
Uonarchlste, am. monarchist 
Monarqae, *m. monarch, poiantat* 
Monattkre, aai. monastery ; coiiTsnt 
Honasdque, 3. a. monasUc, monkish 
Monaut, e, a. haTiag but one ear 
Uoncean, am. a heap, pile 
Uondaln, e, a. a. worldly ; a worldling 
Kondainamant, 04^. aftar a worldly ar 

luxurious manner 
Moudanit^, ^. worldliaass ; prida 
Monde, am. tha world ; miaikind ; paople ; 

serranu; company 
Moadar, va. to cleanse, to peel 
Mondificatif, tc, a, cleansing 
Moadlfiar, va. to cUums, to mondify 
Uon^taire, am. warden of the mint 
Monialc, */. a aun 
Monitaur, am. monitor ; admonisher 
Monition, »/. monition, warning 
Monitoire, 3. a. monitory 
Monitorial, e, a. moaitory 
Monnaia, »/■ money; coin; tha asiat; 

ip-room ia a 
layaga, tm. eoiuing of money 
tayar, va. to coin, mint, stamp 

Monocnlaire, 3. 1 
" - i/.aa 

a. person 

^ , */. monogamy 

Monogamists, s. monogamist 
Monopamme, tm. monogram 
Monologue, aai. aionologua, soliloquy 

Monop^tale, a. monopctalous 
Mouopole, am. monopoly ; tax, daty 
Monopolar, va. to monopoUsa 
Monopolenr, am. monopolist 
Monosyllaba, tm. monosyllable 
MoaoaylUUque, 3. a. monosyUablcal 
Monotone, 3. a. monatonous 
Monotonia, tf. —tony, dall uniformity 
Hons, tm. sir (a term of emUtmpt) 
HonBeignenr, am. my lord [ticmaa 

" ' [mo-a«-«"5 »■ •»». Mr., gen- 

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MMwtrMuMment. ad. aioastroiulj 
MaoauiMax. M, a. nonatroot 
HoMtnMMia, if. oMMUtrMity 
•' :, (mm] •». » noiini ; aMMnHkin 

— '-It w»r-crjr<rftheFreocli ; 

et nwrrtlllef, to pro- 

n; Urf« hill 
M«tt*fiMitx', M, a. mounUUnoiM ; hillf 
Montaat. •••. iIm upright In • building , 

tMal. anooDt 
Mootaai d« tanlM, aat- ipi. >■«• ttanc^ums 

of tha bulk-he«di, rte. 

— d« Toau, wf. counter- timbers 

— dM bitt»«, "Mi. bit-head 
}, tf. Uapiof. covering 

Moat<e, tf. stmircaM ; (Up ; kMen 
Montw, V. to CO »r come up ; rise ; 
get op ; to flow ; wind up 

— — -,t Of eoai 

' «/. a watch ; sample ; 
•how; reriow 

— i rMtitioo, • repemter 

— ^'«nniafl. antaide af an orcan 


MotdiciM. U. obMiaM*!/. tMi«ci«i>al7 
Merdienno (i U ftoM*), bloatljr 
Mordiller, rfl. to bite a littla and often 
Mordore, a. of a reddish -brown 
Mordrs, m. to bite ; eorrod* ; carp at 
More, eat. a moor, a black, m aefra 
Uoreau, *m. a sort of bag to Crcd a \ 
as he foea along 

— (cheval)i a horse of a shiainc black 
Morelle, 4/. night-shade, naarol 
Moresque, 3. a. moorish 

-,eA*«— " 

Morfil, < 

elephant's te^ 
Se Morfondre, vr. to grow eeld ; to gr ■ 

wearj of waiting 
Morfoodorf , »f mum. cold apon boM 
Morgeline, »/. efaicliweed 
Morgoe, •/. bone-house; hauglitjr scl 

look; diiadainfulness 
Horguer, pa. to bully : dara ; daff 
HontMod, a, a. in a dying coadaliaa 
Moricaud, e, a. a uwny petaoa 
Mortceuer, vm. to educate ; repi>mai>d 
Morille, ^f. morel, sort of muahnaeaa 
MorUlon, *m. fine blaeic grape . a birti 

duck ; rough emerald 
Moriae, «/. murrain ; (to.) a plant 
Morion, •«. —on ; military puaiahMeat 
Mome. tm. hill, hiUoek 
— , 3. m. dull ; sollcn ; aad ; aaotasa 
Momi, e, a.tipt; blunted 
Momiile, •/. box on the ear 
Morose. 3. a. morose ; auUesk : daU 
Morotts, fM. decay of the UMlemaMLi>< 
Moroslle, */. moros ene ss 
Morpion, •«. a erab-louao 
Mors, [mir] mm. a horsc'a-bit ; a cwr' 
Morsuf*, «/. a bite ; hiring 
Mort. [mot] «/. death ; deeeaaa 
— , e, a. s. dead, liieless ' 

— aux rata, tf. ratsbane 

oi, e, a. still- bora 

A mort, aif. mortally, to death 
Mortadelle, «/. Italian saasn«o 
Mortals*, tf. mortise; Joint 
Mortalite, ^f. mortality ; pUiffna 
Morte-eau, *f. aM. low-tide 

paye, tf. a soldier in gnrrtaoa 

- -sa^ou. «/. dead time of the ywr 
Mortel, le, a. : mortal ; a hnmaa bria( 
Moftellement, ad. mortally, rrtieaMcly 
Mortier, «m. mortar; mortar-pieco 
Moniftre, t. m. aaortiCirous ; deadly 
Moriiflant, e, «. — fying ; grioToua ; aad 
Hortifiealion, 4/. — tion I 

Monte, ^. a eod ; stoekfish 
Morre, */. snot ; the glandera 

- to rot; have tha slaadct 

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Mot, [MM] $m. word ; rot* ; motlo ; lajring 
Bon mot, Jnt, wltdclioi 
Ku un mot, in m word ; in short 

— k donUe antMito, • pun 

— 4 mot, word for word 

— da (uet, a wueli-woTd 

— pour riro, n Joke, m }»ct 
— , imt ! huh I mum I 
Motet, «m. aathcm 

Motaur, »m. morar; BUthor, Mntrirer 
Motif, «M. u motire ; klm; cmim ; laduM- 

Mouon, qf. motion, action, propetltioii 
Motivsr, va. to ralata the motivaa of a 

bill, ete. ; to azplain th* rauous one haa 

to do a thing 
Motricc (beu1t<), motive faeultjr 
Motte, «/. clod ; Mrf ; hilloek ; paat 
He Hotter, vr. to lurk behind a turf 
Motua, M ! hutb ! mum ! not a word t 
Mou, »m. ahaap's light* ; cat's meat 
— . MoUe. a. tott, mellow ; weak ; dull 

loose ; alvgglah, iodolsiit 
Mouchard, am. aspf ; informer 
Mouohe, ^. B fly ; patch \ a tfj ; a gan 

at cards 
~ k miel, m be« 

— (fine), a sly fallow, a sljr blade 
Moueher, va. to snuff 
Se _, IT. to Mow one's nose 
Moucherola, «/. goat-snapaar 
Moucheron, tm, goat ; eaiiaia-aauir 
llonehettf, a, «. spotted ; pinked 

CheTul moueheti, flea-Mttefi herae 
Moueheter, va. to pink ; spot 
Moochetie. ^. Joiner's plough 
Mouchettet, «^. pi. snufflsrs 
Moochcturs, •/. piaking ; apntting 
Moueheur, tm. a eaadle-SBuflisr 
Moaehoir, CsMO-aioe-Mr] «w. handkerchief 
Mouchure da chandelle, •/. eandlc-auufl' 
Mondia, SM. to grind ; to bruiaa 
Moue, >/. grimace, wry face 

Fairo la bmuc, to pout, make moutha 
Moustte, */. sea-wew, a gull 
Mouffetu, «/. lool air in minoa 
Mouflard, a, «■ huTiug a bloated face 
Moufle, ^. miltan, bteatad face 
— , sm. a tackle of pulleys 
Mouilar, «•. ta swell the cheeks 
Mouflattaa, ^. pi. a glasier 

Mouillace. •». aia. — -"■ 

MouiUe-bouehc, ^. 

Moulllar, «a. to wtt, 

Mouilletta, ^f. narrow aliaa of bread 
Mouilialr, «ai. epinnar's water Taasal 
Mouillure, aat. watering, wettiiig 
Moolaga. aai. moulds; mill-stones; wood< 

measuring ; moulding 
Moulant. ««. a asUlar^ man 
Moule, tm. a oaould ; model ; pattern 
—, *f. m muscle, a Umpet 
Monl<e, «/. grinder's day 
Moular, «a. to mould, to east; ta print; 

to pile up: nil 
Monbur da bolt, »m. aasiaer of wood 

i\ MOY 

If OttUn k eaCf , eoffse-mill 

— k eoton, eotton-mlU 

— i dricbe. malt-mill 

— k foulon, fulling-mill 

— i nrf, a mill built on a boat 

— i pMpier, paper-mill 

— k piler, gnndiag-mill 

— h van, fanning-miU 

Moulinagc, •■■. the last dreasing of silk 

before 11 is died 
Moulin^ (bois), worm-eaten wood 
Mouliner, sa. to prepare, to mill ; di^ 
Moulinei, «m. eapatan ; hand-mill, little 

mill; tumatilo 

— k bttord, ma. spun-yam winch 
Moult, id. mueh, very much 
Moulu, «, a. ground 

Or-moulur water-gold ; painter's gold 
Moulnre, if. ard. a moulding 
Mourant, tawo-foal *m. a dying man 
— , e, a. dying; languishinv; faint, pnU 
Monrir, titi. to die; to parish ; expire 
Sr —, vr. to be a dying 
MunroD, «». eUckwead ; alisard 
Mourre, ^. morra, an Italian game 
Moutque*, sai. musket, a small gun 
Monsqueiada, ^. musket-shot; ToUey 
Motttquetalre, tm. musketeer 
Housqurlarie, t/. Tolley of small shot 
Moiuqoeton, <m. musbatooa ; Uundcrbuss 
Ueusso, 3. a. blunt } dull 
— , t/. moss ; froth, foam ; lather 
— , am. mm. cabiu-boy ; youukar 
Motissellne, •/. muslin 
Mausser, vn. to froth ; to a 

. . e, a. mosey, full of an 

jstache, tf. muatachio, whiskers 

Moustaches, ^. pi. ma. ataadlng lifu 
Mni^t. <«•. must; new win*; uew wnrt 
Moutarde, em. mustard [maker 

Moutardier,«M. a mustard-pot; amusUrd* 
Houtier, eai. monaatery ; convent 
Mouton, tm. aaheep; wethor; mutton; 


I, ^f. a flook of sheep 

. — pi. ate. foam ; aarge 

Uouture, tf. grinding; mesUn, mixed 

com; aaillai'aCto 
MouTaaaa da flaf, dapandanea of a fee 

upon another teuuiu 
MouTunt, e, a. moving 
Houvemeot, «w. motion ; movement ; 

emotion ; doek-work ; i'vpulae 

iouvamens, pf. broils ; eommntione 
Mottver, v«. to stir or loosen the mould in 

a garden, in a flower-pot, ete. 
Mouvoir, va. to move; sUr; instigate, 

incite; stir up; agitau; actuate 
Moyea, [aioe-ra] tm. meana, wpedieut ; 

, M, A. middling, otaaa 
Moyonaa^ pr. for, by * 

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MoftnMtBt qua, •. ^ 

MaTaBDHMnt, ad. to ao ; iwUfftrcni 

"- -, na. to »«dimta; prwnni 

««. iMT* <rf K wliaal i jrolk of w 
•SK ; • praMTvad plim 
Mu, «, a. MMniid. ■timd ; weitcd 
MuabU, S. a. mauUai ehanfaabi* 
M oanoe, tf. diTiaion in ■maia 
Maaha-B ^ ' ■ 

Muaaaiiif , sf nmaoiw muiar 
Maa, ^. abttgh, akin ; aoop { moultiiig 
Muar, CaiM^l n»- to maalt, maw ; ahad 
Muat, tr, a. « dumb; mute; aacrat 
Mufla, aai, a naaala 
Maru, OK Uupihi. aai. muitt 
Maga, «M. a muUat, mugU 
Mngir, en. to )ow ; hallow ; roar 
Magiiaant. a, «. lowiaf ; ballawtug 
llugiiaamant, aai. lowiiif, roaring 
Mttguat. aM. liljr of tha rtXUj ; a gallant 
Mnguawr, vm. to aoait ; aim at 
HnU Ca*M] aM. a hogi^aad 
-~ da bU, Ova qnartara af wkaat 
MaUtra, V. $. a molatco ; aoogral 
Mulaionaalra, (. mm who milka cowa 
Maleta, c/. mnlat, fina 
Muleter, m. to fina, to mnlet 
Mttla. 4^. a mnlo : kind of aUppar 
Mulaa.^. Ubaa; ahilUainai chapa 
Mulet, «a». mala ; mullat 

Mulatla, If. a aalfa maw 

Mulon. «». larga haap af aalt. haj. ale. 

Malot, m. » fiald aaoaaa 

Mttloter, «m. to aaak aftor fiald-miea 

Haiafloi«, 9. m. baariag many flowrra 

Muldlaaim, ». «. hwria^ many aidea 

MultlpU. i. a. I. miiltipla 

Multt^ablo, 3. a. mvlOpUabla 

Mttltiptiaat, tm. a maltiplrinit glaaa 

Haldplieanda.*a» maltipllcaud 

MuItipUeataiir. «m. maltipUaaior 

Miiltioliaation. «/. 

Multiplicity' -' 


IfuUituda, , 

M ultiTmlve, 3. a multivaltra 

Mttltiplieiti. tf. -«<tr; moltftada 
IfulUnliar. va. tomuMply : ineiaaaa 
HuUituda, tf. multllada; tha rr'^'- 

ManieipaUU. «/. -lity ; , 
Manieipe, am. maniaiptam. fraa citjr 
Munlflcaaea. a/. mauiftccMa ; boniitx 
Munir, tM. to aupply ; provlda i atota 

J, tf. pi. 

— da botttha. proTirioaa 

M nnitioaualra. cat. aontraetar ; cooimiaaary 

of itorea 
Muquaus, ac, a. m«eo«a, alimj 
Mur, [awra] «». a wall 

— mltoyau, a partition wall 
Milr, a, «. rtpa i aaaUow } maiara 
Mural, a, a. mural 

Muralllc. tf. a wall 

MAro, ./. a mulbairjr 

— — -T, «rf. matutair; daUbaraiaif 

va. to wall «p ; 
Muraz, am. nklndafal 

Uuriatiqua, ». l _ . 
Mariar, «ai. mulbarry naa 
Marir, vn. to ripon; faring 
Maimarawur, na. maimnvor 
Murmura, am. muraaur; parlinc ; ki 
miag uaiaa ; gramMing ; tt hliag 

Muae, »m. muak; tha muak-c*t 
Muaeada, tf. nutmac 
Hnacadclla, tf. mual-paar 

;, am. muaaadiuia ; i 


Muaeoaiti, tf. moaoDaKf. n 

Mnaeulaira, i. a. muaeular 

Muactila, tm. Roman militniy 

— , tf. tha mnaaular rain 

MuKulaaz, sa, a. muaealooa 

Muia, Cauiaa] ^T- » 

Mutaau, aat. muaala . 

Hua^a. Mnatum, am. m« 

Mnaaliira. tf. a mnaala : noua wna 

Muaar, v«. to lolwr, trifla ; «• m »a r 

MuierolU, tf. noaa-bwid of a Widia 

Mniatia, tf. » hagpipo 

Mualeal, a, a. maiical. hnr«ia»in.a 

Mnaicalcaaant, arf. moaicnlly 

Muaieica, na« a. a mnair' — 

Muaiqua. {. nmi«] tf. i 

— awag<a, raugk muaie 
to parfumaa 

, ..■. to lurk in nn 

J, am. Mu m a lman , Tn»k 
Tuiktak, M a hamaf 

odama, aai. Mahnwatanta^ 

MutaMlii^, jf. — Utr ; ehaamUoM 

Mntanda, ^ drswera « 

JWutiladon, tf. i , 

MutUar, on. to mutilaM; 
Matin, a, a. a. I ' ' 
Mutinous s n mut 
Sc Muiiner, or. 
anna; to ba rafraetacy 

Mutinaria, f^. molinjr; (*o 

Mtttlr, i>». to muto. to dna( 
Mndama. am. dambnaaa 
Mutual, le, a. mutual, lai i l y i n nl 
MutuaUnaant, ad. mntaally 
Mutula. tf. anA. eaabal; brnaknt 
Mrologia, tf. trantiaa on tha mnMloa 
Myopa, 3. a. purblind, nanr-aigkaad 
" '^, tf. ahortaaaa of aighi 

Mrrabalan. am. IndiaaftB* 

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Ijrrhm, »f. Bfnrk 
l/rta. m. SB/HU-trM 
l]riita«i>Kei«. tf. myttaffagy 
[ymtagogiM, am. ia7«tafOfa« 
[y*tAr*, am. a myitary ; M«r«t 
[yat4rleu»«in«Dt, ad. nyttwiaiul/ 
[yat<rictt>, M, a. myiUrioas 
lyaticiU, •/. nyttiealnMS 
lyatificaunr, •■•. oB« who ondantaad 

quiuing atll«rs 
lyttifiar, iM. to quit, to outjnt 
lyatiquo, 3. «. aayitic, aiTttical 
lyotiquomcnt, md. myttMaU/ 
lyotre. OM. a Grocian ncuuro 
f ytKologio, lm»-tQ-h-gty $f, mythology 
(ytbologiquo. 3. a. myihologieol 
f ytholoKM, Mytholonaio, Ml. — g»t, vam 

•kUlod la &bttloaa Uotory 



«M. ot/. tlu fonrtomdtUtUrof tho 
Nai>ai>> ••». nabob, an Indian priaco 
Nabob, 0. «. thtianp, dwarf 
Naearat, e, a. light cloar rod 
Naeello, •/. a nnaU boat : a whatry 
Nacro, »/. mother of pearl 
Nacr<, t, a. poarled, aacred 
— , aai. the naored battarily 
Nadir, im. ott. nadir 
Naifc, <f- orange- ilowor water 
Nage, if- ■wlmmiag 

A U nage, la or by , 

Nageoir, •■>. a place to twim in 
Nagaoire. I/, an ; « " •* " 

■wimmibg; lid 
Nager, vm. to to ewim ; 
Nagcar, • 

to lail ; to raw 

Nariaa. •/. aoMril 
Narquoia, a, a. «. euaaia 
nharpar; gibberish, eaat 

Nagiiire, md. not loog ago: lately 
NaUde, ^f. naiad ; nymph 
NaU, *e, «. artlaea, unaffeeted ; 

■inoemi almple, innocent 
Naiii, e, •• «• dwarfiah ; dwaif 
Naine,4^. tort ef be^ 
Naiisance, ^f. birth ; nativity ; : 
:Naiiiant, e, «• rising ; growing 
Naltre, Inal-trZ wa. to be bora ; have 

birth ; to braed ; arise ; spring s arow 
Nalvcmeut, od. Ingenuovsly ; fraaUy 
Nalveif, ^f. ingsniunisaess, frsniineeo, 

oandour ; simplieity 
Nanan, «m. didntiMi idUUkk murd) 
Nanti, c. a. poaaeaacd of 
Nantir, •«• W ensure, to gtve apladge 
Se — , vr. to secure to one^i self 
Naatissemsnt, «m> seeurlty ; pledge 
Naphte. *f. aanhthatkind of bitumea 
Nappe. «/. taUe-eleth i deor-akia 
— aVao. a sheet of water 
Naqueter, on. to daaca attendance 
Narriss*, «ai. daflodll; aarciaaua 
NarsotlvM, 3, «. •. —tie, stopifying 

Narratif, Te, a. narrative, relating 
Narratioa, ^. — «ioa, narrative 
NarraUT*, ^f. way of relataug a Mory 
Narr<, cm. a rceiial ; a narrative 
Naner, v«. W relate ; te tell, uan«M 
Narval, eat. the uaioem-fiab 
Nasal, e, a. nasal, of the noae 
Naaarde, ^f. a fillip, rap on the nese 
Naaardar, va. te rap on the note; M Jeer; 

to banter 
Naaeau, Cna-se] eat. nostril of a Iieast 
Naaillard, e, a. ono who epeaha through 

Nasillaidise, a^. naaal pionnnclaiion 

NaaiUor. Naaillonaor, vi». to apeak tiiroogk 
the nose 

Nasi tort, sat. to. aaataftiam 

Nasso, ^f. aa oaier fiah-n«ti a aaare 

Natal, e, a. aatel ; aative 

Natetion, ^. swinmiag 

Natif, va, a. native ; bom 

Nation, ^. nation ; people ; raoo ; trihe 

National, e, a. national 

Nationalamoal, ad, natisnally 

Nativity, rf. nativity, birth 

NatroQ, «a». Egyptian nitre 

Natte, «/. a mat ; twiat 

Natter, va. te twist ; m plait 

Nattier, eat. mat-ataker or sellor 

Naturalisatien, ^. aaturaliaatiaa 

Naturalisar, va. te naiunliaa 

Nataraliama, eat. — aaaa ; natu 

Naturalista, eat. a aaturalist 

Nataralitt, a/, aa t iaa { being a native 

Natara, tf. uaturt ; the vaiverae ; constitu- 
tion; speoies; OMcnea 

Natural, «at. nature ; temper ; disposition ; 
affactioa, hnaaaaity ; fsniaa 

— , le, a. natucal, inherent; aativa ; free; 
iagennoua ; plaia .■ aiaeare 

Naturallameut, ad. naturally i freely 

Naufnge, eat. ahipwrcak ; — '~ 

Nanfrag^, e, a. wreck ' 

Naulaga, NolU, sat. «._. 

Naumachie, «/. a mock aoa-fighl 

NausAabonde, 3. a. mt. naaaeous 

Xaua^e, ^f. a qualm : naoi 
Naotiqoa, 3. a. nautical 

Naval, e, a, naval 
Nav<e, •/. a b 

Navtt, [««-»«] « . 

Navetu, of, raae-secd ; ahottla ; incouw 

boa ; pig of load 
Navigable, 3. a. aavigahlc 
I Navigateor, eat. —tor, mariner, sulor 
Navigation, ^. navigation ; voyage 
Navicuer, vm. to navigate, sail, ataev 
Navilc, eat. traat er eoune ef w*lrr 
I Navirc, «m. a ship ; vessel ; a saU 

I NavTcr, i)«. te woiiad ; te be tecry 
I Na, aii. net, ao 
I N<. c, a. bom 

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t. nerarthalcM ; for all thu 
N<«nt, Ct^-o*} '■•• Dotkingttu* ; nought 
M<huU, «, «. M. cloud-UkB 
Nibulcuc, n, a. etoadr ; dark ; alooniT 
N<biilMia. «r. nabolotb^, eloudtnau 
N<cMimlrc, i. ». ntccMarr ; aeadful 


N«e«Malr«n«at, md. — riW ; inMliblr 
NAoMiitanV t, «. Mm|MlU«K, '•«»« 

N^MMltiit, «/. ]»/. mtand wmnu 
N«c«MiUiiz, M, a. —teas, iiMdj 

titml, ; m. tlwt MMCraa Ik* asrvM 
N«rTar, v. w ««T*r widk alxMw* 

N«rHu, a- fortifying th* Dcrrn 
Ntrrurr, a^. edging, twist ; aMuXding 
NesM, «M. Panian writiac 
Net, [M«] ad. elaaa { olsarly ; eUvcrly 
— , ta, a. cl«an i altar ; parapiniovs 
NatumaDt, ad. aaatlf ; eUanly ; t\tmAj 
Ncttat<, «/. claanaaaa ; elaamma ; ^kututt- 

nres; penpleiiitjr 
Natto7«Baaat, sat. elaanlnf ; cUwiac 
Ncttorar, va. to claan ; clear ; a i— ■ 
Neuf, [mm/; baforr a oeaaomuit. ■« 

_ • _■ .-.1. - oin* 

N<«roaaanciaB, aa, .. _„. 

N4erosa, 4^. aU. na e rea l a 

Naatar. m. aaatar; dallaious drinV 

NaT, [mif\ *f. nvw or body of a church 

NMaata, «. Inaasuiclava ; uolaeky 

NMa. ^. a »ad£^ (a /r»ir) 

NMiar, «». madlar-tr^a 

N«gadf. »a, a. Dantt^: Hanying 

N4ga*ieB, rf. aMgMlan 

MgatiTa, «r. nagativ 

nt..arf.«„ , ^ 

fi oodrcaa 

MgatiTamaot, aif . Mgatirfl* 
N«gUR«, «... dlahaMlIa ; at. aiu 

NigUganaa, </. „ , . 

Nigligaat, a, «. nagUgciit ; eaialcsa 
N<gUgar. v». to iwglaat, iiK«ht 
N<gaca, tm. trada ; aommafca 
Nigoelabla, 3. «. nagoiiabU 
N^gaciant, tm. mcrshant ; dealer 
N^goeiaiaar, ms. a nafoeiator 
MgociMioB, «r. aagoi&tiaa 
Nigaeiar, r«. to trida ; to nogociate 
Nigra, asa, «. a Mgro; a blaab 
Nigiaria, •/. a nogro yard 
N4gitor (TaiaasM). aa African ttadar 
N<«riUoa. BO. «. a Uttla Bcgro 
N«giita, <r. a yovng BOffro wenaa 
Nagaa, sm. mamt of tha omparar of tha 

Abjaainiaaa ; nagva, a aort of drink 
Naigar, i>.7ai|»r 
riaigaus, aa, a. aaoarr 

NcBBi, Zt.a* Indaod 
Nfouphar, sm. walar-Uly 
NMagia, «/. Baology, the 1 

tmdacinc of M" ^••^ 
NMagiqua, 9. «. naological 

NMona, •«. neoloaiat 
mesJiiia. »r. Bew mooa. Isati^ 
"' ' u, 9. «. neophyte, bow caBva 

iqne, 3. a. «. aU. aopkiitie 

10, ^. wU, Bsphrltia 
N4potiiaie, eai. ncpotleai 
Ninlde, «/. aaa-ayinph 
N«ff, Im*^ «■. siuawi nerro ; hand 
— da b«uf, a bttll a pisala 

MatTBlaan, ^. wU. the Barreva syit< 

— > rt, a. new ; waxpanenaaa 
Nautralamant, otf. naatrallx 
Neatndlsatloa, a^. act of ii«tttr«liaiag 
Neatraliaar, va. to notttrallBa 
Nautralitd, ^. neutraUty 
Nauire, 3. a. Banter, aauteml 
Neavaine, e/. a aiua daya* davotiaa 
NeuviioM, 3. a. «. uinlh 2 niaOi aart 
NeaviABMmeBt, arf. aiathly 
Novau, «m. a aephaw 
N^rralgic, ^f. wU. ncaralgT' 
N«Tritiqua. a. good far tha aarvw 
Ntrrologia, »f- treatiaa on tKa ncrm 
Na.[ naaa 

— h not, Cmc to bee 
Ni, e. neither, aor 
Niahle, 3. «. daaiable 

Niaie, a, a. a silly, fooUah, a ^BDUtM 
Niaiaenaat. W. siOay | aiaply 
Niaiier, m. to atand tri&lnn or foalac 
Niaiserie, tf. alUiBeaa ; now—Baa 
Nice, 3. «. aUly, foolish 
Nicaiaeat, ad. aillUyt fooliaKlv 
Niahe. af. aiehe ; ragalsk trick 
Nieh<«.V- whole aeet of hirda 

— do aaaris. brood af mica 

Niahcr, a. to piaaa, pat or aat ; «■ ac« • 

Niahoir, fat. btaadiaR-aaga 

NicoiiaBC, af. to b acao 

Nid Ca«] m. a aaat ; bed : kUUm^ plan 

NUee, mf. a niece 
Niella, </. taildew. Vlaat 
Nleller. Va. to blast ; auldaw 
Nier, p«. te deny ; contradict ; 
Nigaod, a, a. a. aiUy, Cm 

pie ton 
Nigauder. va. to pUy tha «m1 
Nigandarie, ^. aflUaass ; atOy 

Nille, eat. tendril 
Niasba. «».. glor, 
Nipper, ira. te Ht or _ 
Nippae, ^. pi. gooda ; dotkaa 
Nloue tfaira la), ^. to eaalia «a 
NiquodoalUe, sm. a dolt, a siaa 
Nitoaehe. ^. kypaaritieal jada 
Nitre. C«*-<r] -"■ " ' -'- 

NitrUre, ^. aiuaaa vala of aartk 
NlTaaa, tat. a lavel ; lataliwea 

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NON 1 

'lr*l«r, vs. to l«Tel, to uka the lrr«l 
I i valour. n». lowUar 
rirallomoDt, *m. laTelling ; torrajing 
livatta, */. aoit of paaeh 
roMliaira, aM. book of tha paormga 
iobla, 3. a. nobla ; nobleman 
(ohlemant, ad. wMf, gallanUjr 
(oblaaaa, 4^. nobility; aoUaani 
ioce, a/, mkrriajca ; «raddia( guaata 
iocher, aa*. a pflot, alaarsmaa 
joctambala, «. — U*t ; MnnBaniboliit 
juctiimbaliama, aai. noctambulation 
■loctiluqua, 3. a. ahlniog In tha dark 
vocturlnbo, tm. wuU. «. noetarnal 
■loctumo, 3. a. uoctumal 
^ioctumamaat, ad. in tbc night 
4odua, C'o-cluM} aai. nodiu, nodo 
tloel. Cao-«/] Ctiriatmaa ; Chrituaaa-aoog 
Mceud, Ooaiil cat. Imot; intrigua ; dilfl- 
cultT ; tia ; kuaokla : nod* ; knob ; bond 
Moir, a, m. black ; boM ; diimal 
— , an. black ; a black, a nagni 

— da fum^a, aaa. lasip-blaek 
>foir&trc, 3. a. blackiah ; duaky 
Noimud, a, a. *. dark ; tawnT 
N'oireaur, 4/. bUekneaa ; atrodtjr 
Noireir, «. to blackan ; ta dafama 
Noiroiaaara, »f. blackening ; black apot 
Noire, t/. a crotahet (in mutie) 
Noiia, ^. atrifa ; Mioabbla, (|aarrel 
Noikatte, «/. haaal-nut ; filbert 
Noiaatiar, <m. tha haaal-toaa 

Noi>, Caae-wa] ^. a walnut 

— eonfitaa, praaarrad wmlnata 

— da galla, a gall-nut 
Noli-me-tangara, «at. to. a thomr plant: 

im*.) a bad nicer 
Nolli, Nolisaamant, am. hirirni a ahip 
Noliaer, pa. to freight, to hire 
Nom, raan] tm. name ; nonn ; fame 
Nomaae, 3. a. wandering; errant 
Nomanee, Nonaneia,^. diTioatioo, drairo 

from the Icttera of a name 
Nomblc, Caaa-M] «/. cAa. numUca 
Nombraot, e, a. eounting, numWring 
Nombra, [m»m-ir'i <"*. nnmbar ; muldtuda 

— nombraat, multiplier 

— nnoibrf, multiplicaud 

— d'oi, golden number 
Nombrar, pa. to number; to tall 
Norabraux, aa, a. numaroua 

Nombril, Ca«a-4rM] tm. tha nmnX ; mid- 
dle, centra 

!, «M. law; oHar ; aneieot poam 

I, •/. — tura, Tocabulary 
Nominal, a, •■ nominal 
Nomlaataira, tm. Mng'a praaentea 
patron; advowaa 

Namnrfmant, ad. naaaaly ; 
Nommcr, Caa-aiA] wa. to n 
Se — , vr- to be called er naaied 
NompMail, le, a. mntcblaaa. i<ie< 
Nemparailte. »f. crimpt riband 

reil: kind efamall augi ' 
Non, [«wy) »d. no, not 

a NOU 

Non-aonformit^, «/. aon-conform 
Itre, «ai. non-antity 

— piua ultra, ad. 1 
^rMdanee, •/. 11 

— -aaulamaDt, ad. not onljr 

oaaga, am. diauae, want of praelico 

• valaur, ^f, deficiencjr ; waata 

Tua, »/. mta. fag, misty wemtber 

Pair on nou, even or odd 
Nonagtfnaire, 3. a. ninety yean of age 
Nenagtaima, 3. «. oM. uouagaaimal 
Nonania, a. nioaty 
Nooaatiime, 3. «. ninatiath 
Nonce, am. nnneio of tha pope 
Nonchalammcnt, ad. caraleaaly 
Nonchalance, tf. nai^ligenoa ; aupinenea« 

careleaenaaa ; ramiaaoaaa 
Nonchalant, a, < 

Noaeiature, «/. nunciature ; embaiay 
Nona, V*- None ; afternoon prayera 
Nonnain, Neone, Nonnetia, «/. a nun 
Nonoat, ain. a kind of tprat 
Nonobatant, pr. notwithatanding 
Nonpayemaot, cat. notk-paymant 
Nord, Cnor] tm. tha nortn 
eat, north -eaat 

— -aueit, north-weat 
Noa, [aoi pro. pi. our 
Noaocraphle, •/. a trrattia on diiaaae* 
Noiofogia, 1/. ni. noaology 
NoatnlKia, «/. lai. a longing afiar home 
Note, tm. note ; mark ; remark 
Notable, 3. a, eminent; remarkable 
Notablement, ad. eonaidarably 
NoUblea, am. pi. chief man 
Notaire, am. a notary ; aerirenar 
Notammant, ad. atpccially 
Notariat, tm. notary'a place or ofiira 
Notari<, a, a, Milled by a notary 
Not«, a/, note; remack; aunotatioa 
Notar, Pa. to obaerrc : note ; remark 

— d'in&mia, w brand, to diagraoa 
Notaur, aa>. copier of muaio 
Notice, a/, account ; knowledge 
Notification, tf. — tion, dcclaratioa 
Notifier, va. to notify ; make known 
Notion, ^. notion ; idea ; opinion 
Notoii-e, 3. a. — riona ; publicly known 
Notoirrmeat, ad. openly, manueatly 
Notori«t4, tf. notoriety 

Notre, [aMrj |>ro. our 
Notnle, t/. poatit, a marginal note 
Noua, t/. pantile ; Baatora-ground 
Nou. a, a. tied} lickeity 
Nooar, tv. to tia ; to knot; Join 
•Se — , IT. to aat, knit ; irow knotty 
NouMix, 80, a. knotty, (all of knota 
" ' ~ cake of atvonde and hooey 
drain, a gutter 

, yaung fry ; fiah for breed 

Nourrica, »/. a nurae, a wet nurae 
Nonrricier, e, a. nutritive ; nourlahing 

Pii« aourriciar, a foeter-fatkar 
Nourrir, va. to uourlah ; te maintain ; to 

Noiignt, tm. 
Noolat, am. 1 

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McuniMr, m. w do joinw'* work 
HoniuMrio, ^. Jotawjr 
Menoitior. ««. ajoinar 
If taua droiu, houada'-fec* 
— KTmiui, oato, baricjr, pau, otc. 
- pliuun, prlTj puna 

IMprit, »m. oontompi, • 

M^rlMblo, 3. a. eootomptiblo 
U4priwU«iiaat, md. oontcmptibly 
IKptimtt, a, a. dtodiduful, Muiuiul 
MeprlM, sf. mifkt, bliuuiar 
M<pris«r, va.'to eoiittnm, daapisa 
Mar. [mair] »/. the ae* 

Brai da mar. cult, bay 
M.»w>tUa. 3. *. mamutUa, tndiag 
ra, 3. a. t. —nary; hireUon 
r«nant, md, maicvMnljr 
. •/. marcary ; hmboidsahery 
Marei, ^f. oicrey ; piiy -, cwp a a a i mi 
Mareier, a, «. niarear, a habardaakar 
Manmdi, aai. Wadnaaday 
Mafcttra, tm. Mareury ; qiiielt«U»ar 
MarFuriale, •/. a rapriataod, labiikc 
Mareurial, Ic, «. maraurial 
Marcurilioatkm. «/. maraarifiaatiou 
MardnUlc, • '. kaap ot° beat* 
Marda, ^f. turd, dung, axcianenu 
Mardcus, le, •. tardy, baaUi 
Uira, (aiarr] •/. mother ; daoi 
M«ridlca, tm. th« aiaridian 
— , na. «. aaiidiaa [dinaar 

.tliridianna, i/. meiidSan lina ; a sap after 
Meridional, a, «. — dioual, aoutherly 
Uiriooa, (M. oMrioo ahaap ; a ' 

Mariaa, ^. a tart kind af cherry 
Hariaior, tm. aaall aharry-tree 
Merita, na. maclt; dcaart; worth 


— *-'"ll I Hg 

16 - MBT 

M^aayaalr, ti. to aneeaad Ul 
M<>a*ontuia, ^. mUehaoM ; ill i 
Uaadamao, Im^-dam^ ft. UdiM 
Mrtcatdra, •■*. ncaauteir 
U<aeut<ru)uc, 3. •. ncwutctie 
M<aeatiniar, iw. dapnKliMa ; diaici 
U^aiDtaUigonca. J^. -■ -• ' 

M<soeoiou, «M. tuti 
UJaoffUr, vn. to offer too llttU 
MoaqniB, a, ». niggardly : pitiful 
MaeqaineBaat, mi. aoraittly 
Meaqulnaria, ^. atluginaaa ; nvariea 
Meiaaga, "a< maaaaga, arrmnd 

, «. maaaeosar ; carrier 
. rf- poat-kottaci ooach-officv 
f, ^. th« Biaaa 

, ^. ladaceuey ; Imnrarpriety 
. a, a. HubonMninc ; iidteccnt 
Maasaignaara, »f. ft. my lonla 
Haaoaalr. rs. uot to suit 

Maaaic, • 

MMtoira, 3. a. maritorioua 
MMtoiramant, ad. manterionaly 
Marian, tm. a whiting 
Merle, aai. blaaiibird 

Vu fin merle, a ennnlng fallow 
Marlatte, •/. 6/. a marlat or marlette 
Marllo, tm. aeoajarar; (aui.) maiUiia 
Merliner una roile, to marl a iati 
Maria che, •/. atockfiak, haddaek 
Marrain, cm. thin nUoka of oak 
Marvellla, •/. wonder ; marvol 

A merrcUU, ad. admirably wall 
MarreiUeuaamant, ad. wonderfully 
Mervaillenx, aat. iba marralluttB 
— , ae, n. marvalloua ; wondarlnl 
Maa, Lmafi prt. pi. my 

' tm. diatraaa; iroable 
ea, #/. a- 

MaaalUer, *«. diaparage, andorm«l«h 
8c — , trr. to marry boUw ona'a aalf 
M«aanga, •/. a touMit, titmouaa 
MiaarHvor, *. to MaM to aiiy harm 
~" ' I. urak. a middle cituit 

i. air 

. the Meaaiah, Christ 
a. keeper of rhMjrnrds 
Mcsaieura, pi. gautlamcu ; ain 
Mean re, tm. title of honour ; air 
— Jean <puira da), a winter pan 
Teatre-da-camp. tm. a roloiwl of huit 
tf. firet traop of a r«gint«tit of korw 
Ueaurable. 3. a. meaaurabU 
Meaurmga, m. meaturiug. nonowratiin 
Meaura, CatX-zarcj •/. nanaaura ; M.-ut . 

icaurc, aJ. immoderaialy 

, a. cireumnpart 

Se — aTa«, to emaUiid *ilh 
Meturour, tm. a mcMturar, a oietcr 
Meau*ar, i>». to miauao ■ ta abaae 
H4tacarpa, •«. «ea. metaearpiia 
MHaeiiroubme, tm. nMtaehrouikMt 
Metairie, «/. > larm-houia 
M^tal, Ca»«-/a/] <m. metal, ore 
U<talepM, a/°. matalapkia 
M<-tiai£4ue. 3. a. meUllU 
Mitalliaer, v. to melt iuto mtxJi 
Mitallargle. »f. metallurgy 
MitaUargiau, (at. —fiat, inctalUat 
if.x ^ - 

H'lapbore, rf. meUpkor ; aimUitvdc 
M^taphorique, %. a. melaphurical 
Hitapboriquameot, aU. — pkoricnlly 
M'taphraaa, (/■ litaral tmnalatioa 
M^tapkraata, tm. literal tianklator 
M^taphyvicien, rat. mataakyetciaa 
Metaphyiique. jA matapfi) idea 
—, 3. a. matapkysKal i abairartad 
M«tapkyai<|uamaot. mi. -aicalty 
M^tapkyaiquer, «ra. to trtat a mntSc 
lul^ect maupkyaicalW 

Miiaataaa, if. tU. aMtaataoia 
M^taiana, tm. —ana, middle of tkc fowt 
M<talh*aa, [. . (■•««] V°. <Bctath«aia 
Mtaiyor, e. a. a farmer; farmv'a wift 
M<I«U, aai. mealin er maalin 
««tempa)chuae. «/. ■>at«»payckaa*a 

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Mithua*. [mi-load] 

uer i wmjr 
Methodi<iue, 3. a. ncthodtml 
MethodiqucmMit, ad. mMhodmlljr 
Mithodii>u,«m. oMtluidtot 
Meti«r, «M. mda, ealliuK; Iowa 
Metif. re. Mill*, m, a. «. moiigral 
Miti'v*, tf. harvMl, bkrvcM-tinia 
Metivicr, «, «. ■ rasper 
M^ianjmttc, «/. sactonjrnj 
M^iopa, f^. ardt. matopc 
M«topMco|M,«M. — pist, phytiognomlat 
MetopoveopU, */. mtiofoweofj 
Mitrr, $m. netra, time, cadaiic* ; v«rM 
Mbtriqoe, 3. a. netricul 
M<tromani«, •/. raca for 
M^tromilra, $m. metrema-eT 
MAtropula, */. matropoUa; notber-citjr 

mothar-ahareh ; ftrehbilhop'i aaa 
M^tropolluin, a, a. «. metrvpolitui 
Matt, Zmai'i «n. dUh : neata i maaa 
Metwbla. 3. «. waaraUa j passabU 
Mattcnr en oaiivre, «m. atona-fetter 
Mettra, va. to put ; aat ; \»j ; plare 

— au Jour, to maka knuwii, publlah 

— baa, to bring forth 

— an giiga, to pawu 

— an aana, to naka ooa Ua«d 

S* — m devoir, prepare oiie'a eelf 
Meuble, •■». houachold goode 
— , a. morable ; light 
Maabler, va. to furnith, to aCAeIc 
Meuglamcnt, Vid. Bauglenent 
Meucler, Vld. Beugler 
Meula, */. millstone ; grindateoe 
ot a deer'e head 

— de foiii, a eock or rick of hay 

— da pailla, ataeli of straw 
Mealiire, •/. millatona quarry 
MeuloD, VIM. thatch-atack 
Meunier, $m. miller; a kind of fith 
Meuiiiire, of. miller's wife 
Mciirlie, «M. murder; bloodshed 
Meurtrier, e, «. • murderer 

— , a. murderous 
Meurtriirc, of. a loop-hole 
Meurtrir. vm. to braUe ; to kiU 
Meartrisaurc, a/, abruiae, eoatuaion 
M.-ule, «/. a pack of honuda ; hunt 
^Mretu^To, va. to underaell 
M>'-vrnte, ^. underaelling 
M-^'Mline, •/. kind of linsey-woohey 
Mfxsanine, ^f. arek. mesannine 
Mrizu-iinto, am. maaaotlnto 
M<, par. i»d. mid, middle, half 

— -Auai, «/. middle of August 
ean'me, rf. mid-lent 

cdie, «/. beading of a hlU 

— -d«iii«r, em. /«. half the aapeuies 

IMiaulemetit, ««•. mewing of a cat 
Miaulet, vn. to mew ; cry as a cat 


If ioa, em. mica 

Miehe. ^. manchct ; smaU ImT 

"' ij». iatrlgue ; plot 


Midi, ImU-iLt'i am. mid-day, noon 
Mie, of. a crumb ; nucae ; dear 


-. in 

Kiel. Cme-ef] am. hot . 
HielHt, tm. honey-dew ; 
Mirlleux, ac, a. Inadaoa : iaMpId 
If ielleuaament, od. swMlly, honey-like 
Mien, ne, pro. mine, mj own 
Mietto, tf. little crumb • little bit 
Uieus, wtf. better ; rather ; beat 
MiiTTe, 3. a. unluclcy ; rogniah 
MiiTrerie, of. prank ; waggery 
Mignard, a, a. pretty ; nice ; delicate 
Migoardemeut, ad. delicately ; nicely 
Mignarder, va. to cocker -, to fondle 
Mignardise, •/. delicacy of features; 

beauties ; caresses ; china pink 
Mignardises, tf. pi. alluremente 
Miiuon. lne-|r"'<>"l *>*> "• ^•Iwitf i 

pretty; fine 
— , ne, *. a darling, a faToorite 
MIgnonne, •/. a kind of printing type 
Mignounemcnt, ad. delieauly, finely 
MignonnetU, ^f. a kind of pink ; a sort of 

lace ; ground pepper 
Mlgnoter, va. to fondle, to dandle 
Mignotise, of. fondling, earesting 
Migraine, of. megrim ; headac)ie 
Migration, ^f, migration ; passage 
Mijaoree, «/. affectml woman 
Miioter, va. to uain gently 
Mil, em KlUet, a sort of grain 
Milan, am. a kite, gurnard 
Miliaire, 3. a. miliary 
Milice, of. mUiUa, aoldiary 
Milicien, aw. miliUaman 
Milieu, am. middle ; n 
Militaire, a. s. military ; a 
Militairemcnt, ad. in a military way 
Militants, a. f. militant ; fighting 
Militer, vn. to militate; to oppose 
Mille, a. am. thousand ; a mile 
— -feuille, tf. milfoil, yarrow 
MilUnaite. 3. a *. millenary 
Milleptde. am. miUepeda 
MilleiMfrtuia.aM. St. John's wort 
MUl^sime, am. date of a coin or medal 
Millet, am. millet, a kind of grain 
Milliairc, 3. a. milliary 
MillUrd, C. . or] am. a thooMttd miUioaa 
Hilliasse, a/, ten hundred thouaaud mil- 
Mliona: thou^i 
Milliime, 3. a. thousandtl 
Millier, am. a thousand 
Milligramme, om. millign 
Millimetre, am. milUmeter 
Million, am. a million 
Hillionnaire, am. a Terr rich man 
MUord C. /«r] am. my lord, lord 
Mime, am. mime, mimic, huflfooo 
, Mimographe, am. a writer of faroes 
Minacs, am. fee, corn duty 

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I, «/. . 

Min udiar, •, ».' a prim m<n or wamui 
Miaea, 3. a. thin ; alendtr ; imaU 
MliM, t/. mico, eouDMniuM, preseae* 

•pp«ar«nee, ihow ; minf ; ore ; « mM 

•ur* of tiz bttthtU 
— d« plomb, bUek Imd 
Miiwr, pa. to undermine ; w»«t«. Impair 
Mioirml, tm. • mineral ; or* 

MintrUiaor, va. to tDinemUae 
■t. miaerfiociit 
I. a mlnaraliat 

Miniralogia, •/. atloeralotrr 
Min<ralogi»te. eat. aiiaerSo. 

Mjni^logue = 

Miact, te, «. 

-~,t,i.a. a minor ; ander age ; laee 
Mineare, af, the minor prupositioa of a 

Mtalature, «/. a mialature 
Miuiaturiaw, Ml. miniatare-paintor 
Uiniira, «/. a place or bod/ whenca the 

•re ia drawn 
Miaime, 3. a. <m. of a darit bivwn, tmwaj 

—'—- ; a eon of atonk 

- w 5 wlMewyt 

miaiitera ; adniaittratlea 
MiahUrial, le, «. minlatarial 
Miniit^riellament, ad. ndaiaterlanjr 
Mialitrc, «m. minlatar; agent; paraoa 
Minima, tm. minium, red paiat 
Minoia, tm. a pretty faee, look 
Mlnon, tm. a puea ; kitten 
Miaoratif, «a>. ai^. a gentle parfe 
Minariti, if. minority ; non-afe 
Miaot, «m. a meaaura of three bnahela 
Miaoit. «M. midnight, noon of night 
Miaaaeale, *m. aoaall trae, nduioB 
Miaut*. ^f. minnte i emaill writlDg 
Minuter, va. to auke a rough draught ; to 

dcaign, purpme 
Miautie, «/. trifle, miaataneia 
Miaurieux, ae, a. trifling: flnieal 
Hiparti, e, a. dirided Into two 
Ulpartir, va. to diride In the middle 
Miquelet, ••■. banditti [hTpoerite 

Miquelot, am. a jroung begging ^Igrlm ; a 
Mirab, af. mirab, a tfzed etar 
MirabeUe, tf. a aort of rrilow plum 
Miraek, am. miraeh, a bed atw 
Miraele,«a>. mitaele; wonder 

. estremolj well 

Mlracaleuz, te, a. miraeuloaa 
Mirage, am. ma. Inomini 
MinJllet, <ai. a kind of 

U^, , "' 


So — , vr. t 

Mirliflore, t 

Miimidon, tm. a conceited little man 

MtroM. e 

MlraiUrie, •/. 

loeUi^-^bM tra^ 
a loakia^gUM dMie 
kind of haabMl VMt 

Miroton, am. hind o 
Mia, a, a. pal, tat, eto. 

Ktre biea mia, to be wall draaacd 
Miaalae, ^/. m ' 
Miaanthrope, i 

lllaclbiUt«,' •/. auaa«pd\'!«ltt7 
mixed with ether subataMcaa 

Hiaeiblc, S. a. mia '" 

Mite, C>M*«] •/. ( 
a^e ; dceaa 

— -an poaaaaeioa, the takioc j 
Etr* da miae, to bo carrei 
preaen table 

Mfa4rable, 'i. a. miaerabla ; 
— , a. an aafertuaata aaaa 

wretch, a aeouadrel 
Hia^rmblemeat, ad. vumrtJAf ; wmtaaiy 
Miatre, •/. miaarr ; diatnaa ; povartr 
miit*H, tm. kwUdng of tha tfomala 
Mia^ricordc, <^. mercy ; tendenmaa 
— . fitf. meicj apon me ! 
Miadrieofdiaaaeaaent, ad. aaareifaUy 
Mia^rioordieax, ae. «. marciful 
Miaogaaaie, tf. avaraien to mafriwr-T 
Mtaael, ««». laiaaal, maae-hoek 
Mitaioa, ^f. aUaaion ; ir— miai<<f 
Miiaieanaire, am. ausnionarv 
Miaaira, a, (lettra,) •/. eniaijia 
Mitaiae, a/, a mitten 
Mite. «r » mite ; cheee* mtiu 
Mitigation, f/. mirigatian ; abat 
Mitlger, va. to miiigate ; alleTtata 
niton, fai. a aort of furred glove 
Mitonner, v. to loak, aiew ; tn fondle 

— ana affaire, to h ' ' 

— qnelqu'un, to ha 

Mitojen, ae, a. mi« 

MiiraiUe. «/. arapo-ahitC. iroa sr hoar 

ware ; eaae-ehot ; (ata.) Uagral 
Mitre. [■#-rr3 ./. a-'— 

Mit««, c, a. milmd 
Mitron, « _ _ 

MUte, 3. am. misad, a attuad bad* 
Mistiligne, 3. a. miztiUnaal 
Mixtion, $/. minioa, mixture 
Hiztionnar, va. to mix ; to adttt*er«<c 
MoUla, 3. a. movable, fickle 
— , tm. morable body ; a meirar 
Mobilior, e. a. a. aMvaltU 
Mebittit:, ^. moliUity: i 

Mode. af. mode ; fashioo ; way 

Mod»U. am I 
Modeler, va. to model, fasfaioa, akaae 
Modirateur, trice, a. moderator 
Moderation, af. moderatioai ; akMiMCul 
MoAM, e. a. auiderata ; abamd 
McMMrfment. ad. moderately ; aaberly 
Mod<rer, t>a. to moderata ; taatnia, n 

preaa ; abate ; loaaan ; ta pMUy 
So — , or. to reatrain ono'a aaiC 
Moderao. 3. a. modcro ; Imm. raaaat 
Modernea. am. pi. the m«>dana 

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UodciU, 3. «. inad«at ; 

I. inad«at ; mi 
i,ad. modcttly 
'••tfUBBus, »f. — tj ; daotney ; diffidence 
ModidU, if. untlloeit; little qoautitj 
Hodifieatir, <m. modifieatiTe 
ModifiemtioB, ^. — tioa ; limitation 
Modifier, va. to modifif, to limit 
Modillon, m. arc*, modillioa ; braeket 
Modique, 3. «. moderate ; nnaU 
ModiJuemeDt, ad. moderately 
Modulation, «/. modulation 
Module, Mi. ard. a model ; nodttle 
Moduler, «m. to modulate 
Moelle, «/. marrow { pith 
MoelleusemeM, »d. eoftly 
Moelleuz, ee, a. fall of matrow i pithy ; 

sobitaaiial, itnmg, rich 
Moellon, «at. stonee for ballding 
Moeure, ImMur, and auwuri ] </. pi. moral* ; 

manner*; euitome; wajre 
Mofette, «/. mephitieal exhalation 
Blohatre, m. ueurioue 
Moi, pro. I, OM, to m* 
— -mime, pr, mjreelf 
Moignoa, «m. itwmp of a cut limb 
Moinaille, «/. monkt {arm o/ e^nUmpt) 
Moindre, 3. a. leee ; leaat 
Moine, fai. a monk; a friar | a sort of 

Moineau, «a>. a inarrow 
Moinarie, $/. monitt ; monkish life 
Moinesie. «/. nun (.term e/ wMtmpO 
MoiniUon, «m. a lilde monk or friar 
Moint, ad. ]«•■ ; e>c«pt ( but 

A moine que, c. unlaia, except, if not 
— , «M. the Irait thtn« 
Moire, •/. mohair, a kind of cloth 
Moir<, e, «. clouded ; watered 
Moia, [Moo-a>a] em. a month 
— , » " . pi. m4. woman '■ coursee 
Moiai, eat. mould, meuldiaeia 
— , e, a. mouldy, hoary, mouldad 
Moiair, tpji. to mould 
Se, — , t>r. to grow mouldy 
Molaiseurt, if. mouldlneea 

149 MON 

MiUat, U, A. aofiiah ; downy 
Moueton, Ml. swanskin, kind of stuff 
MolUfication, tf. — tionj softening 
MoUifier, va, to mollify, soften 
Uollir. rn. to soften ; to grow toft ; to Oagi 

to slacken 
Moly, fm. moly {a plant) [instant 

Moment, [. man] «m. moment, minutr, 
Momcntan4, e, o. — ry ; instantaneona 
Momentan^ment, aJ. momentarily 
Homene, ^f. mummery, hypocrley 
Momie, «/. a mummy 
Momon, tm. bet-money 
Mon, pro, my 

Monacal, e, a. monachal, monkish 
Monacalement, ad. like a monk 
Monac-hiame, «m. monastic life 
Monade, «/. monad, unitv 
Hoaarchie, •/. a monarchy 
Monarchique, 3. a. monarchical 
Monarchiquement, ad. monarchically 
Monarehiste, «si. monarchist 
Monarqne, *m. monarch, potentate 
Moaastkre, ««. monastery ; courent 
MonasUqua, 3. a. monaatlc, monkish 
Monattt, a, a. having but one ear 
Monceau, em. a heap, pile 
Mondain, e, a. ». worldly ; a worldling 
Mondainament, ad. aftar a worldly ar 

loxttrious manner 
Moudanit4, tf. worldllaesi ; pride 
Monde, am. the world ; mankind ; people ; 

Moadar, va. to cleanse, to peel 
Mondificatif, to, a. cleansing 
Moadifier, m. to cleaitse, to mondtff 
MotUtaire, est. warden of the mint 
Moniale, «/. a nun 
Monitenr, »m. monitor ; adraonisher 
Monition, */. monition, warning 
Monltoire. 3. a. monitory 
Monitorial, e, a. monitory 
Monnale, •/■ money ; coin ; the mint ; 
change ; small money 

Moi>on, «/. i 

A rent paid in kind 

Moisson, f/. harretti harrost-ti . 
MoisBonuer, va. to reap ; to gather 
Moisaonneiir, se, ». a reaper 
Moite, 3. a. moist, dampish 
Moiteur, tf, molstneas, dampnesa 
MolU<, tf. ad. half, moiety ; by half 
Mol, le, PU: Meu, aoft 
Molaire (dents); double taeth 
Mdle, tm. a mole, a pier ; mound 
— , «/'. a mole ; kind of abortion 
Molocule, •/. a small part or particle 
Molester, va. to molest, vex, trouble 
Mulptte, «/. a rowel of a spur ; painter't 

muller ; wind-gall 
Molettes, tf. pi. mm. whirls 
Molidre, tf. quagmire, swampy ground, 

l>oi(s ; mill-stone quarry 
MoUaese, 3. a. flabby ; tfimsy 
Mollement, ad. softly ; effemiitut«ly 
Mollesse, af. softness ; effeminacy 
Mollet, am. the calf of the log ; short 

fringe; small pincers, nippers 

Monnaierie, •/. stamp-room in a mint 
Mounayage. am. coining of money 
Monnayar, va. to coin, mint, stamp 
Moanayeur, am. a coiner 
Monocorde, est. monochord 
Honoculaira, 3. a. one-eyed 
Monodle, af. a moaody [bnt one* 

Monogame, «. person who has been married 
Monogamir, af. monc 


[onologttc, a 
Monome, *w. 
Mouopitale, a. monopctalon* 
Monopole, *m. monopoly ; tax, duty 
Monopolar, va. to monopollM 
Monopolrur, tm. monopolist 
Monosyllabe, eat. monosyllable 
MonosylUblque, 3. a. monoeyllabical 
Monotone, 3. a. monetonous 
Monotooie, af. —tony, dell uniformity 
Mens, am. sir (a ttrm of mUempt} 
Monkeignciir, am. my lord Ctlca>aa 

MoBiieur, [mo-ae-ral tm lir, Mr., geu- 

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MttMtruaoMnMnt, ad. aonatronilj 
MonitrMux, M, «. monstrou* 
MouctraotilU, if. monstroaitjr 
Mont, [aiM] «a>. « mount ; monntRln 
'-'- — '— twar-crjofthoFrenc 

I at mtrT*ilI«it to pro- 

. -J, if. mooataUi ; Urgo hill 

Montaf****"'* ■*> a. mountainous ; hlllr 
Montant, •(•. dta upright In a builtlinat , 

total, amonnt 
Moniaiis do tmtta, *m. pt. m«. itanchion* 

of tha bulk-haad*. etc. 

— do ToAta, wf. counter- timbers 

— daa bitioa, mm. bit-head 
— onto, tf. laapiac coTsring 
MootiOi tf. staircaaa; itcp; aaeant 
Montar, «. tofo or ooma up ; riia ; aacnid ; 

gat op ; to flow ; wind up 
im M ontar, vr. to amount or coma to 
Monticule, am. a little mannwin 
M onto l r, $m. a honeblock 
Monlra, $f. a watch; tampla; master; 

ahow; raviaw 
•~ i rip^tition, a repeater 

— d'orguaa. outsida of an organ 
Moatrar, vu. w show : teach 

— las danto i qualqu'^un. to resist one 

— aoN talons, to run away 
Montuaux, sa, a. hilly, moantainous 
MoBtura, ^f. a baast for a saddla ; mount- 
ing or aattlng of an/ work 

Monument, aw. a monument ; tomb 
Moaua, CsMlt] rf. sm. dead-ejra 
Se Moquor da, vr. to laugh at ; deapise 
Moqnaria, ff. mockerr ; Cnolish thing* 
MoquatU, tf. mockadoaa ; jam 
Moquonr, s«, $. mocker, deridar 

Mot^UM, ^ ft. barnacles, piaeora 
MoniUon, na. a clasp of a trunk 
Mocal, a, «. moral 
Morale, (/. ■aorals ; morality 
HMalameat, ad. morally ; ptoUblj 
Moralisar, va. to moralim 
Mocallaaur, am. a moralisar 
Morallsto, »m. a moral phtloaophcr 
Morality, ^. moralitj ; monl refleetlon 
Morbide, 3. a. of a bright carnation colour 

Morbfik|ue!lf a. morbific, morWflanl 
Morblau ! Imt. aonnds ! aooks I 
Moroo, «^. curb-Stone, liladiag-stono 

" 1, tm. bit ; piece ; morsol 

, sourls, vanlson bit 

iti, if. mordacitjr, ei 

Miy of speech 

t, taMr-da«] am. a pi 

; two-poiaMd nail ; en 
— , «. a sharp, smart ; faitlaf 
Mordiemit, c, c. Mrid ; abwp; aatirieal 


Bcrlmaar — , - 
Mordant, \tm*r-dam1 mm. a piintn's yiso- 

rinm ; two-poiaMd nail ; crawfish's daw 

If.* !*?T^ 

9 MOS 

Mordinit, md. obatiaUaly, CMsarioualy 

Mordienne (i la groaaa), bluntly 
Mordiller. ta. to bita a litU« mmI o<lca 
Mordora, a. of a reddish -hrow n 
Mordra, s«. to bite ; corrode ; a*rp at 
Mora, am. a moor, a black, » noitro 
Moreau. tm. a aort of bag to fe«d a hsn* 

as ha goos along 
— (cheyal), a horse of a skiiftiii( blaek 
Morella, ^. night-shado, mioral 
Horasqua, S. •. t ' ' 


. a wira-«dga ; 

Sa Morfondra, vr. to (row cold ; to | 

waarjr of waiting 
Hocfoodure, tf auM. celd Mpom Wat 
MorgcUaa. »/. ahickwacd 
Uorgua, tf. boiio-honsa; hatighty i 

look; dbdaiafulaesa ' 

Moricaud, a. 

Moricautr, v«. t ^ 

Morilie, ^. morel, sort of isauaWroom 
Morillon, am. fine black grapo. a bird . 

duck; rough aaMrald 
Morlna, tf, mumin; (ta.} a |»laBt 
Morioa, •«. ^.on ; military riiaialiminf 
Uoma. im. hiU, tiiUock *^ 
— , 3. a. dull ; sollcn ; sad ; aaotvaa 
Morni, a, «.tipt; blaatad 
Momifle, tf. box oa th« oa* 
Morose, 3. a. moroaa; aullon: datt 
Morosis, tm. decay of the lusdantaad t>; 
Morosita, tf. morosaaaas 
Morpion, tm. a crab-lousa 
Mors, [mir] tm. a honaa-b»t j a e..'. 
Morsura, tf. a bite ; Uiinc 
Mart, [laor] tf. death ; d< 
— , e, a. «. dead, lifalsas ; 

— auK rata, if. ratsbane 

— -bois, am. underwood 

o<. a, «. still- Iwm 

mart, ad. mortally, la doalk 
MortadaUa. tf. Italiaa aaoaaga 
Mortals*, if. mortis* ; Joint 
Mortalita, if. mortality ; Biacae 
Morta-eau. */. ma. low-tiao 

pay*, tf. a aoMler U sarriaon 

saisoa, tf. d«ad time of ika yaar 

Morttl, la, «. a. mortal ; a hamaa brin( 
MortaUmaaat, ad. asortally, cxtranfly 

i, s* *• momacrvuK ^ doaidly 

It, a, a. -fying ; grU*oaa ; ssd 

Mortiar, am. mortar t 
Mortiftro, 1. «. mortifereua 
MortlSani. a, a. 


Mortiflar, *«. to moriifv; »a«; 

Mortuairo, 9. •. funeral, fuaaraal 
Monic, V. a eod i stoekflA 
Morra, */. snot; the glanders 
Horrer, v«. to rot ; have the gla»dor* 
Morraux, aa, a. t. anotty 
Mosalque, a. if. moaaic ; 
Moacataliae, {f. maachataV, sna 
Moaconde, i/. raw sugar 
Mosqu^e, tf. a moaqua 
MeoquUlaa, MooqaiiM, am. ft. 

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lot, [MM] <a». ward ; rote ; aaetut ; tayiag 
Boa mot, Jeat, wttdclmi 
Ku un mot. In • word ; in thort 

- k douU* antanta, m pua 

- 4 mot, word for word 

- da guet, a wswh-werd 

- pour rira, a joke, a Jatt 
-, imt '■ huah I mam I 

f otet, am. aathem 

loteUT, am. monror; anthor, ooBtriTcr 

lotif, tm. a modva ; aim ; eauM ; ludi 

mant ; dt««ant ; (fa M««/e) 
JlotioB, rf. motion, aetiou, propoaliion 
ilotiTer, «a. to ralau tha motlvaa of a 

hill, CM. ; to azplain tha raaaaua ona kaa 

t4> do a thing 
dotrice «aettlt<), motlTa faenltjr 
iTotte. c/. cl<xli tnrf ; hillock ; paat 
te Mottar. vr. to lark baklnd a turf 
tf otua, imt I hu»h ! mum ! not a word I 
tf ou, am. ahaan't ligku ; eat'a maat 
-. MoUa, a. »oft, mallow ; waak ; dull ; 

looia; aluggiah, indolaiit 
Mouehard, am. aipf ; iafonnar 
tfouohe, 4/. » fljr i paioh ; a apjr ; a gama 

- \ miel, a tea 

- (fiua), a slj fallow, a t\j blade 
ilouohar, va. to snnlf 

la blow ona'a naaa 
a, V'- gnat-anapper 
I, am. gnat ; eandia-anaC 
UouehetA, a, m. apottad ; pinkad 

Cheval moaehatt, flea-bittan karta 
Mouchatar, cm. to pink ; apot 
Mouchatta, */. Jainar'a ^oogh 
Mouchattca, *f. ft. anulara 
Monchatoro, */, pinking ; apottlng 
Mouchaur, an. a candU-anuffar 
Moaehoir, [aMa-afea-war] am. handkarckiar 
Moucliura da ckandflle, tf. oandla-Buafl' 
Moudra, M. to grind ; to brviaa 
Houa, r/. grimace, wry face 

Paira la mona, to pout, make mautha 
Mouette, a/, aaa-waw, a gull 
Mouffetta, if. foal alt in miaaa 
Houilard, a, •. haring a bloated face 
Moufla, ^. mittan, blaaiad face 
— , am. a taakla of pollajrt 
Moufler, vm. to awall the ehaaka 
Mooflattaa, ^. pi. a glaalar'a tool 
Mouillaffi, am. aM. aimharaga 
MoaiUa-bMcha. ^. bargamot pear 
Mottillar, M. to wet ; to anchor 
MouUUtta. ^. narrow aUaa of bread 
Moullloir, am. apinaar'a water veiael 
Mouillure, am. watering, wetting 

Moulant, tit. a aaUlar^ man 
Houlc, am. a mould ; madal ; pattern 
— , «/. a moaela, a Unmet 
MonUe, a/, grinder a dajr 
Moalar, va. to mould, to caat ; to prim 

to pile «p; roU 
Moukar da boia, «m. aaaimr of wood 
Mottkttae, rf amaU ahelli 
Moalin, CMa-4«i9l nt. a mill 

Moulin & e«fi, coSae-mill 

— ^ eoton, eolton-mill 

— i driehe, malt-mill 

— i cau, wmtar-mill 

— k foulon, fuUiiig-mill 

— k tut, a mill built an a b 

. fannlng-mill 
Moulinaxa, am. the laat drcaaing of ailk 

hefor* It ii died 
Mattlin< (boia), worm-eaten wood 
Mouliner, ea. to prepare, to mill ; di^ 
Moutinal, am- capatan : hand-mill, little 

mill; turnatile 
— i bllord, aM. apun-jram winch 
Moult, md. much, vary much 
Moulu, e, a. ground 

Or-moulttf water-gold ; paintar'a gold 
Mottlura, »/. arek. a moulding 
Moumnt, (maa-raa] am. a dying man 
— , a, «. dying; Unguiabiin; s faint, pal« 
Meurir, tm. to die; to peruh ; expire 
S»__, vr. to be a dyinc 
Bluitron, am. ebielcweea ; a liiard 
Mourre, rf. monn, an Italian game 
Uotttque', am. muakat, a aroair gun 
Mooaqaaiada, ^f. moaket-ahot; vollaj 
Mottiquetaira, «m. mualntear 
Mouaquatarie, »/. rollcy of email ahot 
Monaqoaton, $m. muakatoon ; Itlundarbuii 
Moune, S. a. blunt ,• dull 
— , «/. moaa ; froth, foam ; lather 
— , am. aM. cabin-boy ; younkar 
Moniaclinc, a/, mualln 

i«, a. foaming ; frothy 

, _, a. momy, full of moaa 

Mouatache, </. muataehlo, whiikara 
Mouataehea, ^. pi. ma. atanding lifu 
MoAt, am. muat; new wine; new wort 
Moutnrde, am. muatard [maker 

Moutardler, am. amuataid-pot ; a muaurd- 
If outier, am. monaatary ; convent 
Mouton, am. a aheep ; wether ; nintton ; 

inage, am. tax an aheep 

luaiUe, V'- • *««h of aheep 

Moutonner, va. to carl, to friaalo 
— , tm. m«. to foam 
Moutonnier, e, a. abean-Uke 
lloatoaa, aai. pi. am. fMm ; aarga 
Mouture, a/, grinding; mealin, mixed 

com ; millet'a Cm 
MouTanoe da fief, dependanca of a fee 

M ouraat, a, t. moving 

;u the mould in 

garden, in a flower-pot, ete. 
MouTolr, va. to aaova ; atir; iaitigatr, 

incite; atir up; agitota; actuate 
Uoyen, Cmaa-M} aai. meana, espediaut } 

power ; capacity ; talent 
— , ne, A. middling, aaaan 
— lor, by mean* of 

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MeymacgMnt, oil. —aoi ladiRStrmt 

■•jraDiiar, iw. to mrtirtw ; piwmni 
Mojwu, CM. naw of a frhMli yoUc of 

MMbl«,3. a. 1 , 

Uttsnee, t/. diviiloa in muala 
If oeha-muelM, ad. In M«ra( 
Miieila<e« «ai. a»neiUf» 
Mueilagiiiaax, m, a. — bmw ; lUmf 
MiwonM, a^ mMCOH mMUr 
Mm, «/. •Uingli, skin ; eoop ; moultiag 
liiMr, Lai«>tt] M». to awult, bmw i abed 
Mttat, U, a. • dumb ; not* | Merct 
Mufl*, am. m muMl* 
Mufti, OB UuptM, m. mufti 
Mu««, m. • muUat. mu^l 
Mugir, oit. to low ; hallow { roar 
MugisBant, a, a. lowing ; ballowing 
Mufiiaamont, aai. lowing, roaring 
Moguat. Mi. liljr of tho rallor i • gallant 
Maguctar, va. to oobH ; aim i ' 
MuU C>M«] aai. a hogahaad 
' *K, tfrtq * ' 

MalcM, «/. malM, Ado 
Mulotcr, oa. to Una, to mnlet 

Mula, ^. a mala ; kind of aUppor 
Mulaa.jrf. kfbca; cMIUafaw; chapa 
Mulat, ««i. mnloi muUot 
— , m. MO. a Porta«n«80 vaaaal 
Muladar, ZwtmU-U-»i «a>. malatoar, mnl 

Muletta, *f. k eair* maw 
Mulon, cat. largo haap of aalt. hay, et«. 
Mulot, m. a flold aMwao 
Mnloter. ««. to aaah altar fidd-aioe 
Multifiofo, 9. a. boartaig many flowrra 
Ma1dlat»n>, 9. «. harias manjr aidea 
Muiapto. i. »■ f • nuUipla 
MulllidiaMo, 9. a. malthiUable 
Malripliant. iat. a mnliiplrlnir glaaa 
Multiplicand*, «M aaalriplwaud 

Multiolicatlon, tf. — tion; ioaraaaa 
Multii>Ueit<, •/. — «itr; moltituda 
MttlUpliar, va. to multiply: inoaaM 
MttlUtuda, ^. moliitoda; tha rabblo 
MaltiTalve, 3. a multiralrt 
Monicipal, a, a. maaieipol 
MonicipaliiA. a/, -lily: corooratlom 
Manieipa, aat- aauuiaiplam, fraa city 
MuiiiBcanca, »f. muuificcnea ; bounty 
Manir, vm. to aupply ; pro»ido} ttoio 
B« — , «f . to famiih ono'a •all 
Manitioaa, ^f.p^■ ammnnilioai ataraa 

— da boarba, provialoM 
MnnitioniuiiK, •ai. oaairaator ; coaamiaaai 

Muquaux, m, a. maooa*. tUmy 
Mar, immnf] tut. • «•" .. 

— miiey«i. a partition waU 
MAr, a, a. ripa ; mallow j •■tuta 
Mural, a, a. maral 

Maraillc, ^. a wall 
"" I, tf. amalbaffy 

Mwt, Mf. matmly: daliboratoiy 

, va. to wall an ; 
:,mm. aliladaCal 

Marlar, *m. molborry tiw 

MArir. tw. to ripon; brlas to iMifrity 

Murmura, «■». murmur; pwlaM; ham- 
mtag aoiio : grumbling ; niMUiav 

to whiapw ; pari ; wwMm 
MuBaraignc, ^ ahraw 
Uuaard, a, •. «. loiiai 
Moae, »m. muak ; tbo n 

Muacada, *f. nutoiag 
Mnaeadclla. *f. moaV 

maacouia, ^. mvaomuj, (hb 

Maacttlaira, 9. m. maaeular 

Muaeula, *m. Roman miUtary inpni 

— , •/. tba muaeola '- 

Muaculauz, aa, a. i 

Muaa, Cataaa] ^.m^ 

Muacau, «M. maaalaj a 

Mua^a. MuaAom, m. a- 

Muaaliira, «/. a mnaal* : no— nana 

Httior, va. to loiter, txifl* { to m to r 

MuaarolU, ^f. aooa-bwid of a brldlra 

Mnaatta, af. a hog^P* 

Maaieal, 7, «. muaioal. kattoimtoaa 

Muaicico, na, a. a mmialaa 
Muriq... [. sa.^1 */. maaia; Wmmi 
— awagi*, teagk muaw 
Mnaqnar, va. to porfuma with oawak 
8« Muaaar, vr. to lurk in a ooraar 
MuoalBHm, aat. Mamolmaa. Tork 
— , a, «. Tnrktah, Mahamatna 
MmulwanlaaM, aaa. Mahaa 

MtttabiUtd, 5^. — Uty i chancaa h l — aai 
Mtttande, »f. drawara worn by frUas 

MatatioB, ^. I 
Mutilation, «/. l 
Mtttllar, aa. to watilata; 
Matin, a, a. a. haadatrai _ , 
Mutinouaj a mntinaa a ; tlMau 
Sc Muiioar, «r. ta maduy; — 

arm* ; ta ba rafraotovy 
UBtinaria, ^. mutiny; ' ~ 
Mntir, vn. to aMi«. ta iumk 
Matiama. am. doMboaaa 
Mutual, la, a. mutoal. t at I p ta to l 
Mutaollrmant, mi. mwtaaUy 
Matola. af. cic*. aaabal: btMkat 
Myologla, ^f. traatiaa on tha maaclaa 
Myopa, 9. «. parblind. near-*ighta4. 
MyMia. af. a h o rtn aai ofaight 

', ^f. myriad ; tea Ihowaawd 

Mrriara, Ma. a aaparAalal aaaaa 
Mynbolan. «m. IndlaaplHM 

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dfrrhe, ff. myhk 
tfttm, MM. njitU-trM 
ifttagofoU, fT. iBy«tt)P«y 
HjmlMptgu*. •». mjrtUgogM 

If jratere, «ai. « myitary ; •••rtl 
lljratirlcatMnMit, ed. najraMrio^-- 
If ;aUria«s, m, a. mjriterioM 
\Aj%ticitit, «/. mystieBlii 
Myatifieawnr, •m. on* 

quinine otiicra 
Myatificr, M. t* quia, ta ovtjeat 
tlyatiqua, 3. a. mjatia, aaysticml 
Hyatiquament, ad. njatically 
Vljratra, aat. « Graciaa mataura 
Mytholoiia, Imt-lo-h-gt'i s/. mrtKology 
Mytbologlquat 3. «. BiTthologicdi 
MrtboloKM, Mrtholontw. »m. —pat, on 

akiUad ia febiOoiu butory 


Nm. at/, dia foartaanthlattarof Aa 
> alplia,bet 
Nabab, a«». mbob, an Indian prinea 
Nabob, a, «. shrimp, dwarf 
Naear*t> a. a. light clasr red 
Naeallc, V- ' i™*^^ boat : a whatrjr 
Naera, #/. mothar of paarl 
Naer<, a, a. pcarlad, nacred 


Marina, •/. naalril 

Marquoia, a, a. «. ebaaiag, anifty ; 

tharpar; (ibbariah, oant 
Narrataur, «ai. a ralator, tallar 
Narntir, va, a. awraiiTa, relating 
Narration, qf. — tioa, narratira 
Narr«tiT«, ^f. way af ralatiiif a atory 
Narr<, aai. a racital ; a narraiiTa 
Narrar, vc. ta ralau ; to tel), narrata 
Narral, «ai. tha unlaara-fiih 
Nasal, a, a. nsaal, af iha nosa 
Nasarda, rf. a fillip, «ap on tha nasa 
Naaardor. tra. to tap on ika nosa; to jaar ; 

ta bnntar 
Naaaau, Imi-aa] «ai. nostril of a beast 
Nasillard, a, «. ona who apaaha through 

Naaillar, Nt 

tha naaa 
Naattoit, ««. bo. naatnitinin 
Naaaa, ^f. an aaiar fish-nat; a • 
Natal, a, «. natal; nativa 
Natation, 4^. awlnming 
Natif, TO, a. naiiTe ; bom 
NaUon. f^. 1 ' 

Naga, «/. iwinumng 

A la naga, in or by a 
Naffcoir, cat. a plaoa to awim in 
NagMira, if. fin ; cork, blsddar, ate., far 

awimasittg; lid 
Nager, va. to to awim ; to sail ; to raw 
Nagaur, •»». waiarman ; rower 

, aa, «. a swimmer 

Nagndre, ud. not long a«o: lately 
NaUda. qf. naiad ; nymph 
NaU, re, a. artlaaa, unaRaetad 

elnaaMi simple, innocent 
Nain, e, ■. «. dwarfish ; dwarf 
Naina, ^. sort af bam 
Naissanea, ^. birth ; nativity ; riso 
Naitiant, a. a. rising ; growing 
Naltre, imai-tr'i m. to be bom ; have 

birth ; M breed ; arise ; spriag ; eroi 
NsiTemcmt. ad. Ingenuously ; frankly 
NalTcit, ^f. innnuottsnaaa, fran' 

candour ; simplicity 
Nanan. «ai. dainties (eilUki mordl 
Nanti, e, 

Nativity, rf. nativity, birth ' 
Natron, «as. Bgyptiaa uitre 
Nattc, </. a mat { twiat 
Natter, va. to twist ; m phut 
Nattiar, •«. mat-maker or scllar 
Nataraliaaiian, «/. naiuraliaalian 
Naturalisar, va. w naturalisa 
Natunliama, aas. — naas ; nnt« 
Natumliate, aai. a nntnraliat 
Naianllti^ </. aa t ian ; being a nattre 
Natare, */, natwa ; the univarac ; eoastltu* 

Nattird, sas- nature ; temper ; dlapoaitiou ; 

native; free; 

-, le, a. natural, ii 


Naturell'ement, ad. naturally 1 freely 

m.__ * ^^_ ahipwreak } ruin 

„ . c, a. wreaked i damaged 

Naulage, Nolia, am. frmght; fara 
Naumachia, «/. a mock aea-fight 
Naus<abonde, 3. a. mt. nauaaaua 
'Nausea, ^. a qualm ; nausea 
Naatique, 3. •. nautiaal 

Nautonnier, ass. a maiinar; aailor 

Naval, e, a, naval 

Nav4e, •/. a barga-faU 

Navct, Dstf-v&l cat. a tamip 

~ ' lape-aaad; ahuttla; incoow- 

Navetto, tf. iane>aa«d ; 
bos; pig of land 

Navigable, 3. a. naviga 

Naqueter, v* 
Narriasc. ia. daSodU; i 
Narcotiqua, 3. a. s. —lie, siupifying 
Nsrd. [nar-i im. spikenard, nardus 
Nargue de voas ! a fig for you I 
Narguer, m. to hector ; W bully 


Navlgatenr, ««. —tor, mariner, aailor 
Navigation, •/. navigation ; voyage 
Navi^uer, «pb. to navigate, sail, siaOT 
Navile, am. traat *r aoune of w%tvr 
Navira. am. a ship ; vessel ; a sail 
— da guerre, n ' 

I Ne, ad. net, no 
I W, •, a. born 

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IKuMoiat, e. MvarthelMfl ; for til tYint 

Nimnt, ImH-tM'i »m. nothlngneM ; nought 

M4huU, •, 41. »/. eloud-Uke 

N<bul«ax, M, «. cloadr ; dark; cloomy 

N«bulo*>t<, «r. nebaletUr, cloadimti 

Ntcniaire, 3. «. neecMary ; needful 

— , eM. necesMuriM { • competency ; dreit- 

N<ce^r«neat. ad. — rily; InMliblr 
N4oe«altant, e. a. eompellmf , foreini 
N<«..Mtf. if. neceeiitT; awd 
NieeteiUr, «a. to neceMltate, force 
MioMeitie. •/. ]»/. natnral wnnu 
Mfceenteux, le, a. — totu, needy 
Nterolefie, m. naerelogy 
Metonaaee, Meremancie, •/. — cy 

N4ereee, ^. nU. neenwie 
Neetnr, «■». OMtar ; delieiou* drink 
Nef, [ntf-^ «/. nare er body of a church 
N<faate, a. inauaiiieiom ; unlucky 
NMe. 4^: • medlar <a frmit) 
NMier, «ai. medlar-tr^ 
N<g«tif, TO, «. nefattv* ; denying 
McatUm, ^. negttien 
NtffatiTe, fJT. negative ; refueal 
N<gatiTem«ot, ad. neciMlTclr 
McUgf, M. dtekabilfe; ai. undrct* 
NMigemment, md. negligently 
Ntgligence, «/. — gcnce, eareUsaneu 
NAgligent, e, a. negligent ; earalets 
M'gligar, ««. to neglect, mlieht 
Mgoee, an. trade ; commerce 
N4ga«iable, 3. «. negoiiable 
N<gociant, ew. meitrhant ; de»l«r 
Nigociataar, Ma. a nMactator 
Mgodaiion, rf. nagodatien 

Nigre, eee, $. a negro ; a 

N^rerie, «/. a nagro yarn 

Nigiiat (Taiaaeaa), an African trader 

N<gTiUon, na. a. a Utde negro 

NIgfiu, ^f. a young negro woman 

N<gaa. aai. name of the emperor of the 

Abyaainiana ; ncgna, a aort of drink 
Neiga, CH^f*] ^- eaow ; whitoaea* 
Naigar, «. 7ai^. to tnow 
Nelgeua, ae, «. anowy 
M<aiea. rf. pi. nenU. a faneral eong 
Nenni,<Zl. no indeed 
Nenuphar, eai. water-lily 
MMogie. »/. naology. the making or in- 

tradncing of naw worda 
Nfologique, 3. a. neologleal 

Nialogne, am. 

me^2nie, ^. 

nfaphyte, i. a. n 
Itphfiitiqna. 3. • 
Kphittee. 4^. aU. 

. featiTal 
neophyte, now conTC 
- - mt. Mphritie 

Mfaotiama, <ai. ncpodtm 

N<i«da, •/. eea-nymph 

Nerf, Cw^ am. aiuaw ; ncrra ; band 

— da b«eiif, a bnll'i piaale 

— -firure, «-- *■ 

Mroli, am. eaaanra of oraugea 

Narprun, «o». biiaktfaom 

HffrraiMNi, V'< "*'• **>* narrona eyatem 

154 NIV 

Narral, a, a. that oooecrBS thm nervce 
Narrar, ««. ta eoTOr widk ainevm 
NerTeuz, ae, a. ncrrona, bnwmjr 
Nerriu, a. fbrtifying the ii«f-<raa 
Nerrurc, »/. edging, twiat; naoKUing 
Neakri, *m. Penian writing 
Net. IhH] ad. clean ; olearly ; elc««riy 
— I te, a. dean ; dear ; parapiciiaaa 
Nattement, ad. neatly ; claanl* ; eUarlr 
Nettet*. •/. c* ' 

Neltoyeaunt, •■». cleaning ; elcnrin^ 
Netioyer, va. to clean ; clear : 
Neuf, [mtm/i before 
a.' am. nine; ninth; 

— , ve, a. new; inexpc 

Neutraloment, ad. nautrallj 
Ncotraliaation, •/. act of nontnliamg 
Neutraliaar, va. to nautrttliaa 
Nantralitt, a/, neutrality 
Neutra, 3. a. neater, naatr*! 
Nenvaine, af. a nine dayn* * 
NeuTiime, 3. a. «. ninth ; niadi nwt 
NenrMmeaent, arf. nla^y 
Nereu, «8>. a nephew 
N^rndgic, ^f. mi. nenralgy 
Nirritique, a. good for tho aarvva 
Nirrologia, «/■ treatiaa «n tha aervvt 
Nam [adr] am. the noaa 

— k nea, face to fiwa 
Ni, e. neither, nor 
Niable, 3. a. deniable 

Niaia, a, m. a aiUy. fooUalt. a ^Mnlctoa 
Niaiaamenl. ad. aiDily ; ainply 
Niaiicr, »n. to aland trifling ar Coaling 
Nialsecic, «/. alUineaa ; nonaau— 
Nice, 3. «. Billy, fooliih 
Nieemenl. ad. allUly ; fMllaUy 
Nieho. af. niche ; roguiak trick 
Nieh«a, V- whole neat of birda 

— da iouiia, braod af mica 

Mieher, v, w plaae, put ar aat : «• aent. 

Niehet, aat. a naat-ogg 
Nldioir, (M. braading-eaca 
NiomUma. aai. a teU and ioaUA Wtew 
Nieotiane, a/, tobacco 
Nid Cmt] m. a neat ; bed ; ki4ia« plare 
Nidaroax, ee, a. aldorowa ; mnstv 
Niice. ^f. a niece 
NielU. Xr. mildew, b 
NielUr, M. to blaat . 
Nier, fa. to deny; contradict; t 
Nigaod. a. a. a. ailly. Canli..^ ». 

Nigaoder, tm. to pUy the fool 
Niganderie, a/, ai'llinaat ; ailly tki^ 
Nlaaatoaax, •■. pi. briekbau 
Nille. am. tendril of a Tine 
Nimbe, aai. glory (fn pahUiafi 
Nipper, ra. W fit ar ng out ; to elatha 
Nippaa, af. pt. gomlt ; dothaa 
Niqoe (feire la), af. to make gnnaa af 
NiquedoaiUe. am. a dolt, a aim-' - 
Nitouehc. •/• hypocritical jade 
Nitre, C«*-<rl am. nitre, a mia 
Nitreoa, ta, a. nitrona, nitry 
Nitriira, <A ntuona Tain of eartli 
NiTaaM, «at. a loval ; laToUeat 

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Nivdw, M. to Ivrel, to ulii the IctoI 
NireUar, sm. UvolUr 
Nivellcninit, tm. loToUing ; torrojriiig 
Niratte, sf. sort of poach 
Nobiliaira, «ai. book of the poorago 
NohU, 3. a. noblo; noblcoMii 
Nohlemeot, ad. ooblj, falloDtlj 
Nobleoao, if. nobtlitj ; noblcneia 
Noce, t/. marriatfo ; wodding guoata 
Noch«r. «M. a pilot, ■tecnman 
Noctambulo, t. — li«t ; (omiuuubuUit 
NactambttlUiBO, «a>. noetambttlation 
Noctiluque, 3. a. ihinlng In the dark 
Noctttrlabo, mi. mal. a. nociarnal 
Nocturne, 3. a. noeiuraal 
Noctumameat, ad. in tko night 
Nodua, Zm»-duetj ««. nodna, node 
Noel, [>«•«/] Chriataaas ; ChriiuaM-aoDg 
Noeud, Oam] tm. knot; intrigue; diifl- 
caltj ; tie ; kuaoiile ; node ; kuob ; bond 
Noir, e, a. black ; boM ; ditmal 
— , $m. black; a black, a nogro 

— do {wmit, am. Ismp-blaek 
Nolrfttre. 3. a. blackiah ; duiky 
Noirsnd, a, •. i . dark ; 
Noireanr, */. " 

Noircir, v. to macKon ; vo aeiame 
Noireiaattro, ^. blackening ; black tpot 
Noire, *f. • crotohet (ia muafe) 
Noiae, j/. atrlfe ; wiaahble, quarrel 
Noiiotte, «/. haaal-out ; filbert 
Noiaotiar, sm. the haael-trce 

Noix, iMOP-mal a/, a walnut 

— confiua, preaerrad walnuia 

— de f^le, a g«U-nn( 

'; atrocitjr 

Nolie, NolitaonioDt, aai. hlrlnif a ahip 
Noliaer, ra. to froight, to hire 
Nom, rte*! *m. name ; noai 
Nomade, 3. •. wandering; i 
Nomauee, Nomaneie,^. dirii 
from the lettera of a aaake 
Noinblo. imam-iti «/. ete. numblea 
Nombrant, e, m. counting, numbering 
Nombre, [mon-irl tm. numbor ; muliitude 

— nonbraat, multiplier 
_ nnmbrf , multiplicand 

— d'oi, golden number 
Nombrar, oa. to number ; to tall 
Nombreux, ae, a. numeroua 

Nombril, (aoa-ArM] tm. the naral ; oaid- 

dle, eentre 
Nome, Ml. law ; order ; ancient poem 
Nomenclataur, cm. nomenelator 
Nomenclatura, tf. —tare, vooabulary 
Nominal, a, •. nominal 
Nomiaatairo, tm. kiog'a praaentoo 
Nominaieiir, «M. patron ; advowoa 
Nominatif. tm. aominatlT* eaao 
Noaaination. 4^. nomisatioa 
Nemmtoont, ad. naneljr ; aapcoially 
Nommcr, [ao-mll] m. to name ; nomiiMta 
Se — , wr. to be called or named 
Nomporoil, Ic, a. mMcfaloaa, iueompaishU 
Nomparoillo, tf. crimpt riband ; nonna- 

reiliki'Ml of email au«ar-plam 
Non, [. 

5 NOU 

Ifoii-«onfcimlt<, t/, aon>conrormit]r 

— -itre. eat. noa-entitjr 

pair, e, a. odd ; nut equal 

— plua ultra, ad. utmoat, at moat 
rMdenee, •/. uon-residenc« 

— -eculemont, ad. not only 

— -ua«ga, tm. diauac, want of practice 
▼aleur, 4/*. defieiancjr ; waata 

— -rue, */. nta. fag, mtity weather 
Pair ou non, even or odd 

Nouagfoaire, 3. a. ninety yean of age 
w »-i — j_ ^ ^ — , . 

Nonante, a. ninety 
Nooantiime, 3. a. ninetieth 
Nonce, tm. noneio of the pope 
Nonchalammeni, ad. earaUaily 
Nonchalance, t/. negligence ; (upiiientm ; 

Nonchalant, e, a. «. aopine; nogUgeiit| 

remin ; a carelmi peraon 
Nonciatare, tf. nunciature ; embaaay 
None, 4^. None ; afternoon prayera 
Nonaain, Nonne, Nonnotte, t/. a nirii 
Nonnat, eat. a kind of tprat 
Nonofaatant, fr. notwithatanding 
Nonpayameni, mi. nor.-paymaal 
Nord. Inarl tm. the north 

— -oueat, north-weat 
Noi, [no] fro. pi. o 
NoioKraphie, «/. a ti 
Noaologie, «/. mi. m 
Noatalgie, t/. uU. a longiug after home 
Nota, tm. note ; mark ; remark 
Notable, 3. a, emloent ; remarkable 
Notablemaut, ad. considerably 
NoUblra, tm. pi. chief men 
Notaire, mi. a notary ; icriTener 
Notammaat, aU. especially 
Notariat, tm. notary's placo er ofilre 
Notari^, 0. a. aettlcd by a notary 
Note, */■ note: remark; aunoution 
Noter, ra. toobserre: note; r 

— d'in&mie, to brand, to dia| 
Notcur, tm. copter of muaie 
Nolieo, •/. account ; knowledge 
Notificatiea, t/. — Uon, declaration 
Notiiior, Ml. (o notify ; make known 
Notion, t/. nodon ; idea ; opinion 
Notolrc, 3. a. — rloua ; publieU known 
Notoirrmeat, ad. openly, manUiMtly 
Notoriety, •/. noUrwty 

Notre, [notr] pro. our 
Notnlo, t/. posti>, a marginal nolo 
None, tf. pantile ; pasture-ground 
Nob, e, a. tied] rieketty 
Nottor, vo. to tie ; to knot ; Join 
■Se — , vr. to tot, knit ; grow knotty 
Noueujt, so, a. knotty, full of knots 
No«igat, eai. eake of almonds and hooey 
Noulet, tm. a drain, a gutter 
Nuurrmin, tm. young fry ; fish for breed 
Nourrico, tf. a nurse, a wet narae 
Nourrider, e, a. nutritive ; nourishing 

P^ aoorricior, a foatar-fiuher 
Nourrir, ml to uouriah ; to maiatein ; to 

food ; aadila ; bring ap ; inatract 

• — ,pr. to Uvo er Mod «r - 
Noarriaaaga, mi. gcutor'a ' 

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NovrliMBt, •, 

NourriaMtar d* bMtiaiu^ «ai. & 
NonrriMoa, «m. fosUr-cUld 
Noonriuoiw d4M MuaM •« du 

Miu of Apollo; Iwrdt, poeu 
Nourrituro, «/. food ; Bourishmeat 
Noui, [nooj pro. w« ; »• ; to us 
NouTtott, (mo-«o] NoutroU le, «. acwj 


D« noiiToau, ad, afrtkh, agaia ; latolf 
Naaveaut4, •/. AuTeltjr ; innuTatioa 
MottTollc, *f. news ; • norol 
— spocrypho, douWul newi 
NouvelUmeut, ad. newly ; Utety 
NouTcUaU, ^f. jit. novolty 
NoHTalUata, «m nowaoionMr 
Novale, tf. Dawly-plottghau land 
Nvmtaur, *■». inuoTator 
Novation, mf, ooTatioo ; iunoratioa 
NoTeUaa. ^. ft. booh of civU law 
Novambra, »m. Noramhar 
NoTlca, a. «. iiMspanaaecd ; » novioa 
No*ieiai, ••>■ — aia, probMiou tiaie 
Noyala, «/. coana caaTaa, aail- cloth 
Noyaa, mm. tiia atoaa of « fruit ; karaal ; 

oort, aaould ; attdoua ; Om apiudla of a 

winding mtMUvmmm 

Noyar, «b>. walnttt-f» 

— « Mi. ta drown ; to ruin 

— as vaiiaoau, to lay or aat a «Mp 

So — , vr. to be drownad : to drown ono's 

Noyoa, «ai. the odga of a bowling-groan 
Nu, «ai. plain part of a wall «r eolumu 
— , a, «. naked; bare ; plain ; daatiiato 

A uu, ltd. uakad : openly 
Nuaga, «M. a aloud s miit; darknaaa 
Nuagoux, aa, a- oUudy ; dull, muddy 
Nuaiaon, «/. aia. a aattlad wind 
Nuanea, »/. aliadowlng; ahada; gradation 
Muancar, ••. to ahada ; variogaM ; mix 
Nubilo, Si. m. marriagaabU 
Nndil4, rf. nahadaeaa i nudity 
Moo. if. a aloud: iko akioa 
Nate,./, a aloud; 

Nncr, iw. , 

NuSra, vn. to hurt; prejudioa; annoy 
Nnieaneo, «/• uulaanea ; damage 
Mttiaibla, 3. •. hurtful, prejudicial 
Nuit, [nut] rf. nigbt; nighi-tima; darii- 

Nultaauaaat, ad. ik the night t aigkdy 
Nttitio. ^. la^ht'a axpoaaa at an inn ; a 

night*! lodging ; a uight'a work 
Nul, le, a. no, nut one, noao ; Toid, auU 
Nulla, ^f. a null, a nulla, a oyphor 
Nullamaat, ad. not at all ; by no maaaa 
Nulle part, ad. nowhora 
NulUtI, «/. nullliy : error ; inTalidity 
NumKraira, 9. •• <■*. numeravy ; eaiih 
Numeral, la, «• nuaural 
Nnmirataar. am. aumaratoc 
Numirtition, ^. aumaratloa 
Nnm^riquo, 3. a. auaMrical, nnmoral 
NumMquament, «d. nnmoricaUy ; caactly i 

ta a praaiae auaiba* 

^raphle. »/. — phy, d 

of aiieicnt medala and coiaa 
Itlnneupatif, Ta, a. nuaeupattT*. — lary 
Nundinal, a, a. nundinal, nuadinary 
Nuptial, la, a. nuptial, bridal 
Nuqur, «/. tlic nafo of tho node 
Nutation, «^. att. — tioa ; (Ao.l the la- 

clining of^planti towarda th* ana 
Nutiitif, TO, a- nutritive ; nouciaking 
Nutrition, if. — ^Uou ; noariahaaaat 
Nyctalopa, 3. «. owl-evod 
Nyctalopia, «/. — py, diaoaaa of tlia eye 

Njs&TpSifur^* "'-'^ 

Nymphomaua, qf. the f«uor ntrriDaa 


Ofm. flftoaath Utiar of dba aJahakac 
* 1 fa<. O I oh I 
O ^a. aew ; waU now 
Ohadieare, ^. obediaaoa, onbauaiea 
Ob«diancUl, le. «. — tial. •bad»««l 
ObMioaoior.i ' * ' 

Ob^ir, «a. to obey i to yUld ; I 

Obasaaaca. « 
Ob^iuaiit, e, a. — dlant ; 
ObdiMjao, «m. aaobaliak 
Obtrar, va. ta run greatly ia daht 
Obier, am. tha ataola traa 
Obit. Cvt«] ««. a dirga i obit 
Ubitaaira, Mi. tagiatac of buiiala 
Obieciar, va. to oMact ; raproaeh 

Objaeiif, vo, c. obJMtiv 
(Terra), an obtoet-glaa 
qf. objoetioa ; 
Co»-/«jm. ^- 


Ubligation. $f. ohUgatian ; duty 
Obllgataira, 'i. m. obligatory, bm 
Oblig<, »m. ladontura; bond 
ObliceaawMat. ad. obligingly ; Uadl* 
Obllgeant, •, a. obliging ; kind ; civil 
ObUgor, ««. ta oblige ; biad. ooeapal 
Oblique ,C. iMJktl i. a. oblique ; fc- ' ' 
ObUquasMat, nd. obUaual* ; 

•lopingly ; by wloked a 
ObUqaiii. ^. obliquity, o 
Obliteration, «/. obUioratioa' 
ObUt<rar, tw. to obliterate, afbca 
Oblong, ua, a. ohloag 
ObnuMlcr, *m, to gat elaudy or dark 
Obole, «/. oboU 

Ohombtar, va. ta obumbrala i ahada 
Ohiaptiee, 3. c autraptitioua 
ObraptieenMat, ad. sunaptiiiattaly 
Obraptlaa, a^. obnptioa 
Obraaikra. ^. iroaltar of a trwak 
Obeaiao, 1. «. obaaano : filthjr 
~ • ■\k, •/. obMaaity. law^aaaa 

•, a obaaaia. wA j gjaamy 

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neat, tm. darlwaiag 
It, ad. o1>Mvr*lT 


Jbaeurit^, rf. obwuiitj; 

)ba<aTmtloiM, •/. pi. •Mm 

)}—Mtr, va. to beict 

)bsi<iuM, C- »ti-h] «/. pt. o1>t«qiii«« 

)bs<qaieuz, M, «. obMqaleat 

)b*«nrable. 9. m. ob««mtU« 

ibmtrwtmet, »f. obacrvuiM ; ril« 

)bmiir7auoT, triM. *. obaanrcr 

)bscrration, «/. — tioai obHmnaCt sue- 

di«nt r«g»rd ; eontemplailon 
}baer«fttolr«, if. fioMmXmy 
Jbaerrer, va. to ohMrv* ; wsieh 

.)haMtioB, *f. obi w tion ; bMCttiog 
3biiidionaJ, e, a. eh«i<lion«l 
9bttacl*, tm. obttacle; hindruw*; bar 
Ibstinatlim, •/. — naejr, stobbomiMM 
9bstin<, e, «. a. atabhorn, oballiiata 
Qhatin^iDCnt, ai. »bttinal«lf 
[)l)Stiii«r, M. to maba obitinata 
S' — , t>r. to paiaiat; ba obatUtata 
Ohstruotif, va. a. obatoctiva, ttoppluv 
[Xntracthm, tf. obatraciion, atoppaga 
Dtntruer, va. to obatraet 
Uhtenptrar, vn. to obey, atibmit 
ntitenir, m. to obtain, fat, aequira 
Obtantion, tf. obminlnf ; iinpotnitlaB 
Diitui, a, a. obtuia. dull; poiatlaai 
Obtusanglc, 3. a. obiuaaagular 
Obua, Obuaier, <m. howltcar 
ObTentioii, •/. fint-fruita of a banallM 
Obriar, vn. to ttbWaM ; prayant, hiadar 
Oca CaTi, tm. an Aaaarican pouto 
Ocaigner, pa. to parfoma, to aoaat 
Oceaac, 3. a. mat. waatarl^ 
Orcuioo, tf. occaaion ; oppertanUy 
Oecaaionaatrt, »m. an adTOiilarar 
Oecaaional, le, a. — oal ; iaoidaatal 

Oe«aiioanar, va. to oeaaaian ; aaaaa 
Occident, *m. oaeidant, waat ; daclina 
Occidental, a. a. waatara, wMlarlj 
Occipital, a. a eU. aeaipital (hrad 

Occiput, [ae>M-9a(] tm. back part of tbc 
Occire, va. to alajr. to kill, alaachiar 

Oeculution, rf. ast. oceultatloa 
Occulta, 3. a. oeeult ; Mcrtt ; abatraia 
Occupaat. a, t. an oeeupier : poMMsor 
Ocdipatioa, tf, — tlon, aiaplovnaat 
Occupy, a, (I. buijr ; amplofad 
Occupar, v. to taire ap : amplar ; poaaeti 

hold ; to inhabit r ' r- 

S' — . vr, to buajr oaa'a aalf aboot 
Occarrraet, af. aaeurranea, «Tant 
Oecttrrant, a, a. oecurriaf, aeasdeatal 
Oc^iui, Ml. tha aaaaa, tka main aaa 

OeUTC.ff. oataTt 

i diapMOB 

7 OFF 

Oett«4a, am. a aart of amall fluta 
Oetarlue, (ai. aaudl apiact 
OctaTo, aat. an octaT* 
Oetobra. [oe-fa-ftr] fat. Oatobar 
Octogfeaire, 3. a, «. oetoganorjr ; a p«r> 

■on of eighty yaata of age 
Octogona. 3. a. tm. octangular ; o e tagoa 
Oetroi, aa*. a grant ; toll ; city toll 
Octrojrei * 



Oculairr, 3. a. ( 
OcnlairenMnt, -d. ^aiblyj lanaiblf 
Oculiste, tm. an oeuliit 
Ode, tf. an oda ; a byma 
OdauT, tf. odour ; amall ; fragrance 
Odiauaamaut, ad. — ouily ; InTidioiialy 
Odiaus, te, a. odloua ; dataatabla 
Odonnitra, «ai. padeiaattr 
Odontalgia, tf. — gia, the tooth'a«ha 
Odonta]ci4]ue, 3. a. odontalgia 
Odoatechnie, a/, art of praaarring teeth 
Odorant, a. a. odoroua ; frasrant 
Odorat, [a-t^o-ra] aat. email. analUag 
Odoter. va. to perceivo by lanclliag 
Odorif^raat, e, a. odoriftroni, fragrant 
CEcanUniqua. a. — cml, gaaaral 
OBil, rm. eye. aye-aieht s hud ; gloaa 

— <rail]<. ilood-ahot eye 

— da baaf, arok. oral vr round window 
(Sillade, tf. oglo, leer ; glanea 
(KilUdar. va. to ogle, tolaer 
CEilMre, tf. a horsa'i eye-flap 
fllillet, «M. raniation ; pink ; eyelet 
OKilUtM-ie, tf. a eamatiou-l>ed 
(Eilleton, tm. tucker of t plant 
(Eilletocner, »a. to plant tuekera 
fKuaa. ena. a wild pigeon, atoek-dore 
(Eiophaga, «ai. cnophagua, wiud-pipe 
(Zuf, [roar/] tm. egg ; epawa ; roe 
CLnti, e, a. with hard roe, with apawn 
CEoTre, tf. work ; dead ; workmaaahip 
GEoTrea Tirae, pi. ma. quick worka 

— mortea, aia. dead er upper arotiia 
Ma}tra dee bautae auTree, hangman 

Offenaant, a, a. offcntiTe ; abvaiva 

Offenae, tf. oflWnee, outraga ; ain, fault 

Offanai, tm. the injured party 

OHenaer, va. to olfand j injnra 

S' — . vr, to ba ■ognr ; taVe offence 

Offeneeur, aat. an oifaadcr; injuier 

Offensif, to, a. oflTeniiTa 

OITeaaiTa, tf. —(ire ; aaaault, attaek 

OfFanaiTeinent, ad. offenaiTaly 

Offert, c, part, of OftVir, offered 

Oflarte, */ offtriiig ; offertory 

Orertoiie, am. the eflrrtonr 

Offlee, «m. oAea ; care ; eharge ; duty 

— , tf. buttery ; pantry ; larder 

Le aaint oMce, the laqalaitian 
Official, tm. an olBrial 
Offlcialiui, tf. oAeialty: dootora' com- 

mooa ; apbeopal rhorch 
Oflciant. c, a. a. offieialiag priaater ■■« 
Official. U. a. official 
Oaeiellement. ad. officially 
Offider, vn. to officiate 
— , am. officer : butler 

■ • Uadly 

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OOeiaBX. M, I 

Offldnal, •, a. 

Offrmnde, if. •■> oM»tian ; offarlag 
OiFrant, a. «• bidder 
04Fr«, if. offer ; proffer, tender 
OITiir, v*. to offer ; bid, tender 
Offuiquer, va. to darken ; to danle 
Ofive, •/. arek. ogee, • eort of moulding 
Oktc, cm. an ogre ; glutten 
Oh ! imt. bo ! oh I 
Oie, if. « gooee 

Petiu oie, gibleta ; trinniioge 
OiguoB, [o-^iMONl eit. en onion ; • b<ilb- 

OM root 
Oignomkre, «^. • bad of oninoa 
UiUe. •/. ogUo, eort of rich eotip 
Oiadre, tw. to anoint, to rnb with oil 
Olng, «M. can-graaao 
Oiai, «at. one who baa been anointed 
Oiieau. [M-M-ae] /at. a bird ; a biielc- 

larer'i kod 
Oieeler, vn. to go a fowling 
Oiielcur, «m. a Mrd-eatehar 
Olaelicr, fai. a tiitd-edUr ; a fowler 
Oiaellerle, */. hird-eellinf mr oalchiiig, n. idle; indoUnt: las^ 
Oiaif, Te, a. idle, lujr ; uneniplojred 
Oiiillon, <m. youii^ or little bird 
OitiTemaiit, <ul. idly, indolently 
Oitivet^, «/. idlcnasi ; laaineai { aloth 
Olaou, «m . a goalins ; a ainpleton 
Ol^nineuz, ae, «. oieagiiiout ; oily 
OUaJidre, «m. oleander, roaebay 
Olfactif, Olfaetoirc, a. olfaeiory 
Ollbrioui, m. ooneeitad arrogant fool 
OliKarohie, ^. oUgarchy 
Oligarchiquc, 3. a. oligarehieal 
Olim, tul. fomtarlr 
Olinde, tf. kind of fine awerd-hlade 
Olinder, pa. to draw one 'a aword 
Olindcar, fat. a bully, a brawler 
OltTaiion, »f. oliTe aeaaon, orop of olivei 
Oliritro, 3. a. olire-eolottred 
OliTc, «/. oliTa 

Oliver, «M. ipot of olive- treea , 

Olirette, tf. tena-fToelc ; glaea bead 
Ollreitca, fl. a hind of dance afiar (he \ Oolitea, 

OmvpUit. ^. iho«U«r.M«d« 
Onphaloptr*. 3. a. nunlMac 
Omraa. aat. the Htla ^« M«gml 1 
On, pro. one, they ; peopU ; aaMi 
— dit, it ii reported, thay any 


One, onaquee, ai. neror ; not 9m 
Once, tf. an eanee ; tha lyux 
Oudalea (lattrea), capital lattcra 
Oncle. «ai. an onele 
Oncre, «m. a kind of ship 
Onction, rf. anetion ; gm«c 
Onetueasemant, ad. onetuovalv 
Onetueuz, te, a. anctuoua ; may 
Uuctuoait^, ^. nnctuooitjr 
Uude, «/. a wave ; avrga ; billow 
Ond<, e, *. watered ; grntned ; « 
Oudie, tf. ehowar ; fJl af imia 
OadaicoMnt, sai. a priTU* bapcb 
Ondoyant, o, a. ur-^-' 

Oiidoyar, im. to undalato ; _ _ 
-, oa. to ipriaUe ; ehriston priTMely 
Ondulation, if. nadnlatiafi ; ««««>« 
Ondnlatoira, 3. a. andiUatary 

Oii^rairB. 3. a. (tntaur), « 

Ou^reaa, ae, a. oneroaa; bnrJcnaMBM 

Onglc, [en-f I] eat. a nail ; oi»w i kW 

OiigU, e, a. M. armed 

OagMe, ^. a numbncaa in tk* fingin 

end* eauiod by cold ; n whitlow 
Onglet, OM. a aharp graver : a award a 

Onguaat, em. unguent, aalve, «»»«»^-ni«» 
OnguU, e, a. hoofed, hnvinc bwA 
Onir.«riiie, ^f. onoiroeritioa 
Onirocritlque, ««. oaairocritla 
— , tf. the art of iuurpretiitg dreana 
Onoerotale, eat. a bitieru ; peUena 
OnoBsatopM, *f. likeneaa of a weed w la* 

thing it si^fica 
Onyx. [o-«l*] aai. onyx, a p __ 
Onse, a. eat. eleven ; eirwach 
OniiAnM, 2. a. «a». elevanih ; tk* elcvnd 
Oiicitmentent, ai. in the elovamU plMa 
ft. petrified Uitle ahaUa 

le; darkM 

Onbclir, •/. 

OmSalureTe, 3. a. amhelUferoiti 
Onbtlie, eat. the navel 
Ominlieal, e, a. nmbiljial 
Ombraae, aai. ahad*; umli 
Omttniger, ra. te ahade ; t 
OmbraKeux, ae, a- itiiltith ; auap 
Ombrt, [on-tr] •/. (hade; di 

^hoat ; proiaetloii ; pretence, cloak 
Ombr«r, Con-Ar«] va. to ihadow ; to ahatlt 
Ombreux, le, «. nmbrageoua, ahady 
Om^ga, aai. ome^a, the Uat letter of the 

Greek alphabet; end ; the loweet 
Omelette, teai-M]«/. omelet; paneake of 

Omettre, va. to omit. l»ave out 
Omii, c, perf . of Omettic, cmiUcd 
Omiiiion, •/. omiHion ; nei;l«ci 
Uuiiiiacienee, tf. omniaaUuce 

Opacity. •/. opacity ; darki 
Opale, tf. an opal, a pw c i n aa atoM 
Opa<iiie, 3. a. opaqnc; dark ; •bocwe 
Op^ra, eak opera ; open-h««a« ; -am i 

piece ; troubleMnNM bnainaaa 
Op^rateur, trice, #. operator ; qnack 
OperaUon, tf. - tioo ; agency ; o«Mt 
Op^rer, r. to operate ; wwk j to aCeet 
Opea. «M. p/. holea in a wall 
I Ophite, a. a. green yoUowiah ■MsUo 
I Optknlmie, [ap-foZ-ai*] ^. wU. irphtVel- 
I Ophthalmique. 3. a. aU. opkilkalmM 
«>piaf. [o-peorj M. optate, parte fee t 

teeth, «. opniladva, 

Opilation, ^f. oppiUtion, 

Opiler, tni. to eppllate. t* abatraM 
Opinaut, em. a voter, eptner 
Opiner, va. te vote ; give aa npialei 
— du boBoet. to vuta aa Mhara Aa 
OptniAire,3. a, e. obaiitiata; au> 
Opuiidtiimrut, mi. ebeliaaady 

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Oppoaer, va. to oppoM. r 
S'— , vr. toTMbt; to k« 

Upiuiltrcr, m. to oMkintMn oiMtfantoly; 

to reader obotiiuita ' ; an ordi* 

S' — . rr. to be obstimto if 

Opini4tret<, ^. ob«tiii««r ; ttnbbornneM 

Opinion, af. opiniou; lietief; eoneait r 

Opium, «M. opium 

Opodeldoc, »m. opodeldoc utnalljr 

Opportan, p, a. —tune; MMOoeUe lally 

Opportunity, «/ — ty ; fit time vr plaoe -der 

Oppoiant, '., a. jit. opponent to be or- 

OppoaA, e, «. «M. oppoelte, contrary ; tlie 

ho eonlen 

esitt; allege 

Opposite, 2. «. «•§. opposite; conlrary rant 

A 1 'Oppoiite, pr. ad. orer afaiuat etor 

(■ppositiun, «/. oppotitioii; obalacle i ordain 

Oppreaaer, fa. to oppreee rarraut 

OppretMar, tm. oppreaaor ; a tyrant I rubbith ; 

Oppresai/, »o, a. —aire ; burthenaoma 

Opprrmkion, */. oppresaion ; enielty 'i obacene 

Oppriraar, pa. to o^resi ; oTarpower 
Opprobre. tm. — bnam, diigraee 
Opras, «ai. a title of the lordi iu ifiam 

OpMtif, cm. the optattrc mood ired 

Opter, va. toehooae; make choice 

Optirieo, am. an optician ile 

Optimitmr, tut. optimity r-flokct 

Ontimisic, tm. optimist 
Option, *f. option ; eboiee 
Opiique, [ap-tmk] 1. a. «/. optic, optieul ; heart 

optics rith which 

Opulammcnt, ad. opulently ; richly rinmr 

Opulence, $f. opulenoe ; riehaa it the ear 

Opulent, a, a. opulent; rich, wealthy :; orison; 

Opuntia, </. eeohineal plant 

Opuscule, «M. opuseulc, a little hook mith 

Or, [or] tm. gold ; (4/.) or, yellow rersmltb s 

— , e. >fut ; now ; and 
— ^a ; now ; well now 

Oracle, »m. an oraele Iness 

Onige, «M. tempest ; storm ; broUs rument 

Orsi(caz, ae, a. >tormy ; boisternua ;al 

Oraison, [o-ray-son] «/^. orison, prayer; 

oration {ulaie 

Oral, e, a. oral , traditionary 

OrHiig-outang, am. oarang-oulang Uc 

Orange, *f. orange ; yrtlew coluur 

Onuig4, e, a. ora<i|(e> coloured Ung 

Orangeade, «/. orniige-skcrbet 
Orangeat. *M. eaotlisd orange-peel 
Granger, am. an orange-tree 

Oranneric, •/, orange-huu>c, orangery ir 

Oriingisla. fM. he who ouUivHlcs orange- b1 

trees lorleuUls ; 

Orawur, na. an orator, haranguar 

Oratoire, 3. a. oratorical ittghtiness 

— , tm. oratory ; a chapel 

Oratoirement, ad. oralor-Uka ghty, ac- 

Orbe, tm. oib; aphaic ; circle 
Orbiculaire, 1. a. orbieular, round 
Orhiealairamenl, ad. orbicularly 

Orbts, tm. a kind of ash «t : {mn ) 

OrbiU, tf. orbit ; socket of the are 

Oreanetle, tf. ha. orehaoet, bugloss is 

Orehestiquc, 3. a. art of dancing moalh 

Orchealrc, eat. orchestra lodard 

Orrhis, tm. ko. orchis, satyrion 

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OMifiar, M. to OMtfv. Mm kito Iwm 
OaaifiqM. 3. a. ow0f«ii« 

OMil«m, m. nwll boM •€ «%u^ 
Oratt, «. M. large boucd ; baity 
Oat. [ott*] •■>. koM, «nB7 
(*ue, a/. M«. bn« of a Utocvt mhJ 
OMondblo. S. •. Mtonaibl*: oMmctc 
UaMnaiblomrai, arf. ootniatUy 
OotonlMMi', •!•. •■ «MMMMi««a BMa 
UitODtation, «/'. ootaar 
"' • . «//««•««• 
!, 0m. mt,M 


.- , 3. a. originall* eon* 

OrbiaairoaiMt, ad. — vally : U lint 

Ori«iMl, Ml. oii((ii>«l : an odd fitllow 

—,;a. original ; primitive 

OrigiaaUf4, «/. origlnalitjr 

Origins, *f. origin , touree ; eaoM 

Origiael, U. o. origlaal ; primiliTO 

Originellemcnt, aU. on«tnaI1/ 

Orignac. Origaal, *m. Canaaian oik 

OriA, (M MM. buoyrepo 

Oriouj tm. Orion, a conttellatlou 

Oripoau, tm. tioad, thiu hiwu 

OrU. •■■. U. orlci (arc*.) a 6oadgata 

OnD«, Com] *m. an elm 

Omeau, iar-mo] «m. a f ouag dnt 

Onnilla, «/. a bed of jroung alm« 

Onnia, im. fto. a >en of clary 

Ormoie. 0/. a gro<ra of elma 

Ome, im. a wild ash-tree 

OmeiBeiit, i. . mat%1 •nt. ami 
bcUishnoot ; decoration, trappluga 

Omer, va. to adorn ; to embellikh 

OraiAre, ^. a wkeel-itit 

Oraitkogale, «/. the aiar of Bathlelieai 

Omitkologie, rf. — gy, hietory of bird* 

Omithologiele, tm. ornitholagiit 

Omltlioaiaiieie, 1/. — maney, a lort of ( 
dirinatiaa by meant of biiilt 

Orabuiebe, rf. choke-weed 

OrpaiUevr, tm. eoUector of gold -dart 

Orphclia, e, a. t. an orphan 

Orphelinage. tm. orphanam, — iam 

Orpinent, aai. ^eeent. yellow araonie 

Orpin. Ml. orpine, a plant . _ 

Ort [er] (peier). U weigh with the paek- OuMianee, ^f. obUvioa 
eloth " , OaUl*. «/. a Twy thin eaaa 

Orteil, Ml. a tec ; the great toe OuUier, va to foinet ; to aaalact 

OrthodoM, S. a. «. orthodox S' — , or. to forget oM'a eel/ 

Orthodoaia, «/. onhodosr I OuMietiaa. ^f. pi. a dna«t«a af 4eadi 

Orthographe, [or-tt-graft] tf. ortho^ra- Oabliear, «m. a teller o£thla etlm 
phyr«i>elUng ■ ^^ ^ I Oubliena, ee, r '- " "■ 

Orthographlr -' 


Orthogiaphiar, t 

Orthographlqoe, „ , 

OrthographUte, tm. erthographer Oul-dira, tm. hearaar : report 

Orthop<die, tf. orthopedJa Dale, ^f. the eenee of haana« 

Orthopn4e, »/. a diteaae of the langa OiiUa, rf. pi. f ■— ' -"*- 

Ortie, ^f. a nettle ; (.fH/mrritrj) a rowel Ouir, va. »o h< 

Ortier, v«. to atiag with nettlea ; to vowel Ouiagan, aat. a karrieaao ; 

Ortiva, a. att. eaaterly Ouraaographie, if. oarr 

Ortolan, tm. aa ortolan tioa of the he«T«na 

Orrale, ^. ie. clary ; orrale Oardir, ra. to warp ; to bitew, plat 

Orrittan, mi. — lan ; qaaek aicdlctae | Ourdieaalr. tm. wcaaar't becM mr laaa. 

Oa, C«*« and ox before a towcI] mi. a Oardiaawra, tf. warping, warp 
Ounlon, aai, a kind of aenaa 
Oarier, va. to haai, to cloae wWh a hae 
Onrlet, mi. a heat, edga af a gaiMwi 
Ourqae, tf. area, a kind ti aaa>Cah 
OaiB, [aariw] eai. a bear 
Oane, tf. a ahe-bear j ( " ' 

Oattaeite, tf. oatraeitaa. peirifiad aM* 
Oatrelia, tm an Baelarliag 

Ottrogot, Mi. barbarian, elowa 

OtaeoaiUque, i. a. m«. ataeoaatia 

Otage. tm. aa hoetaga 

Ociagie. (/. otalgia, a paia i« Om aar 

Die, ad. ezeept ; oava ; bat 

Oier, pa. to take away ; pail «ff ; nam 

0'i.» [•*>] e. or, eiibar ; dM 

Oii, md. when, whltbar ; wWaea. 

whieh ; to what 
Ouaiehe, «m. ma. trwk of a akip 
OaaUle, tf. aheep, floelt, partahaaacr 
Ooaial Imt. her-day! Wty-tatir ! 
Otiato, «/. waiUing 
Ottatar, «a. to Airaiah with waMfa« 
• 1. tm. <erge«f.ilneaa ; MUwiam ' 

ng I tiublteua, ae, a. fargMial, a 

I, */. arcA. the eleratloa of a Oueat, CwU-c*f] em. wo*t 
aineatad: pitifiU , Ouf I M. O I pha I 

ir, r. to apell er wriM trae Oui, ad. tm. yea { ay 
loe, r a. orthographieal - hUI ari. yea ladoad I 

OeeiIlat<rire, 5. a. —lory ; vibratory 
Oaeillar, va. to oieillate, aa a peadalmn 
Oa<. e, a. daring ; bold i raeh 
OaeilU, •/. aorrel 
Oaer, «. to dare ; to be ao bold aa 
Oaeraio, qf. willow or oaier plot 
Oaier, mi. aa oeier: wicker 
OaaaUt, tm. a tmail lione ; oaielet 
Oatamene, cm. pi. dead men'a hant 
Oaaenx, ac, a. bony, osaeona 

Ia graade onrac, atl. the (rtat hear 
La palita oona, mtt tba tttda haw 

Oniwn, am. a aea bedgakag 

Oaraan, aai. a haar'a oab ; yaaag haar 

(karrari. tm. ratal of a padc of baaaia 

Ontarde, tf. a boetard 

• fta kaa always tka aaaad af aifte la KagliA. 

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latardasn, m. ayvaag hatUnl 
util. [•Ao-M] nt. • tool; ImpUimnt 
'iitilU. «. a. fiimUtatd with tool* 
'utillar, va. to faniitli with toolt 
atrage, •■•. outrage; injury; affront 
'utrageaat. *, ». ontraKcous ; abuaiTo 
'utrager, va. outragi, abuM gromlf 
utragcuMiaent, md, oatragcoiulj 
•utrageuz, m, a. outragoou*, abuclTO 
'utraaeo, & eutraiico, k toata outraaec, 
•zeoatiToIy ; to the atatoft 
tttcro, af. laathor bottl* ; bndsat 
-. ad. further; booidn 
-, vr. bcjond ; out of; basidM. or«r and 

- -masura, ad. berond moaaara 
-oatra-BMltU, ad. bayosd tha half 

- -paaaa, ««i. tha act of azceadinf 
— paaaar, va. to azcccd ; to traapaat 
t'Outro-aaar, md. from bajrond the aoaa 
*atTi, a, a. ineaaaad ; reraid ; ostraTajfaat, 

azeaaaliw; oTeiatrainad 

Chaval oatr<, a iadad haraa 
ttttracuidanca, f^ 
>utrcouid4, a, a. i 
tatrtmaal, ad. axoaMli 

tutrer, [w40-frX] m. to orarwork ; orer- 
rida ; to iaoenae ; to run into axtremaa 
tn^art, a, a. opan ; frank ; frra 
tutrartament, «{. opcnljr ; frcalr 
kuvertura, ^, an opanlag ; apenure ; pro- 
poeal; opportunity! oTartuit 
- d'aaprit, ganiut, parta 
tavrablo (Jour), a wofking da7 
^uvraga, «m. work; workmanahip 
tamffi, ; a. wrought ; figured 
tttTrant, a, a. opening, breaking 
A Jour ouTrant, by break of daj 
•uvrar, p. to work ; to labour 
•a^reur, ae, t. a playhouaa box-ka<p«r 
'urrier, a. ». workman; artificar; la- 
bourer; author; makar 
Jour ouTrlar, awerk-dMr 
ChcrOla ouTriira, pole-bolt of a coach 
tuvrir, V, to open ; (lagin ; ipraad 
' — , vr. to diacloae ooa'i mU ; opau 
»UTToir, «ai. a working plaoa 
iraire, fai. ovary ; the aeat of eggt 
ivalo, S. a. tm. oval : an oval 
I ration, rf. oration, tha laaaor kind of 
triumph among tha Romana 
»*a, m. arei. mould roaambling eggs 
Mpaia, i.'m. oriparent 
»Kaii()ue (aaidc), oxalic add 

tzide, l»ka-*d<n «/. exida 

tzide, e, a. eemUaad with oxygon 

diaaolva with 

'Osidar, vr. to ozydiaa 
UToratar, ra. to gargla ; to 

rinagar and water 
»zyg<ne, em. oxygen 
»xyg«na, 9. a. oxygoa. acute tcfangla 
»zymal, «•• m*. osymal 
»zyf«g>^> ^- "'• «r»«f"»** 
tyant, a, a. $. hearer 
tftt. hear; ailnM (aid laapanuira of 

the ««ib ortr) 
)i«ae, *m. eU. fetid uloer in the noM 


Paai. aixteamk letter of the alphabet 
* Pacage, «m. paatore 
~ to paali 

sorry U 

Paeager, vm. to graae, to paalnra 
Pacant, aai. clown ; a sorry Callow 
Pacfi, »m. ma. the mala sail 
Pacha, sm. pacha, a Tuikiah goTaraor 
Pacificateur, ««§. — tor ; paaea-mahar 
Pacification,^. — tioa; peace- makiny 
Paeifiar, wi. to pacify ; to appaaae 
Pacifique, 3. a. paaeeable : pacifia 
Paeiflauement, ad. paaeaably ; quietly 
Paeotille, */. a aeanan'a venture ; badly 

made goods 
Pacta, sm. pact; compact; treaty 
Paction, «/. jm. paetiou ; agreement 
Pactiaar, va. jm. to coraaaat 
Padalin, tm. largo cracibla 
Padott, «m. ferret, aort of riband 
Pagsaisma, tm. paganism, haaihanism 
Pagaye, •/. wta. paddle 
Pagayer, Va. aia. to paddle 
Page, cat. page ; caMn-boy 
—, */. page; side of a leaf 
Paane, tm. a piece of eotton cloth uaad l>y 

t&e negroes 
PagnoU, «. coward ; poltroon ; dastard 
Pognoterie, s/. cowardice ; impertineiiae 
Fagode, «/. pagoda; Indian e<An or temple 
Palen, ue, a. (. pagan ; a heathen 
Paillard, c, a. t. Isacirious : a laohar 
Paillarder, v». to oommlt adultery 
Paillardiie, tf. lewdness ; fortiiaation 
Paillasse, »/. a straw-bed 

a clown ; a paltry buffoon 

jon. «m. a mat [flaw 

Paille. ipOe, 11 IffMidJ •/. straw ; chaff ; 

Feu de paille, sudden Maao 
PailUe, */. a bam-Soor fuU 
Pailler, sm, farm-yard ; stack of straw 
PaiUet, sm. m». mat 

— (Tin), pale wlna 

PailletM, sf. spangle ; gold sand 
Paillenr, eai. a seller of suaw 
Palllenz, se, a. brittle : fiawy 
Paillon, sm. link ; solder 
Paillot, sm. a»a. steward's room 
PaU. CiMijt] sm. brasd ; loaf; Uralihood 

— d'tfplea, gingerbread 

Pair, sm. naer ; mate ; an oqnat 

— , a. equal, alike ; even ; par 

Pairc, qf. a pair ; brace : a coopla 

Pairie, sf. peerage, peerdoni 

Pais, f^. Pays, etc. 

Paisiblo. 3. a. peaoeabU ; sdU; calm 

Paisiblement, ad. quietly ; psaeoably 

— ■ a. bi. grasing 
I. mast, pasture; a tanncr'a 

Pattrc, V. to feed ; to giase ; to eat 

Se — , vr. to feed upon 

Pais, [MS] ^. peace ; quiet, rest, slleneai 

rE ; bfada-baae of mutton, etc. 
am. W. pale 
Falada, 4^. mhi. stroke of oars 
Paladin, im. paladin, knight-errant 

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Palais, []M-i^l aai. pala«* ; eoart «f J«<U- 

CBt«n{ ihaptaata: 

PaUn, *m. m. taeki 
PalaMM,«/. I 

Patan^utr, m 

PalaMu^, Mm. aa«4ait, palaaqniai (■»«.) 

■maU laeUa 
Palaris, tm. a paUtin* 
— , c. a. rtlaOng to tiw paUta 

1, f/. • 

Pale, «/. a dan ; a slaica ; ■< 
Pil*, 'i. «. pal*, wan, aallow 
PalK ^. tha ftat aud of an oar ; row of 

■take* or paks 
Palcrnaier, ««. a f room ; an ootler 
Palofrn. •■•. a palfny i Udy'i horM 
PaUroo. am. ahoahUr-lilaila 
Palaatra, •/. palMtra. wr«atIJag-pl«c« 
Palft. {p»-Oi] ««• a qiuit 
PaUiar, on, w oUr at naoita 
Palotto, ^. ba(. 

printer's slics; poiringai 
PiUar, Mf. palantst ; wanness 
Pallor, fw.luding-plaea; stair-head 
PaUngtnMa, »/. 
Paliaadto, #/. paimone, rocanwa 
PAlir, on. to grow or tarn pale 
Palis* »m. fanos of palos, • pale 

aliaaaAe, */. palia 
tMdfo-row •! ttooi 

PAUaaaat, a. «. that grows pale 
PallisoT, im. to pale up ; to nail up 
Palladiiia. «a>. pallailium 
PalUstif, re, eat. a. —UTe ; anltigating 
Palliation. ^. palliadon ; estannation 
Pallior, «■. to palliats: axtaniir'- 
PaUinm, m. a pnll ; eloali 
Palma Chrbd, •■•. to. palma C 
Palao. a/. I ' 

I, »/. mrek. a 
.«■». oolas-tn 
PatelpMe. 3. a. 

PalenVerO>-l0<i**j •f- • Uo^ of 
PaUnnlor, tm. traca-har of a 
Palot, «M. sUIt olown 
Palourdo, «^ B kind of sea-shell 
Palpable, 1 •. palpnbU; clear; erUaal 

Palpor, on. to fcol: to loach 
Palpitant, o, •. palpitating ; pauting 
Palpitation, «/. palpiiaUon ; throbbing 
Palpiirr, »■. to palpltete, to put 
Palteqnet, mm, a clown ; elowniah tsllow 
Paladlor, eat. aalt-plt man 
Pains, [. filer] •«. marsh ; moor ; fen 
S« Piinar, vr. to swoon : to faint awaf 
Pamphlet, »». a pamphlet 
Pamoiaon, ^. a awoon : fsiatiag fit 
Pampe, ^, eem IsaTS*, 
Pampro, em. vine branoh 
Pampvt, a. «. iatlktd with «la« lotToa 
Pan. eat. iMrpat } flap : fifont 

t, sf. — coa, unlreraal romodf 

im. bunch af ' — *■ ' 

via a flowef 

Se Paaael 

»/. a pon-hoa 

bo atnaked • 

Tartooa coioars 
Panade, »/. panado, fbod Cor eluUi*. 
Se Panader, vr. to go atratii«( alaa< 
Paiiage, eat. pasture mone^ Car hog* 
Panaft, tm. parsnip 
Panaris, cm. whitlow, gmtb«cin« 
PancaUers, ««. p/. a aort of Mbb^ 
Panearte, tf. posttng-hill ; pUcaid 
Paneraee, «ai. gTmnaatie 
Paa«r<aa> <as. pancroaa ; 

Pancriatique, 3. a. oM. (. 

Pandaetas, rf. pi. paadaets «r dIgesM 
Pandomiqne. «■ — mie ; epidoMle 
Paadonr, eai. H n n gn ria a aaiaior 
Pantg^rl^oe, «m. — ne ; no i ni iiMin 
Paujgjrriste, im. a pnaogyrfat 
Paner, m. to do ment ovor with en 

of bread 
Panar<e. ^. a baakat-fall 
Paaeurie, V'< pantry ; nlBem* &evM< 
Panotier, <■•. maater of the pwktrr 
Panetiire, qf. a ahephord'a £rip 
Panie. Panienm, rat. hj. jnnimm 
Pnoieant. *m. sen-holljr: 


I, r. n««*«i (icrrav) | 
4^ shar. plaah ; fat. mm* 
^na. md. om. Ising ta 

an panna, to brlns ta 

, C. no] ra». — nal: yaw; ow. 

falsa p ^ 

Pantelaut. e, a. panting; honvtng 
Panuler, im. to paut ; to pnlpimw 
Paath«on, C. (X-Mfl em. paatlwon 
o — u»_ ,> , pMthw 

, ^. a draw-Bct 
Pantln. •«. pnppot; pnntabanrd ig^t 

Panion , 

Puionfle. V'- » •^VV» 
Pantottfler, »n. tn talk idly 
Paoo, e, a. a peaooek ; • pca-WM 
Paonnean, em. a Tonng y. e«ek 
Papn.r«. papa; £uhor-, dad. 4aMw 
Papal, 0, a. papal 

Papa, r 

Papaaai. C. . #1] am. 

Papalard C. . I»l am. a bypaeriaa 
Papalardiaa. rf. hjrpocriajr j Aank 

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kp«Un«, wf. popibi 

tperan*. •/. old writinft ; wutt pftpi 
tprrmsMr, pn. to be aTtr MflbbUaK 
«l>«raa«Ur, a«. ft eonatftM teribbUr 
«petBrw, if. pftper-mill ; p«p«r-tr*de 
npatier, •, «. paper- mmkcr ; lUlianer 
apier, f. fM-ttj nt. paper ; wriUnga 
' Drotiillftrd, blotilng pftper 

_r J. e*<.pMiUi 

npille, 4f. cM. p«^Uft^ 
npiUon, «M. a butterfly 
apilliwiMr. •». to flatter aboat 

apiUotage, •«•. the puttiiHi hair faito 
paper j twinJiUng of the ctm 
apillota, «M. apanfle ; curling paper 

•. vit. to twinkle ; to daaala 

'apiata, t. «. a Mpiat, Bobi 
■iqtie, [|nw*] tf. the paaeot 
'aqaehot, m. a packet-boat, packet 
'Aqnerettt, «/. Kaater-daiay: 
•kqaea, ««. Eattar, Baator-day 
-, «^. Eaatar davoliona 

- eloaea. Rogation Saaday 

- fleutiaa. Palm Bandar 

'aqoet, eai. packet ; paiecl ; bundle 
*aqaetor, m. to Mud up in parcel* 
-, tMi. aia. to roll up 
*a<{uia, aai. paatura 

*ar, ifWi pr. hji thivagh ; out oft 
forthwith i aheat ; in i o*«r ; l»j per 

- -«i, par-Ik, «<. kara and then 

- -deca, md. thia aide ; on thia aide 
. -dodana, ad. within 

dehor*, md. witkoat 

- -dcl^ md. on the other aide 

- -derriire, e<f . behind ; baebwarda 

- -deaaoaa, pr. under i nndemeatk 

- -deoBua, pr. erer : on ; npon 
— devaat, pr. Iicfora ; forward 

- .devera, ir. by 

- ca baa, dowi 

- haut et par baa, apwarda ani down- 

- -iei, md. tkia way 

- -U, ad. that way; tkeroby 

- la baa, downwarda 

- le haut, npwarda 
-e&t which wayt 

- tout o&, wherever 

- trop, toe miMk 

Parabola, «/.parabU; parabola 
ParaboU<|ue, i. e.^lie, paiabolkal 
ParaboUooeinant, md. paraliolieally 
Paraoentiaa, ^ 
ping fara dropay 

Paraehevar, wi. to finiah entiraly 

n 1 1 r ^ 4re-aiwi] im. para- 

(Anft] «M. parachaie 
Ji* Comforter 

Paradigme, C. . dmml am. 


3 PAR 

Paradia, ««». -nliae ; the appar gallery nt 

a theatre ; (aie.) a w>i dook 
Paradosal, a, a. paradoalcal 
ParadoEa, a. $m. — doxieal | a parade* 
Panfe, Paraphe, aai. a floariali added to 

one'a aignatura 
Parafer, M. to algn with a flouHah 
Parage, eat. latitude i apace of the aea ; 

eairaeuon ; » 
Paragoge, rf.jrr. pa „ . 
Paragogioae, 3. a. paragogical 
Paragrapha. aai. paragraph 
Paragnaiita, */. praaent ; pair of glome 
Paraaonier, *m. glaae- blower 
ParaUpominea, aai. pi. — ataaa, the tw« 

hooka of Chrenieloa 
Parallactiqua, i. a. —tie, parallaetieal 
Parallaza, af. parallax 
PaialiAU, ». a. ^. parallel 
— , aat. parallel, eompariaon 
ParaUAlement, md. in a parallel maaner 
ParaUiUplpMe, eat. aurt. -lopiped 
ParaUAiaaae. m. paralleliam 
ParalKlogTammc, am. paTallalogram 
ParalogianM, «a». paralogiam 
Panlyaar, w«. to paralyae 
Paralyaia, •/. a palay, paralyaia 
Paralytique. 3. «. «. —tie, paralytleal 

printing type ; blaek marble ; modal 
rarangoBner, Pm. to eompare 
Paraaonaaio, af. afltnity between two worda 

of different languagaa 
Parant, e, «. adorning ; trimming 
Parauymphe, am. pahUe cneominm 
Paranympkar, vm. to prniae 
Paraoa, am. aM. a Ckineae ahip 
Parapet, [• . }>Jtl am. parapet; broaatwork 
Paraphamauz (biena), paraphemaUa 
Paraphiaaoaia, aai. ai4. paraphiaaoaia 
Paraphraae, C* • /rA**] a/, paraphraae, 

Paraphraeer, vm. to paraph ra 
Paraphraaie, (m. — phraat, a 
Paraploie, eai. an nmbrella 
ParaaMina, a/. — lene, a moek-nooa 
Paraaite, a. aat. paraaliieal i aponger 
Paraaiti*(n*, a/, craft of a apoager 
Paraaol, am. paraiol, umbralla 
Paratonnenre, aaa. lightning eeadnetor 
ParaTent, am. foldlng-acreea 
Parbouilllr, tm. to parboil 
Pare, [part-i am. a park ; a fUd ; (nn.) 

Parca**, aai. ahaep-Calding 
Paraelle, ^. a parcel, pariicl* 
Paree qne, e. becanae, lor thia raoaon 

ia made ; parehi „ 

Parehaminiar, am. parehment-maker 
Parooarir, iw. to truTel over ; to run over; 

to aurvay ; to read curaorUy 

Pardeoaakle, 3. m. pardonable 
Paidonnar, va. to pardon ; to forgive 
Par^atia, am. a writ in Ckaneery 
Partgoriqne, 8. a. mU. — ric. aaanaeiva 
Parall, to. «. «. Uke ; equal ; a mauk 

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S* ->. vr. 'to adM o'o«-« mU ; bMst of; 

to ward of; to porrj; to ■bua 
Porirc, nt. odTieo, teotimmtf of m«t^ 

chuts upon HMMorclkl «|aMtl«oa 
PanMO. V"- ■>•*<> : idlonoao ; lariaoM 
Paraw*. •». to ko iadakot or kn* 
ParcaaMut. ao. m. «. alotklul, idlo • a lasr 

pcnaa, a alonaid 
ParCabre, vit. to paiCwt, oeaiplate 
Paifiat. C./«0 «»• ptMarit, prtiOTpotfcct 
— • e, a. pnfact, coaaolota 
Pa« f a » a i aa>, md. pniwtljr 
PacCoia. ad. MHMtlmM, now and than 
Parfeadta, m. to aaolt Moally 
Parbarair, ipo. to oompUto 
PaiAiai, [. /an] «m. parfme ; twaftwutf 
Pafftuwr,C./a-aUI] vm. to parfaac; to 

■oast; tmm.) to OMke, to fioaifato 
Paifamoar, m, «. porftunar 
Pari. •«. a wagor, a Wt 
Pariade. ^. a. paMan-tno; knusa 
Parior, IV. to hot; to lay a wa<ar 
ParUtairt. «/. *•. paUitory^ of tko waU 
Pariaor, aat. ana who lajr* a wagar 

••i^' ^■■•■^ (|»r*rtiw-'*f«) 
rariii, tf. paiitjr, coualitj 
PaQora. 1. m. «. poijand ; paijanr 
— , «a». peijary ; falaa oath 
Sa Parjorar. vr. Cnawaar ona'a aolf - 
ParUfa. m. bakbliac, UU talb 
Parleaant, aai. parUaaMut; aaw law 
" • • aacaa). a«ar«al-ahfp 

- —Jar, q»«r-/VJ sm. aMach, diaeoaiaa 
— , Mi. to apaak ; to lallc 
Parlaria, ^. loqoMitrs lalMaff 
Pariaar, ao, «■ a gvaat lallMr 
PaiMr.aai. parlour (ia a wummmtrjf) 
ParaM. ^. a lUtle raaod bnaUar 
Pataaaiaa, aat. Paiiiiaa chcaaa 

Pataii, ftr. aB4Wf , awoagat ; aaOdat 
Pamaaao, aai. Pamaaaaa ; poatry, poata 
Parodia, rf. parody 
Paradior, »a. to paraAr 
Paaadiaia, aa. tho aatfior of a pwady 
Paroi, (^a-rao-««] «f. wall, panltiOM 
Paroir, aat. iarriar'a battroae ; a parar 
Pafviaaa. rf. a parfsk ; |>ariakl«Mn 

A,a,t,.rtd o ^ 

Antra part, aaaMwhaa* ola* 


Panicdariaar. va. to pwtiawla^ 

PartiaaUrii*, «. -rity ; |i ^m 

Parrifla ^. mmwtUU. . -> 

Paititaar. mk. a diTiior 
Partiiif, aa, m. paniti«e 
Partition af. pattitioa ; tnUkmm 
Partovt, C. Am] aid. aavi* wlkaia 
Paiwra, ^. attiaa ; df«. ( -- - im 
Panuaa. pt. pa afa tgi, .hMda 
Parvanlr, «■. laaniaa; laaak; m 

ParHa. £. mi] «k. . ^im 


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'aaquinlier, vn. to lUnder ; lampoon 
'usabla, 3. a. patMble; toUnble 
■aasBhleiaant, ad. puMbly : tolarmhlx 
'Msada, qf. paaiing or going through; 
relief giran to a poor pastengar 
'aaaaM. «m. pauaga ; war ; toll 
- da I'eaa, a ferrj 
'asaager, •, a. pusing, tnuisiant 
-, e, a. s. paaaenser 
»asaag«remeiit, ad. traaaianiljr 
'aasant, »m. a paaaaugar ; % trataller 
^ En^Maut. •(/. eatsorily ; ' 

br the waf 
nU; (M«.) 

• a paaa ; a parol 

>asaa, «/. paaa ; thraat ; ehaiiaal ; orer- 
plaa; wj ; atake (a/ B/av) 

- -ooMoo.m. bodkin 
dlz, «w. game at dice 

- '-droit. Ml. indulganoa ; wrong 

- -flaar, »/. anamony 

partout, *m. a maaUr-kay ; a aaw 

- -paaic, tm. Juggling: legerdemain 

- -piad, «■§. a lort oT Jig 

- -poil, tm. chain-lace, ad^g of a coat 
port, aaf . a paatport 

rage. ^f. dittany, dittander 

- -toaa, sm. paatfme, aport 
velottrt, «M. Ao. amaranth 

- -Tolant, Mt. ma. falac mutter 
Paai<, «m.paat, time paat; things paat 
-, e. a. paat; orar; outof uaa; out of 

faahion; laat 
Paaa^, «/. paasaga vf troopa, etc. 
Pasaement, aai. laca ; trimming 
PMiemaater, va. to lace ; to tnm 
Paseemeatarie, «/. lace -making 
Paaaemeutler, e, t. a. laee-m^er 
Pasier, Ipat-tHj va. to past ; to exeaad ; 

asoel ; aurpaas ; to omit ; to allow, cranl 
— , vn. 10 paaa ; to Taaith ; eaaae ; to fade ; 

to happen ; be raputed 

- de U farine, to aift meal 

- en rcvua, to muaMr, to review 
_ eon auTia, to gratify one's daalre 

ie Paaaar, trr. to fade; to do without, 

diapcaaa with ; to happen 
Paaaereau, «ai aparrow 
Paaaoroae, tf'. hollyhoek 
Paaaeur, tm. a ferrrmaii, wate 
Paasibiliti, ^. — bility ; paaaii 
Paaaibla.a. «. passible; able 
Paasif, Te. a. passive 
Passion, tf. passion ; love ; ardour 
~ isienn^ e, a. passionatsly fond; pre> 

I, waterman 

o suffer 

PasslTsmaat, ad. pasaiv 
- ■ • '.pwjiHtr. 

, J acttUendar, . 

»l, eai. pastel; woad 
Pastfequc, »/. water melon 

thepikerd; pastor; Ttear 
aatlehe, [fot-Utd^) tm. a painting, ooet 
tr Uwnrj work, foU of imitations 

Pastille, «/. pastil ; crayon 
Pastoral, a, a. pastoral ; ntral 
Pastorale, tf. a pastoral poem 
Pasloralamcrnt, ad. like a good pastor 
Pastoureau, sm. swain, little shepherd 
Pastonrelle, tf. a lass, shepherdess 
Pat, [pare] snt. stale-mate (at eikte) 
P4t, roftl tm. food \.ln /aleonry) 
Patacne, sf. advice-boat; armed (snder; 

a Iciud of carriage 
Patagon, sm. —conn, a Spanish eela 
Pataraffe, tf. a scrawl, a dash 
Pataras, tm. pi. ma. preventer shrouds 
Patarasse, ^. ma. horsing iron 
Patard, [. laf, a penny ; a straw 
Patata, «/. a potato 
Pataud, «as. a thick-footed yonng ear 
— , e, t. great plump boy or cirl 
Patauger, vn. to walk iu muady water 
Pile, s/. paste, dough ; eonstltuiioa 
PAt^i tm. a pie; pastry; blot 
Pftt4e, tf. paste, a fnod for poultry 
Patelin, ssi, a crafty fellow, sharper ' 
Patelinage, sm. wheedling ; crafunesa 
Pateliner, va. to wheedle; coax; gull 
Patelineur, se, «. eoazer ; crafty person 
Patine, [foliw] tf. a patin, cover of « 

Patenfttrc, if. chaplet ; a prayer 
PatenAtrerie, tf. bead-trade 
PatanAtrier, «m. bead-maker or seller 
Patent, e, a. patent 
Patenta, tf. a patent ; a license 
Pater, em. the Lord's Praver 
Piter, va, to paste the heel of a shoe 
Patire, tf. a cup used in sacrifiesv 

curtain knob 
Paternal, la, a. fatherly ; paternal 
Patemellement, ad. paternally 
Paternite, tf. paternity, fatherhood 
Pater noater, tm. the Lord's Pra^ 

PAteux, se, «. clammy, sticking, gluist 
Path«tiqtte^ Z.t&-Uetj 9. a. tm. — 

PathMqoement, ad, pathetioally 
Pathttisme, tm. patheticalr — 

Path' — ^1-..- - —4 

P»«>« . - , 

Pathologiqiie, 9 a. pathologic 

Pathos, ipa-toct] tm. pathos, passion 

Patihulaire (mine), a gallows look 

Patiemment, ad. patiently 

Pftience, ^. patience ; forbearance 

Patient, [. «M-aii] tm. a patient, a mals- 

ftetor who Buffers deatn 

Patienier, t;». to have patience 
Patin, •*•. skate ; clog ; patten 
Patiurr, vn. to skate 
— , va. to fumble ; handle roughly 
Patineur, tm. skater; fumhler; pawer 
Pitir, vn. to suffer ; to be distressed 
Pfttis, [pa-ttt] tm. pasture ; pasture- groond 
Pfttisser, VI*. to make pastry- work 
Pttissarie, tf. pastry-work or trade 
Pfttlssler, e, «. pastry-eook 
Patiaaae, tf. Chinese silk stuff 
Patois, [. too'»a] tm. country spcsch; 

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Pitm, M. tM-piM« : ffttUDini ball 
Pttraqua, a/, old ttaff, drug; auy thing 

worn out or badlj modo 
Pttn, •■. • licrdamftu, iKcpherd 
Patriarc»l, a, a. patrimrehal 
Patriareat, «ai. — ehata, patiiarcltiliip 
Patriarcha, tm. a patriarch 
Patrica, $m. patrician, a Roman lord 
Patridat, «a». patrlciata 
Patrician, na, •. i. patrician ; a nobit 
Patrte, if. oua'a natira eoontrjr 
Patrimofua, »m. — moiijr, inheiitanea 
Patrimonial, a, a. patrimonial 
Patriote, na. a patriot 
Pktriotiqua, 1. a. patriotic 
P*triotiame, m. palriotiam 
P*tron, ««i. patron; defcndar; pattern 

(a»a.) maatcr of a marchant-abip 

— de ehaloupe, *m. eoziwain 
Patroelnar, irat. to argue at langth 
Patronage, am. patiunaga, adrowaon 
Patrenal, a, «. pairooal 
Patronymlqua, 2. a. paironjrmie 
Patrouna, if. patronaai, protectr«» 
Patroanar, vn. to pattern 
Patrooillaga, tmi. puddling ; paddle 
Patrottille, ^f. patrol 

Faire U patroaille, to patrol 
Patroaillar, v». to ptiddle ; to paddle 
— , PS. to fumble ; to paw 
Patrouillia, tm. puddle; a muddj place 
Patu, IfUl rf. a pawi foot; flap 

rain, a, a. hypoeritloal 

Patta* d'une ancre, mm. flukes 

— de beullne, ma. bowUne bridle 

— d'ilin«ue«, aui. ean-booka 

— de voilea, mt*. tabling of tbe aaila M 
the edgaa or boltTopea 


,-, -^1. paatnre- - 

Piture, ^f. prorendcr ; 
P&tareaa, aai. a green or cmnoiaB 
Pfttarcr, vm. to feed upon graaa 
Ptlureur, tm. wM. one that leads beraca 

to grasi 
PaturoB, tm. paatem of a hone 
Paaletie, qf. a kind of tax 
Paulettci, m. to paj the paulet tas 
Panmc, Ipo-wtgyMf. palm of the hand ; ihe 

hand : fires : Unnis 
Paumclle, •/. list; sort of barley ; (aui.) 

aail-maker'a palm 
Pamaer, vm. to giro « slap or blew 
Paumicr. [f»-m«-»] m. tennia-wwt 

Pa u morer, ra. to handle roughly 

— le eible, M4. to undernin the cable 
PauplAi*. •/. ejre-lid ; eye-laahes 
Panae, [^-s«] panss; stop; rest; ataad 
Paasar, ««. to panse ; to * top 
PauTra, 3. a. «. poor ; mean ; a beggar 
Paurremeiit, oif . poorlf ; beggarljr 
PanTret, ts, t. poor little creature 
Paavreti, »/. poverty ; silly thing 
FaToge, em. parin* ; pavement 
Pavame, tm. the seeaafraa tree 
PsTane, «/. a paTan, kind of dance 

Sa Pavaaor, vr. to strut ; to flaunt 

168 PBD 

Strs sor le paT<, to be o«t of ««Hr 

PaTor, ««. to pare 
Paveaade, «/. nettiiig-aalla 
PaTour, Jm. a parer, pavlar 
Pavie, m. neetaiiae-tiee ; a 
Pariers, fai. pi, aM. nettingu 
PaTillen, tm. paraion ; tent-bed ; Cm« 1 
flag; standard ; colours 

— da heaupr<, ma. jack 

— de poupe, wtm. ensign Ce l wa h a 
Pavois, tm. a great shield ; (m«.} w«te- 
•— de huae, ma. top armour 

Pavoiser on Taisaean, to dreae a aUp 
Parot, C]M-«e] *m. a poppy 
Payable, 3. m. payable, to be paid 
Payaat, a, e. t. paying ; a payvr 
Paye, #/. pay ; payment; paymaaiM- 
Payement, tm. payment, retravd 
Payer, v. to pay ; to eoatribata 
Payaur, se, «. a payer, paymaatw 
Pays, tm. a country ; rtgiea ; ***-*-tT 
Paysage, sai. landscape 
P<iysa^8le, m. landscape painter 

Paysaa. ne, t. peasant, Iljm— ar 

eountrywemaa ; down 
Pfage. ea*. toll: turnpike; tall mswsj 
P<ager, eat. toli-gatherer W toll k e ep er 
Peau. Qw] *f. skfa ; hide ; rind ; p^ 
Peausserie, »/. skinner's trad* er wmt* 

Peaussier, «». a skinner ; '-" an 

Pcantraille, if. the Tilest of tke raM^ 
Pee tftti (hareng). pickled hming 
Peccable, 'i. m. peccable ; apt to afn 
PeeeadiUa, tf. peccwllllo. a vanW tfn 
PeeeaW, tm. rencotance, eoatrttien 

VMU, tm. a sia; traasgvsaalan 
P<eher, va. to sin ; trespaai ; eOsnd 
PAcher. M. to flsh ; to flah out 
— , tm. peach-tree 
P«cherie, ^f. «shery 
Ptchenr, eat a flahenaan. angWr 
Prehear, Ptehenaae. «. a staner 
P<eoro, t/. a stnpld ereataro 

Pvcnlat. em. neealatioa ; iiiibsilian 
P«cul., em. etoek ; aubstanea 
P4eune, ^f. money, ready msmey 
Pfeuniaira, 9. «. pecuniarv 
Pteunieua. sa, a. moneyed ; svnaltky 
PMagogie. •/. taaehlag of eUUsnn 

Pedagogue, em. 

PMiJe. ./. pedi_, 

P«dan«e (i^gr), a petty Judge 

low key of sinani 

- ^-. .. a petty Judge srlia kna aa 
formal aeat of trial 

PMant, e. a. «. pedantle ; __ 

PManter, ins. to he a sokaat*MdsMt 
PMaamrle, af. pwientry 
PMaaieeque, 3. a. —He, pedamtieal 
PUanteequemeot, md. piifaailaalij 
PManiiser. v«. U be pidantia 

PMaatcu, 9. a. padeetitan 

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•MieuUiTC. 3. •. •MdiealiT, k 
'edieule. m. ■talk ; padicl* 
•Mr- — 

I PeDcher, «. to b«nd, 

»d, to bow 

'irodiirt, »/. ft houM for melting pitch 
'eii{n«, rai. comb; card; Kateh«l ; brake 
'eign«r, mi. to comb ; to card 
e — , vr. to comb one'i haad 
'eiffneur, tm. a cardar ; a comb«r 
'eigiiier, •m. comb-maker 
'eigiioir, IpaigH-oe-umr'i tm. combing eloth 
'eisnnrea, •/. pi. hair oombed ofF 
'eindre, ra. to draw; paint; pourtiaf ; 

dclintate ; deicribe ; write 
« ^, vr. to be repreiented 
'eiue, •/. pain ; penaltjr ; troulila 

A peine, tui. hardly ; leitrceljr 
'einer, v. to pain ; trouble ; to labour 
ie — , vr. to take great palne 
'eiaeuae (aemaine), a week of fsdgua 
'eintre, tm. a painter, limner 
'einture, f/. painting ; picture ; eolvnra 
'einturi, e, a. painted with one colour 
'eincnreor, <ai. dauber 
'elntnrlurer, v. to daub 
'elade, rf. falling of the hair or wool 
'clage, tm. eolour of animals' hair 
>elain, tm. ChineM eatia 

lard (boil), wood str' 

1«, e, t. one who ii I 
>#le-m<le, ad. confuiedlj 
'aler. «>«. to make bald ; to peel, strip 
*<lerin, e, «. pilgrim ; cunning person 
*eleTiaagc, «m. pilgrimage 
'^lerine, ^. a teallop-ihell 
Pelican, tm. a peliean; (aia.) iron-dog 
'clisie, «/. a farred robe or cloak 
Pelle, ^/; a shovel 
- d'aTiron, ma. Uade of an ew 
PellJe. Pellerte, tf. skoTel-fuU 
Pelleterie, •/. skinner's or furrier's trmde ) 

■kins ; furs 
Pelletier, e, j. forrier, skinner 
Pcllieule, «/. apelUclc; cuticle 
Prlltsson, tm. furred coat 
pelow, ^. pincushion! elcw, bottom of 

thread; ball, peUot; star in a horse's 

Peloter, va. to bang, to cuff, to toss i to 

throw snow-bftlls 

. clew of thread ; small pin- 
now-bnll, duster of people 
Pelotenner, va, to run into heape; to 

duster ; to wind thread 
Pelouse, [. Zoom] tf. a down ; greon sward 
Pelu, e, «. hairy 
Peluehe, »/. shag ; rug ; tuft 
Pelucher. nt. to become shaggy 
Pelure, tf. paring ; peel 
P^nsille, <gr; aaiemblr of monks 
P^niullon, tm. a tag; Urn 

monk, a friar 
P<nd. e, «. pen . 
P«ndit«. rf. penalty 
P^natd, Cp»-ii«rj «■• a 
Pjoatei (dieux), «m. pi. 
Peoand, e, a. dbasbed. 
Penchant, em. doeUvitv ; bria 

penalty; incUafttisn ; dfcUiM 

old fusty 

Se — , vr. to stoop; to lean; loll 

Des airs pcaeh«s, lolling 
Pendable, 3. a. that deserres handng 
Pendaison, if. hanging oo the gallows 
Pendant, pr. dnring, in the time of 
— que, o. whUit, while 
— . tm pendant, ear-ring ; ship's pendant ; 
hanger of a belt ; a match or companion 
{said of^eturtt) 
Pendard, c, t. a yillain ; jade, hnisy 
Pendeloqoe, «f. an ear-bob ; hanging crys- 
tals ; hanging rags 
Pendentif, *m. arch, a vault 
Penderie, tf, hanging ; the gallows 
Pendeur, (ih. Ma. pendant 
Pendiller, vm. to dangle, to swing 
Pendoir, tm. cord to hang bacon on 
Pendre, v. to hang : to hang up 
Pendule, «/. a clock 

Pmdoiier, ea-Vdook -maker 
Pfaie Ipuhi] tm. bolt of a lock 
P<a<tTabilit(, •/. — llty, pcrriouMiess 
P<n<tr«ble, 3. a. penetrable 
Penetrant, e, •. penetrating ; segadous 
Pfaitratif, TO, a. penetratiTc, piercing 
Pinttratioa, ^. penetration ; aagaoity 
P<n<trer, r. to penetrate; go, pierce, or 

soak through ; understand ; to scareh 

er dive into ; to affect, to move 
P<nlble, 3. <t. 'laborious : hard ; painful 
P<uiblement, ad. painfully 
P«nil, l»lk-nih tm. the groia 
Pfaiasule, tf. peninsula 
Penitence, •/. repentsnce ; penance 
P^niieneerie, •/. the penitentiary court st 

Pfoitender, eai. — tlary 
Pfoiteut, e, a. t. repentant ; a penitent 
Penitential, eai. penance book 
Peunnde, tf. kick 

Pcnnagc, tm. the feather of a hawk 
Penne, ^. beam-feather of a hawk , (at«.) 

the peak of a lateen yard 
P<ooaibre, tf. att. penumbra 
Penont tm. ma. dog-vane 
Peniaut, e, a. thinking ; reflecting 
Pens^e, •/. thought; thinking; rare; 

opinion; sketch ;1iind of violet 
Penser, v. to think; imagine; reflect; 

conaider; believe, suppose 
— , eat. thought ; mode of thinking 
Penseur, tm. a thinking man 
Pensif, ve, e. pensive ; thoughtful 
Pension, ^. board; boarding house er 

school ; pension, annuity 
PcDsionnarre, s. boarder ; pensioner 
Pensioiiaer, va. to give a pension 
Pensum, eai. a i»sk, imposition 
Pentaeofde, gm. pentachord 
Penlaglotte, 3. a. in five langmagc* 
Pentagone, 3. e. tm. — gonal ; pentagon 
Paatamitre, a. tm. pentameter 
Pentateuquo, em. pentateueh, i. o. the 

five books of Moses 
Pent*, */. decUdty; pronaasast valance 

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Ptnu de Mat*. •>«. iid«a of an mirainc 
PtntMdtf . 4/". Fanteooat. WMuttn4«y 

PwtliUra. C. U-airti »/. m Urf* liUid-«M ^— 

Panture, am. Itiwwork of • door, ate. I Piildot, tm dot* 

P<uultiima, 3. a. »m. paaultiots; laat bat **' ' ' 

-, umati»aahip 

Pepie, •/. pip (dl*t*M ofilrdt) ; tkint 
Pipiar. a«. to pip or chirp lot spamM) 
Pt'-ptu, a»t. kernel ; itona ; srain 
P^ptuiira, •/. nuraary ; acad-plot 
PipiaUriaU, *m. nuraorf-ffMOMiar 
Farcalla, ^. rambrlo aauafla 
Por^ant, t, a. pierciog ; akarp ; aeuM ; 
boring ; akiiU ; quiek, aparkling 
Etre en perce, to be broacbad 
Parce-foret, (m. a graat hnnlar 

lettic. aai. a aort of bodkin 

neica, i/. Bbow-drap ; eroena 

— -oraiUa, tm. aarwin 

pianrr, ^. poraler-part 

Poreaptour, em. raoaiTar of taxaa 
PaioaptibU, 3 a. — bla ; peroaivabia 
Peiccpiioa, «/. peieaption ; laeelpt 
Pareor, r«. to piaiaa ; to bora ; w pena- 

. .- .. i.__-i_ iljpQugl, 

who boraa 

Perceroir, ««. ja. to gathor; to pareaiTa 
Perehe, [fanAj ^. a parch { pola, rod 
Parchar, v» to parch ; to rooat 
Pcrehia, aaa. aaeloaura ; fenoa 
Percholr, «■». perching atlck or roott 
Pardua, a, a. who kaa laat the ua« of Ua 

Per^oir, lai. a pirrcar 
Por^o, a, «. raoeivad ; gatharad 
Parenaaion, ^f. pereuaalon ; aiioha 
PatdaUa. S. a. that ouy be loat 
Pardant, [. doM] tm. ma. abb 
— , a, a. laoar, ona who laaea 
Perdition, rf. paiditioa ; daatnietian 
Pardia, mi. to laaa i ruin ; cortttpt 
Sa — , vr. to loaa ona'a aalf 
Pardraan, «ai. yoaag partridge 
PardrigOB, awk. a aort of plum 
Pardrix, [. <fr«] ^/. a partridge 
Perdu, a, a. loat ; bewildered ; ondena 
Perdurable, 3. a, laating, permaaeot 
P^. Cp«rf} «ai. &thar ; parent, ancaator 
— nonrridar, Caatar- father 
Pir<grlnati«n, »/. parogrinatioB 
P<r<giinar, a«. to traral, paragrinata 
PCranptlon, rf. aaiMuidng 
P<ramptoir«, 3. «. — tory ; deflnidra 
PtienploirenMat, ad. percmptoriljr 
P^rannial, e, «. perennial, parpetnal 
Perfeetibiiiti, tf. parfeeabiUtT 
ParCactibla. 3. a. — ible, inprovahia 
Perfeetioo, «/. — lioa ; aceompUahiaeiit 
Perttctioonaaaent, m. improvement 
Pericctionaar, va. to perfect ; to tniah 
8a — , wr. to Improre ; make progreat 
ParCda, 3. «. «. perA&loue : troachcroui 
Parfidantant, ad. pcrfidioualjr ; baaaly 
Parfidia. «/. perfidy ; falaahood 
PaifocatioD, tf. petiiBratiaa 
Perforar, vm. to bora s to pierce 
Pffiaatda, am. pericardium 

P4fl«<a, tm. €ut. porigoa, peri««m 
PMtAia, tm. ••(. petiKoI^^^ 
PMU Ipi-Htltm. danger ; pMB; iaa 

FtrllleuMaicni, md. porilaualr 
P^riUaas, M, a. pe&ooe ; f niiuii 
FiiiBBer, on. to bo nonauited 
PMmttM, tm. —tar ; oircuanlBraBM 
PMnac, am. cM. jporiaaum 
P<riodc, am. j^lch ; wmmit 
— , tf. period ; revolntioii ; ret«n 
PModlquo. 3. «. — dical : i«ctui«M 
Piriodiqnaaaent. «<._pariadicaUy 
PJriAciana, am. •/. Ferioael 
P<rioeta, tm. partoattum 
PMpalitieiao, a. a. portpntatia 
PCripatMame, tm. Ariatotlc'a r^**— Tf*T 


PMphraaa, rf. — aia, dreiua 
PMphraaar, vm. to perlphn 
PMpla. tm. eoaatiag naTif- 
PMptwttmoaic, »/. — aU, a 

of thaluaga 
PMr. an. to parUh ; to 4U ; t* d 

PMaaabla, 1. m. perishable : tt^\ 
P«riataltiqaa. 3. a. mU. pw<a«iide 
P^rlatjrle, am. artk. peri8t|te 
PMtoIne, tm. peritoaanaa 
Porlo, tf. a pearl ; a rarttv 
PorM. e. a. pearled, briuihnt; pmmlr 
Perlwaa, V.^- eurlinga {a a Airn^ 
ftntttttaat, ^f. — tienejr ; dnrmiiaK 
Parmanont, a, a. pcmaaent. tartiig 
Porai«aUlii<, tf. peraaeabimx 
PenUable, 3. a. peraa ea hle 
Peraettra, we. to peiiah; o«flfar, lei, 

allow i to tolerate ; to caainlwe H 
Penaia, a - -•— ^ • - - 

P«nMU(, m'.'fte dan-bone 
P«roaaena, a/, an ' 

1, C- • re'-aoN] mf. pafaaaaian 

P^rorar, vm. to haraaguat i^Bapiaeleaa 
Parpandianlam, 8. «i.«. nainiailii elaa 
Perpandienlaimaant, md. .-4aflv 
Pa i pa n dicularitj, ^. patpeirfliiJiky 
Perpendicule. am. a pimntmct 
FerpAtrar, va. to parpetrMe, 
Pcrpitraa, tf. pi. ttmtm— 
Perptttiadmi, if. -tloa . 
Parp4tnal. la, a. parpatual, 

', vr. to lie 

rcrp^a^ tf. 

A perpotailf I 

Parplasa, 8. «. 

PerpleaUi. ^f. 

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PerquiiUi«n, tf. —on 
Perrau, m. caMroo 
Perriire, f/. a itouc quurj 
Perriquc, «/. > iranll (mrrot 
Perrou, «in, itepi befor* a houic 
Perroquet, (.■ ■ '&] «' 

— , wia. top-gallant n 

— da fouguc, ma. mlzsen-top-lail 

Perrueha, [. r««Ae] ^. a paroquet ; (m 

Perruqua, j/'. a wi| ; periwig ; parulca 
Parmqulr, •■■. wig-makat 

Perie, tf. Penian eaUoo ; ehintt 
Per«<cutant, e, a. periMuting ; ieaaiag 
Pcrs^euter, va. to parieeuta ; to taaaa 
Pera^eutaBT, trice, «. peraccutor 
Pcra^catloo, «/. peneeutioa ; troabla 
Per«4T<ranea, if. — aucc ; constancy 
PerajT^rant, e, «. «. — ing ; raaoluta 
Pera4Wrar, va. to |i«neTere ; to paniat 
Paraieaiia, tf. bo. paralearia [liquor 

Peraioot, [. M-eol tm. kind of fplritooua 
Peraieone, tf. Vaoatian window-bliad 
Peraiflaite, na. a biting icat; Jeering 
Peraifler, M. to deride. Jeer ; ridicule 
Periiflear, tm. a banterer, Jearar 
Persil, [ptr-ttt^ tm. paraler 
PeralUada, •/. alicea of boiled bc«f with 

vinegar and paialej 
PorsilM (fromage), tm. green cheate 
Peraiqiie, tf. large peaen 
~, tm. Peraie, or<Ierin areUteeture 
Persister, vm. to pertiit ; continue firm 
ParaoBuage, tm. — lonage ; aotor'f part 
Persoanausar, va. to abuse; *^ ' 

I Parrarsitf , rf. — aitjr ; wiekcdnaea 
Perrenrtir, «a. ta pei »e i t ; sednca 

! Pesaminent, aif. heavily ; rluiaaUy 

I Pesant. (ot-tipt] tm. weight 

, — , e, a. haavT ; dull ; burthen 
"esanteur, •/. weight; keavi 
neaa; stupidltj; bulk [oL„ 

' Pes^a, if. weighing ; all that is weigVad M 

' Pise-liquanr, lat. areonetcr 
} Peaer, va. to weigh ; poiaa; to ponder 
Peseur, int. a weigher, one who weighs 
Peaon, [pe-aoN] tm. a steeljard 
Peasaire, tm. ai4. peasarjr 
Pcsiard, tm. a tale-uUing soh«ollMf 

PersoiinaliUi, tf. personality 
Perionnat, sat. sort of church benefice 
Personne, Cparc-MMu] if. a person, man 
or woman ; person, exterior appearance 
— , im. nobody, any one 
Perionnel. )e, a. peraonal 
Personnellement. ad. peraonally 
PcrsonnlSer, va. to personify 
Perspeetif, a. optical, pArspective 
Perspective, ^f. perspective ; view 
Perspicacity, if. perspicacity ; sagaeitj 
Perspicuity, if. perspicuity; deameaa 
Perspiration, rf. — tion ; sweatlD^ 
I'ersuadant, e, a. — ing, persuasiva 
Persuader, va. to persuade, induce 
ie — , vr. to fstncy, to imagine 
PersuBsible, 3, «, persuasible 
Pcrsuaaif, ve, a, — slve, persuasory 
Perauaaion, if. persuasion; opinion 
Perta, rf. loss ; damage ; ruin 

A parte, ad. with loas; 

Pertinemmant, ad. pertinently 
Prrtinent, e, a. pertinent, oppoaitt 
Pertuis, «as. dam, defile, strait 
Pcrtuiaane. tf. partiaan, kind of pike 
Pertuiaanier, «ai. partisan-bearer 
Perturbateur, trice, t. —tor ; disturber 

_, _. parrarse; wicked 

i'ervaraion, rf. — iion ; corruption 

Peste, tf. pest ; plague ; bane 
Pester, vn. to no! at; to tell tt . 
Pestiftre, X a. — ferous, contagious 
Pestif<<r<, e. a. i. infooted with or that 

baa got the placue 
Psatilanea, tf. peetilencY, eoataglaii 
Peatnent. a, a. pestilent, paatUerana 
Pestilential, Ie, a. pestilential 
Psatilentieux, se, a. pestilential 
PJtale, if. petal 
P<tarade. if. a noise made with themoutK 

in contempt of one 
Pturaase, •/. a kind of hatchet 
P<Urd, C. tar] tm. petard ; cracker 
P£tardcr, va. blow up with a pettrd 
P<tardier, eai. a patardier 
P^taud (la eour du roi), bear-gaidoa 
Petaudiira, tf. a bcar-gardau ; ' 

noiay company 
P<t4«Mal, e, pelacMal 
P<t4ehies, if. pi. vU. peUehial spots 
Peter, [p9-lik] vm. to crackle; bounce ; to 

make a report (m a f mm] 
P<teur, tm. larter 
Pttillaat, e, e. crackling ; aparkliBg 
P4til1cmcnt, tm. erackling; sparkling 
P4tlUer, vn. to crackle : sparkle 
Petit, e, a. little ; amall ; petty ; short 

— -fits, tm. grandsea 

— -lait. tm. whey 

— -nevou, tm. grand- nephew 

— -pied, eai. a bone in a hoiae's hoof 
Petite-fiUe, if. grand -daughter 

— -uiicc, rf. grand-niece 

— -v^i-ole, rf. small-pox 
Petitcmant, ad. little; m 

Petl tease, rf. littlaucss; meanness 
Petition, rf. petition ; demand 
P4titoire, m. ju. demand 
Peton, tm. a pretty little foot 
P^oncla, rf. a cockle ; eocklo-shell 
P4trewi, tm. sprig ; wild stock ; sdon 
Pitrta, a. f. petrea, atony 
PJtreuz, ae, «. rockv ; stony ; gravelly 
Petrifieation, if. —taction ; petrifying 
P^trifier, va. to petrify 
P^trin, eai. kneadlng-troofh 

P«trolo, «A peuol, a Hquid Utoatan 
P<tulamment, ad. petulantly 
Petulance, rf. —lance ; pctulaney 
Petulant, a, a, — Unt ; sauey ; froirard 
Petun, «M. tobacco 

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P4«, ad. *m. litti*. bat litde i <«w ; a 

— k pau, ad. bj defreai 

— aouvent, ad. uldom ; not ohm 

— - a'an faut que. ther* wants but Uttl* of 
it ; but little it wantia^ 


, va. to people; stock with in- 

habiiaiits ; propagate ; multiply 
Peuplier, «n. poplar; poplar-tree 
Fear, «/. lear i dresd ; f right i diimax 
De peur de, for iisar of 
De pear que. leat ; for (ear that 
Peureuz, ae, a- fearful i timorous 
Peut-«tra, ad. perhaps ; perchanco 
Phaiton, »m. phaeton 
Phalange, ^f. phalasz ; a sort of spider ; 

the bones of the hand and toot 
Phalaagite, «m. phalangarian, soldier be- 

loaipng to the phalanx 
PhaUnc, C/a-^m] «m. a kind of butterfljr 
Pharaon, am Hharaoh ; a game at cards 
Phare, l/nr-re] tm. ma. a lighthouse 
PharisaTqua, '2. a. pharitaioal 
— , na. phatisaism ; hypocrisy 
Pharisien, «n. a pharuee 
Pkuniuwutique, 2. a. pharmaoeutio 

ie, •/. — cy ; apothecary's shop 
ien, MS. apothecary 
Pharmacologic, «/. pharmacology 
Pharroacop^e, if. — peia, dispensatory 
Phamacopole, im. — politt, chemist 
Pharynx, #■«. cM. pharynx 
Phase, C/a-M] tf. phasis, aspect 
Phas<ole, «/. phaseolus, a kind of bean 
Ph^lius* *■*• Apollo ; the sun ; bombast 
PlUaix. *ai. phcsnix, a fabulous bird 
Ph£nom^ne. «ai. — meaon ; (pi.) — nr- 
Philanthrope, «ai. philanthropist 
Philanthropie, i/. — py; humanity 
Philanthropique, ). a. philanthropie 

Phlegme, *m. phlegm 
Phlegmoneux, se, a. phlegmonous 
Pklogistiqae, «■» ton ; primitire fire 

PMogoae, ^. mU. pUogoais ; heat 
Phosphors, as*, phosphorus 
Phosphorique, 3. a. phosphoric 
Phrase, (/r(l-s<] »/. phrase ; exprMai« 
Phraaeur, — sier, tm. affected speaker 
Phthisis, l/l*-»tfi */. phthisic, 

Phthisiaue, 3. a. — cal ; couaunaptlTe 
PhylacUre, «m. phylactery 
Physician, tm. a natural phfloaophar 
Phyaiologie, »/. physiology 
Physiologique, 3. a. physiological 
Physiologiste, «w. —gist, phyaiologcr 
Physionomie, ^. physiognomy ; aspect 
Physionomisu, sat. physiognomist 
Physique, [fe-teett] »m. the natural con 

g»it.»ton nf . .nan • ann^aranos • look 

Pie. . . 

(aM.) gaff, a sort of Tard 
A pic, perpendicularly 
Pica. <m. a depravation of ap 
Picholine, •/. small kind of o 
Picor^e, «/. plundering 

wood-padrar ; peak ; 

1 (ia Zaoe) ; 

Piooterie, */. bickering ; teasiag 
Pieotin, am. a peck (M aucuar* o«/«) 
Pie, [p<«] «/. magpie; pied horse; a 

broiled Uade-bone of mutton 
— , 2. a. piebald ; pious ; charitable 
griiche, ^f. a speckled magpie ; a 

shrew [macher ; a writing 

Pitca, af. a piece; bit, fragment; sto- 
Piices de quartier, */. pi. ma. harpings 

— ^ I'eau, ma. water-casks Ition 
Pied, [pt-Hl «■*• foot; set, plant; eoadi- 
plat, *». a wretch, a scrub 

— de I'etambord, ma. heel 

— droit, «as. arch, pier ; door-poat 
— , aia. Btanchion 


pled sec, with dry feet 

I pled en cap, eap-a-pea ; from top ti 

toe ; from head to fi 

De plain fMi, on the 

Uoher le pied, to giT« 

Sur le pied, at the rat< 

PMdestal.aa*. a pedestal , 

PiMouehe. «m. litUe pedeattl 

Pl*g«. Cp«-«;fl »ai. a r= 

PlarraiUe, f/. a heap « 
Pierro, rf. stone 

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Piem -pone*, «/. painiec-atoiie 
Fienee, ^f. waier-coune, drain 
PterreriM. »/. J>/. pr«:iout »tone« 
PiarraUe, V- ^'*>^ itone ; a mkrble 
Pierrcox, ■«, a. stonjr ; gravelly 
narriar, *»». iwiTel onn 
Pi^A. air. Tiiatv . codlinea* 

Pilastr*. ««. arrt. plIMWr 

Ptlaa, «Ht. pillaw,boUad or atairad rice 

Pila, •/. a pUa ; a heap ; pier 

PUar, va. to pound, to bruise, to bray 

Piletta, •/•aaortofpeaUe 

Pilier, urn. a pillar, a poet; Vuttreee 

Piliers dea Uttei, wul. bit-heada 

Pillan, am. pillage, plunder; booty 

PUlard, *,a.t. thUTuh ; a pUferer 

Pilier, va. to plunder, steal, pUiagCi to 

pirate ; to aet a dog at one 
Pillerie, «/. robbery ; extortion 
PUleur, aw. plunderer; plagiary 
Pilon, aM. pestle ; dmm-stieli of a fowl 
Pilori, am. tke pillory 
PUorier, ra. to aat in the pillory 
PUotage, aM. pilotage ; pile-work 
PiloM, aat. a pilot, a steersman 
Pilotar, V. to drive in nilea ; strengthen 

with i»les; to pUot a shij- 

m: topUot a ship 
*-h>-u*-\ »m. a pile ; stake 

Pimbicbe, a/, affected, iHly woman 
Piment, (jj«-»a«] allspca; pimento; 

Pi^5S^ e, ..flaunting; gaudy; spruce 

Pimprenelle, ^. bo. burnet, punpemel 

Pin, Mm. pine, the pine- tree 

Pinaele, aa». a planacla 

Pinasse, */. ma. a pinnace 

Pinastre, am. wild pine-tree 

Pioca. a/, pincers, nippers ; crow, hand- 
spike, lever ; toe of a hotae's foot 

maiUe. a/, pinch-penny 

Pinc<, •. a. affected 

Piaces,}*/. horse's gatherers or fore teeth 
lobster's daws .. » ^ 

Pinceau, ipatn-toj m- peneU ; brush 

Pine<e, »/. a "pinch 

Pincelier, t». a painter's bmsh-boz 

Pincement, am. a pinching 

Pincer, ra. to pinch ; nip ; to ridicoM 

— le vent, ma. to haul the wind 

Pincette, ^ twsrMTS 


c , 

Piiiqen, «M. the mark of a pinch on the 

skin ; the toe of a horse-shoe 
Pineure, 4/. crease 
Pindarique, 3. a. Pindaric 
Pindarisar, va. to apeak affecttdly 

Pindariseur, «m. an altecwd speali 
Pin^ala (gUnde), pineal gland 
Piu<e. a/7 a sort of dried cod 

Fiiinas OK Ananas, am. pine-apple 
Pinnule, «/. pinnule, sight of au optiea) 

Pinqtre, ^f. ma. a iiink 

Pinsback, am. pinenbeok 

Pinaou, am. eltaffineh 

Pinaonnec, tf. night -fowling 

Piutade, tf. pintad«, a kind of hen; 

mother of pearl ; a serpent 
Pinte, a/, a pottle (m««iir« t^four R^iitk 

Ptutar, vn. to tipple, to gaasle 
Piutereao, am. a dauber 
Plochage, am. digging of ground 
Pioehe, a/, mattock ; piek-aze 
Piucher, va. to dig with a mattock 
Piochou, am. a amall twibill 
Piuli, a, a. apaekled ; epottad 
Pioler, VM. to ^p ; chirp (oi oMcibaa) 
Pion, tm. a pawn (at cAaaa) ; a man (at 

Pioni^er, am. a pioneer 
Piot (p<o), im. wine Urn Jul) 
Pipage, am. duty on eaen pipe of wine 
Pipe. tf. a pipe ; tobacco-pipe ; a butt 
Pipeatt, [pe-jw] am. a pipe ; bird-call 
Pip^, a/, a way of catching birda with a 

Piper, va. to catch Mrda with a bird-caU ; 

to cheat at piny 
Piparie, a/, a cheat; a trick 
Pipeur, se, a. a abarper ; bird-catcher 
Piquant, e, a. pricking; prickly; Urt; 

poignant ; pungent ; keen ; sharp 
-: aat. a prickle Cgrudge 

Pique, t^iaeia] f/. pike, lance; pique, 
— , aei. apade (a suH at oardt) 

boiuf, *m. drover, os-driver 

nique. am. clubbing at a faaat 

Piquer, va. to prick, eting, goad ; 
exasperate ; to encourage, to f- — 
to lard ; to quilt 
Se — , vr. to pretend to ; to take it in 

dudgeon ; to be angry 
Pb)uet, [ft-tHl am. a aiake ; pole ; picket ; 

^net (gam* at eardt) 
Piqnctte, ^f. small wine ; paltry wine 
Piqueur, »m. hunuman ; overseer ; jockey , 

one who larda 
Piquier, tm. a pikeman 
PiqOre, »/. pricking; puncture, sling; 
- quilting ; pinking 
Pirate, am. a pirate ; a robber at sea 
Pir»ter, vm. to pirate ; infest the seas 
Piraterie, «/. piracy ; extortion 
Fire, 9. a. a. worse ; worst 
Pirogne. a/, oanoe, an Indian boat 
PiroUe, #/. bo. winUr-greeu aUndofUage 

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PiroMtte, «/. whirligig ; taming upon »ne 
leg. th« other up [whirl about 

Piroaetter, v». to turn upon one leg ; to 
Pitrhonien, ne, a. a sceptic 
Pirrhoninne, «m. uniYersal doubt 
Pi»,lpet, before a vowel p€n«i «m. adder, 

- -, mi. a. woree, woret 

Plecine, tf. a pool or pond 

Pieeat, «m. piae, urine 

Pieienlit, m. dandelion; piei-a-bed 

Pieaer, v. to pie* ; to make water 

Piatote, rf. cock or ipigot of a tub 

Fissotiire, */. water-apout ; email fountain ; 

Puta«he, t/. a piitackio-nut 
Pietachier, «in. pietacliio-tree 
Piete, 4^. a track ; trace i fooutep 
Pistil, *m. bo. pistil 
Pistole. «/. pUtele 
Pistoler. va. to shoot with a pistol 
Pistolet, <as. a pistol 
Piston, im. the sucker of a pump 
Pitance, »/. an allowance of ibod 
Pitancier, •■». a caterer for couTenta 
Pitaud. c, «. a clownish person 
Pits. if. a mite (.old coin) ; kind of aloe* 
Piteusement, ad. pitifully ; wretchedly 
Pitcuz, *«, «. pititnl ; wo^ul ; unhappy 
Piti^, tf, pity i compassion 
Piton, »m. a pin with a round eye 
Pitovable, 3. a. : compassionaU ; pitiful; 

psltry ; nuhappy ; wretched 
PitoyabUment, id. wtifuUy ; wretchedly 
Pittoresque, 3. a. pieturasque 
Fittoreaqnement, tui. in a picturesque 

Plaidoixie, ^. pleadinc ; U«-Mi 

Jour plaidoyable, court-day 
Plaidoyer. im. pleading ; a hrWr 
Plaids, [flaji] *m. pi. coiut-Uec 
Plaie, iplajt-tttl if. a woand. won ; 
Plaiguaut. e, a. t. plaintiff 
Plain, e, a. plain ; flat ; eve* ; op 
— , «M. a tanner's lime-pit 
— -chant, «jit. church muaia 

pied, em. a suiu of roonas va tl 

Plaindre, va. to pity, lament ; t* g 
Se — , vr. to complain ; to t— «— -t 
Plains, tf. a plain ; a UtcI grvvad 
Plainte, if. complaint ; lam«at«ti*i 
Plaintif, Te, a. plaiutiTe i dolefad 
Plaintirement, ad. moanfully, ' 

Pituitaice. 2. o. pituittry 

Pituiie, •/. phlegm, pitoite 

Pituiteux, se, a. t. phlegmatic 

Pirert, [p<-ver] «m. the woodpecker 

PiToine, ^f. piony, peony 

— , am. the gnat-snapper 

PiTot, [ne-we] «m. pivot, axis ; trendle 

— da cabestan, tna. eapstem spindle 
PiTotar, vm. to hang on a pivot 
Plaeage, sat. Inlayfaw, veneering 
Placard, [. eaT-\ «m. Ull posted up ; lib( 
Plaearder, va. to poat up ; to libel one 
Place. •/. place ; office ; room ; squara 

— 1 ha. clear the wav I make room ! 
Plaoel. «M. ma. ehosl of roeka 
Plaeement, «m. plaeiag 
Placenta, «m. placenta 

Plaeer, va. to place ; pat ; tat 
Placet, [. eii] *m. low stool j petition 
Plaeier. e. «. one who leta a plaee in a 

Plafond, i.fom-] *m. the ceiling; inner 

roof; ima.) floor, bottom 
Plafonner, va. to ceil ; make a eeiling 
Plage, *f. flat shore ; region ; climate 
Plaglaire, am. plagiary ; pirau ; copier 
PlagUt, #m. plagiarUm, liurary theft 
PlaSd (.pin-) «m. speech of a pleader 
Plaidable, 1. a. pleadable 
Plaider, p. to plead ; defend ; sue at Uw 
Plaidear, se, «. ena who U at Uw ; U- 

tigioaa poison ; litigant 

Plaire, va. to please, b« agr«Mt%]« 
Se — , vr. to love, delisht im ; to 

pleasure in ; to Uirive in 
Plaisamment, ad. piaswaatlj, asst 

Plaisance (lieu ok inaiaon da), ^at « 

platform ~ 

— des malados, aia. cock-pit 
Planehette, tf. a little board or ahetf 
Plan^on, «a. a aet, a twig ; (jmm.) pfank- 

r, ej«. to hover, to flit 


Plaa^taire, 3. a. planetary 
~, «M. planetarium, orrery 
Plantte, [. »at*]tf. a plaaM 
Plaaeur, • m. a^anUher. pc" 
PUnimitrie, f/. planimetry 
Planisphere, em. plauisphore 
Plant, [plaMi tm. a act ; I 
Plantade, tf. a aet of traoo, 

Plantam, t. 
Plantard, C- <<tr]«m. a aat. » twif 
Plantat, ma. a vine on* yoar aid 
Planutian, ^f. — tloii ; piantiik^ : <■ 
Planle, tf. plant, vesctabla 

newly set i sole of the foot 
Planter, va. to plant ; to sat ; «• I 

place i to paah or drive in 
Se — , vr. to plant or put OM'n mU 
Planieur. «m. a pla 
-, «m. a dUt) 

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.•ntnrtnz, ic, a. pUntifnl, oopioni 
lanure. «/. a chip, •haTinn 
m plate of II 


^ ; erowa ttf a 
l-kilt; MonM; 
ba«k of a chimiMjr 
laquot, va. to plaie ; inlay ; lay o* 
laatiqu, 3. a. plaitie 
laarron. am. plaatron ; a Wraaat-plaM 
Plastronncr, vr. to put on a plutron ; 
wear • concealed breaat-plaia 
lat, [plA^ am. duh ; mees ; flat ilde 
, «, a. flat ; dull ; ineipld ; SMan 
• -bord, »m. ma. rannel, gun-wa1« 
latiuaa, aai. the plaue-tn« 
lateau, am. a wooden scale ; basin of a 
balance ; a tea-board ; a platform 
Uu-I>ande, af, plat-hand ; border' 
- -forme, if. a ^atform ; a flat roof 
lat^, af. arek. foundation 
Utament, md. flatly, without apirit 
latina. af. platina; loutchoon of a lock; 
plaice of a watch ; platten 
-■ aM. j>latina« a metal 
latituda, «/. dulneea; insipidity 
latouique, 3. a. Platonic ; •eatnneatal 
latoniime, am. Platoniim 

'Utra^, am. plaster woric 

Utrai, C./rS^ Im. nibbbh, old dry 


'Utre, am. plaster, parget ; paint 

•Htrer, vm. ' *^ 


Mdtrirr, eai. a plasterer 

Mfltritre, af. a lime or ehalk-pit 

'latuie, */. the plaice-fish 

'laaiibilit^, «/. — lity ; plauaibleness 

'lauaible, 3. «. plausible ; specious 

'lausibleaent, ad. plausibly 

*Ub<irn, ne, «. «, plobeian 

'Uiades, aA p/. Pleiadee [rmtse 

Meiga, ipOk-ga-i am. pledge; bail; gua- 

'Irigar, aa. to bail ; to become bail 

Main, aai. the full ; full space 

-, e, a. full i replete ; entira ; complete 

Kb pleine mer, in the open sea 
Maine, [p^otoe] a/, with young 
'Irinement, ad. fiilly ; rutirely 
'l^nier, e, «. plenary ; free ; entire 
■Irnipotentialre, am. nlenipotentiary 
Menitude, a/, plenitude, fulness 

'Ulhore, ^pU-lon^ *f. plethora, 
'Uthorique, 3. a. mt. plethorie 
'leurant, e, a. weeping, sryiag 
*leurard, e, «. blubbcrer 
'leurer, v. to weep, cry ; bewail, lament 
'leuriiie, af. a pleurisy 
'leiiritiqae, 3. •. a. pleuritic 
'leureur, se, a. weeper, mourner 
'lenreuses, ^f. pi. weepers 
leureux, se, a. crying, weeping 
'leuralcher, m. to feign weepti^ 
'leurs, aas. p/. tears 
'leuroir, vn. to rain 
■MyoD, IpU-aamt am. , 
li, aat. a plait ; fold ; 
mmple, crease ; custom 
- 4e c&Ue, m. fake of a 

Pliable, 3. m. pliable s flexible : Mpple 

PUage, am. a folding up 

Pliant, am. a fUdiag chaii 

— , a, e. pliant; flexible; bendine 

Pile, «/. a plaice 

Plier, V. U plait; fold; head; yield: 

submit ; to give ground ; to furl ; (ata.) 

t* heal, to lie along 
Se — , vr. 10 bend ; to snlmiit 
PHeur, se, a. a folder ; one who folds 
Plingar, ««. to dip candles 
Piinthe, a/, arek. plinth 
Plioir. an. a folding-stick 
PUsaer, va. to plait ; fold ; puder 
Plissure. ^f. plaiting ; folding 
Ploc, am. ma. sheathing-hair 
Piomb, [p/oa] aat. lead; bolleU; shot; 

Slummet. IsTel ; mephitie air 
. plomb, ad. perpendicularly ; level 
Plombe des ^cubiers, ma. hswst-pipea 
Plombagtne, a/, lead and ailver on 
Planh<, lplm-t)k2 am. TaniUh 
— (taint), liru* -~— i-xion 
Plomb<e. If. I r 

Plomber, [p va. to colour or 

dye over wii to lead, to fit with 

Plomlierie, af. lead-work or trade 
Plombier, aot. a plumber 
Plombiire, a/, plumbago, black lead 
Plongeon, aai. diver, a sea-fowl 
Plonger, ha. to plunge; to dip; to im- 
merse ; to diva ; to duck 
Plongeur, aas. a plonger, a diver 
Ploque, af. a roll of aardrd wool 
Ploquer, va. ma. to apply the sheathing- 
hair to a ship's bottom 
PloyaMe, 3. a. pliable, flaxibU 
Plover, ra. to bend ; to bow ; to furl 
Plule, af. rain [mage 

Plumage, lp{u-mui£*1 am. feathers, plu- 
Plumafl, Plnmart, eat. feather-broom 
«M. a plad|{atj a quilt 
. tm. dealer tn feathers 
, af. feather ; quill ; pea 
Plum<e, ^. penfnl of ink 
Plumer, va. to pick; plume: fleece 
Plumet, am. a plume, a feather ; fop, a 

Plumetia, aas. rough copy 
Plnmetie, sf. a kind of woollen staff 
Plumrux, se, a. downy, feathery 
Plumitif, aat. a minute book 
Plupart, af. nsoat ; most part 
Plurality, rf. plurality, majority 
Pluriel, aas. plural number 
— , le, a. plunl [plus 

Plus, [plm'i ad. am. aion ; ortr ; item ; 

— loin, ad. further 

— pris, ad. nearer 

— uwd, ad. later 

De pine, beaidea ; moreover ; again 
De plua en plus, more and more 
Plusieurs, 3. a. pi. many ; several 
lar&it, tm. pluperfect tense 
Meal would to God ! 
PlntAt, C. tat} ad. sowar ; before ; nithee 

— que da. a. rather than 
An plttiftt, ad. as soon a* 

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'.. a COM w«m hj print* 
M), •/• raia-wMer 

_ a pWTer, lapwin^^ 
FluTieux, t«, m. rainy, •howerj 

PMumatnloglc, «/. paaunatolagy 
Pnaumoniqae, S. a. — nie 
PnraaBotomlc. a/- diaaaction oT tk* lonKa 
Poah*. [^o«*«l «/• packal; aack; Idt, aaaall 

Paehar I'lail, vs. to gtva a Uaek ft 
PaakaUr, va. to po«kat 
Fochatie, •/. ntall purae, poakat, Mr bag 
Podagra, i. a. geutj ; ona who baa tlia 

gout in tha feet 
— . qf. podagra, tkc gout la tha faat 

Podaatat, »m. a petiastate '" 

Po4le. am. a itaTa ; pall i 
— , «/. a frjing-pan 

Patlan, aai. akillat ; aaueapaa 
PottMiatc, */. a aUUat-ruU 
PoSoM, aai. a paam ; piaca af paatry 
Pofaia, rf. poairr ; ooa«r; paam 
PaAta, «a». a pact ; liaid ; varaUar 
" ' I. (at. poaiaaiar, rhyi — 

9. a. peatical, poaiii 
• art of paaiTx 
aant, ad. pectleally 
vi». to maka Taraaa 

, Mar, rhTSMf 

Po<iic«e. 9. a. peatical, poaiia 
' tha art of paalrx 
mt, ad. pecti 

Paaa, aai. ma. ttarboatd 
Poida. C po*-«a] a. 

.^ J] aai. waight; graTltjr; im- 

portanea, eonaequaaea; pluoniaat 
Poignant, a, a. pulfnant, ikarp 
Paigaard, «a». a paaiard, daggar 
Poignarder, va. to paalard ; to atah 
Paignia. rf. handAd ; graap ; handla 
Poigaat, *m. wrial ; wilatbaad 
Poir, [^a»-«/} aai hair ; bawd ; aaloor of 
a koraa 

Fair la patl, to ahava &r trim 
PoQmix. aStT'. a wratekj ahabl»r CtlWw 
Poila, a, a. Kaii 

PoUa, a, a. Kairr 

Poineao, aM. badklB t punch ; poacheon 
Paladra, va. to dawn ; bagin to appear 
Poing, an. tha fiat ; hand 
Paiat, ad. no, not; mm 
— da tout, not at all 
— > m. pointi degrca; dot; baU ia a 
atimp-laatkcrj itliah 

— da JooT, break of dar ; dawn 

A point. In time; iii tha nick of time 

A point noma<, aaaaaaaUjr 

Da tout point, totally ; attcrljr 

tie point en palai, wtaeilr i to the full ; 

Palnta, */• P"tot ; top ; peak ; pna ; adga; 

graving taol ; printor'i hadkini taiUwaa 
Pointamaot, «a». pointing ; laaaliing 
Peinier. v. to atiek | dot : paiat ; laaal ; 

«»rT«yblgh '^ 

— an canon, to toka aim 
a pointer (^eaaaan) 

Painiilla, •/.Mekaiing; caTU; panetaUoj 

PoinUllaria, tf. friToloua alQcetiM 
Pointilleus. 8c, a aaptioua; pnmeti'iom 
Pointa, a, a. pain tad ; ahnrp 
Paiatora. «/. point imttk prmUrtj 
Poire, Cpaa-wor] *f. a paar i • >aw4r~ 

Poir4, am. parrr 
Poiraaa, ««». a leak; a wnrt 
Poiria, </. beat, a kitehan kerb 
Poiriar, «m. a pear-traa 
Paia, [nao-aa] «ai. pan ; ^. pma 
— ehlciie, gray pea 
Poiaon, [JMO-a-seal am. poiaon 
Poiaaard (atyle), BitUoamgnte atyk 
Poiiaarda, ^. a itth-vrooi.. 
Poiaaar, v«. to pitoh i to glma 
Poiaaon lpto-ma-is-t»m1 aaa. a fidk , • 

— iTATrii, an April tool 
PdtaonnaiUe, tf. ttj ; amall 6al 
Poiaaanaarie, tf. fiak-nMirfcat 
Poiaaaoaau, ae, a. full af inh 

Poiiaoaaiira, •/. afieh pna 
Poiaaana. Piaeaa IHgm te fie *mtSma 
Poltrail, aai. paitrcl ; dia braant af a banr 

a bvaaat-pteee 
Paitriaaiia, 3. a. a. aanauaiptrv* 
Paiirinal, a, a. wUah nOwf^tiM haaHi' 

tha laag* 
Poitrina, «/. the braaat : the ehMt 
PoiTrada, tf. pepper and Ttncsnr aaac* 

Si'!!:!?*"-????'.' _, 

Poiwatta, tf. papper-<rort 

Prirrier, aai. pappar-pUnt i peppar-kei 

dealer in pappar 
PaiTrikra, «?: iirfee-boz 
Peix, bMa-M] I/, pital 

tdiiaa, tf. rcaia 

Polaaia. aai. Polieh hM 

— , Polnotie, tf. polacre, a Leva 
Polaite, 3. a. polar, near tha i 
Polaatca, aai. a fira-naa 
Pole, rm. pole 

PoUmiqae, 3. a. polamie, polfigj 
Pali. ««. polieh ; glan ; bricKtiMa 
-, a. a. polita; ala^aat: ih^hv 

paUahed; bright: teraa 
'alica, tf. police ; policy 
Policer, va. to gaTeni ; to poliab 
Paliehinal. am. p«nehiaaltCp<uM* 
Poliment, md- poUtrly ; gaatevll* 
— , m. pidiah&« ; luatra ; bri«WtMaa 
Pallr, e«. w paliah; aaioacli. bar* 

brighten ; clviliaa, improva 
Foliaacnr, aai. pollaher 
PaliHoir, am. paiiahiag.iraa or braah 
Poiieaoira, «/ aaft ahoa-hniali 
Poliaaaa, am. blackguard ; w«g 
Poliaaaaaar, aa. to nlay tha ara^ ; ta c 

Jahee ; to aay Ia«« worda 
**ollaaaiineria, tf. wafcrry; 

boy'a Kiab ; lawd worda 
Pallaania, a/, palbhiag; g|«M 
Palitaaea, tf. pallteaeae ; fwinaaj 
PalitiqM. 1 «. -de : priltical ; arrfai 

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PON 175 POR 

1 .TOltteiiV^licy rubb*l OTer wllh ch*n«»J powder 

»olitiQuer. VM. to tSk poUtic. ' PoncwaliU, */. punctuality 

.omS;n7./ J«. po%cit.tio«. th. act Pon.tua.ion. '/• P»™»»»f •»• rdfi 

of making a ?r« promi.e Ponciue 1, le. a. punctual punculwu. 

»olluTr ta to ooUute : doBla I PonctuelUment, od. pUnctuaUy 

-oUution V -C. rdeai«»«nt ^ Ponc.uer. „-. to point, make ..op- 

ographle, ./. a deicrlption of thepolta Poudag*. •«•• poundage 

„°J1 .fce h;.»«i« *' , PondiraUon, ./. -tlon, weighing 

•oltron, ne, •. «. cowardly ; a poltroon Pond.e, v. to lay egga 
•ol.ronn.ri;, </. cowardice' '^ | P»"t. iP^±*^J !tJ^^'^^J ^ ' ^ 

'olyantM, t, a. having many flowera - . - 

•olyddre, *a». polyadron 
*olyi(ajnr, $m. polygamiit 
•olygamje. ./.polygamy 
'olygarchie, tf. polygarchy 
•olyglotu, 3. a. «. polyglot 
— , tf. the American mocking-bird 
*olygone,'J. a. «m. polygon ; mock-batt( 

where gunnery ii practiicd 
>olygrapne, tm. polygrapher 
- .lygraphie, «/. polygraphy 

»olyp*, »». polypua 
'olyp^Mle, 3. a. haviun mva/ wo.~. 
>oly«yllabe. a. «m. — Ucal ; pelyiyllah 
•olythjiima. C- . tH-ttm*] m. polytheii 

ie Pommader, vr. to Ota pomatum 
>umme, [j>o-m«] rf. apple j head oi a 

thing ; (Ma.) truck, mouse 
— de terre, potato 
*ommi, »m. cider 
_, e, a. headed ; egrcgioat 
>ommeatt, [j»-«83 «». a pommel ; kno 
>ommel<, e, a. dappled 

Ciel pommeU, curdled aky 

Grit-pommeU, dapple gray 
le Pommeler, vr. to grow dapple 
•ommclle, «/. round leaden plate foil 

hole*, placed at the end of a pipe 

hinder the dirt from pasaing 
'ommer, wi. to cabbage, to grow to 

round head 
•ommerale, •/. apple-orchatd 
>ommet<, e, «. W. adorned with pomm 
>omme.te, ^. pommel ; email round b 

or knob ; pi. wriitbandi 
>ommier. ipa-mei] $m. apple-tree ; app 

>omoyer, ma. to ondermn the eablee 
»ompe, [poit-pe] »/• pwnp. •P»«»d«»«" 

>omper, w.'to pump 
>nmpeuiement, ad. pompously ; eutelj 
>onip«ux, ae, a. pompoue ; ma}e«tle 
'ompier, tm. pumper ; a fireman 
>ompon, am. trinket; rote of diamond* 
>onant, «■». the west; the Occident 
*ouce, «/. pumloe-itone ; pounce; ohi 

coal powder (fat drawing) 
*onceau, jm. red poppy ; deep ecarlet 
'oncer, va. to pounce a print; to i 

with • pumiee-etone 
>ouche, [lM«-«te] *m. pnnrh, a lort 

»oDcire, »m. thick-riaded icmoa 

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PoTtot-CTois, *m. cro«»-be»rer 

— -erosM, *ai. crocler-bMrer 
drspeau. Mi. sn ensign-l>e«r«r 

— -enaeigne, •■!. aa emign-bearer 

«p^, $m. •wotd-bemrer ; belt 

itendard, *m, a itandard-bearer 

faiz, «ai. a atrMt-portar 

feuille, «M. portfolio; pocket-book 

— -gttignoN, — "inalheur, ««. a peraoa 
who brings another ill luck 

haubaiM, am. ma. chain-walat 

lettre, «m. latUr-caaa ; postman 

— -manehoa, aai. the ring of a muff 

bearer; row of peg* to hang clothes 
mouohettes, am. saufer-trajr 

— -monsqueton, »m. swivel 

presse, bookbinder's sbaTiuc-tub 

queue, tm. a kind of butterfljr 

— -»el, aai. a salt-basket 

— -Tent, aai. pipe of an organ, etc. 

— -verge, aai. a rarger, beadle 

— -vergiim, aas. aia. iron-horse 

— -«oiz, «M. apeaking-irumpet 

PortJe, *f. brood, litter; reach, extent; 

alnliiy, power, eapacltr ; length 
Porter, va. to earrj ; bear ; eonvef ; ta 

produce ; endure, wear ; induce 

— envie, to enrjr 

— la parole, to be the speaker 

— malheur, to bring iU luck 

— una sanU, to drink a health 

Se — , vr. to be inclined ; to hehare «me's 

self ; to repair to 
Porteur, se, «. porter, bearer, carrier; 

baaket-wonan ; postilion's horae 
Portler, $m. porter; door-keeper 
Ponikre, »/. conch-door ; door-keeper in a 

nunnery ; screen before a door 
Portion, </. part ; portion ; share 

■a ._. - J f^^-^ ^^^ ^ p --->— - - 

, m. a tray 
Portor, aai. marble with yellow yeina 
Portraire, «». to draw, ponrtray 
Portrait, Cpor-rrayl aai. portrait, picture ; 

description; likeness; representation 
Portraiture, »f. portrait-paanting 

Livre dc portraiture, drawing-book 
Fortnlan, «a«. a book deaeribing the bear- 
ings and plans of harbours 

fortlqua, [. (« 
Portoir, eat. a 

a portico ; a p 

Poaage, «m. laying of any heavy thing 

" U.'^"" 

to act, 
grant, admit 

Poae Cp0-B«] *y. tTie Uying of 
"" I, e, a. laid, 

oient, ad. aoftly ; gravely ; g 

Poaer, «ni. to act, puee, put, lay ; 


; su^ 
t, to lean, lie 

I. to bear, to 

Poseur, m. a layer of 

Positif, ve, a. positive ; certain ; real 
•— , cat. positive degree ; a choir-orgaa 
Position, «/. — tioo ; situation 
Poaitivement, md. —lively ; aasuradly 
PoapoUu, •/. the armed Polish nobOity 
PooaM<, •, a. «. poaaaaacd with the devil 
Poss<der, v«. to poes^ ; enjoy ; have 
Se — , vr. to keep one's temper 

Possessoire, «si! right of p 

Possessoirement, tui. poaaeaaorily 
Poasec, Cpot-«S] (as. jposaet* • drink rm- 

postd of milk, curdled witK wiae. etc 
Possibility. «/. possibUity 
Possible, 3. a. cat. possible ; tiiat may bt 
Fost-«ommunion, tf. poat-eo^uBoaiaa 
— -scrit, Post-scriptum, Jas. aeriat 
Postdate, a/, poatdat* 
Poatdater, ps. to poatdate 
Poste, aas. post; station; enapl«jmesf 
— , ./. post; post-boy: poat-oflCee: |»«- 

house; the mail; bail-shot 
Poster, oa. to post, place. stntt«M 
— , mi. to run up ana dowa 
Se — , vr. to take a poat 
Post^rieur, e, a. posterior ; lattar 
Posttrieuremeut, ad. after, ri^rt 
Posteriority, «/. posUriority 
Post<rit<, «/. posterity, oStptimg 
Poathumc, 'i. a. poathamoua 
Postiche, i. a. sham, false, fietiti0as , ^ 

posuroua ; added or done mlttt 
Postilion, eai. a postilion 
Postposer, va. put aftor ; estocia ka 
Postulant, e, a. a. candidate ; aaiiar 
Poatulat, #at. poatnlato, poatalatam 
Poatuler, va. to aue, be a enadsdaaa 
— , VM.ju. to plead 
Poature, «/. poature, «ttitnd« ; way 
Pot [pe, before a vowvl pouj. am. a ■« 

measure of two Preoeli fimta 
— a coovarele, tankard 

1, AOtch-t 

pourri, £ ^ 

Potable, 3. a. potable, drinkable 
Potage, *«. potage, aonp 
Pour tout iMtava. in ill 

— d'^tain, am. a pewterar 
Potin. «M. kind of brittle bnw 
Potion, «/. draught, potion 
Potiroo, jat. a large muahro— j a 

pumpkin ; toadstool 
Poo, Cpoe] aai. a louse, pt. U«« 
Poua ! HU. fye ! fye upou it t 
Pouacrc, 3. a. nasty, slovaalv 
a. Mttmi, a kind of heron 

jcrerie, if. naatineaa, al«vwi] 

Ponce, «Bi. Ikomb ; inch 
Poucier, am. a thumb-stall 
Pottdia, am. padding 
Poadra, qf. powder ; dual 

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*oudr« k eaitOB, mapowd*!' 
- de praUn-piaptii, <^at'^ - 
'oudrer, vm. to powiUr 
'oudretu, •/. ' 
'oudreaDz, m, 



m, a P*ltry Inn 
tret : Upwlni 
tfefewl* ^ 

'oudretu, •/. dung radiuwd to powder 
'oudreanz, m, «. duitty ; powdanr 
■oudrier, ««». a •aud-boz; powdar-box ; 

gunpowder-maker; hour-glaei 
'ouf I ad. plump ! bang ! 
'ouffer do rlre, vn. bunt with laaghter 
■ouilU, «at. a raglttry of lirinp, with an 

account of their rerenuet 
i« Pottiller, vr, to Ioum ona'e self 
■ ouUlerie, ^. a room in a« hospital where 

caat-off clothe* are put; extreme ludi- 

•ouillee. 4^. jrf. blaclcgturd lauguafa 
•ouiUeoao, «f. ma. aain-eur-eall 
•oailleoz, ee, a. «. Utter, fall of lice 
•ouUlier, Poolllls, (m. r " '— ■— 
>outllot, im. the pewet 
•oulaiUe, ^f. domeitfe 1. 
'oulailler, «m. henTooet; pon 
•oulain, m. colt, foal ; bubo 
'oulaine, ^f. ma. head of a ehip 
>oularde, «/. jroung fat hen, pallet 
>oul«, ipool] •/. hen ; pool {at earOt) 

- d'eau, ^. moor-hen 

- d'Inde, qf. Turkey-heii 

>oulet, [poo-/43 *m. ehiok, ehlokon ; lore- 

>out«tte, rf. yoong hen ; girl 
>oul«vTin, fat. priming gunpowder 
fouliche, Poalias, §/. a mare edit 
>oulie, ^r. a pMwy ; (ma.) Uoek 
*oulier, va. to lift up with a pnlUr 
>onliire, •/. ma. block- make^t-ehed 
Poulicar, i 
■ouliner, i 

■oulioiire (Jnment), a mar 
Pouliot, «M.pcunfTOTal; email pulley 
>oulot, »m. little child 
*oulpe, j/. pulp; aea-polypos 
*oulp«t(>a, eai. a liaah 
fouU, C />•«] «M. pidie 
*oiimou, «M. the lunga ; lighte [crab 

>oupard. C. parj $m. Ube. bahj ; Mad ti 
*oupa, tf. mta. etern, poop 
Poopie. «/. a doU ; thunb-etall 
PonpclUi, «m. a eort of soft cake 
Poupeiier, «m. « doll-maker er teller 
Pottpln, e, a. «. beaolth ; epruee ; nice 
Poapoo, ne, «. plump ; pretty ehild 
Ponr, (jMor} fr. f - '- — '" ■" • '* • 

— que, e. prorided that 
Peueee, if. ehoot of a tra 

— -baUe, tm. rammer, drirer 

— -eul. «M. bum-baiur, eateh-poU 
Pouaate (d'nn mux), tha bolgiag or jut- 
ting out of a wall 

— Ion, at that time ; then 

— peu que, e. if erer eo little 

— qne, c. to the end that 
poureeau, «■». hog ; pig ; iwine 
ponrehaaiar, ta. to paraue eagarly 
pourfcndre, aa. to eplit s cut in two 
pourfUer, va. to mix with 
Pourparler, ««i. parley ; conference 
Pourpier, f- ''- 

A brlle ponrpolnt, doM ; to one'* face 

Pburpoiataiia, tf. doablel-nudaug 
Pcurpoiatier, «■». doubUt-maker 
Pourpro, «M. purple { the parplee 
— , ^f. purple dye; regal oignlty 
Poarprft, e, a. of a purple colour 
Ponrprie, am. purpnae, aneloaure 
Pourquoi, ad. c. why ; for what raaion 

Celt pourquoi, therefore 
Pourri, e, a. rotten, coiTupted 
Poorrtr, r. rot; putrefy; grow putrid 
Poarritnre, «/. rotteuneea ; putrefaction ; 

putt«Mienoe ; oorruption 
Pourcuite, //. purtuit ; cliaae ; eearch 
Pounuilee, s/. pi. ju, proeoas; proiacu- 

"^"i prooee din g 

. ra. a candidate; a enitor: 

. a proaecntor 

Pounuirro, va. to paraui 
to put in Cor ; to eourt 

Paurtant, t. laa"] o. hov , . 

Pourtour, »m. arek, coapaas, exteut 

IV prvnUV , Mi i«HPK I 

, make application ; ti 

Pourroirie, rf. purreyor'a aiore 
Paurroyenr, fm. a — ' 

Pouaain, (m. a little or young chick 

Poueaiuikra, ^. ait. the Pleiadaa 

Poutia. ««». a wiaket 

Poutfc, rf. a bean ; girder 

Poutretle, if. a imallbeam 

B !- -- to be able ; may, can 

Praline, t/. eugarad almond 
Prame, «r. flat-bottomed boat 
Praticabla. 3. a. praciicabU, faaaibU 
Praiicicn, «m. a praeHtionar in th« Uw; 

an experienead phyeician 
Pratique. C pra-(«*lbl ^f. practloe ; 

aklll : trade, commeree : oastoa- 
— , 3. a. practical ; aUUal 
Pratiquer, «. W praetiaa ; keep 

with ; to tamper with 
So — , to lie in naa 
Pradqaae. ^/'. pi. underhand devieea 
Pr4, tprln «M. a maadow, paature gn 
Piiaehat, em. payment beforehand 

Pr^alable, 3. a. previaos ; going befi 
Pr4alaUemant, ad. previoualy 
PrtfalUga«. e, o. before aUeged. alMH 
.a preamble 
;raea;^a yard 

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PRE 178 

Pr^bcnda, 9(. |n«b«iid. euuwrr 
Prtheodv, cm. • prabeiMUrjr, eaiuui 
Prilicndi«r, •■!. a prcbandwy 
PrJcmxre, 3. a. preciiriaus 
Pr<«alrem*at, od. precariously 
Prfcatttioo, «/. pracautiou, prudence 
PricantionaA, e, a. prudent; cautions 
Pricautiouner, fa. to caution, guard 
S« Pr^cautloiwcr, vr. to prorida against 
PrtoMammaat, ad. before, previouelj 
Pr<oident, «, a. precedent; foregoing 
PricMer, tw. to nreeedo ; to go firat 
Prfoeiott. ar. ataVwala 
— de ribord, aM. eheer-rail 
Pr^eenteur, eai. precentor: dianter 
Pfiocpu, «ai. preoept; rule; dootriaa 
Pr^ceptear, «ai. pracepter, tator 
PrieeptoraL o, a. which concema pra- 

eepton ; like a preceptor 
Prioeptorat, «m. tutorship, tutorage 
Precession, ^f. m»%, precession 
Prtebe, [^o/ete] cat. protestant chuck ; 

mealing- house ; protestaat aennon 
Prtoher, «. to preach ; cry op ; cstol 
PrCebcur, aat. a eony preacher 
Pftdause, •/. a fialMl woasan 
PrMenseasent, td. •-•oaljr ; choicely 

Prtfcieuz, ae, a. — out; •> '— '— 

Pjrecipice, «». a proeiptea 
Pricipitammeni. -' 
Prtdpiutioo, if. 


Pr<c{pit<, eai. precipitata 

PrCcipiii, e, a. preeipitaied ; hurried 

Pr^dDitcr, ir«. to pcedpiuu; throw o> 

hurl headlong ; to rush : hurry 
Prieiput, cat. jointure ; predput 
PrMa, [^jl-ee] «a». aummarr ; abstract 
— , e, a. prsciac ; acaet ; fixatt 
Pr^ciateant, ad. precisely ; Just 
Preiser, i/a. to determine predaely 
Pridaion, ^f, precision ; azartneaa 
Pr<coee, 3. a. forward ; early 
Prfcoces, eat. p/. aarly cherries 
PriceeiU, e^. precocity 
Pricompiar, [. MMffttl va. to deduct, dis- 
Pricoaisatien, •/■ report ; deelaratioa 
Pr^coniaer, va. to preeonise ; sstol 
Prfcurseur, eat. — ear, foremnner 
PrMMder, vn. to die before sr first 

I, em. a predastlnariaa 

^ — I, •/. — tlon ; fotaliiy 

Pr<deBtin4, e. a. •. — nued; an elect 
PrMestiner, va. to prsdestiuala 
PrM^iarmlnation, ^. — cion 
PrM<termiaer, tta. to p:«determiae 
Pr<diale (rente), ground-rent 
Pf4dicablc, 3. a. piadicable 

. a preacher 

PrMication, »f. preaching ; a sermon 
Prediction, «/. prediction ; prophecy 
PrMileatien. rf. — Uon ; partialitr 
PrMlrs. iNi. ta farstall ; prognosiicau 
!,•,•. —Mutt; prerailing 

Preemipcnee, fT. pre-csaincasoa 
PiivmiiMat, a, a. prs-aosincnt 
Pre«sntant. e, a. pre-cxisiaxkt 
Preeiistsnce, tf. pre-axistenc^e 
Preezister, vn. to pre-exist 
Pr<fs«e. ./. r- ' 

Pr<feeture, «/. preiecture 
PreCtrable, 3. a. prefembia 
Prearablemant, ad. — bly ; rath«r 
PrMrencc, •/. preforanoe 

Pr^fot. Ora-/>j ns. prefoct ; i 
Pftffiair, tw. to aet down ; kopmit 
Prefix, e, a. prefixed ; aaitlcd 
Pr<flxian, •/. prefixiva; aettlad tnse 

Pi^ adieiabU, ... . . ^._^, 
Prfiudidanz (fitnis). >. pmtoM cnss 
Pri udicler, «m. to prejudioe ; iaian 
PrC age, «a*. pr^uAca ; p r a a a^a iT 

Pre uger, va. ta pniadg 
PrAart, eat. tarpawliug 


Prftat, C^4-£l] ess. • prdala 
Preiatiaa. ^. pralation. pnffaiaMa 
Preiatare, tf. prelacy, malataaa 
Prile, a^. *e. hana-tail ; aIs»»-«raM 
Pretags, (^rft-ter] eas. a Icmct wk** * 
diMhargod before a dirisim aTpf^^" 
Preiegner, na. to leava a pra l e a wtT * 
Pr«ler. m. to rub witk a]»«».f^ 
Preiever, va. to lavy previAwalv 
PreUminaire. 3. «. «as. pT«li»^«y 
Preiimiaalrement, ad. previoaaly 
Preiire. mi. to read and prepaic a m* 

Preinde. aas. prelude 
Preindar. tns. ta preloda 5 play a prtlsK 
Premature, e, a. prematvra } laa Mily 
Prematurement, ad. preaaat*a«ly 
Preaaaturite, rf. — ty. pmnacaie^M 
Premeditation, e^. prrmeditMia* 
PrensMUler. ra. to pranseditata 

"-' 1, ^. pi. firat friiita ; naay 

, a, a. first ; forsaar i rluif 
— tnt, ad, first; firadv 
. ^f. prsmisM. prtactplae 
PreasatiMi, •/. a dinua iaspal^rcsiBp. 

ing ta action 
Premunir, m. to forttfy er atswigdMa >r 

Se — , ar. to pivTlde one's arU 
Preaable, 3. a. that nsay ba tahn 
Prenant, a, «. taking 
Preadta, twi to talie ; eaaek ; neeapt 

— la fuiM, to r«a awav 

— lea davaau, (o get the aCait 
-- la thi, to drink tea 

— terra, to land, to gat aahaca 

— , V*. ta alrika f*«N; ta a^KOad 
fccess ; to eoa«uUla ; ta carck 

*r. to be Ukaa ; lay ka'd e( 

'reoceaaation, ^. pr«pa«««a^^ sW 
straetCui. tka bcloc afaasM aranad 

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PRK 179 

'r^occaper, tw. pr«pMMMi infatuate 
>a frioccttper, i>r, to be praposMtMd 
'r^opinant, sm. one who votas fiat 
*r<opin«r, t>n. to rata tint 
*r*pmr*tit, »m. preMration 
-, ve, m. ptcpanUTt, prtpu-atorf 
'reparation, 9/. — tiou, gcttiug ready 
*r<paratiiira, i. a. — tory; prcrioua 
'r^parar, va. to prepara ; ta fit 
>a — > rr. to gat one a talf ready 
>r<pond<raDee, tf. prepoodcrancy 
'r^pond^raot, a, a. preponderating 
*T(fo»4, tm. an oreraeer 
'r^poaar, va. to act or appoint over 
'r^potiiion, 4^. prrpoaitioa 
>r£[>uce, «B. prepuce, foreakin 
'r^rogatiTe, a/, prerogative ; privilage 
*tim, Cprajrljw. a^. near, hard by, almoi 
A eela pria, that excepted s •«▼< Ibat 


} hard by 


'r«eagar, va, to praaafe : 

>r«abyu, a. ana »ka oan only aeo at 

*reabyt<ml, e, a. priaatly 
>ra»byt^o,«m. parMoagr-hoate 
'realfytirianiane, eat — lianiain 
'reabyt^iiat, «ai. praibytcrahip 
*reahyt<iien, ne, a. * prnUyieriaa 
>r4e«t«DC«, 9f. a ioraliaowlrdaa 
'reicriptible, S. a. prcaeriptibla 
Prescription, sf, preacriptioii 
>re«crire, v. to preacrihoj diract ; order 
>r4aiiince, ^. prceadanca, preccdanoy 
'r^aenoe, ^/. preaance 
>r4icnt, [. saw] lat. preaent tine ; pfwcnt 

tcnae ; a gift, a preaent 
-, e, a. preaent; ready 

A pr<a*ni, at praeanc ; at thi* tune 
>r<acniabla, S. a. — ttbla ; pmenutiTO 
*r<Miitalear, am. patron 01 a heuefice 
'r^aciitation, ^. — tiMi; prcaentmeat 
'i^seuteinent, ad. at present: now 
>rtfacnter, va. to preaent ; oBar 
- au Tent, vn. ma. to stein the wind 
ie — , vr. to appear; offer iiaalf 
'r^scrrateur, em. a preaerrer 
'r<s«rTaiiC ▼a,a. am. praaarratiTa 
'r^iterver, vo. tc pieeorre; to keep 
'residence, ^. — cy ; presidentship 
*iisidcnt, «m. president; ehainnaa 
>r^iiidenUr, «/. president's lady 
>r<iiider, f. to preaide ; to direct 
>r<sidia1, em. piealdial court 
-, e, a. presidial 

Prtsidisfrment, »i. without sppeml 
Prrsidiaui, »m. pi. Jndgea of the praaidial 

Pr<somptif, Ta, a. prceumpliTe 
Prjsomptioa, rf. praaumptW 
fr^omptueaenant, ad, preaamptuously ; 

arrogantly; pretendingly 
Pr^somptueuz, ae, «. prasumptuoas 
i»re«qu», [prtst] ad. almoet; Tery near 
Prriqu'tle, tf. peuinanl* 
PrrisammeM, ad. praaaingly 
fressant, a, a. pressing, urgent 
Praase, •/. prats ; crowd : harry 

Preas^, e, a. in haate ; in a hurry 
Preaaement, «ai. conpreaaion 
Presscntineat, am. presentiment 
Preasentir, va. to foresee ; foreimow 
— quelqu'an, to sift or examine one 
Presser, va. to press ; squeese ; close ; 

urge ; crowd ; to tease, to harass 
— , vn. to be urgent ; to require hast* 
Se — , vr. to be in haste ; to crowd 
Preseeur, am. a presser 
Pressior, am. a pressman 
Presaioa, 4^. praasion ; preasure 
Prasais, CprX-tef] am. juice, ate., aqneesei 

Presaoir, am. a preaa ; salting-tub 
Preaettrage, am. pressing ; wine estrueted 

with a press ; press-fee 
Presaurar, va, to press ; to squeaie 
Preasureur, cm. a wine-preeaer 
Preetaiice, rf. preaeoce : noble carriage 
Prestant, tm. one of the principal stops of 

an organ [oath 

Prestation dc aennent. «/. the taking of an 
Presto, 'i. a. quick : nimble ; prompt 
— ! int. quick 1 

Prettement, ad. bluntly ; hastily 
Prestesse, »/. agility ; nimblenesa 
Preatige, am. preatige ; illusion 
Prastigiateur, am. Juggler; cheat 
Preato, am. ad. presto ; qoielc 
Prestolct, am. priestling [imagine 

Prtsumer, [. «a-m4] va. to presume; 
Prfcuppaaer, *a, W preaoppoae 
Prfcuppoaitlon, tf. presuppoeition 
Pr^aure, a/, runnel or rennet 
Prtt, [prafl tm, t loan ; a thing lent 
— , e, a. ready ; at hand ; willing 
Pretantaine (courir la), tf. to ramble 
Pr^tandant, e, «. pretender ; candidaU 
Pr^tandre, v. pretend; claim; expect, 

aspire to ; maintain ; design 
Prtundu, e, a. supposed, pretended 
— , e, «. the future husband or wife 
Prite-iiom, tm. one who lends his name 
Pretention, t/. — sioa: claim ; design 
Prltor, «m. lending ; loan 

->. to lend , to stretch (.at Itmtktr, tie.) 
jrmcnl, to take an oath 
Se — , i;r. to comply ; to humour, to 

fsTour ; to apply one's self to 
Pr<t<rit, «M. preterit, the preter-tcue 
Pril^rition, </"• preUrition 
Pretermission, </. pretermission 
Prtteur, ae, «. lender ; creditor 
Prjteur, am. pretor, Roman Judge 
Pritexte, tm. pretext ; pretenee 
Priicxter, ««. to pretend ; allege 
PretintaiUea, ^f, pi, women'a trimmlnga ; 

, jtiniailler, na to furbelow, to trim 
Pr<toire, am. Judgmant-hall ; comm< 

hall ; the prator's palace 
Pr^torieu, ne. a. «■ pretoriau 
PrStraille, ^. prieato liromicalty) 

Pritre, sae, a. spriest; — ' 

Pr«tri»«, C. trttnt"} tf- P* 

Priture, tf. pretorahip 

PreuTC, ^. proof; testimonT; otdeal 

Preux, a. m. mungeoM ; btaTO man 

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loir, «M. to_pr«Tafl, pr«doiiii««te 
- , w. to avwl oot't ••U ; glory in 
Pr<Taiieueor, tm. prevmricktor 
Prirmrieauoii, «/. — tion ; mllnsion 
Pr<T«riaate, vn. to prevmrlckte 
Pr<r«iiutce, ^. forwardiMM to oblige 
Prtfrtiuuit. e, a. prFpoasesaing ; oiBcioiuly 

Mod J forr -■ -- ^-"- 

r --:»mp; 

judica; pnreat, hinaor 

So prtvtulr en fM«ar d« qMlqa'un, ta 
tkln • Ukiag to on* 
PT^TOntlon, 4^. —tion ; prtpoiMMiom 
PrfTMiu, •, a. acvuMd, ■rraigncd 
PrfTition, «/. fiirMight ; feraknowledge 
Pr<Tolr, v». to foroiioe, to foroknow 
Pi4*dt, rpra-v4] «at. prorott: (horiff 
-^ d'oQUpftaMf Mtf* ftwablMr 
Pr«TAtml, «. a. that bcloof* W tb« Jitria- 

diotion of tli« provost 
PHriuXmatrnt, ad, hv mnrtial Uw 
VrirM, af. pniTOStthlp 
Pr<vof ance, i/. (oresight -, foi 
Piivorant, •, a. proridom ; 
PriaptiiBO, «at. Mi. priapiim 
Prio-Dion, «M. prajrlnf-acak 
Prior, fw. toprar; ■uppUoalo: , 

to oatrMkt : iDTite; to Wki dcolro 
PfUra, >f. piayar ; doair*. requott 
Priour, «, «. a prior ; prioroaa 
Priouri, CM. % priory ; prior's bouM 
Pflaalra, 3. •. ptinary ; firat 
Primat, U»r»-Ma] «m. a primato 
Frimalialoi a. /. metropolitan 
Prlmalie, af. primacy; primaMahIp 
PrioMatf, «/. priority | pr*-«min«ua* 
Prime. \yrt»mri»f. vremium ; priie ; prime; 

llio isiMt SpaiUak wool 

Da prime abord, at ftnt eight 
Primor, «. to aurpaaa ; ezcal ; oTerreaeh 
Primovite, «/. Drimroea j eewalip 
Primeur, «/. nnt coming ia uf fruits ; 

newness of liquors 
Primiciriat, «m. office of a dean 
Piimieior, sat. dean in some churrbea 
Primlilf, vc. a. «m. primiliTa ; primary 
PiimiiinmMit, ad. primidTcly 
Primo, ad. am. firally ; Brst ; primo 
Primog<uiturc, af. — tare ; birthrigbt 
Primordial, e, m. —dial ; primilirc 
Primordlalnaeiit, ad. primiavely 
Prince, Cpra/no*] ««»• » prinoe, potsnuie 
PrincMso, V'- • prineeaa 
— da eoulisaa, an actress 
PriMipal, m. prindjMl ; head or chief 
-, a. iTprindpal ; eW 
Priiicipnl>mratr«<l. -fdly ; dilefl] 
Prin«ipnUt<. af. the place of ^ 

Prineipanli. tf. prineipaUty 
Principe, em. a principle ; maxim 
Prinelpion, am. a petty prince 
" ■ "of, e, a. of the spring ; ^fcmal 

[jirafnWff*] am. the spring 


k principal 

Prioctt, am. _ 

Prise, \ffttat\ «/. 
plunder; dooe; 

hold, grip; poro . I 

Part de prise, prise moiMT 
Priaie, ^. estimate ; np-sec pri. 
Priscr, oa. to rate, Taluo ; to »„^-, 
Prisoiir, SM. an aaetioneer, ■ ppn amr 
Prismatique. 2. a. p-* -*- "^ 

Prison, Cpre-a<m]«/. n prlaon. g»al 


Privniif, T*. a. priTUiT* 

Privntion, af. privatloti ; wi . 

PriTativemntt. ad. aseluslT«lv 
PriTaMI<, ^. privity j ir" 

•»' ?• 1 

Priv^mant. ad. famOlnrly ; fraair 
Privar, e«. to deprivo ; beraAm 

PriviUgior. va. to prtvilag* 

Prix \:frm, before n irtnvd jmne.: 
prieo, Talue, prim, prenUaa 
Xtt prix do. ia eom^i4.M .f 
Dc prix, dear, predoas 

PrababUiti. «r. probnbUitr 

Probable, «. a. pr»b«bl«,\.^ 

Prebablement, md. probnhlx 

Probalour, i 

Probation, af. — tUn ; trial ; a 
Probaiaire, 3. a. prohatorr 
Prabirf. «/. probity i Intagrit*; hsMMy 
Pn>M«madqM, 3. a. -^.-, 
PntbUm^a* " 

\. prooednra* d toy t n 
- 'o p r ee ae d ; «• act 

PracMJ, SL.. , 

PnM<der, v». to p , 

PraeUura. af. proceodincM \Mm 
Proeis. C. i^l am. Uw-«olt ; aefssa 
— vwbal, act of ae wia nrion ar*** np S 

magistrate ; minMoa of may oewaa m 

by authority 

- ^i, ad. la I 

Prochain. eat. a aeighboor 
— . o. a. next; near ; nigh 
Proehainement. md. oaxt 
Proeho. \fTaaki\ pr. md. 
hard by 

Prochos, •«. fC. rslmioiM.^ 

Pioehionikmo, em. proektomiaM 
Proclamation, af. proclaaaatUm 
Proclaaior, tw. to prodalm ; paWish 

Pnci<ar, •«. U peocrvoto, Wi^n 

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'rccuraMur, cm procurator 
'rticuratSon, tf. % letter of attorney 
>rocuratrie«, »/. a proearator't wi 

nmle prozjr, deputjr 
'rocurer, va. to proonre ; get 
t*rocareur. «■. attomejr ; proxy 
'rocureuM, ^. attorney 'i wife 
Prodiifalement, ad. —gaily ; wattel 
Prodigality, «/. — lity ; eztrava>an< 
Prodige, nw. a prodigy ; a wonder 
ProdigieuMnent, atf. — gioasly 
Prodigieuz, te, a. prodigiona ; Tas< 
Prodlgtt*, 3. «. ,. prodigal ; upendt 
Prodigoer, va. to lavish ; to watta 
Proditoirciaent, ad. treacherously 
Productioii, tf. production ; produel 

writinp or papers produced 
Prodiara, ra. to produce ; yield ; ( 
<e — , VT. to put one'a self forwartl 
Produit, «»(. produce ; product 
Pro«ne, [. afmO «m. a preface 
Pro^minence, «/. eminence 
Pro^minent, e, •. prominent 
Profanateur, «m. profaner, polluter 
Profanation, »m. profanation 
Profane, 3. a. t. profane ; profaner 
Profaner. ea. to profane ; to abos* 
Prof<rer, va. to uttar; to speak 
Profis, se, a. $. profeasad monic or : 
Professer, va. to profess ; tu teach 

Profession, «/. profession; declai 
trade; vocation, calling; tow 

Profeaaorat, mi. profeasorship 

Profit, ««. profile 

Profiler, vn. to draw the eontou 
figure ; to draw a profile 

f*^t. {j>ro-ft*l Ml. profit, gala 

Profitable, 3. a. profitable ; useful 
Profiler, vii. to profit, gain; improi 
Profbnd, a, a. deep ; profound 
Probnd^ment, ad. deeply 
Profondsur, rf. depth j profundity 
ProfoniM, (Taiaseau) a. a ship that 

much water 
Profusteient, ad, profiiscly 
Profusion, tf, profusion ; prodigalit 
Prog<nitare, tf. progeny, offspnng 
Programme, irai. programma 
Progris, [. grag"^ *m. progresa ; profi 
Progressif, Te, a. — sItc ; a<lTancing 
Progression, if. progrctaion 
ProgreMiTement, ad. progressiTely 
Prohiber, f<«. to prohibit ; to forbid 
Prohibitif, Te, a. prohibitory 
Prohibition, if. — tion; interdiction 
Proie. C»roo-iM] tf. prey; booty: pi 
Picjcrctile, «m. pftSeeiile 
~ ■ ■ * 7ro{ection 

•.proiect; design, sc 

Projection, tf. profection 

Projet, [. /«] m. proiect; , 

draught, graond-pfot, siceteh 

Dlation, tf. prolation 
ProKgon^nss, eai. pi, prolegomena 
Prolesec, ^. prolepsia 
Proliflqae, 3. a. prolific ; ganeratiTe 
Prolixe, 3. a. prolix ; tedious ; diifu) 
ProUxcBMt, ad. tadioutly; diffuael' 

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PtoponiMUMncnwnt, ad. — tionallr 
Pii>porti»Bn<iBent, a<f. proportionally 
Proportionner, tw. to proportion 
Propoa lfT*-f, beforv a rowd pro-poM!!, 
•a. diacoaraa, ulk, eonTetsation ; pro- 

A propoi, ltd. apropoa, •oiublr, fiti 

now I think of It 
A tout propoa, ad. aver and anoa 
Da propoa dflOttri, deaignadly 
Bora da propoa, improperly 
Mai ^ propoa, unaeaionably 
PrepoaaUe, 3. a. that can ba prepoacd 

dam in dirinity 

, __i. to prepoaa; to rng g a at 

— , vm. to deliver a trial aermon 
Se — , tFT. to parpoae, deaign, intand 
Propoailion, «/. propoaiiion, propoaal 
— a'arr*nr, a writ of error 

Pain de propodtion, ahowbread 
Propra, \prn-pr-) 2. a. neat, clean; owBj 

•aaae ; proper, fit ; niiuble ; gcutcal 
— , am. property ; real eaiate 
Prepiaaaant, mt. oroperly { 
Propret, to, a. affectedly i 
Propietl, «/. doanlinesa ; 

Pfopri<iair«, t. propficto 
Propriety, •/. propriety ; 

Prorata Can), ad. iu propordom 
PicarogatioD, «/. prorogation ; delay 
'Oger, 9a. to prorogv« ; to put ofl 
I, »m. ma. a llalay boat 

. Boi-eJtcj a. a. proaaie 

Pioacriptcur, aat. a baniikcr 
Pioacilptian, a/. — tion, eatUwry 
Proaciin, na. to proaerib ; outLnr 
Praaarit. m. an ontUw ; fiigitiva 
Piaaa, rpr«s«] rf. proaa 
Piaoflytt, «. a proaelyta ; conTcrt 
PiaoOvtianM, *m. proaelytism 
P i aaaii i , rf. proaody 
Praaodiqaa, 3. a. proaodleal 
P r aaopo p fa. tf. -poia. petaanUScatiaa 
Proapactaa. Ma. proaprctna; plan 
P i oap> ia , 3. a. prosperooa ; fortunala 
Praara<rar. «*. to proapor ; to thrire 
PnMp«rit«. rf. — nty . good fbrtnna 
" — ~—-'-^, rf. . '-'-- -»— 

Proieatation, $/. 
Protester, v. to proicat ; 

Prottt, »■•. a. prouat; ^ ^ 

Protocole, C> • eal] tm. protoeol, a 
Protonotairc, «r *" 

Protetrpe, «si. prototype ; Bmiial 
ProtuMraacc, rf. pcotubcr- 
Protiiteor, »m. goatdian 

Cproo] rf. wta. prow off 

»e, */. proweaa ; azplatt 

Pronver, ixl. to prora : to alioi 
ProTenant, a, a. aceraing, aaia 
Prorendc, */. provendor 

iaaue ; to aceme, to full t* 
Pro*«nn, tm. profit, eaMilaswmt 
ProTcrbe, m. —verb ; mwaii aayiay 
Prorerbtal, a, a. provorbial 
ProTerbialeaacat. ad. pmrwibiaSfy 
ProTideact. rf- proridenea 
ProTigner, v. to lay a branch a£ aiao n 

tha groond ; propagate ; iiicnaaa 
Praria, tm. layer of a Tin* ; viaa apHg 
Proriacc, s/. a prtrviue* ; a aUto 
Proriadal, a, a. *. proTiacial 
Proriacialat, mi. prorimrrtalaiitp 
Proviaeur, *m. head maatev, w 

», rf. p 

Pioatration, rf. pfostraiion 

Ptoiaae, [. «aa«] rf. protaaia 

Prozimila, rf. prazimty ; a 
Proda, 3- a. «. pnidiah ; a | 
PrMenunrat, [. da-mmml i 

Prodencc, rf. • 

Pmdent, c, a. pmdenl ; wa« ; ■ 
Praderie, •/. pnidcry ; affected n 
PmdIioianM, tm. an houeat asK 
Pn4'b4anaaie, rf. profaUy } haaaa^ 
Prone, rf. a pram ; pniac 
Ptaneaa, «ai. a praac ; driad prwae 
Pmnelaie. rf. orchard of Blam tma 
Pnuiella, rf. a sloe ; pvpll of iho era 
PraneDicr, m. a sloo-ttoe ; Hiitifciia 
Praniar, am. a plan-tRO 
~ . ati. praiicney ; itching 

{nMl-mit€2 am. paal^t 
^tfomi- m a rf iaj rf. — dj j aiag' 

PUJaiodier, tm. to aiag psalaa 
Paaltirion, jat. paaltery 
Paaaticr, am. a pnlicr. p! 
Paaunte. ipaa-mi] am. a p 
PKodonync. m. oar tha 

Paora, aat. ai. the itch 

Paoriiiaa. Ifo^nctt] t. a. aU. i^ky 

Paychalogie, rf- — gy. Uaadaa aa 


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PUK 183 

. ■tinkinK; rmnk ; fatty; i 

Pumnunr, tf. tHnk; stanch 
PnMr*, {.fU'h€at\ 3. a. puheseent 
Pab«rt4, ^f. pnhortr ; ripciieti of age 


Pab«rt«, ^f. pnhortr ; rii 
Publle, *m. t)i« piifilie 

Publier. va. to publinh ; proclaim 
PuhliquenMnt, mi. pablicly ; openljr 
Pace, «/. • flea C 

Puoeau, «M. a mala vlrKln ; a mina of) 
PuceUfte. tm. raaidanhead, vir^nlt^ 
Pucelle, uf. a maid, virgin; shsd-fiiih 
Puecroa, tm grub, rina- flatter 
Pucbot, «M. a watar-«i>out 

Pndicit^, af. podicity, chastity 
Pudi<|uc, 1. •. eha«ie ; o-.odnt ; maidenly 

Puar, VK. U 
Paaril. a 

ii. chMtely : modestly 
itink ; to eman atrooc 
poarila; childiah 

Puvrilenent, md. childishly 
Pii4riUt4, if. paeritity ; cUldisknea* 
Pugilat, «M. boxing, cuffing : 6ght 
Patn<, r, a. vounger ; aecond [that 

Puis, f pi(>«ej a<<. then: afterwarda; after 
Puitage, tm. the draiving ap of water 
Puitard, [. tar'^ tm. draining- well ; ceM- 

Puiaer, va. to draw up 
Paiaqae, c. aince ; aaeing that 
Paiatamment, ati. mightily ; powerfally 
Puisaanee, «/. power; might; strength 
Pblsaant, e, «. powerful ; lusty ; rich 
Puits, eat. a well 

PttUular, vn. to mnltiply ; to inereaa* 
Pnlmonaire, ). ■. palmouary 
— , «/. te. lung-wort 
"■ • ie, «/. eoosumption, decline 

Pultatioa, t/. beating of the puis* 

Pulreria, eat. primiag-powder 

PulTiriaation, */. pulTcrisation 

Pulvtfriaef, tm. to pulverise; comrainate 

Pumicin, ea«. palm-oil ; oil of Senegal 

Panalt, •,«.«. that has a foated noa« 

Punalaa. «/. a bu« 

Punir, ta. le punish i 

Piiniasable, 3. a. punishable 

Paniaaeur, «m. punishar, '^ 

Punition, e/. ponithcient 

Pupillaira, 3. a. pupillary ; of a minor 

Pupillarit^, e/. pupillage ; wardship 

Pupille, «. ward ; pupil ; scholar 

— , tf. the eye-ball 

Pupttre, «M. a desk 

Pur, «, [pur, furt] n. pure ; unmingird ; 
inneeent; dear; entiir ; clean; m«re 
En pure perte, in vain ; to no purpose 

Pmr<e, C- rit} tf. pejt-soup or porridge 

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QUA 184 

QiwdnaMawl, e, a. qaadragtaliMl, of 

9T iMlMUEtaU ID fjDQt 

Qaaara«£lai«, t/. qaaarH*«n** *>>• '■'«( 
Siiiidaj im L«ot 

UMdmnglt, »m. qukdranf la ; aqiiar* 
'ttadmafulalr*, 9. a. quadniaicalKr 
uadnt. rai. auadrat«, quailratura 
oadrMuf*, a^. — tun ; elock-irork 
udrer, Ati/. Cadrar 
uadrlanual, a, a. qitaidraiuilal 
oadriibliiiaB. «at. — faUum. a aort of tre- 
Ml ar clovar, with iatir laavaa 
QuadriUUra, an. quadrilaieial fiipira 
QntidriUa. «/. a tioopaf harMCor ataviaa- 

--, «iM. quadrilla (a/ aariia) 
QiiadrapMe, cm. anadniped 
— , 3. a. quadnipad, four foalad 
Qaadrnpla, aai. S. «. — -rBpla ; ic 
Quadniplar, «. to quadTii]iUe«ta 
Qaai, [M} am. qaar ^ a rlrer 
Qualclie, 9^. aM. a katak 
— '-'-f, aaaa, «. » quakar 

Qualifieauar, tai. qualiScalot 
^ "" MkM. «^. — thm } cluu 

It, tM. to qaalify : to call 
. jr. 10 aallua ona'a aalf 
OkaliU, tf. — tf ; tank ; aoeoatpl 
Qnaad, [tow] md. wImu i what tima 
—, e. thoofh, il 
— ai*aia, though ; althwich ; U 
Qnaat i, «tf. aa far; aa to) < 

TomtmfiU •< faoiilaa, «h(. whanarar 
Qaaatttma, S. a. «•*. what, whieh (fa 

fi4Mt o^ roNit or «Hiaii«r) 
Quantiti, \Jnnm-t»-lX\ ^. qaaatat/; 

•.«r- forty 
Oaaranta, a. forty 
Qiuiranteiii«r» aat. mm. lopa of tha aiaa of 

tha ratdinc liaaa 
Q«araatiine, 9. a. <m. (ortiath 
Quarrt, ^M. Carrf. aio. 
Quart, [car] «m. qaartar : ■■— law'a watch 
— . a, a. foarth r«>A 

Quanaaiar, m. cAa. a wild boar four yaara 
Owirtatlo^ tf. taCadof af gold 
Quanaut, «ai. • qnartar OMk 
Qoarta, ^jf. a qaart; faurth, (it ataafe. al 

pfyaaf, to/«i«^, ate. 
Qaarianiar, «m. aUonaan of a ward 
Quarterau. aaa. oowter of a pouadi 

quartar of a haadrcd 

Quano (In-) Cooo-«r-fe«] a. 
Quarts, aai. quarts, a sort - 

" 1, VM-m\ ad. almMt 

quarts, a sort of flint 

[J^a-M-aM-^l ^. Low Sunday 
I, 2. a. qaataruary 

iraa, [oiia-lcrMl tm. quatora 

lalotaa, Ukm-tar-wti 

QualoraUaao. 9. a. m- fouriaontk 


8uatraii>« •■•• ■taass of fuar v* 
uatio, \h*-ir\ a. <w. four 
— -teoM, aat. p'. Emhor-wreoh 

rui0-dU, 3. a. ninety 

TiagtiiBic, 3. a. ei^tictlt 

vingts, aat. fouracoro 

QuatrUxna, 1. a. «at. fourth 

Qaatriannalt a> a. quadi 

iga, «si. quay •toll , 

Utt] pro. thuti which 


— , e. that; aa; than; bat; 

whao ; lost i unlaaa \ lat 

-, md. how ; hew much, hoar n 

lualT quaUcr \hd. »JU«] pw*. 

1, pro. -*^ 

, ;,^t 

Juatqnc part, aamawhora 

— pan, a little ; Mnaawhut 

Qnal qn'U lolu whatarar h« ■macf \ 

Qualqua rieha qu*!! aoit* ^ 

may ha 

ilqa'utt, aomabodT i 

>nj>»<A m/. ■ nllIlil'B I 

I. a onaa 

^. qnaatoranip 

|u«M. \.kmt€\ tf. anilsftioaw 

•naat, saareh; hunt; (mm.) \_ 

QulMr, V. to ba la qaaat af ; «• _ 

Baha a gathoriag ; ga n bagging 

Qaltaur, aa. a. ana -*- ' 

Qnaua. af. tali ; tinin ; haalW ; • 
▼aaaal ; eua ; stalk ; ramr 
■ 4 qooua, «<(■ ona afkar a itnahm 

— da nt, (/. at«. p-^-*- 

— d'aioada, «rel. 11 . 

(aitf.) de*«-tniliDg down 

Qui.' lUfi fro. that. who. whuM ; i 
that; wborrer} whataoovor 
niooaqno, pro. whoavar. wheaawii 
>nl qua ca aoit. whaarar i uahady 
' ildav, C»«y-4(aa] aat. a rmilii i 
lidaaa, qT- • eartain wniaaa 
-'- a, a. qniot; traaqaO} aft*" 

. ^C Ml aat. ay 

Alaaa, aat. aM. ahlp-tall 

lUa, ^. a aimplni had of n aUp 

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QuiUcT, iMi. to throw who ihall play first. 

uillttt*. »f. Ooicr-twiK 

uillior, M. a aaiuuw for nlncplin 

ainaud, «, a. •bMhod, ar*^ ' 

JuiiiewlU, j/. hardware 
QulncaiUori*, »f. haTdwaro trada 

' ulneailUar, *m. iror 


. ii/."'two firea W 

•uinattaciiiaifa, 9. •. ftftr yaara old 
" 1, ./. -alma-Sojiday 

liuquaaiuiuB, «m. auioquannian 
iiD(]u«DOT«, ^f. qnuM}naaoTi, a kind of 
gamo with two dic« 
Qnintiaiaa, «at. teaalta' bark 
Quint, a, a. flftn 
Qaintalna, «^. qolntiii or qnalataln 
Quintal, *m. ^nmlal ; •ten* pitcher 
Quinte, CAofiiO ff- » Tiolaat fit of aeaah. 

isv; a fnak; quint; a fifth (in auMW) 
— •fauiUe, ^. cinqnc-foil 
Quintela«e, «ai ma. ballaat 
Qaiater, •«. to atamp gold, at*. 
Quintaasaaee, tf. — iraee ; aabataaea 
Quinteaaaneier, 9a, to r^ao ; to be too 


R«». ISih totter of the alphabet 
t Rabtcha^, «m. tircaomo rvpelirion 

in diaeouiio 
lUliiehcr, v. to malie tireeome repeittioiM 

in diicoune 
RabAcheur, lo, «. «m« who taaaea with 

timome r*)ictttion« 
Kabaia, «m. abatement ; fiiU ; drawback 
RabMtteaaaat. *m. leaicninif ; faill 
Rahaitaer, va. to lower ; Immh ; 

«; t 

to de- 

Quintttptor, i>c. to repeat fir* timea 
Qttinaain, «ai. fifteen all la/ /«»■'•) 
Quinealne, «/. fifteen; fortniakt 
QuinM. a. im. fifucn ; the fifuenth 
Qointite*. 3. a. m. fifteenth 
Qaioeaafe, aai. the act of rubbing leather 

Quioeee, «/. a h«n* with which leather ia 

Quioeaor, va. to rub with a hone 
Quiproqao, *m. a miitake 
Quiqueren, aai. a nightmaa 
Quittanee, 4^. aequlttanee; rarelpt 
Qttittaneor, pa. to wriu a receipt 
Qnitte, i. a. quit ; dear ; free ; rid 
Qulttenent, ad. free and elear 
Quitter, wa to quit; foraahe; reai| 

leare: yield : let go; desist: esctta* 
'--■ '- - 'n full 

Quitue, eat. a receipt in f 
Qui TiTo ? who «ea thcru . 

Ktia aur le qai Tire, to be watehfnl or 

attentive ; to be nneaar 
QneiaUer. (fo-oi/ai m. to abake th 

uil (mM 0/ a Aorer) 
Quoeoloe, tm an Italian atoae 
Qaoi. [toi-maj pn. which, what ; that 
_ ! bu. what I how now I how I 
Qnoique, o. although { though 
Quolibot, [to-U-ik-i «M. quirk; pun] 

aorry joke 
Qaolibtftiete, «. a. punster 
Qnote-«*rt, ^f. quou, share ; dividend 
Quotidiea, ne, «. quotidian, dally 
Quottont, [io-ae-M] m*. qooiirnt 
'iti, ef. qaou. share 


Se — , vr. to debaae one's solf : 
Kaban. ««. ata. gasket ; ear-ring ; knitti 

ropa-band Crop** bands, etc. 

Rab« una Toile, wta. to « a aail with 
Raliat, em. abatamant of a prioa ; a band ; 
tipping at nine-pins 

- -joie, MS. a balk ; a troubleaoose person 

tabatage, «as. tare ; dadacrioa 

labattre, «a. to abate; bate; tip ; parry; 
pull down again ; to humble ; leaeea ; to 
plait and sew 

-, vn. to turn, to bend one's steps 

e — , vr. to fall apou; to descend 
Rabattues, «/. v/. ma. hanees of th* rails 
Rabbin, «m. rabbin, Jewish doctor 
Rabbinique, 3. a. rabbinical 
Rabbinitme, tm. doctrine of the rabbins 
Rabbinista, em. rabUnist 
RatWitir, v. tostupefyi grow dnll 
Rabotte, «/ rape or ooU-aeed 
Rabillag*. « — ■ •- 

tor, va. to patch : to | 
', em. back of a hare i 

Riblea, mm. pi. floor-tlmljara of a boat 
RAUu, e, a. strong backed 
Riblaie, «/. ma. rabbet 
Raboanir, mi. to amaliorate, hnprov* 
Rahot, [ra-io] tm. a plane; heater 
Rahotcr, va. to plan* ; to poliah 

nanaiauz, aa, a. ruggcu : rongn 
RaboticT, tm. a furrowed beard 
Raboiigri, *, a. stunted ; mlsgrox 
Raboairrir, m. to grow stuntM 
Rabouni»T«, If. a rabbit burrow 

RabrtHMT, va. to annb; to chid* 
Raeaga, eat. ma. parrel 
Raeaille, «/. rabble; aaeb; traah [Teller 
Racambeau. Irm-emt^l tm. wta. a tra- 
** wmmoaage, tm. nicndinf 

foniHoder, va. to mend ; to adjust, 
t right t t* repair; to rseoncil* 
». — , vr. to b* reconciled 
Bstfcmmodsur, s*, *. meBd*r: bot*h*r 
Race«rd*m*nt, «m. ank, levelling 
**»ceord*r, va. to r*ooncil* again ; to new 

tnna: to l«r*l 
Raeeouplrr, va. to eoaple again 
Kaceourci, tm. ahridgment | epitom* 

Raceourci seem lint, m. 

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RaecrM, r». an uMSipwMA «•»» w (trolu »• lUdondi 
(af iUltardn 

Kacc, «f. nee; fMnUy; breed ; kind 
RacOT, VK. to bread a liule on* like the 

parent Itaid vf hirdt) 
RaehaUndwr. m. to brinf bwik euatomwa 

to a shop 
Rachal [. <M] etM. radempiion ; recorerr 
Kacbe, •/. di«p of piMh \ Mnrf on the 

howl i a Mlt meaauro 
RachotaUo, 3. a. radeeoMble 
lUchetor. tw. ro bur again ; rcdaom 
Rachitiqiu, 3. m. rickctty 
lUehitla, m. the riefcata 
Kaeiaac*. tm. deeoctieo o£ walaut-tiM 

le«*eB, eie., for drotag 
fUrinal, tm. prop ; boam 
Hadaa. ^. root ; principle i hegiBoiDg 
Radnor, m. to tiJio root ; epring np 
— , fw. to djo with root* 
Racla, a/, wa. aerapor 

bojrao. Ma. aeraper ; eorry fiddlor 

Raeler, •«. 10 actapo, •haTo, raio \ to 

eleaa; to atrilie off eorn 
RaalOMr. nt. a wraper, torry fiddler 
Haeloir, «•. ■eispcr, gratar ; a rake 
Raeloito, rf. a atriekle 
Radurt, ^. aerapiiigB 
Raeolage, tm. eriroping 
Raeoler, ea. to crimp 
- • m. a crimp, kidiMpper 

tw. to raUu i tdl ; narrate 

;, »m. a relator; a teller 

Racorair, ■•. to make hard aa horn 
8a — , rr. to grow hard and tough 
Raeomlaaaaent. *ai. hardness 
. kt} tm. winnini 
r, oa. to rotrisTO ; 

lo, «/. ma. nMd, 

loan, ras. a raft of timbor 

Rader, t<a. to arrire in a roadataad 
Radorio, ^. a oatrole-taK ia Parda 

Radial,' e, a. radial ; that haa ray* 
Radiation, */. eradiation ; eraaure 

» ,. . ^cal} prImlUTe 

— <anr; originally 

>, sf. the act of getting reoti 

RadiruU, */. fa. radiola 

Radior, •». mm. aorm in the dock 
Radiou. so, a. radiant : shining 
RadionitTO, oat. —tor, Jacob's auff 
RadU, ira-4M) m. a kind of horaa- 

radiah; taraip-^adish 
Radius, ifm-d*-U4i rwliua, th« Uaaer bona 

o< the arm 
Raddre, «/. a (trickle 
Radotaga, oat. dotage ; raring 

~- • m. to dou ; to rare 

»/. dotaae ; raring 
.. so, I. a dotard 
Mk at*. rc6tting ; repair 
T, *•. ais to rolTi i to ealk 

Radoueiiseaicnt, mi. allayiiHr 
high rough tido 



suddoD Bqumll af « 

to be confii 
Kaffenniscement, »m. 
Kaflller, t>«. to mnnd 
lUmnagc, •«. rafining: ii ft as w sM 
RafHnaineat, eai. refinement j ra fin i ng , ■ 

ferttd tticoty ; sal>t1e«y 
Railing, e. a. refiiicd ; aharp ; alairal 
Raffiner, ra. to refine ; to b* otlicd 
Se ^, or. to grow sharp 
Raffluerie, $/. a sugar hnlMlMMsa* 
Rafflneur, sm. a sugar bsihcr ; n that 
lan ; hypereritic 

Raffolir, vn. to grow mad 

Rafie, »/. pair-royal at dlco; gnfa-ttsb. 

Rafler, va. to carry nway fiaadbly: c* 

refrosh one's self. 
UfralcUssant, t. a 
Rafralchifsement, n 

ingi refrigeration 
Rafraiehissenens, m. pi. mm, n mw^j* 

fresh prorisions 
Rafraichissoir. sas. cmIct 
Ragillardir, va to cheer n] 
Rage, </. rage ; madaesa ; tm 
Rogot, e, a. thick and ahort 
— , a, «. dwarf ; shrimp ; 
Ragoter. va. to grumhla ; 
RagoAt, [ra-^eol i ». a n _ 
Ragodtiuit, e, a. relishing ; 
Rogoilter, va. to rcTive • 

quicken ; stir up, prOToko 

acraftr, m. to clasp again 

Rtgrandir, m. to eoUr«o agalm 

Ragrfor, oo. to new front ; 
Se — , vr. ma. to refit 
Ragr^mont, «at. new fronting, CM. 
Racuar, va. ate. to chafe, mb 
Rdde, Raideur, etc. yht. Rddn, «t. 
Rde, Irof'i ^f- >>■>•; •troho; f«*row ; tks 

thomback or ray 
— (&la}. one with another 
Raifort. [rd-/o»: tm. horao-radialt 
Rolller. r«. to rally ; bMtn-; JnM 
So — de. vr. to laugh at ; to soaem 
Railleric. ^f. ralUory ; baBtenn^ ; jaw 
Rdllenr, se, «. « bantering ; Jia e a i 
Rainceau, tm. foliage ; (M.) a hwngh 
Raina. ^.afrog 
RainetU, tf. rennet 
Raiaore, ^. m groor* 
Ruponeo, rf. rampion, sort of sallad 
Ralre, rsi. to share ; to cry (a« m tfAtf) 
Bnis, trawl ^ai. a spoke of n wkaoi ; tay, 

ba«aft of light 
Ralaln. fat. a grape ; bunch of g i n nas 
de Corlnihe. dried cutraMa 

- of •-»• 

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RAM 1 

, [. MM] •/. rMWon, MDM, judg- 

; proof: cause, motiTe ; Mtiafactioii 
ne BoeiAt^). a comm«rcial firm 

, reasonablo ; rational, 

aenaiU* ; just, right ; eoiiTenieut 
R«iiM>niiaUement, ml. rationalljr ; jaitljr; 

raaaonably ; moderately 
Rai(anii4, e, a, rational; srsniioiitatire ; 

analytioal; accurate 
Haiaonnamant, tm. reasoning ; judgments 

argvmant: dltoourse 
Raiaannar, v*. to rcaaou ; to argue 
RaiaonneuT, se, t. a reaaonar 
Bajouiair. na. to mako young again 
— , VM. to grow young again 
Raljcuniaaamant, aai. growing young 
Rajuatement, «ai. reconciliauon 
Rajuatar, va. to set in order again ; mako 

triands again ; to reconcile 
Rile, MB. rail, a sort of bird ; rattling in 

tha throat 
Rilemeiit, sm. rattling in the throat 
Ralentir. va. to tlaeVen { to diminish 
Se — , vr. to slacken ; relent 
Ralentlsacmant, «in. alackening 
Rilar, tm. to rattle in the throat 
Railugne, «/, Md. holt-rope 

— de chute. Ma. leech-rope 

^ de fond, aui. foot- rope of a aail 

— da tStUre, aia. head-rope of a aail 
RaUoguer, va. ma. to fly loose to the wind 

ltpiaki»g of tie talis) 
Roller, VH. eka. to cry (m a stag) 
Ralliement, an. rallying 
Rallicr, va. to rally ; to put into order 
Ralloagcr, »a. to lengthen 
Rallnmer, va. to light or kindle again 
Se — ,vr. to kindle or break out axain 
Ramadan on Ramasan, tm. ramadaii, the 

Mahometan Lent 
Kamadoner, va. to aoftea by caresses 
Raa»adouz, tm. ichnanmon, Indian rat 
Raina«(e, tm. the warbling ^ Urtlt ; flow- 
ering m ttmjft ( right of outting branches 

in a forest 

Onrrage k ramage, flowered work 
Ramager, vn. to warble, to chirp 
Ramaigrir, v«. to make lean again 
— , va. to grow lean again 
Ramaillage, «ai. goats' skin dressing 

" '"n, va. to dress goats' skins 


I, Cra-ma] tm, collection ; heap 
t, «/. sledge used on the AIpe 
' e, a. well set ; thick and ahort 
■, va. to gather ; collect; to picli 

an : to bans, to cuff ; to lead or drire 

sledges on the snow 
Ramasiettr, «m. tledge-drivar ; eollaetor 
Ramaasis, eat. confuaed eollaetion 
Rambour, tm- sort of flne Isrge apple 
n — 1 ,^ ,„_ ,},, mixing of wool 

for pickled salmon 

Rame, ^. an oar ; a 

Ramaan, tm. a hough, branch ; ramifica- 
tion ; vein of gold, silrer, etc. 
RamJe, tf. arbour; a green bough 
Ramendage, tm. mending Imilkgirdtrt) 

', V. to fall in price ; to mend 

Ramener, va, to bring back ; reclaim 
Ramentevoir, va. to call to mind 
Ramequin, tm. sort of cheeiecake 
**amer, va, to row ; to set np sticks fov 

Pois ram^B, peas growing on sticka 
Ramereau, est. young ringaore 
Ramette, t/. kind of primer's chase 

n _^ ^ rower: one that rows 

. __. I. full of branches 
Ramier, «m. wood-pigeon; ringdore 
Ramification, qf. ramification 
Se Ramifier, vr. to ramify, branch out 
Ramingue, 3. a. mati. reattve, stubborn 
Ramoiiidrir, va. to leaaen ; diminish 
Ramoitir, va. to damp ; moiiten 
Ramollir, va. to soften ; to enerrate 
So — , vr. to grow soft ; to relent 
KamoUissant, «a«. an emollient 
Ramoner, va. to sweep a chimney 
Ramoneur, «ai. a chimney-sweeper 
Rampant, «m. sort of truss 
-, e, a. rampant; crawling; cringing, 

fawnins; serrile; mean 
Rampe, [ram-pej if. flight or balostrada 

of a Btaircaae ; slope in a garden 
Rampement, tin. creeping, crawling 
Ramper, [rajt-pjtl pn. to crawl, to creep; 

to cringe, to fawn ; to he mean 
Ramnre, tf. horns of a deer 
Ranee, 2. a. «m. rancid ; ranciditr 
Ranche, if. rundle, round of a laader 
Rancher, en. sort of ladder 
Ranchier, eai. bl. scythe -blade 
Raneiditj, •/. rancidity, rancidness 
Raneir, va. to grow rancid 
Roncisanre, tf. raitcldness 
Ran^on, [raa-een] sf. ransom ; redemption 
Ran^ounement, tm. the demanding a 

Ran^onner, va. to set a ransom upon 
Ran^onneur, se. t. extortioner; cxaeier 
Raneune, ^f, rancour ; grudge ; *i>Ieen 
Raneunier, e, a, t. ntncoroua ; spiteful 
RandonnJe. tf. cka. circuit, round 
Rang, (.raH^ tm. rank ; range ; row ; turn ; 

rate ; tier ; daaa, order ; dignity 
Rangte, if. a row ; range ; rank, file 
Ranger, va. to aet in order; range, rank; 

to draw back ; to subdue 
5* — , vr. to stand by ; to side with 
Ranger, Rangier, *m. M. rpindecr 
Ran^lllnn, im, an iron point 
Rammer, va. to re-animate , revire 
Ranulaire. 3. a. M. mnular 
Ranule, ^. tumenr under the tongue 
Rapace, i. n. rapacious ; greedy 
RnpaciU, ^. rapacity ; greediness 
Rapaiser, ea. to appease ; to padfy 
Rapatelle, tf. horse-hair doth 
Rapatriage, Rapatriement, lit. raooncilin- 

Mon ; reeonoiiement 
Rapatrier, v«. to reconcile 
Ripe, tf. grater ; rasp ; Ale 
RAp4, ea». grapes put Into spoiled wtite ' 

wine thus ImproTed 
RApor, i>a. to grate ; to rasp 
Rnpoiaaaer, m. to pitoh np ; to piece 

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a. rapid . 

it, ad. rajjridlT ; swiftly 
_ s/. —ly; awihnaM ; ceUri»y 
IUpi<cer, tm. to pice* ; to patch 
lUpUeauca, «m. patched work 
RApi^Mlwr. tw. to patch ; to pUoc 
JUpMn. «/. a nipier ; old long aword 
" ' '. rapina; plaudtrinf 

*0 pillaM ; to tab : to , 

_ _^ I. plunderer; pilfertr 

Rapiquer aa vent, va. ma, to bring a 

to th« wind 
RapoarciUer, «a. to mateb tLg»in; t> 

■all afaia 
R&nnel. tm. reoal ; roTokeaiMt 

r, va. to call back ; rMal ; i 

Rappliquer, va. to apply afain 
Rapport, tra-porj *m. report; 
•tory, tale; produM; aflnity, reicm- 
blance ; toapect ; rltlng In the atomach 
Par — il. in eompariaon of i for the sake 

Piece Xt — . Inlaid work 
Rapporter, ro. to bring baok ; to report, 
to toll; to refar i to deriT* : to yield, 

ita — , vr. to agree ; to suit each other ; 

Jela isaae ; U refer ; relau 
Rmwrteur, •». rvportcr; protnctor 
—. M, «. a telltaU. a Mab 
fuipprendre, v«. to laan> again 
Rappriniieer, tM. to taine again 
" "^ , «M. the bringing nearer 

Rapproeher. m. to draw iwar again; to 

wing aoarer ; to reconcile 
So _, If. to come nearer ; to draw towards 

n recowriliaiioB 
R«p«^, ./. rhaneody 
Rapaodiete, ra. rhapsoditt Cleneo 

Rapt. £r«|»0 »"■ rap-f ra»Uhm«nt ; rto- 

Rlpore, »/. raepinge 
Raparolr. *m. a relnini 
Raque, •/. rack, arrack 

Rare, S. a. rare, u ncwMi wi ; learca ; thi 

tabcllai preeioaa 
R«r«raetif. w, a. rarefying, thinning 
Rai4bolion. «/. lareiMtion ; utension 
Rariflaut, e. «. rareSabla 
Rai^fior. iw. to rarafy ; w make thin 
So — , vr. to rarefy ; W grow thin 
Raroneat, C- • Man] ad. rarely; ealdea 
RarotA, ^. rarity ; rareneea; toarcity 
RarlaaiaM, S. m. Tory rare er acareo 
Rm (^wMtl). m. m». ahoal ; race 

— do aarkne, mm. pant 

— de awr4a. sm. ddo-gato 
I. ehavod daoo ; emooth 

Raae, «/. calking piteh ; 

Raiemeat, tm. rasing ; llananliifcing 

Rater, v. to thaTc ; rmaa ; Ktaan 

— un Taiaseau, aut. to eiu dow« n ski 

So — , rr. cAn. keep cloa* to Um yai 

RaaetM. •/■ a ttniT without nap 

RattbttS, C- • »ix»l ad. close m ; ^try 

Raeiirs, ^. a eoro measaro 

KaM>ir, eai. a rasor 

, a. cloying ; fillinc 
cat. satiaCy 

Se — . vr. to be cloyed 

'Ung ; yd^mt l>- 

. <a. to gather ; tn eoOaei ; 
join together again ; m-aaneitU 
Se — , vr. to re-Bsaembln. naa«c ania 
Raeaeoir, v. to eettla, cobbmm ; m is 
Se — , FT. to sit down agmaa ; actUe 
Rass4r4ner, va. to mako aornoa 
Se — , vr. to dear up, grow aavaae 
Kasse, ^. coal-baakat 
Raesi«g«r, va. to beslage •(•!■ 
Raaais, [r«-««i] «a». boraa-akna aet ■ 

So — , fr. to cheer as acnla . aattW 
Rasnra, #/. cutting of hair ; nhnvlny 
Rat, [ra] tm. a rat ; eapiico, wMaa 
Ratana, am. ratafia; eherrv-Vraadr 
Rautin<, e. c. shiiTellad; aknmh ta 
So Raratiner, vr. to ehrinh, e««traai 
Rate, mT. the eplean (iMh 

RAteau. *m. a rake ; ward of ■ look; {^ 
RAtoMe, V'. a raking ; a mhoTnl 
Ritaler, va. to rake; gather widi • eal* 

a. «. i^ 
, rack ; iM of tneth 
Rater, m. m flash in the pnn ; la ■ 
Ratiar, «, «. a whimsical pmaai 
Ratlire, if. rat-trap ; a smnll ronas 
RaHflcation, «/. - tion ; coaRrwaiM 
Raliflor, va. to ratify, to cooRrai 
RatiUon, tm. litUe rat 

to argue 
ration, share < 

>n, if. rat 
inuel, la. 

Ratiser, va. to stir the fir* 
Ratissar, va. to sarape ; to nh* aff 
Ratissoin, ^f. an iron rake ; n aentpi 
Ralissaras, sA pi. scrapings 
Rate*, tm. cheeeaaake ; small n» 
Rattacher, v«. to tie again 
" Ira. va. to »*ert«lie 

k acain; rooav 
t. </. sraante ; 


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Raadti, if- hokncneu. raacity 
Kaucoutt. [riHiroM] »m. a pUnt uied iu 

Rauqna, 3. a. hanh, roagli ; howM 
R«Ta|e. %m. ravag* ; wait* ; havock 
RaTafar, ta. to rarafe \ la^ waaM 
Ravacaar, «». a raragcr, pillager 
RaraJemaat, *m. oantempt; rillfylac 

plaitaring of a wall 
RaTaler, vc to iwallour down acain; to 

rough-east a wali ; to debaaa, Tilifjr ; to 

inaka lower 
So — , vr. to debaa« or hooabla ont'a vAi 
Karaadaga, «m. nendlog of atoeliinKa; 

patchiug, botohing ; bniigtod work 
RaTaad«r, va. to boteh, patch, aaand ; W 

aeold ; to trifle ; W plague 
RaTaaderie, ^f. silly iniMrtiiMnt aluff 
RaTaudeur, se, «. a botcncr, mendei 
RaTaiui, Cra-t>o] «at. fi. cku. poles 
RaTS, if, a ndish 

RiiTelin. «m. mU. rarelin; half moon 
Unri. a, a. glad, pleased ; ovetjoyed 
Raviere, *f% a mduh-plot 
KaTigote, »f. chalot sauce 
RaTigolcr, vn. to r«Tiv« 
Ravilir, va. to debase, diiparaga 
RaTin, «M. raTine \ a hoUoar road canaad 

bj a flood 
Ravine, ^f. great flood ; hollow in a road 
RaTiola, ^f. a yoang radish 
RaTir, va. to ravish ; to charm 

K rarir, ml. wondeifull/ well 
So Raviser, v«*. to ehange one's mind 
Ra-ri*sani, «, a. charming ; rapacious 
Ravissamcut, «ak. ravishing ; raptare 
RaTisseur, «m. a ravisher 
RaTitailleassnt, ««•• Tlctnalliiig again; 

Ravirer, vm. to brisk up, reTtre 
Raroir, va. to get again : to recover 
S» — I vr. to recover ona s strongth 
Rayanz, mi. ;>/. moulda used ia the eoin- 

iiig of monsjr 
Rajer, va. to streak ; erase : rifle a gua 
Raygrass, ist. rye-graae, red darnel 
Rayon, ««. a ray, beam ; furrow ; spoke ; 

radius ; library shelf 
Rayonnant, e, a. radiant ; sparkling 
Rayounement, fai. radiation; radiancy 
Rayouner, vn. to emit rays ; to radiate 
Rayure, tf. suipe ; the rifle of a gun 
R4, CrJi] tm. a muaical note 
B«, tt IU, a reduplicatire particle, which 
•ntota into tha eomposllloa of maav 
words, and is traaslatod into SnglUh 
by the word a^(dt^ or imch. K*. renir, 
to ooBio ; revemr, to come buck ; fcrire, 
to writo ; r^crlre, to write again ; b&tir, 

to build: rebaiir, to build again. 

The words in which Re or IU Ismerely 
radnpUeatlTe are, for tki mMt part, 
omitted in this Dictionary and ia that 
of the French AeadenT 
Kraction, »f.- — tion, reciprocal action 
Kraggrave, Mm. last threatening monitory 
a Am) 

iUagir, va. ta re^aggtavato 

K<agir, v 



Riajoumer, va. \ 

to re-adjoum 
lUal, Riaui, im. real, a Spanish ooin 
— ■ e, a. regal, royal 
lUale, ^f. commander's galley 
fUalgal, eai. red arsenio 
lUalisatioa, */. realisation, realiaiofc 
Raaliser. va. w realise ; efiaetuau 
lUaliti. «/. reaUiy ; faet 
lUappoaer, ra. to seal up again 
iUappriclation, */. appraising again 
lUorpeaian, esi. aaeond land-anrvey 
fUaasignadon, tf. new assigiunont; aaer 

•unlmoaa [sign saew 

lUaasiner, w. to eummoa again ; to aa- 
lUattellr, oe. to put to again 
Rebaiser, ra. to kiss again 
Rabaisser, va. u let down again 
Rabander. va. to bind up again ; to cook 

a pistol again ; (ma.) to carry over to 

the other side of the ship 
Rebaptisation, */. baptising again 
RebapUser, [. id-le-sJi] va. to baptise 

Riharhatif, vr. a. crabbed, poceUh 
RebAtar, va. to aaddle again 
KetAtir, va- to rebuild, build again 
Rebattre, va. to beat again i w shnfllc 
_ again ; repeat over and over 

the dogs 
Reliee, (. Mt] em. rebee; flddla 
Rebolle, S. a. «. rebelHoas ; rebel 
Se RebelUr, vn. to rohel ) to rovolt 
Rebellion, af. rebcllien ; insurrection 

Se Rab<<]u«r, vr. to n 

Reblanenlr, va. to new-woan vr wuwu 

Rebolre, va. to drink again 

Reboodi, e, a. round, plump and hard 

Rebondir, v». rebouiid ; spring back 

Reboadissement, «m reboaikd 

Rebord, f . Ur^ rat. borders hem ; Icdn 

Reborder, va. to new-border, aew-biud 

Rebotter, va. to put boots on again ; lag.) 

to graft again 
Rehouehement, tm. blunting, dulling; 

tha act of stopping again 

abaucher, va. to stop again ; to Uant 

I — , vr. to grow blunt or dull 
Rabouiller, vn. to boil again 
RebouiaMge, tm. acouiing ; reprimand 
Rebonisar, va. to ecour : to ehlde 
Rebourgeonner, vn. to bud a<;aia 
Rebouro, I. b^r'] tm, wrong nldot wron< 

—lose ; the reverae, eomrarr 

rebenrs, an rebonrs, against iIm grain 
•r nap ; prepea i eronely 
— , a, a. eroas-grainod ; peaviah 
Rehottcae, C- Awret] if. ma. atartiag-boU 
Rebraaser, va. to brew again 
.Se — , vr. to tuck up one's slosvo 
Rebrider, va. to bridle again 
Rebrodcr, va. to embroider again 
RebreuUlsr, va. to embroil ■«">■ 

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RcbrouH*. 4 rtbi«o«M poil. againtt Um 

f rmiii i wrvog way mr tana* 
Rabrouraar, m. to turn up Um kwr 
— , VJt. ta go bMk; t« turn; to rui 

lUbronsMiir, am. a napping tool 
Rebroyn, va. to piud again 
Rabfunir, va. to burnish agaia 
Robuffada, tf. nbuft, robakt; danial 
Mbua, [. ft«o«] «a«. rcboa ; ilUy pua 

Rabutar, »«. to nfuaa with harahaaM; 

tkruat away s diahaartea ; diaquiat 
Sa — , vr. to deapond \ ba diaaouraCBd 
Raoicber, oa. to hUU again 
RMacheter, m. to acal ap again 
R^ealeitraat, «, a. raluctaut ; avena 
Rtakleitrer, int. to he nitraetory 

Raeamer, on. to trim with aaibroidary 
Rieapitalalioii, tf. —turn ; auniatafy 
Rieapitular, aa. to raeapitulata 
R ata rr ala r . •■. to new pare ; uew-aola 
RocaaMr, va. to plough a fini time 
Racaaait, {. . •••] «a». fiitt ploughisga 
RacMor, va. to reatore back again 

RMHcaiv aai f . lacalvai of ttolen gooda ; 
, {n-M-awit] arf. lataljrj ra- 

it ifiaah; 

. _ - -.^P'«>« » *»•' 
Raaapar. «a. to Mp the topa of U 
KMpJHf. •«!. a receipt 
Raoeptacla, gm. a reeeptaala ; akcltar 

Raeevabie, :i.a. racavaUe; lawful 
Racavaur, ■«, «. a rcceirer 

atoraa and riggin« 

RMhanger, va. to change again 
Rcehaaier, t>«. to eiug aaaiii ; ting 
and o*cr : tall over and orer 

iw reeo 
«charg«r, fM. I 

Mcood ehnrge ; to eni 

Se Bfchauirer, va. to grow wa 
tA warm one'a aalf agaia 

. UtUa aaov* far wiiliig 
r, fa. to laj new oaitk or daai 
abont the root* of traea 
Raeherehe. •/. reaearch ; oiiqalv* ; 

examination; coartabip 
Raeharch<, e, a. aought * ' 

qulry i to coon 

Rechcrehear, am. 

KeehlgD<, e, a. gruff; ■ulkir ; pc , 

Reckigner, va. to look gruR; ta poal 
Rechoir, oa. to fell a^ain { to lauaot 
Reehate, a^. relapee j accoiul fcU 
KMdive, V- Kcidi'ratMa. i 
RMdivar, «a. to rclaoaa 
R<cir, [r«-«(n «aa. r««r ; rto^ 
R<cip<, CM. praacripdoa ; rocipa 
KMpiendiairo. em. a caadMat* 
Recipient, «ai. recipient ; vaeal^er 
RMprocatioa, •/. raciprocatlon 

RMprociti. r* -= -" 

Rtcipmqua, '. 

d. reciprocallj 

» rm|ttrta : nAptmoM 

s oTcr agala 

RMproquar, i 

Reeirer, va. tOk was a ^ 

lUciaion, «a>. /a. reclainn.'i 
R^cit, IrX-oM] «a. recital ; accoaok; nUaa 
iUcitatsttr, «at. declaimer ; raeifear 
RiciuUf. am. rcciiatiTv, rccitativa 
iUciiatioB, tf. rceiutian ; laliaaialaa 
Raeitar, va. to recite ; rebaaraa ; (afi; it- 
iMe ; repeat ; declaim 

R^lamaden, ^. redamacioei. doam^ 
Reclame, ^f. catch word («M4 ^rimv*> 
Rielamar. va. to claim ; to bag* impl«v 

to appaaa, objact agaioat 
Se — do. vr. to make uaa af ana'a aamc 


Raeliner, va. to rccUao 
Reelouar, va. to nail agaia 
Reclare, ea. to akut op ia a delator 
Kcclue, 0, a. «. eloiatciad ■» ; a fadom 
a, rf. reelnalon ; cell 
r. va. U put to fligkt m hMt 

•ncii i to knock in again 
*' tocher la pftta. to beat paaia 
Recognition, ff. esaminatton ; neiew 
RecoUiar, va. to dr>M one'a haad agate 
Recoin, C. ttim\ »m. coraar; aoak . by 

Rccolamant, tm. re-ezamlaattoa 
R^ler, va. to re-esamine 
rf. recoUectioa 

It Vaek { ( 


R4ekaud. {r«-«Ai>»l «*»• ck»Bng-dUh 
"' • ~ cot. am. gvloatoK 

a a^ain , itir up 

Ricwllet, ta, i 

make a Ha Rieolligar, vr. to rccotUct oem'a a 

to reflect apon oae'e paat Ufa 
RicolM, ^f. crop ; harwM ; gatkoclag 
Rocoltcr, va. to get ia a crap 
Raeoromandable, 1. a. coatawndaUa 
Ricommaodareoea, rf. a worn 

a regieter offiae for uarooa 
Recomaiatidaiioa. rf.~ '- 

ralaci irquaali 

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, I. eo-wtan-dH] ««. to r«- 
d ; to giro orden ; to extu>rt ; to 

Sa — , vr. to inpluTO proteotion 
R«comm«icei»«nt, tm, reeommeneraMMt ; 

Racammeunr, va. to begin kgatn 
fMcompenta, t. koiffanet'] if. ncomponw ; 

Kn Rfcomponao, mi. in return 
KAoompeoMr, m. to reeompeuee, rowtird ; 

Recompotition, «/. recompotltion 
R4ici>mpter, [. itea-f jC] m. to count agftin 
R^cnneiUklile, 3. a. rcconeilaaUo 
R"ConciliHl<ur, «at. reconciler 

Se — , vr. to be rcconrilad 
R^conduetion, ^f. eujof ing prombet npon 

the Vun« oonditions, without lielng 

obliged to renew the lease 
R«coodulre, va, to raoouduct 
KAeonfort, [• • /"I '■<■• comfort 
R^eonfonation, «/. eomfortiu| 
R^eouforter, t>4i. to cheer ; tu fortify 
R«oonfrontetioB, ^f. the act Of "~' 


R«eonfreniar, va. to confront again 
RcronnaiMable, 3. a. that ia eaay to be 

known again 
Reeonaaiaiance, «/. reciignition ; latitude ; 

thankfulneea ; requiiiU ; reooguiiauce ; 

sea-mark ; reconnoitring 
Reoonn^aaant, e, a. grateful ; thanVfol 
R«Milaaltr«, va. to know again; aeliaow- 

ledgo ; obecrre ; to reconnoitre 
So — , vr. to come to one'i lelf ; repeat 
Reconnu, e, part. a. acknowledged 
Reconquirir, va to reoouquer 
Riconatitution, «/. jii. aailgnment 
Heeonatruetion, «/. reeonatructlon 
Reeonatruiro, va. to build again 
Roeooanhor, va. to cooauU again 
Reooniar, mi. relate or tell over again 
Reoontracter, va. to eontraot again 
Reoonroquer, va. to convene again 
Rocopier, IM. to copy again 
Racoouillement, eat. turniug, ihrinVing «r 

carling up 
Boeequiller, I'fi. to curl ; to ehrlak up 
Record, [• cor] ««• j*. atteetation ; tcatl- 

Recorder ea le^on, va. con one'e leaton 
So — , vr. to remember, call to mind 
Recorriger, va. to correct again, rcTite 
Kecora, C rorl tm. baiUiT'i follower 

Boeoupe, y. rubble of atonaa; chipping of 

bread ; nrot bran, grit, gurgior 
Bacoupeinout, *m. areS. receae ; i 
Kacottpor, vm. to cut again 
" -^^ tf, eoarae meal, grit 

; (ow.) to evor-ron, under- 

Reconrre, va. to leaeue ; to recorer 
Recoara, [. eeor] (m. reconrae ; redreaa 
Kecoua, cm. tna. repriae ; roacne 
RecoQTer, va. to brood or lit on again 
Roeourert, a, part. -a. corerad again ; re- 

RecouTiabU, 3. a. recoverable 
Kecouvromeni, *m. recovery ; gathering of 
taxea ; levying of dutiaa 

to retrieve ; to levy, gather 
Recouvrir, vn. to cover again 
Rccracher, va, to apit again 
Rier^aiice, c/. a proviaional poeaeaiioo 

given in a 'euit 
R««reatir, ve, a. recreative ; diverting 
R^criation, 4^. recreation ; sport 

Se — , vr. to refresh or divert one'e aelf 

K^cr^meot, «■>. recrement ; dross 

R«ereptr, ra. to parget, rough-east again 

Raeribler, va. to sift again 

Se R^crier, vr. to exclaim ; cry out 

KJcrimination, if. recriivtnaiiou 

Re'.rimiuer, vn. to recriminau 

Rjerire, va. to write again ; anawer 

Rccruitre, vn. to grow again 

Se Recroqncviller, vr. to shrivel, to shrink 

lip i to run up in wrinkles 
Recru, e, a. jaded ; sp^nt with fatigue 
Rccrue, *f, recruit ; recruiting 
Recruter, va, to recruit 
RecruMur, «•*. one who lecrutta 
Recta, ad. directly, straight 
Kectangle, 3. a. a. — gular ; rectangle 
Reetangulaire, 3. «. reetaugular 
Recteur, «at. a rector ; a superior 
Rectification, ^f. — tioii ; rectifying 
KaetiHer, va, to rectify ; reBne ; reform 
RoctiUgae, 3. a. rectilinear 
Rectitude, «/. rectitude, probity 
— de la vue, directness of the sight 
R«cto, *m. the first page of the leaf 
Reetoral, e, «■ reccorlai ; of a rector 
Rectorat, tm. rectorship 
Rectorerie, «/. rectory, paraonage 
Rectum, «Bt. M. the rectum 
Re<;tt, «ai. a receipt, acquittance 
— , e, part, received, accepted 
KecueU, C iaU/e] tm. a collection i com- 
Reoueil lament, «m. recolleeUon 
Recuelllir, va. to gather; to reap ; eon- 
pile i infer ; to receive, entertain -sea 
oaprits, to come to oue'a self again; 
call baieb all one's altanilon 
Se — . or. recollect one's self \ medlute 
Reeueilloir, tm. rope-maker's tool 
Recuire, va. to roast, ImII, or bake attain ; 

to neal er anneal 
Recuit, eat. oa Becuile. •/. annealing of 

meuds : baking of glass 
Recuiuur, «m. a blaucher or boiler In the 

Keen?, f . c«/] m. recoil i rteoUbig 

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RED 1 

RceulMl*, »f. dmriag iMekwwds 
KeciiU, e, a. ditlmat ; drairn \mA 
RccuUoBCJit, »m. dalaji putting offi 

pttttang or dnwiog Imek 
B«eul«r, «M. B nratcn-makcr'i fila 
— a va, to put hack or further off ; to do- 

laj, retard \ to estand, enlarge 
— , m. to fall baok ; to recoil 

A Reeiilons, ai. backward! 

sup^rer, ra. to retrieve one'e loee 
Reourer, va. to till a third time 
lUcarreott e, a. recurrent 
lUeusable, 1. a. exceptionable 
lUcoeation, tf. lecuMiion ; exception 
lUcuaer, va. to except against 
B4dacteur, eat. editor ; eompiler 
iUdaetion, rf. digesting, compiling 
Redan, «m. ad. indented work 
lUdsrguer, t>«. to reprove ; criticise 
Keddition, ^f. surrender ; giving up 
Redibattre, va. to debate anew 
Rad^darer, m. to declare again 
Rad^dier, ««. to dedicate agaia 
RedJiUre, va. to uitdo again 
Rad<lib«rer, va. to deliberate again 
Bad<Uvrer, va. to set at Ubertj agun 
Radeotandcr, va. to ask again 
RedeoMurer, tnt. to stav again 
RmMbmHt, va. to demolish agi 
Ridampiaur. tr* ' ^ 

Rcdipl^ht.. .- 
Redesoendre, v 


irf^, R«- 

to daspateh again 

Rad^vidar, ra. to wind up agaia 

Radevoir, va. to ewe still 

RadUUdoo, 4. jm. an aeden la oblige the 

sailer to take back damaged goods 
Radhibitoire, 3. a. — torv 
RiJiger, mi. to write dawn ; to digest ; 

to compile, 10 edit 
Se RMinTer, vr. to redeem one's self 
Redingote, a/, riding- coat; surtout 
Redire, va. to ear over again ; to blab ; to 

erideisa ; find (ault ; U blame 
Hadieeur, sm. repeater ; tell-tale 
Radistiibaer, tm. to distribute again 
RadUtiibudoa. «/. new dislrib«d>.n 
Radite, V". repeadon ; tautology 
RadoDdance, tf. redundance 
Radandant, e, a. redundant 
Redondor, vii. ta be redandant 
Rfdonner, va. to give again ; restore ; to 

fall on again ; to charge again 
Radorer, t-a, to gild over again 
RadoubUmcns, «ei. pi. paroxysms 
Radoablsment, ««. increase ; inci 

Radaubier, mi. to redouble 1 laereaac i to 

; increaking 1 

Radoatable, 3. a. formidable ; awful 
Radwite. [. deote] tf. ma. a redoubt 
Radootar, ra. to dtead ; •-• fear 


Radrcssctnant. $m. refiwadac 

Kcdresier, va. mm. to rl^k 

— , va. to rectify ; ta maka ■txaighl Sig^; 

rsdrvssi do justice 
"- — to grow atraigkt ogotn ; to U 

Radresssur, «m. an avenger ; 1 
Kedresseuse, tf. entitle oourtoi 
Kcdreasoir, «m. a planisMnw 1 
RMttcdble, 3. a. mlueibU 
RiducUf, ve. a. reduedv* 
RMuedon, if. reduedoo ; rodi 

itallMi n by- 

vr. to be reduced; 

• -da ha] 


RMu^i^on, (/TrcdnpfioKtion 
RMdiaeadon. •/. rabaildinc 
RMdifiar. va. to re-edify, to i«b«U4 
Kiel, le, a. real ; true ; f"— - 

RMlecdoo,!/. i«-elecUoi 


place ; nook ; ( 
RAlnpIicadf. ve. 

Rter. CrA-ai 

ReOeher, va. to r^x or taMo ■ 
Refa^ooner, «•. to <' 
Kafacdou, e^.eempe 
Rofalre. va. to do „ . 

mood, repair ; rcfreah ; deal miua ' 
• — > VT. to recover : to Hnn— ««II 
H«fall, [•/«/] em. a di«wa oma: ne* 

Kchccher, m. to mow again 
Rofectlon, «/. repast; rcpnratloa 
Rifaetoire, eat. reieetory; -" ing ,— 
"''-—"'- o, e. eonvent nomn^ 

»-r . ' *•>' •■• P*»««io« wan 

RMsndre, va. to eloave or apUt a«in 
K««»r«, am. /■. report 
Rettrendaire. em. — dary ia ffc—eaej 
WUrer, ». to refer; to report; nooibe 
»• — , iv. to U rdsrred ; roUaa 
Kcftrmar, va. to shut a«aia ; t* kari 

Rafiter, .. 

Rafiehar, va. to stick in again 

Rcfixar, va. to 6x. to settle ac*Ia 
Rifliehir, va. tt think on ; to%«a««i 
— , va. to reflect, reverbarato 
R4IUehiesani. e, a. leflectiag 
RAAtfehUsanMnt, m. leHwdmi 
Reflet, eat. reflection af the light 
Rcflitar. va. to reflect tho ligkt 
Roflaaret, am. sort of SpnnS wool 
Rafleniir, vn. to bloaeom aaaw j to tfiif "^ 


RifloxiliiUid.V'- reflesibaite 
R4flaaibU, %. a. reflaxiblo 
iUflexion, •/. rcfleedoa ; niiifHMlM 
liafleur, vm. to reflow; ebb; to flow bwk 
Reflux, [re-yV«. before a votmI w^^*'^ 

»m. ebb; rafluci ehau^o 
Rafoitder, nt. u rotuad ; ta repay 
Rafondce, tat. to cast again ; •» nmtt 

■gain ; to remould ; U rafcem ; (mo.) m 

repair ihoreughly 

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o lUnp ■fain ; to 

tefontt, ^f. melting dowa ifsin 
teforgcr, va. to ibrfa qpow 
LMbmaUa, 3. a. that majr or o«glit i 

MfonBattur, trie*, «. rcfomcr 
Kfoimatioii, «/. roforaiatiou; nform 
{^foriiM, ^. raform t diachu^e 
XAiormbt •> «. ProtMtaat ; Puritan 
-, «, a. rafenncd ; diachargad 
l^fennar. iw. la raCam; caakiar 
l«fonaer, t>«. to fpim anew 
Cefoucttar, va. to whip agaia 
UfottiUar, D«. to March again 
lefouir, vu. to dig up again 
lefoular, v. to (nil ; to stana 

go against tida ; to ram a 

to work a hat again 
-, VJ*. to ebb (B« tk* ildt) 
tefoulblr, tm. ramntar 
leCourbir, tta. to fiurbieh again 
lefoumir, ra. ta luppljr again 
lifrnctalra. 3. n. refraotor/ ; atnhbotn 
Ufmction, «/. rafraetion 
Ufrain, «m. refret ; burden of a eong 
MrwpynnU, ^f. rafrangibUity 
lefi-angi)ile, 3. a. rafiangilde 
lefraopar, va. to aliiiia again ; to atwnp 

U^nyer, mi. to aauotk; to poUak 

Ufr<iier, m. to loetnin ; to curb 

Ufrig<raat, a, a. — liTo; coaling 

-, #a«. a cooler 

Ufrtg«ratii; TO, a. «. refrigerativa 

Ufrig4ration. ^. ~tloa, cooling 

Ufringent, e, a. rafraetiTa 

lafrira, va, to fry again 

lefriaar, C/rw-aXl va. to earl again 

lafrognaaMnt. llan(rogaa«aot, aai. a anl- 

Icnneae of look; frowning 
(e Rafrogner, Sc Banfivgnar, vr. to knit 

ona'e browi; to pout; to eoowl 
lafroidir. ra. to make aool ; to refreek 
-, vm. to grow eiwl 
le — , a', to become eaol ; to relent 
Ufroidiaeamant. «ai. ooollng; ealdnaaa 
lefrotur, m. to rab again 
lefugr, ««•. refuge; ikelurj excuea 
l^fugi4, a, «. a rafune ; fugiUTe 
>e Rifogier, vr. ta fly for rifnge 
lefuir, vm. eta. to donbla 
lafuiu, */. t*a. aklftingi doubling 
{«fu8, [rt-fl '■*• refusal; denial; nfni 
lefitaar, va. to refusa. deny; r^aet 
-, VM. aM. to rafoaa ; laant 
la — , vr. ta dray ana'a self 
iefueion, 4A refunding; paying baek 
Ufutntion, ^. rafutatian ; ooMuution 
l^futar, vn. ta refau; confute 
lagagnar, va. to win back ; regain 
Icgahi, «ai. aftergraea. altetmatk 
X«gal, «ai. a treat ; a foaat; pleaanra 
Mgale, */. right of enjoying tka raroMiai 

of Taeant Utkoprioe 
Regalement, m. aataeament ; laraUing 
Ugalar, va. to regale, foaat, treat; tc 

acecaa, make an aaeesement; to leral 
X^galicn, «. (droit), royal preregMiTe 
Mgaliatt, «ai. incumbent of a bonafico 
Ragard, in-garl vm. a, look ; riaw ; adc 


lardaat, vm. tpaotator ; beholder 
e, a. niggardly ; lU.) lagardant 

, _ or on ; 

to front; eoiuidar; coneom; to taka 

head of 
Regamir, va. to farnlik again 
Regatea, ^f. pi. regatta 
Raiiayer, va. to comb flax 
Regayoir, «ai. a flax-oomb 
RegayuTO. «/. refute of flax 
Regal ex, va. to freeaa again 
R^gence, tf. regency 
Mginiratlon, ^JT. — tion ; reproduetloa 
Ragfo^rer, va. to reganerau ; ranoTaie 
8« — , vr. to grow again 
Rigant, a, n. J. raganti pretaetar 
— . ««. a tehoolmaatar, a teacher 
Htgentar, «m. to goTtra aa a regent; to 

domiaear ; to keep a aahool 
Ragonnar. m. to bad or grow agidn 
Mgicide, aat. regicide ; Ung-kOler 
Rigia. vm. adminiatmtinn, truat 
Ragimbamant, vm. Idakiag, wincing 
Ragimher, •». to kiok ; to disobey 
Rigima, am. diat. ragmen; adminitira- 

non, managcnMnt ; gaTeramcnt 
Regiment, [. >«-aMn] am. • regimant ; a 

RaginlatU, «/. • Urd-trap 
Rigion, rf. a region ; cUnww: nnwi 
R^gionnaiia, «. at. a oknrak dignity 
R4gir, va. to gorem ; to rule 

Rigiatrata, em. aaiagistarad d 
R4giatratanr, am. a reeardar 
**' ^ Ragttre, am. ragiatar ; record 
•H da), Spaniah ragiater ihip 
R^tnr, RAgltrar. va. to register 
Rigle, rf. rule ; ruler ; pattern : modal 
tUfU, a, a. tat; regular ( ardarly; exact 
**' ' — lagnlntian ; order 

R<gl«ment, ad. regularly ; ttrietly 
R4glar. vn. to rule; aatala, data 

regulate ; order ; aaaian 
Riglet, am. ruler : iareL ) small filial 
Rigleor, aa, «. ruler of books 
B^Uaaa, •/. lk|u«rica 
lUglair, em. a ruler ; burniahar 
Biglnre. ^f. raling ; drawing of linea 
Rfgnant, v, a. reigning ; piedominant 
Rigne, am. raign; kingdom; tka Popa'a 

tripU crown 
RAgner, vs. to teign ; mle ; xaack alang ; 

to ba ip Togna vr faakiaa 
R^gmcola, V. a daniaan 
Ragonflement, as*, tha swalUng of tka 

vn. to awall. nverflow 
., nt,«m.0TeA»win« 
Ragorner, vn, to OTorflow : abound 
RagouTar, f>a. |<v anub ; to glut, sadau 
Ragofttar. v«, to taato again 
R«fni> {* gm m- ragnting 

Ragrattar, vc to serapa ayOni 

RagratlarU, ^ hboketer's trade 

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R£j i»i a£x 

■««i«*r. M. Ma. to rig •fmin K6md, e. «. J«}Tul ; 7^a4 i . . 

Bagnrar, va. to ncw-grJk Va grom r^joul, k^otImI aiaaa 

"•««*•. I'trav] "»• • "grttt or ntun fmoulr, M. to rejoieo ; axkUarM* 
*«twt, [ . #rJil •». Mgtet ; coooem So — , «-. lo be morrr ; diTcrt om'c i, 

A Regroc «f. unwillingly; grudgingly VLMouhtaut*. tf. rojaeing; }«, 
"- • • R^oaiaaaBi, «, a. rvjoicbag 

, _. gladaome; comfembl* 

Bogrotur, va. to regret ; to grudgo Iwleho, $m 

Roguinder, va. to hotit or lift up ngidn 

lUgulurlMr, va. to arraiigt, dispoM 

lUgaUriti. </. regularity ; itrictneio 

lUgulateur, *m. rog«ilator{ moderator 

R4gal«, Mt, regiilue 

lUgoUer, ; a. regular ; jranetual 

— , *■». a regular ; a Mar 

IUguli>r«moiit, ad. regularly 

B^habUitadon,*/ reinaUtlng. N.«ataUlsh- 

ing; ro-euaUiag 
RAaUUter. ra. to reiuatato 
So lUhaUtBor, vr. to habituate one'* self, Ratancer, va. to roua* ; «o «fe« am » 

agaia (o _ Rowland lor Mo OUvcr 

Bchaoher, va. mine* agaia or tmallcr 
Babanlar, va. to frequent again 
Bchaaardar, va. to Tcature again 
Robanaaoment, Ah. raiaing higher 
Rchauaacr, «■. to raiae ; enhanco 
Rcbaut«, C Aol na. pi. the Ughtetl ar 1 

brighteat Mrta of a piatura 
Rehourtor. va. to kaoek or hit again 

_ — r^Jtioo, af. • 

minpraoaion, ^f. -^on ; ra{ 

R^lmprimer, va. to reprint 

fUine, [raiiuj if. a <]ueen ; i 

tulip ; an ancient eoin 

— -dande, ^. green g 

Roiaatta, tf. rennet, wl , 

R4ina, am. pi. reina, loins, kidnrra 

loCs, ki 

RAnt«. a. a. atrong-baekad 
RAnt^graada, «/. ro-integrallon, re-entrjr; 

R4lat4grar, va. to ro-intagrau. i 
- •■ n; tell " 

ralaaaa, roatit ; to enan 

-. vN. aia. to put into • 

la — , vr. to grow alaek or i 
forego ; to unbend ini«'« «atn«. 

lelai*. [. lap] *m. relay ; froah hona 
relay lor honada ; Iela«r« 

* ' - — iran,^. , 

Ralapa, c, a. a. one who ralapaea 
RAargir, va. to make -wlAmr agate 
Relator, «a. to new-lath : to raUae 
Reladf, va, a. ralatlTe ; > w p«^.»8«y 
Relation, a/, relation, namtiv^ 
„.. - arf.— ly! corn 

-_. JO waah a«ala 

R<lazatioa, ^. rclasatton 
R<lazar, va. to roleoaa ; to i 
Relayer, va to relio«« 
— , vo. to take fresh henoa 
Se — , vr. to ral 

ReMgadoB, a/. I 

Rel^nar, va. to bonloh, exll* 
Rolant, [. tea] tm. • maaty aaaell ; ■ 

ReWralllaa, ^f. pi. ehnreUng a waaa 
Relevant, e, a im. hdd, being holdr 
Relent, am. raising aoida 
reeboaingi ahtfkiBa of * h 
— , a, a. laisad ; noble; 
Rele«<«, */.>a.tka ' 

lan trooper 

J, an ola sly Mlow 

-_', sa. to apout or gush out; to 
nutt up s to reBeot ; to fly book 
BafailUsaaaaant, r- — "" '- - 

ftetoaner, va. te mimie ono'a rolaa 
Rajannlr, iw. to make yellow agaia 
— , va. to grow yellow again 
B«)at, ln-jV\ tm. young ahoot, sj 

RaJotabU, 3. a. that may be rejected 
Rijetoa, an. a saekor ; sprig; layer' 
Rejeter, va. to reject ; threw back ; east 

BAavltar, va. to ra-iariia 

RtttiradaB, tf. reiteration, repetition anal ; to raiura ; tana ap ; 

»..-^ — __ . qaiekan 

— on aM>t, to take hold of a 
' idle, to inoever 
^^» laeoror aloaa ; (K i, .(.a. 

Raliago, tm. the new-hoopiag of a ci^ 

Relief, [. ^]«M. relievo ; Trraa T £« 

Ralicr, va. to tU again ; to new-hM* , t> 

bind books 
Reliaur, aat. a bookbinder 
RaligieBBcnieat, ad. religioaaly ; gadly 
RoUgleuz, ae, «. a friar, monk or aoa 
— , sa, a. rellgioos, ploua ; azaoc 
Religion. «/. rsligion ; pioty 
RoHglonaaire, a. Proteotaat : Haaiisi 
. ReUmar. va. to file again ; poliak avaia 

idre. va. to rejoin j put together R«li<|aaiT*,««i. a shrino Cor rvlicv 
ia : to BBoet again ; ovatlako i ReHquat, t- • M] am. rvmatedar of w 

, vr. to be Joined together again: count: a remnoat; oarap 

— . -» 1 B^unuatair*, ««. oa* that U bAsad baa. 

ia hU aecoantt 

Bajointoyor, va. te fill up the chasms 

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R«liq«e. C. Imtl if. m nlie ; rtmabn 
Relire, M. to IMQ aw Mpia 
R«Ua>«, ^. Undlafl of • biMk 
RelocadoB, •/. mm UttlnK «M>t 
l<«Iovar, M. M Wt •(•1b ; aadarUt 
iUlaIn, M. to ahiiM ; to RUtur 
RaluiMMtt, •« «. tUniag i AaaiUag 
Kalaqncr, m- to lc«r upon 
~ ' , M. to flivo • now gloa* 

', v». ebawBgain; iwniBSto 

• MDawmd agais, to >•• 

R«BwnMr, pa. to ••« aaaln 
Ramaakmoat, tm. tko IkuMlIbiK afain 
Rctoanior, va. to handla again; to do ovor 

RemarrhcT, w*. to walk or march agaia 
Se RoBoaiior, vr. to manr acaia 
Rtnnarquablo, 3- a. mBarkaUa 
lUmanlua, »f. mmmik ; obaorratioB 

KoatiM, (. ••«•<] V- • oo^h-honi; d«- 
Uy; Mmittonco; thaltor; thicket 

— , #11. . a hlroA coach [Kooie 

wi. to put a coach In tha coacH- 
•,». •••-.iM. S paidonaMc 
, rf. — aioii ; abatomeut 

Rcmailloicr, tM. to cwaddlc again 

" ''" »a. to aew.hafi 

R«maMaaar, i 

tm. OMO who akakoa a 

Se BemaaqMr, *r. to put en ono'a n 
EUmballcr, M. to pack np again 
EtomlianiaMMnt, m. rc-ombarldag 
Rembarqucr* tMb to ro-ombark ; to ongaffO 

again [to npulao Tigaiti«aljr 

Elembaxtar, «a. to ImIo with koan worda ; 
iUmblai, cm. tha working for a hank, a 

cnoocway, tfi. 
RcmMavcr, vm. to tow again with com 
Hemblaror. «a. to fill np with earth 
Renaboiiaacnt, «■• roacttiog into Joint 
EUmbolter, wi. to Mt int«>Joint again 
RcmhoufraBMat, m. itnfl&Dg up 
Rembourrtr, m. to atuff 
RcmboaraaUc, 3. «. ropavahlc 
RembourMtocnt, jm. MtnabnmBMM 
Kambouiaor, »a. to rcimburM 
ftemlwaaor. tM. to kindle again 
flemhrootor, tm. to ra-oaaliraoa 
Xenihniehar, va. to anit again 
ileinbninir, «c. to Mafco dwkcr 
jUmbmniaaenunt, tm. tho being darker or 

■Irmbarkcmeat, *m. the driving of a alag 

back into tho lair 
}e RambAcher, vr. to go back into tha 

lair: to aknlk. to hide one'e Mlf 
iUiBMe, C- aM4i«] Jst. lamedr i clr**** 
Xem^dier, vi». to remodfi cure; heal 
lemelar, M. to ehnflle er mix again 
ftemeinbianca, rf. — brsnce ; meinory 
Henimomtif, ve, a. remembrancer 
I. to put in mind 
nnember, reooQect 
• carnr or bring hack 
to thf-'- ■*- 

(Umerclmoat, [. . eer-aum] aai. thanka 
Rivairi, tm. ju. power of redemptlen 
Remcttro, va. to ddlTcr ; to put or act 

again ; delay ; (orgiTC ; reitore, reeoTor ; 

raeign ; laaalt ; raeoUaot 
Se Rcmottre, vr. to r eoow M ; to 

otie'e Nir H*!* i '"U agilo to ; 

Remolade, tf. a Mud of aharp eanee 
iUmolo, qf. ma. a whirlpool 
R^moUient, e, a. emotlient j moUlfrin* 
IWmollitlf. «.. .. emollient ^ ' 

Remonie, ^. wM. new hocaea 
RemoBier, va. to monnt again ; to go u» 
again; make up again; raiae; wtiid up 

; to 

lUmore, tf. ■«• lamprer 

D ^y. ,^_ towing of a chip 

Rcmorquer, va. ma. to tow a ehip 
RfamiU. h rCmoHe. ad. aalde ; £7 

Remoudra, {. Moo>ifr] vm. to grind ainiin 
RemouUler, vs. to wot again ; to dii 
to anchor again 
ir, eat. a hiuie>grlndor 
CM. MM. dead water; eddv 

Icmpailleur, ac> a. one w 

with itraw 
Rempaqa«mcnt, am. barrelling of herrlnga 
Rcmpaqnatar, rn. to pack up again 
"-nparcmantt cm. intfanckmeat 

Hrmparcr, vr. to intreneh o«e'e aelf 
Rcmpart, Cran-|Mr] eai. a rampart ; fence 
Remplacemcnt* eat. repladi^ ; compea**- 

tion ; rccompeueo j <aM.) auppijr 
Remplaccr. wt. to repiacai to fill tha 

place of; to make aminila 
Rempli^e. em. a AUing np 
Rempli, Irau.pU] «m. taking in; fold) 

RempUer, va. to take in. Mm in 
Remplir, [ram-pUnj m. to fiU up; fill 

i^aeage, na. filling up ; laee-uMking ; 
ir thing need forfiUii^ up 
ipllaa eme , a/. laee>aMndar 
Remploi. Iram-pivo-ma'] tm. replacing of 
moncjr fagaia 

RempIo]r«r,[ran-]>/oo^«»-vtt] va. to tm^j 
Rcmplumor, CrcM-^v-atitJ va. w new- 
So — , vr. to pat on new feathcra ; begin 
^ thnve; Mtriere one'* atain 

mpebaonnemest, tm. 
4 a pond with fiah 

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BeandMotiMr, Modr «g*ia w ■ 

•to«k with fi«h 
H — put w, tran-aor-fJt] wa. to Miry 

Bwyriimiiwr, [r«M-pr*-s»-iiX] «<■. to Mgain 

RmipraaMr, CraM-^in-l4] iM. to bonvw 

B ^^ Lr*-»M»-«jrO «■•• »«l>OTinf ; ro- 


lit, c. M. •tlrringi TWtleM 

■miun. Ml. disftocmy of g 

»: ttovtda; Mditu 

tr»-«.i,-«] . 

t ; to nmlM a 

. to mora ; baailr ana'a acU 

. *m. navar, atinar 

tf, ona who raeka • chQd 


renawal; revival 
Raruianitt, a, a. apringbig ap ag*!*; 

R«nittra. [riiHtaUr] om. to ha born agiia; 

riao agiun ; raviva ; miiaff no again 
R<aal, a, «. lanal ; af tha loina 
Ranaid, [. Mar] am. a fex ; • euaodiig 

■isa ; (aui ) trararaa board ; eant-hoak 
BmMda, */. a Mtoh-faa 
Raowrd^, a, a. flat; vairfd i atala 
Ranardaau, «m. a fox's cub 

Raoardlira, «/. a fos*! burrow or kenaal 
Ranaaqnar, km. fM. RaaAelar 
Rcsealaaer, w. ta pat into a ehaat again 
Ranehaiaar, v. lo chain np again 
Ran«h<tir, va, to maha daarar 
— , wm. to grow daarar; esecl 
RanchMatamaot, mi. riaing hi vtIm 
Rancontra, ^. aoddantal BMttng ; ■»!- 

dant ; vaawanter ; occaaian ; pan 
Raneoatrar, m. la aaaet ; to flnd 
— , mi. ta And ; to hit, to fnasa; p«a 
8a ~, «rr. to aMOt togathar ; to a«rM 

Raweaaragar, vm. to giTo fcaah oiwaga 
Randaat, a, a. ha who givaa an aecoant 
Sa Randatlm. rr. to tan in daht agala 
Raadanr, la, a. ana who icadan 
Randes-Toat, [raa-^* aaol 

Raadaaafc. rf. the tAadinp a( a haMad 

fa — , er. to fall aalaap again ' 
Raadanhler. m. to turn ia ; fbld ap 

t, oiraw at 

— Jaaiiea, to do JuatiM 

— I'iwo, ta gtre ap tha gbaai 

— U baid. im. ta mt aiwhor 

6 UBN 

Se Randra, vr. to aanandar ; jrlalA ; lai 
raaart; ran ; ta lead ta ; iaU fata 

Renduiiv, mt. to aow'^laaav 
Raadareir, •«. ta naha havdar 
Sa — , vr. to gtaw harder 
RIna. [rate] rf. the rala of a bridle 
Raaigat. •■..a reaegada j a an a t ata 
Rinatte. tf. a fvriar'a paHa^^^aMa « ai 
of appU 

tntaiai to iaapi. 

p «■• to JaiiaMe again 

RaaflMoent, «■». areft. tha awalUag it 

Rcaflar, aa. ta awall anla «e- hmm 
Ranfe ne aa i a n t, mm. he&aw. awiiy 
Ra nfen eaa, «a. to new-.|Ma4 mr haiiia 

aaak; ta plonm deeper ; aiah a^w 
Ranfbrei, », a. thick 5 atiaoc 

Rangager.ra. to pawn again; >a ra wm^ 

to engage agaia 
Reagatner, «a. ta aheatha ; ta aat a* 
Sa Rengergc*. vr. to bridle ; taAr (W 

-, vt. to grow fat ai 

Raagr<naaMnt. am. ragaiaaae 
Rengrfoar. tM. to coia a«ab { aa eat « 

again into the lalll-hr^ '^ 

ReniaUe. « 

Ranier, c«. to deny ; ah)ai«{ 

le Banff np agaia 

-. ae, f . eae wimi eaalh as 

r. aa. to level apiaea aTraea. 

to take the level 

Reaae, Mt. a v 

air, «a. ta blaak 
I, [. aaa] am. 

ReaoBMiA, C< aa-ai«l a. a. nai 1 
— , I/, iaaw ; celebrity ; a r i pa at . 

So — de q«d^«aa. to tSir «w a^ w 
RaaoMe. </. warn rf a aait (at iMrrfi) 

& aeinatMe/adf^dMUL* 


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. ». IMMwlNCI 

lUnouOT, [. Moo-ii] M. to lia 

rvsuma; raconeiU 
-, fit. to b« reconciled 
RcnoMur, am. • bona-MtUr 
Rcnoureita, C' mo-vo] m. tb* spring of 

tho jmmt 
Renoavalor, pa. to renew ; rerire 
Se — , vr. to bo renewed or nrii 
R«noaT«ll«Bwnt, am. renewliig 
Reneeigneaent, em. mark; toon; ii 

Renacigncr, m. to teaek again 
Reneemeneer, e«. to low again 
Rcntamar, m. to cut again ; begin again 
RentaeU, t, a. thick and sbort 
Kente, ^. rent; Tcarljr InconM 
Kenti, a. a. who haa an income 
Renter, va. to endow ; aaeign a re««na« 
Rraurrer. va. to buiT again 
Rentier, e, a. one who enjoya an ana 

or income ; annuiuni ; tenant 
Rentoiler, fa. to put other linen to 
Kentonner, va. to tun up again 
RentortilUr, va. to twiat again 

Rentraiturr, rf. fine-drawing ; damin 
Keutrajreur, aa, a. fine-drawer ; darat 
Rrntr^e, i^. beginning of term ; openii 

tha aaaalont ; taking in (at eartU) : ( 

tumbling home, bouaing 
Hentrer, tin. to come, to go or gi 

— en fareur, to regain farour [c_, 

— en aoi-mime, to reflect terionaly 
Renrahir, va. to invade again 
Honrelopper, va. to wrap up again 

Renrenimer, va, to 

Se — . vr. to feaier 
RanTcrae, & la — , £ 

OTerthrow ; fall : pulUng doani'; 
ahifdng of a eargia from on« t« 

n agam 
again ; rankle moi 
id. backwarda 

Renvaraer, va. to throw down ; OTart 

orerthrow ; ruin ; destroy 
RanTeraaur, «ai. orerthrowar 
Ronvi, aat. a rery (.atak* at pltg) 
RcnTier, va to lay abore the itakcs ; 

prore upon ; lurpaaa, oatdo 
Renvoi, tai. aebdiag back ; raftrenee 
RenTojer, va. to aend again : aend b 

diamiaa ; put off; denv ; raur 
Riordlnation. tf. ra-ordiuation 

Rapaire. fai. den of wild beaats; recap 

of thieres ; hara'a dung 
Repairer, va. cAa. to repair to kis dt 
R^paiaalr. v. to thicken ; grow tUcke 
Kepaitrr, v. to feed; bait, taka food 
Se — , vr. to feed upan ; to delight ii 
Kepaltrir, va. to knead again 
Repandre. va. to apill ; ahed ; act 

apraad ; atraw ; diaaaminata 
— , vn. to run or leak 
.Se — , vr. to be apillad «r shad ; i 

laTiak of} to diffuaa itaalf ; to sprai 

7 REP 

Reparable. 3. a. that way b* rcWlerad 
lUparage, «/. aacond ahaaring of cloth 
Reparaftra, va. to appear again 
R^paratenr, tm. repairer ; restorer 
Reparation, «/. repair ; reparation 
tU^ta, rf. whlto beet 
Rearer, va. to repair ; refit ; retriavo ; to 

malia amends; raatora 
Reparitiou, if. att. re-appaaring 
ReparUr, vn. to apeak again 
Ripartie, t/. rapaitee ; reply ; anawet 
Repartir, vn. to set out agi^i to go \iuk 

again ; to reply 
R^artir, va. to distribste ; subdivide 
Ripartition, «/. asacaamant ; divition 
RepM, [rA-pa] aai. a repaat, meal ; Csaat 
Repassar, va. to repass; to carry over 

again ; to what or set (rarora, «fo ) ; to 

polish again i to imn llmtn) ; to raviaa 
— dana aon aaprit, to revolve in one's 

igain ; to come hack 
I pave anew or again 
pay a aecoiid time 

> fikh up again 
lo comb ag^ 

iit-dt^ va. to draw er paint 

o hang up again 

> pierce or tap again 
o think of again 

.. repentant ; sorrowful 
epenUuice ; contrition 
pant ; to regret 
, u. repercussiva 
f. repereuiaion 

to rspercuss, drive back ; 
o lose again 


wemh again 

a repeat, to do again; to 

t^ach iu privato 

. a privato teaeher; (aia.) 

•peau the rignals 

repetition; tautology; r«- 
ursal i<jm.) recovery 
•M. repcopling 
to rapeople ; stock anew 
lek {at jAeotut) 
pound, or beat again 
ca] Pa. to prick again 
ite; delay; reprieving 
o place or put again 

> go to law again 
fa. to new-floor 

to transplant, replant 

I. rendering coaraa repair. 

lo new-plaster ; , 

«plete ; too fat 

aplalioii ; fulness 

, to rain again 

Id ; winding ; recess 
fold again ; turn la 
fisll back ; to wriggle i 


Will ^. reply, anawei 

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diT« again; 

o polUh afcain 
•■ bidl ; mpondattt 
lUpondra, INI. to answer ;^ rapljr 

Rtpena, im. r«*ponM 
lUpoDMi if. answer ; replr 
Reporter, va. to carry back ; nooartj 
Repoi, [. po^ tm. repoae ; reet; quiet ; re- 
laxation ; landing-place ; panae 
ReptM^e, •/. lair or eoueh of a beast 
Reposer, va. to lay ; put again ; to reel 
— , VM. to rest, be at rset ; to lie atill ; to 

slumber; to settle 
Se — , vr. to ttkc rest ; to tettle 
Reposelr, *m resting olaee : an altar 
Bt^oua, [. pool «*•• a kind of cement 
Rjponser, va. to marry again 
Rcpottaaable, a. that may he wpnlacd 
Repoossant, e, «. repuhire ; hateAil 
Repouasement, «m. reckling ; repelUng 
Repoaeser, v. to rvpel ; to repolae ; to re- 
coil ; to bud again; soroot ; to spring 
Repovesoir, m. ma. dnrlng bolt 
Roprtbensible, 3. a. reprehensible 
Riprihcnslon, $f, — sion; reproof 
Reprendre, va. to reuke ; renew, reeiMM ; 
ehide, reprimand ; to find fanlt with ; 
reply ; to profit ; tdce up a stitch ; to sew 
up a rent 
So — , vr. to rccoUeet one's self; to close 


Reprsnenr, est. centurer ; fault-finder 
ReprfisafUes, tf. pt. reptiaals 
Reprisentant, am. — tatlve; proxy 
Repr<seatatif. to, a. — Hts, symbolical 
" ' tation, tf. ~tien; fanage, Uke- 
RhiUtion; acting 
Jier, iM. to represent; exhlUt; 

Se — , vr. to fan cy, b« . 
nepresasf, vc, e> repressi^ 
RoprSter, va. to lend again 
R^primable. 3. a. that can be represaed 
Reprimands, if. reprimand ; reproof 
R<primandcT, va. to reprimand 
Raprlmer, va. to repress ; to curb 
Reprise, [. 0rmO«/. retaUng; renewing. 

burden of a song; return; a ship re- 
te or party {at eanU) 
.» appraise again 
(a, ^ claims 

, wtion, »f. reprobation 
Reprochable, 3. a. reproacbable 
Reproehc,«m. reproach; scandal 
■•proehcr, vh. to reproaoh ; to gmdga ; 

to esoept against 

Reproohos, nt. pl.ja. exceptions or charges 

. teprodueiMe 

'. the faculty of being 

Repriiduction, if. roprodnotian 
■ "-'— - *o reproduee 

196 RES 

Rjprouvt, tat. a reprolmte 
MprouTcr, va. to i€pmya, * 

disallow; teprobata 
Reptile. 8. a. «m. crMping ; » repiik 
R^publieanismo, m. repablieunm 
R^blicaln, e, «. i. repabliemB 
lUpublique, [. . bei2 •/■ — ^Ue. coHMa- 

Mpodiation, «/. — tlon ; dlrwcl^ 
Rinudier, «a. to repodiate ; di««ra 
Ri^ngnance, «/. — naoee ; wltsrl—Mi 
lUpnguant, e, a. repu^ant ; eoMiwy 
R<pugner, vn. to be repogiMiit 
R<pnUulsr, vm. to grow or tnid Mnki 
RCpulsif, TC, a. repalalT* : rcp^Lc 
Repulsion, ./. repulkion ^'^"^ 

Repnrger, •«. to purga a«aia ; atmUf 
lUputation, ^f. — tion ; €•■»« ; cndit 
Up«ter, fa. to repute ; aceevac 
Reqnerablc. 3. «. doiBandahto 
Requ^rant, e, •• «. requiring ; 
Reqnfrir, va. to request ; frtck' 
Requtte, [. kat*] ^. reqaei 
RequSter, va. cm. to quest ^ 
lUquiem, tm. ivqnieaa ; root, ooirt 
Requin, am, a shark ; alltg-tirr 
Se Reqniaquer, vr. trlelc ooe'a aeVus 
Requlnt, «m. fifth part of ti«« fiMi 
R«qnlper. va, to rig asnia ; aqate aan* 
Requit. e, a. required ; mqnlaite 
Requise, •/. <itie de). to be fas nqmal 
Requisition, »f. requeat; peticiMi 
R4qnbiteire. eai. suit ; rodM«« 
Reseampir. va. to whiten witk wUie la< 

Reprisor, va. \ 

Reproductible, 9. < 

» 5- I" ■■!'■' 


Rescription, «/. assigBmoat 
Resctft, [rM-itrO «■•• 

R<soan.c. eel m. net-work, imUBi 
R4a<da. eat. rceeda. aaign«a««aa 
R<aerration, ^. resorrmtim 
HJaerre, if. reserre ; proTis* 
A la riserre de, eze«pt ; ea maf dn 
En r^eerre, by, in store 
Suns rfaenrC, withont i Tfirnil— 
R^serr^, e, ff " ' * 

fUserrer, va 

Se — , pr. to reserre or apniw mm's '■ 
R^terroir, rat. rsaerroir ; fiab-aasid 
RAsidant, e, a. reaidiaj; ; dwefii^ 
Residence, ^. rseidenea, abode; imm 
ship; sediment 

. , nit; avest 

R4sider, «n. to reside ; to ataaiU 
R^sida. m. residue ; icmaii' 
lUsignant, e, «. a resignar 
Risignataive, «. rcoignoa 
Resignation, if. —tion ; anboiiaalai 
R4algner, va. to resign ; vieU mm 
So — . vr. to submit eue^ solf 

RvsilUtion, if. cancelliiig. im 

Resilier, va. to annul; va iiiml 
R<sioe, (/. rsain or reala 
Rtfsincu, ae. a. naiiiMs ; Hbn twi 

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• tool 

KMpiac«nee, af. 
Kenatmneo, tf. rotbuaoo \ oppoaiiian 
Kesiiwr, n*. to raalat; oppoM: cndarc 
R^sola, «, a. a. raiwlvad ( rtaoluU; bold; 

•tout ; • bold ponon 
iUwIabU. 3. a. •oW«Ua 
Riaolamont, ad. rmolutoly 
K^oUtir, Te, a. roioltttlTO, dinolTin« 
iUaoUtloa, if. — tion ; ratolTO ; finwiMti 

couBtanoy ; oouraft ; eaneaUlng 
ResoWant, •, a. tm. — ln(i » ratolvont 
lUconiuuBt, •, «. reaoModti 

I, «. reaoModtng ; H 
t. rat. nwuiiduif 

R^aonncr, ph. to aound ; roaound 
R^ioudro, [ . »oo-dr} va. to reaolTt . 

•ulve ; indiM* ; caoctl { ault ; rtduco ; 

Se —, vr. to raaoWt, h* rcaohrod ; to nolt, 

to be atclted ; to ba rarnad into 
fUnous. L- •■»] a. m. reiolTod, diaaolvad 
Keapeei, tm. raspact ; ragard : motlva 
Katpectabla. 3. a. — aUa ; ranarabU 
Reapaeter, m. to raapeet ; to ravara 
Se — , vr. M Mt loitMly to ooa's Italian 
Kevpccttf, «a, a. iMpaetivo ; ralatira 
KetpcctiTament, ad. —Ij ; matually 
RaipcetuauMiiMnt, td. raapaetfuUj 
ll«speetueax, tm, a. raapaenul : humbla 
Raipirabla, 3. a. that may ba bcaathad 
Reapiraiiou, •/. raapiratioa ; bnaihing 
Rcaplrcr, v. to rnpiia, braatka; to ax- 

hala, inhale ; to long for ; to gapa «> 

thirst afur 

Rasplandiaaani. a, a. laaplcndant 
Keaplendiwemant, «■. raaplandaM 
KaaponaaUlitt, tf. raaponsfbUitr 
Reaponaabla. 9. m. rt^ — ■"'- 
R«ssae, *m. aui. aurf 
Resaaciar, va. to « 

Keiatduer, va. to s^nta m 

carcfullj ; to diacaea ag^n 
Raasaat, [r«-a«] aat. Juttj ; 

ReaaMMr, im. to drr up again 
R«aa«ll«r, va. to taddla agiiln 
Rcaacmblanc*. tf. roa«inUanea 

nUing, Uka 

a, «. r 

to new-iolc 

, vr. to fiaal atQl { 


. to ga out again 
— , vn. to be undar tha Juriadietion of 
Kesaortiaaant, a, m. Ijring nadar ~ 

tion ; balonging to 
Raaaottdar, ihi. to aoldar again 
Rasaourec, «/. rvaauraa ; axpedlant 

Reaaouvananaa, «/. *- 

RcaaouTenir, fat. r 

.-, liquation; awi 

Kesauer, tm. to awrat again 
RaaauJ, «m. lair for doer 
Kasauacilar, va. to rtauaoitnta 
— . vn. to riae from the dead ; rariva 
Raaaayer, va. to dry ; to wipe a ' 

Reataurant, a. im, raatoratlra; a 

Raauiuateur, triee, «. a reataurataur; rf 

storer : oua who Itaepa a gaaiaal eating- 

Reaisni«lif, rt, a. reatoratiaia 
Rcataaratian, tf. raatoimtion 
""' "" ^V^'i raatora 

An raate, aa for the reat ; finally 
Ue rasta, more than enough 
I>u reate, beaidea ; aa for the reat 
Etra an raau, to ba in arraara 
Reater, »m. to rnnaiu ; atay; to dwell 
Rcatipuler, vm. to atipuUu raciptoeaUy 
Reatltuabla, 3. a. raaterabla 
Raktittter, vo. to raatore ; rtfond i repair 
Reaiituteur, «m. a eritio that raatarca tha 
dafaetive paaaagaa of aa author 

Reatitutioo, «/. reatitution 

Reator, f. (or] eai. ju ind 
Reatreinare, va. to bind, i 

atrain, modarala ; eonfia. , 

Reatriciif, re, a. raatrietive | binding 
Kcatrietion, «/. natrietioa ; limitation 
licatringent, e, a. raatriagent; " 
Rraultant. a, a. raaalilng 
Riaultat, «!■». nault ; eonaaoaanea 
Reaultar, va. to reaolti to follow 
Reaumi, am. summary ; raaumplioa 



aatringa ; ra- 

Raaumpdou, t/, summing up 
iUmin. ^. bait to aatek fiah 
Riaurrection, i/. raeHnacti«n 
Rotable, im. aliar-pieco 
RitnUir, m. to raatora; ralriava; 

•M. MBUtting 

to out a«niu 
RetaiUea, ^. pt. ahiw 
Retapar, va. to coetr a nas 
Retanl, C> tmrj •«. delay ; aiap ; hindnaM 
Rctnrdatiaa, a/. reUrdnHon : delay 
Retnidamant, tm. delay; retarding 
Retaidae, m. to daUy ; mard; Uadar 
— . va. 10 dalay, to airp ; to g» toa alow 

. to lay up Mia; e< 

eurbi.chaok; limit 

Resaif, lUcif, tm. ma. i«a^ ridge 

Kesaort, [. tor] $m. apiing; whacl; re- ReriUar, •«. to (aal or taaU 

aort, cauaa ; eoguianaae, jnrladiatian Retaindra, v«. to dia ao** 

Resaortani, «, a. going oat again | Rflendaur, tm. eloth-warlu 

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Rttradra, M. to ttieteh aMin 
Ikiciiir, M. w Ktaini hwdcr; to «tt 
koM afuit ; bMMab. bin 

•g«u>{ bMMab, 
■ ; mmrtf lit ar 


Kateiitar, vn. M try or kticmpt mf^ 
Hiwntif, Tt, «. rctaatrw 
KctenUou, »/. rctrntMa ; UMliUlwi 
iUrenlianMaiT*, a. dataiacr 
Rctruttr, vn. to reaouiul ; ring, wcehe 
Katenuasant, a> a. rMmnuUMg ; cchmoff 
RctanbaaaaMnt, tm. aennd ; tttMrniif 
fUtealum, «ai. eluiae, pr«Tiao 
Katanu, a, a. rcaarr«d ; diaeiact 
RatcDua, s/. r— tfTiidaaM ; diacNriaa 

H<ticalaiM. 3. a. ntJcuUr 

iUiietilc, ^. o»t. TCtirala O^n 

H^tif, ^t, imlfi, rtMMl a. raatl-ra; aMb- 

Muforma, a. ratifaciB ; radeolar 

KiUae, C- <M"J V- r«t>na of Um ay* 

Rftlpere, af. sort af atooj plant 

Retiraala. if. intrenchmcnt 

Iiatir<, a, a. NtircA ; •oUtarx ; privnta 

Katiraiaant. aat. tM. contractioa 

Ratirar, (w. to dmw BfCMn ; drnw «Mit; 

harbour ; rrdaam ; iKoot acain 
8a Katirar, vr. to ratira; withdraws ta- 

traat ; to ga kooM ; fo out; to abtiab ; 

to lanvo 
Ratoiiar, nu. to maaaari orar unia 
Rrtonbcr. [. (om-AA] m. to fair again 

Ratora, a, a. twiated ; eaoniog 
Muralon, «/. rawr^n 
Ratonoir, »m, eord-whaal 
Katorto. if. retort, a ahaBical Taaa ri 
Ratonahar, mi. to toaek or roviaa again 
Rttoar, [. taot^ am. ratum s raqoltol ; irl- 
ciaaltuda ; rapantanca ; derliao 

— da oouraat, aia. addjr of a atraam 

— da maida, aM. tarn of tka lida 
Bira da tatonr, to ba aonto baek 
Sur 1* rawar, daelining ; daaaying 

Ratoaraa, a/, trump («( - — '- 

Ratraear, »«. to ratraaai ralato 
Utraatatiao, V- — tioa ; r aaa ntort o a 

Sa -, »r. to taeant, aoaar 1 1 
RatraetloB, ^f. aU. ratraatMta 

Hatialta, a«. to raoaam an oataia 
Ratialt. aat. ladaaiptloa t a privy 
— , a. «. laan; (W.) retraatod 

tbo coA af a 1m« 

Katroavar, ««. to iiad aaaim ; laailaii 

Koto, [r«]aai. aM* 

lUcudiar, va. to atodj «r laaim aaaa 

iUuaioa. ^. r 

ciUatioa; aa 
lUaair, v«. to . 

da — , or. to aaaaaUa ; to agraa 
Rioaair, va. lo laeatad ; to piuayar 
Muaaite, a^. aueaaaa ; itmmm : avaoft 
Raraloir, a*, to lann Uka iar Uho; i* h> 

araa wMi 
RavaoclM, ^. raraaga 
En — , aif . to maba a 

iUTaaaar, vn. to d 

iUva, I rava] m. a diaaa 

Ke*«eka, X a. bank ; aM 

— , ^. a kind of baiaa [aXw 

HivaU. CrA-vaia] »ai. tba act •« awUi^ 

RiToillon, f a». midai^t rocala 
RAadlatlan. if. raaalatiaa ; diaea* 

Rarandlcaiiaa. ^. clafan « ctawai^ 
Karaadl^aar, r«./a. toaUato 
itaacadia, aa. to aall again i to ratod 

tara; apfiaart | 

to ; to ariaa, raai 
Raaeato, ^f. a aaoaad aala 
Ramlav, V. mm. w fiU a aail a^aia 

Ravanua, •/. yoaag waad 
RAvar, a. to dtaaaii ra«a : to ba 4c^Uriau . 
tkiiriiaf; toaaaj MMpo 

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iUTwMntion, «/. ravertwration i Rvroaloir, va. to datire or will 

fUrerMre, «m. reterbemorjr ; • rercrba- I ReToyager, vn. to tT«T«l agalo 

raxarj pUte Uhind « lump ; • atreet I R«tuc, ^f. rericw ; diligant Mar 

lamp fUrulaif, tc, a. mi. raruliire 

R^Terberar, ««. to revarbersta, icSact "..•■- 

R«Terdir, vn. t« bacoma gneu again 

appaar ; braak out again 
— , va to paint gTcen again [again 

Rcverdisaament, $m. tba growing graan 
K^T^ramniant, [. . ro-ataii] ad. rararently 
R<T*raBca, •/. reverauee ; Iww ; eartaajr 
R^TJraoeiauMmant, ad. revtrcntiaUT 
RtfT^ranciaox, ic, a. ravarantial; fall 

bowa or eortaajra 
R6rimA, a, a. rcTerand 
R4r«Taudi*«ime, sm. right rararand 
R^T^rar, va. to ravere ; to rtTaranoa 
Rdveria, «/. raTeria ; muring ; dotage ; idle 

fanejr ; raving, dalirlum 
R«-remir, va. to Tamlih OTcr again 
Raverquier, «ai. kind of baelcgammon 
ReTara, [. vtirr] m. buck of any thing, ra- 

TatM of a cow ; back atroka ; niafortuna 

— d'arcaaaa, aia. tlia hoUow of tha atani 
timbara [tiinban 

— du eoldi. aut. the hollow of tha knnekla 
Reverial, a, a. having rafennea to another 
Kaveraer, va. to pour again 
KeTCTBibla, 3. a. raTanlbla, tatatnable 

ReToatiaire, «m. raTaatiary 

Ravatement, tm. attf. lining of a ditch, 

baition, etc. 
Retritir, va. to clothe ; invcat ; line 
Se — , vr. to pot on 
Rev^tiaMmant, am. inTcatittire 
Ravittt, e, a. inTaatcd i endowed ; lined ; 

adonird ; clothed 
RdveuT, aa, a. a. thooghtAitl ; peneiTe per- 

Rerircment, mi. ma. tacking about 
Revirar, vn. ma. to tark abost 
RMaer, va. to reriaa ; rcTiew 
R^Tlicur, «m. a rericar 
R^rlaion, ^f. rarlaw ; reriaal 
Revleiter, va. to vielt, to vleit again 
ReviTifieation, rf. roTiTification 
RcTiTifier, va. to rarive ; bring to life 
RariTre, im. to coma to Ufa again 

Faira revivra, to revive, raatore 
Revocable, 3. a. revocable; revaraible 
Revocation, •/. revocation ; repeal 
R^vocatolre, 3. a. that rovokea Cnviao 
Revoir, [. voo-aarl va. to tee again ; to 
RevoUn, sm. ma, aquall of wind 
R^voltant, e, a. shocking ; aeandalona 
R^volu, if. revolt; Inanrreetian 
Revolt^, m. rebel 
R<volter, va. to raiaa a rebellion ; to in- 

siigato againat ; to ahoek 
Se — , vr. to revolt; to rebel; mntinv 
lievolu, a, a. revolved ; aeeoaipUshed 
Kevolotion, $f. revolution ; vieiaaitodc 
R^voltttionnaire, t. a. revolutiontiry ' 
— , «M. revolntioniat 
lUvolutionner, va. to revolutioniie 
Ravomlr, va. to vomit again 
K^^uer, va. to repeal ; to qneetion 

R<val»ion, «^. ravulaion 
Rea-de-chantt<c. [ra.d»-j»o-#»l « .. 
Rca-pied, Re«-tcrrc, mn. even or level 

with the ground 
Rhabillaga, fm. patching, mending 

up; mend 

Ih^toriden, am. _ _. 
teacher of rhetoric ; an etator 
Rh^toriqua, [rH-to-rtek^ »/. rhetoric 

Rhodomal, am. — mel, honej of rosea 
Rhomba, irom-ba} am. a bslm of Mada- 

Rhombe, irvn-be^ am. rhomb or rhi 
RhomboTda, Irom-Mdel 
Rhnbarne, a/, rhubarb 

Rhumatisma, am. rheo 

Rhnme, [maw] «m. rheum ; cold 

Rhythme, Zrt-tma^ am. rhvthm ; harmony 
Rhjthmique, 3. a. — eal, harmonieal 
Riant, a, o. amilinc; ; ehcerfnl ; pleaeant 
Riband, e, a. ». UWd ; a fornicator 
Ribauderie, af. lewdness ; debaucherv 
Rlhletie, af. a broUed steak 
Ribleur, «s>. a night rambler 
Ribot, Ire-bo"^ am. churn-staff 
Rie & ric, ad. exaotly ; strictly; neither 

. sneenne; a ineer 
RIcaaer, vn. to titter ; to sneer 
Ricaneart le, i. a giggler, aneerer 
Richard, am. a moneyed man 
Riche. 3. a. a. rieb; wealthy; valuable 
Rlehement, ad. richly ; aplendidly 
Richeaac. af. wealth ; richness ; fertility 
Riehossas, «/. pt. riches; opulence 
Hiein. am. palma ehrlsti 
Ricochet, am. dueks and drake* (a oM/tTa 
ort of bird 

, am. apprrntiee to a minter 

Ride, iraad-i af. wrinkle; (»•.) laniard 
Rideau. In-do-] am. a curtain 
Rid«M, •/. pi. cha. dung of a stag 
RidaUe, if. rack or rails of a cart 
Rider, va, to wrinkle ; ahrivel ; frown : 

(nui.) to tat np, tighun 

t — , vr. to frown, knit the bn>wa ; to 

ahrivel; to be ahrivalled 
Ridicule, «m. ridicule; impertlneMO 
— , 3. a. a. ridiculous ; laughable 
Ridieulament, ad. ridicnlonsly 
RidieuliMr, va. to ridionle ; laugh at 
Rien, «m. ad. nothing ; any thing ; trifle 
Riear, ee, *. a laogher; jaarer; mocker 
Riilard, IHf.Ur} am. a large plana 
Riflor, va. w aat greedily; to file 
Rifioir, am. a crooked file 
Rigide. 8. m. rigid, stiff; ttom, anaiaro 
Rigidement, ad. rigidly : inflexibly 
Rigidity, qf. rigidity ; inflexibiUty 
Higodon, am. a rigodoon 
Rlgolo, af. trraeh ; guttor; fdrrow 

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mmf, irvKj •■■. ■ ivck ^ ■ ^aia 

— -tan, M. a kiad af c^mm 
■««aW. V^- >» I»W m fcr a CMCW 

■ m» . y. »i«y» yn w ar af— B ai wjll i aw , — . a. pa b bly, rt—y 

BipaOla lUia), la faaM. V^aatpat Baeha, [raa£] y^. laek 

■Jyariniaaln. ««. a wriiar aTttfl* Baebar. aa. a laak 

Upe. Cnaa] ^. aaaaa'a ar aealpMr's — aai vailla. bm. i«A aW 
•ctay« RorW. aai. a ftaa satyaiM 

Rifar, aa. la ■ ■ ■■ !* RM«b. as. ta laaM. tvra ; 

■iaapi. aa. tmnj wiac i faaBah tolher lUdaar.aak ta««r s tmmV 
K— M. ^. a iMft lafl/ ar tapama ; alRM—iiat. a». abaUr; 1 
!■( aaA thraat I WiiiIi»mm*i, ^. tail ; i 

aad thraM I Ruariiaa.y.^ r a y ii i a M - 

M, a. (Uia). fau*« fiammia aibaaa I Koc Ma iaa , C a.>B. n gili i 


KMqaar, aa. la rttk ; haaara ; aspaaa 
Ria<ar. aa. aia. laak or muc any tUag 
Bitaaa, i/'. pt. ma. ariiMi, ropn 
RiMob, •/.'Mrt af iaiiiMd ptV 
KiaMli, e. a. tawny ; ahriwlUd 
RiM«U'. «a. roast, fry, ar balia brawa 
Rll. BHa. sm. rfu ; ehareb eafWDony 
RUaumatk, ^. a flauriah ; a valaDtary ({a 

Ktvafc, aai. a akoia ; baak ; btac 
KiTal, •, a. t. riral ; eoaipaUtor 
RkralM, ^f. — ty, rlralry ; canip.w..._ 
Rira, Irm-vt] </. hank; ■bora; waUr-aida 
Rivar, «a. ta rival ; lo alaoch lb 

Rircraln, «m. aoa that dwtlli aaar a (i?ar Bt 
vr aroad ; bardarer R< 

« |Mr la I^, Bi !■■ ■!■( B ■■■■■ 

la. 3. a. arf. ctUF; aiaap: naid 
ionaM, arf. atURy \ nAtAy^ 
War. ^. ttitfnaaa ; rapidit/. aHafav 

obatiaacy ; •tabhamoeaa 
RaidUlon, m. a ImU bill ar Tiiiii 
■iaUir.ra.iaaiiflca; taatraieb mi. ..a 

•i« — . vr- to Btiffta ; ba attf ; ta lariak . 

to baar up axaiaat 
Rata. «M. ff. (loar da«) Tw^Uttk-4^ 
Raiialat. am. pcttj king ; arna 
RUa» «ai. raU: list ; part In a *iUv : l^ - 

Uat of a aMpa caMpaay z UU^ 
RAIar. ««. to wiiM ralU 
RAla^ •*. Uttla rail ; Itat. ato. 

3. a. ftwwi— 
aaai. ad. raaMstlndlr 

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ROT 9 

R'tmaniMr, vit. to aaaka romaiMM 

KoiDMiitW, «M. a writer of OAWd* 

RomuitiqiM, 3. a. ronuntie 

Kumarin, «■». roMnwrr 

KuntwUlci. Iron-baU-liki m. aM. a furr 

in timber 
KoDMseot, «at. — koI ; Patcr-panot 
Kompaweot da tAta, «m. graat noiM 
liompra, imt-pri na. to brtak; to break 

up ; diaband ; deatro* : refract 
— , vn. to break, band ; faU o«t with 
Se — , wr. to braak, break off 
Roiice, If. brier ; twambla 
Konceroi, im. a tbonijr plaea 
Kond, [rm] aai. a roiuu ; orb ; eircle 
— > e. a. round ; circular ; spherical 

Fil roiid, coaraa thread 
Rondache, •/. round ihiald or bnekler 
Honde. «^. nmnd; the nmiMla; pairole 

A la randa, nmnd about 
Rondeau, «a». rondo; pattjr-pan 
Rondelat, ta, a. plump ; rather too iht 
Kondelin, aai. a fuitjr aod fia nan 
Kondclle, •/. a target: ruudle 
Kondemaut* md. naaUj ; frauklj 
Rondeur, tf, roundaaae 
Kondiu, •«. cudgel : a atick fit for fad 
Koodiner, m. to ead||al 
"oaflement, am. aaonug ; aDOitiog 
"" '~ " woj toBnart; lo roar 

Roiifler, I 

Ronge, em. eka. nuaiinaiiaa 

Rongcr, va. to gnaw ; piok ; nibble i eat 

bite; fret; deitrojr; champ 
Roquer, ««. to eaatb (af cJmt) 
Roquat, fat. a e«r-d«g ; chart daak 
Roqueiie, »f. raakat (a talad ktri) 
Roquille, ^. a French gill ; a quarlarn 
Roiaire, «■». roaary ; great beada 
Roaat, a. of roaea ; made up with com* 
Hoibif, MM. roaat-beef 
Ro«e. «/. a roae 

— -croix, e. Roalcrocian 

— dee yeau, ma. card of a w wpaaa 
Boache de roee, roajr aiauth 
IXcouvrir le pot aux raaee, to diacovar 

or rareal an intrigue er secret 
Roieau. Cra-so] ««. a raed 
lios^e, j/. dew; amall agreeaUa rain 
Roieraie, ^f. garden of roaes 
Rosereauz, tm. pi. Russian fura 
Roeatia, ^. artificial rose; red ink « 

chalk ; asolten copper ; sort a( diaper 
Rosier, *m. a rose-buah, roae-trae 
Kosse, »/. a Jade ; a sorry horse ; roach 
Rosser, tut. to baatf, Uck, belabour 
Se — . vr. to 6At 
Rossinol, MS. a nlghdagale; picklock 

— d'Araadia, an aas, a jaekasa 
— '— -'■. to mimic the warbling of 

Roesinaate, «ai. a Jada ; a aorry hora 
Rossolis, «m. roaaoHs, a kind of Uquc 
Rostrals, a. rosuaud, beaked 
Rot, [ro] am. m 
rtdt, «ai. roaat 

Rotation, e/. i 

Rote, */. rota ; court of Justice 
Koter. VN. to eructate, to belch 

13 ROU 

Riu, Ml- raaatad meat 
Rftiie, ^f. slice of toasted braad 
Rotin, ess. Indian reed, rattan 
Rdtir, V. to roast, toaat; brail; parch 
Rdtisaarie, */. a cook-shop 
RdtUsaur, se, «. a public cook 
RAtissoir, tm. a Dutch oren 
Rotoade, ^f. rotunda 
Rotondit<-, »f. rotundity ; ronndnasa 
Rotula, •/. patella, the knee-pau 
Roture, tf. soecage ; eeaunonen 
Roturicr. e, a. i. igmhle ; a plebeian 
ReturiArement, «^ ^ 

Rouage, «ai. whe( 

y } by * 

wine-ressals with 
Rouaiiner, mt. to mark casks 
Rouannstte, $f. a timbcr-marii 
Rouble, 9m. a rvubte, a cola of 4«. M. 
Rouohe, af. the careaaa of a ship 
Roucou, «ai. a plant used in dyeing 
Roueouar, aa. to die with roucou 
Roucouler, va. to coo (a« « dmm) 
Roue. Croo] ^f. a wheel ; peacock's tail 
Rou^i tm. a rake, a profligate 
Roualle. ^. litda wheel : round slice of 

any thing ; fillet of real 
Rouar, va. to break on the wheel ; to 

Jade, tire, harasa ; (ata.) to ceil 
Rouet, iTno-ik'\ tm. apinning-whaal ; look 

of a gun i cog-wheel 
Rouettt, tf. oeier-twig; wicker 
Rouge, '1. a. red 
-,<■!. rad paint ; rod colour ; raddla 

bord, «m. bumper of red wina 

— -gorge, tm. the rad-brsaal 

queue, tm. the red-tail 

Rottga&tra, 3. a. reddish 

Sougaaud, e, a. •. red-faced ; ruddy eaai< 

Roufsole, tf. the measles 

Rouget, est. a roach, rocket 

Roufcnr, [rw-^rar] ^. redneas; pimple; 

Rouf^r, V. to redden ; to colour ; blush 

ijfir, v.Vl 

Raul, e, a steepad ; 
— , tm. a euuch 

Rouille, ^. rust, ruatinsasj mildaw 
Ronilli, e, ». rusty 
Rottiller, va. to rust; to maks ratty 
Se — , vr. to grow rusty 
RouiUura, ^f. rust ; rustiaaaa 
"— 'r, va. toataep, to soak; to taint; eor- 
!«, putrefy 

ade, tf. rolling ; trilling «m anwrc) 
Koulagc^aM. lulling ; tiansport of goods by 

meant of waggons ; waggen-warahous* 
Rotilaat, e, a. roUing ; easy ; Telable 
Rouleau, em. a roll ; rolllu«-pin ; roller 
Roulemant, f». tolling; trill; quavering 
Roular, va. to roll ; to roU up 
— , urn. to roll, rcTolre ; to ramble, roving 
Rottlet, Rouloiir, tm. roller 
Rouletu, [rve-ZWl tf. small wheel ; eaatcr : 

go-cart ; truckle-bad ; bookUader'a tool 
Ronleur, «ai. a ship that rolls much 
Rottliar, tm. a wuMoner, a carrier 
" 'is, tm. 8M. rolling of a ship 

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IVWWIW. •». » MIt « BBB 

RospMH, CrM-p«1 m. a M 
Rmtpia, rf. nWal; drop 
— (oMnnaU). • tnyM, 3«. 3 

RonpUU, «/. MTt of short cli 
KoupUlor, M. to doM ; ilcop 
RonpUlonr, m, «. duinc ponon 
"--!«, [. M) m. Vbaek-l»fo 
, af. ■•U-boarinc oak 
Atro, 3. a. ttddUh : roddjr 

",. «•}«». rod-hair«d man or bo7 
. m. tbo nutoUt pear 
■ouMolto, •/. a kind of Ma-dog 
IbmaMttr, ^. rodntt* ; roddUkoam 
RoaaaoHn, tf. pt. fraoklaa 
Rouaai, «m. burul •mall j RuHia laatker 
Rvaaala, «■. alroag stona bona 
Kouair, v. to arow rod or raddiak ; U 
« look jrollow or browD 

Boatuto, ^. ■•. wooUing 
> v«. to IbUow a dear 
I, in»t] tf. road { way ; e«wna of a 
abto i nau i maarn 

Faiia Ckuaaa touU. bm. to alter tka 

ooaiaa in order to deaehre an enemy 

Realior, «m. road book i book of ehartt ; a 

eunning oKpeneacad fellow 
Rontina, ^. rota ; practice 
Roatinar, wa. to aeeaatom. hahltoata 
Roatinier, om. mere practitioner 
Rotttoir, am. plaoa for waterlni hemp 
Roa««rtn. a. ma. britUe ; friable 
RoBTieax, a. (ekeral) a mangy korM 
RoBTTC, tm. oak of the hardest kind 
R«nTrlr, va. to open again 
Roux, Rmtaae, \jq; rooMj a.a.nd; red- 

, , . ; prinea-lOM 

RojaUate, «m. rojraUat 
R^aaOM, fraeeaM] cm. kinidon. laalm 
Rayattid, a^. ivyml^, kingikip, crown 
Rn, «ai. the ekannal of a little atream 
Raada, rf. kicking, wincing of a horse 
Rabaae, RabaaaUe, cat. a daar rab/ 
Rabaa, «». ribbon or riband 
Rnbanario, «/. tlbboo-ttade 
Rabanier, e, c. ribbon-wearer 
Rabanid, e, «. trimmed with ribbons 
Rabaase, ^. an artillcial crystal 
Rnhlaan, a. Uka*al}, nibican horaa 
Rnbieond, e, a. rubicund ; red. ruddy 
Rabis. Cra-i««3«ai. a rabjr : red pimple 
Rnbcicnii*. em. oompiUr of rubrics 
Babriqaa, ^. mhric ; red ockra ; a trick 
En brique a, ^. pi. rubric, directions in the 

CrM*«} «/. a baa-hire 
_jer, e, a. aurlr, pettish; gn 
I, a. a. raug'u ; haid ; harsh ; 
■MBt, md. roughly ; rioleutly 
ratloa. «/ nidoratloni th« 
^'y of a wall 

4^. harshness ; aorerity 

I, em. mdinient. rudiments 

Kudoye*. ■«. to use harshly 
Rnr. tf. a slieot. lane; (4«.) rue 

RuaUc, gf. a narrow tircnt nr Ina 

bedaida ; meeting at n lady'a 
Ruellar. m. to monid thn «&a 

Ruglne, tf. a dentiat'a rasp 
Rugiaer, m. eU. to acmpa 
Rugir, m. to rear 
Raglssant, e, a. ronrlnc 
Rugiaaemant, •«. rsnrlay : i 

Rugoaltt, »f. TOBchnaae, « . 

Ruinc, Iru-tMfJtf. min i dacmy ; s_ 
Roiner, an. to ruin ; daatroy ; x» « 
Se — , vr. to decay ; to fkll in rwiaa* 
Ruinous, ec, a. nunons ; psi nialnaa 
Ruinure, */. a notek ; a wronv« 
Rulsscan, «m. a brook, rlV«lat, t«mal 
Rniaaclant, a, a. gushing ont 
Ruiiaeler, vn.Ao gush oat ; to atnwm 
Kumb, [raatte] cm. ma. rhnsk lb 


Kumlner, va. to nmtiantn, m ^bw tm 

cud ; to maditate. to maan 
Rani<|tt«, a. (langae), Rnale laagw^s 
"ufKoire, a. tm — ■— -«~ = ^ 

Rupture, tf- * 

Rural, e, a. nnil ; r 
Ruae, [mar] «/. arHII 
Ruse, e, a. cunning ; sly s emfty 
Ruser, vm. to dod^o ; to van nrttScw 
Rustaud, t, a. •. boorish ; m ilnwn 
Rustiettd, if. rusticity: ntswhkaam 
Rastique, 1. a. rural ; rlnwnlMi 
Rustiquemtnt. ad. — enlly ; shmlMyj 
Rustiquar, pa. to aaaka masin-lihn 
Rustrc, 3. a. «. rastlaal ; ekarl. dUwn 
Rut, am. nit, ratting 
Rye. Irml $/. the san-e h oaa 


S««. 19th letiM af tW alplrnkM 
. S^rrw.f hia. bar. ItTn-Ta 
Sabatic d una anere, ^. nan. ahon a( a 

of witchee ; racket, mat SMian 

rf. * thaab am Ingan nr m«sl 

phllosopky ; mat nalaa 
fiahbaiique. T. . mk} X m. aa^^mtfa 
8ab«sme, cm. tke adoraHom af fta« 
8aUne, ^. sabina or anrian-a 
Sable. CM. sand ; honr-glana ; 
— monrant. em. qalakannd 
Sablar, va. to grarel ; oomr w 

nip. swallow at a dmn^t 
Sanlsu, se, a. aandy 
Sablier, eai. hour glaaa 
SabUire, ^. a snnX-plt. gnani 
SabUm, em. sand, smnll amsA 

Sabtonucr. r«. to aconr wHh a 

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I ; ■ eouo ■ lop 

ir. p». to whip K top 

lur, fM. oiM tkat whip* a top 

er, (M. • anakar el wMdca ■bm 

SabloDitUrr, •/. • aaod-fiit, graT«l-pit 
Sabord, [. htr'l urn. sm. a part-hal« 
Sabot, [. fo] «ai. woodan »ho«i hon«' 

hoof; a ehild'a top 
Sabotar. p». to -*-'- 

Sahouler, va, to toaa, tninbU i 
Sabra, [M-ir] «m. labre; haBfer; cutlaaa 

— d'abuida««, aui. thip'i eutlau 
Sabrenai, •«•. bnugler, eobblar 
Sabrcnaudar, «■. to boteh ; to baDRla 
Sabrar, ml. to aabra, cut with a aabr* 
Sac, ZtiJfi CM. lack, >«« : pilUfc 

— -^-Tio, m. a drunkard 

S arcade, fA Jark, aback ; raprfanand 

chrow, deatraotion 
Saeca^cmaat, *m. aaekfaiK, piDagiaf 
Sacea^r, va- to aaak ; pluudar 
Snceagaar, *m. pillafar 
Sareatiar, «ai. aoal- heaver, collier 
SaechariOra, 3. a. aacohariferoaa 
Saccharin, am. aaecharina matter 
Sacardoea, «m. priesthood 
Sacardotai. a, a. aacardolal, priaatly 
Sach<e, «/. a aackful 
Sachet, [aaaiMj «m. a aatehal ; pouch 
iiacoche, •/. aeouriar'a bag 
Sacrairc, «m. a amaU pa^an tampla 
iacramrutalra, fM. eacramanUrian 
Jacramenlal, a, a. aaeramantal 
iacrameatalamant, ad. •acramanlally 
$aera, cm. coronation, eonsacratiou ; aakar, 

H aort of hawk 
>aer<, e, a. sacrad, holr 

}acrer, va, to 

— , vn. to swaar, to niaapnaraa 

••cret, I. era] am. tassel-hawk 

lacriflcataur, aai. —tor; saeriSocr 

lacrificatura, a/, priesthood 

> aerifies, aat. n taerlftca 

lacrificr, va. to saeritoa; to daatroy 

la — pour qualqu'un, vr. to U/ down 

one's UCs and fbrtuna for a person 
.acril4ga, 3. m. «s*. — uioua; •aeiilego, 

profanation ; a sacrllagiotts man 
lAcriltgement, ad. aaerilogioiialjr 
•acnstain, am. a aaaion 
scristie, C- cHa-lar] a/, a saeriatjr, a Toatrjr 
neriatinr, •/. a vsstry nna 
aerum (I'os), tm. os sacrum 
aduc^an, no, a. Saddueaa 
adue<isM«, «■». SaddneiBB 
afran, i./ranj «/. aaifron ; crocus 

- de gouvamail, »m. wta. the after-plcea 
of a rudder 

sfran4, a, A. of B aaffran coloar 
afraner, va. to maka yellow with aarroit 
afruniar, ; «. a banknipt marehaut 
wfraniiro, «/. aaaffron-plot 

afra, 3. a. graodjr, lu 

agacit^. «/. M«MUy ; 
age, tin. a aaga, wiaa 
-, 3. «. wlaa ; modaat 

- -femma, «/. BsidwUa 
agenaat, M. aagaljr ; wiaely ; tabarlj 

leap I 


Saoaaaa, ^. wisdoas, kaowlodga ; pru- 

dance ; modestj ; honoatj ; aonrlety 
SagMU, ^f. to. aaiiltu aquatiea 
Sagittairo. aat. Sagittarius 
Sagou, *ai. sago, an Indian drug 
Sagouln, «ai. marmoset; sIoTsn 

Saia, a/, coat of mail ; geldsraitha brush ; 

thin sargo Cbruah 

Saiatar, pa. to dean with a goldamlth'a 
Saignant, a. a. bicading 
Saign<o, «/. blood-letting; a farrow or 

small trench to let watar out 
Saipier. [laiga-mik-] p. to Used ; to loso 

Saignenr, aat. a bleeder 
Saigneux, se, «. bloodj, full of blood 
SailUnt. a, «. Juttiug out ; striking 
Saillia, tf. aalfj ; projactore ; rant 
Sailllr. vm. to project ; gush out ; 1 

(ata.) to haol upon a hawser 
Sain, e, a. saaa, sound, healthy ; health- 
ful i wholaaome ; (ata.) clear 

dottx, aat. hog's lard or grease 

Saiuamant. ad. healthily, sound and wall ; 

iurfieiottsly, rationally 
Satmfoin, aat. sainfoin, Ctnugreek 
Saint, a, a. a. holy, pious ; a salot 
Sainto-barbe, of. ma. gun-room 
Saintement, oa. hollly ; piously 
Sainteta, a/, holiness ; sanctity 
Salqoe, ^f. salck, sort of Turkish ship 
Saisi, am. one who has been distrained 
Salsia, */. jm. seisuro ; distress ; arrstt 
Saiaine, sf. seisin ; possession { (ma.) 

spilling line 
— dee huniars, (ma.) harbour leech Hues 
Saisir, vm. to seise, lay hold ef ; grasp ; 

strike : distrain, arrast ; attack 
Se — da, vr. to seise upon ; arrest 
Saitissant, a, a. a. pinching, nipping; a 

seiser, distrainer 
Saieissment, am. shock ; qualm ; flurry 
Saisoa, Ca«<-zoit] af, seaaoo ; time ; proper 

Sala, tf. a prayer of the Xiusulmana 
Salada, tf. salad ; ksad-pieoe 
Saladier. am. a salad-diak or bowl ; 

baaket to drain salad in 

Salansalee, »m. Turkish salutation 

J, tf. — der, kind ef lisard 

Salaot a. (aaarais), salt-marsh 

Salariar, va. to reward, to pay 

Sale. 3. a. foal, dirty, fllthy; obeccne 

SaM, am. salt pork or meat 

— , e,a..aalt, aoltad; brinish, brackish 

Saleaaeat, ad. filthily, naatiW ; slorsnly 

Salop, am. aalep, a modicinaJ plant 

Salar, [ao-lii] va. to salt 

Saleron, am. upper part of a salt-cellar 

Salet«, tf. fUthinase, dirt ; obeecnity 

Saleur, am. a fish-curer or saliar 

Salieoqua, [. . «ofa] a/, a prawn, kind of 

Sali^ie, tf. sall-cellar ; sali-boa 

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SAN ao6 

SalUtM, p/. eKTitiM in the flesh of » 

lean Miwii 
8*Hgkud, «, m. $. tlattiah. naatjr ; a aloTen 

SaUiM. ^. nlimMU ; Mat fiah ; Mlt j^t 
Saliqwe, C* <M*3 3* a-(loi,> the nlic Uw 
Salir, »«. to dirty ; foul ; stain ; snllj 
SaUsMB, 4^. ft Toang tint ; slatdeh girl 
SiJissure, ^. Airi; Uth; spot «f diri 
SftUvKlN, 3. a. laliTal. sftlirmrr 
SaliTMloii, •/. saliTfttiMt ; fliuong 
SaliTt, t/. spittle : ealtTft ; flusiug 
SftliTsr, wa. to salivate ; to spit much 
Salle, a/, hall; narlo«r; ward; room 
Salmi. Mi. ft hash 

• ■• " ' " - - " ! eglio 

asioir, aai. aau-soD , |iswvenii(-ia0 
SaloM, aai. great hall ; parlour ; saloon 
Salope. 3. «. a. slorealj' ; • aloveo ; alut 

■ODl, md. alownljr- ' — ■ " 

lo, #/. • •• 

•M. heap of SI 
J i 

well at 

Salieaateillo, »/. at ^ 
Salsita, «m. goat's beard, salaify 
SalaugiJieax, sc, «. ' 
Sal tim bang ua, «m, 
ada, 4/. aalau 

Salnbra, 3. a. salubrious ; healthful 
SalnbriU, tf. aalubritj ; wholesomenaaa 
Saloer, vn. to s^uia ; bow ; driuli to one 
Salnrs, tf. saltaaas ; brackUhaesa 
Salut, [M-/K] em. salntatioo, greeaug; 

safety, salvatioa ; salute 
Salutalre, -J. «. ' 

SalutsiloB, •/. -non ; dow ; annacy 
SalTaga, «m. salTago SMwaT 
SalTatioDs, If. pi. pleadings «n lam) 
Salve. *f. ft aalva, Tolwy. dUeharp 

oval saaear «r aalvar 

k. s a ncta a r y ; 


Samlak. tf. ft sandal 
Saadaltcr, am. saodal-mahcr 
Sandaraqiie, tf. sandarae ; red arsenle 

Sang. CSMM] «m. blood ; rase. esin«ti« 

— -do-dragon, na. fo. dragon's Uood 

— -froid, m. eoolaaaa i presanea of mind 
Avoir da sangauz angles, to have spiite 

Sanglar, «a». a Turtiish govamor 
Sanglant, a. a. bloody ; cmel ; grievona 
Sangle, tf. a girth, thong 
Sanglar, va. to girth ; whin : laah 
SangUer. tm. a wild boar 
Sanglot, «■». aob; sighing; grsaa 

Sanglotar. vn, to aob. to algb . to | 
Sangsoa, tf. laach i bloodauekar 
Sanguification, «/. i 
Sanguin. r 

Sanguloaire, 3. a. sangMlnarv ; crwnl 
Sanguine, Itam-gtm^ t/. t«4-lemd ; hti 

Sangulnolcnt. e, «. aU. blnodjr 
SaaMdrin. em. — drim, Jewish 
" ■i».tf.b». snnicU. saU-benl 

I, tf. mU. aaiaee. thin mauou 
Saoieuz, se, a. snniou* ( pumlamt 
Sannes, «a». two(a< tact - 
Sans. Caaa] pr. without t 

Saati. tf. hanlth ; ft tonnt 
SantoB, tm. a Tarlriah Irimt 
Seoul, e, f^kl. SoAl 
Sep, tm, at«. fir-wnod ; dnnla 

Sapajou. sm. maraMMot, aort nT ■ 

Sapaa, eai. sort of wood oacd am 4m 
Sape, •/. undarmini '^ 

Saper, va. to eap; 
Sapeur. «st. an am 
Saphique. 3. a. aapphic 
Saphir. [./«] tm. anpnian* 
Saptenee, tf. aapienen, windaHi 
Sapin, am. a fir-traot St, 4«al 
Saplne, [. pearl tf. artk. n fit ji 
"--'-"- if. foraat offtr-aswa' 

Saporitiqua. 3. «. aftporifie 
Saquobuta. tf. a eaekbut 
Sarnbandc, tf. a saraband 
SatanKousti, tm, a pacullar (nan nand J 

the Kast Indies Inaiaad mt pitvk 
Sarbaeaoe, tf. shooting-twb* 

SaI^U,*»/"Il['t'«a'*"' ***** 
Sarclcr, tw. te weed ; to pnll «* ^ 
Sarcleur, se, t. - — — »— 
Sareloir, em. a 
Saralure, tf. arasdinga 
" * " •/• • ' 

SaraophafS, tm. aarao 
Saraouque, 3. «. m*. 

Sftrda, tf. ewnalian, awant 
Sardine, tf. pilchard, a^nc 
Sftrdelae, tf. tha sardnayn 
Sftrdoniqua, a. (ria). • cnvnaUi** iMgh; 


»] am. ft vlM-kravh 

Sartftsina, «/. rarieaUia ( tW.) hsnn usi 

Aarrau, *at. a waggoner's fiwck 

Sarriette, tf. iha hoth anwy 

Sart, [aar] em. sin w isd 

Sartis, em.^. ma. ahramia nf n mkUrv 

Sas, Ce«] m. ft aiara '^ 

Saaaer. vm, ta aift; a i a m l n at critkiaa 
Saasct, sm. little aiara 

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SAU ao7 

lktaIliU,^<H. — liU; Attendant; {oard 

•lMt4, ^. Mdety, larfeit 

Iktin. Ml. latln 

Utlu«4«, Mf. MtlMt «r utinad* 

tailiiBir*, *m. s«tin-«ireaT«r 

■•Iin4, «, «. ntin-lik*; toft aa vtlrat ; 

latlser. male* aatla-Uke, adorn with 

•atin ; to hel-prcaa (piv«r) 
lahrc, «/. ntlrc; lampeoa; libtl 
latiriqae, 3. «. «. Mtirle ; satiriat 
iatlriqaeBwnt, od, wtiriealljr 
iadriier, ««. to laanpoon ; critieiaa 
iatlsfactien, «/. Mtit<aetloii ; arnendf 
iatiifactoir*, 1. a. ladsfBctory 
jatlafaire, v. to latMy ; plaaaa ; dUeharge ; 

fratifjr; cxMole, perform 
ic — , »r. to lattefjr or eonteiit on«'« lelf 
Satiifalaant, •, a. — (actorjr; ploaring 
Satitfait, «, a. tatiaflcd: contented 
Jatrape. «m. satrap. Penian gOTRiMr 
}att»pi«, »f. aatrainr 
Satteau, •■». < 
$aturatioB, if. aaturation 
'tatttrer, «a. to ■ 
ratyre, am. a eat 
>atyrioii, tm. ha. 
Sauce, C«0e«] ^. 

Saucer, v«. to dip in nnee ; reprore 
fsuriirc, af. nueer, Hmce-boat 
iaucirae, tf. aauMKe 
Sauciiion, ea. tklek and ihort lauaap 

(ml/.i a trongit filled with powder 
}auf, C>o/«3 ft. aar*! MTiag, except, Iwt 


■caaoaJng with salt, 

— eondiUt, mm. aafo oendiiet; paaa; lott 

of licenc* 
Jnugc. •/. to. Mfe 
tiaugrniie, •/*. a ■caaoaJn 

pepper, ana mall herbe 
Saufrena, e, a. abrnrd, IboUah, ridiculoos ; 

Snule. \.mU\ fai. willow or sallow-treo 
iaunfttre, 3. a. Mnjri brarkiih 
Saiimon, [eo-aioa] «ae. ealmon ; pig o< 

lead ; (aui.) kenUedge 
3aumon<, e, o. (truito), aalmon-tront 
iaumoiineao, tm. a tittle mIbwb 
jiBamure, »f. Iirine ; pickle 
Saunage, •■■. •alt-MUing; eait-trade 

Kaus-eaiinage, tm. imuggltng of aalt 
Saiiner, m. to make aalt 
ienncrie, «/. ealtam, aalt-houaa 
Saunter, «m. Mlt-maher or merekaat 

Fauz-aaunler, em. smuggler of aalt 
$aiii>iire, »f. a salt-boK 
jaupiquet, eai. Ugh-rtlitked saooa 
Saupoudrcr, fa. to powder, to eom ; t 

epriiikle with powdered salt, cto. 
»aar, [eern it. (liaraBg), a red herring 
$aare, 3. •. yeliowlsh brown ; aeml 
iaurer, M. to dry in the smoko 
Sausaaic, *f. a willow-plot 
$aut. i—l tm. leap, tmnble ; walerftll 
Saute de rent, tf. au. a sudden Tearing t 

shifting of the wind 
Sautor, lao-tH^ v. to leap; Jump ; tmnble 

omit er skip; to shift er veer 


Santer i Tabordafe, sm. to jump aboard 

an ouemjr's ship 
Santoreau, tm. Jaek of a harpsichord 
Sauterelle, «/. arassliopper ; locust 
Sautenr, ae, e. loapcr, tumbler, raulier 
SautiUement, «■«. skipping, frisking, nip. 

lutillor. vm. \ 

Mtoir, eai. U 

SottTago, Im-vagettm. salTaae ; a tavitgo. 

_ . rub er tree 

Saavngin, e, a. t, tthf ; rammish taste 
Sanve^rde, ^f. aaibgaard ; ptoteetion 
SauTement, tm. mm. aalvago 
SauTer, vm. to sara ; preserre i exease 
S« — , vr. to escape; indemnify ana's self 
SauTe-rabans, jsi. pi. im. yiddenlnga er 

puddings of tho Tarda 
SauTstage, sm. aui. saving or rceorering 

any goods wNehad on the aoMl 
Saureti. tf. saletr 
Saavaor, «■§. SavMur; r._ 
Savamment, «<<. leamedlr 
Havanna, tf, a aaTanaa ; forest of fire 
I, «. f. lea 

Sarantiaabna. a 

Hantto, »/. old - ._ 

Saratorie, a/, old •! 

Saveter, mi. to eobbie, onncM, dokh 

SsTstier, sm. cobbler, bonglar, bouher 

Sa«oar, a/, aarour, roliah | taste 

SaToir, ttm-vt»-mmri 9. to know ; to ba 

~, eat. knowledge { leaning 

<ali«, rai. aktU{ induatry, wit 

— -Tivra, aas. maanara, bakaTiour 
8a«»B, [M-oo«] eai. aoap 
SaTonnaKe, aai. waahinf with soap 
SaTonner, aa. to waak with soap : to re- 

piwra ; to loctara ; to hoal, hang 

iTonnerle, »/. a soap-koasa 
Saronnetto, tf. a wash-ball 
SaTonnottS, sa, * 

Saaifrago, litmk-t»-/rmi!l tf. to. sasifnige 
SaroB, es*. a kind ofcoana haUt 
SInro. aai. a conatoble ; (avi.} aalraga 
SeabeUoa, aas. a podaattl Cor basts 
Sealiiottae, tf. ho. suabiosa. seainotta 
lieahlcax, so, «. ittkj. aeaU** 
Scabroiu, sa, -a. ru^god ; diAcalt 
SeaUna. i •. scalane 
Sealpol, tm. anlpel, diaacctlag knife 
ScHmmonte, feM>aivii4], »f, scammoojr 
Scnndale, tm. aeaadal ; oHcnce 
SeandalOBsomont, md. scaudaioasljr 
Seandalou, so, «. •• —Ions; shamofal 
Seandaliaer, «a. Msoandalisa t to npioach « 

slaador i to gi** otfenaa 
Sa — , ar. to bo oAmdad or aeatKUl'aod 
Scandor, •«. f r. to acaa 

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SCR i 

Sesmnoaelie, •«. •cmmmoaclt, biiffixm 
S««rific«taur, «m. —tor ; •earifiai 
Searifieattou, *f. —don ; acarifTiag 
Searifiar, v». to acarify, to ]aii«e 
S«arlatiuc. a. (fiivra), acarlet ftraf 
Season, tm. a kind of Latin Tartc 
Sceau. Cm] am Seti, *m. a aeal 
Sc^Urat, a, a. «. flaKitioiia ; a Tillain 
Sc^Urataaae, $/. rillaav, wickedaeaa 
SeclU, nt. Ju. the teal of a Judge 
SceUenem, *m. arek. aaaling, craapiag 
ScaUor, va. to aoal ; to ratify ; to araisp 
ScclUur, MM. a acalar, ona that laala 
Seine, [#alii«] «/. a lUgei aeene 
Sctnique, 3. a. theatrical, leeuical 
Se&iiie, a. one who lires under a teat 
SeJDOjinphie, tf. ait of pecap«cti*« - 
Seepticiima, «m. tceptii&HB [aeeptic 

SoeJMiqae. [tp-tmk-^ 3. a. «. aceptieal ; a 
Sceptre, [eV-'rD tm. a aeeptre 
Schellinil, «8t. a shilling 
Sohismatique, CeWf-Bi*-fe«itl3. «. «. — ««1 ; 

Sehisine, [eict-aM] tm. aehism 
Sehiste, tm. a sort of itene 
Scia«e, em. sawing 
Sciatjrique. 3. a. aotatetie, aciaiarieal 
Sciatiqne. ^f. seiMiea, hi 
— . 3. a. seiatlo, ada ' 
Seie. C«Ml •/. a saw 
— i asain, a hand-saw 
Seiemment, ad. kuAwingly ; wittinglv 
Scianes, if. acienee ; knowledge i skill 
Scientifique, 3. a. seieuti6e ; learned 
Seientifiquement, w2. selcutlfloaUjr 
Seier, aa. to saw ; cut down ; to reap 
— , va. mm. held water with the oara 
Seienr, tm. a sawyer 
ScUta. tf. squiUs, aa»-oaion 
Scintillation, tf. — tion : sparkling 
Seintiller, Cec<»-t</-/if] va. to sparide, 

Scion. «ai. twig; shoot i aeioa 
Sciasilo, 3. «. eapehla of batog cleft 
Scission, ^. selsaion: eatting; diriaioB 
Scisenre. if. scissurc ; eraok ; rent 
Sciare, «/; sawing; eaw-dua( 
Seolastique, tf. school-dlrine 
— , 3. a. em. seholaatie, a school diviao 
Seolaatiquenant, ad. seholastically 
SeoUasu, tm. scholiast 
Scolie, »r. sehoUim ; commentary, not* 
Scolopendre, tf. — dra; hart's tongna 
Soorbttt, [aeer-te] eat. acurey 
Scorbutiqoe, 3. «. a. aoorbutlc ; one who 

has ths scurry 
Scordium, eai. water-gennandar 
Scoria, </. droaa ; senria, alag 
Seoriflentiea, ^. eeotiiication 
Soorifioatolre. eai. a vaeael aerring to i*- 

dneeto eeovte 
Seoilaer, ««. to rednco to scoria 
SootpieisUe, tf. ail of eoorpton 
Seeivion, m. ecoroion ; (m/.) Seorpioa 
"— ^"»fe, tf, te.%eoraoaara 

I, </\ a diseaaa of th« eyae 
oBnns, sat. acrlbe; eopiar' 
Seitetemr, aas. tha writai 
Mls| aeoptev 


Serorulalre, •/. to. bUnd-Mttla 
Serofules, tf. pi. mU. setxiAda 
SoTofuleax, a«, «. aerofcloa* 
Serotnn, aai. scratam 
Sompttle, 4m. acrupla ; doubt 
Serapnleosement, ad. sempulpud* 
Scrupttlenz, se, «. acrupuloas 
Scrutateur, *a». acratntor ; s««icbe* 
Scruter, ra. to acmtiniaa ; T-rnmiM 
Scratin, eat. election by ballot 
Scolpter, M. to earre ; to «ii«x«v« 
Sculpteur, em. eanrer ; aculptor 
SeBlptiuo,4/^sculptni«; atntavy; cvnaf; 

ScnrriJa, 3. «. aeuniloew; mbuivc; law 
Seurrilnnent, ad. aearrilouxW 
Scurrility, e^. -lity; aeunriloo. j« 
Scytalc, tf. eypher for aeeret wavw 
Se, fro. one's aelf, him or bntualf, ia^ 

thamaelree; each other, oo* naoAar 
Stance, •/. aaaslon ; sitsi'n : r'aar - ksi 
S^aut, e, - ' '— ->-^--* ^-' 

tee] tm. a paU, b 
X, tm. a frait of Kcynt 
S<bae. tf. a woodon howT '^ 
Sec. ittk] tm. dryMMi *■« wbieh ■» 

-.siehe, a-drr: barrma: rotagb; aenx 

A aec, ad. dried up 

Mattn 4 sac, as*, to apomi 

Un Taisaaau 4 sac, a abip tkal saenn 
S<«akle, 3. a. diviaiblo ^ ^^ 

"^ tf.i 

t»ai-«*«] «r. the t 

Sfchamcnt. ad irj : coldly; n>««Uy 
Meher, v. to drr, wither ; to kiow ^ 
Sfchereaee, tf. dryacaa, drou«b( ; ban 
ness. roughness, bluntnoaa 

writer of the Popa'a 

S»ehas, tf. pi. aanda ar rocka Ub dry a 
the sea 

S<cholr, im. kotae for drytast liaaa •■ 
Secoqd, e, a. • second ; aaaularj 

— d'an ea iss a aa marobaad, ma. awb 

— mattre d'^qutpsfio, ma. boatawMaS ■» 
Seeondaire, 3. «. aamndary 
Seeonde, tf. aacond 
Socoademaat, ad. laeoitdly 
Seconder, va. to ae«ond i 
Saeondea, ScoondlM 
Secouer, •«. to shah 

Jog; haug 
Se — , ST. to shake ona's aalf 
Seeoftmeni, «m. shakiaR; joltiaw 
SaeouraUe, 9. a. helpful ; rawdw ta Wr 
Seeonrir, *■. to auceour ; to hafa 
Seeoura, tae-cear] tm. soamm*; k^. sa- 

sistanee ; relief, aupply ; ebapul «/«aae 

•couese, tf. shake ' — • 

Tiolentfit; jeh; 

Secret, itt-erij am. 

«u i m aaaisK 
. tf. pi. nl^ar-l 
. ahaCo off; ta 


Seeritairmie, tf. aaeioiary'i 
Secretariat, ' 


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ieeiku, t/. a pnyM Mid with a. low Tolce 
hj the priaiit at bim* bafbrv tha of- 

wrriUBMat, arf . Mcntly ( in priTMa 

iacrition, ^/. iMTOtion 

>vcr«toir«, 3. a. aMretorj 

iectairi. Ml. a teolarjr ; dlteiplo 

iectataur, «a». foUowar{ diacipU 

iecte, «/. a wet ; a eUn 

icetaur, «m. a tactor 

lectila. 3. a. diTiaible 

>«ctlou, $f. aaetioD ; dlriiioa 

><culaira, 3. a. «. lacular 

t^cuUriaation, */. MeuIariaaiMW 

l^uUriaar, tm. to Moulariaa 

'^•ularitt. a/. — tjr ; auta of a laynaa 

l^culier, a. a. «. aaeuUr ; a Uyaaan 

«eaUiraniaat> ad. aaeularly ; worldly 

•^eurii^. tf. — ritjr ; ime o noantadpaaa 

^datif, va, «. — tiva, anodjrna j ealndag 

'^dentalra, 3. «. aadaiktary 

pdiment, [. . aiaa] «at. aadiaaaat; dnga 

rditieuaaaMnt, ad. aaditiuaaljr 

eilitieux, M, a, ». aaditioua; a rabal 

edition, «/. aoditioa; tumult : nproar 

Mucteur, trie*, a. «. aoduaiag, eorrupt- 
ing i a loducer, baculler 

iductloD, ^f. taducuoa ; eorraptia| 

Muirc, va. to aaduea; nialaad; corrupt 

idttliant, a, «. aadaoing ; eikga^ing 

cgmaot, aat. aafnwnt 

igrigatleo, ^. — tlon. ■atting apart 

tgri^tr, va. to aagragata 

•igla, [tal-glj im. tf 

- blanc, ameloom 

eigneor,«ai. lord; maatar; Mlgnior 

eigi>eurla««, «a», aalanoraga 

eigneurlal, a, a. et or belt 

lord of ttio waoor 

•igoeurle, a/, lordahip ( manor 

•in. <M. brcaat; boaom ; womb; BoiddJa, 

ima.) ««lf. amall bay 

tine, ^. bind of flaUng-iiat 

ring. «••• ■ignatnre, aign-manual 

•iBiiina, «/. thick paokthrcad 

ise, a. tm. ilztaeB ; a aixtaanth 

isiime, 3. «. «. aUtacnth 

ijour, im. atty: aboda; r 

joarn«r, vm. to aojoam j 

1, [««'] *">. aalt i wit, humour ; aplrit 
attiqua. attic wit, attie humour 

Mnographia, «/. aalanography 

lie, '//aaddla ! pilUon ; atool 

liar, va. to aaddla 
— , or. Of. to grow hard and dry 

llerie, «/T eloaat for boiaa-hamaaa ; a 

imddlar'a trada or hnaincoa 

Ilatte, tf. a amall atool ; ataal on wUoh 

» culprit alta during trial 

r belonging to the 

19 SEN 

Sewblablc, «m. fallow-craature : fellaw 
— , 3. a. llVa i alik* ( aqual 
Samhlablcmant, ad. likewiM ; too : alao 
Semblance, «/. likeneM ; appaaranaa 
Semblant, tm. pretence j anow, aaaming 
Sembler, ra. to item; look ; appear 
Samelle, $/. aola « fool 

— da dirlTe. ma. lee-board 

— d'affAt, bottom of a gun-carriage 
" */. eacd; cauaa 

Send, half 

praura, ^, aaoii-proof 

I abide 

Sempltomal, .., , 

— (Ticille), an old witch ; old trot 
Mnat, aai. aenatc; aenate-honae 
Maatatir, »m, a aenator 
Senatorial, e, a. aanatorial 
84aatorira, ne, a. — rlan ; patrician 
Siuatrice, ^f. •enator'e wiia 
SAnatua-eoiiauIta, cm. aenatva-oonauUBm, 

a decree of the eeuata 
Sanaa, Mi. a enow, boat with two maata 
Sini, gm. aanna 
S<n4chal. am. eenaaehal 
S<D<ohale, s/. aanaichal'a lady 
S<o<ehau8a&, «/. a icneaohal'i Jarladiction 

S4nMon, >ai. gronndeel 

Srnelles, ^f. at. hkwthom-berriaa ; hipa 

S^neatra (m^), U. left hand 


lon.CiX-fMf ] pr .aeeerdlng to ; aulable to 
(lua, e. aaeording aa ; aa 
mailla, rf. aowing tiuM or aaaaon, aced 
time ; eora aown; aowing 
maine, tf. woeir; weak'a work; week'a 
lutr ; weak'a eamlnga 
ifiainier, aai. the penon who olBeiilei 
,r niana«aa for the week 
male, Sanaqua, if. ma. anaek 

lena. [aoiM} *m. •enac ; uiidemtanding ; 

opinion i eonatruetion ; aide; way 
- -daaaaa-dceaona, ad. topay-turvy 
— derant derri^, ad. wrong way 

Jenaatiou. »/. aenaation 

8caa<, a, a. aaaaible ; nttlona] ; wito 

enl, ad. aenalblT ; ludidouily 
llt<, V. aenaibUrity i faaliiig 
), «ai. felbia ; inclination 
t. aanaible ; tender, feeling, aaaily 
affected ; pcraeptlUa : aad, gricvona 
Senaiblamant. ad. aenalhly ; feelingly 


3. a. aanaible 

Senaitif, tc. 

Senaitive, tf. •enaltire plant 

Senaualiement, ad. acaaualljr 
Sentence, ^. aentence ; 
Srntencier, va- to lanunoe 
' MBt, ad. aantantioutly 

rdiat. d 





Bwiwnaaax, m, ■. aameauoat ; pithv 
Smtciir, tf. odmr ; imeU ; trcnt 
a«uMter«, «^. |rf. pcrfnnwa, twMt od«Bn 
Scntior, «m. p»th ; f»ot-p«th ; bj-wav 
Santinimt, ««. MntimMt; mum ; fwllng: 
affrctlon ; MnMtlon ; opiiiion 

a. aeatii 
I. link pf a tUp 
_ . Mntinel ; acatrr 
Santlr, va. to feel ; he waaibtc of; tai 

uau; savour of; feraaee 
So — , vr. to feel vr know oao'a self; 

•Oietcd with ; feel ■till 
Seoir, VM. to fit well ; to bee<»>« 
«ep, [«»]. m. iM. kai^t-: 

S^arati«B, 3. a. eeparaiion 
"epafatoire, ew* teparatory 
S<par<, e, a. aeparated ; aeparate 
SfoaHment, atf. aeparately ; aaunder 
S*par*r, vm. to aeparate ; to diaualta 
So — , vr. to break «p : to part 
Mirfa. af. a tfaiekat or duater of trcca a 

li«*« ahot frow the aame root 
Sept, [aX, before a rowel, or at the end of 

a pbraae, ee*] «. «m. aeven ; aeventh 
Septante, 3. a. m. serentjr 
Septcmbre, raep-riw-6r] «av Septomber 
Soptinaire, 3. «. na. aeptanarv 
Septennal, e, a. aepteniual 
Soptentiioo. [iifl* . . eai. the north 
SeplcMiioaal, e, m. — imal. northern 
Sapteatrionamjc, tm. pi. northern people 
Septiteae, [«<f-«-ate] I. a. tat. aerenth 
SeptiiaBemeiil, md. aeTenthlv 
Septier, Fid. Setter 

SeptuaaMne, »f. aeptuagcili 
Septuple, •••. a. aeptuple « ■ 
8<paleral, e, a.— ebral , tnonumental 
S4palere, eat. eepalehre ; fraTC 
Stonlture, ^. aepalturc, iDtemtent ; bwry- 

iBf-placo : tomb, (Tare 
Mqnelle. «/ gmng : crew ; elnb ; party 
S«qaeacc, ^. aaquenca ; aeriea 
S<qneatratiaB, ^. aeqneatratloa 
S^uettre, sat — tratioa ; aequeetrator 
B^queatrer, vm. to aequeater ; aequi 
Be — , vr. to retire ; to withdraw 
Saqoln, C tofa] wm. aeqalu, 

Sirail, ««. aeraclio 
84rao, «Bi. hatehel, flax-comb 
S4i«ne«r, \m, to hatchel, to dreaa fla* 
S^raaeolia, ««. a Und of marble 
S4t»phiB, eat. a aerapfa 
S<raphiqaa, 3. a. aer«>hie, aoraahieal 
84raakicr, m. a Tnikiab iienetal 

. ofllee in the Mnf'a hooaa- 
" perCormi '" ' " 
iti| dew 
eaim: ■ 

uouiie aeretne, pitta aoreitft 
84r4nada, tf. aorenade 
Ser^ner, ra. to nlm, to qidet 


irooa; tUa ( 

S4r*ax, se, a. I 

Serf, re, a. «. a Doaaaiait, a aikve 
ScT<ottetw, ^. hoe, wocdiay-ko^ 
Sorfooettcr, Serfooir, va. t« cam ap i 

looam the (ftoaud ; t* ho« 
Serfe, ^. aerjcc 

Sergeaterie, «/. aarioaat'a pla«a 
Serger. Ser«>.r. eiafoersc-^.^ 
Sei^erie, •/. aerge trade 
Sermtu, ^f. thin and light mmwwt 
S<rie. a/, a aorieo ; traia i eeqawee 
Serieoaanent, a</. — oualjr ; ia rnmum 
S^iicnz, «m. lerionaneaB ; aadniM 
— , ae, a. lerioua ; earnest ; aliuait 
Serin, e, «. a canaij bird 
Serinctta, tf. a bird-organ 
Seringat, im. 6e. artinga, f 
Serlague, •/. a ayrln^a 
Seriugner, va. to aTringe ; to a 
— un vaisaeau, aia. to ralta a a 
SatneBt, «ai. an oath 

Sermonnaire, *ai. eollaetiea of a 
Semonoer, *« to preach ,- 
Sermonnaar, ae, a. ~ 

reading leeturea ; 

S<ra«il<, tf. aeraally ; wrun 

Serpe, tf. a hed«in«-biU ; praaiag tmi. 

JJerpent, C. p«l —. neepaMTi-et- • 

mnaical Inairtunant, vr ha «W n'an 

upon it ■ 

Serpeaialra, tf. aaaha-root 
Sorpenta, *f. ailror-papar 
Serpenteau. em. yonug aaak* ; a ana* 
Serpenter, ta. to wind aheat: «a tM* 

(«■«.) to anahe 
Serpentln, tm. eoek of a aiaah-* 
— . e, a. aarpentina ; a^ral ; i 
SerpoatiBa, tf. aerpeatioe-a 

plantain, aorpem'e tonyaa 
Serper, !••.*« to weigh narhOT 
Serpette, tf. a praalag Itiaifc 
SerpiUin, tf. parUng elotk 
Serpolet, «a. wild thynaa 
Serre, if. greenkonao; flralt-*«« 

or eUw ; preaa«a« er aqaeaalaM 

— -boaae, ««. aia. ahnidc-palmaa 

Slo, na. bringer-up; aiafa 

pnplcnr. m. • plara ta b«M ■ 

— -•»^ — . nighteap-baad 

— , wf . hard ; aonndly 
Sermaent, eat. aonaeBiaf; •BBaMrian 
SertdnMnt, atf . ctoae ; near ; Ma^vdH 
Serrer, va. to aqnoeae; dranrSm- « 

tight : lay ap, loek up ; «• bted 
Se — , i>r. to alt, atand, or lia ^aaa 
Serron, em. a bos of foratfa dnMa 
Samim, tf. a loek 

Semirerie, tf. loekoMidk'a tiaia or wme 
Somrlar, em. a loeltamitk 
Sertir, •«. to aot a gem or alaai 
Sertieaar*, tf. aeitlag a c*^ 

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— (gcntllhoaniM), gaaUcnaa w»it*r 
Serrante, •/'. Mmwt-maid ; 
Senriahle, 3. a. HrvioMU* 

Serrlec, wn. wrrlc*; efle*^ 

SenrietM, «/. a nukdn ; towel 
Senrile, 3 a. ■•rrlU; mMn; pitiful 
ScrriUmant, ad. Hrrilaljr; •laviahljr 
Senrllite, ff. — ty ; lUTiihnaM 

SerTir, v. to Mrr* ; wait apon | b«lp ; ftt- 
tiod to : be of uie ; lie •ubMrriont 

— de, to b« InitMd of 
Se — do, to make iim oC 
Sorritear, «M. terraut ; attendant 
Scrrituda, •/. Mrvituda ; ilaTeiy 
Sc*. C«aj)] pr». pi. hb, har, ia 
S^iama, tm, bo. •eeama 
SetaiDoMe, «/. itar-wMt 
SiniM, ««. hart-wort 

■SesiioD, tf. MMion ; Bitting 
Seiterea, tm. ancient Roman eoin 
Setier, «ni. twelve bothela; two (aUona 
S6ton, «M. a fcUin ; a rawel 
Seiiil, tm. thrcthold, aill, elep 
S«uilleta, *■■. t>f- "to- ()■• port-Mile 
:>eul, e, a. alone ; aola . only ; loacljr 

L'li Mul, ana eeule, a >iagw one 
Seulement, ad. only ; eolelf ; bnt 
:>ealct, tc, a. alone; loneljr 
iirt, if aap, Jiilce of treee, etc. 
ii^'kn, 3. a. eeTere; auttaro} cmel 
i^ririvient, ad. acrereljr; ronghljr 
ier6riti, tf. aarerltjr ; rlfoor 
>^v<roude, am. the cavea of a honia 
>£vicei, «in. p/. jm. Ul uaaga 
terir, vn, to u*e ill ; to punlak 
lerragc, «M. weaning 
«rrer, va. to wean ; to daprire 
exng^uaire, 3. a. aexagenary 
ezag4*lm«, ^f. tezageaima 

extil, c, «. «. utt. aestile 
extuple, 3. ff. aoxtuplc, tixfold 
ezcupler, v. to inereaaa aisfeld 
rxupl, le, a. aesual, of tlM mca 
h^rif. ne. eltrrlff 
i, [.elm. an if 

•, e, if; jat| nerertkeUea ; nnlaaa, 
-, ad. jtm; oo, to that dogra*: ao aa 

- bien que. e. ao that ; inaomncb that 

- e« n'eet <iue, e. unleaa ; except 

- fait, 0. yea ; though ; but tboagb 
lam, tm. *■ eort of ninepina 
iamoiae, *t. eoaraa eottoa cloth 
iharite, «r. an aflfeetlonnto man 

Ibyllc. tf. aibrl Cpend 

Icacitt, ^. the dryaeea of a manh «r 
icaire, «ai. an aeaaaain, murderer 
ce\xi, tf. aicrftjr j dryiteai 
cilique, am. fourth part of an ounea 
cle, am. a ahekel 
d^ral, e, «. tideral ; etany 
iteration, tf. apoplexy; gaa 
icie, MM. oontnry ; an aft ; time 
fuMr, the Ufa to eon 


Sied w. <aip. (tl), it baeomea ; it it ba- 

Si^, [er-O^O •«•• Mat; chair; ioe ; 

bench; aiege; court of Juatice; fun- 

Singer, m. to hold at keep one'* aee; to 

ait in a court of judicature 
Sian, ne,prp. hia, iiera; it* ; one'a own 
Siene, [je-iria] m. pi. lalaiionfli kindrtd 
Sieata, 4^. eicata, aftemooni nap 
Sieur, tm. rir, maater : lord of a manor 
Siffioment. am. whietlbig: hUiing 
Sitter, f. ta whiatla; hiia; warble, to 

gi*o ana hia one 
Slfflat. am. whiatle ; cat-«al1 ; wind-pipe 
Slffleur, aa. «. a wliiader, hisaer 
SigillAa (tem), Mrwa aigiUata 
Signal, aax» am. aignal; aign 
SignaM, e, a. aignal, imtona ; notable 
Signalemont, am. deaeriptton of a man; 

aign, note of laeemhlanea 
Signaler, m. to aignaliae 
Se — , or. to aign^ae one'a aalf 
Signature, 4/. aignattira 

I, am. lign, token ; eoun 
Oder, miraela 



Signet, I. uH} am. taaael for hooka 

Signlfianee, ^. aignificaney ; token 
Signifiant, e, a. aigniSeant 
Sifoificatif, Te, «. — cant ; exproaaire 
SigniScatlon, ^. — tlon ; meaning 
Signifier, va, to eignify ; to import 
Sif, [«(/] am. a ton of red oehra 
Silence, am. ailenoe ; eUUneaa 
Sileucieux, ae, a. ailent ; not leqaaoiona 
Silex, *ai. a iliut 
Silique, af. cod, huak, ahell 
c:ii — ^ „^ tteerage-wny 

■eel mr wink ibt fa/oamrp) 
10 run a-head 
. farrow, ridge ; not 
r. to furrow ; to wr< 
\i\ra, af. an impromptu ; aol 
miicaflaneoua poetical pi<«ea 
Stmagrie, ^f. grimaiee , amahnaaa 
Simarouba. aat. a tree of Jamaica 
Simarre, ^. aimar, a kind of long gown 
Simbleau, am. a carpenter'a line 
.Similaire, 3. a. Bimiiar ; homogeneeua 
Similitude, •/. elmilitude: aimilarity 
Similor, Itt-mu-lar] am. pinchheeh 
^, X «. «. -calj a aimoniac 

Simple, iaaim'pt} i. t. am. limpk ; plain ; 

aiucle ; eilly ; a medicinal plant 
Simplemeut, aid. ahnply ; merely ; only 
Simplicity, [«<rfj|-plf.ce-<«J rf. — ty; can- 
dour: ailllneai 
Simplifier, v«. to abridge ; to aiflapUfy 
Simulacrc, am. idol ; image ; phantom 
Simulation, itt-mm-ttt-afrngl af. almmla- 

tlon- deceit 
Simatf, e, a. feigned ; fictitioaa 
Simuler, M. to nretend t to laim 
8imiritu«, i 

- af. • 

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Sinc«r0. 3. a. nnocn ; hoiMtt ; tnia 
SinoimBMit, ad. ainMraly ; eudidlr 
Kadriti, »/. Hnceritjr ; ckudoor 
Sindput, tm. th« fereput of lh« knd 
Sindoo, Ml. eU. linan wrarotr 
Siage, *m. ape, monkef ; wwdlu* 
SiaMria, 4^. au apish triek ; grimace 
S« SiaguIariMr, iw. to affwt Hngularity ; 

to be aingular 
Singulariii, •/. ungularitjr ; nritf 



Soda, i/. 

— , «H. gta. th* •ingulai 
SinnlUrament. ad. — li 

SlBMtre, 3. «. aiuiateT; { ^ 

Sinistrement, «</. — trovaly ; aatoward 
Sioodon, am. a fisk ef the Adilatie eea 
Sinon, ad. elae, or elac ; aave, cjccept 
"• ■ ... j4,.j j„ - 

Sinuoaita, i^. afaiiuMltjr ; windiag 
SinuB, Itt-HMM] «a». sine ; aiaiia, carity 
Siphon, aat. ayphoo ; waier-apoat 

Sodemita. na. Sodomite 
S«eur, sf. a aiator ; a au 
retto, «/. a Uttlo sistar 

, «ei. a aoia, acttae, oooch 

Sottta, ^. •ret. eeiling 
Soi, [soo-M] pr». one a aelf { UaaU; aaa 
■ -diaant. ptatendad. waaU ba 
- •ntaae, pre. ena'e aalf ; Uaaaatf: bar 
self ; itaolr 
Soia,«/. aUk ; briatle; «oa«M oTa Uaifa 
Soiorie, rf. aUk trade ; aUk anA 
- -' Caoo-M^ ] «/. tUrat; g ready deaba 
ur, r«. to norae ; look after 
a. to take eara of; «a atacad •• 
,..„jiaaaeiBcat, ad. earafalljr . adeeir 
Soigaoux, ee, m. caieful ; diUaeat 
Soia, r««-otel tm. cara ; dtUffancat aaairT 
Soir, Ceee-warl aaa. ovanUg; aught { m 
Soif^e, a/, ovening; era 
Soit, ad.he it eo ; waU aadcaa^ 

I, [• rtk] «M. aifoceo, aottlh'eaatwiad 
9uop, [. r») aat. ajrrup 
Siroter, pa. to aip ; to tipple 
Siriaa, ff. pi. ajrrtla, qiiiekaaadt 
Sirrenta, «/. ancient voen in the Italian, 

Gallic, or Proven^ laag 
Sii, e, a. aoaled, aitnatad 
Siaier, v»:jm. to aita; to • 
Siatra, m. aiatrvm ; dthera 
Site. Caeaf] m. site, aituatioa 
Sitftt que, e. aa aeon at 
Silaatlon, «/. attoatloa; aiM ; poaitioo 
Sitaer, mi. to aeat ; to place, to fix 
Situi, c, a. aituate, 17101 
Six, [««, bafore a Towel aaKt] a. am. aix; 

Sixain, (at. etaaea of aix Teraes ; six pa«k 

SUiime, 3. a. «ai. aixth ; a aiith 

SixiememeDt, ad. aixthljr 

Sixte, «/. aixth (te ailH<c) 

Sloop, $m. au. aloop 

Smaragdia, e, a. green, like an enerald 

' ictite, «/. fnller'a caith 

Smille, if. a pointed hi 

SmUler, r- 

with a 

o from the i«ok 

Sobrc, 3. a. aober ; diaereet ; fraval 
\ad. aobeilr ; diactcatly 

Sobri^t^. ^. eobrietr 

Sobriquet, aai. a ai«k 

Soc. Caoifr] •». a plonghahara 

Sodable. 3. a. Bociabla 

SoeiaMlittf, rf. — lity. aeeiaMenesa 

Social, e, a. eodal 

Soei«t<, »/. aoeiety ; olub; caaretM 

Soeinlaniame, wm. Soc'-'-»— 

Soixantaine, if. alxtjr ; 
Soixaate. a. aixtf ; th*«aaeara 
SoixantiHna, 3. a 

wier, VA. to • 
Selaire, 3. «. aola 
Solandrea, «/. •/. maa. aolandar. alev 
Solbatu; Solla-batta, e. «. aaoa. ffn 1 ili 1 

Solbatare, tf. auM. foaxiilariac 

SoldaaeUe,<^. Hnd-i » 

Soldet, [. ltd} *m. a 

Soldateeqne, ^. aoldlerj 

.-,3. a. BoUier-lihe 

Soldo. •/. par : halanca «r aa a 

Solder, mr. tocloac («a aecMaa 

Sole, tf. a sole; horae'a hasf 

— d'aBftt, aM. aole ef a ma-^i 

de I'anere, aia. ahoo af th« a 

d« taqaet, aai. atep •( a kw 

Bax^e i aola. a flai-hanooaa 

SotMsma, sm. aoleoiBm 

Soleil, [. tetf] am. tun ; aaa-A 

Soleaacl. la, a. eoUmn ; awfal 

SolcnaoUemeat, ad. ealemaljr 

Socle, eai. eocle, ataad, boae 
Socque, am. seek ; eaadaT 

8oUdaiit«, »f. Um being bomd ia aoMa 
Sollda, 3. «. «m. aoUd; a aoltd kadv 
SolidoBMBt, ad. ealidlv ; atraa^* 
SolidiU,*/. eolldltjr ; hoMl ia a^iUa 
SolUeqae. [ . M«] am. aoialoqaj ; mma- 

Soliae, am. fl. apnea batwa aa twa jmaa 
SolipMe, 3. a. eeUpada -* 

Solitaire, 3. a. eoUtarr : 4« 
- - e ; ancharae. 

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Sollieiur, va. to tolicit, cntica, •akort 
KoUiritear, m, «. wim who tolteits 
Sollieitude, af. aolieitud*, anxlaty 
Solo, •». mIo 
SolatiM, ••». soliliM 
Solttieial, e, a. loUtittol 
SolrabiUa, ^. •olyencx; tolv»HUltjr 
Solrablv, 3. a. tolr«iit, ftbla to pay 
Soluble. 3 a. •elaU« ; MlTmbla 
Solution, f/. tolutloa ; (jn.) pajnneBt 
Somaoke, '1. «. braokiah, aalt 
Somatologia, «/. tomatolocy 
Sombra, 3. a. aombra ; d«ut ; floomy 
Sombrar aout roilaa, vn. ma. to overaet 
Sommaira, 3. a. auaiiiMry ; eonmta 

Sommairamnit, ad. aonvarily ; briefly 
Somiaatian, «/. aummeaa ; aumoiiug op 
Somme, est. alniBbar ; alaep, nap 
— , $/. • baaat'a load ; a eum 

Bete de aotnme, a beait of burden 
Sommeil, [. maW] *m. aleep; alceplnaaa 
SommeillcT, vh. to alumber ; to doea 
Sommelier, «m. butler 
Sommellerie, */. butlerablp ; pantry 
SomTuer, va. to aummoit ; aum upt olafan 
Sommet, «m. aununlt, top ; height 
Sumntier, em. eumpter-horse ; hair-qallt ; 

lummar of a floor 
Sommittf, if. apex, the aharp end ef the 

top of plant*, flowera, eto. 
Somnambule, «. —Hat, ilaep-walker 
SomuambulUme, mi. lomnambuliam 
SomnUira, 3. <i. aomniferoua 
— , am. aoporiferoH* draught 
Somptuaira, 3. a. aanptnary 
.SoroptaeuaameBt, nd. aumptaoaalr 
Somptneux, ae, a. aumptuoua, aplendid 
Somptuoaiti, ^f. lamptuoaaDeai 
Son, »m. a aound; bran; haak; aeurf 
— , pro. m. hia, her, ita 
Sonate. *f. aonata 
S'lndc, »/. aounding-taad ; probe 
Sooder, v». to aonnd, probe ; aeareh, aa- 

ntine i to pump ; aift 
Sondeur, $m. aounder, one who aoanda 
Songe, eat. a dream_ 

malice, »m. plotter of miaehief 

Songer, v». to drof- '^"^ '- 

conaider ; to mind 
Songeur, *m. dreamer 
.Soniea, ad. in the niek of time (at cards) 
Sonnaille, »f. a boll for the aaoka of 

animala [without OGcaai«|i 

SoimalUer, va. to ring the bclla often and 
Snnnant, r, a. aoanding ; af dear aonad 
Sooner, v«. to aound ; to ring 
- -, vn. to ring ; w yield a aound 
.Sonnerie, •/. ring of bella; clockM 
Sonnet, *m. a aonaet 

Soanca, Mi. tw« alxea IM baeifamm»ni 
SoDore, 3. a. lonoroua ; hiKh>Mundiog 
Sopenr, ^f. heaviueaa preeeding ileep 
Sophi, [./•] «ai. aophi, king of Parai* 
Sophisme, mi. aopbiani, fallacy; cavil 
Sophlate, [./cmO •«•• aophut; canUer 
Sophiatication, a^. adulteration 
Sophiatique, 3. a. — tical ; fallacioua 
Sophiatiquer, m. to oatiI; adulteraM 

Sophiitiquerie, «/. — trv ; adulteration 
o-_i_.^.. ^ ^^^ Bophlaticator 

a. aoporifie, aoporifaroua 

SophiaiiiHaur, I 
Soporatif, va, a, 

SoporiAra, 3. «. aoporiferous, aoporoua 
Soporifiqne, 3. a. aonorliia. aoporiferoua 
Sorbe, »/. berry of tne aorb-trea 
Sorbet, mi. aherbet 
Sorbier, tm. aorh or aenrice-tree 
Sorbooique, «/. theaia in diTiaity 
Sorboniatc, m. dootor of the Sorbonna 
Sorhonne, «/. the Sorbonne 
Somdlerie, ^. aorcery ; witchcraft 
Soraiar, eai. aoroerar; wizard 
Soreiire, t^. loreereaa ; witeh 
Sordide, 3. a. aordld ; mean ; baaa 
Sordidemcnt, ad. aordidly ; meanly 
Sordidit«, «/. aordidneaa 
Sori OH Sory, mi. a kind of ritriol 
Sorie, tf. a Spaniah wool 
Some, «/. acuni, droaa of iron 
Sornettea, ^. pi. idle atoriea 
Sorerial, a, a. elaterly ; of a aiater 
Sororiant, e, a. a awelling, growing 
Sort, l*or1 em. fate, daatiny ; lot ; apall 

t equal ^ 

: aally ; export, ax- 

Sortable, 3. a. auikao 
Sorte, $/. aort, Uud ; 
"- aorto qtM, € 
!, »f. a goini 

. tation; ontU ^ ._ 

Sortilege, »m. witchcraft; aorcery 
Sortir, vn. to go er come out ; go abroad ; 
iaaue ; apriax ; ahoot out, gat out ; bring 
oir ; come oK 

It, to, a. t. ailly, atnpid ; a aimplalon 
Sottement, ad. fooliahly ; itupidly 
SotUae, tf. aUlineaa ; folly < obaaene lan- 
guage ; abuae, aboaiye language 
ottiaIer,*m. aeoUactioaof looae reparteee. 

Son, CeoeJ mi. halfpenny ; halfpaony- worth 
Soubarbe, «/. check ef a bridle 
SoubaaaamaBl, m. baaa ; baaamant 
Soubraaant, mi. gambol ; leap; diaappoint- 

mant; ahook 
Soubretta, •/. abigail ; waiting-weman 
Saobraveato, tf. upper coat without alccvea 
Soncho, 4^. atump, atoek, trunk ; atack of 

•himnaya; a blockhead 
Sonchet, em. a kind of freeatone ; eypema, 

a aort of ruah 
Soad, »m. aaxietjr ; a marigold 
Soucia, tf. the golden-created wren 
Se Soucler, vr. to can er be aoUdtoBS 

about ; to eatoem 
Soueiauz, ae, a. full of care ; gloomy 
, ^. a aaiwari aalrar 
act a 

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la, c, a. auddM ; »« 
BouawiMmeut, ad. toddenly 
Soudwi. »m. ft toldan or •ultta 
Sondard, [. dar] «"•• oW weaihtr-Uattn 

Soade. »/. potMfc ; tall ; (»«•) glM'-wort 
Souder, pa. to lolderi •rttle, twlMc* 
Soudolr, »m. » wax-chandUr'a tool 
Soudoxer, va. to keep in pay 
Soadr«, va. to mItc, reiolTe 
Soudrills, «M. • pilfering loldier 
SouduN, *f. lolder, soldering 
Souffiage, *w. sheatWnB or n»w.pla«in«| 

a tbip ; blowing of glaaa 
Soufllaat, e, a. blowing 
Souffle, am. par-, broatb ; blowing 
»ouffler, ». to blow j to bo breathlesa; 

breathe ; to prompt, whliper ; ehooaa out 

of ; eheathe a «hlp : huff {nt draugkta) ; 

to seek the phlloeopher'i atono 
— un caiton, to scale a fan 
Soufflerie. ^. bellows of an organ 
Soufflet, #«. beUows ; calash ; boa on the 

car ; balk, affront 
Souflletads, •/. sereral boxes ou tho ear ; 

repeated slapping on the faM 
Souffleter, va. to euff, bo«, slap one 
Sooffleteur, se, I. *■ boxer ; one who cuffs 


Soulcver, va. to rise t to 

iaaid ^ tka MamaoMi 
_« — , or. to «i»o 5 «» re**!* * 
Soulsur, •/. Sttddc* frigbt 
SooUor, iaaa-h-A^ •»- • '^o* 
SouligDor, va. to ttudorUu* 
Sovmettra, va. to sabdue ; w 
»r. to snbmit; - '** 

Soap^on, «M. St 
SoBpi;oni>er, vo. 


a blower, puiFer; 

the philosopberV stoue; a kind of small 

SouffliiTO, rf. a flaw, hollow 
SouiTranee, rf. salTering; tolewtioo 
Soaffrant, «, a. sulTerinc ; patieat 
SoulTre-dottlettrs, «. a. drudce 
SoulTreteux. se, a. distressed j needr 
Souffrir, V. to snifer; admit of; eniliwo 
Soufre, [S0O-/V3 »■». brimstone j sulphur 
So^ifrer, va. to do o*«r with brimstoae 
Soufri^, if. a sulphur miM 
Sonfrtdr, am. a •ulpburiag stove 
Sougarde, */. eheok of a gun 
Sougorge, *f. throat-band of a bridlo 
Souhait. am. a wish ; desire ; »ow 
A Souhait. ad. to one's wUh or desirt 
Souhaitablo, ». a. desirable 
Sotthaiter. v«. to wish, deaire 
Souil. am. SouiUe, ^. sod of a wtk 

SouUler, p 

S^uiU'on.'^i.". Mttlo alOTon ; yomg alu 
Sooillure, ./. filth; ataln ; impimty 
Softl. iaoot} e, a. full: drunk; cloyed 
_. am ooes fiUj ono^s bellyftil 
Soulagoaut, e, a. easing ; eomforUble 
Soulagement. am. rrfieT, ease ; succ 
Soulager, vo. to Ughwn ; relievo ; 
comfort ; aUay, aoauago ; alleviate 
Se — , vr . to grow easy ; eomfvrt one a soU 
So&lant, e, a. filling: eleying 
Seulard. t. a. a. glutton ; greedy pei 
Soulaa, ««. comfort; Joy 
SoiUor. vo. to fiU ; saiiato : f»<Ml« , „ 
8e — , vr. to glut or over-drink one's ecu 
SouUrcment. am. insuiyectloo ; riaiBj| 
Soulevsr, a». 

isuivection; riatng 
; stir «p a NboUian 

Sonpe, •/. soup; ponridse. pi>an«t; «^ 
■ -ipeute, V. loli; brwoo a« m eoaok 

iper, vn. to sup ; ont ono'n s«p«ts 
Soap<, am. supper 
Soupeser, va. to potso ; weigh by bead 
Soupeur, am. one who Uhe> aupper 
Soapier, e, «. a grw* aoap en t e r 
Soupi»i«,«/. ooup-dialii porria^o-dmh 
Soupir, am. sigh; gnMH; mat Ctn mmmL 
Soupirail. •>». vent-hoU. asr-lMiIo 
Soupirant, eat. lover; ndmirvr ; anilar 
Soupizer, vs. to aigh ; to wiab oanert:/ 
Soupireur, am. dangloc, one whn aigks 
Sonple, 3. a. supple, ^inot; aahniiuw 
Sonplement, ad. snbmtaoivoly 
Sonplesee, if. supplenooa ; docility 
Souquenille, af. sorvaat'a frock 
So4}Her, IMK. OM. to atrMok, tig^binn 
Source, a/, souioe ; spring ; Cow 
Sonrcll, «as. oyo-btew. brow 
Soureiller, vn. to knit the brour, 
Soutelllettx. so, «• lofty ; stcap ; 
Sonreroate, «/. soar erout 
Sourd, e, [eoear, Movrrfo] a. a. 4» 

a deaf person 
— , «m. a sort of vonomoaa aap 

n court an bruit soord, it ia w , 
Sourdaud, e, «. penon hard af baanat 
Sonrdeline, ^f. an lialina bagpipe 
SoofdenMnt, ad. socreay ; privately 
Sourdine, ^f. a UttU pipe ; a check i* » 

repeating watch ; mate for a fiddle 

A la sourdine, ad. soerady; alily 
Soutdre. va, to spring; to guah, apobt 
Sourieoau, «m. little moooo 
Sourieiiro, if. a moaso-trap 
SouriquoU, a. (le poupla) the aaicy inkt 
Sourire, va. to saaUa; to euBpcr 
— , Souris, am. a amile i am i iin g 
Soaris. laaa-ra^ rf. a mooae ; a giiade ia * 

horse's nose; a knot of ersKp ribh« . 

the venison Idt of a lee of aiauea 
Soamob, o. a. *. snlleD; aa tam iae . s«e 

who oonceals bis daai«Do or a itJ sss 
Sous, [«eol pr. under, besieash ; w^ 

—^^l, am. uader-loaaa 

barbe de bcaapr<. tf. ata. hah at ay 

biMiotUcaire, «. aub-Iibeariaat 

— -brigadier, «ai. aub-brigadiaa 

— -chaatre, «ai. sab-chaatar 
_ -eoaimia, eai. audor-eloih 
diaeeoat. oak sab-daaaaaaki^ 

— -diacTC, «». sub daacoA 

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S««t-do7cn, *a. ■ub-d««A 

— -enteodre, va. to undenund 

ciiWuM, «/. menUl rMcnratio 

fatte, »■». II iid«r-roof timber 

termt, */. iiod«r-l«aM 

— -fermiar, •, #. an under-fMim 

garde, »f. handle of a gun 

gouTemanta. »/. under-gover 

gouTerneur, sm- under-tutor 

— -ficutenant, tm, lab-Iieutenai: 

— -locataire, 3. «. under-t«nant 

— -louer, va. to rent a part o 
that another hold* on a lease 

— -maitre, «a». usher; under-m 

moltiple, 2. «. submultiple 

ordre, tm. subordtnate 

En sous-ordre, ad. subordinati 
— — p^nitencier, *m. auhpenitcnti 

prtcepteur, tm. undcr-precep 

prieur, e, t. eub-prior ; eub-j 

— -seeritaira, «m. under- aecretai 

-traitant, tm. under-famwr 

public rerenue 
_ -trait^, ••*. under-fanaiing 
__ -traitor, va. to under-farm 
~- •rentriire, f/. an under-girth 
_ -ricaire, tm. an under- curate 
— peine, upoa pain 
SouBcriptcur, ta». a subaeriber 
Souseiiption, (/. ■ubseription 
Sousorire, va. to aubacrlbe 
_, tm. to aubseribe to ; give com 
Souseign^, e, a. under-written 
Sousaigncr, m. to under-write 
Sotialractiott, Cjooc«-<rac-««-m|n 

traction; withdrawing; taking 
Souatraire, ki. to aubtract ; take 
S* — • tr. to avoid ; escape ; 

one's self from ; set one's self f 
Soutane, «/. a cassock 
Soutanelle, «/. short eaasock 
SouU, C*oo(e] */. balance of an a< 

ship's store-room 
Soutenable. 2. 0. warrantable 
Soutenant, *m. austainer, responc 
Sout«nem«nt, tm. prop ; iju.) wx 

Souteneur, tm. a bully ; a braro 
Soutenir, va. to support ; sustaL 

inciu : m^ntain, assert 
Se — , vr. to be snpported; 

withstand ; to stand up ; wear 
Souurrain, *at. vault; subtarras 
— , e, a. Bubterranean 
Soutien, *n. a support ; prop, st 
Soiitirage, est. racking ; drawing 
Soutirar, ««. to rack, defecate 
SouTeuanee, «/. remembrance 
SouTcnir, eat. remembrance ; ma 
So — , vr. to remember ; call to 
Sourent. [. van] ad. often ; fr«j 
Sourerain, tm. a Flemish gold i 

. e, «. t. supreme ; a soverelgi 

Souverainemcnt, ad. absoluuly; 

alljr ; supremely 
Sourerainet*, if sovereignty 
Soyeux, s«, a. silky ; soft as till 

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■fl II. 1 m. «lMdU i 

■gii itii Mt,<rf. — aaiy 

fcifaifH, J. ». ipIfarTir 

^ i W illi . mm. wpm,:taamti p 
•yiliiliii. tf. mliatMa; ^«u!«t 


^., I, Mm. ■piMidti. » pwrical ImC 

kack ; AV«rf tkia panoM 

Sq«im. «m. MsnhMitr i acinlm 
Sqairmx, w, «. icxitImw 
Siafailii«.«/.Mfaili(7i iraoMB 

SMhUt. M. a knt 

S(M<. «m. tka gu> tkM liatila fa«B th« 

Sttde, «m. M«d«, net ; furleag 
SHga, «a». midapca ; (ju.y p>nctic* 
•fjamt, •, «. slaciiaat < niU 
•agaariwi, «f. » tt * n « «to a C»ild gM 
StJaRbMC. [««la^SMl:«j m tbu. kindo 
StalMitU, V'. BtalactiiM 
•wUyiia. »f. audModtam 
StalW, V"- » w ; • MM ; • p*w 
^ -■ — »-^ •/. • Mrt of Mnff 

4^. iraa wUk wliirh ocgniaa w 
; iM«(Tsl bata«ra th« TMaa ( 

SiMM, V. an od« ; « atasiw 

Sttarf. «, «. atUTi UborioMlr fiabliad 

SupKyloRM. «M. a diw w of the aye 

8mH«, 4{^. MM. dtmarraca : Uy-dayt 

StarMM. aai. a Potbh iMMaman 

Sumti*. «/. a rayal Polltk fi.f 

8«M«, [Km«] 4^. ai. itagnadon of tl 

StailMMdor. tm. Madtholdn 
SMtbmdirat, «». sudtkal4«n)iip 
fl«ati«a. ^. aialMB ( paaac ; aliArt May 
lllMtoaiiair*, 3. a. wfrnOaamrj 
StatiMiBala, a. (i«IiM), a ehureh wbi 

StatioBtMr, «. to ataiion ; to «top 

Statiquo, [. fukj »f. tutica 

Slaliatiqiio, »f. atalUtiM 

•latnaira, am. —mrj, aonlptor, aairer 

— , i. a. tf. atatoary 

ClatM, «/. atataa, figara 

Stataar, va. to eaaet ; doerae ; ardaan 

SlatitM. »/. tutnn i aiaa ; kclKht 

Slatut, aat. a aiaWlr, dacrao, law 

Matfta, ^. ataalitaa, a kind of ttonc 


S ifc d t aMHa, tm. sia 

^ yntinc wfah fia ^_^_ 

SaMlsitf.^. aiaril^: « 

SMriiac. •■ aterliiig 

Stigaatiatr, a«. t« «lgi»atHa 
Sta dc graa am da grain, mm. a awt » 
yalUw oolttttr oaod la ral«Ti»g 

SttiModiM-, M.' to \m^\m p»7 

Sapalat. mi. U 
SuMeii, aa, ■. 

Stolqao, C«to-«*«] «■ «. atafe, ■••«»: 

SioldUka. m. atockfiak ; Art ««k«liaI. •. «. atoaaeU^ 

Stomachiqaa, 3. a. aiwaikli 

Stoiss, Mi. norax 

Star*, fai. wiodow ■mbidla ar **»j 

Strapaaaar. o«. to drab ; «a ■■• «■• til 

Straaae, |^. tka rafaaa of tflk 
SmnHM. [. .jafaM] ««. MM j 

«*-"■—'*«-. tf ■*— »*rarta« 
SmriCtr, aa. ta ttrwdf* 
Strataoatia. ^. iniUtary | n „|„| 
SttaiarapUa. /f. a daaeripdM •« wta 

SMm, a, a. atriet ; pradaa ; iMA 
StrbtooMat, tut. itrieiljr \ iiiaSTTl. 

StHaa. •/•f'- •«*-««*•. «^ «y* 
S«rini«a. V- p/. fladiifi a( mIumm . « 

a( akalla 
SiroagU, aoi. a aort of a w 
StropSo. af. <t>«phc. ataaaa 
Stnwtarc. af. —tan ; b«Udia( ; fcim 

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SUB Sir 

itr/ge, 4. vwnpiN 

»tDC, lH*t\ »». naeeo, pUsUr of Parh 
(tueatauT, «m. a maker of atucoo work 
ItadieuMOwat, ud. •tudioaulf 
tcudletti, M, «. itodlou* ; bookith 
Itup^fMtif.T*, a. — tiv«; banumblng 
(tnpiSfaetlon. wf. — tion : hanumbiiis 
Itup^Mt, c, a. ttupifiad ; turpriMd 
Itup^fiaiit, e, a. itnpifyiaf ; blaumbiiif 
itup'fier, M. to itapifjr ; to baaumb 
ttupoar, 4^. •tupor; numbuMa 
itupidc, S. fl. stupid ; dull ; abtnrd 
-. «. Uo«khMd:iaiAi«: booby- 
ttupldaoMBt, md. atapMly 
ttupldittf, ^. ttapidity ; dttlnaafl 
ItTie, C«tMO «M. atjU; bumonr, way; 

index i pan ued in wrltiog on was 
Ityler, M. to train, bring up ; aceuicom 
Itjrlet, «m. atiletto, daggar 
Itylobatc, «at. arcA. — «ata, padaiul 
•tjrptiqua, 3. a. mi. at/ptlc, aitriugcnt 
iu, a, part, of Sarolr, Imuwa 
-, «ai. knowladgo 
tuaira, «■§■ a windlng-abaat 
laaat. e, a. awaating; parapiring 
uaTO. 3. a. laroet to tha asniaa 
;uavit<, tf. aoarity; awaetttcsi 
ul»Utarn«, 3. «. t. •abaltem 
ubd^I^gatioo.a/. aub-dale|{ation 
ubd^lngui, fat. iub-dalagatt, dapulj 
iilid^Ugiiar, va. to labstituta 
ubdiriMr, va. to labdiridc 
ubJirialon, ^. lubdiviiioo ; partition 
ubdapla, 3. a. aubduplicata 
iibhaatation, »f. open lala; port-aalc 
uhhaitar, va. to aall b/ auction 
uliir, *a. to undargo; axiAr; fuAA. 
ubit, a, a. inddan; uueapactcd 
ubitmnant, ttd. iuddanlj ; unawaraa 
ubionotif, m. sm. aubJuuetlTa 
ubjagal, a, m. aaborduata (Cm mutte) 
ulMugnar, tw. to snbjngata ; to lubdaa 
ubUmadon, rf. — tioo : tubUmatlng 
iiblimMoira, tm. aublliBatory, matrnia 
uaad in tubliaiatloa [''T^ 

uliixio. C. toM]3. a. «ai.aabUiiM{ a lofty 
ublimif. «ai. aubllmato 
uhlimaaiaat. ad. aablimalri loftilf 
ublioiar, va. to •ubtimata 
ublinit^. ^. sublinttr ; eseallanca 
ubliugnal, a, a. iublingual 
iiblanalra, 3. «. snblunary, auMunar 
ubmergar, va. to aabmerge ; drown 
iilinaar^on, 4^. — sion ; drowning 
ubordinatioa, qf. —tion ( dapendanoa 
ubordiniaticnt, Saboidonntattnt, ad. anb- 


ubordonnar, va. to randar rabofdinnta 
ubornataur, aat. anbonar ; biibar 
ubomatloa, ^f. rabomiag ; bribary 
abornar, vm. to anborn, eorrapt 
ubomaar, aa, «. aubomar ; oorroptar 
abr4cargn«> aai. ata. aupareargo 
ubr^oot, mm. after- raekoning 
ubreptioa, 3. a. •nrtcptitiau 
ubreptieament, ad. torraptltioualy 
abreption, •/. aubraption 
ubrogntlon, ^/. — tUm ; aubatltutlon 
ubroger, va, to lubrogata ; aubititata 


SulM^uammant, ad. aubiaquaaUr 
Subafjuant, t, a. •ubfaqoaot 
SubaidiB, C. aatift] •*•. lubaidy, aid, •up.tljr 
Subaidtara, 3. a. —diary; aaaillarjr 
Subaidialroment, ad. in a aubaidiar/ man- 
ner; In tha nest place 
Subaittanca, if. sabaiettnea, llralibood 
Subalatar, t>*. to fubtlat, to aaiat 
Subatanee, rf. aubstaaea ; wealth 

Bn anlwunoa, acf . lammarily 
Sabatantial, la, a. aubatnntlal ; Jala/ 
SubitantialUmaut, ad. aubaUntUlly 
SubatauUf, tc, a. $m. subaianiira 
SabsiantlTament, ad. labitantively 
Subttituar, va. to eubaiitnia ; to aatail 
Sttlntitat, tm. a aubatituie ; deputy 
Subatitution, «/. jm. an antaU 
Sabterfugc, m. subterfuge ; evasion 
Subtil, e, a. subtile ; kean : crafty ; thin 
SubtUoment, [•■6-rsf(-aMMj nU. aabtilely; 

Subtilitation, rf. snbdlisation 
SubtiUsar, va. to subdliaa; to refine 
Se — , vr. to become thinner ; to Itecome 

mora cunning or knowing 
SubtiUte, «/. snbtility ; 8n«nasa, thinness; 

reiiiiament ; nicety ; cunning 
Subtripla, SottS-tri^a, a. mat. Sttbtriple 
Subvenir, t>*. to aasiat. relieve; supply 
Subvantiott, »/. pecuniary aid ; supply 
Subversion, rf. — sion, rum 5 orerthraw 
Sttbrartir, ns. to snbrert ; to ruin 
Sue, [eait] «ai. Juice; gruTy ; moistare 

da r^gliaaa, Spaniah liquorice 
•»ieo<der, m. to sneesed : follow In order 
Sttoois, AH. >aeeea« ; good luck 

SnoooaaiTamant, arf . — ly ; gradually 
If aadn, tm. yellow amber ; aea-amber 
Socclnet, e, a. succinct, concise ; brief 
Succinctamant, ad. succinctly; briefly 
Sueeioa, •/. suction ; sucking 
SnceoBber, vm. to sink under ; yield 
Succulent, e, a. sueculent. Juicy 
Sucenrsale, a. (<gliac), chapel of eaae 
Sucenant, tm. suddag ; suction 
Sucar, va. to suck ; drain ; to draw 
Sucot, [en-att] tm. ramora, a email fish 

that stieks to the shark 
Sncanr, tm. sucker 
Sarolr, cat. a sucking month 
Su^on, «M. a ted apot mada on the sUnlijr 

sucking it 
Sn^otar, va. to aodt rapeatadly 

,pl. swse 

Sueriar, $m. angar-boz, svgat-bakat 

Sucrion, aai. pearl-barley 
Sucrin, a. (melon), luscious melon 
Sad, Itmdi $m. south ; south wind 
est, C««/] Ml. soutfi-east 

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SUP 21 

Sitdorifiquc, 3. a.«M. tudorifle 
Sait, tf. auddan »ad great bur 
Suar, ti. to iwcati to ptrtpirc; toil 
iiuetta, am. iMrckting MckncN 
Suear, ^. iweal, perapinttioa ; toQ 
Satfirc, vs. to tuflica ; to tatisfy 
SjSiamaMnt, ad. luSciantly ; proudly 
Suffiauica, »f. luAcicaey ; Tanit^ 
Sufliiant, t, a. lufficient ; eonceitad 
— , •■*. a conetlted man ; a coxcomb 
Saffoeant, e, a. •uffocating ; choking 
SuffncatioHi *f. laffocation ; atifling 
Soffoquar, va. to ■uSocata ; to tmothar 
Saifra^aut, a. »m. suffriigaa 
Sii£Frage, «a». rota ; approtMUon 
SnlTumigatloD, «/. mt. lulTumigation 
Sitffaaloo, «/. ittffadon ; wab in tKe ajra 
Sttgg<rer, i>a. to anggnt ; to prompt 
Snggastion, ^f. augKaition ; hint 
Sttgulation, tf. bruise, oontaaion 
Suicide, tin. autcidc ; saU-mardanr 
Suie, C»«-*] *f' aooi 
Suif, l*u-9fi\ (M. fat ; tallow ; aoct 
Suiut, ««. gr««>inau of animali 
Sulatameat, ani. leaking, running oat 
Suintar, vn. to run out ; to leak 
Suiaae, ««». porter, lodge-keeper 
Suite, «y. eeoaequeiioe ; aequel ; aariaa ; 
•usoeteiou : reeult ; retinue, traia 
De loite, ad. one after another 
En euita. ad. pr. nast ; aftvrwarda 
Tout de enlta, aJ. immediateljr; all 
Suivaat, fr. aeeo(din|( to ; purtuaat t» 

— qua, e. at : aeeorduig aa 

— , «, a. a. following ; a follower 
SolTaate, ^f. lady'* maid ; 
Snlyer, va. to tallow ; to gi 

— un valeaaau, to grav 
Sairrc, va. to follow ; 
Sujet, «« eubjact ; e 

eubjact, li 
mbject. Til 

-, a. . 


SnJfur4, c, Sulfureuz, ae, a. lulphu 

Sulphurique, «. (acide), aulphurtc acid 

Sultan, e, ». lultan ; lultaneei, aultana 

Sumach, <m. ia. aumaeh 

Super, va. ai«. to r.lose aecidtntallf 

Superba, tf. prida ; arrocaiiee 

' ' haughtr; euperbi coetljr 
__,__*ant,-/ proudly j etetely ; aniiii 

tonnaly; nobly; richly 
Sapareargo, «a». /V. Subrfcarfm 
SuparcaaaloBa, qf dacraea of tna eonnc 

approring die ntiUle 
Sunereherie, «/. fraud ; trick : _ 
Sup«r«cUUt<, ^. Buaarfidality 
Suparfieia, *f. •uperflelet ; eanaca 
Saparfdal, la, «. aoperficlal ; ahallaw 
Superfieiellamant, ad. -elally ; allghdy 
SuparStt, «. «M. auperRne 
Snparflu, e, a. tm. — Anous, iuparflultj 
8npaHlmt<, $f. auparfluiir 
« — ._. __ . ^ T, hl^of 5 anpariof 

Snp«il«nr, i 

head of a maaaatery 
SnpManramant, ad. batter ; 
•ap^rloriti. «/. aupariority 
iaparlatU', y, m. auparliilTi 


SuparUnramaat, ad. sKparUiiealj 
Superpoeitlon. ^. aaperpaaitia. 
SuparpHTgatiou. ^T "^-•«Pl, 
Supara«dar, va. to anpatwado i 
Suparstitieoaaaant. ad. — ntitM 
Suparatitieuz. ea, a. auprratidaM 
Suparatition, tf. —tioa ; vrar-aieMr 
Sitpin. [. patu} am. gra. ■upaiw 
Sapplantalcar, «at. aupplaatw 
Supplanur, va. to anpplaat. «adatm>u 
Supplier, V. to aapply ; to maka «p 
SuppUmant, tm. aupploncnt ; aldntsB 
Suppliant, a, «■ «. humbU i — aj'T^- 
Suppliaatim, «/. —tioa; mmktifm^ 
Suppliee, aai. punishaacAt ; paia 

Supplielar, M. to p«t to d*»tk -. 

SuppUar, M. to aappUcata ; 
Suppliqua, ^. petit&n ; a««i 
Support, [. for} attppoet; 
Supports, fl. U. aapportoc 

Supportable, 3. a. aulicmL^ , 

Supportablamant, ad. tol«i«Ur 
Supporter, va. to anppart i %aar ■ 

Suppoaitoira, ^, 

Suppit, MS. iaap ; iftrnt, i 
Suppresaloa, ^f. — aian ; a 

Sapprimer, va. to aisppraaa ; 

Sappuraiif, va. «. aas. asppav^iiaa 
Suppuration, ^f. tuppacmtMai 
Suppurar, vn. to sappiara** 
Supputatlon, tf. oooaputMiMa ; cakalsB-s 
Supp>tUr, va. to calculato ; M cnav^ 
Suprimatia, •/. — maey ; ■«fntH«« 
Suprhma, 3. a. anpranM ; kblMM 
Sur, [luri pr. on: upoo; by; ma 

aMlnat; towarda; over; •boat, a 
— , S«ra, «. aour, aoU. aharp 
SOr, Slra, «. aura, eartaia ; aafc 
SttiaboodaiaiaaDt, mii. aiceMaivaly , *■>> 

Suraboadaocf, tf. Bap*t»bamda^w 
Surabondant, c, «. aaparabuadaat 
Surabondar, va. to auaaraboHiad ; M^ 
Suraebatar, va. to buy toa d«ar 
Suraigtt, 8, a. vary aharn (ua mmtki 
Sural?, ^f. M. aa^ Tola 
SuraudouUlar. «at. aaraailar of a b^ 
Suranaation. if. CUttra da), laiaaii d n 


of data : obaoUta ; atal* 
Surannar, va. to let tha iteaa aUyea 
Surarblti*. aai. aa naaplra; aebteaaw 
Surard, a. (Tiaaigre), v lna i p w af «laar 
Surbaisai, a, a. (roAta), alliprtcal mOk. 
Surbande, tf. flUct; licatara 
" i,«as. addltioaal 4ittit-t«M 

aict 11 early 

_ „., 4/' aurehaiw 

Sureharger. va. to iarch«r«o, avaiha* 
Surehaaffare, f<'. flaw ia atod or him 
SarcToiaaaaaa, af. axeraaeaaea 
Sureroh, tm. addiiioa ; lainaaa 
Surcrotira, vm. to giaw apnea mr am 
Sardamanda, ff. iwimadaeaia d^B^kl 
Sardaat, <<. a gag-iaMli. aa^ 

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furdil^, •/• surdity, dakfnttt 
Iiirdat4, •, u. doubla-illt 
>urdortr, va. to doublt-glld ; to yild 
lurdoi, C <fa] «M. fortn't p«d ; bMkband 
iiireaa, [. r»] tm. eldrr-tna, elder 
iilrement, ad. tart\y, eertainljr ; Mfoly 
»ur6mia«ni, •, a. luperemlnaut 
iur«iichkr«, tf, wi outbidding 
iurriicMrir, vn. to outbid 
(urrrogvtion, </'. ■uiMrerogstioii 
iurirofiUAn, 3. «. totMrero^atorT 
iuret, l«, a. lottrish, acid ; • littu iharp 

iurface.V- (oriae* i outaUa 
lurfairc, M. to »a«t , aali too much 
tut fail, am. aiurcingle 
• urfeullle, rf. the outmoat leaf of a bod 
I urge, a. (laina), raw uiMieao wool 
iutvi'oa, tm. iprig, ahooi ; waur-ipont 
iui-^ir, va. to eome to land 
iurbauiumant, «a». orarrating; raiaiag 
urbauiMf, wo. to OTarrata; niaa hignar 
'urhumain, a, a. aupamatural 
iiriiiteodance, ^. auparintandniea 
iurinteodant, a. «• ■upariittaodant 
Mirjali, a. ai«. foul of the anehor atock 
itiijet, [.jal tm. whip, OTareaatiag 
uriater, va. to whip (m tuUtrt do) 
.urleiidemain, tm. the day after t«- 

morrow ; th* third dajr 
urllar, va. MM. to aako a lashing ta the 

fag-end of anj ropa Cof • rope 

uriiure, ^f. ma. laahing on tht fag-aod 
iirlonga, ^/. sirloin of baaf 
iirmarchar, vn. cha. to double 
urmenar, M. to over-rtda ; to jade 
iirmetura, «/. oTermcasare 
urmontable, 3> a. aurmoautabla 
urmoiiter, va. to surmount; ssooed 
a — , IT. to aubdue one's talf 
iirmout, C. suMj tm. must, seun ; new 

urmulat, tm. a kind of mullet 
.irn!iK«r, va. to swim upon; to float 
uriinltre, I'M. to grow on or upon 
urnaturel, le, a. auperoataral 
urnaturellement, ad. aupcmatnralljr 
iirnrigin, #/. •/. eAa. inow-iracka 
urnotn, [. non] est. a 
uriiuntnger. Ml. to sun 
uinum<raire, 3. a. aupemuniarary 
i.ros, L- ''0] «M. splent or apliut ; rlog- 

.irpasaer, va. to oxael ; to snrpua 
iiriiHyar, va. to pay too dear 
,in>eaii, if. upper akin ; the epidermb 
arpeiite, tf. ma. vuy 
,irplii, «a>. • lurpliea 
urplomb. I. plam'i tm. slope, alopenaas 
urplomber, (. p/«i»-Ml va. to sl«pa. Jut 

out; bulge 
urplu<es, tf. pi. ota. track af daar, etc. 

in wet graaa 
urplus, «as. aurplus ; o^rplua 

A u Burplua, ad. moraerar ; bosldaa 
urpoids, eat. orarweight ; overplus 
arprenaiil, a, a. surprising; aiwaslng 
iirprondre, vs. to iiirprlae ; aatonUh ; cir< 

cumeent; beguile} ensnare 

Surprise, [• ]»rJ*«] t/. surprise: miatake- 

Suraaut, [. eo] tm. start out of one'i alaap 
Sura^anaa, ^. demurrer ; pauao 
Snraemaine, «/. the weak which precedes 

or follows another week 

.- to supersede; pat off 

Suraenil, tm. head-piaee of a door 
Snrsia, f . tt^tm. delay ; demunrar ; respiu 
Suraolicb. tm. mat. silraoiid 
Snratarie, ^f. asa. demurrage 

Snrtaxar, mi. to OTerrata ; oTer-uaaaa 
Sartout, C /ae] ad. abore all ; eapecially 
— , sas. aartoat, riding-eoat 
SarreUIaaea, */. OTaneeiiig, ioapectioa 
Samilbmt, a, a. a. inepector, overaeer 
SarvaUla, ^f. the day before the CTe 
Sorveiller, *. to inapeet ; to watch 
SurreBanoa, tf. as unforeseen a ' 


-.., v«. to sail too 
Snrveoir, va. to happen ; to eoma ; te 

coma in unlookad for or unexpected 
Surveau. •/. aale at an cxeeaaiva price; 

(aM.) lacreaae of wind 
Sarreoter, ra. ma. to blow a atorm 
SurTonu, e, a. to come in uneapeetedty 
Surretir. to put on clothes over othara 
SurTider, va. to llghun a Tcaial or tack 
Surrie. ^. aurrlTorshlp ; lurvlTanoe 
Surrivaace. t/. raveralon ; earvivorahip 
Sunriraneier, am. one who haa the ra> 

version or survivarahip of a plaee 
Surrirant, e, «. survivor, surrlver 
SnrriTre, va. to survive ; outlive 
Sue, int. eome, come on i eome away 
— , ad. in addition ; ever and above 

pied, tm. upper-leather 

.Susc«pahiUt<, (/ -lity ; delieMy 
Suiceptible, 3. a. auaeeptibte 
Suscitation, tf. — tion, iustigi 
Susciter, va. to raiae ; create 
Saecriptiou, ^. auperactiptloa 
Suadit, e, a. aforecaid ; aftove-mantiona 
Suain, tm. ma. quarter-deck 
Suapact, e, a. euapeetad ; anspieioaa 
Suapectcr, va. to suepeet 

" ''" v«. to hant an; suspend; 

I ; to put otf ; delay 
SosMnt, [. pan] a. suapaaded ; ini 

Ba auapans, ad. in suspense 

1, <<. suepenaioD; interruption 
' TO, a. hindering ; suapnidin 
k, rf. aaapenaieni cesaation 
Suapenaoire, eai. « truss or bandage 
SnepeaM, «/. ma. sling 
Suapielon, 4/*. auaploen 

to luitain ;' to 'nourish 

Suture, tf. antare, a 

the lord pars 


. light ;eaayi 

m. •yc«mora-ti«a Cphtnt 

, [. ./San] f. Impostor ; syeo- 

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TA ^220 

SvlUtMin, «M. tpdliBC-booK 
Sjrltebt, «/. a tflLMe 
SylUMqiw, 3. a. lyllabic, •jrllabical 
8rll«IM«, tf. •yll«pil« 
Srllogiim*, »m. tyUogiim 
Syllofitdqne, 3. a. —tie ; ijUociitical 
Sylphe, SjrlpbiAe, *. lylpb ; furr nymph 
S/mbola, Ztabt-bolt^ »m. lymbol; type; 

SjrmboUqaa, 3. «. lyinboUeml 
&]rmb(diMr, pm. to ajnaboliM, eoaear 
SymittU, if. •ymoMtry, proportion 
Syni^triqiM, 3. «. ijnnmetriaal 
Sirm^triqatmeati m. with ■jmmetiy 
SjrmtftriMr, m. to be symmetrical 
Sympatfato, Cm^-F"-'*] tf' —thy ; mutual 

Sympathtqae, t. a. lympathetle 
SyntpathiMT, VM. to ■ympathix* 
Symphooie, </. — ny ; concert of mafic 
Symphonitte, na* ■ymphoniet 
Symphyto, tf. — ri*, union of two bonat 
Sympoaiaqoa, «m. — potiac, table-talk 
SympiomatiqiM, 3. «. ■ymptomatio 
SymptAme, \Mim.ftA6m»'^ «/. tymptom ; 

■iga, token 
Synacogua, »/. •yna«ogaa 
Synalephe, (/. gra. aynalcpha 
Synchroniame, •«. synehroniim 
Synehfoniatc, «. contemporary 
SynMpe, \HiM-eupi\ *f. ayncopf ; ewoon 
Syneopcr. va. to tyncopixe 
SyncUriae, tf. remorae, ayntereda 
Syndic, *m. syndic, magiatrata 
Syndical, e, a. ayndieal 
Syndieat, •■•. syndicship or ayadlcate 
Syndiauer, va. to oenaure ; to blame 
Synaeaoque, af. synecdoche 
SynMac, »f, aynarasla 
Synodal, a. a. aynodal, arnodical 
Synodalament, ad. aynodlcally 
Synode, ••». aynod, convocation 
Synodique, 3. a. —t. synodieal 
Synonymc, 3. a. em. — mous ; synonym* 
Synonymia, «/. gra. STnouymy 
Shmoptiqae, «. synoptical 
Synoqae, ^. contlaaoas frrer 
Syntaxe, '»/. syntax ; conatmction 
SynthtM. [aob-taiM] e/. ayniheaia; eom- 

SynthMqae, 3- c aynthetie 
SynthitiqueflBeat, ad. aythetieally 
SypUlU. tf. syphllia 
Syriaga, *as. syringn, a kin'l of ahmb 
Syiiagotomc, «M a aargcon'e kuUe 
Syrtea, f^td. Sirtes 
Syataltlqaa, 3. a. eontraeiing 
Syai^matiqaa, 3. «. — tia ; mathodicid 
SyatfaaatiquaaMnt, ad. ayatematieally 
Syatlma, [. tam*\ $m. aystem ; ptojeet 
Syatole, ^f. ayatole ; eontraetion Cnoon 

^nnl^tv- ■7«7nr> ***• ^ ^* »•<' *^ *^ 


r«ai. Md letlar af the alphabet 
# Ta, pf»./. 4yf thine 


Tabae, [. bakl •«• tobacoo. aimff 
Tahagie, «/. a smoUiic or drioMac h 

a box for pipea, tohaoeo. «te. 
Tabarin. $m. a merrj-Audraw 
Tabarlnage, (at. buffoonary 
Tabaliire, $f. a snuff-box 
Tabellion, •■*, notary ; aeriTcaaa 
Tahellionage, »m. aeriTanar'a Ir-aaiasai 
Tabernacle, eat. a tabemaeU 
Taliia, (M. marasmoa, com 
Tabide, a. «. oonaampdTO 

TabUu a, 


Tabletu.-. .^. „,., _,»«., 
Talilier, eat. apron ; eheaa-ba«r4 
Tabloin, eai. pUtform for cnaaan 
Tabouret, em. atool ; erUtrot 
Tae, {.tati (at. the rot, diaeaa* mmaa^ iS 
Tactae, «at. Uektack, n noiac 
Tacamaca, eat. a aort of gum 
Tacet, «M. a pauae (te muutet 
Taclie. L- fosAt] tf. stain, epat ; War - 
TAche, »f. a taak ; an andartahi^ 
Taeher, va. to diity ; to spot, ataia 
Hkher, va. to cndeaYoor; ta acm«, «^ 
Tachetcr, va. to apeckla 
Tachygraphe. aat. short-band wcitsi 
Taehygrapliie. </. ahort-kaad 
Tacite, 3. a. tacit; impU«d 
Tacitement, ad. tacitly ; aileatly 
Tttcitume, 3. a. —turn ; aUaat ; raairw 
Tadtumtt^. tf. — tr ; kahitawl aOan 
Tact, Zfaekui am. faeliaci iTaak. »•.* 
Tactile, 3. a. —tile; auac«p<ibla af t>« 
Taction, «/' taction, toucUac, tailiaii 
Tactiqae, ^. tactica; naiUtarr^^^ 
Tadoma, if. a kind ef bird 
Ta&taa, «ai. taffeta, taffsty 
Tafia, laAa, a kind of rum 
Taiaot. (M. dka. tally-he 
Taie, if. web er cataract ia tW eye 
TaiUable, 3. «. liable to U tuW 
Tafllade, (/. a cut, caab ; sImK 
Taillader, va to alaak ; emt, waA 
TaUUndaria, tf. iron-^vT: Slad » 

iroiuBoager'e trade 
TaiUandiar, am. irouatoatgar 
Taillaot, eaa. adga af a e«ttia« taal 
laille, •/. edge ; enttiag. c«t : feany . ' 

—' *h^, walat; tax: MMr a 

— -doace, tf. coppar-pUt* ; eaaaai «■<• 

maehe, eat. a wmx-«baad1ar'a «a». 

— -mar, en. ata. tbolowaat pM«««a*»« 
cut -water 

Tent, «Bi. a aaa-bird 

Baasa-faUle, •/. bwMo-rali««« ; n.-rw 

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Miller, v». to out; }>tyr ; divide 
tally ; earve: dial lot eardx) 
aillct d« tana., if. Ma. fl. tacVl 
nillear, »m. a tailor 
ailleuWi if. mnntua-nialcar 
atlli), «m. copae ; undarwood ; laity 
ailloir, «m. a trarcher; plinth 
ailloo. <■•. a kind of fly 
aillurc, tf. Inlaid-work ; anibrotderjr 
aio, «M. tin-plate for looking- glaMee 
aim, p/. elipa on which a ihip ia bailt 
aire, [.tar*'\ »a. to conceal 

lop; TaniJrt, 


•/. a dan, hale ; larUnf-hole 

./ a blaak apot on tha faea 

Tanni, e, a. tawnj ; dark ; dnn 
Tanner, do. t« tan ; to vex, to Icaae 
I'annaria, tf. a un-houM 
Tannaar, aat. tanner ; leatker-draaier 
Tauqoenr, em. a quay porter 
Tant, Ifow] »d. ao much, %a oiinjr; M 
much, aa many; bothj !«; M» that 

- et ei pen qne, ai mach and aa little as ; 
aa many and aa few aa 

• U T a qne, howerar 

- mieujc. ao much the batur 

'alhe, eat. a Mahouietan doctor 
ale, tm,. talo 

'nled, eM. veil used by the Jewa 
'aler, Daler, em. a Oeman dollar 
'alent, em. ulent ; parts ; genina 
'alinipicr, va. ma. to bend the cable 
'alion, na. requital ; retaliation 
'aliman, «m« a taliiman 
'aliamanlqoe, !}. a. taliimanlc 
'almouee, [. atvoce] tf. a aort of eheeee- 

aloind, m. talmod 
'alroudique, 2. «. talmudical 
almudiate, «m. ubnttdist 
'aloche, «/. rap ; knock ; enlT 
'alon, it». the heel ; etock («< cardi) 
alonner, im. to pureue closely ; teaaa 
., va. ma. to strike with the heel 
'alonuier, tm. heel-makar 
•lonniires, tf. pi. winged eboet of Mer- 
cury; heel-pieces ' 
alua, tm. slopenesi ; shelTing 
alttter, va. to maka sloping 
amarin, «ai. a tamarind 
'amarinier, aai. the tamarind -tree 
'•maris, tm. tamarisk ; a shrub 
'ambour, [tan-boorZ tm. drum ; drammer ; 
bltrrel of a watoh ; umbour 
. da r<peron, ma. doubling of the eat- 

■aznbourin, [Mn-Seer-oiii] tm. tambarine ; 
tabour ; player on the tambarine 
'amboiirioer. v. to drum 
'ainbourineur, «m. drummer, tabonrer 
'amis, [(a-Mcl «m. a sieve; bolttr; eearee 
'aoiiae, [. meUi tf. ma. the sweep of the 

amiaer, ra. to sift ; bolt ; searce 
„, tm. ma. to let the «riod through 
'antisear, «m. sifMr 
'ampou, tm. buni; j plug ; stopple 
'anipunner, va, to bung ; to atop 
■an, «»>. tau ; oak bark beat email 
anaisie, «/. tansy 
'ancer, va. to eheek ; rabttke 
■anche, •/. » tench 
'andis qua, c. whilet; aa long at 
'angage, tm. ma. pitching 
'angente, tf. tangent 
'anger, va. ma. to coast 
•angible, ». a. tangible 
angue de mer, ^r. s« sand 
'angusr, va. mn. to pitch, sound, roll 
'angueur, tm. a Ughieman 

- plua qua maim, thereabonta 

- que, whiUt ; aa long aa, aa far aa 
■ s'eii fant que ; so far from 

- soit pen, erer S4» little, but a little 
Tantaliser, va. to tantalise 

Tante, tf. aunt 

Tantinet, eM. a lltUe bit ; drop 

Tant6t. [toM-rd] ad. by and by; eoon ; 

forthwith; a Mttla while ago; aome- 

Taon, itattltm. tjtad-iji o«.«y 
Tapabor, em. a riding-«ap ; sailor's cap 
Tapaga, eM. clutter, racket; frair 
Tapageur, tm. a noisy fellow ; bloatercr 
Tape, rf. up. pat, alap; bung; plug 

— oe canon, ■«». mm-jw- 

Tapecu, tm. a sort of swipe w- falling 

gWte; a cart ; (Ma.-, ring-tail, drirer 
Tkper, va. to Up; pat; beat; strike: to 

etamp ; frisale ; {ma.) to lay the 

on the guns 
Tapinols (en), ad. slily; secreUy 
Se Tapir, vr. to Ue squat ; to crouch 
Tapis, Ua-ftti tm. a carpet 
Tapieer, va. to coter with earpeU 
Tapisser, va. to adorn with tapestry 
TaSsserie, tf. Upestry ; hangings 
TapUsier, e. tm. upholatetar ; 

maker or seller 
Tapon. «M. bundle of clothes 
Taioter, va. to Up; to pat; to beat 
Tapure, tf. friaaling of hair 
Taquet, [.*«3 •"• ■•«• «*«•«! •■•«'! 

Taquiif, e, a. t. etingy j peevuh, Uaaing 
Taquiner, l»a. to contradict ; provoke 
Taqnlnerie, */. etingineee ; peeriahness 
Taqnoir, eM. a printer's planer 
Tarabustar, va. to uase; to vex 
Tamaehe, •/. an iron peg 
Taemrallni. «ddlaatic\l 
— , tf. a sort of winnowing machine 
Taraud, «m. eerew-ttp or Up 

Ttad, rrerj\ua\ too alow 
Tarder, vn. ta delay ; loiter; suy 

Tidif,"w', a. tardy j alow 5 >V^*^ 
TardiTement. ad. alowly j sUekly 
TardlTlt<, ^. baekwardnesa 
Tare, 4^. tare ; *■»«•» *««J . 
Tarf, e, «. Memished ; epoJlad 
Taiwrtismc, tm. m*. * AleeMM oceu>oas< 
by the Um of the tvwtuU 

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SiaulMDtaMDt, ad. rinallsiMOvaljr 
Sinapisnu, «si. muitard poultUt 
Sioeire, 3. a. •inena ; honaat ; tru* 
StncAremeat, tul. sinnnlr ; eaadidly 
Sineiritf , »/. ainceritx ; candour 
Siudpat, Ml. the fcrepart of tho head 
SindoD, «M. cM. linan wnpper 
Singe, ••». ape, monkey ; w&dlM* 
SiajnTie, rf. nu apiih trick ; grimace 
Sc Singnlariaer, m. to affect alagularitx ; 

to he eingatar 
Singulariti, «/. singularity ; rarity 
Singulier, e, a. ringuW ; nro 
— , *m. gra. th* tiogular auatber 
SiaralUmnent, ad. — larly ; affectedly 
Siniitre, U. a. etuitter ; inaaipieious 
Sinistremcnt, md. — ^trovaly ; untoward 
Sioodon, •«. a fiih of the Adrlati* aca 
Sinon, ad. elae, or elie ; eavc, except 
ainople, «M. eiMpie ; (bl.) gn 

213 SOL 

Soda, i/. mi. dUtempncd ImM af the 

Sinuoaita, (/. ainuoaity { winding 

Sinus, Cw-jtMctl Ml. sine; aiaua. cniity 

Siphon, eat. ayphen ; water-spout 

Sire, nt. aire'; my lord 

Sirinc, •/. siren; mermaid ; chamer 

iiirarin, «/. lordship 

Sirins, I. r*-uM^ em. Siiiua, the dog-star 

Siroc, r. nk] ate. siioce " ^ 

Sirop, I. r»] eat. syrup 
Siroter, rn. to sip ; to tipple 
•""-' ^f. p/. ayrtis, quiekai 
«/. an ■ - 

SodomU, «/. aadamy 
Sodomite, rat. Sodomite 
Saur,4f. a aister; a ana 

«/. aUttloaiatM- . 

_.._, a tiubt, settee, aoueh 

Soffits, 4r- arck. ceiling 

Soi, [<«»-»«) ^re. 000*8 aclf ; UadC; cos 

disant, protended, woald b* 

Ime, pre. ooee self ; hMsia^; her- 

: iUeU 

Soie, •/. sUk ; briatle ; toogue oT • Wade 
S«erie, a/, silk trade ; aUlt aniA 
Soif, Itoo-maf ] «/. tUrat ; graaa^ dMira 
Soigner, vs. (o nnraa ; look after 
— , VH. to take care of; ta attend «• 
Soignenanncnt. ad. earefully . adeely 
Soigneox, so, a. carsfiil ; diligent 
Soia, fM-oAt] «■. car* ; diligenaai annrty 
Soir, [ao»-«arl «at. avaaiag; aigkt; cvt 
Soii^e, •/. evening ; aro 
Soit, ad. he it so : waU and (ood 

in the Italian, 

Sirrente, tf. aneieat poem 

Gallic, or Proren^ lang 
Sis, e, a. seated, situated 
Sister, va:jm. toeiu; to enmi 
Sistre, m. sistrum ; dthem 
Site. Carat] m. site, sltuatian 
Sitftt que, e. aa soon aa 
Situation, •/. situation; 
Sitner, vs. to seat ; to place, to fia 
Situ<, e, a. situatt, lying 
Six, [tft, before a towcI wwr) a. «a». six; 

Sixain, sat. atansa of six Taraes ; sis paoka 

of cuds 
Sixiime, 3. a. aai. sixth; a aiith 
SIxJemement, ad. sixthly 
Sine, ^. sixth (te atwtc) 
Sloop, im. mui. sloop 
Smaragdin. e, a. green. Uk« au emerald 
SmeellM, •/. fuller's earth 
Smille, if. a pointed hammer 
SmUkr, va. to senarate ore from the *«ok 

with a pointed hammer 
Sobrc, i. a. sober ; discreet ; fruval 
SobrMseut. ad. soberly ; discreetly 
SehriiU. rf. sobriety ; trnperanee 

Soixantains, «/'• *i*^r i ^' W a ua a 
Soixanta, a. sixty ; thneneoca 
" 'Kanti^me, 3. a. ««. aixtiatlt 

Solacier, t>«. to Ct 
Solaire, 3. a. aolar 

Solbata.' Solls-I 

Solfaatura, rf, nuM. (anadMlac 
Soldanelle,i/. bind-waed 
Soldat, [. i&] aat. a soldiar, 
Soldatcaque, if. aeldicry 

- 8. a. aoldier^ike 

Kolda. tf. pay ; balanca of aa ae« 
Solder, «w. to close (im «ceeeM(l 
Sole, »/. a sole; home's baaf 

— d'affat, ma. sole of a 

— dc taqnet, aM. step of a kavat 

Baraae i aola. a Aat-bactomed « 
SoUriamc, m. aaleeiam 
SoUil, [. /atf] aat. sun ; atia-flama 
Solcnael, le, a. aolcma ; awfel 
SoleaaaUement, ad. a al emnly 


Soc, Caoit] «"• * plonchshara 
Sociable. 3. a. aociabla 
8oeiaMUt<, rf. — Uty, aociahlaness 
Serial a, «• sodal 
Seei«t4, #/. society ; dub; eOBTcrae 
- • • ■ . «m. Socinlanism 

«ls, atand, baae 

am. seek ; aaadal ; wooden clog 


SolSer, aa. to laam the gamat 
Solidalre (eositnt). a bead Car Aw wbek 
SolidaimaaBt, ad, i> aeUda. wkaUr 
SoUdarit«, rf. the bring boMd ta aalidt 
Sollda, 3. a. am. aalid ; a aoltd body 
Solidemeat, ari. aalldly ; atraiiclv 
Solidit<,a/. aolidily; band in t-fki, 
Solile^ae. [ . M»] am. aoIUoqa, ; mm» 

Soline, im. fl. apaea balwtan two Ubm 
SoUpide, 3. a. aolipada 

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SoUtalrunent, ad. — tarilr i priraMlr 
Solitude, «/. Mlitud* ; r*ttrtin«nt 
Solire, «/. • joiM ; glnttr ; rafter 
Sotircmu. «m. » tmiUl joiit 
SoUMtatioD, «/. aoUeintiaii ; tntrewy 
Sollioiter, va. to Mlicit, tnUeo, nfcort 
SoIlieitMr, m, «. en* who toUoits 
Sollieituda, tf. ■oUeitod*. anxiaty 
Solo, «ai. aolo 
SoUti«e, am. aoUtie* 
Solttieial, •, a. MlatitUl 
SolrmUliU, «/. mItoiicj ; MlvmHUity 
Solvmble, 3. a. Mlvmt, •ble to pa/ 
SolttUa, ) a. (olablt ; aalTabU 
Solutioa, */. aelntion; (JM.) pajnaont 
Sonaelie, 'i. a. braekith, «klt 
Somatoloina, «/. tomUalorr 
Sombro, 3. a. Mtmbre ; dull ; gloomy 
Sombror ton* roilet, vn. ma. to ovenet 
Sonmaire, 3. a. auiiimary i eonoiM 
— , tm. «uinmarr; abitraet 
Somiaairmnii, ad. lummsrilj; brieBy 
Sooimation, «/. aummoat ; •ummiug up 
Sommo, «ai. tlambor ; tlMp, nap 
— , */. a btaat't load ; a aaiB 

BJta da Mmma, a baaat of bardaa 
Sommeil, [. maUi tm. alaep; alccpinaaa 
SommeillcT, va. to almnbar ; to doao 
Sommaliar, aai. butlar 
Sommallaric, *f. butlcrahlp ; pantry 
Somuiar, va. to •nmmou ; aum upi elafaa 
Sommat, am. rammit, top ; heiaht 
Summlar, am. aunpter- horse ; hatr-qailt ; 

aiimtnar of a floor 
Sommiti, «/. apex, the aharp end of tha 

lop of plants, flowers, etc. 
Somnambule, a. —list, sleep-walker 
Samuainbulisme, "^ *' 

Somnifire, 3. a. 

— , am. aoporiferooa draufkt 

Soniptuaire, 3. «. aunpinary 

Somptn e uae m eat, «f ■ sumptuoaalT 

Somptneuz, ae, a. aomptaoua, splendid 

Soinptaoaiti, ^f. aaiBptuenanaaa 

Son, am. a aound ; bran ; haak ; aoarf 

— , pro. m. hia, her, its 

Souaie, i>f. aonata 

Sonde, */. soundlag-laad ; probe 

Sooder, va. to sound, probe ; search, utm- 

mine ; to pump ; sift 
Sondcur, «at. sounder, one who sounds 
Sonfs, am. a dream 
— -erenx, m. a Tisi 

malice, am. plotter of miaehiaf 

Sonser, v». to ' -«^!-i- •- 

Sonica, ad. in the niek of time lot earday 
SonnaiUe, af. a Un for the necks of 
animals Cwlthout occadop 

Sonnailler, va. to rinf the bells often aad 
Sonnant, r, a. sounding ; of dear sound 
Sooner, va. to soimd ; to ring 
— , vn. to ring ; to yield a SAund 
Sonnerie, a/, ring of bells; clock-work 
Hounet, am. a sonnet 

Sonnette, «/. a little bell ; a ratde [bells 
Sonnetier, «in. a maker or seller of little 
Sonneur, sm. a ringer 

13 SOU 

Sonne*, $m. two sixes lot baeifammon) 
Sonore, 2. a. sonorous ; hiKh-soundiog 
Sopenr, a/. heaTiueaa preoeding sleep 
Sophi, [. /a] am. sophi. king of Persia 
Sophisme, rm. sophism, fallacy ; cavil 
Sophwte, l./aaanam. sophist; cariller 
Sophistication, rf. aduluration 
Sophiatique, 3. a. — tical ; fallacinus 
Sophistiqurr, pa. to esTil; adulterate 
Sophistiquarie, a/, —try ; adulteration 
SephiatiiHeur, am. sophistieator 
Soporatii, to, a. soporific, soporifarous 
Soporeux, ac, a. soporiferona, aoporous 
Soporifire, 3. a. aoporiferous, soporous 
Sojmrifiqne, 3. a. sonorifie, soporifcrous 
Sorhe, af. berry of tne sorb-trea 
Sorbet, ««i. aharbet 
SorUer, am. aorb or aenriee-tree 
Sorbonique, af. thesis in divinity 
Sorboiiiste, am. doctor of the Sorbonne 
Sorhonne, a/, the SorlMrane 
Sorcellerie, ^f. aoreery ; witchcraft 
Soreier, an. aoieerar; wisard 
Sorriire, af. aocceress ; witeh 
Sordide, 3. a. sordid ; mean ; base 
Sorrliderocnt, ad. sordidly ; meanly 
Sordidit<, »/. sordidness 
Son om Sory, am. a kind of ritriol 
Sorie, tf. a Spanish wool 
' " ' icum, dross of iron 
ff. fi. idle stories 
a. sisterly ; of a sister 
I, a. a swelling, growing 
am. fitte, destiny ; lot ; spell 
I, capital, principal sura 

a. suitable : equal 
ort, kind ; manner * 
qua, en aorta qua, so that 
ft going out : sally ; export, ax- 
; outlet, iasue, passage 
Sor ai. wileheraft; sorcery 

»r to go er eome out ; go abroad ; 

issue i apriac ; shoot out, gat out ; bring 
off ; eome os 
Sot, M, a. t. (illy, stupid ; a simplelsn 
Sottement, ad. fooUshlT ; stupidly 
Sottise, «/. silliness ; folly ; obsaane lan- 
guage ; abuse, abusive language 
Sottisler, am. acollection of loose repartees, 
aongs, ate. ; one who talks foolishly, or 
abuses others 
Sou, [«o»J aat. halfpenny ; halfpaony-worth 
Soubarbe, */. ebeek of a bridle 

S»ubre*aat, am. gambol ; leap ; dtsappoiat- 

ment; shook 
Soubretu, a/. aUgail ; waiang-woman 
Sonbreveste, ^. upper eoat without sleeves 
Souehe, ^. stamp, stock, trunk; stanck «f 

•himneys ; a blockhead 
Soaehet, am. a kind of fraaatooe ; eyperua, 

a aort of nuh 
Souei, am. aasietr ; a marigold 

»neie, af. the golden-ereeted wren 

t Soucier, vr. to care er be aolidtout 

about ; to esteem 
Soocieux, ae, a. full of care ; gloomy 
Souooupe, af. a saucer | salver 
Soadaifl. acf sad' ' ' * 

: saddmly; forthwith 

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Sondain, c, a. radden ; unespOTted 
Soudaliieiaant, ad. mAietAj 
Soudan, CM. • Midan or attltan 
Sondard, [. dar] Mm. old waaihar-baatan 

Soada, */. potash ; kali ; (»».) glaai-wort 
Soodcr, va. to aolder; aotUe. balance 
Soudoir, «at. a waz-cbaodler'i tool 
Soudojrer, va. to krap in pay 
Soudra, va. to aolre, reaoWa 
Soudrille, am. a pilAring soldier - 
Soudttie, */. solder, soldering 
Soufflage, «M. sheathing or new-plaaking 

a ship ; blowing of glass 
Souffiaat. e, a. blowing 
Souffle, am. puff; breath ; blowing 
boufflrr, V. to blow; to be breathleae; 

breathe ; to prompt, whisper; choose out 

of ; sheathe a ship ; huff («( dramgkta) ; 

to seeli the philoaophere stona 
— un cauon, to scale a gua 
Soufflsrie, rf. bellows of an organ 
Sonfflet, am. bellows ; calash ; box on the 

ear; balk, affront 
Souffletade, «/. lereral boxes oit the e«r ; 

repeated slapping on the face 
Souffleter, va. to cuff, box, slap one 
SoulBetenr, ae, «. a boxer ; one who cufft 

Souffleur, ae, «. a Uow«r, puffer; a 
prompter, whisperer ; oue who aeeka for 
the philoaopher'a stoua; a kfaid of small 

Soufflura, *f. a flaw, hollow 
Souffranee, ^f, aoffcring; toleiatioo 
Sottffrant, «, a. suffering ; patient 
Souffrc-douleuTS, a. a, drudge 
Souffreteux, se, a. dietreased s needr 
Souffrir. V. to suffer; adndt of; endara 
Soufce, ltaa-/n »»•• brimstone ; enlphni 
Soufrer, Mr. to do over with "■ ^ 

aiphofing atOTo 
Sougarde, «/. eheok'of a gun 
Sottgwga, tr/. thront-baod of a bridle 
Soubait, Ml. a wish ; desire ; vow 
A Sotthait, ad. to one'e wish er deain 
SouhaiUble, 1. »■ desirable 

8Mi1, «M. Soullle, </: awl of a wild 

Sonillrr, va. to faal t doflla ; auin 
Se — , vr. to wallow in the aairo 
Sottillon, 8. •. Uttla aloren ; yonttg alat 
SoaQture, a/, filth ; etain ; iMpurlijr 
SoOl. Itaot] e, a. fuUi drunk; olojed 
— , »m ones fill; ona'e belljfid 
Sonlageaiit, e, a. easing ; coaibrtabia 
Soulagenatnt, am. reller, aaae ; sttceanr 
Soul agar, v«. to lighten; rellero; aaae; 

comfort ; allay, aasuage; allerlate 
Se — , vr. to grow eaaj ; comfort onp'a aelf 
SoOlant. a. ». filling; cloying 
Soulard, e. a. a. glutton ; gnedy peraaai 
Soulas, eat. eowfoft ; Wy 
SoOUr, V*. to fiU ; aauata : fuddle 

to glnt or over-drink one's aelf 
nt, tm. Inaunaction; rlaiag 
lift; stir up a - •' 

SouUTuaant, m 


4 SOU 

Soulavor, VM. to riaa; to wmssbla, w nn 

laaid </ tkt Mvaaaek^ 
Se — , vr. t» riae ; to revolt ; In matiay 
Sottleur, •/. sudden fright 
SoaUor, iaoa-U-H} am. a ah«n 
Soulignar, va. to andarliue 
Soumettre, va. to aabduo ; to auhmit 
Se -, er. ta aabaait; to yie*^ 

cm. aabaerxber far m 

Souper, t>«. to sup ; eat oac'a aupfer 
— , Sonp<, am. anpper 
Soupeser, ««. to potae i weigh by kaad 
Soupeur, *ai. one who likea supper 
Soapier, e, •. a great aoap ea te r 
Soapiire, «/. aoup-diaH; porridfe-duh 
Soupir, am. aigh; grown; rest (te wtaatt' 
Soupirail, am. vent-hole, air-hola 
Soupirantt eai. lover; admirer; eaiur 
Soupirer, va. to aigh : to wish canestlr 
Soupiraur, am. dangler, one wha eigki 
Sonple, 2. a. supple, ]^liant: aabeaiasin 
Sonplement, ad. enbmiaaively 
SoaplesM, ^. auppl'UMaa ; doci£ty 
Souqnenille, ^. servant'a frock 
Soquer, va. ma. to atratoh, tiAhtea 
Sourec, a/, aouree ; spriug ; foauuaia 
Sonrcil, am. eya-biow, brow 
Sourciller, tns. to knit the brow, annag 
SourcUleax. eo, a. lofty ; sleep { hsgk 

•, am. a sort of vonMnoaa aap 
n court na bruit soord, it ia v , 
Sourdaud, e, a. peiaon hard of hearmg 

Sourdeline, ^. an Italian bagpipe 

" "* '-*. sacrelly; prirat< 

little pipe ; a < * 

Saardeaaeal, ad. sacrelly; 
Sourdine, */. *' * -^' 

repeating watch ; mute for a fiddle 
A la aourdine, ad. aoerady; alily 
Sourdre, •«, to apriag ; to guak, apoat 
Sourieeau, aai. little asouao 
Soutielire, tf. a mouM-trap 
Souriquoia, a. (la peuplo) the aalcy ttAt 
Sourire, vn. to snsue ; u Mmpcr 
— , Souria, «ai. aamile; amllin g 
Soniia. C«oe-r«l «/. a mouae ; a giiailc ia a 
le's nose; a knot of eriacp tibbw. 
venison hit of a leg of mataoa 
Mds, e, a. a. aallcn ; aawmiae ; em 
who conceals Ms daaigma «r artiaaa 
Soaa, Uee] pr. under, h e i ica il i ; aiga. 

~^^1, cai. under-laoM 

barhe de boanpr<, </. mn. Wb-afBC 
■UbliotkAcaira, a. aab-IiWariMS 
facigadtor, «w. aub-brigadiM 

. .comnalib «<■•• vnder-clerh 

- -diaaonat, am. s«b-£aaa< 

- -diaerc, am. sub deacon 

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SOY 21 

Sou-dojTMi, «si. tub-dean 

enteodre, va. » undenUnd 

eiiteiiU, */. mental reMiration 

falie, •»». uuder-roof timber 

ferme, •/. uader-leaa* 

fermier, e, «. »n nnder-fmrmer 

— -garde, »/. handle of a gun 

gouvemanle. »/. under-governete 

Koureraeur, «m under-tutor 

— -lieutenant, tm. ■ub-lieutcnant 
locataire, 3. «. under-tenant 

loaer, va. to rent a part of a hoow 

that another holdt on a leate 

maitre, «m. usher; under-maeter 

multiple, 2. m. eutnnultiple 

ordrc, (m. lubordinata 

En lout-ordre, ad. lubordinatelj 
— — p^nitender, em. eubpenitentiary 

prtcepteur, *m. under-preeeptor 

prieur, e, «. eub-prior; eub-prioret* 

eeeritaire, «m. under- aecreUry 

taa^ente, $/. mat. eub-tangent 

— -tendante, */. mat. euhtenie 

traitant, «m. nnder-farmer of the 

publie revenue 
_- -traiti, «■•. under-fanning 
,— . -traiter, va. to under-farm 

Tcnttiire, »/. an under-girth 

_ -Tieaire, em. an under- curate 
_ peine, upoa pain 
Souicripteur, «ai. a lubecriber 

«— , VII. to eubeoribe to ; gire eonient to 
Souseign^i e, a. under-written 
SouMigner, m. to under-write 
Soustractiou, [«ooc«-(ra*-*«-«iijrj «/ wt*- 

traction ; withdrawing ; taking awajr 
Souetraire, va. to subtract ; take awar 
•Se _, rr. to avoid ; escape ; withdraw 

one's self from ; set one's self free 
Soutane, if. a cassock 
Soutanelle, «/. short eaasock 
Soute, CeoefO */• halance of an acoondt ; ft 

ship's store -room 
Soutenable, 3. a. warranUblc 
Soutenant, fat. sustainer, respondent 
Soutenement, tm. prop ; (ju.) wiitten de- 
Souteneur, «m. a bnUy ; a l»ravo 
Soutenir, va. to support ; sustain ; assist ; 

incite ; maintain, assert 
Se — , vr. to be supported ; to resist, 

withstand ; to stand up ; wear well 
Souterrain, *k. vault ; subterranean place 
— , e, a. subterranean 
Soutien, tm. a support ; prop, stay 
Soiitirage, tm. raclting ; drawing off 
Soutirer, tMi. to rack, defecate 
Souveuaace, «/. remembrance 
Souvenir, am, remembrance ; memorial 
S« — , vr. to remember ; call to raiiid 
Souvent. [. van] ad. often ; frequentlf 
Souverain, eat. a Flemish gold coin 

, e, a. »■ supreme ; a sovereign 

Suuverainemcut, ad. absolutely; despotie- 

alljr ; supremely 
Souverainet^, t/ sovereicuiy 
Soyeux, i«, a. silky ; soft as silk 

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•plMn, M SpUiM, tm. th« (pleen 
SptanaeAr, •/. BoUiulour ; pomp ; fflorj 
-rm.;.^^ 1 a. tplendid ; m.giuSceat 
nt, ad. — didly ; lUtcly 

216 STR 

SiefiloD. «... ■ulfio. aspottadTiaLd 

BpMuique, 3. «. •pleoftie 
Spud*, af. •podittm ; burnt itott 
8p«IiiiMar, tm. spoliktor ; pliuiderer 
SpoUarton, «/. noliatiOB ; pluuder 
SpoUar, vA. to plander, apoliau, rob 
SpondalqiM, 3. *. ■ponduc 
Sp«ad4«, «M. •pondtc, • poetical fbot 
DpMndrl*. m. •poodyla. ««rtabra of tlw 

haok ; a vary tkia parson 
— , ^. a Mrt of catoi^aiar 
Spoitficitt. aa, «. apennr ; fancoaa 
Spaatani, e, a. apontaneona ; ralantary 
afomfnUU, rf. — tj ; apontanaoaaiicaa 
Sponlaaiaicitl, ad. kpontanaoBiIy 
Sportt, tf. Biandieaat friar'a baakat 
^ _ ; frothy 

if. tka being ■pamoua 
*/. aU. apitUDg ; tputai 

I, */. aU. apittiog 
Sjmlar, «M. a kiod of matat 
tfqaainniauz, aa, a. aquaaMoa, acaly 
Sqoidatta, am. a akdeton ; eareasa 
SquiUt, [dfcalfl ^f. aqoUl ; •ea-onion 
Sqairre, an. icirTlioaity ; acirrhua 
Sqnirravx. ao, a. seirrboua 
8tabait<.a/.atabUity ' 
Slablat, «M. a hut , 

Utahla, 3. a. aiabla; fina^ darabla 
Sia«i<, ««. tha gum that diatila from the 

Stada, aai. arada. raea : furlong 
Staga, *Bi. raaidanea \ (ju.) i>raetiaa 
Stagnant, e, a. atagnant ; atill 
Siagnaiioa, af. atagnatioa Cwild cobI 
a^bmw, r»t»aaloate] im tb«x. kindof 
Stalaetito, ^. atalaotitaa 
Stalagmita, «/. atalagmltaa 
Stall*. 4^. a atall; a aaat ; a paw 

m. 1^ Sumita, V- * ••»* "* •*"* 

, af. iron witb which nagraaa are 

■wnad ; intarral batwaon tha reina of 

Stanoa, «^. an oda ; a a 

Stant<. a, a. adff i Uboi 

Siaphjrlonta, «ai. a diaaaaa . , 

Siaria, *f, m». dtmurraga : lajr-daja 

Sinroatt, aat. a Potlah noblaman 

StaiMtia. 1^. a royal Poliah fi«( 

Staaa, C«(as«] •/. mk. atagnattao o£ the 

Statkottdar, tm. atadthalder 
Slathondirmt, aai. aiadthaldcrakip 
Stntian, ^f. atatlaa; pauae ; abort atay 
Statlonnaira, 3. a. atationary 
-- -■ '- -. «glia*). a ehnreh whcf* 

Siationnar, v. ta atation ; to aiop 

Statiqaa, [. fMit] tf. autica 

StMlatkiaa, ^. atatiatica 

Statuaira, aaa. — ary, aanlpiar, oarrar 

— , 3. a. 5^. ataiuary 

Statna, tf. atatua, fignra 

SiMnar, va. to aaaet \ daerac ; ardain 

Statu*, tf. aiatara ; alae ; hclxht 

Statnt, cat. a atatair. dacraa, law 

Sifadia, ^f. ftiaatitaa. a Uad of ttona 

SulUouat, aai. a chaat. cmmmm 
Stalllonatairc, t. a awiadlar, elMM 
Stanti, a, «. atilF; not fraa 
Stantar^, a. (raiz). vary atrvo^ vaiea 

Stkre, Cafartl tm. ataca. a aeUd i 

--• '\ 

\,tf. au 
St«riotomia, *f. ata 
Stiifotypnge, tm. ataraotypiiig. \ 
nrinting with loUd pngaa 

StCr^otypar, •«. to atareocypa 
Stereotypic, ^. tha art of ■tarantiph^ 
Strrila, 3. a. atarila ; bnrran ; asfniilfal 
Srfiiliti, ^. atariUty; 'T-nnnaaa 
Starling, a. atcrling 

Stamam, (at. ataman, tka braant-baM 
Stamuialif, to, a. atamutntiva 
Stamataiairr, 3. a. aat. i 
tm.ft. • 

Stil da gran an da grmin, aaa. n a«t « 

Tollew eolouT uaad ui pnlntiac 
Silmalaat, a, a. «aa. — lating ; ad^udani 
Stimular, t>a. to admolata ; to asKha 
Stlpandialra, 3. a. atlpaadWy 
Stipandiar, va. ta iMop In pnr 
Stipnlant, a, a. — ladng ; -—-— ^r i 
Stipulation, tf. —tian ; baa^iaia ; ilnaa 
Stipulcr, va. to atlpulata ; ta covw^m 
StoTcian, ne, •. aai. atoical ; %. w*^ 
Stoleiame, «ai. atoidim DnaaMaif 

SteSqna, Itto^t} 3. a. ataie, ■!•.,-. 
StoTqnanwBt, md. ttolcallT ; eaUlv 
Stokfteha, «m. atoekSah ; dry ftak 
Stonachal, a, a. atoma«bi« 
Stanaehiqaa, 3. a. atenacUc 
Staraz, tm. atorax 
Store, tat. window mibralU mr t&d. 

apring bairal of a blind 
Scrabiame, aat. aU. W|aintla« 
Strangulation, tf. a»rangr-»— * 
Htrangnila, tf. atranguar 
Stiapaaaar, an. to drub ; 

Straa. aat. paat* ta Inltaia dl« 
Straaaa, ^. the rafnaa of ailh 

' ' 'rf. atr 

Stralaaratia, ^. mnitary gniaiiiiMi 
St fut agmphlt. r/. a daa^tion of mkamm 

Striboid, tm. ma. i 

Stain, a, a. atrtet ; pradaa ; «UU 

m. a aort af watw 

-. atrapha, atanaa 

4^. -^laibnildtac: !•,« 

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'tryge, ^. ▼ampin 

ttac, [*luh\ »m. ttttceo, pUtter of Pari* 
itaeateur, «m. a m»lc«r of ttucco work 
•tudieoaenwat, ad. itudloukl^ 
itudleus, ••, «. ■tndioui ; booViah 
Stap^factif, t«, a. — tiva ; benumbing 
■cntiSfaetlon, tf. — tion ; benumbioz 
■taptfait, e, a. atuptfied ; aurprlMd 
Itup^fiaut. c, a. atiipif/lng; bfuumbiiig 
ttap<fi«r, M. to ttupifj ; to benumb 
itupaur, ^'•■tupor; Dumbueaa 



tuplde, 3. a, itupid ; dull ; sbaard 
-, a. bleekhaad ; duue * 
tupidemeat, ad. atu 

: duiioe i booby 
. J. atupidly 
tupidlt«, «/. atapiditjr ; aul: 

idez ; pea naad In writing on wax 
tyler, tu. to train, bring up ; accuitom 
tjriet, am. atilatto, dagger 
tylebaM, aw. onA. — bata, padaatal 

typtiqua, 3. •. mt. it] — *- ' 

B, a, fart, of Saroir, 
-, aa*. knowledga 
oaire, rm. a windtng-ahaat 
oant, e, a. swaatlngi paraplring 
uare, 3. «. iwaet to the aentea 
uavit^, */. auarlty ; iweetneaa 
iibalterne, 3. a. «. i ubaltern 
ul>d^I^gation, •/. aiib-dalegation 
abd£legu<, tat. aub-dele^te, daputy 
ubd^l^guer, va. to enbttiiut* 
ibdiviier, va. to aabdiride 
ubdivision, ^f. aubdlriiion ; partition 
ubduplc, 3. a. aul>daplicato 
ibhaatation, «/. open »ala; port-iale 
uhhaatar, va. to aall by aucti6n 
ubir, aa. to undergo; auftcr; yield 
ibit, a, a. eudden ; auezpected 
iibit«ment, nd. auddenly ; unawaree 
iit>jouctif, a. (M. aubjuiictive 
ibjugal, e, a. aubordtnata (in muafe) 
ubjusnar, va. to aub)ugatc ; to tubdna 
Ablixnation, if. —tion : eublimating 
ibUmatoira, fat. aublimatory, matraia 
uaact in aublimation [*tyl* 

xlim«> [• ltmi\ 3. a. aat. aablimc; a lofty 
iblimi, am. sabllmata 
mblin>eni«nt. ad. aabllmoly ; loftily 
jblimar, va. to aublimata 
abliiBitJ, ^f. auMlmity ; escalUnot 
ibUngual, e, a. aablingnal 
ibliwairt, 3. «. aublunary, eublunar 
nbmerKer, va. to aubmerge ; drown 
ibnMraion, a/. — lion ; drowning 
ibordinatioo, ^f. —tion ; dapendenoa 
iibordin<m«nt, Sabmrdonafoient, ad. anb- 

iibordonnar, tin. to rtndar tubordinata 
^bornataur, «a». ettbamer ; briber 
ubornatlon, ^f. aaboralng ; bribery 
iborner, va. to aubom, eorrapt 
ibomaur, ae, a. aubomeri eorruptar 
abr^cargoe, am. a»a. aupereargo 
ubr^oot, am. af^er- reckoning 
ibreptice, 3. a. aarrcptitioaa 
ubreptieament, ad. aurraptitiouily 
abreption, a/, subreption 
abrogation, »f. —tion ; tubatitutlon 
abrogtr, va. to lubrogate; tubatituta 

Sub(&}aeminent, ad. eabaaqnantlr 
Saba4uii«nt, e, a. aubiaqoait 
Sul)8ide, [. «««(i«] aa«. aubsidy, aid, lap.ily 
Subaidlare, 3. a. -diary ; auxiliary 
Subtidiairement, ad. in a aubaidiary man- 
ner; in the next place 
Sabaiatanee, tf. labaiatanee, liTelihood 
Subfiater, vn. to aubsiat, to exist 
Substance, tf. snliatance ; wealth 

En eiibatanoe, ad. summarily 
Subatantiel, le, a. aubaiaiitial ; Joiay 
Substantiellemeut, ad. substanually 
SubatauUf, Te, a. fat. substaniire 
Substautivament, ad. substaniirely 
Substituer, va. to aubstitute ; to entail 
Sulntitut, am. a substitute ; deputy 
Substitution, a/, jm. an antail 
Subterfuge, na. subterfuge ; eraalon 
Subtil, e, a. subtile ; keen : crafty ; thin 
Sttbtilement, C««6-faf«-aMJiJ al. subtilely ; 

Subtdisatlon, ^. subtilisation 
Subtiliser, va. to subtilisa ; to refine 
Sa — , vr. to become thinner ; to become 

mora cunning or knowing 
Subtllita, (/. sttbtility ; fineness, thinneaa; 

refinement ; nicety ; cunning 
Subtriple, Sous-triple, a. mat. subti-iple 
Subrenir, i^n. to assist, relieve; supply 
Subvention, «/. pecuniary aid ; sttpnly 
Subrarsion, y. — sion, ruin; orertftrow 
Sttbrertir, va. to subvert ; to ruin 
Sue, tauk"] am. Juice; gravy ; moisture 
— de r4gliasa, Spanish liquorice 
SuecMer, an. to succeed ; fuUow in order 
Suocis, am. success ; good luck 

», a. — sive ; eonaeoutlre 
. a/. — sion ; inheritanoa 
SueeeasiTamont, ad. — ly ; gradually 
Snedn, am. yellow amber ; aea-ambar 
■ — ' — - -. succinct, concise; brief 
t, ad. succinctly i bristly 
Succion, tf. suction ; sucking 
Sucoomber, vn. to sink under ; yield 
Sueoulant, e, a. succulent, juicy 
Suecursalc, a. (<glise), chapel of ease 
Sueemant, am. sucking ; suction 
Sucar, va. to suck ; drain ; to draw 
Sucat, LaK-eK] tm. remora, a small fish 

that sticks to the shark 
^ Mour, $m. sucker 
SuQOIr, am. a aueking oMUth 
Su^on, am. a red spot made on the skin by 

sacking it 
SuQoter, va, to suck repeatedly 
Sucre, sm. sagar 

— eaiidl, sugar-candy 

— d'orge, barleysttgar 

Suertf, a, a. sweet {luscious; shy, coy 
Sucrer, va. to sugar < to swectan 
Suorerls, tf. sugar-housa or plantation 
Sueraries, pi. sweetmeats 
Sucrier, rm. sugar-box, sugar-baksr 
Sucrion, am. pearl-barley 
Suerin, «. (melon), luscious melon 
Sud, iaudj tm. south ; south wind 
sst, tut] am. aouih-east 

— -ouest, am. south-wast 

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Se»riflaaic«r, m. —tor ; tmriAaT 
Seariflcfttiou, «/. — tion ; •earifyiDg 
8««riSar, va. to •emrif]r. to l«uee 
SMrUtiut, •. (flivM), aeulat Urtf 
Scuon, fat. a kind of Latin vwrM 
Serau, [«»] mt SmU im. a Mai 
Sc^Mrat. •, a. «. fl«f Itloiw ; a riDain 
Sc<Mratea>e, $/. Tillanv, wickedaeaa 
ScelU. Ml. ju. the Mai of a Judge 
SctUcmeat, «m. ureA. Maling, oraaaping 
Seellcr, va. to aoal ; to ratifj ; to oraaap 
ScelUur, m. a acaUr, one that iMla 
Seiao, iBobu^ rf, a ttaga i 
So^nifue, & a. thaatrical, ■ 

Soisiie, •. en* who Urta n^ 

Sieiaognifhlb, sf. ait of panpcetiv* ■ 
Seoptieitma, $m. sraptifitoi Cw«pti« 

Soapdqae. [aep-tmk^ 'i. a.*, aceptieal - 
Scoptra, [aM-<rl (at. a aooptro 
Schelling, tm. a thllUaf 
Sohl«niatiqu«, CoMf-aM-<wit]3. n. «. — ei 

SchUmc, [elk$'m*2 nm. aehiam 
Schiite, «M. a tort of atona 
Seiafca, «■>. aawiog 
8ciai<riquo. 3. «. aeiat 
Sdadqna, ^. actodca, hip-gout 
— . 3. a. aeiatie, aeialioal 
8cia. C«««l tf. a aa» 
— k maio, a haad-aav 
SeioiBBMnt, ad. Iniowingly ; wittinglr 
Sdoneo, «/. acienea; knowlcdgai akill 
Sciaatifiqua, 3. a. seieutifio; learned 
Scieatifiquamant, ad. aeiaoUfleaUy 
Sciar, aa. to aair ; eat donra ; to reap 
— , va. mm. hold water with the oara 
Solenr, aai. a aawycr 
Sdlle. «/. aquiUa, aoa-onien 
ScindUatioB, a/, —tion : tparhUng 
SdntiUer. ^Kim-tU-Uz *»■ *» ■P»U4 

Sdon. tm. twig ; ehoot i aeion 
Sciasile, 3. «. capable of baiag cleft 
Seiarion, »f. edaelon ; eutliag ; diriaioB 
Seiaaare, if. aciaeure ; otaek ; rent 
Seiure, ^aawittg; aaw-duat 
Scolaatique. $/. achool-dlviae 
— , 3. «. eat. adiolaetle, • aehool divine 
Soolaatiquement, ml. eoholaatieallx 

Scolie, e^ achollm . . 
Scolopaadra, a/. — dra; hart'a toikgvo 
Seorfriu, [aear-hm] n». aeurr7 
Scorbotiqae. 3. «. «. aoorbudc; ona who 

has the eevrry 
Scordian, ««. water-gefaaaadei 
Scorie, af. iraea ; aeona, alag 
. ^.- -'— 1, 4^. ai " --'-^ 

dace to aeoria 
SooiiAar. va. to redace to aeoria 
Soorpiojelle, if.Mot aoorpiou 
Soorpiea, <n. acorolen ; (oaf.) Soorpion 
MootMalN, if. fo. MTBOMra 
Heotontie, af. a dlaeaee ef tk« ey«a 
Herihe, am. acribe; eopMr; ira n ae ri fcet 
■etiMear* am. the writir of the Popo'a 

b«lle| aeopier 

Serofolaiio, </. le. bliad-imtlo 
ScrofUea. a/, pi. wU. acroTuU 
Seref olevx, ae, a. aerofnlova 

8onipttle> aat. ^ .. 

Scrupiaeueeaaent, ad. aentpMloiuly 

Senipttleax, ae, r ' — 

Serutataar, aa». i 

Serator, va. to acrutiniae ; 

Scrutin, aai. election hj ballot 
Senlpter, oe. to carve ; to otMcn. 
Scttlptenr, fat. earrer ; aeulptor 
Scglptan,af.acttlptara; atatuary; eartiag; 

SoarriU. 3. a. ecurraoM; alMuive; lew 
Seurrilcment, ad. aeanrilottalr 
Seurrilit*. a/. — Uty; aeurril 
Scytale, rf. ejrpher for accret 
Se, pre. one'a eelf, him oa- 1 
thomeelvee; aaeh other, oa 
Manee, rf. eaaiioii ; aitd^y ; 

Stre aar aen af aat. to ait 
Seau, [ae] ai 

Sefaeetc, fat 

MbUe. ^f. a wooden 
See. ink] aat. " 

— , aiehe, a. drr : bnri«n ; rw 
A aee. «f . difed up 
Mottre i aoe, aia. to apoon 
Un vataaeatt & aac, a aUp t 
S<eaUe, 3. a. diTisibU 
S<eanee, a/. eequcDCC ; aorias 
8<eante, *f. aaeaat 

Siebe, Ctaf-«*(] a^. th« eatti 

Mchament, ad^ arj ■. raliij ; rMtghlr 

Sfcholr. m. horae for drytac U 
Saeoqd, e, a. a. aeeoad; aazUiary 

— UMttre d'tqalpage, atm. boatawaija'* van 
Secondaire. 3. a. eaoondary 
Snconde, ^f. aecond 
Secondeiaoat, md. aeoondly 
Soeonder, va. to aaeaad ; to aaaiat 
Seeoodea, Seoaodiaee. ^. ml. aAar-Unk 
Seeouer, ma. to ahake. ahake off; to jah. 

1| er. M ahake ono'a aolf 
8aeofta■eu^ aat. ahakins ; J<dtim« 
SeoouraUe, 3. a. helpfal ; readw ta Wlp 
SeeooriT, w. to eneeowi to Wlp 
Seeoara, Itt-amar] tm. saaa nu r j k^ . a»- 
aiataaee; relief, aupply; ehapal o<awa 

laeoaaaa.y. ahahe. " 

▼ioloni nt ; Jolt ; < 
Sacral, CM-ertf] aai. 

-, te, a. eeeret; hiddea; vviw 

MsiviaivOt aw. aaeiotafy » eaerfc 
-jcT^iaiforfe, ^. aacMtary'a oAm 
Secretariat, «a». eecie taiya ktp 

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SeeiftU, •/. • prayer said with » low voie* 
hy tb« priMt at maM baCaie tbt of- 
SoerAtMnant. ad. McraUri in pitvau 
iMer^tioa, ^f. ■•erwdon 
SicT^toira, 3. a. icarctorj 
Sactairt, «ai. a aectary ; disciple 
8aetataur, $m. follower ; diecipla 
Secta, «/• a eact ; a dan 
Ijceteur, «n. a loator 
Sectile, 3. a. dinaiUe 
SeetioD, #/. Motion ; diriiion 
S4calaira. 3. a. «. eeeular 
S^eularlution, «/. Mcularliatioa 
S4eolariMr, vw. to Mcalariie 
S<«ularii<. •/. — ty ; atata a/ a lajmaa 
Mfculier, a. a. «. lecular ; a Ujaian 
SaenliiraniaBt. ad. Mcularly ; worldly 
2McurilB. ^f- — rity ; unoonoaraodnau 
S^atift ve, a. — tire, anodyne; calming 
SMentaire, 3. a. tedantary 
SMlmcnt. [. . man] »m. sediment ; drags 
SrditiaaaaaMnt. ad. aadltiuualy 
S^ditiaux, sa. «.«. seditious i a rebel 
SMitioa. ^f. eaditfami tumult ; uproar 
SMucteur, trice, a. t. aedndng, corrupt- 
ing ; a laduerr, beguiler 
Seduction, «/. sedueOon ; conropting 
SMoire, va. to sedaee; mislead ; corrupt 
SAduisant. a, a. a«dn«ing ; enga^ng 

MRr^gatiaa, qf. — tioa. setting apart 
S<gr«««r, t>a. to sagregaU 
SMiB, l«o<-y/] m. rye 

— bl«nc« anelaom 
Sclgnenr, «ai. lord; masUr; seignior 
Seign«uria<»f «■»• salijnorage 
Sclgnauriaf, e, a. of or belonging to the 

lord of the manor 
Selgneufie. ^f. lordship J manor 
Sein, <m. brsast; bosom; womb; middle, 

(ma.) aulf, small bay 
Seine. ^. kind of fiaUnf-nat 
Scing. am. signatare. daii-mannal 
8cisaina, •/. thick packthtead 
8eia«, a. «m. sixteen ; a siataanth 
SaUiAme, 3. a. «. sixteenth 
Sijour, tm. stay ', abode ; mansion 
Svioumer, va. to sojoam j abide 
Sal, Cee/3 •»• salt ; wit, humoar j spirit 

— attiqae. attic wit, attie huatour 
S«Unographie. */. selenography 
Selle, </. saddle ; mllion ; stoa 
Seller, «a. to saddle 
8e — , vr. Of. to grow hard and dry 
Sellerle, n. closet far hotae-haness ; a 

saddler's trade or basiacae 
Sallattt, <^. a small stool ; stool an whleh 

a culprit sltt daring trial 

Sellicr, ras. a saddler _, „ 

Salon,C«tt-faMf]pi'>accordlngto;sulubleto ISenaitif, tc, a. aanaitiTe 

que, c. neeerding as ; as i Sensitive, «/. sensitive plant 

Samailla. tf. sowing time w season, scsd I Sensorinm, am. saasorlum 


SembUble, «ai. fallow-creature ; fallow 
— , a. a. like ; alik* ; equal 
SemhUUement, ad. liliewise ; too ; also 
Semblance, tf. likeness ; appaaranee 
Semblant. n>. pretence; snow, seeming 
Semblsr, m. to seem ; look ; appear 
Semellc, ^f. sole i foot 
— de dirlTc. aia. lee-board 
d'affflt, bottom ( ' 

to eow i spread 

ja. six months; half a year 

— , 3. a that laets six montha 

Semi, half ' 

— -preuve, »/, aami-proof 

SAmillant. e, a. brisk; frisky; fluttering 
Stefnaira, eat. seminary ; oollaga 
Seminal, e, a. seminal 
S<minarlsta, m- a seminarist 
Semis, C«(-siM] «ai, a seed-bed 
Samair, em. a seed-bag ; drill plough 
Semonce, rf. summans ; warniog 
Semonceur, est, snmmoner 
Semondre, va. to invite ; 

Semoule, »/. sort of vermicelli 
Sempiternel, le, a. everlasting 
•--"'-' - old wiuh ; ofd t 

Senatorial, e, a. senatorial 
Steatorien, ne, a. — rian ; patrician 
8«natrice, «/. senator's wi6 
Stfnatua-oonaulte, am. eenatus-aonsultnm, 

a decree of the senate 
Seoan, «m. a snow, boat with two masts 
Siai, am. ssnna 
S^nfchal, SSI. seneechal 
S<n<ohale, rf. seneschal's lady 
SenichaussM, ^f■ a seneschal's jurisdiction 

or court 
Stfnfeon, sm. groundsel 
Sraellcs, ^f. M. hawthorn-berries ; hips 
S<nastre (main), U. left hand 
.«<n.«4, tm. sinapia, mustard-seed 
r, «at. senior, elder ; ancient 
[MNe] am. sense; underBtaading ; 

deesna-dcasouB. ad. topey-tnrvjr 

— -devant derritre, ad. wrong way 

Senaatiou, tf. sensation 

Sens<, e, a. sansibla ; rational ; wise 

Sensemcnt, nd. sensibly ; judiciously 

Sensibility, ^f. sensibUtty ; feeling 

Sensible, «a». foible ; inolination 

— , 2. a. sensible ; tender, feeling, easily 

aCected ; pcraaptibis ; sad, grievous 
SensiUemant, ad. sensibly ; feelingly 

; com sown: sowing 
•, «/. weak ; week's work ; week s 
duty; weeVe earnings 
Semalnier, »m. the person who offleltUi 

or manages for the week 
Scmale, Semaque, »/. ma. smack 

Senauallttf. ^f. sensuality ; lawdncsa 

Sensael, la, a. ». sensual; a i '" 

Sensuallemant, ad. saasuallv 
Sentence, «/. lentai 

Srntencler, va. to si 

SenMndeuMmaBt, ad. aanlantiously 


; vcrdiat, d 


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lUpUqur, ». to icbIt 
lUfMntr, va. to idKit 
B<|tloaf«r, vs. tb di 

uncle kgala 
lUpoIlr, va. to polith attain 

dip or dive again ; to 

iUpoDM, jr/. antircr ; roply 
lUpoTtor, VA. to carry haek ; T«eonT«y 
Ropoa, [. po^ im. r«poM ; reat ; ^uiat ; re- 
laxation ; landing-place ; pause 
RepM^e, */. lair or eoucli of a beast 
Repoter, va. to lay ; put afain ; to reet 
— , VM. to rest, be at reet ; to lie atill ; to 

alumber ; to eettle 
8e — , vr. to talie teat ; to eettle 
RepoBirir, em leetiag olaee ; an altar 
Repone, [. poo] tm. a kind of cement 
R^pOBser, va. to marry afain 
RcpooaeabU, a. that may be repnleed 
Repoiuaant. e, a. repaltive ; hatefol 
Repon a eemeat, (m. reeoiliof ; repelUng 
Repoaaeer, v. to repel ; to repolse ; to re- 
coil ; to bud again; aproot ; to aprlng 
Reponeeoir, «ai. wa. dnrlnf bolt 
ReprOieneible, 3. a. reprekentibie 
R<pr<hension, tf. — elon; reproof 
Reprendre, t>a. to retain ; renew, renmie ; 
enlde, reprimand ; to find fanlt witb ; 
reply ; to profit ; take up a ttiteb ; to aew 
up a rent 
Se — , vr. to recollect one'i lelf ; to dose 

Reprenenr, sat. censurer ; faalt-finder 
Reprteallles, •/. jU. reprisals 
Repriaentant, «■•. — tattve; proxy 
Repr^sentatlf. r; ». —tire, synbolieal 
Repr<sentalion, tf. —tion; unage, like- 

nees; eshibitieni acting 
Reprfsenter, va. to represent; exhibit; 

produce ; act ; peraonau 
Se — , vr. to fancy , bo forthcoming 
"' " re, «. 

— ^ , ._. ^ lend again 

R^primable, S. a. that can be repressed 
R<prinande, ^. reprimand ; reproof 

"'- ' ' - *0 repriasand 

; to curb 

Riprlmander, va. to r 

burden «t a song; return; a ship re- 
taken ; • gams or party (al emrdt) 
Reprtoer, imi. to appraiee again 
Reprises, ^f. pi. Jm. claims 
lUprobation, a/, reprobaiioi) 
Reproekable, 3. a. reproachaUe 
Reproche,«m. reproach; scandal 
Reprocher, vn. to repnMeh ; to grudge ; 
to except against 

Reprockss, mi. pl.ju. sxeeptians or charges 

against a witness 
Reproductible, 3. a. reproducible 
"-' . ./. tie fa 


a faculty of being 

Reprednire, va. to reproduce 
Repr— e tu e, sia. to premise again 


a renrofant« 
to reprove, di 
*M. creeping ; a reptOa 
le, em. republlennum 
, a. «. republieaa 

. to»t] ./. -lie. eaa» 

/. -tion ; dlTorelag 
to repudiate ; diToree 
/. —nance ; relnetanoe 
a. repugnant; eoamr* 
to be repngonat 

rhod again 
; i»p«I&c 

R o repute ; accouM 

R . a. demandabl* 

R a. a. requiring ; y 

Ri to tcQuest ; Catch a«Bin 

R< t*] tf. request; petitiea 

Ri dlia. to quest at(Mn 

It requiem ; root, quiet 

R shark ; alligator 

S« , rr. trick oue'a self «p 

Re., — ^ .... Jfth part of the fiMi 
R^niper, ra. to rig again ; eqvip anew 
Requia, e, a. required ; requlsim 
Requiac, «/. (Itre de), to be ia request 
Requisition, •/. request ; petitioii 
R^niaiteirs, »wi. suit ; request 
Reseampir, va. to whiten with white Im' 
Reacindant, •■•. demand to obtnia a naa*- 

sion ; means to rescind » dead 
Reseinder, va. to rescind ; mnkn Tuid 
Rescission, »f. rescission, abrogndoai 
\,%. a. nm. I ' 

Resciaoire, m. a. mtm , mciw 

RescriptioD, (/. assignment 
Reserlt. [rst-itrr] am — 

resOTipk; edict. 
maooate (set 

Roseau, C. sel rm. net- work, occtiag. Unit 
KMdti, am. reseda, miynoooon 
Reservation, ^f. reserrmtion 

A la r<serr« de, except ; 
En reserve, by, in store 
Sana reserve, without exorptt— 
Reserve, e, a. «. reserved, prudent; dr- 
— ispect, cautious ; r 

Reservoir, «ai. reservoir ; fish-posid 
Resident, e, a. residing; dweUiac 
Residence, af. reaidenee. abodu jTai 

ship; sediment 
Resident, fas. a residsnt ; ugeni 
Reaider, vn. to reside ; to nbidn 
Residu, eai. residue ; remniainy part 
lUsignsnt, e, a. a resigner 
Resignataire, a. resignee 
Reaignatioo, ^f. —lion ; ■iilmil— liw 
Reaigner, va. to resign ; vleld «p 
Se — , vr. to submit one's aelf 
R^iltation, «/. cancelling. aanalBng 
Resilier, va. to annul ; to caacd 
Resine, */. resin or roein 
Resinsmx, se, a. resinous ; Hba raoto 

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RiHiitU. »m. m wateh-mkli«r'* tool 
IU>lpUc«iicc, tf. — cenM ; npcnttiim 
KetiatBHM, •/. rMiatanoe; oppraidon 
K^UWr, m. to TMiats oppoMi endure 
RAsoltt, e. «. «. rewlvwl •, reMluU; bold 

•tout ; » bold penon 
iUMiliiMe. 7. a. MWaUe 
R£»oluiiient, md. reeoluiely 
K^MlMtif, TC, a. roKilutiTe. dieMl*iM« 
lUtolntloD, tf. — tion; rewdve; Ar 

covelmney { ooursft ; eaaeelHog 
lUsolTaat, a, a. $m. — ing; ' 

tUtouiiement, •■•. 


R^Mudre, i. Mo-rfr] v». to ntolrt ; 
aolTe ; iaduM ; nnctl i melt ; vtdaee ; 
Se — , vr. to reeolTe, li« ceeolvod ; to melt, 

to be aaelied ; to be nxrned into 
Rjootta, L- MO] a. at. reaolTod, diatolved 
Rcapcet, am. reepeet : regard : motive 
Keopeetabla, 3. «. —able ; venerabU 
Reepecter, ra, to reipeet; to revere 
Se — , vr. to «et raitablT to one't itotiea 
ReapccUf. TO. «. reapeottea ; relaUTO 
RcapactiTament, ad. —If ; mntuallf 
ReepeetuenteiiMnt, *d. raapeetfullj 
Jieapaetuenx, ae, a. reapccttul: humbie 
Reapirable^ 7. a. that may be braatbed 
Reapiratimi, «/. leapiration ; breathing 
neapircr, v. to reeplre, breaika; to ex- 
hale, inhale ; to long for ; W gape or 
thiiet aftor 
Rcaplendlr, vit. to shtiM; glitter 
Reaplondieeant, e, a. reapUndent 
Reipleadiaaement, na. raeplende 
KeapoMablUi4, rf. reaponaibllltT 
RoapoaaaUe, 3. «. reapooaible 

«. to bleed again 
1. to aeiae again 

So — d<, vr. to aclie 

Reasaluer, vo. to aal . , 

Reaaaaaar, v«. to aift again; to examine 

carefully ; to diacuaa again 
~ T, [r»-eo] aat. Juttf - 

Reaafeher, tw. to dry up again 
Rcoecller, vn. to eaddle agaio 
RcaaMkManee, ^. reeemblaoee 
Hoaaomblant, e, •. reeembliag. Ulie 
~ " r, m. to reaemble 

-, v». to new -sola 
vn. to aow again 

mt, nn. neentmeat; a alight 

wu^ of (« rffc aagf, ««;.) ; gratitude 
~ -"- 1. to feel ; veaent j take iU 

mtrneti to laj op again; coop; 

•urb;.theok; limit 
Roasif, Meif. m. aM. racf. ridge 
Reeeort, [. «vr] m. apring; wheel; r 

aort, eauaa ; eeguiaaiiee, juriadiation 
Rcaaortant, e, «. going out again 

19 HET 

iUaaonir, vm. to go out again 
—, iM. to be under the juriidietlon of 
Kessortisaant, e, «. lying under a jtirladie- 

tion ; belonging to 
Resaouder, m. to aolder again 
Reaaoaree, */. rraoarce ; expedient 
ReaaouTenanea, •/. ramembraace 
Sesaourenir, *ai. romembrao 

S» ~, vr. { 

Reaauage, «m. liquation ; aweMing 

Keaauer, via. to awrat again 

Resaui, (jh. lair for deer 

Kesiuaeitor, va. to raauaeitato 

— , tm. to rlaa from the dead ; rcTive 

Keeauyer, va. to dry ; to wipe again 

Raatant, e, a. «. remaining ; remainder 

Reataaiatoiir, trice, «. a reetaanuaur ; n» 
•torer : one who lieopa a gamoel eatlag> 
Reatanratif, rt, a. rcitoratlTa 
Keitouration, »/. reawration 
Reataurer, vu. to repair ; restore 
Resto, tm. remainder ; remnant 
An raato, as for the reat ; finally 
Uo resto, more than enoagh 
Du reata, beaidea ; as for the coat 
Btre en reaw, to bii in arrears 
Resur, M. to remain ; stay ; to dwell 
Rcstipuler, •«. to stipuUu reciprocally 
Restitnable, 3. u. reatorablo 
Reatituer. va. to restore ; refund ; repair 
Restituteur, «M. a critic that restorea the 

dcfootiTe paeaagea of an author 
Reatitulioa, tf. reatiution ; reatoring 
Restor, [. (er] eat. jti indemnifioatien 
Rcstreinare, va. to bind, to aatringe ; re« 

strain, moderau; confine; to eorb 
ReatrietU'. re, a. restrictive » binding 
Keatriction, t/. rsatrtetion ; limitation 
Raatringant. e, a. reatringent; 
Resulunt, c, a. reaultiag 

Resum^, «ai. aummary ; reaumplion 
R^aumor, t>a. to raeume ; to sum up 
Rjaumpdou, tf. summing up 
Resure, ^. bait to catoh fiali 

R^urrect' ' ' — 

Retable, 4 

RitaUir. L_ ._ „ 

eetabliek, rsinetato; repsi> 
Se — , pr. to mead; to grow well 
R<ttUtosement, «ai. re-cetablishnient 
Retaillement, «m. rseutting 
Retainer, o«. to eat again 
Rataillce, tf. pi. shi«ds ; « 
Retoper, va. to cock a hat 
Retard, C- rar] eai. delay ; stop ; hindraSM 
Retardation, tf. ratordalien : delay 

" '-sunt, m. delay; reiardin« 

r, va. to delay ; retard; Under 
— , VN. to delay, to strp ; to go !«« slow 

to oome later 
Rctftter, tw. to feel or taste again 
Rataindra, va. to dio a^aia 
Ketcndeur, em. eloth-werker 

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R«t»nilr«, va. to •tiMeh agMB 
K»4«uir, va. M rttiini UwUr; 
Itold HiOa ; bMMak, faif«; to - 
Mfrum ; mrnrvf (te aHffaMMe) 
Se ~. vr. to forhcw ; rafrain ; Map 
KMeutar, tNt. to trj or utempt ■(■ni 
Kiientif, t«. a. rcMntiT* 
tUtention, «/. ictontion ; 
llirniiioniiklf*, «. <lnatii«r 
lUirutir, vm. to mouiid ; ring, i«'-«chii 
Hawnusuint, a. «. faaoundliig ; eehelii(( 

KcMnluai. *m. clMMa, proviao 
Hatmu, a, «. reaervcd ; diacraat 
HaMnua, «/. iwarracbiaaa ; diaeratio« 
Ritiranca, «(. radcanea; ooneaklmant 
K<ticulaira. S. «. radauUr 
lUdaaU, ^. Mf. raticnis Clxmi 

K^itf. rm, Irttl/i, nttvij a. twdT* ; awi>* 
lUiifanna, a. ratUbnn ; ratienlar 
Kitinr, C. (amj «^. ratina of tha •y 
atUpore, «/. aort of atoD^ plant 
Ketirsda. ^. intrcochmant 
Raiir«, a, a. retli«<l ; aolitary ; prirmta 
RatiTaniant, «ai. ett. eontractiOB 
Ratinr, mi. to dnw again; draw oat; 
harbwar ; rpdaaa : thoot again 

•tira; withdraw; ta- 
; ga out ; U aKrlaV ; 

8a Katirer, vr. 

vu. to mcatnri orar again 
r. C. tom-M] •■. to fall again 

Katordancnt, *m. twtating again 
Kaiofdear, aat. ailk-twiatar 
Rvtordeir, «m. a twiatlng maehlna 
Ratordre. vm. to twiat ar wring again 

Mioralon, */, ratortlon . 

Ratorsoir, ax. cerd-whaal 
Ratorta, 4^. tatort, a alianilcal vaaaal 
Ratoochar. «•. to tooeh or raviaa agda 
Retour, £. UerJ $m. rttum ; raqnltal ; t1- 
aiiaitada ; rapantnnea ; dc«Mna 

— da oourant, aia. eddy of a atraant 

— da nat^e, ••«. lam of tha ilda 
Btra da ratonr. to b« aanaa back 
Sur 1* rataur, daelliilng ; daanying 

Ratoarna, •/. tramp (•( emrtU} 
Ratoumar, v. to ratnm, turn baak ; turn 
8a — , vr. to tnm. to faca abont 
S'an — , vr. to ratam, to go back 
Ratraear, va, to rattnco; ralaia 
Ritraetation, ^. — tian ; laaantadon 
RAraotar, va. to ratraet ; racant 
So — , rr. to Ncant, unaar ; oonaradkit 
Rotraetion, ^f. mS. ratraetiBn 
RatraiMt m. to radaom an aaiata 
Ratrait, «m. radampdon ; a prirjr 
— , a, a. laaa ; (M.) ratraalad 
Ratraita, «/. ntraat ; tattoo ; ratircmant; 
raelaaanaat; reCaga 

Saborda da raiiaita, omi. atam- porta 
Ratnuwhantant, om. ratranchnMnt ; in- 

tronehmant ; lafuga ; a bjr-roant 
Hatiaaehor, va. to ra t ia a a h ; ent off ; laai 

iatraach ; forbid ; auppraaa 

Katn>«««r, va. to 6nd 
Kata, [r«3 «aa. a nat 
lUtudiar, va. to atudf or laam again 

tUiuTar, va. to hatha o^ -" 

lUunion, ^. I 

Riunir, t>«. to nnila'; ra-nnita i 

Se — , ar. ( 

M; ra-nni 
abla ; to a 

UkaCorlika; tabo 

navaocna, y. tvt«ii|v ; ratalia 
Ka —, ad. to maho aaanda 
Ravanehar, va. to taka ona'a part 
iia — , ar. to lataliata; bo oran with 
Raranchabr, aai. raraagar ; »T«ncar 
R^Taaaar, vn. to dn«a modi ; U <aU af 

tUro, [rava] *m. a draam 
K«v4«ha, 3. a. haiah ; aoin ; frowaad 
— . ^. a kind af Uaiaa [alann 

RArail, IrA-vata] nn. tha aet of awakUg i 
' • orUeU 

awnha ; to ba roTivod 
RirailUnr, am. awaker, ronaar 
RiraUlon, f m. midnight rcgala 
R««<lation, ^. rarriadon ; dlacoToriag 

Rarcnant. aai. a ghoa«; an anparition 
—, 0, a. Uk«i7. laldng. plaaaing 

boo. »m. parquiaila ; amolumont i na 

Rarandeur, aa, «. hnekatar ; ratai!ar 
RaTcudieadaih ^f. claim « claiming 
Kerandiqiiar, va.ja. to alaim 
RaTcadra. va. to aail again ; to rataU 

apnoar ; plaasa ; iorgiaa i wnoont 
artaa, raault } racavar 
^. a aaaood aala 

' Ma. to fill a tail again 
Harana, am. raranua; ineoma ; taut 
Raranuo, a/, yoang wood 
RAvar, *. to draam ; ra«« : to ba drllriava ; 
dtinkafimuaa; mopa 

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Iliv«rMr»don, tf. rcvarheratioii 
RlTvrMre, «m. reverbcrmtory ; a revtrbt- 

•nMTf pUte bthind a lump; » atrect 

lUverMrar, va. to TC««rb«rst«, t*fltet 
R«T«rdlr, p». to baeomo graeo tugtixi \ to 

•ppoar ; break out •«|«in 
— , va to paint (reea again [acain 

R«rerdiu«n«nt, •■•. th« growing grten 
K<T<rcmBicnt, [. . ro-aum] •d. r«T«rtntl)r 
lUv^THict, «/. rtvorauee ; btw ; cartMj 
R4T<Noei«aMaMnt, ad. rcTercBtlallv 
Ri*<r«nei«uz, tc, a. ravarantial; full of 

bowi or cartaaja 

lUrcric, ^. ravtrit ; muahiK ; dotagt ; idle 

fancy ; raving, delirium 
RcTemir, va. to Tamiah orcr again 
Rererquier, mi. kind of badigaatraon 
Vi*f*t%, C txnv] tm. baek of anjr thing, re- 
vena of a colin ; back etroke ; miafortune 

— d'areaaaa. aia. tlia bdUow of the atcm 
timbera [timbera 

— da eoltia, mm. the hollow of the knuekle 
Reveraal, e, a. having retereoce to another 
Roreraer, va. to pour again 
Ranraible, ). a. reverdble, ratumable 
KeTeraion. »/. rerersioa 

Rereraia, tm. a gaaia at earda 

Keveatialre, am. reveatiarjr 

ReTttcment, «at. wM. lining of a diteb, 

Revttir, va. to clothe ; invcat ; line 
Se — , tw. to pat on 
RevttiaaenMnt, wm. invcatitara 
R«T<tu, e, «. inreatedi endowed; Uaed; 

adorned ; clothed 
R4reur, le, a. i. thoaghtfol ; peneive per- 

Revirer, vn. wtm. to tack aboct 
R<vieer, va. to revlae ; Teriew 
R^Tiaear, «m. a reTlaer 
R^viaion, tf. review ; revteal 
Rcvlaitar, va. to Wail, to viait again 
Revivifieatioo, «/. revivification 
Revivifier, va. lo revive ; bring to life 
Revlvre, vn. to come to life again 

Faire revlvre, to revive, reatorc 
Revocable, 3. a. revocable; reveraible 
Revocation, •/. revocation ; repeal 
R4voeatoira, 3. a. that revokea ti^a^i** 
Revoir, I. voo-i»ar] va. to aee again ; to 
Revolln, m. aa. aqnall of wind 
R^voltant, e, a. ahoeklng; acaodaloua 
Rjvolte, ff. revolt; inanrrection 
R^volitf. m. rebel 
R4volur, va. to r^aa a rebellioB ; to In- 

ailgate agaiuat ; to ahoek 
So — , vr. to revolt; to rebel ; mndnv 
R«vola, e, a. revolved ; aeeompliahad 
Revolution, if. revolution; viciaaitade 
Rivolutionnaire, t. a. revolutionary 
— , am. revolntioniat 
lUvolutionner, va. to ravolntioniae 
Ravomir, IM. to vomit again 
KAvtauer, va. to repeal ; to 


to deaire or will again 
Rcvoyager, vm. to travel again 
Revue, qf. review; diligent acareh' 
R<vttlaif, ve, a. mi. rcvulaiva 
RAvalaion, tf. revulaion [ground -fioor 

Raa-de-chanaaie. [rt-di-ikotHl « . 
Rae-pled, Ree-Mrre, aai. even or level 

with the ground 
RhaMllage, (at. patching, mending 
"*•-""" vi. to clothe anew; to droaa 


mm i har 

Khythmique. i. a. — cal, harmL 

Riant, e, a. amiUnK i cheerful ; plaaaant 

Ribaud, e, a. t. lewd ; a fornicator 

Rilwuderie, tf. lewdneaa; debauchery 

Riblette, «/. a broiled ateak 

Riblenr, tm. a night rambler 

Ribot, Cre-do] tm. ehum-atalT 

RIc k tie, ad. exactly ; atrictly ; neither 

mora nor laaa 
Rieanament, fat. aneerinKi a aneer 
Ricaaar, tm. to titter ; to anaer 
Kicaneur, ae, «. a giggler, aneerer 
Richard, *ai. a moneyed man 
Rleha, 3. a. i. rich ; wealthy ; valuable 
Rickement, ad. richly ; aplendidlr 
RIeheaae, ■/. wealth ; richueaa ; fertility 
Rieheaaea, tf. pi. richea; opulence 
Hiria. tm. palma ehriatl 
Ricochet. «M. ducka and drakaa (a ektld"* 
(ort of bird 
I, aat. apprvntiee to a aainter 

Rld^oe. tf. pi. cA«. dung of a atag 
RideUe, $/. Vack or raila of a cart 
Rider, va. to wrinkle; ahrivcl; frown 

(MM.) to aet up, tighten 
8e — , ifr. to frown, knit the browa ; H 

ahrivel; to he ahrivalled 
Ridicule, tm. ridicule ; impertlnanca 
— , S. a. *. ridicnloua ; laughable 
Ridieuleoaent, ad. ridicnlonaly 
Ridiculiter, va. to ridicule ; laugh at 
Rien, eai. ad. nothing : any thing ; trilia 
Riaar, ae, t. a langher ; Jeerer ; mocker 

nieur, ae, «. a laagner ; leerer ; mv 

RiHard, [W/./ar] tm. a large plane 

Rifler. va. to eat grewUly ; to file 

Rifloir, *ai. a crooked file 

Rigide, S. a. rigid, atiff; etero. anatara 

RigidemcBt, td. rigidly t inflexibly 

Rigidlttf. tf. rigidity ; ikflexibiUty 

Kigodon, tm. a rigodoon 

Rigole, tf. trench ; gutter; furrow 

Rifokr, va. open tienchea in a garden 

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RIV 2 

S« Rlfoler, vr. to malca nwrrir 
KiforttiM, cai. iteTniiesti ■tiffncn 
Rigoritte, $m. rigifl monlitt 
RigoanataoMnt, ad. — rouily ; iternljr 
Rigouraax, «r, «. rigoToua, mtcm 
Bigueur, ^. rigour ; Mvarity 
RiinaUl*, 4/". paltrjr rei-M 
llimailler, tm. to make wtrry renn 
BinaiUeur, tm. a pootaitcr 
Rime, [rcaaiO «/. rkjrma 
— (doiuior longue), ma. row • long •!»)» 
Rimer, [r*-HJiJ •». to rhjrma ; make vwaat 

RimM, ^. pi. TOtMl 

Rimoar, tm. rliTmor ; rltrmMtar 
Rineean, am. foiiage ; (W.) ft bough 
BioMT, tM. to rioM ; to watb 
Rin^aio, tf. water uiad for rineing 
Ringard, f. ^ ar] «ai. iron bar i la^ pobr 
Rinatniire, ««■ to teach again 
Rlole (falre la), to divert one'a lelf 
RloM, e, m. streaked 
Rlote, «/. a »Ught quanal or dispnta 
Rioter, tin. to smile ; to giggle ; snaar 
BipdUle (faifc). to feast, to banqaet 
Riparographo, (m. a writer of triflea 
Ripe, Irtmpl «/. maaoa'e or aealptor't 

Ripar, m. to smooth 
Ripopii, «Bt. sorry wine i feoll 
' Riposto, ^. a smart reply er 

parrying and Uirost 
Hipostw, M. to reply sharply 

parry and thrust 
RtpiuOres. a. Uoia), laws eoneeming thoso 

who resided on the banks of the Macae 

&nd Rhine 
Hire, Irtiritm. laughter ; laaghiug; smile 

r smartly j 

. laiightei 
hi Me; 

— de T«aa, sweetbread of veal 
Rtaban, sat. a flat ground with c 
for the dehnee of a 

\, »f. laughter; a laagbiag-stodc ; gust; squall; flaw 
IttsiUlii^ rf. risibility 
Risible, 3. «. risiUa ; comical ; merry 
Riaqnable, 3. a. hasardons ; dangerous 
Riiqae, eaa. risk ; haaard, peril 
Riaqner, va. to risk ; bastard ; ezpoee 
SisMr, v«. Bia. laah or seise any thing 
Sissas, if. pi. ma. cripas, ropes 
RIasoU, V- sort c< Wii^d pfe 
RlasoM. e, a. uwny ; shrivelled 
Risaolar, va. roast, fry, or bake brown 
Rit, Rite, «a». rite ; ehurch oer«Dony 
Ritoumalle, »f. a flourish ; a volantary «« 

Rltaalista, m. on* skilled in rituals 
Rituel, m. a ritual 
Rirage, mi. a shora ; bank ; beaeh 
Rival, e, a. $. rival ; oompeiitor 
RlvaUt<, ^f. — tr, rivalry ; competition 
Rive, irm~v*] n. bank; shore; water- side 
River, us. to nvet; to olench 
Riverain, cm. one that dwells near a river 

or wood j borderer 

« ROM 

Rivesaltss, «ai. muacaidlna « 
Rivet, »m. a rivst ; a •«•» 
(Uviire, «/. a river 

Rivura, «/. iron peg ; 

Rise, «/. combat; scnfil* 

Ris, rrvc] «M. ries 

Rise, ««. a bsf of IS.OOO dMHta fai Tans. 

Risiire, «/. a field of tiee 

Rob, tm. rab, iaspiaB»t«d Jaie* 

Robe, •/. a gown, rob* ; th« Imw, mac>- 

traey ; skfu ; hull ; kiMk 
Bober, va. to shear a hat 
Ratlin, f n. a Umb of tha l»w 
Robinet, «m. a eo«k ; apoat \ apafot 
Roboraitf, va, a. atrea(th«niB( 
Robnata, 3. a. robust ; luaty ; atnrdy 
Robustament, ad, robustly 
Roc, [roit] «m. a rook ; a aaatia (a( d^ 
Cart. «M. a hind of eheaaa 

. . a grotio-1 .. 

Baoafllaus, sa, «. pobbly, atooy 
Boeambole, wf. sort of garlic 
Roche, [rodb] ^. rack 
Rocher, «ai. a rook 

— qui veilla, ma. rock «lio«ia wal 
Rochet, eat. a fiaa anrpUea 
RAdcr, •». to roam. r«v« ; laaalils 
Rddeur, «m. rovrn 
Rddomont, am. a 

• ef. 


R^toira.'J! a.ja.Togata*^ 

— -piod, em. battarla 

Rogner, [rsf «-«■&] *«. to clip; fan, «• 
Rognanr, sa, «, a oUmtar 
Rognaiu, se, a. scabby ; aswrry 
Regnon, am. kidney 
Rogaoaner, va. to grawl ; to naaOR 
Rogaurs. of. poringa ; ahrada ; elipfiap 
Ror«.a.«."rly; proad; kaafkiy 
Roiaaa. e/. pi. hard ran of alaS 
Roi, [rae-wa] «m. a king ; mMoai^ 

De par le rel, in tka Unw'a mow 
Rolde. 3. a. ad. stiff; aiMp : raaid 
Raidemaat. mi. sti«y ; «rlftly^^ 
Roideur, ^. stiifneaa ; rapiHltr, oHe^ 

obotiaaey ; stubhoraaeaa 
Roidillon, «M. a ItttU kill ar -| -r 
Uoidir, va. to stiffea ; to atratch aat . m 

lohaal tight 
.Se — , vr. to stiffea ; be atlff ; to i^ 

to bear up acaiast 
Rots, «M. pi. (jour daa) Tw«lftti.4ar 
RoiMlet. «m. petty king ; »««« 
Rdie, ... ndl ; llat j pa.t in a aUy ; -jaa 

Uat of a ship'a eampaav s ^11 
RAIer. m. to writ* rolU 
Rdlet. cm. little rail ; Uat. ate. 

v»" *"■ 

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Konuuiiste, «m. « writer of nortla 

Romantiquc, 3. a. ronMatic 

RomariD, «m. roMmarr 

iUMBbaUlet, \rtm-b€Ul-aki am. wu. • forr 

in timber 
Romeaeot, am. — tcot ; Peter-panoe 
Rompement de tAte, «m. great noita 
Kompre, Crm-pr] •.i. to break; to brealt 

up ; disband ; destroy ; refract 
— , •«. to break, beod ; fall ont with 
So — , »r. to break, break off 
Ronca, s/'. brier ; bnunbla 
Roneeroi, nt. a tbomjr plaeo 
Rood, [rom'} m. a roiuM ; orb ; eirclo 
— , e, a. rouud ; circular ; spherical 

Fil rmid, coarse thread 
Rooda^e, •/. round shield or buckler 
Ronde, »/. round ; the ronnda ; patrole 

A la ronde, round abaut 
Rondean, aai. rondo ; pattjr-pan 
Roodelet, la, a. plnmp; rather too fat 
Rondalin, ««. a lust;^ and fat nan 
Randella, t/. a target: ruudla 
"* J - • foondljf ; fraukljr 

sUok fit for foal 



Ml. to ottdftel 
*, am. snoring ; 

Rongar, va, to gnaw ; piok ; nibble ; aat ; 

bits; fret; destror; champ 
Roquar, vm, to oMtle (al cAcm) 
" — aoar-dog; short cloak 

_-,_-ite, «/. rookal (a talad »«r*) 
Ro«iuiUa, <^. a Franck gill ; a auai 
Roaaire, sm. reaary ; great beads 
Roaat, a. of roaea : made up with roses 
RosMf, aat. roast-beef 
Roaa, tf. a roaa 

— -oroiz, ». Roaierocian 

— daa renM, aia. card of a eonpass 
Bauchc de rose, rosy mouth 
IMeottTTir la pot aux roses, to discover 

or rereal an intrigue or secret 
Roseau, C*-**] am. a ravd 
Roa^e, m/. dew ; email agreeaUa rain 
Roaaraia, »/. garden of roaea 
Roaaraaoz. aai. pi. Ruaaiaa fura 
Raaa w a, ^. artificial roaa; red ink « 

ehalk ; moltea copper j aort of diaper 
Roaiar, «ai. a rose-bush, rose-tree 
Roaea, of. a Jade ; a sorry horse ; roach 
Roeaar, vm. w baiag, lick, belabour 
8e — , vr. to fight 
Roaaignol, am. a nightingale; picklock 

— d'Araadia, an aaa, a Jackaaa 
Roaatgnolar, va. to mimic the warbling of 

the aightiiigale 
Rosainaata, aai. a Jade ; a sorry koi 
RoaaoUa, «m. roaaolis, a kind of liqi 
Roaiiala, a. rostrated, beaked 
Rot, Cro] om. eractatiou ; belch 

Rdt, «m. roastsd 

" • «/. 

8 ROU 

Rdti, im. roasted meat 
R6Ue, •/. slice of toaatad bread 
Rotin, om. Indian reed, rattan 
Rdtir, V. to roast, toaat : brail ; parch 
Rddssarie. «/. a cook-shop 
Rdtisiaur, se, «. a pubUe cook 
Rdliaeoir, tm. a Dutch oven 
Rotonde, rf. rotunda 
Rotondi^, •/. rotundity ; roundnaaa 
Rotule, «/. patella, the knee-pan 
Roture, t/. soocage ; oomnoners 
Roturicr. e, a. a. ignoble ; a plebeian 
Roturiirement, ad. meanly ; by soocage 
Rouage, «ai. wheel-work 
Rouan, a. roan 
Rouanne, «/. an inatmmaBt ased to mari 

wine-ressels with 
Rousjuier, »e. to mark casks 
Rouanuette, a/, a timber-mark 
Rouble, «ia. a rouble, a coin of 4a. 9d. 
Rouche, «/. the carcass of a ship 
Roueou, SM. a plant used in dyeing 
Roucouer, oa. to die with roucon 
Roucouler, va. to eoo (a« a davt) 
Roue, Lroo] rf. a wheel ,• peacock's tail 
Rou<, tm. 
Rouelle, f • ( 

Rouer, vo ; i 

jade, tin 
Rouet, [roi lo« 

Rougaaud, , , om- 

Roogeole, s^. the measles 

Rouget, est. a roach, rocket 

Rougeur, [roo-gtur^ af. redneas ; pimple ; 

Rouzir, V. to redden ; to colour ; blush 

Roui, e, a. steeped ; soaked 

— , am. a suucn 

Rouille, ^. ruet, rustinass; mildew 

RouilU, e, a. rusty 

RouiUar, va. to rust ; to make maty 

Se — , vr. to grow maty 

RouiUure, tf. rust ; rustlness 

Rouir, va. to steep, to soak; to taint; cor- 
rupt, putrefy 

Roulade, tf. rolling ; trilling (fa aiaate) 

Koulage,sm. rolling ; transport of goods by 
means of waggena; waggon- Mrarahouae 

Roidaat, a, a. rdling ; easy ; reluble 

Rouleau, aai. a roll ; rolling-pin ; roller 

Roulemeat, mi. tolling ; trOl ; quavering 

Rouler, va. to roll; to roll up 

— , £>». to roll, revolre ; to ramble, roving 

Rottlet, Rouloir. rat. roller 

Roulette, Croo-M] af. small wheel ; caster : 
go-cart ; truckle-bed ; bookbinder's tool 

Roulenr, tm. a ship that rolls much 

Roulier, aai. a waggoner, a carrier 

Roolls, am. ms. roUlng of a ship 

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ReuiBkM. «M. m Mwt of fih 
RoupMtt, irta-f} m. • Mrt of hern 
R«apU, «r- loirtl', 4nm 
— (mMuwla). ft i«p««, !•; M. 
lUmpicux, M. «. «. HlvaUr : uiTdlui 
fUnpUle. jf. MTt of •hart cloak 

" '" , Mf. to dOM ; llcop ttllM 

r, M, •. dotiiic ponoa 
[. M] <■». a bttck-han 

adian: roaajr 
M, C «•] tm. rad-hMrad nwa or boy 
RoMOolot, tm. Um mnlet pear 
RouaMtta, «/. a kiod of aoa-dog 
IlMaoaur, a/, rcdneti ; roddUbnoM 

■ '^ " ; RiuaUUather 


.. M f»ow red or raddiib; 

make rad i to look yallow or browo 
Rouatar, Roatanr, wa. aui. to woold 

ra, a^. ma. wooldioK 
RootalUw, va. M (<Ulow a deer 
IUm«a, Croof] ^f. road ; way ; eouraa of a 
ahfo ; route ; maaaa 

Faire faaiae rouU. ma. to altar the 

Moraa in order to deoelre an enemj 

Rentier, «■•. road book ; book of eharte ; a 

canning experienced iallow 
Routine, «/. roU ; practice 
Roatinei, va. to aceuatom, hahltoate 
Roadniar, am. mere practitioner 
Routolr, tm. plaee for watering bcmp 
Ro«««rin, a. taa. brittle ; friable 
RottTieiuc, a. (cheval) a mangy horee 
RottTTC, am. oak of the hardett kbid 
RottTrir, va. to open a((ain 
Roax, RouMC. iroo, tvoMi a. a. red ; red- 
Royal, e, «. royal ; regal ; iwbla 
Royalemant, mi. royally ; prinoe-IVke 
RoyaUate, «ai. royalUt 
Roywtane. [roe-oeia] •». kingdom, realm 
Royaut<, ff. royalty, kinsship, crown 
Hu, «». the channel of a little ttrcau 
Rnada, ff. kieking, wincing of a hone 
Rabaee, RabaoeUe, am- a clear ruby 
Raban, «ai. ribbon or riband 
Rubanoile, •/. ribbon-Uada 
Rubanier, e, a. ribbon-weaTer 
R«b«it<. e. a. trimmed with ribbona 
Rabaaee, ^. an artificial crystal 
Ruhiean. a. (eharal), riibloan horee 
Rttbieand, e. a. rabienud ; red, ruddy 
RubU. {.ru-6e*1*m. a ruby ; red oimple 
Rubcicnire, aat. compiler of rubrict 
Rttbriqna, •/• mbric -, red oehre ; a tridr 
Rtthriquea, </. pi. rubric, diracaona in the 

Raoha, [rM«0 V- * bw-n'T* 
Rndaaier, e, a. aarlr, nettisk ; grnlr 
Rude, 3. a. roagU; hai3 ; hareh j ecvero 

It, «<. roughly ; vioUnUy 

Rnd«ratien, «/. rideration; the coareaat 

maaoary of a wall 
Rttdaaaa, «/. hanhneaa i eeVenty 
Rudiment, am. rudiment, rudimenta 
Kudoyer. vti. to uee harshly 
Khp, ^. a itrcet, lane ; (««.) rue 

14 SAB 

Ruelle, *f. a narrow tlreat or Inne ; alley : 

bediUe ; meeting at a lady'a 
RueUer, va. to mould the vbae 
Ruer, ». to fling ; to kick, to wince 
S« — aur, to rush or fall Kp«n 
Rufien, *m. whoremaster 
Ruginc, •/. a ' ■ •■ 
Roginer, va. < 
Rugic. vn. to rwBT 
Rugiseant, «, a. roaring 
Rugiaaement, •■«. roaring ; a ronr 
RugMtiC, «/. roaxhness, «nr««iuMea 
Ruine, Cm-en*] m/. ruin ; decajr ; anbwreiaa 
Ruiner, va. to ruin; deatroy; to i 
Se — , vr. to decay ; to (all in r ' 
Ruineux, ae. a. ruinous 
Ruinure, gf. a notch ; a 
Rulsseau, eas. a brook, riTulet, 
Raisaelant, e, a. gushing out 

Rutiseler, ra./<o gush out ; to a 

Kumb, Cramic] am. ma. rhnaib Ua« a 

Rumeur, «/. mmoar, report ; tomolt 
Ruminant, e, a. ruminating 
Rumination, •/. rumination 
Kumlner, va. to ruminate, to dMtr the 

cud ; to mediuta, to mnao 
Runlqae, a. (langue), Rnnie longuaga 
Ruptoire, a. «m. oorroaiTe ; eorroaive aaadi- 

Rupture, if. finetnr* ; rupture 
Rural, e, a. rural ; rustle 
Ruse, CmaO «/. artifiee ; atratngam ; wile 
Ruse, c, a. ounuing; sly ; crafty 
Ruser, vn. to dodge ; to uee arttfiea 
Rustaud. e, a. a. boorish ; a el«wn 
Rustieita, if. rusticity; elowniahnaaa 
Rttstique, 3. a. rural ; downiah 
Rustiqueaent, ad. — cally ; eharllaUy 
Rnstiqner, va. to make ruatie-lIlM 
Rttstrc, 3. a. «. rustleal; churl, elown 
Rot, «at. rut. rutting 
Rye, Cree] «/. the sea-shore 

S«m. 19th letter of the alphabM 
> Sa, fn. /■ his, her. Its, one's 
SabatU d'une ancre, ^. ma. ahoa of a* 

Sabbat, «at. aabbath ; nocturnal maeliag 

of witches ; racket, great nolae 
Sabbatine, tf. a thesb en logie ar moeal 

philosophy ; great noiae 
Sahbatique, f. . (edt] S. a. aabbatical 
Sabjisme, «m. the adoration of fir* 
SaMne, «f. saUne or aarine-trea 
Sable, em. sand ; hour-glaaa ; aaUe 

Sabler, va. to grarcl ; eorer with aaad ; 

aulp, swallow at a draught 
Sableux, se, a. aandy 
Kablier. eai. hour-glass 
Sabliire. «/. a sand-pit, gravel-pit 
Sablon, am. sand, small sand 
Sablomier. va. to scour with sand 
Sablonneux, se, a. sandy, gra««lly 

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S»bIoniittrr, «/. k Muid-plt, grawl-pit 
Smhard, [• *m-1 «n. nc. « port-h«l« 
Sabot, [. fo] ««. woodw sho«; Kon« 
hoof; • child'* - 

whip atop 
M thai whi] 

rhipt • top 
Saboti«r, «m. • nnliar of wooden ihoM 
Sfthoalor, va. to tOM, tumbl*; to UMC 
Sabrs, {sa-ir} »m. Mbrt ; hangar ; cutl*i 

— d'*boi4a«a, mia. ship's cutlaM 
8abrenaf> swt. bungler, cobbler 
Sabrcnaudor, mi. to boieh ; to buocU 
Sabror, wk to tabra, cut with a aabrft 
Sac. C*«*3 ««•• -ek, ba«: pillage 

— -^TiD, tm. a drunkard 
Sarcadc, ^. Jerk, cheek ; reprimand 
Sacca^o. «■•• oom-iaaesuriBg fee ; om 

throw, deatruotion 
Saeca«cia«nt, «m. saelriag, ^ . 
ttaccayar, mi- to eaek ; pluuder 
Saceaccur, «m. pillager 
Saccatier, am. eoal- heaver, collier 
SaechariAre, S. a. ■aeehailferom 

Saeordoee, tm. prietthood 
SaeorHotal, e, a. eaeerdolal, ptieetly 
Saeh«c, «/. a Backfill 
Saehet, C«mMj m. a taichel ; poach 
Saeoehe, tf. acouriar't bag 
Sacraire, «m. a ■maU pagan temple 
Sacramcotaira, tm. saeraiBantarian 
aacramental, e, a. eaeraiaental 
SaecaaB«atalam«nt, ad. ■aneiaeiiiany 
Sacre, cat. coronation, conaecratlou ; tahar, 
a eort of hawk 

, e, a. eacred, holy 

•ar, to blaephi 
1 tm. taaiel-)i 


Saerificatare, •/. prlcetbood 

Sacrifice, tm. a aaerifiec 

Saerifier, pa. to lacriftee ; to deetroy 

So — pour 4aal4|u'iia, «r. M laj down 

one'* life and fortune for a pereon 
Saeril^, 3. «. *m. — gioua; eaeiilege, 

nioGknatlon ; a eacrllefrioua mau 
SMriltgement, ad. aacrilegionetjF 
Sacristain. eai. a aaxion 
Saeriatie, C cHe-ler] •/. a saeriaty, a Teatry 
Saeriatinr, •/. a Taatr/ ann 
Saerum (I'o*), «m. o« lacmm 
Sadae<en, ne, t. Saddueee 
SadueiisaM, tm. Saddueiam 
Salran, [•/ran] i/. taSron ; eroeua 
— do gottvainail, tm. ma. the after-pleee 

of a rodder 
Saftan^, e, a. of a aaffron coloor 
Safraner, va, to make yellow with eafTroB 
Saftanier, e> t. a baakrapt merehaut 
Safraaiire, */. a eaffrea-plet 
Safro, ). a. greedy, laveaooe 
Sagaeilt. tf, sagaeity ; acnteneii 
Saga, tm. a eage, wue aaan 
— . ). a. wiae : OMdeat : sober : 

f. addwifo 

I. aagely ; wisely ; eabeily 

Sageaaa, ^f. wladoin, kaewledn ; pra- 
dence i ntodesiy | honesty ; sobriety 

Sagetu. rf. bo. eagitta aquatiea 

Sagittalre, est. Sagittarius 

Sagou, tm. sago, an Indian drug 

Sagoulu, eai. marmoset ; sloreo 

Sagooinc, tf. slovenly woman 

Sale, «/. coat of mail ; goldsmith's brash ; 
thin serge Cbrush 

Saisier, va. to clean with a goldsmith's 

Saignaat, e, «. bleeding 

8aign<e, tf. bleod-lettiog ; a furrow er 
small trench to let water ont 

Saigner, [tatga-ntj v. to bleed ; to loae 

Saignetir, eai. a bleeder 
Saijrneuz, se, A. bloody, full of blood 
SaiUaat, e. «. Jattiug out ; striking 
Saillie, ^. saify ; mgectare ; rant 
SailUr, vh. to project ; gush out ; leap t 

(aie.) to haul upon a hawser 
Sain, e, a. sane, sound, healthy ; health- 
ful J wholesome ; (bmi.) dear 

doax,*g«. hog's lard or greaae 

Saiuemaot, ad. healthily, sound and wdl ; 

iudiciou^y, rationally 
Sainfoin, em. aainbin, {enugreek 
Saint, e, a. t. holy, pioui ; a eaint 
Sainie-barbe, •/. aia. gun- room 
Saintament, ad. holily ; piously 
Saiawia, •/. hoUne«s ; sanctity 
Salque, ^f. saick, sort of Turkish ship 
Saiai, tm. one who has been distrained 
Saiaie, tf. jm. selsare ; distress ; arrest 
Saislae, «f. seisin ; possession ; (nui.} 

spilling line 
— dee huniers, (aie.) harbour leech lines 
Saiair, vn. u seise, lay hold bf ; grasp ; 

strike ; distrain, arrest ; attack 
Se — da, vr. to seise upon ( arrest 

- - - pinching, nipping; a 

, shook ; qushn ; flurry 

Saison, [eaj-ten} ^, seaaou ; time ; proper 

Sala, tf. a prayer of the Mussulmans 
Salade, tf. salad; head piece 
Saladier, em. a salad-dish or bowl; 

basket to drain salad in 
Salaga, «ai. saltiug ; salt duty 
Salaire, <at. salary ; wages ; reward 
Salaison, C- /4Qf-*on] tf. salting; salt 

Salamalee, tm. IVirkith salotation 
Salamaadre, ^f. — der, kind of lisard 
Salant •. Cmarais), salt-marsh 
Salarier, va. to reward, to pay 
Sale, 3. a. foul, dirty, filthy ; cbstfene 
SaM, «ai. salt pork or meat 
— , e, a.. salt, salted ; brinish, brackish 
S^cnent, ad. fllthUy, naetlly ; slorenly 
Salop, «m. aalep, a medicinal plant 
Saler, [tm-nj va. to salt 
Saleron, sai. npper part of a salt-cellar 
Salet4. ^. filtMmeas, dirt ; obeeenity 
Saleur, «ai. a fish-carer or ealier 
Salieoque, C- • eoktl tf. a prawn, kind of 

SalMre, ^. aalt-cellar ; SKli-box 

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SAN ao6 

SalltoM, ft. eaTldw in tK« fleah of a 

laan MtMn 
Saligftua, •, «. «. sluttish, nasty ; a sloran 
SaUgnoB, »m. a salt loaf 
Saliaot, »m. watar-Dut sr waur-ihiatla 
tialln, a, a. saliaa i brinUhi salt 
SaUiw, •/. saltvaat ; salt fish ; salt pit 
Saliqua. C- Ut] 3. a.doi.) the salic law 
Salir, va. to dlrtjr ; foul ; stain ; sulljr 
SaliMon, ^. a yonng slat ; sluttish girl ' 
Saliaaurs, a/, din ; mth ; spot of dirt 
SaliTaira, 3. a. aaUral. salhraiy 
Saliratioa, •/. salivatio* ; fluxing 
SaliTv, «/. splttls : saliva ; flitziu^ 
SaliTor, v«. to saliTate ; to spit much 
Sail*, •/. haU; parloar; ward; room 
Salmi. «ai. a hash 

; ogllo 

Sanglotar, m. to aob. to alch. to «Maa 
Sangana. ^. lMch( bloodauekn- 
•Sanguification, «/. a»««ttilleMsa« 
Saagwin, a, a. aangutiia, rml 
Sangninaira, 3. a. sancvlnanr : crval 
Sanguine. C«<m-^wm3 *r. aed-lcwl ; Uaol- 

Sansuinoleai, a, a. mU, Uoodv 
SaahMrin, am. — drint, Jewiah ti 
Saaiida. rf. ' 
Sanie, ^f. a 
Sacicaz, s« 

Sannes, •«. Xwotjat . , 

Sana. Lsaa] pr. withovt i out oT ; faaMda 

Salon, »m. great hall ; parlour . 

Salopa, 3. «. ». slorsuljr ; a sloven; slat 
SalopoHMnt. md. slovenljr ; aluttishl/ 
Saloporie, «/. sloTcnliness { nastinaas 
Saloqie, «ai. heap of salt 

saltpatra-hottse ; brida-. 


Salp«tri«rc, rf. 

well at Paris 

Salaiis, ssi. goat's beard, salaify 
tialsttginaux, sc, a. aalsaginous ; saltish 

. '. nltttation ; raverence 
Salnbre, 3. a. salubrious ; healthful 
SalubriU, ^f. salubrity ; wholesomenasa 
Saloer, mi. to salute; bow ; driuk to one 
Salure, if. aaltntss ; brackishness 
Salut, [««•/«] sas. salutation, greeting; 

aafetv, salTation ; salute 
Salutalrr, 'i. «. salutarir ; wholesome 
Salutairament, ad. nsefnlly 
Salutadon. •/. — tion ; bow ; enrtsey 
Salvage, «ai. salvage money 
Salvations, «/. pt. pleadings (fai lam) 
Salve, if. a salvo, volley, diseharfa, 

ovsl sauetr ar salver 
' asi. Saturday 

SanctiSant, e, m. sanctifying 
SanetiSeateur, na. saacuflar 

Saaetiflar, «a. to sanctify ; to hallow 
Saaetloa, •/. sanction 
Sanctloaaer, va. to sanelian, ratify 
Sanctuairo, »m. sanetuarr ; *^ 
Sandal, na. sandal-wooa 
Sandale, «r. a saudal 

Sandaimqua, ^f. sandarac ; rtd arsenic 
Sang, C««N] am. blood ; raae, extractian 

da-dragon, aai. bo, dragaai's blood 

froid, aai. coolness j presence of mind 

Avoir da eangaux eagles, to have spirit 
Sangiae, §m. a Turtiiah governor 
Sanglaat, a, a. Moody ; cruel ; gricvooa 
Sangle, ^. a girth, thong 
Sangler, «a. to girth ; whip; laah 
SaagUer, aei. a wild boar 
Sangloi, »m. sob; sighing; groan 

Ma«t« sort «r maatey 
. . waod nacd ia dyeaaf 
Sape, »f. a n d e r mia i n g a waU 
Saper, vs. to sap ; uadanaiaa ; aahian 
Sapeur, *m. an underasiaar, aappcr 
Saphiqnc, 3. a. aapphie 
Saphir. e./a,)_im. aapphlr* 
Saptmoe, ^. sapience, window 
Sapta, am. a fir-tr««{ fit, daal 
Sapine. [. )»*««] ^. mrek. a fir jaist 
Sapiniiri, ^f. formt of ftr-«a«aa 
Saponace, e, a. s apo i iaasoaa 
Saponaire, «/. soap-won 
SaporMqua, 3. a. aaporiSe 
Saqualnite, tf. a saakbtit 
Sarabandc, Sf. a saraband 
Satr ' - 

Sarcelle, (/. a teal 

Sarelcr, va. to weed ; to pnll ap waadb 

Sarclanr, ae, ». a w — '— 

Sarcloir, na. a hoe , 

Sarclure, if. araadiiiga 
Sareolagie. af. mU. saiccJogj 
Sarcoma, am. aarconM, tanaMi 
Sarconhage, <m. aarsophagua 
Aamotique, S. a. aa4. aa««a«i« 
Sards, ^. eoinaliaa, aardaL 
Sardine, *f. pilchard, wfmmn 
Sardoiae, ^. the sardaayx 

Swrdonhino, a. (lia), a 

spiteful laaghlar 
■ It, [. saaa] aaa. 

Sanaain, «m. baelr-wlMat 

Sairaaiaa, •/. fortewUia ; (4a.i bean aai 

Karraa. «a. a waggonar'a fntek 

Sarrictte, tf. the herb Mvary 

Sait, [aarjna. s e a waaj 

Sartia, m. pi. mm. ahraada of a mOWy 

Saa, C«a] «a. a aiava ^^^ 

Saaaafraa, am. saaaaftas 

Sassct. «si. little siavs 
Saasoina, *f. spUatsi>bar of 
Satan, csi. Satan, the davU 

3. a. aaianiak satani«ial 

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latdlita/m. — lita; Attendtnt ; pwrd 

mtUii, ^f. Mdcljr, lurfeit 

(•till. Ml. Mdn 

iatjaada, «/. Mtinet vr ntUi«d« 

••Hnair*. in. (Atin-wcarer 

«tin<, «, a. ntiii-Uka; toft m vilrat ; 

<*tlaer, va. to nalia Mtin-like, adcra with 

Mtin ; to hot-pres« (pofwr) 
Iktire, tf. Mtirt; lampoon; libal 
•atiriqua, 3. «. «. Mtlric ; Mtiriat 
(atiriqucment, ad. aatlrieallj 
••tiriaar, va. to lampoon ; critieiaa 
«ti»rBciion, (/. aatitfsetioii ; amaiida 
•atiifactoira, t. a. aatiafactory 
tatiafaira, v. to aatlafjr ; plaaaa ; diaehiarge ; 

gratify; exceota, perform 
•e — , vr. to aatitfjr or conUnt ona'a aelf 
iatisfalaant, a, a. —factory ; pleaaing 
tatiafail, a, a. aatis6cd ; eoiitentad 
iatrapa, am. aatrap, Periian goremor 
latrapie, »f. aatrapy 
(attrau, am. coral-6shint boat 
iataratioa, if. aaturation 
•atarer, m. to '" 

<Mjx%, tm. a aatyr 

jatyrion, »m. bo, a«t7riaiB, rag-wort 

tauco, CMC*] a/. lauee 

■aaeer, va. to dip in aaoce ; reprora 

laueiirc, ^. aaaoar, aauoa-boat 

taueiatf , of. aaoaaKa 

laueiaaon, am. thick and thort aanaagai 

(mU.'i a trough flilad with powdar 
lauf, Oo/t^pr. aato, aaTing, azccpl, b«t: 

-, re, a, tafa 
- conduit, *m, aafo eondaet; paaa; lattor 

of licaaca ' 

auge, a/. Bo. tag* 
laugren<«, *f. a aaaaoning with aalli 

papper, ana aBia]! herb* 
taui^rena, a, a. aboard, Iboliab, ridieolooa ; 

inula, C«o'<] *"•• willow or aallow-trao 
aumitra, 3. a. brlnjr, bracklah 
lanmon, l*o-»on) am. aalaaoa ; pig of 

load ; (iM.) kantladga 
aumont, a, a. (truita), aalmoo-trout 
aumoiineau, am. a Utile salmon 
aumura, $/. brine ; pickle 

1. a«lt-eelling; aalt-trade 
lage, am. smuggling of aalt 
auner, on. to make aalt 
aaneric, */. aallam, salt-hoaao 

Fauz-aauniar, am. smuggler of aalt 
aiiiiiirc, »/. a salt-box 
nupiquat, *m. high-ralithed taoea 
■upoudrer, va. to powder, to eom ; to 
■priiikia with powderad aalt, at*. 
aur, CeeiYl a. Iharang), a red herring 
Hure, 3. a, yellowish ijrown : sonal 
tnrer, va. to dry la the amoka 
auntaia, tf. a willow-plot 
■ut, [««] im. leap, ramhla ; walarCall 
aiit« da rent, »/. ma. a sudden Tearing or 
ihifting of the wind 

auUr, [ao-rX] V. to leap ; Jamp ; tamble ; 
omit or skip ; tu shift er rear 

Saater k I'abordage, out. to Jump aboard 

an enemy's ship 
Santoreau, am. Jade of a hsrpaiehord 
Sauterelle, a/, arasshopper ; locust 
Sautaur, sa, a. leaper, tumbler, Taalier 
Sautillemant, am. skipping, frisking, tiip- 

ping along 
Sautiller. va. to aUp; trip along 
Sautoir, am. U. St. Andrew'a croaa 
SauTaga, [M-vAfO «a. salvua ; a saTHgo. 
— , 3. a. aaTage, wild: uncirilised 
Saavageoa. (m. wild ahrub or trao 
Saavngia, a, «. x. fishy ; rammish taste 
SauTegarde, a/, safeguard ; protection 
Sauremenl, am, ntm. salvage 
SauTer, va. to sara ; praeerre t cxeaae 
Se — , vr. to escape ; indemnify one's self 
SauTe-rabans, im. pi. ■■«. pudideaingB or 

puddinp of tha yards 
SauTotaga, tm. au. aaving or rceoraring 

any goods wreekod on tha ooaat 
Sauvet*, (/. aafety 
SattTonr, am. SaVknir; radeansr 
Sarammant, md. learnedly 
Saeanne, ^. a saranaa ; forest «f 6r« 
Saaant, e, a. t. learned i skilful 
SaTantasse, am. a pedantic scholar 
SaTantiseimo, a. Tory learned 
Sarato, tf. old shoe or slipper 
Saratarie, a/, old ahoo-trade 
Savcter, va. to eobbla, bangle, botch 
SsTatier, tm. cobbler, bungler, botcher 
SaTour, rf. savour, reliah ; taate 
SaTolr, taa-vea-Msr] p. to know ; to be 
-, am. knowledge i learning 

Calre, tm. tktil ; industry, wit 

▼hrre, am. maanara, bebiiviour 

SaToa, [aa-eiini] am. aoap 
SaTonnaga, am. waahing with snap 
Savonner, va. to waah with aoap ; to re- 
prora ; to lecture ; to hoal, bamg 
Savoniieria, a/, a soap-hoase 
Saronnette, if. a wash-ball 

Sasatila, a. t 
iiaxifrage. Cm 
Sayoa, am. a 
Sbira, om. a 
Scabelloa, om 
ScaMeuac. »/. 

Scander, va. f r. to si 

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SesniBoache, «m. MarmiBoaeli. b^ffnon 

Scarifieatiou, ^f. — tioo ; ■earifjriag 
Scarifier, v«. t« acsrifjr, to laiiea 
SMrUtiuc. «. (fi^Tra), mrlat Cerar 
Seaaon, fat. a Mnd of Latin ««rs« 
Seaan, [m] •■ Seel, m. a aeal 
Sc<Urat. a. a. a. fiairttioua ; a Tillain 
SMMrataaaa, »/. villanr, wickcdaeaa 
SealU, ra. j*. the a«al of a Jndga 
Seellameat, «a». oret. laaling, enuaping 

Seallar, tw. to aaal ; " 

Secllaur, «a. a a«al( 
ScAoa, CaoAM] ^. a (Uni acaaa 
Sc<niqiM, 3. «. tkaatrieal, aacuical 
S«Biiiie, «. ana who Urea under a tent 
SeioMnphla, tf. att of paispeetira ■ 
Seeptielama, «ai. aeeptiAaaa Cacaptia 

Seepiiqae, [aqMMJt] 3. «. «. aeeptiMl ; r 
Sceptre, [acp-fr] «si. a aaaptre 
SchiUing, eat. a lUlUai 
Sehiamatique, CdUf-a«*-(*tf 13. «. : ~cal 

Schiiae, [efc»HM] •■«. aehiaaa 
Sehiata, eia. a aort of atone 
Sciaite, aai. eawing 
8ciat<riqae, 3. 
Sciatiqne, •/. l. 
— , 3. a. acialio, a< 
Scie, [««rl «/. a eaw 
— i main, a haad-aaw 
Seteanient, ai. koAwinaW ; wittinglr 
Seianee. (/. aclenoa ; knowlcdga: akiu 
Seientifiqua, 3. a. teieutific ; learned 
ScientifiquameDt, mi. aeicotlfloallf 
Seiar, ea. to aaw ; cut down ; to reap 
— , t*a. MM. held water with the oaia 
Selenr, »m. a aawrer 
Seille. */. equilla, aeaHwden 
Scintillation, «/. — tlo* : aparkllnc 
Seindllar, C'c<»-«/-»] ««• to apaiUe, 

Scion, •■. twia; ehooti aeiea 
SeUille. 3. «. eapahle of batog daft 
Sciaaion. •/. aeiaalon : eatting ; dirialan 
Seiaaare. a/. acUmarc ; eraek ; rent 
Sdarc, «/. aawlng ; aaw-duat 
Seolaatiqua. «/. tehool-dlrlne 
— , 3. a. em. aoholaatle, a aeheol dlWne 
Seolaatiquemeat, aif . aokolaallcaUjr 
SeeliaaM, eat. aehoUaat 
Scolie, tf. aehoUim ; eannnentary, not* 
Seolopendre, •/. — dra; hart'a laagne 
Seerbat, (aeer-Aa] «ai. aeurvjr 
Seorbtttiqae. 3. a. «. eowbuOc ; one who 

haa the aevrry 
Scordiam, «ai. water-gannaader 
Scoria, tf. dreea; aeena, alag 

Senfalalra, «/. «e. bUitd-Mttla 
SerefUet. «/. pf . mt. aerafBla 
Sorofalenx. ae, «. eerafoloua 
Scratnni, eai. acrotnaa 
Sorupule, «a». acmpU ; doabc 
Scrapnleuaeinent, wf. acrapuL 
Serupoleux, a«, «. eerupulaoa 

Soarifioatolxe, mm. a Toaael eerriag to i«- 

diice to eeoria 
SoeiiAer, «•. to reduce to acor ia 
Saarplo)olle. i/. ril of aaerpiou 
■- — ■ - •-«i:(o«r.)' 

i«N, af. 

ie« a/, a dieeeae af the oyea 
Scribe, eat. acribe ; eopier; tranaeriber 
S eifaHo ur, aaa. the writer ef the Popt'a 
bSlaiaeopier ^^ 

Seruter, ra. to aerutiniae ; axnaaiaa 
ScTutin, aat. election bj bullot 
Seulpter, va. to carve ; to ea^cuTe 
Sculpteur, *m. carver ; aculptor 
Seulptoza,*^. aculptniu; atntuarjri car 

Senrrila, 3. a. aeurrUona; mbwiec; I 
Scurrilement, md. acanilooalv 
SeurriliU, ^f. — Uty; aeur-- - '— 
Scjtale, rf. cypher for ac«i 
Se, pre. ooc'a aelf, him ei 

Stance, «f . eeeaion ; aitti^ig ; place ; erat 
S^aut, e, a. becoming, decAitt ; aining 

Ktre Bur eon etant, to ait 
Sean, Lao] (m. a pail, bookat 
Sebeatc, (at. a fruit of Egypt 
S4bUe, U. a woodan btMrT 
Sec, tM'l aai- drrneaa; thai which a 

— , a«ehe, n. dry ; barxca; rough ; acwn 

A aec, ud. dried up 

Mettre i aec, ma. to apoaai 

Un vaiaaaau i aec, a akip that aBi — 
S^eaUe, 3 «. diviaibla 
Sieance, tf. eeqncace ; aaiiaa 
S<eante, if. accaat 
Si«h«, [tai-<*«] a^. the «uttU-fiah 
Sfchamcnt, ad. dry : coldly ; roa^ly 
84eher, v. to dry, wither ; to tccaw diry 
'. dryaana, drought ; hanw 

fcehaet <^> fH' aanda ar r 

the aea 

Sfchoir, m. hocae for dryiaat lia«a 
Second, e, a. t. aacoud; auxUiary 

— d'nn vaiaaaau aBaTehaDd, aaa. aaa 

— otattre d'<qnlpa|ie, ata. bQa.tawaaa' 
Secondalra, 3. a. aaeondary 
Sacondc, ^. aaeond 
Secoadanani, ad. aeeoiidly 

Seconder, va. to a aea wd ; u a^iat 




- jaSt. 

Jog; hang 
Se — , er. to ahaka oaa'a aelf 
SeeoAneiit, aai. ahaklnK ; joItiaM 
Seoourable, S. a. helpful ; read? ta Wp 
Secourir, «e. to encoour ( ta halp 
Seooura, [a«-eear] M». aaaaoac h^a. aa- 
... . ^J^^ 

aacre t; hidd en; Mi*wa 
Seeritalrerie, tf. aaeretary'e 

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by ttM piiMl 


MCT^Umnt, Ml. Mcntlj ; in priTkU 
iicritioa, ^f. (Mratioa 
S^crJUtiN, 3. •. MWCtarjr 
iectairc, am. ■ MCtory ; dUdpU 
iectataur, am. foUowar; ditcipU 
iccta, */. « aect ; • cUn 
ieeteur, «ai. a Motor 
icctiU, 3. a. diTialblc 
iectlou, *f. MCtion; dlrition 
iiculAir*. 3. a. «. Mcular 
S^cuUriulioii, «/. Mcularliation 
!»<ealariMr, va. to MeuUria* 
Maularit^. •/. —tf ; ttata of a Ivfman 
S<culi«r, 0, a. «. teeular ; a Uxaoan 
iaeuIiircBMat, ad. Mcularly ; worldly 
Mcurite, ^f. — rity ; uaeonoeniadnMa 
MdaUf. ▼•, «• — liT«, mnodyMi ealning 
SMentalra. 3. a. Mdontary 
Sediment. [. . «a«l «>»• •tdloinit ; dNgi 
SeditioutOMim tut. Mditiuttdy 
iiditieiix, M, a. «. leditioua: a robal 
SMiaon, ^f. Mdltlont tunalt ; uproar 
MducMur, trie*, «. $. Mdudag, eorrupt- 

ina ; a Mda«er, bacullcr 
MduetloD, ^f. MdiMtion ; eormpting 
SMttir«> va- to tedaca : mlalaad } corrupt 
Stdubant. a, a. aadaotng ; aBga«i>ig 
Sagmaat, am. aeciMtit 
M,r4||»tioD. ^f. — Uoo. aatttag i^art 
S«cr«cer, va. to lagragaU 
Saigle. t«a<-f(3 »■•• '/• 
— blanci ainelaonk 
SriffMUT.MM- lord; master; aaignior 
SaigiMurUge. am. aaljpioiaga 
Scignauriaf, a, a. at or belonging to tba 

lord of tb* manor 
Saigoauria. •/. lordaWp J manor 
Sein, «m. brcaat; boaom j womb ; middla. 

ima.) gulf, amall bay 
Saina, ^.iAaii^ dahing-nat 
Sclng, aat- ■{gnatare, aip-mani 
S«i>aina. a/, thick paekthraad 
SeiM, a. fat. aiztaan ; a aistaanth 
Saiiiima, 3. a. a. aixteentb 


. lellov-eraatarc ; fallow 
— , 3. a. lika ; alik* ; aqual 
Samblablamant, ad. libawlaa ; too ; alao 
SamUanca, «/. likanata ; appaaraiiea 
Samblant, tm. pratrnea; show, m 
Sarablar, m. to aeam ; look 

— d'affAt. bottom of a gun-earriaga 

va. to aow ; spread 
c, aik. sis mooths; half a yaar 
3. a that lasts six montka 

«M. a aowcr 

Sami. half 

— -praura, rf, soml-pi 

— -ton, sat. aamitouo 
Mmillaat, a, a. brwk ; 

frisky: fl« 

, a, a. 

MminarlsU, am. a aamlnarist 
Samis, Cm-smw] aai, a saad-bad 
Ssmoir, am. a aaad-bag ; drill j^longh 
Samonet, qf. summons ; warniog 
Samoitceur, aai, snmmonar 

Samonnaur, tm. snmmonar 
Semoula, «/. aort of varmlcslli 
Sampitcrnsl, la, a. ararlasting 
— (Tieilla), an old wluh i old trot 
Mnat, am. sani 

S^foanter, va. to aojoum ; abldo 

Sa'l, Caaf] lat. salt ; wii, humour ; spirit 

— attiqua. attic wit, attia humour 

S£l<nograpbie. ^. salanograpby 

Sella, ?/. aaddU ; pillion ; stool 

SaUar, va. to saddla 

Se — . vr. Of. to grow hard aad dry 

Sellarie. a/T doaat for bona-hanioos ; a 

aaddlar's trada or Knslnesa 
Salletta, af. a small stool ; stool on which 
ulprit i' 

Senatorial, a, a. sanatorial 
Steatorian, n«, a. — rian ; patrician 
8<aatrica, «/. aanalor's wib 
S<natus-oonsulte, aai. sanatus-consoltom, 

a decree of the saaata 
Sanan, «M. a snow, boat with two masts 
!Un*, am. sauna 
JMntchal. an. sanaacbal 
Motehala, a/, sanasehal'e lady 
ii<ii«ehattss4, •/. a senasehal's jnrladictioB 

Sfnallas, rf. p. hki 
S<nastre (main), U. 

hkwthom-barrias ; hipa 

left h 

Sinmri, »m. sinapls, musUrd-saed 
Mniaur, am. •anior, elder ; ancient 
Sena, [sona] am. sense; aiidemtandlug; 
opinion; construction; aide; way 

deasus-dcssous, ad. topsy-turry 

-davant derritre, ad. wrong way 

-' \oa 

1. e^—mw ; istlonal ; wise 

i, ad. senaibly ; Judiciously 

SansiMliU, ^. senaibUity; f««U>>K 

Sensible, aat. foible ; inefinaUon 

— , 'i. a. sensible; tender, feeling, easily 

affected ; pereopt'" ' - 

ScnaiUaoient, ad. t 

U, e. a. 

,.... slta during trial 

Selller, «a». a saddler 

Selon,C(il-/eNg] pr. according to ; suluUe to 

— que, e. aeeording as ; aa 

Semailfe, ^. aowing time or season, seed 

time ; com sown ; sowing 
Semaine, »/. week; week's work; wesk s 

duty ; weeVs eaminp 
SemabiieT, am. the perao 

or manages for the week , ..- ^ - 

Scmsle, Semaque, */. ma. imaek ' SeniendenMineBt, ad. senlantiously 

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sensibly ; feelingly 

Sensltire, ^. seasiliTC plant 
Seneorinm, est. sensorium 
8ansuallt<. a/, sensuality ; lewdness 
Sensuel. le, a. a. sensual; "- 

• peraon who ofteiatcs SenUuee, qf. sentence ; 


Rctrndra, m. to ■timeh ■ 

< rtUiB) Undw; ts ffM 

b«rawli, bit* ; to tupptMO ; 
7 (to aritkmtic) 

S« — , rr. to (orbemr j Tsfrain ; 
Kotentar, VH. to tr/ or •CtMBpt atuii 
lUwntif, TO, a. reiciitit« 
lUtanUon, a/. rotentiOD ; r«itr««tiaii 
RAtraaoiiiialro, «. detalaor 
Ruteutir, vn. to resound ; ilnf, fe-tcHo 
KotenuHutt, a, a. rMoundkiig ~*^'' — 
Rewntiitomant, «m. aound ; n. 
Raiantum, tm. clMiaai proTiso 
Katanu, a. a. reaerred ; diiaraet 
RoMnua, «/. Noarredaaaa ; dlaeratio* 
iUtieenea, «(. ntlcanea; coDeemlmant 
K«ticul«iH, 3. ». ntioular 
lUtiettU, ^. Mf. tatlenlo Cb«ni 

lUtif. Ta, Crw<A rMivaJ a. iMtiT*; atab- 
Riuforma, a. rotifom ; ratietilkr 
Mcinr, C- <wnJ «/• r«ti"» of *>>• •/• 
fUtipore, «/. aort of aioo/ plant 
Rolirmda, ^. intraochment 
Rcrii^, a, a. ratirad ; aolinry ; priMta 
Katiramant, «a(. cM. eoatnetum 
8«tirer, ra. to draw kgkln ; dr»«r out: 

harltour; rrdaoaii ahoot acaio 
Sa Katirar, vr. to ratira ; witkdnn* ; r»- 

tra«t ; to go home ; (o out ; to aKriak i 

to lanvia 
Rotoiaar, vu. to maMora orar anln 
Rrtomber, C u>»-4»] ••. to fall «(•>« 
Rntoudra, tw. to ahaar agwo 
Bctordantant, jrat. twiatlng agatn 
Katordaur, 0m. ailk-twlatar 
Urtonlolr, ««. « tnriatlng macMna 
Ratordre, «a. to twlit or wring again 
RAtorquar, t>« t« Mtn** 

Rctora, a, a . .. 

Rtftoraton, «/. ratortlon 

Rotoraoir, aat. cord-whaal 

Ratorta, 4^. ratort, a ahamkal vaaacl 

Rctaucbar, •••. to touch or roriaa agidn 
~ " ! t«|altal; H- 

Retenr, (. (O01Q «a>. ratuni ; 

— da Goarant, mm. addf af a airaaa 

— da m*r4e, wta. tarn of tha tida 
Ktra da tatour, to ba c«bm back 
Sur )• ratour, dceliiiing ; daon/iag 

Rctonrna, rf. truaip («t oarA) 
Ratonmar. o. to ranmi, turn baak ; tnni 
8a — . vr, to tnm, to faca aboot 
S'an — , vr. to ratnm, to go back 
RoiraMT, »a. to ratr«e*i ralato 
Mtraotation, ^. — tian ; raontatlon 
RItraetar, va. to ratisat ; raeant 
Sa — » vr. to loeaat, unaav ; oonmdtat 
Ratraetion, ^f. mU. ratraetion 
Rotraira, m. to radaam an aatata 
Rotrait, aai. radanptUm ; a privjr 
— , a, a. laan ; (M.) ratraand 

'ta, tf. Ntraat; tattoo; ratirameBtj 

iiaanaaa; rafnga 

la da ratralta, bm. atava^porta 
lomant, aai. ratranehaant { in- 

tmehmanti rafuga; a bjr-raom 
Ratianehor, v«. ta ratronali '.ent oV ; lassen ; 

intraneh ; forbid ; auppraas 

itrMaaeaaant. a». «MtrauMUc 
Btrantpar, [. (ran-^) va. to dip or aaafc 
again ; to tanpor matal again 
atraaaar, M. to waava or twlat aaaia 
Atiibntion, ^f. — tion ; laqnital ; tm 
IWtroactif. va. a. -.ti<ra: driTiag teak 
I, af. X- '— 

lUtrooaasioa, ^. nuking over again 
R^trogradation, tf. ratrogradation 
Ritrograda, 3. a. tatrogtada 

"' ^— ~i, to rattagrada 

•ai. tiiraiin or toaUag B| 

va. ta tnalc or code «p 
«a. tha coek af a haa 
ao. to 6iid agaim; twriaaa 

Kata, [r«] aai. a not 

Kttudiar, wa. to atudjr mr laan ac^a 

ttfta««r, va. to hatha • " 

rf, ra-nnian; 1 

n«iinir, va. to anf' ~ ~ 

;ia — , ar. I 

aferlika: H ha 

Ravancha, ^f. raranga ; rataliatinai 
En — , aii. to waka aaianda 
Rcranehar, tw. to taka oaa'a part 
So — , vr. to rataliata { ba a '"* 

i avanaar 
nah; ba (a 

Rdva. [rova] am. a droam 

KcHaka, 3. a. hacah ; aow ; Crowaad 

— , tf. a kind af baiaa talam 

RArail, (rtt-vate] m. tha net of nwikiag . 

— . a, a. Ukaly. taking. pl< 

ta Oiaa n aa i , 


Revondcur, aa, a. hnckatar ; rataiW 
RaTandieatian, 4^. claim t clniaaiaic 
Kcrandiquar,, la olaitn 

va. to caa»a or grow aicain ; 
anoaar ; plaaaa ; Corgiaa ^ n«o 

Raranta, ^f. a aaoond aale 

Rarantar, i>a. aw. to fiU a aail ayaia 

Ravanua. ^. yoang wood 
R**nr, «. to draaani rava : ta ba drUriam . 
think of; ataaa; napa 

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fUvnUrmtioii, rf. raTartMratioB I lUroolotr, «a. t« dMire or will af 

R<T«rMr«, «m. rcrerbcrstoiy ; ■ rtvcrb*- I RcToymgvr, vn. to trmral agalo 
nxarj pUto behind a lamp; • strctt { R*ti>c, tf. review; diUgeDi eeeNh 
• lUTttlaif, v», a. tU. reTttUI 

R«Terdlr, v». to beeome green again | td 

appear ; break out a^ain 
— , va to paint green agaia [again 

lUrerdiMement, am. the growing green 
K<T<remmcnt, [. . ro-auai] ad. revwteatljr 
Rtfrirenee, «/. revereuee ; bow ; earteej 
KJTJrenciautement ad. revertBtianT 
iUv^reneieiui. ee, «. roTorwitial; full 

R<T<rend, e, a. reTOrend 
R^r^Teudiaeime, fai. right Torereail 
ReTJrer, va. to revera ; to rerereneo 
R^Terie, «f. rcTerie ; nusing ; dotage ; idk 

tvatf, raving, dalirluBt 
RcTcmir, va. to Tamiih over again 
Reverquier, «m. kind of badigaiBmeti 
Revere, [. oerr] m. bank of anf thing, re- 
verie of a eou ; bacit etroba ; mieCntane 
— d'areaaae, ma. the hollow of the atera 

— dn eeltit. aia. the hollow of the knnoUe 
Revereal, e, a. having roCneoce to another 

" '1. to pour again 

3. a. revenitble. 

Revcreie, en. a game at earda 

Keveeiiaire, t». reveotiarf 

Kevitemeat, m. atif. lining of a dileh, 

baition, etr. 
Revttir, va. to clothe ; inveat ; line 
-A to pot oi 

Hevitti, e, a. inveetad i endowed ; lined ; 

adoraed ; elothed 
RAvevr, ee, a. «. thoaghtAil ; penelvo per- 

•on ; a dreamer 
RavirciBeBt, «ai. at*. taeUng about 
Kerirer, we. aM. to taek ahect 
K^viier, va. to rcvtee ; review 
fOvlMur, «M. a revieer 
K^vieion, (/. review ; revteal 
Kevietter, tfe. to vittt, to vieit again 
Kavivifleatioo, ^. revivifleatlen 
KevlviAer, va. to revive ; bring to life 
Revivre, vn. to cone to Ufa again 

Faire revivre, to revive, reatort 
R^roeahle, 3. a. revocable; revenibia 
Revocation, ef. levecation j repeal 
R^voeatoire, 3. «. that rev«bee C>«Tiie 
Rcvoir, (. va^-vaf^ »«. to eee again ; to 
Revolia, tm. turn, equal! of wind 

Rivoltaat, e, "^ -'j ^ 

R^relte, tf. Y 

R.;to1i4, Mi. Nbel 

R<voti«r, «a. ta laiee a rebellien ; to tn- 

ttlgaie agaiaet ; to ehoA 
S» — , t»r. to revolt; to rebel ; motinT 
K<ivolM, c, a. revolved ; accompUehed 
Ravolniloa, if. revolatim) ; vidaeitada 
iUvolutlaonaIre, 3. a, revolutionary 

-, revnlaive 

RiTulaion, tf. nvuliion [gi 

Ret-de-ehaiua<e. [rS-(ftt-«*o«Jil « . 
Rea-pied, Rea-terre, tm. even or level 

with the ground 
RhaMUage, m. patching, mending 
RhaMller, vm. to cloche anew ; to dnaa 

again ; patch up ; mend 
Rhttaur, lih4toriieieu, «ai. a rhetMician, 

teacher of rlielorie ; an orator 
Rhttorlque. [rtt-(»-r«*»l ^f. rhetoric 

, — mel, honey of roeee 

Khomba, [nm-»a] «ai. a balm of Mada- 

Rhombe, irgm-ht'i am. rhomb or rhumb 
RhomboTdc, [reai-Mcff] *m. rhomboid 
Rhubariie, V- rhubarb 

Rhnme, [r*vU\ « 
— de cerveau. ooM in the head 
Rhjrthme. In-tmg] tm. rhythm ; 
Rhythmtque, 3. a. — -eal, harmoai 
**'-«, e, a. amllinv ; cheerful ; pleaeant 

^ud. e, a. «. l«wd ; a fornicator 

Ribauderie, af. lewdnei* ; dtbanehery 

Rihlette, «/. a broUed steak 

Rlbleur, am. a night rambler 

Ribot. [rw-to] eai. ehum-etaif 

Rie A ric, ad. exactly ; tttictly; neither 

. VN. to titter ! to inaer 
Rieaaeur, ae, §. a giggler, laeerer 
Richard, tm. a moiieyed man 
Riche, 3. a. a. rich ; wealthy ; valuable 
Rlchement, ad. richly ; eplendtdly 
Rieheaer, af. wealth ; riehueee ; fertility 
Richeeeee, •/. ft. riches { opulence 
Riein, am. palma ehristl 
Ricochet, em. dueka and drmket (a oMM'e 

play) ; tort of bird 
Ricoehon, «ai. apprvniice to a mlnter 
Ride, [rmf] af. wrinkle; (ma.) laniard 
Rideau. Crr-Oe] tm. a curtain 
Rid«ee, ^f. pt. eta. dung of a stag 
RideUe, $/. rack or rails of a cart 
Rider, ve. to wrinkle; shrivel; frowa : 
et up. tighten 

1— , ifT. f - 

shrivel; t 

Kevolutiewiier, va. to revolutioaiee 
Rflvomlr, «M. to vomit again 
IU«|auer, vm. to repeal ; 

. 3. a. e. ridiculous ; laughabU 
Ridieulemcnt, ad. ridiculously 
RidlculiMr, va. to ridicule ; laugh at 
Rien, «M. ad. nothing : any thing ; trifle 
Rieur, se, t. a lauaher ; Jeerer ; mocker 
Riflaid. IHf-Ur] mm. a Ivge plane 
Rifler, eai greedily; wfiU 
Rifloir, m. a crooked flb 
Rigide, 3. a. rigid, stilT; stem, analare 
Rigidemeni, ad. rigidly: inflexibly 
RigidlU, a^. rigidity i bflexiUUty 
Kigodmi. ;». iTrtg^Ma 
Rigola, •/. trench ; guttor; furrow 
RIgoUr, va. open tranchaa In a garden 

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S« lUcoler. «r ., L. _ 


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RoroaniMr, vm. 
KoiDkuittt, •••. a writer of novcU 
RomaiiUqai, 3. a. romanUc 
Kommrio, »m. roMmarr 
KunbailUt, [rim-Aai/-/2t] «M. bm. ft funr 

to timber 
llomaacot, tm. — «col ; P«t«r-f«DM 
Kompemant da tAte, «m. grau noUe 
Konipra, Crwi-pr] «.i. to break; to brealt 

up i diaband ; destroy ; refract 
— , ra. to break, bend ; fall oat with 
So — . rr. to break, break off 
Kouce, Mt'. brier ; bnunUe 
Koiicrroi, tm. a tbomj place 
Kond, [roM] Ml. a roand; orb; eirele 
— , e, a. round ; circular : •pkerieal 

K>1 foud. coarae thread 
Rondaehe, «/. round shield »r buckler, *f. reund ; the rooada ; patrole 

A la ronde, round about 
Rondeau, eat. rondo; pattjr-pan 
Rondelet, ta, a. plump ; tatber too Cat 
KooHelin, *m. a lusty and tat man 
Kondelle, «/. a targets rwudle 
Koudeaaaut, ad. rooadly ; frankly 
Rondcur, »/. reundnaaa 
Kondin, eai. cudgel : a »ti«k fit for fuel 
Kondiner, m. to oadgal 
Rouflemeat, ea. anonng ; I 
Kon6er, en. to 
Koofleur, ao, « 

; aaorting 

Kongar, va. to gnaw ; pi«k ; aibUe » eat j 

biu ; fret ; destroy ; champ 
Roquer, »a. to oaetM (el cA«m) 
Koquet, (at. a ear-dog ; ahort cloak 

Roquette, ^. rooket (a aalad ktri) 
RoquUle, qf. a French gill ; a ouai 
Rosaire, «at. rosary ; great beaas 

noam, a. oi roses : made up with rose 

Rotbif, tm. roast-beef 

Rose, tf. a roee 

— -oroiz, t. Rosieruelan 

— - des Tents, sm. card of a oompass 
Bouche do rose, roey mouth 
IMeourrir le pot a .-:•<-- 


Hotit, tf. dew ; small agtecaUe rain 
Roaeraie, •/. garden of roeos 
Rosereaux, «m. •/. Russian fun 
RosMte, 4^. artificial roee; red ink or 

chalk i BMlten copper ; sort of diaper 
Rosier, tm. a rooe-buab, roae-tree 
Hosie, •/. a ^e ; a sorry horse ; roach 
Rosaer, vm. to bang, lick, belabour 
S« — . vr. to fight 

Rossiraol, «a>. a nightingale ; picklock 
— d'AieadU. an aaa. a Jaehaea 
Rosslgnoler, a*, to aumie tho warbling of 

Koesolis. «ai. roaaolis, a kind of U 
Kottrale, o. roetrated, beaked 
Rot, Cro] »m. oraciatiou ; belch 


Rd6, m. roasted meat 

KOtie, «/. slice of toasted bread 

Rotln, em. Indian reed, rattan 

Rdtir, «. to roast, toast: broil ; parth 

Rdtisserie, •/. a cook-shop 

RAtisseur, se, «. a pnblie cook 

RAtiaeoir, «m. a Dutch oren 

Rotonde. ^f. rotunda 

Rotonditt^i (/. rotundity ; roundDoaa 

Rotule, tf. patella, the knee-pan 

Roturc, t/. soecage ; oemmonora 

Rotaricr. e, a. «. IgnoMe: a plebeian 

Roturiirement, aif . meanly ; by soecage 

Rouage, tm. wheel-work 

Rouan, «. roaa 

Kouanoe, «/. an instrnmeat aaod to marl 

wine-ressels with 
Rouaiuter, sie. to mark eaaks 
Rouanuette, tf. a timber-mark 
Rouble, tm. a rouble, a eoia of 4e. M. 
Rottche, «/. the carcass of a ship 
Roucou, tm. a plant used in dyeing 
Roucouer, pa. to die with roucou 
Roucouler, va. to eoo (oe a (Uvtt 
Roue. Croo] ^. a wheel : peaeoek's tail 
Roo4, *a>. a Ttin. a nroflivKta 
Rouelle, ^ ee i 

aiiy thin 

RouotU, $J 
Rouge. 'J. 
-,*a«. red 
- -bord, I 

Eougeaud, etmt- 

plazionaid man er woman 

ougoole, tf. the aBeaslas 
Rouget, esi. a roach, rocket 
Rongeur, [roo-^rar] tf. redneae ; pimple ; 

Rougir, V. to redden ; to colour ; blush 
Roui, c, a steeped ; soaked 

Rouille, ^f. rust, rue 

RonUU, e, a. rusty 

RoulUer, va. to rust ; to make raaty 

Se — , vr. to grow rusty 

RouiUnre, ff. rust ; rustinesa 

** 'r, va. tosteep, to soak; to laint; oor- 
l>t. putrefy 

ade, tf. rolling ; trilling {im miuh) 
age, eai. rolling ; transport of goode by 
!ans of w agg ons ; waggon- warehouso 

Roulaat, e. «. rSUng ; eas